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PODCAST: The latest on Canes' big recruiting weekend with InsideTheU's David Lake

The Miami Hurricanes have three visit weekends left before National Signing Day, but this next one will be a big one for Al Golden and his coaching staff.

Three four-star South Florida recruits -- South Plantation running back Alex Collins, Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland and Port St. Lucie Centennial defensive tackle Jay-Nard Bostwick -- will be visiting Coral Gables this weekend. 

The Hurricanes, who currently have one player signed and 12 other commitments as part of its 2013 class, have another five to six spots they could end up filling (thank Thomas Finnie and Gionni Paul for the extra slots) by Feb. 6. Golden told WQAM last week the Canes were willing to wait until the end to land some big-time kids late. We'll see if the gamble pays off. 

I caught up with InsideTheU staff writer David Lake, who covers Canes recruiting about as deeply as anyone, on Tuesday to discuss the latest on the Canes recruiting front and this big weekend.  If you've got about 12-13 minutes tune in.



As for Collins, considered the nation's No. 1 running back according to 247Sports.com, South Plantation High coach Doug Gatewood told me this afternoon the former UM commitment is really undecided with what he'll do. Miami, Florida State, Wisconsin, Florida and Arkansas are all in the picture.

Texas, Gatewood told me, is trying to make push to get Collins' last official visit next weekend. He's currently scheduled to visit Arkansas.

"I asked Alex today to try and give me some sort of idea of what he's really looking for to separate the school and he really couldn't. He has no idea," Gatewood said.

"As far as he's concerned the education, the campus, weight rooms, facilities, all that stuff is pretty equal in his eyes. You talk about playing time, Miami has Duke Johnson. Florida State has the kid from Central [Devonta Freeman]. Wisconsin has James White coming back. Arkansas has kids. Florida has quite a few coming back. He's been to Miami about five or six times on unofficial visits. Hopefully this weekend helps clear some things up for him."


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Go to FIU or FAMU Alex, you'll start right away and have no reason to improve yourself over the two years you stay in college before they let you be taken first in the NFL draft.

Alex has been to Miami 5-6 times...;-) Duke will get about 15-20 carries, so Miami needs another stud to get 15-20 carries also...;-)

I hope these guys decide to come to UM.
They would be great additions for us.
Good things are ahead for the Canes!

He'll need another visit to see if he's loved enough..6X's wasn't enough to feed his head..Commitments aren't what they use to be. Hopefully he's just enjoying the visits..

Collins and Duke could be a deadly combination. Most colleges today are using two backs, so he should not be concerned with a lack of reps. Additionally, it may be better not to carry too much of a load in college and running backs are buring out quickly in the NFL. In fact, an NFL team probably prefers a back with only 15 carries a game in college because of longevity issues.

matthew Thomas will decommit.....after usc visit, I bet they close him.....Collins will be a big hold...

the sanctions can kill all of this....there is an outside chance the sanctions can be extremely hard....but who knows...

paul and finnie were a big mistake to let go...Um can end up with nothing

Slow down Jimbo..

Alex could have a sitdown with Coach G and Coach Cristobal and realize he could be part of the resurgence of the 'U'.

Not even mentioning a State of the Art facility with study, conference and computer rooms set up for players and all the amenities that could be offered.

We could even mentioning that greats like Ray Lewis stop by and other NFL players who could give some substance to the fact that the players of the 'U' can move up and accomplish great things.

This is the kickoff point for a great career and the 'U' is right there...What a cool thought playing and having a partner like Duke working beside you..

I would take the visits and see how the 'U' stands out as THE choice..with Olsen also on board watch out...
Be a 'Cane young man you will love it ...ask Duke.
The 'U'will be the 'U'

UM needs defensive recruits. But they don't want to come here: I wonder why?

Answer: DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno.

Help Wanted: DL, DB's. DC.

fruity blog Pig known as Curse pop his pig-head in here to announce that "X" recruit is "all gatah," only to be proven wrong like the slob pig he is?

Countdown commences.......now. Have at it, Pig. Don't forget to mention all the gatrtrash recruits that transfer two years down the line.

Not sure if Thomas commits to USC with the problems they are having with recruiting right now. Kiffin is a shady character!

Let's hope they finish strong with this class, it really could lead to some very promising seasons ahead.

Collins would be well served to come to the U simply because of the chance for immediate playing time. Florida has the taylor kid, and arkansas will be loaded at Rb, Florida State has a stud back coming in so its only logical that he would come here. And who the hell wants to go freeze in Wisconsin. Plus he will have the opprotunity to run behind possibly one of the best Olines in the country. If he is smart he won't pull a brisset and wish he hadn't. It doesn't matter either way because we are going to be loaded this year with talent and after this year Miami will once again be the IT place to be in CFB. Oh and I wouldn't sleep on Ray Lewis's kid either. If he is anything like his pop's dude will be a straight up stud.

Reality check clUcks. You desperately need these kids to come here. You aint got no one else. FSU has their recruits already, so does Florida, and USC, and Texas, and most everyone else. They don't need these guys they are just greedy and want more as a luxury.
You on the other hand have nothing. The fact that these kids are so undecided this late in the game and still looking means you have nothing to offer. OK, you do have one thing. A place close to home for those who are afraid to leave Dade county. That's it. If not for that you would be worse than you already are. Imagine that, worse than crap!
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUcks.

The people that don't know football can only point to about 2 games during the randy shannon tenure where another teams offense didnt do to bad. The only reason it became an issue is because we didn't win the game. I guess bama's d-co is bad, he let texas a&m kill them, than he let Georgia throw and run all over them as well, alot of people on here need their tongues cut out.

When we played lsu, the reason the defense started getting kilt was the offense kept going 3 & out, lsu you didn't just come out and start killing our offense, was shannon suppose to be in charge of the offense too. Alot of the same bozo's blamed shannon for the fiesta bowl lost saying he let krenzel run all over the defense, lol. Anybody go and look at those stats from that game, they'll try and figure out again how in the hell was osu in the game, had nothing to do with shannon, might wanna go and check again on the offensive side of the ball.

Same when we played those louisville teams, shannon held those teams in check, but after awhile, you got an offense that keeps going 3 & out, no first downs and you don't have top notch talent on defense, at some point they're going to get broke down.

shannon has been at this coaching tenure for a while now, for those who want and are foolish, shannon coached, ken norton, jack del rio, zach thomas, derrick rodgers:

During Shannon's six years as UM's defensive coordinator, his defenses ranked as follows in total defense nationally:

2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

Same school, in shannon's worst year, the defense was ranked 28th and the next year, became top 4th, moved up 22 places. People try and judge shannon when he's the one who actually protected UM and stuck his neck out for UM and the cost of his job. You give a first time headcoach the money to go out and get suspect coordinators, particularly money to get 1 tired oc but the administration went out and got mark nipple and made him the assistant headcoach, anyway, shannon did a way better job with what he had to work with than what goldie and his boy oach OH-NO are doing.

117th in any category in any year at UM is unacceptable. People want to sing the same song as goldie, like we don't have the players. He's not putting the players he has in position to make plays, so it has nothing to do with talent. goldie is conceding to other teams saying "right now, they're a little bit ahead of us right now" in reference to Fsu. When the score was just 16 to 13 in the 4th quarter, coaching lost that game.

I don't mind jedd fisch having somebody to help him with the offense, he calls some weird plays from time to time, like continuing to run duke to the short side of the field against a speed defense like Fsu. But i'm fine with jedd for now, he's the best oc we've had in awhile now, but all our resources need to be aimed at the defensive side of the ball.

It's not easy to come down to Miami and coach kids from here and not learn how to conform. That's what goldie and his boys are fighting now, they're realizing they got some strong willed players on the team and goldie is trying to use that peer pressure tatic that only works with guys that have enuff respect for other guys on the team. A guy like eddie johnson is going to be him, goldie can't change that man overnight, and they need eddie more than eddie need them right now.

It'll be funny to see if we here eddie johnson is not here no more either, lol, what's going to happen if some other prominent guys on defense get caught stealing, lol. All guys are really saying is, man, finnie got caught, damyum, he should've came to me, i would've showed em how to get rid of it.

The reason alot of those guys rolled out the year before is because of goldie and his way of thinking, alot of guys was looking at it like come on dawg, who does this guy think he is, they were already raised, now goldie has the majority of his crew in here, he'll learn the easy way or the hard way, but either way, he'll learn.

Canekiller, going through life on a blog talking trash about a football team is the way to go. Dumdace your momma is calling she got her tit out for ya!!!

Calvin - TELL IT!!!

I don't understand what is Golden Boy doing that Shannon didn't....

Mediocre Record - Check
Top recruiting Classes that still get Beat - Check

People act like Golden Boy cleaned up the Program when the program was not dirty to begin with. And truth be told, we only had one arrest during Shannon's Tenure. We still led in Graduation rate and if I can recall, wasn't it Shannon who told the power's that be to keep Shapiro away from the program.

We all know Shannon was not that good of an Head Coach, but please quit giving this guy a pass when he hasn't done anything!

Let's quit making this guy out to be something he's not. I'm not making final judgemnt on Golden Boy but he hasn't showed me anything to let me know we have the next JJ or Saban on our hands. This is College Football and good Coaches turn programs around fairly quick...... Still waiting on Golden Boy...

I think AG will post a 10 win season this year cane croak so slow your roll.

Cane killer.....love that your always on our blog reading about our team. If you were not worried about us you would not be here.

I agree, I think the majority of kids know by now where they want to play.....Collins got thrown for a loop via the podcast where the fsu running back coach left the team.....but still, why would Collins go all the way to usc unless he was interested....you would think that fsu is likely out now, or is it....that he would just say, I'm with Miami now...but he didn't

I think these kids handlers are telling them to stay clear of any program that has sanctions....btw, olsen is terrible...reminds me of brock berlin or Robert marve....

The question would be, who has the best runningbacks coach out of the schools alex collins is looking at and who has the chance to be in one of the most explosive offenses in the country. I have nothing against smo17, i like his demeanor and he's just one of the guys and like shannon doesn't care nothing about the spot light. If smo17 improves in the intermediate passing game, he'll be a real good qb. His biggest strength is one of his biggest weaknesses, he has a srong arm of course, but having a strong arm might hurt your anticipation skils since most guys with strong arms don't throw a whole lot of anticipation passes they just gun it in their at the last minute.

if smo17 has worked on his touch passes and deep passes, this offense will become alot more explosive. accuracy will be the key for smo17 and what i like about him is, no game is to big for him. He needs to get a lil bit better at having more of a pocket presence, to many times i saw him bail out on good pockets and than allow the pressure to get to him. He took at least 3 sacks against Fsu that should've never been sacks.

That being said, alex collins will definitely have a real good chance as playing as a true freshman, but he's going to have to be real good to be able to do that though, everybody knows duke johnson ain't no joke out their.

I'm sure danny dilliard can't wait to try and show people what he's made of at the same time though, i thought he was a guy that in the old days, he would've been brought in and moved to linebacker. It ould definitely be good to get a guy like alex collins, but come next year, you're going to have some good runningbacks coming out to as well.

Yeah man, i like goldie's approach coming in, although he was sounding suspect to me with all the knowing of the UM history and this and that and the asking of the alumni to comeback, but at 13 & 11, when he was left with better talent than shannon ever had. shannon was the onewho built the programs talent back up, and if shannon had his way of bringing in marc trestman to be the oc back when he first tried to hire him but the keebler elfette and her minions wouldn't give up the money, plus they were paying shannon 800K at the time, lol.

For a first time headcoach, shannon ran the gaunlet in 2009 when he went 3 & 1 in the 1st 4 games, than the fix was put in. kirby locutt got to mark nipple and than they started to sabtoge shannon because he was the one who said keep that weasel away from the program, and now look at it, the same guy who tried to act like he was all about UM is now the same guy trying to tear it down, he'll be the one that's looking stupid when the allegations and punishment doesn't look like much, waste of time.

"Oh, i got photo's of me with players at restaurants" well who signed the receipt "i did" next, "oh i got pictures of players with me on my yacht" ok, that's easy, how do we know that they knew it was your yacht, who gets on a boat and ask for the title, ok next.

Ok, you paid for an abortion, shame on you.

shannon is the one who did everything he could to protect UM and got betrayed, this is why i don't understand a headcoach that comes in thinking he's going to go out of his way and try to schmooze up to the administration, the same ones that hired you are the same ones that will conspire in dar kcorners to fire you. That's why as a headcoach you need to come in and do it the way you need to do it and let the chips fall where they may, i'd rather get fired doing it my way than to be a loser doing it their way and still get fired, the choice is yous goldie, are you read you ready to make that sacrifice.

And those people talking about goldie getting down huggin malcom lewis as a means of beign a true leader, please stop, it was an honorable thing to do, but this ain't the boyscouts, this is football, and i know i'm not the only who felt like this, but watching goldie holding that man like that, while honorable, in football, that made the guys a lil more softer cause that was a soft moment. I'm not saying don't support your players, and i'm sure malcom lewis appreciated it and other players as well, but i can tell you this, that was one of the first times alot of people have ever seen that, but it wasn't the first time a player was that injured.

Football is almost like war, not much time to mourn the the fallen during battle, somethings must wait til the war is over, cause you can best believe, nobody in war shoots the enemy and than waits and say, ok yall go head and mourn your comrade i just shot the schiiittt out of, i'll wait, and than we can start shooting again.

That showed me a soft side of goldie, than more of his softness continues to keep easing out, crying about the schedule, i mean seriously, who knew when they scheduled k st. that they'd be a top 5 team, and if thy did know, that's exactly why you schedule them, not goldie, he's seeking out cupcakes.

Can't handle players in house or the locals to help protect the team, that's softness. Doesn't critize his boy oach OH-NO in the media for having the 117th ranked defense, steadily makes excuses for em, that's softness, i can go on, but i'mma need coac hgoldie to tighten up for real.

What's up y'all. Just wanted to let you know that I'm a high profile recruit being courted by the U. I have been undecided for quite some time until I heard through a source that in private they were told "we need to do anything and everything" we can at this time against Miami to sway players from South Florida". I was also told that other "school" have been hard core "negative" tactics against Miami while they face sanctions. I now believe this the case and thought about it a lot this past weekend. I know a few things to be true.

Miami has served the worst of their punishment
They had a better record this year then last.....could have gone 8-4 easily if not for the Virginia game. As BAD as that D was.
Golden for sure has a plan.....I know as he sat in front of my family and impressed
The offense will be off the charts this year...WITH the addition of me on defense I can assure
You we will be much better.


Thanks for helping me make up my mind.....see you on signing day...

typo not Collins...Thomas, lol....hoping Collins stays, too much on my mind.

I wonder what some of you Einstein's think now that Matthew Thomas cancelled his USC visit and will visit UM instead. Come on genius, what's your reply?

@Calvin: the AD sabotaged Shannon? Come on, give me a break. Enough with the nutty conspiracy theories. You probably think 9/11 was an inside job too. Shannon never faced in his first year what AG faced with the Shapiro bomb going off 2 weeks before kickoff. AG's our coach now. If he doesn't get it done he'll be fired too. Move on.

Calvin and Jim Gallo would let Tim Tebow tongue punch them in the fart box.

Their the same idiots rolled up into one. Calvin is blabber mouth who rambles on and on about Shannon this and that when if he were white he would have called for his head the 2nd year he was here. Shannon's teams were always soft and that dumbass knows it. Gallo is Mr. ..... blah.....blah.........Blah......Blah....same old stat boy who really soon will have nothing to stand on soon, while now he grasps at straws. Those two slapnuts wouldn't know a football scheme from an eyechart or the difference between a good coach in Golden and a bad one in Larry Coker or Randy Shannon. Both of them ain't nothing but scared little zit faced Gators who are not accepted by their own team, so that's why they are on here blabbering like two crackwhores.

I think we can go 11-1 this year.were gonna beat fla by 14 points this year. It will depend on whether Fsu can get a qb they will e tough but I think they are beatable. Lets get Thomas and Collins.

Wow, doesn't get clearer than that for the sane majority who read this blog.

Calvin and Jim Gallo can't tell the difference between a good coach in Golden and a bad one in Larry Coker or Randy Shannon.

@Calvin: the AD sabotaged Shannon? Come on, give me a break. Enough with the nutty conspiracy theories. You probably think 9/11 was an inside job too. Shannon never faced in his first year what AG faced with the Shapiro bomb going off 2 weeks before kickoff. AG's our coach now. If he doesn't get it done he'll be fired too. Move on.

Posted by: RichmondVaCane | January 15, 2013 at 10:46 PM

On a serious note, if you think 911 wasn't calculated, you probably celebrate Easter & x-mas too. Don't worry though, it's easy to fool the masses. What's that saying, "you can fool most of the people most of the time, but you can't fool all the people all of the time"

No need in talking to people who can't think or see things clearly for themselves. Don't be insane, go and check the facts and not go with the media hype.

Sine you're so wise, explain to us why jacory would be under center, empty backfield set. Explain the 1st play of the ohio fake game. I can go on, but you're not foolish enuff to think shannon hired a man like nipple who he doesn't know and made him assistant headcoach, that was the asministrations doing. You have to pay attention, shannon had fired somebody, made hurtt go to louisville once he caught em doing what he wasn't suppose to be doing, so the administration knew shannon was going to fire nipple because he could actually do it, but than that would've be going directly against those who hired shannon.

So they fired him, why do you think nipple was begging goldie for his job. Why did mark nipple have jacory throw the ball against unc around 40 times when he knew the man had joint between the thumb and index finger that needed surgery, than people wanted to point out the 4 interceptions that game, lol. You get kirby locutt, shapiro & nipple in the same room, that group will never be known as saints. locutt ridin shaps sac for dollars, nipple could've gotten side money but he did it for free after shannon got on em during that clemson game, and you already know how shap felt about shannon, so why you're thinking it's far fetched, no problem, some of us know different.

They didn't want shannon to succeed, alot of boosters didn't like em, because he wasn't the buddy buddy type or a butt kisser, shannon was his own man. Him getting fired was a semi relief for the man, he gave it his best shot. Now answer this question, why is al godlen coming in with at least 5 years of headcoaching experience, and his record is only 2 games better in his first 2 years than shannon with no previous headcoaching experience or much talent to work with.


Hell, I'll answer that question, because he had to clean up the mess left behind by Shannon. Damn come up with a good question that actually has to be thought out. Half the team was suspended most of the year last year and this years team was mostly freshmen and sophomores. Got any more zingers there whiz kid.
And who the hell doesn't celebrate Christmas and Easter?

The thing that's funny to me, if shannon was the headcoach most on here know for a fact that our defense would've eventually became a top 10 defense, because shannon knows what a top 5 defense is suppose to look like. When has goldie and his boy ever had a True top 15 defense anywhere.

Is goldie a hardworker, sure, but why is it when shannon was the d-co or the headcoach, it didn't make a deifference, he got blamed for the defenses even though when he was d-co here we were in 5 of the 6 years shannon had at a minimum a top 7 defense and in a down year he was top 28. For those who want to say shannon was only coaching the players butch recruited, when was butch davis last recruiting class, how bout that top 4 defense in 2005 and that top 7 defense in 2006.

Teams with garbage offenses. goldie wants to impress me, we got a few players left to get from Miami and South Florida, mario cristobal adds a lil more credibilty to the coaching staff than goldie does down here, but we'll see how instrumental he is as well.


Keep teaching..

We know what it is/was between onion/nip/locutt.

Check this out, tubberville flat out begged for the job after RS got fired and couldn't even get a interview with ole Kirby. Kirby bounces right before the Shapiro gate hits head to ttu where guess who is the HC??? U guessed it, Tuberville. No wonder tubbs vamped in the middle of the night on the man who was holding shapio's pocket!



Posted by: CaneTill I Croak | January 16, 2013 at 12:23 AM

rofl, some daffodil thinks you're a gaytor fan, they have no idea what your name says, lol, clowns always jumping out their on here trying to make comments and are always way off base.


Keep teaching..

We know what it is/was between onion/nip/locutt.

Check this out, tubberville flat out begged for the job after RS got fired and couldn't even get a interview with ole Kirby. Kirby bounces right before the Shapiro gate hits head to ttu where guess who is the HC??? U guessed it, Tuberville. No wonder tubbs vamped in the middle of the night on the man who was holding shapio's pocket!


Posted by: Nash | January 16, 2013 at 12:51 AM

This is a thinking man right here. Can't have to many independent thinkers around, that's the only way you'll be able to understand. And people wanted to make it seem like what tubbs did was dirty, that man refuses to work with weasels like locutt. Exactly dawg, way to bring that out, tubbs said F this imbecile, i'm out, i wonder who paid the restaurant bill. Well maybe locutt will try and hire coach goldie, that way he'll take his boy, because if goldie leaving is the only way we'll be able to get rid of oach OH-NO, than i'm all in.

What up nash, long time no see man, it's getting close to signing day so i know bg is doign his thang over their. Should be fun these next few weeks though.

Cal peeps is lookin 4 you at the spot.

Let bygones be bygones and come on home dawg.


Folks was askin bout you earlier in the day.

I see you had to straighten so one out tryin to bring up Shannon giving up yards vs jumbo in in the peach bowl and Ole Bobby P.. You know coaches that have actually won something.

But they like to blame record setting performances by BC , UVA, NCST, Duke and many others on youth and not the inept dc.

Hell BC and Pitt did a better job vs notre shame than dumbnofrio did.

Guess they have more talent!

Calvin- Why can't you get your point across in one paragraph? It seems that youhave to go on and on, totry to convince people about your weak a55 point. You know we know and everyone here know you are F-O-S, son.

Collins and Thomas to the U. Along with several other big gets!

UM has the most players in the NFL

The most in the playoffs RIGHT NOW!

UM has the most probowlers

One more in the hall of fame this year with Warren Sapp

Seriously Why would a recruit want to go anywhere else?

Welcome to the U young men/

I read this blog all the time & it amazes me what imbeciles some poeple are! Finnie & Paul had issues, in case you dont read.That was for Mr Gallo! One (finnie)is involved in a theft. Do you really want him on your team and the example that sets! He will earn another chance if he tries at another school and I wish them the best! Keep up the good work Coach Golden!

I think this recruiting class will get at least 4-5 more 4 Star Players, to go with the 5 we have now, that put us at the top of the ACC, Florida State and Virginia Tech classes are about done!

I think it is ridiculous to say Hocutt did not sabotage Randy Shannon. Luke Skywalker spoke of the disrespect Shapiro had in Hocutt's box during the game. Hocutt fired Shannon, hired Golden and was off to Lubbock, moments afterward. That was his last act as Shapiro butt kissing athletic director.

I sort of wish Randy Shannon was white because a few militant blacks on here won't be defending him for the next 20 yrs. I'm black and I was happy when Shannon first was hired by The U. His first 2 recruiting classes were in the top 5 because South Florida high school coaches and the parents of these black athletes were excited as well. Shannon had 4 yrs to develop these kids when it comes to their strength and their skills, but he fell short in that dept big time. There were many coaches who sent their kids out to the school for a workout to not even get a call back from Shannon which led some of these kids to go to LSU, Alabama, etc. Shannon abandoned a lot of schools down here. Even ex players went on the Michael Irvin's show complaining about how Shannon wasn't allowing them at the practices and he even gave Kosar a hard time as well. Another mistake Randy did was hired assistants who should have still be coaching in high school and he's responsible for that as well. He shouldn't have ever brought an ex Gator's receiver to coach our receivers and I can name a few other assistants as well. As far as The U not wanting Shannon to succeed, y'all must not know the history of Shalala. She has a history of supporting minorities so rest with those made up stories. As far as Randy's defenses. Randy never recruited those boys in the early 2000's. Butch put that team together and he developed those players and they were ready made by the time Randy took over the defense just like the team was ready made when Coker took over as well. When all of Butch's boy graduated, if you check the stat's, the defensive numbers were going down year after year. Neither one of you on hear probably don't know a lot of players, but I do and if you have spoken to just a few, they will tell you that they were looking for a change themselves and I'm talking about a few Northwestern players who were recruited by Shannon. A player from Norland who committed to Alabama out of a JUCO school told me that he didn't want to play for Shannon because the conditioning was suck, kids wasn't being develop and players never earned playing time and what you don't know is that most of that info was coming from out of The U's camp. Also, I heard you say that Golden is no different than Shannon. Lest be fair. He's only been here for 2 yrs. When Shannon first got here, I said that I will give him 4 yrs because that's when he will have his team by then so I'm giving Golden and any other coach that same time frame. No coach ever had to play mostly freshmen and sophmores on defense and the reason why the defense was a little better the year before is because we had a few veterans on d who really should have come back for their senior seasons. The word is...most of them didn't want to go through Golden's grueling workouts. I don't hide behind my name. You can find me on facebook @ norman chee chee clarke. I'm a brotha who supported Shannon at first and I'm still a brotha who supported his firing. Now, if any one of you wants to test my knowledge of the situation and you want some stats as well. I have them for you. Y'all probably don't know that Bridgewater and Eli Rogers actually decommitted from The U before about 5 weeks before Shannon was fired and our homeboy receiver who's at Alabama right now stated that he got tired of our mediocre even though he still loves The U. Shannon is a good linebacker coach at best...not a d coord(ouch). Here's the proof. When we started playing teams who used a spread offense with a lot of crossing patterns, Shannon never came up with a solution for it and I'm talking about in the mid 2000's. Holla at me if you want some stats and websites to back up everything I said. Shannon had to go. The U

I think The Great Golden will sign all the 4 and 5 star kids that are undecided out there. That will rank his class top 3 in the nation.
Then he will go on to win the ACC and play in a BCS bowl and maybe even contend for the NC.
Then The Great Golden will be named coach of the year and Duke and Morris will be tied for a Heisman.
NoD'onofrio will be comeback coach of the year as his D will be ranked in the top 10 in the nation.
We are back for sure.

we still talk about randy???
he is gone.. he is a true cane for sure but failed as a head coach, it is not easy to be a head coach at the U.golden has not won enough games yet to be crowned the man yet but you can see he has a plan and is going in the right direction he will be judged after 4 years at the helm if he is a winner he will stay if not he will be gone just like randy its that simple

Wow been on this blog the past two years..never seen this much mess at one time..If randy shannon was a "Great" coach he still would be here. Anyways I don't know who wrote this story but scholarships definitely don't work like that. On;y thing that paul and finnie will help if Golden wants to play at 75 scholarships(allowed to have 85 per year) this year and sign a class of 15(thats what USC is doing. Only reason we have more scholarships is bcuz sandaland and two other early enrollments will count against 2012 totals and maybe if Artie Burns takes a track scholarship.Josh Witt,Angelo jean louis, and Vernon Davis never received scholarships.Also on recruiting Golden knows that if he will 5 out of ten guys he is shooting for and with Cristobal being here he can travel and even expand on other regions as Cristobal no doubt will take over South Florida. I am so excited for 2013!!!!REAL CANE OVER HERE

*Golden knows that if he gets 5 out of....

You people haven't learned that Calvin and Gallo-dork are one and the same. Both IDIOTS who are walking negatives and if you were on patrol with them, they'd be the ones to give your position away. Collins is seeing the US you dolts. How many of these kids have EVER even left S.Fla? They're taking their trips just to see the country and different places. Our NCAA punishment is not going to that bad since we were VERY proactive and we're going to have a great season in 2013.

Bostwick,Collins,Kirkland,Thomas,Ngaukwe,Coley,Bryant,Greene,Liner,Grace,Parker,and a few others we will be straight.

Now tell me you don't 5 of those guys on your squad

Yeah nash man, clowns all over the place. Man it was cool over there at the other spot man, you know some of yall my dawgs over their, you, Uchamps, esteban, Hurri, cav, bg and the likes, but i'm not with fakeness and that obvious biasness man. If they want to keep gargling those other cry babies balls they can have at it. It was good while it lasted man, but when that trick started tellin blatant lies, and doing that childish stuff man, it's not that serious. she started acting just like this other numb nutz that had one, they're one in the same if you ask me, i think they use to be freinds than they both ended up somehow back stabbing each other, so if they were friends and ended up back-stabbing each other, who need enemies, lol.

I can see thru fakers man, and shorty fake with it man. I'll tolerate it for a while, but they start bringing it my way, on a simple forum like this, and start taking it to serious and letting things go to their head, 5000 man. Other than that, you know we gone fight the good fight wherever we be man.

As you can see, these clowns are like roaches, alot of them were never good enuff to be on anybody's team so they have no clue. It takes a strong coach to be in charge of strong minded men. That's where goldie has to up his game, and if it ain't in em, it ain't in em. You know guys like howard, jimmy and barry switzer, guys like that got heart and common sense and know how to deal with situations like men. Alot of the people on here are the ones that want to talk trash but than call the police to help bail them out of a situation, instead of handling it themselves lol.

They act like finnie is the first person to steal at UM, or any University, lol, he's one of the first ones that didn't have the proper leadership in place to handle this in house. To many snooty wanna be UM fans that just want to brag and than call the gaytors names when they had they're arrest going, like i always said, who cares about young men getting arrested at another University, that's their situation, those guys won championships, the only people that will remember those arrest are the jealous cry babies and losers who want to try and bring up anything negative that they can.

People don't realize how much they sound like clowns when it comes to football, you see it all the time, i use to laugh when i see people "we only had about 1 arrest, the gaytors have however many" so what, they got more championships than we had arrest, in the football world, it's one of the poorest put down attempts.

In football, nice guys finish last, people will point to tony dungy, while tony dungy is a decent man of character, he's not that guy people try and make him out to be, dungy got goon in em. Like that time they gone ask dungy, what did he think about randy moss acting like he was mooning the greenbay crowd, dungy said "i thought it was pretty funny myself" lol, you could tell the other guy and the media was disappointed cause dungy saw straight thru that game.
tony dungy, a strong man.

goldie has to elevate his mentality, he's dealing with some of the strongest minded kids he'll ever deal with, or he can try and avoid those type an keep up the mantra set by the keebler elfette where she said "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" and nobody went at her about that, softness. Men worry about winning and getting the job done, let the women worry about the image and appearance. This kindler gentler society is why you got all these ghey's running around, man-up!

People scared to speak up worried about what the ghey's gone say, pluck them cowards and make em go sit down somewhere and protect your boy's until they get old enuff to beat them prowlers away.

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