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Bylaw Blog writer weighs in on UM case after NCAA bombshell drops Wednesday

After Wednesday's bombshell fell from the lips of NCAA President Mark Emmert, I reached out to our friend John Infante, a former compliance officer at NCAA Division I schools who runs the Bylaw Blog.

Infante's expertise has been featured on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today and numerous other media outlets. Keep in mind he isn't privy to the information the NCAA has on Miami. He simply is giving his opinion based on what he's read from published reports and heard today.

Here is the transcript of my 20 minute, one-on-one Q&A with him today:

Q: How does this affect Miami? Most people assume here that the NCAA admitting its made mistakes in the investigation will be positive for Miami. Some think they might even just settle.

"It definitely will be positive. But I think people -- when they think positive -- it's significantly reduced sanctions. To me, that remains to be seen. I know President Emmert said in his press conference that this affected only a small portion of the information in the case. They still have to go through and find out exactly which allegations or specific violations [can't be used]. I don't know how much the NCAA follows the fruit of the [poisonous] tree doctrine -- which basically says if you gather information you wouldn't otherwise have gotten without the use of an improper lead, you can't use that new information either. But anything the NCAA cannot corroborate is helpful for Miami. The fewer student-athletes, the fewer former coaches, the less money, the fewer violations involved the better the case will be [for UM]. The question now is if it is going to better enough to result in a significantly different set of penalties."

Q: A lot of the investigative reports -- including Yahoo!'s -- came from the depositions and information through Shapiro's lawyer Maria Elena Perez. How could the NCAA still have much of a case if you have to wipe out whatever Shapiro's lawyer was involved with?

"Again, you have to wonder if the NCAA could have gotten this another way. It could be they look through their reports -- I don't know who makes this determination the law firm or the NCAA -- but they may say, 'We got this through this [improper] deposition, but then here's the other document we obtained properly that has the same information in it.' So I think you balance it with the idea that they wouldn't try to get subpeona power unless what they got was a game changer or real effective. The extreme [position] that the whole case is going to be gone, the NCAA certainly doesn't sound like the whole case is going to be gone. It sounds like something significant is still there... I think there is a big range -- in the middle -- of what exactly the case was going to look like. Frankly, the other problem is we don't know what the case would have looked like before. We know what Yahoo!'s case would have been and other media outlet's cases would have been. But nobody knows exactly, specifically what the NCAA has been able to corroborate given this abusive power. So, it's tough to know what was knocked out when we aren't even sure what's going to be in there in the first place."

Q: Worst day in NCAA history in terms of them policing themselves?

"As President Emmert said they've had better days. It's certainly up there. It's certainly one of the darkest days in NCAA history in terms of its investigative power. The thing to remember is that in these kind of scandals with the NCAA's investigative process that have come out in the last year -- Todd McNair's defamation case; the Shabazz Muhammad case and now this -- the NCAA has been accused of not following its own rules. One of the responses might be that the NCAA just had some bad seeds and 'we're going to clear out the bad apples that spoil the bunch. We're going to clear out the staff and we're going to have more money to bring in professional investigators and move on from there.' I think the real kind of devastating thing [for the NCAA] is if the courts say you followed procedure to a T and we're still ruling that improper. Then, that calls into question the entire way the NCAA does it's business rather than the idea that investigator or that investigator went rogue. The NCAA is dealing with the same sort of problems athletic departments deal with. There is a violation; now we got to find out what it is and fix it. Did the coach go rogue? Did the investigator go rogue? Did we fail to monitor? I know people are making jokes about it. People have asked me: 'Why would something like this happen?' Coaches are expected to deliver results and they cut corner sometimes. I think in a public case like this --- where the public says 'We had all the facts 15 months ago why isn't Miami punished yet?' -- there is that pressure to get your man, to deliver a result. Well, there would be pressure in that case also for an investigator to cut a corner."

Q: Isn't this unprecedented, the NCAA admitting it made a mistake before a notice of allegations isn't even sent?

"Yes. The leak of info with [UCLA basketball player] Shabazz Muhammad, we found out about that after he had been ruled ineligible and while they were appealing. It was kind of mid-process whereas this is kind of right before [the NOA]. In terms of how it helps Miami, I don't know if procedurally it really does [help] because you would hope that if the NOA went out and then the NCAA [did what it did Wednesday the NOA] would be pulled back and the NCAA would be doing exactly what it is doing now, which is pulling back and seeing what information should be in there and then re-doing the notice of allegations with the info it should have. Really, what it does is it delays [the case], but it doesn't delay it as long [as it could have been] because the NCAA would have had to restart its 90-day timeline. It sounds like the NCAA is fairly confident they can turn this around quickly. They're saying this is a delay of weeks rather than months. In terms of the timing of it, I really don't think its helpful for Miami in terms of what the penalties will be. I think it prevents a really long case from being delayed longer than it is now."

Q: Some people are thinking Miami can pounce here legally and say -- you fired these investigators, you went about this the wrong way, whole thing is a sham -- can Miami do anything here to put pressure on the NCAA that would help solve this case faster and lessen the penalties?

"That's tricky for all the parties involved because you are still down by the cooperative principal. You still have to cooperate with the NCAA's investigation. For Miami [to sue or fight it] that's a very high risk maneuver. Everything in this case has suggested that up until now they're not really putting up a fight. They might be exhausting their options to defend themselves, not digging in their heels to fight it every step of the way. I think the more likely scenario is Miami lets this play out and if the sanctions or the findings that come out of the committee on infractions' final report are excessive, I think that's the point Miami picks up on this and uses [Wednesday's announcement] as grounds for a lawsuit. Miami doesn't look like it's going to fight it like that. They're more likely to appeal anything now. But in terms of suing the NCAA that's always a drastic step. Very few schools have done it. It's generally individuals. As far as the individual coaches, a lot of them are still employed and working. If they had been fired or not working I think they would be much more likely to pounce on this and try to get themselves detached and the case thrown out. But since they're working, I think it's going to be more of a wait and see what their penalties are and if it harms their career. I can almost guarantee there will be a couple lawsuits against the NCAA trying to say this whole thing, none of it is proper."

Q: The NCAA is going to a new enforcement system in August. Can they avoid these similar problems from happening again?

"The new system doesn't really address what happens here. The new system is really more about penalties. It doesn't address how cases get to this point. Depending on the outcome of this external review -- and kudos for the NCAA being up front about it, talking about it publicly let's hope this continues -- I think this leads to a whole new initiative. This is not an isolated issue. This is kind of the third incident. Fool me once shame on you; full me twice shame on me. Three times is a trend. I do think it requires a big change. What that change is it's tough to say. I think the NCAA may take a more serious look at what people are calling them to do which is handing off investigations to third parties or creating an internal affairs unit. If this is a result of public pressure and an underfunded, undermanned enforcement staff, I'm not necessarily sure those things will fix the problem long term other than creating the same type of cycle where schools get caught, clean things up, fall off a little bit and break rules again. The NCAA isn't in a position or the public standing to keep things the same way. They have to come up with something to address this problem long term to sort of regain any public trust."

Q: Gut feeling in the end: Does Miami gets off easier?

"At this point I would be shocked about another post-season ban. I also would be surprised to see crippling scholarship penalties. I do think they will be let off a little easier than they would have been. The biggest challenge now for the NCAA is to explain [to other school] in a way that Miami didn't get a break on a technicality. That won't sit well with people either."


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That last line is ok, but... How can any any school. Even bum stuck tech university sit there and accept a case against them by the NCAA if there is factual (and self admitted) flawed procedure?

In other words would not any school in Miami's position defend themselves knowing full well that unethcially obtained information can lead to more information which canlead to more information ergo the whole entire process is flaweed???

The whole process is flawed by one simple fact:



Mark Emmert should do the right thing:

This process was tainted therefore this concludes this investigation on this particular case. Case dismissed.

Emmert claiming the corruption only pertains to a small portion of the investigation is at best a bad joke and more accurately the bell ringer of disingenuous statements. How could Emmert possibly review and reflect on over 800 days of investigative findings in a day or two?

Now Emmert tells us that the new investigators, you know, the ones who are investigating the corrupt NCAA investigators will have a report to him within two weeks. Soooooo, once again, an investigation that took the NCAA approximately 800 days to complete will be reviewed in precise detail, irregularities will be researched and Emmert will have his answer 14 days from now.

One thing we now know for sure based on the 14 day turnaround that Emmert is now boasting about, the NCAA was purposely dragging their feet to keep this ugly, dark cloud hanging over the Miami program in an effort to damage the Canes in the worst possible way. This contemptible act on the NCAA’s part is just as corrupt as the use of Shapiro’s attorney.

In my view, Emmert assembled his squad of Douglas C. Niedermeyer wannabees and told them he was going to nail Miami’s arse to the wall and every resource in the NCAA’s quiver would be employed. This was not an investigation as much as it has been a persecution by zealots. Emmert viewed this situation as an opportunity versus a task. Miami violated NCAA rules and should be sanctioned for those infractions, but the NCAA in their corrupt and nothing short of startling efforts to destroy the Miami Athletic programs should bring about the dismissal of Emmert and his weasels along with concluding this episode as far as Miami is concerned with the self-imposed sanctions deemed to be time served.


I agree 100% with you!!!

I don't think they should be able to use any of the info obtained improperl. It doesn't matter whether they "could" have gotten it another way. Bottom line they willfully gained the info improperly.

Just the facts is right on.

The new NCAA "Not Capable (of) Ass ertaining Anything!!!"

Great Game Canes!!!
Great support fans!!!

Great job NCAA...way to believe a
psychopath...and Shapiro as well
as the lawyer.

Where is Gallo?got nothing to say? Thought a closet cane like you would have something to say. Seeing you troll UM sites all day

ANd just how do we know all the information obtained isn't tainted. The NCAA needs to get its act together before it can be any kind of governing body. I would say the whole thing needs to be thrown out before the NCAA gets a lawsuit on them they don't want any part of. Their own ethics and institutional control needs to be questioned.

IF it don't fit U must aquit.

...they were coming up empty...they realized that they too, got duped by shapiro...they got desperate...they eff'ed up...

We've served our sentence. It's over.


Great win Canes!!!!!!

This would be a mistrial in the mind of any judge on any case...Time served! They will all come, they will all win rings, Al will build a wall around the state of south Florida and they will all play on Sunday's. GO CANES!!! By the way Coach L may have a window now to do what no man has done before at The U build a true championship hoops program...booyaaaaa

Not only is "Just the Facts" right on with his assessment of the NCAA investigation, his Animal House analogy is genius!

Go 'canes!

What a day for um, first we paste duke and now the NCAA falls flat on its face. The 2bowls we passes on equal 6million and who knows what a possible orange bowl payout would have been.. How can they come to a conclusion. In two weeks after over two years.admit you blew it accept what Miami has imposed and close the case before signing day to save face. Cane legal team must be licking their chops, I love being a cane today.

Couple points and questions to consider. First, it appears that Shapiro's attorney and the NCAA conspired to abuse the subpoena power associated with the Bankruptcy Case by hauling S. Allen into a deposition under false pretenses. Would/Could the bankruptcy court exercise his discretion and entertain sanctions against Shitzero's attorney?
Next, who makes up the Committee on Infractions? Are they NCAA personnel or independent people?

The NCAA's purpose in releasing this now was to avoid completely losing their case down the road. If they had issued the NOA and then it became public that the NCAA hired the attorney for the criminal that made up these allegations to investigate (find) evidence to support the allegations, all of the evidence and information provided in the NOA would be subject to more scrutiny and alot more challenges. At least by doing this, the NCAA can claim to have removed the tainted evidence; however, no one can prove what evidence was taken out because we don't know what evidence was in there in the first place.

Going further, by coming out in this fashion, the NCAA is notifying the public and COI that "Oh by the way, what information you have, just know we had a lot more, but you just couldn't see it because of a technicality." AKA feel free to penalize as you wish.

My optomistic analysis on the results of all this mess: If the "evidence" the NCAA claims to have found in a proper fashion is close to questionable or sketchy, the COI will be less inclined to gamble with imposing harsher penalties because of the need to protect their "House." The harsher the penalties the more likley the people will challenge the results. In that case, the penalties will be less in order to get Miami to just accept the penalties and hopefully just walk away. Face it folks, if the penalties are intolerable to anyone, including Haith, Hurtt, etc., the lawsuits are going to fly and the NCAA cannot afford that.


They placed the accuser on the payroll at that point its not a investigation but a collective effort to commit harm. This is more of a conspiracy than a actual case. Nelvin always said his main intentions was to ruin the U and will do anything to achieve it. NCAA has a obligation to protect its members and not side with a person with a vendetta. Nelvin did what he does best and manipulated the NCAA by dangling WMD against The U and pulled them into his con. They forgot their role as police entity and became the very thing they protect against, corrupt. You deal with the devil long enough your obsession will become the opposite of what you stand for.

The ncaa had two years to look at miami and couldn't get it right. So in two weeks they expect to get it right on themselves?

wow....what a win, his basketball team is for real. All those that doubted the win over NC (some said they were not that good)...they will be the cinderella team of 2013 and can make it to the sweet 16, easy....but must stay focused and healthy since alot of attention will be on them going forward....kansas and syracuse are going to be problems....

thats a real coach that turned a program around supported by fans that come for winners....they dont have diciplinary issues or let good players leave....

change works....lets do the same with or football team and have 2 UM teams go to the national championship....

its not my worst day, lol....green pea, today made matters worse....without these top ecruits UM does not win 10/11 games....jedd f...cked us, ncaa sanction delay after national signing day seals our fate....even if jim coley comes...we still have dnofrio....what is there to be happy about...

too bad the football team cant be like the basketball team...no issues or parents calling radio stations (still amazed over that), just winning without punsihing our good players....seems pretty simple

I still dont understand where this issue of improper gathering of information comes from...first of all the subpoena was not the ncaa's in both the allen depositon or the bankrupcy hearing....they wear pretty cleaver in getting information this way....sitting in court on a bankrupcy case is not illegal with individuals answering a subpeona, anyone can do that and take notes. the information the defendents gave were under oath, so how can it be tained unless the ncaa changed the testimony.....the transcripts can clear that up.....this is no bomb shell...

How ironic that a case seemingly based entirely on the word of a convicted professional con man is compromised by the NCAA's corrupt enforcement decisions. Who should be investigating who?

Gallo (Curse)

You claim the NCAA news is "no bomb shell". Well, I know one person who is going to be tremendously relieved by your revelation and that's the NCAA President, Mark Emmert.

Please call Mark right away and inform him that he can fire the very expensive law firm he has hired to investigate the violations he has already publicly admitted too.

Seriously, are you really as stupid as your posts portray you to be or are you acting as though you have the IQ of a Florida Gator?

This whole case has spun out of control. The NCAA is a tyrannical institution that should be disbanded. It is clear that they are not capable to investigate these cases in a professional and ethical manner. The Miami case, the Oregon case, and every other case going on right now needs to be thrown out. Who knows what other unethical atrocities have occurred under Emmert's watch. And for the record, his claim that he had no idea this was going on is total rubbish and it's not true. And if it IS indeed true, what does that say about his ability (or lack thereof) to be the president of this terrible organization? Mark Emmert, it is time for you to resign.

Understood but what is NCAA???

John- right on. I think this could open up a whole line of inquiry- including the Ohio State allegations- In fact the NCAA is being sued by people involved with the Reggie BUsh thing at USC and the Penn State thing.

I had previously predicted 1 more bowl ban and 25-30 scholies over 5 yrs plus 5 yr peobation. No way now.

Shalala for as much as I dislike her came out with a good statement- I just hope UM lawyers are preparing a fight and lickling their chops. This whole thing smells fishy, more like a witch hunt. They (NCAA eta l) were desperate to find facts (not allegations). Facts were hard to come buy, including receipts etc. These were the allegations of a dwarf midget runt pnzi schemer.

Now I can see UM getting time sevred on the bowls, and a few scholies...

But doesnt the U have legal recourse to sue for the money lost on the ACC ch and 2 bowls given that the investigation is tainted?

Nevin sh*tiro: Change your name to frodo

facts: youll see in the end all the ncaa did was sit on a bankrupcy court hearing that is public knowlege...anyone can do that. The information they got was under sworn testimony in a court of law....so it came from a subpoena that belong the the defendents lawyers or procecutors...no crime there

"I don't know how much the NCAA follows the fruit of the [poisonous] tree doctrine"

the authority on that case was bsed upon the government arresting 2 individuals then seizing documents from the household illegally...then not compying to a subpeona to hand back over those documents putting the government in contemp of court...totally different here

this was suppose to be sanctions early prior to national signing day, then 1 day of media coverage...then convince parents/recruits that the worst is over...come to UM the risk ofyou comming has been removed....now you have explosive situation that justs adds fire to the unknow and forces the recruits to look elsewhere....not a good day for UM, and if UM thinks it can sue and win in court against the ncaa,they are dreaming...

the law firm hire is all show....what is UM going to do, sue for information that was gotten from sworn testimony in a court of law and from a sword deposition? Even if the ncaa gave questions to the defendents attorneys to ask...it may be unethical based upon the ncaa charter....but not illegal...

they dont have subpeona powers but remember those subpeonas were issed by the defendents attornys...they didnt belong to the ncaa...this all much to do about nothing no matter what the press says

STFU Jim Gallo.

No one likes you.

No one believes you're an actual UM fan.

Everyone knows you're that psychopathic obsessive loser who has been posting here all day every day for two years that suddenly "disappeared" when you found this personality.

Get a life. Get help. Just leave.

Jim Gallo - when you're in a hole - stop digging. Most readers thought you were ignorant and now, you're trying to remove all doubt. Get a job Get a life Get a new inflatable doll

Just to clarify, I know you have nothing else in your miserable meaningless life besides this blog, I don't mean you should actually go away because we all know that's not happening.

Just drop the "Jim Gallo" personality and go back to the name changing direct trash talk nonsense.

If the NCAA got information that is beyond it's own defined methodology, and if that information was (hypothetically) an ex player saying he received 50K in an interest free loan from N. Shapiro with the understanding he'd join his sports agency after college, the fact remains that the UM player and UM broke the rules. This isn't a court of law where evidence is stricken from the record for purposes of rendering a decision. If anything the NCAA will punish itself for the inappropriate info grab.

None if what happened is tantamount to a get-out-of-jail-free card for UM.

Shapiros lawyer didn't bill the ncaa because the ncaa had someone sit in a courtroom as Gallo contends. Shapiros lawyer was on the ncaa payroll, with or without the leadership's understanding. Sounds at a minimum to be lack of institutional control by ncaa.

Shapiros lawyer worked for the ncaa and obviously transmitted information, now improperly obtained, to the ncaa zealots.

Hope Miami pursues in court unless ncaa settles for time already served---bowls foregone and the time wasting purposely done to maximize the pain on UM. The NCAA knew of their improper behavior for some time and should have known for a year as it was widely reported. They will look like even bigger dopes, if that is possible, if they go to court.

I hope UM doing a little judge shopping right now.


It's not big deal? That's why the NCAA is had a press conference and had to hire a third party to review all of the evidence?

You make a big deal about some crazy parent calling a radio show no one listens to, but this isn't a big deal? You're hilarious.

Listening to Gallo is pretty much llike watching Charlie Brown and hearing the so-called adults talk in the background. Waaa, waa, waaa, waaaa, lol.

Law and order we don't need a get out of jail free card because the majority of Shapiros claims are false and or extremely embeleshed on his part to Bring down the U at all costs , basically his words.How can any one believe a single word he says,All you U haters act like he is'nt sitting in prison for stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from innocent people , the only thing you can see with you blinders on is what he can do to hurt the school , pretty f*cking selfish is'nt it.Go Canes

law and order: exactly....take the allen deposition, allen already said the ncaa was not present and was asked to leave which they did...unless they left a bug CIA style in the room...no harm. Plus golden screwed UM out of any legal options by self imposing self sanctions which is an admission of guilt in itself...

the idea of less sanctions has evaporated since now the ncaa will impose sanctions that are more consistant wth previous issues to curb any type of blowback....so has to be at least USC since this case is much broader...

greenpeas...retired here, likes to discuss as a cane alumni...try taking a course in critical thinking at UM....I am sure it is offered now....I am not a golden fan at all...got to love the basketball team, in year 2 on the way to a national championship...maybe larranaga can stop by goldens offie and leave him his "300" page binder on how to win

Gallo, or Galo, or Curse Pig, you are no fan. You are a disgruntled loser who makes ridiculous predictions and always looks at what is bad or wrong.

Come to think of it, the Curse Pig used to do the same thing. Could it be? Do I have to connect the dots? Are you? Is it possible? You, are the Curse Pig?

You suck, Galo, or Gallo. Go blow your boyfriend.

Gallo still talking nonsense.

Organizations and people pay fines/suffer consequences all the time without admitting guilt. Wouldn't think that would be news to anyone, but apparently it is.

The NCAA hired the lawyer of their chief informant and obviously obtained tainted information. Had they not so, Mr. Emmert would not have called a press conference and admitted such. How far the taint goes is TBD. The NCAA cannot pretend that the laws of the land don't apply to them. If they didn't, they wouldn't be getting sued by USC and Penn State.

notice the bylaw bloger in article is backing off (information could have been gotton from deposition and would be the same info anyway) about the....

"I don't know how much the NCAA follows the fruit of the [poisonous] tree doctrine"

case attority is:

The Supreme Court first hinted at the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine in Silverthorne Lumber Co. v. United States, 251 U.S. 385, 40 S. Ct. 182, 64 L. Ed. 319 (1920). In Silverthorne, defendant Frederick W. Silverthorne was arrested on suspicion of federal violations in connection with his lumber business. Government agents then conducted a warrantless, illegal search of the Silver-thorne offices. Based on the evidence discovered in the search, the prosecution requested more documents, and the court ordered Silverthorne to produce the documents. Silverthorne refused and was jailed for Contempt of court.

On appeal, the Supreme Court reversed the contempt judgment. In its argument to the High Court, the government conceded that the search was illegal and that the prosecution was not entitled to keep the documents obtained in it. However, the government held that it was entitled to copy the documents and use knowledge gained from the documents for future prosecution. The Court rejected this argument. According to the Court, "[T]he essence of forbidding the acquisition of evidence in a certain way is that … it shall not be used at all." Silverthorne concerned only evidence gained in the first illegal search or seizure, but the wording of the opinion paved the way for the exclusion of evidence gained in sub-sequent searches and seizures.

it was a fourth amendment issue....this is nowhere near that....

Law and Order another fragment of Gallo's multiple personality. Talking to one's self can be dangerous over time. Often leads to vary bad outcomes. Might want to check in.







So, just so we're clear... Which one of you pathetic haters wants to get on your knees and open your mouth first? All that you have said this whole time has been for nothing. That feeling your having now is the realization that 5hit has been pouring out of your mouths for the last 2 years. Enjoy that feeling. Plus enjoy all of the good news that has happened all around Miami...

1.County approves Stadium project.
2.Miami(25) destroys Duke(1) 90-63.
3.Heat beat Raptors (reason why I'm writing this so late since I just got in and still up).

You have to really think what this will mean for recruiting now. This flips everything around. I'm going to enjoy 2013 with so many returning players plus the new class, and M.Lewis returns from injury.

This is what happens when you take the word of a liar. In the end, you look like an idiot. This is the end of the NC double aholes so called investigation aka "witch hunt". The cuffs are about to come off of THE U and it's not gonna be pretty.


Mark Mayes!!! Where are you????

LOL, they giving goldie $500k to hire an oc, lol, if shannon had that amount to give to an oc, trestman or dirk koetter would've been here and we would've een high powered, j70 would've thrown for about a 100 td's and it would've looked like old times again.

This coley for oc hire, i don't get it. If he was the one drawing up the plays for Fsu, that offense under saban and gumbo fisher is a garbage offense, i don't want to see that crap being run here. I wasn't keen on the offense jedd was running because it was a finess type offense like the old Fsu offenses in years past.

Plus they don't use the tight-ends the way tight-ends should be used in that offense. Anyway, i'd prefer we brought in matt lubbick myself, that man has an aggressive mentality like his pops. Maybe they don't like his judgement of recruits, any guy that goes out an recruits a guy like vontaze burfict with the mentality he has, that's a guy that's not afraid of most type of personalities, or a guy that's going out their not giving guys a chance.

Punishing schools while the guilty are long gone is nothing new. The NCAA is a joke, has always been a joke and will continue to be a joke.

This is not an amateur sport people. It's time for everyone to WTFU, and not let these billionaires continue to play us for fools.

NCAA has always be reactive. It always takes some poor sport to squeal which cause the investigations. The NCAA sits and waits. It is the biggest joke of an organization.

Ok, my rant is done. Thanks!

P.S. Why is Te'o even a story anymore? Can someone please explain that one to me, and why we really give a $h1t? It's still top news on ESPN even though the U had all kinds of great news yesterday.

calvin....what options at this time are really left? guys like kirby smart wont consider here unless you move out golden....fisch put UM in a bad place at its weakest moment....the good news is bloggers think he is a hero, lol

If Shannon has a $1 million for an OC, he'd still be a crappy HC. Come on Calvin, there's a reason he's only a position coach and no one is breaking down his door for an HC job and how many opened this off season?

Your comment is like saying, if D'No had the players Shannon had when he was DC, he would have a top D, too. See how that works?

Gallo really is a dumb mother hummer isn't he or it?

lets just hire larranaga as OC....you couldnt have run a better offense that he ran last night...

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