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Reports on Haith, two UM assistants begin NCAA whirlwind

New reports emerged on Monday pertaining to the ongoing NCAA investigation and the University of Miami's men's basketball program and football team.

The first report -- courtesy of CBSSports.com's sources -- revolves around former basketball coach Frank Haith potentially facing charges of unethical conduct when he receives his notice of allegations soon. The source also told CBSSports.com that former Haith assistants Jake Morton, Jorge Fernandez and Michael Schwartz will each be charged with unethical conduct.

The other -- according to the Associated Press' sources -- involves two former assistant coaches being told they will be charged with unethical conduct for not cooperating with the investigation when UM receives its notice of allegations.

Haith's attorney has already told The Miami Herald the CBSSports.com story is "premature."


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This is not surprising Its likely Hurtt and Aubrey hill are the ex coaches. The big allegations are unproven and fabricated by Shapiro. Funny the timing of this at the peak of recruiting season coincidence? UM has suspended players , kicked some off the team taken away 3 post season games . Its time to get this over with and move forward. Enough is enough already.

How long will it take me (a gator fan posing as a hurricane fan) to say something negative?

per cbs sports,

The source also said the three assistants previously on Haith's staff -- Jake Morton, Jorge Fernandez and Michael Schwartz -- each will receive unethical conduct charges. Morton is currently at Western Kentucky, Fernandez left Marshall after last season and Schwartz is on the Fresno State staff. 

Jim Gallo is a bigger Canes fan than you are, he dropped a lot of money at the U,while he was a student there.

Unethical conduct?

What kind of a charge is that?

What'd they do, not lift the lid in the men's room?

Unclear if Canesfan is Gallo or just his boy.

Those are big charges against the coaches if that report is true. I expect severe scholarship losses for both the basketball and football teams and multiple post season bans for both teams as well. Unless the NCAA has turned over a new leaf and is going after the individuals and not the University as a whole.

Louisville is about to find out that Clint Hurtt is what we call on the railroad: "N.F.G.", the first is initial is for No and the last is Good so I'll let you guys use your imagination for the middle initial :)

Well, the football team has given up 2 and many say 3 post season games already. I understand the scholarship reductions, but how many more do you think that the football team will get 4, maybe 5?

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Manny NAvarroshould postthe whole story- not tthis half baked one.






"UNETHICAL" MEANS= We couldnt get you all to rat.

Myfeeling is the NCAA wants very badly to punish Miami hard. //// But they can't find much proof in that little b--thc's allegations. With few exceptions.

I hope Miami attornyes are locked and loaded for a fight of they over punish the U:

coaches involved are all gone. And many are still coaching elsewhere
most except 1 or 2 players during that period are gone.
Players involved sat... then were allowed to return to play... and many repaid what the accepted (like Jacoory's 1,500 dollars or so)
Um self imposed 2 bowls and a conference postseason championship game

Miami has cooperated ad infinitum.

Shapiro- You were never smart enough to get into Miami. UMwill still be here after your torn up b-tt gets out of the slammer. ANd they will be back. ANd you life's egacy will be what?

Right on 5>3>2!

Two year bowl ban along with UM's first conference championship is more than ENOUGH! Miami did not cover up the RAPE OF CHILDRN ON THEIR CAMPUS, hell that ONLY got a four year bowl ban!

NCAA is investigating a dozen schools and as a consumer of college football I am growing tired of hearing about these ridiculous rule violations. These players need to form a union to negotiate pay and the rules, PERIOD! The players are what we all watch and cheer for. NCAA is losing the battle.... Change is coming!!!!!

Not long at all....fisch is sill a scum bag.....

1. he knew before he took the position what UM's history was on compensation
2. he was already in the nfl for 9 years...why did he even bother going back into college?
3. he and his boss on numerous statements and press conferences said they were committed to bring UM back to its glory years
4. the timeline of his departure shows this in the process long before Friday 1-18-2013
5. he could have stayed the 2013 and help get these CRITICAL commits back
6. his departure embarrassed UM to parent's and recruits

all he cared about was himself...UM was always just a stepping stone for his career....NP, 1 down 2 to go....maybe this will help get rid of all these weak ass....s.....WTF does a temple staff have anything to do to lead a brand like UM....this is the way we clean up this mistake....by attrition..

Despite all the idiotic things you have posted, Gallo, I agree what you wrote about Fisch

when you hire someone...and Ive hired a lot in my life, you look for individuals that share the companies moral foundation, is competent for the position but most important...IS THAT INDIVIDUAL COMMITTED as a long range hire.....either golden was incompetent by not screening this out or jedd lied about his commitment...typical jersey stuff..

I bet if it was his alma mater - Florida, he wouldn't have left his school twisting in the wind at the most critical time

Despite all the relevant things you have posted, Gallo, I disagree what you wrote about Fisch

Fisch did a great job while he was here. He got a big promotion and left. Anyone would have done the same. Stop the sour grapes and the whining.

It's up to Golden to find a competent replacement. Why is it taking so long.
Oregon already found a new HC.
Florida already found a new DC.
Come on Goldie, get a move on it.

that's simple....the pool of good available OC has compressed.....fisch put his buddy also against the wall big time....if the next hire crashes so does golden....which I fully support...then we go get top HC....butch where r u?

dnofrio + weak OC hire = golden departure

Cane4life, my gut is the football team is banned from 2 more post seasons on top of the scholarship losses. The NCAA is the judge, jury, and executioner with no accountability (the college version of Roger Goodell until he was sued and decided to step aside and appoint the former commish to rule on the Bounty Gate suspensions).

The NCAA slammed Penn State hard for the criminal case (Sandusky) and none of that fell under the NCAA's jurisdiction (impremissable benefits, academic eligibility, compliance, or recruiting violations). The voided Paterno's wins, fined the school $60 million and took away scholarships on top of their bowl bans. Also, the NCAA handed out that punishment w/o doing an investigation of their own. The NCAA should not be allowed to operate outside of the realm of their own by-laws. That's all I'm saying. Sandusky will go to hell for his sins and the coach who told Paterno that he saw Jerry in the showers with kids should have went to the cops when Joe Pa didn't act on it. That whole fiasco was a criminal case, that the NCAA inserted itself into and played the morals card for positive P.R.

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