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News and notes from the start of Canes spring baseball practice

Al Golden didn't get a chance to see David Thompson rifle passes to receivers this fall, but Jim Morris will get to see him use his bat this spring.

The talented freshman, who set a state record for career home runs and wiped Alex Rodriguez's name from the top of the record books at Miami Westminster Christian School, said Friday he is healthy and ready to make an impact for the Hurricanes.

Although Thompson doesn't have a set position just yet -- he's working at third base, first base and left field – chances are he's going to find a spot in the starting lineup.

"He can hit," said Morris, whose team practiced for the first time this spring on Friday -- exactly three weeks before the season opening weekend series at home against Rutgers.

"He's a good athlete, knows how to win and works very, very hard. And he can hit. When you can hit, you find a place to play."

Thompson, who had right shoulder surgery in June to repair a torn labrum, is one of a handful of newcomers -- and a few players coming back from surgery -- Morris is counting on to help turn the program around.

The others: left-handed starting pitchers Bryan Radziewski (the only player who wasn't ready to go at the start of practice Friday coming off shoulder surgery) and Andrew Suarez (a ninth round pick in 2011 who only pitched three innings in an exhibition game against the Marlins before having shoulder surgery himself); middle infielders Brandon Lopez (who could get a chance to compete for the closer's role) and Alex Hernandez (a JUCO transfer from Palm Beach Central who was the team's unofficial MVP in the fall) and left-handed power hitting freshman outfielder Grant Heyman (an 11th round pick of the Blue Jays  whom Morris said was hitting balls into the upper deck of the parking lot in the fall).

The Hurricanes, coming off a disappointing 36-22 season in which they lost their first regional at home since 1990, were tabbed to finish fourth in the Coastal Division in a preseason poll by ACC coaches on Friday. That hardly bothered Morris as much as the fact UM is entering the season unranked in Baseball America's Top 25 poll for the first time since he took over in 1994.

"There's a lot of questions we need to answer," Morris said. "I think we're going to have a good club and surprise some people, but to be honest, the polls aren't showing us a lot respect, which I don't like. We've got to prove we're as good as we've always been."

Morris said his biggest concern is the bullpen. Even though 2012 team MVP and left-handed reliever A.J. Salcines (3-0, 1.40 ERA, 7 SVs) is back along with right-hander Eric Nedeljkovic (0-1, 1.78 ERA, 4 SVs), Morris said Salcines is "not a prototype closer" and the team needs to find "guys that are proven that can do it every day."

"I think our defense will be much improved,” Morris said. "Our starting pitching should be good. We just have to figure out the bullpen."


> Thompson said his arm strength is “getting back to what it was.” Although he experiences some natural soreness, it’s not hurting him at all. Thompson said he’s making sure to throw a football around every couple days to stay sharp.

“I play catch with a lot of these guys after practice,” Thompson said. “[Center fielder] Dale [Carey] is a pretty good receiver. He's got the speed.”

Although Thompson missed the majority of fall baseball practices recovering from surgery, he was able to get some work in, hitting .316 in 19 at-bats. Three of his six hits went for doubles. He also said he was able to hit one ball out of the park at Mark Light Field.

“I have to be more patient than I was in high school,” Thompson said. “I always thought I could any pitch in high school no matter where it was. The way the ball moves, speed, and location, it’s a big difference.”

Morris said although Thompson is full committed to play baseball in the spring and football in the fall, he expects he will sneak over to get some spring work in on the gridiron.

"I'm sure he's going to still be over there some," Morris said. "I just know his mentality. I know he's a worker and David feels like he can play sports at the highest level."

Heyman called Thompson "a great hitter, probably the best hitter I've ever seen."

"He doesn't miss," Heyman continued. "It was amazing. He came out here first fall ball game and faced one of our better pitchers and just ripped a double down the line. I wasn't like that. It took me a couple weeks just to see the pitching.

"I'm really looking forward to playing with him the next three or four years. It's going to be really fun. He's a great guy too. Hopefully we'll make a good duo in the future."

> Suarez, who had surgery on April 9th, 2012 to repair a slight tear on his labrum and a bone spur on the back of his rotator cuff, said he hasn't felt any pain in his come back. He pitched in a few scrimmages over the fall and expects to be ready for the season. But he expects to let loose for the first time over the weekend and test his velocity.

"They haven't really gunned me yet. Sunday I'll find out," said Suarez, who allowed only two hits and struck out one in three scoreless innings of work in his only start for the Hurricanes last March in an exhibition against the Marlins. "I'm excited. The hitters told me I was throwing hard and stuff. We'll see what the [radar] gun says."

Morris said Suarez "may have the highest ceiling of anybody on the pitching staff."

"He's the highest drafted player on the team," Morris said. "He was hurt in high school, had the surgery last year after a few weeks. He's doing really well. He's doing good and had absolutely no setbacks in his program. We think he has a very good chance to start for us on the weekends."

> Morris said senior Michael Broad, who hit just .243 with four home runs and 30 RBI last season, should start in left field and hit somewhere in the middle of the lineup.

"We've moved strictly from the infield to the outfield, it should help him relax a little bit at the plate," Morris said. "He was hurt last year, but didn't have the type of year he wanted to have."

> Morris said the baseball team will do plenty to honor the late legendary coach Ron Fraser this season.

"We're going to do a lot of stuff. It's going to be a big thing, rightfully so," Morris said. We're having a Ron Fraser night and doing some special things you need to be here for that nobody is going to know until game time. We've talked about the season being committed and dedicated to Ron Fraser. I wouldn't be surprised if we pull somethings out of the hat Coach Fraser did."


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Jim morris is really creating a mess with this team, there are very few players on this team that have a set position. Today u play shorstop but tomorrow who knows where you'll be, this leads to nothing but confusion

hitting and pitching what more can you want. the canes with cach morris will surprise a lot of people. the cws is in sight.

Let's go Canes!!!

The heat is on coach Morris. The Program gets little respect anymore. They are not even a preseason top 25 team. What a long way down the Program has fallen. The UM AD needs to keep a close watch on Morris and his Program. Morris has done wonderful things at UM, but none recently. He should no longer be considered untouchable. He's gotten complacent and lazy and he needs to produce like any other coach.

morris has stayed too long

Agreed. He has been complacent in the last 5 yrs. Coaching and recruiting. Why he has gotten a pass, and neither coker or shannon did, who knows. But he has. The result of his soft attude in the last 5 yrs is this travesty of TTHE U not being ranked in the top 25 ARE YOU SERIOUS??.?.?.?

His seat needs to be as hot as pavement in south florida in august

The baseball team hasn't been a serious threat to reach the CWS for the better part of a decade. A great way to honor Ron Fraser would be to play in Omaha this year.

So back to football...2008 recruiting class voted the mos5 overrated of all time.

UM baseball is in such disrepair that this season might be painful. I'll watch as much as I can but with one eye closed. Sorry but if Morris doesn't have a strong season then he needs to be replaced.

UM baseball is in such disrepair that this season might be painful. I'll watch as much as I can but with one eye closed. Sorry but if Morris doesn't have a strong season then he needs to be replaced.
Posted by: RichmondVaCane | January 26, 2013 at 12:15 PM


To change to conversation....Just reviewed the film on Jacob McCrary and Khairi Clark of 2014 Class. These are 2 guys we can't let leave State of Miami. These are Ol Skool Canes if I ever saw one.

More football

Congrats to Mike James on a nice run towards the end of the last drive.

James ran it in from about 5 yds out for a TD. Only cane representing in the senior bowl

Hope he gets drafted. Same with McGee.

Jim Morris has this team headed in the right direction, Al Golden needs to take some notes on how a real coach operates.

Morris has been hampered by the MLB Draft. Many of the guys slated to come to the U opted to take the money. He has to do a better job of finding those guys who are very good, but will opt for college for development instead of take low level MLB contract. With that said, in no way is Jim Morris a coach to admire.

Tampa cane. That is the lamest excuse in the world. What about UFAnd FSU?

Gallo you are an e..efe,.n idiot

It amazes me how someone can constantly go somewhere just to be called an idiot every day, all day. Smh

greg olsen is the 2013 version of brock belin and robert marve.....both were far more recognized than olsen.....look how they turned out

the under amour game is whats to come.....we are dreaming with olsen...mistake

gallo, larranaga is showing the difference between wanna be coaches and a real coach. When it comes to player development, look what they did when kenny kadji, told em to lose weight, about 20lbs, now that man is balling.

This is what i'm hoping mario critobal understands and he should, get those jumbo tight-ends in asante and dyron down from the 270's All the players that goldie said looked good from a physical standpoint were the ones who's on field play regressed. goldie needs to put less emphasis on weight gain and just let it happen naturally. Here's to hoping they don't mess up tyriq mccords weight as well and balloon that man up to quick.

I'm still confused where mario fits in here? The guy goes from HC to a position coach? Or is he a recruiter? (cane alumni gives up reins to stangers?)
Coley came here specifically to gain control of the offense and play calling....there is no way he is gonna give that up to ANYONE since FSU matched our offer...so is this the organization chart?

1. golden
2. coley
3. dnofrio

I smell problems down the road

jimbo fisher in the media said that he would come off the "nick saban" model and share "some" of the play calling next year with coley....so why would coley come here for the same situation and coach by "committee"?

Seriously, it just doesn't make any sense to me, I'm so confused.

The head coach is the head coach? And then the offensive coordinator will be coaching the offense? The defensive coordinator is coaching defense?


Why would Coley come here to coach the offense when they're not going to let him be head coach???


I think Olsen has potential....but his senior year was no good so we will have to see how his health holds out. Ultimately Chistobal takes over defense next year. Al Golden will be forced to make a change. Calvin I agree with you about assante and dyron.

Go canes!

The one major excuse I'll grant to Morris is the one about baseball not being able to grant enough scholarships and UM costing 40,000 a year. That is the advantage that FSU and UF have on Miami, not keeping or losing the MLB draft picks. The only other major college baseball programs that seem to make it as Private schools are Stanford, Rice, and only recently Vanderbilt.

And I'm more than sure that those other 3 have much larger sums of endowments and other financial means than the U. And no, its not fair to say to a kid well in a few years you'll be rich like Braun (though I bet he was on scholly) and you can then pay back all those huge loans.

How many kids come out of Miami with greater than $100,000 in student loans? Not everyone there can be a rich kid from Cocoplum and Pinecrest.

gallo, it is a funny situation, at the same time though, you already know it was mario who put the bug in goldie's ear about coley, which i think will be the difference. mario is not trippin about positions right now, his name will come up at some point to some other school, and i'm sure coley will not have a problem listening to mario having input with the offense as well. The biggest problem i see and it's not even going to be a problem is, who's going to work with inept 117th.

I know what the plan is for guys like kehoe & mario, they'll be sure to get coley in on it as well, they're going to dominate 117th in practice and force him to have to listen to somebody else. No way we're going to hear how the offense is dominating the defense and than think we'll have a dominating offense, because our offense was not the only offense dominating our defense. Also now, if we hear our defense is dominating our offense, that means somebody coordinating the offense must not be that good.

coley is not yet headcoaching material, goldie knows he needed more help and went out and lucked into being able to get mario who has bailed him out in getting an oc, if nothing else, for recruiting purposes, so something good definitely has a chance to come out of it. It would've been good to see where guys like thomas, kirkland and stacy would've ended up had james not come here, but whether they come here because he's here or not, as long as they're in.

Also, goldie will get schooled on how to deal with guys like, eddie johnson, gionni paul, rashawn scott, thomas finnie & gabriel terry. Than you got guys like tracy howard, stacey coley, kirkland and thomas coming in, these guys are not going to be able to get oached by mediocre coaches, so if a guy like brennan carrol or oach OH-NO are not ready, goldie is lucking into situations right now. If stoops was still at Fsu, so of these guys might be looking that way. I will say this though, matthew thomas whether stoops was their or not would still be better off coming to UM under coach barrow.

Randy shannon was one of the best coach we ever had at UM......it is too bad UM let him go so soon....all you have to do is look at his statistics and recruiting. the was no need to move him out.

As for mario...if you look at both golden and mario they have almost exact win/loss records....it would be sad that a local star from Columbas to UM become a bi...th to strangers from New Jersey....

Im a cane for life!

please most schools in northeat are above $50K a year...Um is not that expensive at all.....$100K is only $25K a year....FSU endowment is 525 mil vs UM at 719....they put 3 times more players in the major leages than UM....

Its all about the coach...just ask larranaga

The main thing is, as long as we're getting back to having the no excuse type coaches who want to come in the media and blame the players, i'll give shannon a pass on that because what shannon didn't ealize and unlike the coaches before him that had basically the same UM platform available to them, shannon was the 1st headcoach at UM to have to start basically from scratch and didn't have UM cornerstone coaches to lean on, so he had to go out and get guys like jeff "counting starts" stoutland, and stick with guys on that and elevated them to positions they weren't ready for out of loyalties sake.

That's the thing i liked about jedd, he never made excuses or blamed the players, just talked about what we were going to work on from a team aspect. You never hear art kehoe making excuses, why, because he understands the process of becoming a champion. I bet kehoe appreciates shannon and what he left him with.

Point being, coley, i don't see him being an excuse maker because guys that come from an environment that knows that the talent he has to work with is national championship caliber, than all that's missing is the system to get it done. That's what bozo 117th and his buddy who brought him in don't seem to understand yet. They'll understand it soon enuff with the more Miami guys they get on staff, it's inevitable if you want to win a championship down here. They're lucky they didn't mess round and get soldinger on staff.

He'd be on of the first ones trying to figure out, "what type of horses_ _t defense is this" we're trying to run around here. soldinger would be mad that this defense being run doesn't challenge the offense like he's use to seeing it in practice. He'll be quick to point out, what is this sitting back s_ _t, who are we waiting on, we need to be in attack mode from the first whistle.

Than he'd proceed to make sure every guy he was coaching better not let a defensive scheme like that stop them when it's giving up yards all game and is relying on the other teams offense to make a mistake instead of forcing them to make mistakes.

why is dnofrio still here?...coley runs up 5200 yards plus on offense and dnofrio gives back 5800 on defense...isnt it logical to rid the team of dnofrio NOW?...I cant wait till some on these 305 boys be 305 boys and golden says....now now....you cant play next game....will coley say...f...ck u their playing anyway?

golden has a fox in the henhouse now...I LOVE IT....1 down 2 to go, lol

Fox in the henhouse.

Apt analogy gallo, f*cking douchebag.

why is dnofrio still here?...coley runs up 5200 yards plus on offense and dnofrio gives back 5800 on defense...isnt it logical to rid the team of dnofrio NOW?...I cant wait till some on these 305 boys be 305 boys and golden says....now now....you cant play next game....will coley say...f...ck u their playing anyway?

golden has a fox in the henhouse now...I LOVE IT....1 down 2 to go, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 27, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Good question, but the answer is definitely clear. 117th is hanging on for one reason and one reason only. I'm still waiting for one of these weak northern reporters who are just in Miami because of the weather and are reporting on UM only because they have too, i'm still waiting for one of them when goldie spouts off at the mouth by saying "i'll challenge anybody, when it comes to oach OH-NO's track record, in terms of scoring defense" lol, man come on, it couldn't beme sitting letting goldie slide with that non-sense.

Than he said "there is no fan that can match oach OH-NO's intensity and dedication to getting his trade right"

WHAT, lol, makes no sense what so ever, but that's what friends do for each other, stick their neck out like al has been for his boy at all cost. He said one thing right though "trying to get his trade right", at 117th, we all can tell.

What goldie and his boy don't understand is, who cares if you had a top 20 scoring defense at temple, that's not a good sign of things to come, because if your scoring defense was top 20, that means almost everything else was sky high as well. Add to that, he wasn't going up against alot of high powered offenses anyway.

Some will argue that points allowed is all that matters, lol, no it's not, if you're consistently letting teams drive up and down the field on you, you're going to limit the amount of offensive possesions you have, which means your offense will be sitting down on the sidelines for long periods of time.

Than i hear goldie say in another attempt to try and defend his boy and the defense "i made the decision last early on that we would outscore people" lol, ok, come this year, are you going to make the decision to keep the games closer since going into year 3, we should have a better defense. In the meantime, you want to keep getting rid of the majority of the defensive guys, either by suspensions or kicking them off the team.

So right now as it stands, we're down 2 linebackers in gionni paul and eddie johnson.

I'll give goldie and his boy a break if we're a top 45 defense in scoring & yards per game defense. I don't want to hear about 1 category.

We don't want to hear excuses about the defense this year, so in the words of al goldie when giving out those back handed comments to seantrel henderson the defensive issues have nothing to do with the prior staff, the current defense has created it's own "self inflicted" situations. The majority of the guys that get/got suspended or kicked off the team are on the defensive side of the ball, why is that!

goldie and his boy chose to be young on defense this year, let's look at some of the guys who got kicked off the team or weren't let on the team:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain(than got back on)

Than let's look at the players who either got suspended or their playing time was reduced:

vaughn telemaque(under shannon was at least 3rd or 4th round draft pick)
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith(they asked him to lose weigh and he regressed and got benched)

That's a lot of guys, but than goldie wants to make excuses, and talk about "tmz" this ad that, man learn how to deal with defensive guys and their mentalities. Using suspensions and kicking guys off a college football team as the primary weapon of authority shows more mental weakness!

Saying Fsu is "a lil bit ahead of us right now" shows mental weakness, stop making excuses and lead a real Miai Hurricane charge, we're not trying to wait 4 years to think this is te year we'e suppos to win a championship, we want guys playing like kehoe had the o-line like they're trying to win the national championship every time they setp out on that football field.


No doubt Calvin is the same person as Jim Gallo.


keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

dude, its almost afull team right there....maybe UM could have been 9-3....but in his eyes...expendible. will collins - thomas - bryant has the same fate if they decide to grab the wrong 13" used beat up apple by mistake...

Gallo you moron,its kevin olsen not Greg olsen, you s...t for brains.

And brock berlin? What did he do? Ok for starters he never lost to FSU or UF.

He beat UF twice.

He left a winner.

Marve, i agree. Marve and harris were the most overblown, overrated, overhyped pseudoqbs in history.

Both were florida mr football. Lol.

It was like dumb and dumber. It was sad that UM got stuck with that garbage. Same with kyle wright. What garbage. That proves that the star system is 100% garbage

I know no one knows 100%, but where do you think these guys nd up going. Jermaine Grace, I personally believe he will be a 'Cane. How do you guys feel about Matt Thomas, Bostwick, Stacey Coley, and Kirkland? Do you believe with James Coley comingf over they are also coming to UM or do you believe that FSU will get them>?

Also, do you think we flip anyone (like Rahard Robinson from Ely, a LSU commit)?

Speaking of Ely, ever since Patrick Johnson...eeer Peterson went their, they have had a pipeline into that school. The school develops good players, due you think having Coley and Cristobal on staff, we can make inroads in there again. UM has had a long history of getting players out of Ely before Peterson went to LSU. I would like to see us get back into the mix with that school and Northwestern. Amari Cooper and Teddy B. are winners and should be wearing green and orange.

I like goldie but he's starting to piss me off, those back handed comments("self inflicted") he gave to seantrel henderson and curtis porter were uncalled for. He might of thought he meant well, but he needs to wisen up with his public comments.

Yeah gallo, most of those players if not al of them would've played under shannon, maybe except eddie johnson and darius smith who goldie went out and got. I'm not sure if eddie johnson was on shannon's radar.

But alot of the depth was kicked off the team, and if goldie is looking for alot of 5th year seniors, he's at the wrong school for that.

Sorry about the spelling and gramatical errors in the earlier post, I am still out of it after watching the Heat lose to the Celtics.

Why are you still pretending to be a UM fan Jim Gallo/the same person calling himself Calvin?

Why would you waste so much time and energy researching a school and team that you hate?

look olsen during under amour....cant get 10 yard passes off..even in the second half where there is no "nervous" excuse...the guy cant get the ball from under center without falling over his own feet....the best pocket passer? please....he left the pocket on almost every snap....he was shaken back there playing with real players....

he is terrible....he committed for the free education....he is not UM's future

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

dude, its almost afull team right there....maybe UM could have been 9-3....but in his eyes...expendible. will collins - thomas - bryant has the same fate if they decide to grab the wrong 13" used beat up apple by mistake...

Posted by: Jim Gallo

Well Gallo...you Gators had somwhere in the area of 40 players arrested for various felonies and other assorted crimes. Granted, those twin scumbags Foley and Meyer only suspended your criminals for a short period of time, but all the same they missed games.

So, when You look at Al Golden's record that is based on integrity and rebuildng and maintaining a program the right way the future looks very bright indeed for the Canes, especially when comparing them to those inbred Gators, who we've always been better than in every category.

UM 6-0 in the ACC

Crazy how good this team is and how well they are playing

Top 10-15 tomorrow?

Goldie is going to close on some of these kids you all wait and see.

Don't waste your time reading Calvin's epic and moronic statements,1. They make little sense 2. add little to any discussion even though he writes a book filled with nothing worth reading 3. he will never be satisfied with a white coach and one not named Randy 4. No one really cares what he thinks except maybe for fellow stooge Jim Gallo!

LAst week for recruiting- time to close the deal on several kids!Collins, Thomas, etc. No need to look elsewhere. This is where its all about!

thomas - collins - kirkland - bostwick -coley....i am afraid we lost bryant is looks like....

mario/coley/barrow....get these guys I say we win 10 games 2013...they are that important

basketball team big spread on fsu win....like I said....they have a real shot at national championship...should get to elite 8 march 30/31 if they kep playing with this type of intensity....golden you watching.....turnijg around a basketball team is just as hard as a football team.....after 1 season look at these guys...terrific...

golden better hope in a way these canes dont make it to the ncaa championship....you think you have heat now, wait

calvin.....if stoops was at fsu....matthew thomas would follow since I think they got keith bryant...

fisher/stoops combo works well in living rooms...if stoops was still at fsu UM would struggle recruting.

too bad UM dosent get last shot at these guys....collins arkansas and thomas georgia...

UM biggest worry is both collins/thomas end up at fsu with keith bryant...maybe coleys hire is a stop gap...but fisher via the nick saban model can control some of that....he is calling the plays anyway so who cares if coley is there or not....its a concern for UM

Gallo is the cat who would look at a super model and exclaim; If she weighed 100 more pounds, was a foot shorter, didn't shave her arm pits, was missing teeth she would be nothig to look at.

The point being...anything to do with Coach Al Golden or the Canes football team Gallo will find a way to take even th emost positive situation and put a negative spin on it.

Canes fans biggest worry is that an idiot like Gallo, errrrrrrrr Curse Pig, infests these blogs with his lack of knowledge of anything.

Right Green Pea Galo, or is it Gallo? What do you say, Curse Pig Gallo? Try choking on a chicken bone this afternoon.

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