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NCAA investigation, Canes' recruiting chatter

Long day Monday and I fully expect the rest of the week to be busy now that the NCAA appears ready to hand the University of Miami and others its notice of allegations any day now. 

> Ultimately what I've come to understand through two sources is that the NCAA reached out verbally to the lawyers of the parties involved in the investigation last week (that includes schools where former assistants are now at) to let them know what they will be receiving in the coming week and to be prepared for it. All parties are expected to receive their notice of allegations via email sometime soon (UM should be in the same boat because this is how the process works). All parties then have 90 days to respond in writing to the NCAA before appearing at a hearing in front of the NCAA Infractions Committee in four to six months. So, as has been reported many times, we are far off from the punishment phase. You can look at it as the first half of this 22-month investigation being over.

> A source close to former UM recruiting coordinator and receivers coach Aubrey Hill told me Monday what what CBSSports.com first reported -- that Hill is expected to be cited for "unethical conduct," better known as a violation of Bylaw 10.1. Hill resigned at the University of Florida prior to the 2012 season and had far less interaction with Nevin Shapiro according to my source than Clint Hurtt. But both will reportedly face the music for not being as forthcoming as they should have been when being interviewed by the NCAA.

> A source told me two former UM assistants who are not expected to be hit hard by the NCAA are Alabama's Jeff Stoutland and Joe Pannunzio because they were honest and up front with investigators. Pannunzio is now the director of operations at Alabama; Stoutland the offensive line coach. What they could and most likely will face as punishment for driving recruits to see Shapiro are suspensions and fines, but not the dreaded 10.1. FYI, information on all coaches at non-private schools is public record. So eventually what all former assistants are facing will come out. UM, being a private school, does not have to share its NOA. 

> Don't be surprised in the end if certain individuals who played big roles in the NCAA's investigation are not named in the report and do not face any charges. As we've mentioned in the past, some who cooperated with investigators are granted immunity. In some cases, as I was told by a source interviewed by the NCAA, people who broke rules may only end up being referenced in the report and not face charges. 

> In the meantime, as the NCAA investigation continues to unfold, UM coach Al Golden and his staff are busy recruiting and preparing for National Signing Day. After it's big recruiting weekend UM picked up just one commitment -- from Nigerian-born JUCO defensive tackle Ufomba Kamalu. But another commitment could soon be on the way this week in Miramar outside linebacker Jermaine Grace.

The Rivals.com 4-star recruit visited Louisville this past weekend and was supposed to announce his college choice Tuesday morning, but Miramar coach Damon Cogdell told me yesterday Grace will now wait until Thursday or Friday. Cogdell said he was "working with TV" to have the announcement broadcast. Grace, who has long thought to be a Hurricanes lean, will choose between UM, Louisville and Tennessee.

"He likes them all," Cogdell told me on Monday of Grace's final three. "Louisville is coming off the win against Florida and talking national championship. UM is young, but loaded. Tennessee has a new coach. We're going to sit down tomorrow and figure it out."

I'm fairly confident Grace will elect to stay home. He is close friends with Hurricanes cornerback Tracy Howard, his former Miramar teammate and Miramar's coaches believe he can come in and help UM's defense right away.

> Although the mother of Port St. Lucie Centennial defensive lineman Jaynard Bostwick told Canesport.com Sunday her son's "heart is at The U" and that she thinks he'll end up there, his coach sounded a little less confident Monday it was a complete slam dunk.

"He has a trip to Florida this weekend or next weekend and then he'll make his decision," Centennial coach Ron Parker said. "I think he wants to wait until National Signing Day. I told him if you want to let the coach of the school know ahead of time, that's fine too. But he'll make the announcement on Signing Day. It's between Miami, Alabama and Florida."

Bostwick, 6-3, 305-pounds according to Parker, is the cousin of UM linebacker Thurston Armbrister and has a sister that lives in Broward County. Parker said UM coach Al Golden already did an in-home visit with Bostwick last week. He finished his senior season as a third team all-state selection, registering 60 tackles, two sacks and 7.5 tackles for loss while also being a big-time run blocker at tight end.

"He's a moose -- strong, explosive," Parker said. "We had him mostly on the edge. His junior year he had a better year because he had better players around him. This year we had nobody of that caliber. We moved him around inside and out. If he gets a little more flexible he can play on the edge at the next level."

Parker said Bostwick maxed out at 353 pounds on the bench press and squated 535 pounds. "He's just a big kid -- not fat at all," Parker said. "He's only the third kid I've had to play all four years at the varsity level in my 23 years of coaching."

Parker said Bostwick still has some work to do in the classroom. He said Bostwick, rated a 4-star recruit by both Rivals.com, 247Sports and ESPN, has a 2.3 GPA and scored a 20 on his ACT.

"We don't want him to be close; we want him to have everything he needs," Parker said. "I want him to take on online class to replace some D's he made his freshman and sophomore year. By doing that he'll bring his GPA up."

> Rivals.com recruiting analyst Robert Cassidy said of the three JUCO recruits UM has in its class tight end Beau Sandland is clearly the best and the most ready to contribute right away. Sandland was rated the No. 1 JUCO tight end by 247Sports.com after catching 24 passes for 267 yards and 3 TDs at Los Angeles Pierce College this past season.

"There's going to be some work with [outside linebacker] Devante Bond and Kamalu, but Sandland is more of a slam dunk," Cassidy said. "He's a major Division 1 football player right now. All the tools are there. Good hands. He shines with blocking too, not afraid of laying a guy on his back. He's one of my favorite JUCO players in the country."

Cassidy said he's a bit surprised Sandland ended up at Miami, even though Sandland liked UM's tradition at tight end and sees himself as sort of Jeremy Shockey-type.

"Every school in the country was recruiting him. He had a bunch of offers. But he basically had to ruled out the entire SEC because they don't take online math he took as credit," Cassidy explained. "He really liked Florida. He was all geeked to visit Florida. But it ended up coming down to Miami, Arizona State and Nebraska and he felt like he could make the bigger impact at Miami."

> As far as UM's vacant offensive coordinator position goes, I haven't heard anything serious yet. Some have wondered if Mario Cristobal would do it. That's not happening. Cristobal isn't a play-caller. He's a great recruiter and very good offensive line coach.


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How does the penalities of Hurtt and Hill affect The U's sanctions?


Hoping to speak to a NCAA expert on that very subject soon.

the whole effort got harpooned by fisch on Friday....that move breath new life into the competition recruiters, add sanctions and only an act of god could salvage the cane weekend....

we have lost them all....

The NCAA is delaying this on purpose to impact recruiting.

Calvin Gallo?

Man you have to lay off those bloggers you disagree with.
State your point and let them do the same.

Usually the school gets slammed more so than the coaches, is this going to change now? Let's hope so.
Why is it taking so long to find a new OC?
Any rumors of who may be coming, aside from Cristobal.

Follow another team Gallo, no one likes you.

whatever damamge ncaa has done , its done....to delay the notice of sanctions after national signing day would be unscrupulous ....if the file is already complete they have a moral and ethical obligation to bring it forward asap....I think it will be here any day....ncaa doesn't need anymore stink on it...

God YOU'RE an IDIOT GALLO, don't you see how stupid you are??? FSU LOST half it's staff and it's not going to hurt them badly at all, so did MANY other schools. Losing Fisch is not going to hurt much becasue of the depth and experience we have on offense. LEARN football you dork.

The loss of Fisch is huge. He was the most innovative offensive coordinator UM may have ever had. Granted, UM had great offenses in the past, but that was due mostly to superior talent. UM's offensive execution this past season was as sharp as I've seen it in a long time. Fisch had a great imagination and he will be hard to replace. And don't forget how he renovated J. Harris.

good then alex collins should have no problem re-committing and signing as an offensive player....and the fsu change in running backs coach that gave UM another chance.....well, he was only kidding.....

(elfie...I was only kiddddding)...manny you are no negotiator, lol

Of course Bama coaches aren't going to get punished. That's the Ncaa's baby

My prediction- another bowl ban and 25-30 scholarships in the next 5 years probation for 5 years

that's what I think also..1 more bowl plus 30 scholarships..usc got 30 with a much narrow case....UM is a lot more broad and ncaa has direct evidence vs usc that was more circumstantial....reggie/mcnair

these recruits are focused on bowl sanctions more than anything else.... 1 more bowl kills it but I think fisch already has done as much damage that can be done....I get the feeling players don't want to say no to golden. They feel bad....but it will in the end be bad with UM

Yo Cane trash

Yo dUmmys the NCAA getting ready to hammer U pUnks

Yo U act as a bunch of spurned little girls with Fisch leaving.
As usual U maggots r backstabbing and calling him names. Never mind he was the only good coach U had and was able to get Ur O going in high gear.
Let's see who can Golden Retriever fetch to replace him. We still waiting and will be waiting for a long time cause he aint got a clUe and no one good wants to come here.
Too bad MacDonald moved laterally to Arkansas a week before, he would have been a good choice. Too late for him now.
Yo U chUmps may be stuck with Mario.
Lack of institutional control ring a bell fools?
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Yo 1981-2001 UM 5 and nothing more ever, zero, zip, nada.

Got nothing to say, nothing to refute my insights so just come up with an insult.
Yo maggot r u in grade school? Pretty pathetic.

Check it out chUmp I can come up with several insults but still pose a valid point. U can't cause u r just a fool.

The loss of Fisch is huge, so said Ur fellow clUck rboud. He is right. Most of U r not.

Yo Golden Retriever still looking for a new OC. What does he have to offer?
Sanctions, bowl bans and loss of scholarships?
Empty orange seats at a far away rent a stadium?
No help on the other side of the ball necessitating a high scoring fined tuned offense, like no pressure here?
Yo Golden retriever we still waiting.
So r the few recruits that have you on their list, getting fewer each day that goes by.

Yo do U know what "unethical conduct" means scUMbags?

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Whatever damage was done, i still love the man meat. Give me a young 5 star but 4 star meat will do.

I love it the KAK.

Its possible UM may steal FSU's best recruiter James Coley and tab him as Offensive Coordinator. Wide Left WIde right FSU loses tonight.

Canetrash must have gone to FSU. While there is spellcheck for words, there's not a 'stupidcheck' for using the word LOOSER when I think he meant to use LOSER. I love it when fools like Canetrash can't even string a sentence together. Nice work hillbilly - just keep making yourself look dumber and dumber. Just keep posting... a bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing. I would rather be a Hurricane than the jumped up pondscum you are, no matter the football team's record. Get back to the toolshed, your Daddy is calling you...

Gallo isnt that a cheap wine that causes mental confusion?

Canetrash...I know onr thing is for sure....

FSWHO - Chokes another year and "possible" NC run...barf...talking about "mediocre".

FIWHO - Kicked back to stone ages with Mario firing....

UFELONY - Never an undefeated season....ever!! Ever? Ever, ever? Ever, ever, ever? Another arrest? Wow...67 and counting? Thats unethical....not a free trip to Benihana's fool.

yep, 2 1/2 year NCAA investigation to find little and slap a year bowl ban and loss of a few schoollies. Keep drinking the organge and green kool-aid.

Tainted U - mediocre for another decade.

UM Trash - starting to sound like the '72 dolphins...remember when?????

Yo slurping boy

Yo another fool with in mature insults and nothing to say.

FSU has only owned U for the past two years on the field and has stolen Ur kids from Ur recruiting backyard. Yet U try put them down to make Ur sorry self look better. It aint working dUmmy, U cant hold FSU jockstrap.

FIU is a small school that has achieved more than U lately. They will even have a player drafted this year well before any cane clUk is taken. The shame.

UF has returned to the top of college football in their second season with their coach. U r still mediocre in your coach's 2nd season.

Yo chUmp go compare Ur selve with the little state schools like USF, FAU and FAMU. That is where U belong.

Yo bigdaddy wannabe. U r both a loser and a looser. U r also both stoopid and stupid. Take Ur pick maggot.
U see I speak in a language most cane clUcks can easily understand. GED wannabes and MDCC rejects is what U pUnks r.

Yo any news of who the new OC is.
Paging Golden Retriever. Who U gonna fetch, dog?

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

"Yo 1981-2001 UM 5 and nothing more ever, zero, zip, nada.

Got nothing to say, nothing to refute my insights so just come up with an insult."

Well, except for the 3 beatings the Canes gave the Gatr Trash since 2001. I guess you gloss over that, inbred Trailer monkey.

Sounds like a Coach is trying to put his 2 cents worth into where the kid goes.

Hahahahahaha...."For the last two years"....hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Dude....that WAS funny....thats a sentence you should say...perhaps....for the last 5 - 10 years....which we know is not the case. Yes...they beat us the last two years....WOW!!!!!!!

They have "stolen"....correct....they did not "earn" them as a result of negative recruiting tactics...your batting 1000 at this time....barf...

FIU achieved more then us "lately"....now your just plain stupid....check their record from this past season....

UF should be GOOD with their recruiting classes....no brainer...PROBLEM....they choke to the Doggies and Bama every year. The Turds will not beat us at home come this September....mark my words.

Compare us to USF....we beat them 30-9 this year...not even in the same league as us....even with our horrible D play...put the pipe down homie.

Were not worried about our OC....our offense is LOADED with talent....top 20 offense for 2013.

We have served our bowl bans....the news online is that the "worst" for the football team is over except for some schollie losses. You ALL ARE SO WORRIED about us...your on our blog EVERY DAY. Like I said keep slurping fool...once were past the NCAA stuff its GAME OVER for U Fools.

Does Canetrash have anything logical to say? Ever?

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