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PODCAST: Recruiting talk with InsideTheU's David Lake

Herald Sports Writer Manny Navarro talks recruiting with InsideTheU's David Lake after the Hurricanes' big weekend.

Among the players discussed: South Plantation RB Alex Collins, Port St. Lucie Centennial DL Jay-nard Bostwick, Ely CB Rashard Robinson, Booker T. Washington OL Denver Kirkland and LB Matthew Thomas and new commitment Butler (Kan.) JUCO DL Ufomba Kamalu.



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Good stuff. Thanks. Sounds like the Canes have a shot at some strong players. Hope we land them...

Great info Manny thanks very much

Alex Collins:

There is nothing at Arkansas. You a cane bro. Through and through. And we the fans welcome you with open arms. Lets get this backfield going. Will be one of the best backfields in the country.

With you and Duke and Eduardo or Danny Dillard, this will be same as 2000-2004:

Clinton Portis
Willis McGahee
James Jackson
Najeh Davenport
Frank Gore

They all played in the NFL

They all bided their time at the U

They all saw significant playing time and success

They are all cane brethren

Nice!! Canes are back.

We are screwed - go to a school that won't be sanctioned so you can play in a bowl game

Let's sure up the recruiting class of 2013 & send the sports world a F*ck You note! Go Canes!

"sure" up the recruiting class
canes are back
one of the best backfields in the country
canes have a shot at some strong players

The class is very weak so far, it truly needs shoring up
Back? Like last year. Or the year before that. Are you serious?
Duke is very good, Collins has potential but he is not here yet. You are a bit premature. Feel bad for your girlfriend.
Yes they do, but will they come?

Collins is a SFlo guy...

Arkansas has a nice program but the 'U' after the sanctions are geared to be on the fast track...With the Coaching Changes in Ark..does't look like the fast track for the.
Coach G has plans to return to the beacon of the legacy.

The other point is that if you make Mom happy to show off her son to famiy and friends, and become close to Duke's Mom, who is the team ambassador, the combination would be dynamic..

I am sure that Alex will make a good decision..
We would love to have you as a 'Cane.
Good luck,
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Dont go to Arkansas, randy shannon is there

What we need r playmakers on the d-line and wr's. rb's come and go every year. A good line produces a good ground game. A good decision maker at qb and dominant lines on both sides r what wins games. Stacy coley, mt, and stud dt's should b the focus. Cb Mac Alexander is a better player than Tracy Howard and we should've made him a cane long ago. Cb's were awful along with rest of d last year. We r still losing to many local kids and there is no excuse for it. A.g. Needs to get on them early and stay on them.

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