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Seantrel, Linder, Porter to announce intentions on whether to go pro or stay on Monday

Hurricanes juniors Seantrel Henderson, Brandon Linder and Curtis Porter will announce their intentions on whether they will declare for the 2013 NFL Draft or return to the University of Miami for their senior seasons during a press conference Monday at 11 a.m.

My guess? None of them will be going anywhere but back to the weight room and film room.

None of the players are projected to be first or second day picks in April's draft.

According to NFLDraftScout.com, Henderson (6-8, 340) is listed as the 11th best offensive tackle at his position in the Class of 2014 -- the highest of any junior on UM's roster. But that translates to being a 6th or 7th round pick in April at best if he leaves early.

Linder (6-5, 312) earned All-ACC honorable mention and is the most accomplished of the three. But he ranks 29th at his position in the Class of 2014.

Porter, whose career has been marred by injury, isn't even in the database for NFLDraftScout.com.

College football players who completed high school at least three years prior have until Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013, to declare their intention to forgo their remaining collegiate eligibility and enter the draft.


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See all 3 next season. Come back, work hard, and earn that money. Don't listen to me, go ask Fortson, Streeter, and B Washington!

ESPN reports Miami to receive notice of allegations within the next few days have you guys heard anything on your end? this posted on their website by the AP. If true gonna be nice to get some closure on this. Unbelievable on how long the NCAA has dragged their feet on this.

Wake up Herald, get someone to follow "AP News". They sometimes break pertinent stories.

Yeah the sun sentinel has an article about the ncaa investigation coming to a close. Just in time for them to ruin National Signing Day. I hope the state of Pennsylvania wins their lawsuit against the NCAA for overstepping their authority in the Penn State "criminal" case. If you don't think they over stepped their authority, go read the NCAA bylaws. The NCAA has turned into a mafia entity with no accountability or checks and balances.

I think they'll all stay too. Smart move on the athletic department's part to have a press conference with players pledging their continued allegiance to the school just as the NCAA's releasing its allegations.

Not one of the three can play @ the next level at this time. Henderson is a liability-speed rushers give him fits. ? if even is a first unit after spring ball. This guy is just another RR Armstrong only bigger. None of the tree have proven that they are first three round pick.

the herald has had a story up and the ncaa investigation coming to a close for several hours. it's on the sports home page, under the buzz blog.

None of 3 are nfl ready, so see yiu next year.

All three of you come back. This is our turn around year. I see good things coming, and I'm not talking bout the ncaa crap. We will be a force this year. Hey g- guess we got Yall this year no more running.

think they'll all stay too. Smart move on the athletic department's part to have a press conference with players pledging their continued allegiance to the school just as the NCAA's releasing its allegations.

Posted by: CampHillCane | January 12, 2013 at 06:28 PM

This man said it like it should be said. linder for one is having to much fun, henderson would get drafted off of mostly potential alone but if he stays and has a dominant year, he definitely has the potential to be better tha nthat martin guy the dolphins drafted who definitely needs to go and see swasey.

The only guy that possibly it might not be to much of a surprise if he rolled out would be curtis porter, just because of injuries, but this year, he actually wasn't injured, besides that appendix, he was good to go, and has the talent to become at minimum a 2nd round pick!

Like it was said, good move to counter re-act and also, we all knew it was going to happen something like this, every time UM makes some type of productive move, these bozo's try to comeback with a counter move, now the press conference, in fact, this is actually some of the best news in a long time, i could careless what the the findings are, as long as we don't get banned from t.v. who cares, if they want to ban us from bowl games, they'll have a hard time trying to justify why, when we already did it ourselves.

So as it has already been stated, great move by UM if all 3 are announcing they're coming back, even if they're not the most highly rated juniors in college, all 3 are definitely going to be draftable players. This next year will just to determine how high, but if a runningback like alex collins is paying attention, that'll be great news for any running deciding on whether to commit or not.

Tommy streeter, brandon washington, and marcus fortson.... enough said!!!

With their stock so low and the failings of the guys who came out early last time, surely these guys cannot possibly be that stupid. Come back, build up your stock then go. It's not that hard to figure out.

Not to spoil it for whoever, but it's obvious this is not the same situation as last year, those guys announced it on their own basically, UM would not hold a press conference more than likely under these conditions to let it be known that players are rolling out, that's only good if guys are going to be high draft picks.

By these bozo's/nc2a being this pre-dictable, most of us knew this was coming round the heart of recruiting and i like the move, go head, hand-out the allegations, lol.

Sam Shields, 2nd playoff week in a row with an INT and today's was the pick 6 variety. Just another reason why Shannon was not the guy.

See all 3 next season. Come back, work hard, and earn that money. Don't listen to me, go ask Fortson, Streeter, and B Washington!

Maybe not a good example, considering all are still employed by the NFL.. Hopefully all will return; but if not--good luck to them!

Sam Shields, 2nd playoff week in a row with an INT and today's was the pick 6 variety. Just another reason why Shannon was not the guy.
Or he could've kept him @ WR & the fella might be working @ a bank instead of playing in the NFL..(NO disrespect to bankers)

I find it comical that Randy is blamed for players, but nothing is said about our current players. Do we have any guys that has played for Al that should be considering leaving? Nope.. The juniors have played under Al for 2 years & 1 year under Randy.. I would think both staffs should shoulder the blame, but that isnt logical around these parts. lol

The NCAA is so bias and predictable. You knew they would announce their decision / sanctions right before signing day. Pathetic!!!!!!

Shannon was the guy way before al golden.....his stats were better, he recruited 1000 times better in Dade/broward.....golden and dnofrio are the worst....all former canes impacting todays playoffs....its called thug football, these jersey guys think they are Vince Lombardi's

all you green peas are too young to know what a real cane team was like...never since as an alumni 1979 can anyone list as facts and year that UM had so many, suspensions, voluntary leaves, disciplinary issues and decommits...NEVER has this happened...

golden is all wrong...his press conferences are filled justifying his "strategy"....its mistake after mistake...so why did we get rid of Shannon...look at all the guys Shannon recruited including the ones that left after finding out he has getting fired....golden has done nothing...golden puts his friendship above the brand with dnofrio...that's why he should go as well....a lot of coaches are looking to move up...UM is a great place for the right coach...golden is not it...ask gionni paul and ray-ray Armstrong (whos future has been destroyed by golden)...no other former UM coach would take these drastic measures against UM players....they all would have given these players a pass.......the list of former players we could have had on this team by now is sickening from bridgewater to paul...

however...tad foote would have LOVED golden....

Gallo you were born in 1979

Gallo you dumb moron, shannon recruited jacorry harris

Enough said

You can't list "as facts" that the suspensions and disciplinary issues are any more than average for the UM football program.

Randy Shannon was a bad head coach. He's a position coach now.

Shannons best skills as a coach was recruiting, he recruited the #1 class, harris forston,streeter, what happened they got him fired,because he does not develop players, notice no job offers for shannon

My name.....is Jim....Gallo....I can't....make....any ...coherent...statements......I live.....in the.....past.....and live....with .....my mother....

Great job by the athletic department BTW, pressuring the schedule makers to split up the FSU/Va Tech games. Nice to have both at home but it would be rough on season ticket holders if both those games were away in the same season.

FSU at home two years in a row. UF at home the usual once every 10 years (ahem, Gallo).

Under Shannon streeter on the bench for three years, under golden streeter has a big year and gets drafted, under shannon jacory harris had more interceptions than the CIA,under golden those ints were cut in half......shannon could recruit,but he was a horrible coach who was running the program into the ground

Under Shannon, Jimmy G had a productive year & now 1 of the top tight ends in the game.. Oops, he's not supposed to get credit for that.. Ashanti Cleveland & Jimmy Gaines both played better under Randy, but they have regressed under this staff.. Folks do like to mention it around here though. What's wrong with pointing out the flaws for both coaches? Seems gay to point 1 but not the other.

The point is that shannon did not develop the players the way he should have, with all that talent he recruited, he did absolutely nothing with it not even a shot at the ACC title game

Why? because this fracking argument is moot.
Seems gay to discuss it over and over. Shannon is gone. He was a good recruiter his 1st year, after that he sucked and left the team in shambles. It's over and done with. Focus on the future.

It's crazy how people try and take shots and shannon trying to use false examples. He had his faults, but be Truthful about them. shannon knows talent. Like 202Cane just said, shannon was the one who moved shields to db, i said it after shields 2nd year he should be a db, same thing with darnell jenkins, he would've been a real good safety. Just like shannon told "shoelace" he needs to be in somebody's secondary, now shoelace will be looking for a position to get drafted in, not as a qb like he wanted but somewhere else.

Many players started getting drafted again while shannon was the man in charge.

Has Golden gotten us to an ACC title game?

When Shields got to Green Bay he had to be taught to read film. The man couldn't develop talent.

Better question 202.....why isn't he still here?

Enough said. Too many here love living in the past. Too much hanging out with simpletons like jim gallo I guess.

Besides streeter, what other player has this staff developed yet of significance?

there is no need for insults, lets talk canes football in a mature way is that too much to ask?

I did not expect Al to move mountains right away, so I am cool w/the progression.. But to dump on the previous coach & turn a blind eye to the current staff for the same issues is retarded.. If anything folks should be madder @ Al because he is supposed to be the better coach right? I remember all the posts about how things were going to change since we got a "real coach" now.. Well, our record would tell you that things are still the same, because @ the end the record is all that matters. Props to staff for getting JH12 to cut down on the picks, but who cares because our record still sucked!

jim gallo is a big canes fan he just has his opinions, i just respectfully disagree with some the.....all you other canes fans quit being so sensitive about shannon, i wanted him to succeed but he did not . i am over it

I apologize for injuring your sensibilities.

Jim Gallo is a Gator troll not a Cane fan.

Let's forget about Shannon. It's over and done with. Will always respect him because he was a cane when I was there. Time to move on.

When Shields got to Green Bay he had to be taught to read film. The man couldn't develop talent.

Better question 202.....why isn't he still here?

Enough said. Too many here love living in the past. Too much hanging out with simpletons like jim gallo I guess.

Posted by: Casper | January 12, 2013 at 11:26 PM
Remember, it was on the job training for the man! If you remember, his wins increased every year & he was on his way to doing the same until I think he lost his last 3 or 4 before he was fired.. Other than Harbaugh(Stanford), how many guys first gig is with a major program? Hell, look @ the seasoned staff that Jim had compared to young guys that Randy had.. If you do not think that has something to do w/teaching guys how to study film, development, etc, then I dont know what to tell you.

Casper youre an internet tough guy huh?

lets move on what do y'all think is going to happen monday with the allegations?

Hopefully, just a small reduction of schollies for 1 year, since we have already served a self imposed 2 year bowl ban...

i think its just the allegations not the punishment right?

the NCAA took a long time to investigate, i don't know if thats good or bad

Good night canes fans we will discuss are favorite football team tomorrow!!!!

Hope these three guys do not enter the #%&**#@^ NFL draft,and that they learned from the previous group of ego-inflated guys. We need all the OL and DL we can get that have experience.

And now a brief dbc time-out for pontificating:

I hate the NFL! The college game is far superior to the one man corporations playing for the zillionaire and oh so bored sportsmen owners at the pro level.

Ah I know, it is big bucks, the best, he was so poor, a dream forever, blah blah.

Like the NBA, they exploit the college ranks and decimate good teams. The college programs even help players and THE LEAGUE (bow heads in prayer) with this process.

A kid should have to COMPLETE ALL OF HIS ELIGIBILITY before turning pro. Where is loyalty in the mix, dedication to Team, University, coaches, fans, community?

Of course, some slimeball lawyer would challenge such a common sense rule that would preserve the college game.

And if I hear another announcer blathering about "coming out" or "playing on Sunday" while getting paid to broadcast a college game, I shall puke.

STFU and broadcast the game we all are watching and stop diminishing college football, whoever you are, and that is just about all of these dweebs.

End of public service message from dbc...

(Hats and shirts, bobblehead dolls, jerseys, hairlocks and used deodorant cans from your favorite stars, as well as portraits (with Drew Rosenhaus!) and scents of your favorite owners now available at Sellout.com)

That said, hope these three guys have the loyalty and good sense to finish their eligibility and help the Canes win next season. We need them...

Everyone trying to make a big issue out of the NCAA investigation. This is not a big issue and will mainly consist of secondary violations mainly by some rogue players. Golden has already served some pretty stiff sanctions by pulling his team from the ACC Championship game and two bowl games of which one could have been a BCS bid. I cannot see how the NCAA could fairly hand out even more.

None of these kids are ready and all could improve their stock by playing another year, but! I say but, because the hooded men on horses holding fire torches just gave potential recruits, opponents reason to know UM will be destroyed. If I hadn't lived my entire life knowing the motive operandi of the Good Ol Boy Network I would give us hope, BUT they destroy hope! I say goodby my UM. You have been kicked to sleep by that "Hog Nailed Boot" wearing NCAA Republican/Tea Party Good Ol Boy.

the sanctions issue will take its own course..who knows where it will go going forward...I suspect Matthew Thomas will decommit.....what we have now is basically who we have for 2013....

Most kids have settled by now......they know where they want to be.....I don't think golden/,Mario will pull out any surprise rabbit out of their hats....well see next year where UM goes but I say fsu/Florida does better, they have too many tier 1 top Florida recruits....I still say the best thing to do is fire dnofrio immediately...I don't see how UM gets hurt during that....just all upside potential for the defense....#116, who much worse can it get? #120?

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