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UM Canes football news: new quarterback you likely don't know -- and OT Henderson, DT Porter and G Linder staying for senior seasons.

First of all, great news for the Hurricanes that OT Seantrel Henderson, DT Curtis Porter and G Brandon Linder -- all of whom will be extremely vital for this team next season -- are returning for their senior years. More of that later, after the press conference later this morning.

In other UM news, a new quarterback is expected to be on the Miami Hurricanes football roster soon enough.

And actually, he's a baseball player -- or was a baseball player.

Garrison Lassiter, 23, of High Point, N.C., has enrolled at the University of Miami and is expected to be added to the football team, if he hasn't been already.

Lassiter, listed in various places as 6-1 or 6-2 and 185 pounds, was drafted as an 18-year-old by the New York Yankees in the 27th round of the 2008 MLB Draft. He played five seasons as an infielder (mostly as a shortstop and third baseman) in the minor leagues for the Yankees organization, ending 2012 in the Florida State League.

Lassiter, whose younger brother Landon is a freshman baseball player at UNC, played his final two years of sports at West Forsyth High in Clemmons, N.C., a suburb of Winston-Salem. In those final two years he only played baseball.

He played football his first two years, according to his former baseball coach, at Ledford High in North Carolina. He said he was a quarterback there, although I still haven't found out a whole lot about that part of his career. 

"His baseball career, evidently, didn't work out to his liking so he decided he wanted to go back to school and get his degree, which is commendable,''  West Forsyth High (N.C.) baseball coach, Randy Pope, told The Miami Herald this morning.

Pope said he sent Lassiter's transcripts to Miami.

"He said, 'I'm not really done with competing,' got back into training for football and I guess hooked up with Miami,'' Pope said.

 "I coached Garrison for two years. Great kid, great guy. Works hard and is real focused. Very mature for his age when he was here.''

 Lassiter originally committed to the UNC Tar Heels, which some reports say caused him to drop in the baseball draft. He reportedly signed with the Yankees for $675,000, which at that time was commensurate with one of the top three rounds.

 Garrison's Yankees contract reportedly stated that his college education after his pro baseball career would be paid for by the Yankees. So it sounds like he will be listed as a walk-on. But I'm not sure about that part.

He is not eligible to play college baseball. Bet he's already made friends with David Thompson, a UM quarterback who also will play for the Hurricanes baseball team.



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We need some big QB's. We need to go after Jacoby Brissett. He should of signed with the U from jump start.

A committee formed of players to bridge the gap between the staff/players ....jimmy, butch,dennis,larry and randy all did not have a player (UNION), lol committee to help usher in what was expected.......it was simple....everyone knew it was winning at all cost....personal fouls, talking trash on the defensive line about your mother, slamming QB's via WWF style after the whistle blew....was the "cane manual"

jimmy..."go have your asthma attack on the Asthma field" CLASSIC

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 14, 2013 at 12:08 AM

Their is a price to be paid to be a champion, if you're scared and trying to appease those who hired you, get hired based on your own merits and than come in and run things the way they need to be run. If they didn't need you, they wouldn't have hired you. If a guy is more worried about his job than what he believes in, than he's not all in.

A players union, lol, this was done to help protect his boy oach OH-NO, because that clown doesn't know to communicate with alot of Miami & Florida guys. So they're trying to go the military route by having the guys say "yes sir" all the time. I luv when a coach tries to blame a loss on 1 suspended player, show he doesn't have much of a coaching plan to over-come 1 player being out.

For those who want to keep complaining and being innaccurate about the roster goldie inherited, the man was left with alot of nfl talent to work with and lost with it. 2 years in a row now opposing qb's have been looking all world against our defenses, some of you either don't know football or are just following and repeating what goldie and others say.

By saying we don't have talent you're saying teams like maine and middle Tennessee st. and the likes have more talent than us because those teams did a way better job defensively than we did against the same teams. So for those who keep making that statement, are you saying our guys couldn't start for those schools.

Why was it after 3 years of being able to get alot of his guys in place, that their idol/al groh, let middle Tennessee st. march up and down the field on them. So if al groh taught goldie & oach OH-NO, and they're going into their 3rd year with this system, let's hope we don't have middle Tennesse st. on our schedule. Also, if you notice against the 3-4 scheme, often times those teams get run on round the edge of that defense. Those big slow oversized linebackers are not going to be able to get their.

This is why this technique of having our guys engage blockers 1st and than shed is taking away their natural ability to flow/fly to the ball a whole lot quicker. This is also why the qb read options work to perfection against us.

Yep, brisset is gaytor tainted, and besides, who wants a qb that's running from competition, if he couldn't beat out driskel at his own school, than why do yall want a guy like him here. He had his chance, and apparently he looked at our roster and felt like he was going to take somebody's spot, but why take that chance, if he doesn't see himself being able to start here, than he'll more than likely try and roll out again and that schalorship could have been used on a player that's truly committed here, not running from competition.

He should try and go to Fsu, they need a qb. WOW, so all those guys stayed for their senior year, who knew, lol, one of the most obvious press conferences i've ever seen. So now that UM basically put out a press conference that's supposed to be good news, we all know those buzzards that have been hanging over the program will try and counter-react again.

Daryl chestnut (Columbus) just decommitted from Texas tech...we need another RB...should be an easy pick since he from his old HS....what are we doing with this guy?...has anyone from UM recruiting called him?

we need another running back to complement Johnson and Crawford.....wh ocares about this weak QB wannabe from NC

Jacoby Brisset...please! If he wanted to be a CAne, he could have been...2 years ago. Let him go somewhere else. Besides, we have Stephen Morris who not enough fans seem to respect, this kid is talented, he's a leader and he doesn't get into trouble. He even had the integrity to SIT behind Jacory Harris for a year, when he SHOULDN'T HAVE been sitting. I say Morris and Olsen are the future at the U QB position.

1.) We need as many defensive lineman as possible. (with such a poor pass rush last year why isnt Golden stocking up on the "d-line"? Why is he only recruiting 15 players? It appears he's not waiting on the ncaa he's self imposing scholarship limitations which is STUPID!)
2.) We need an "every-down running back". I absolutely love Duke but but i just dont feel its smart for him to take the brunt of constant pounding and beating. We need a "bigger back" to split time with him.
3.) We need a new defensive coordinator...plain and simple! I know this will never happen because of the friendship between golden and "onofrio" but this must be addressed as well!! GO CANES!!!

Agree with ADB- Stephen Morris should have been allowed to start as a sophomore. That last year with japicky. He would have been a heisman contender last year- That said, dont be shocked if he shocks people next year. As long as he does what he did this year: manage the offense, let the playmakers do the playmaking. Also he needs to improve in the redzone.

We do need more rbs to complement Duke.

Whats the status on Eduardo Clements?

UM QB depth:

2013- Morris, Williams, Dewey
2014- Williams, Olsen, Dewey, Crow, Thompson
2015- Olsen, Dewey, ???????

Great day for The U....great decisions by our juniors!!


For all the chicken littles of the world... let me through out a name....Devante Bond.....my guess......he will be a very pleasant surprise........he will be a beast at DE.......wait and see. Has the capacity and the experience to be one of the Hurricane greats.

Watch his film and you too will become a believer!

Another name not our your radar....Red Shirt Freshman on DL....Dwayne Hoilett from Vero Beach....watch this kid, another very pleasant surprise coming your way, just saying "the sky is not falling." Coach D has some real help coming this spring and fall. all you can do is wait and see... what I already know, lol!

Why in world would we want Brissett, when we all but begged the guy to come in here and he could have been next in line. Brissett is a much better thrower than Driskell but his ceiling is short. Any time you can get a QB like the kid from NC and not have to give up a scholarship, that is house money we are playing with. If he turns out to be a real player than great if he doesn't then nothing is hurt. Great news to hear that the young men that are staying are showing that they learned by the unfortunate decisions from last years class which really was a no brainer. This just goes to show how much better our program is under HC Al Golden as opposed to the Shannon and COker regimes. They can go and find players not just bodies that can make an impact for our team. This is straight out of the Jimmy Johnson book. What's funny to me is that I can sit back and watch what Golden is doing that a few idiots on here want to bash and tear down, turn into a dynasty and I can sit back and laugh at these fools.

I agree, no on Brissett. Olsen is our big QB recruit.

badyboycane, The reason we have only recruited 15 prospects so far is that we only have 15 to 18 scholarships to give. We had several players enroll in Jan so those count against scholarships for this year. In addition we had a very large recruiting class last year. You can have 30 scholarships annually, but not not than 90 scholarship in any one year for all players on the roster. Because we had a very small senior class we are limited to that 15 to 18 scholarships this year.

badyboycane, BTW try to know the scholarship rules before call people out.

Brisset tries to transfer to miami but was denied.

WTF wrong with coach goldie, is it necessary to point out about seantrel and porter that "they both have room to grow on & off the field" mofo we all do, including linder, nobody's graduating college complete. Your boy oach OH-NO needs and has the most growing/developing to do(117th) on the field and off the field, we haven't heard that come out of goldie's mouth yet, but he consistently brings that up about players. Was it necessary to point out that henderson had "self inflicted" situations.

This guy is starting to remind me of when the keebler elfete/presidentte said "we're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami". If i see her, she gone have to explain that one to me. So far it's been the losing kind.

It's clear why goldie has to have a players union, he's not relating to well to the players either. Saying shat like this after players have pledged their allegiance to the school and are coming back to help you, those under handed back stabbing comments are low class. No wonder shat can't stay in house, goldie's already trying to lay a platform so if he has to suspend those players, he can try and somehow revert back to these statements. I'm starting to want to slap the taste out of goldie's mouF, his boy oach OH-NO, i got the full nelson and D.D.T. waiting for him.

If i'm a parent, i'd call goldie up and cuss his azzzz out and ask him was that necessary.

Very glad Linder, Seantrel, and Porter are coming back. They should hopefully contribute a lot their senior year, especially Porter. The guy has been hit with injuries for 2 years. Time for him to break out and increase his stock.

I played two years of varsity baseball at archival davie county nc, this kid is a joke. never even had a serious rep as a qb. he couldn't make it in the big leagues so he left to have the yankees pay his tuition at The U

quite honestly when we played this guy i couldn't stand him. Im die hard Miami Fan and i live in NC. This is a joke to add him he's not even a D3 quarterback. definite travesty to let a figure such as garrison even on the roster

i think the most glaring need that everyone is overlooking is corner. we just lost magee and finnie our 2 most experienced corners which means all sophs and freshmen. lot of folks seem to to be happy finnie got kicked off the team but he would have been the only returning cb with 3 yrs exp. i can hear the excuses from the coaching staff already we lost our 2 most exp cb and our 3rd leading tackler paul. if they can find another gunter type from the juco ranks it would really help this defense

Yeah Richmond, they did the smart thing for the themselves and the team by coming back. Their decision will benefit the team and themselves as well monetarily because they were not going to get paid nothing this year like the can next year.

GatorDunD - did he steal your girlfriend or something? Seems pretty harsh...

Calvin, yeah Calvin it is necessary to point out. Henderson missed 2 weeks of practice, and didn't communicate with Golden about why and where he was. He's part of a team and is accountable for being where he should. He wasn't able to win back his position until midway through the season because of the mixed practices, and conditioning issues. And his wounds were SELF inflicted, it was very evident. Part of the problem we have today is that we try to condone actions by athletes that we should never condone.

What are you talking about that Golden can't relate to players. Most teams have a leadership counsel, Jimmy and Howard had one even, the Dolphins have one. It's a great idea. It creates dialogue, and helps to enforce standard of conduct, something you should study. I see you don't want eny discipline on the team, too bad because teams need codes of conduct. You wouldn't make a very good coach.

GatorDunD, the QB of the future is Olsen. This guy is a JOG, Just another Guy.

mike- Calvin keeps wanting Golden to give Finnie a "second chance". Problem is he's too stupid to realize that the university would have expelled him anyway for committing a felony ON CAMPUS against a FELLOW STUDENT. You,I or even Calvin would be expelled as well for doing that let alone be allowed to play sports!

Golden cant relate to players? What do you call kneeling down and hugging Malcolm Lewis when he suffered that horrific injury? In 35 years of watching college football I have never seen the head coach do that. Youknow who couldnt relate to the players (and its a shame bc he was a former player and a brother also)- is Shannon. Straight from players mouths'. He was distant, never to be found, always out of the office, etc.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you mean a big QB like the Seattle Seahawks Wilson...at 5'11"?

corpus, couldn't have said it better.

Mike and Corpus, Calvin is way too stupid to comprehend the fact that hsi statements are straight out of Cool Cu8nts book of f-chtarded things to say that make no sense at all. Golden's the best coach we have had in over a decade and these Gayturd douche bags are scared, not to mention they don't know the first thing about what it takes to be a great Head Coach and man.

With moving the program forward why would they even allow this kid a chance? Why! We should be at a point where if you're not a big time QB we pass! There ain't a person alive that watches Cane football that believes D'Nofrio is a DC. Wish I had a buddy that could give me a mock title and $300K + per year while its evident I can't even wipe my arse without leaving skid marks.

If you need to read something other than Calvin's eternal, repetitive ramblings and Jim Gallo reminiscing about watching games while working as a beer vendor at the Orange Bowl, come on over...


mike, all that you just spouted off, is that fan business or team business. I could careless knowing that information about seantrel. Plus if somebody told you they were going home for a funeral than you found out they had another one to go to, nobodies thinking about goldie, somebody seantrel just got to know. But why was it any of our business that that man had a few funerals to go to. Than you had idiots trying to say how long that man should be gone and this and that. you keep stuff like that in house so you don't give clowns and opportunity to pass their inept judgements.

Apparently you don't know much about football, i guess howard or jimmy johnson, or bobby bowden didn't make a good coach, or tom osborne based on your analogy. To many idiots in this world trying to pass judgement as if they're perfect, lol. Who's condoning what finnie did, what we're saying is, teammates stealing from each other is nothing new. You gotta realize, just because guys are on the same team don't mean the like or care about each other right away. Alot of guys on the team don't give a ratz nickel about their teammates and that's not unusual.

You think in the 80's and 90's guys cared about a bernie, vinny or steve walsh when he first came in, those guys had to earn their stripes and they did that by being champions. That's why i know alot of people on here only blowing hot air, when you get a lil information yall over-blow the situation and keep narrowing in on it like it's some big news and that this is the first time this has happened.

If you got team rules and want your players to respect you, you don't say to the media the things goldie said, all we need goldie to say is how proud he is of the guys, of course guys are developing, they're young men, but that under handed crap needs to cease or goldie is not good for this program. At 13 & 11, and the 117th defense in college football, for the bozo's that keep acting like goldie can do no wrong, it's comical.

Hello Canes, I am Calvin and I just wanted to say that I want to apologize for continuing to fill this Cane Blog with my racist and utterly for lack of a better term stupid unfounded views on Al Golden and his staff. I do this because I have been embarrased of my own teams lack of progress since coach meyer dumped us for Ohio State. I have been buttf8cked repeatedly by Mr. Gallo and skullF7cked by that insane coach muschamp. I know coach Golden is doing a great job and I am afraid that all of the good players that we are getting right now will start signing with Miami. Yes, I am a b9tch and I hope someobdy in the universe will please forgive me.

Glad these guys are returning. We need them and they can be difference makers. Great choice, guys!

'' To many idiots in this world trying to pass judgement as if they're perfect, lol. Who's condoning what finnie did, what we're saying is, teammates stealing from each other is nothing new.''

Calvin, Go get a job you loser! Golden a bad coach, you idiot criminals want a second chance? He got caught stealing from his own team mate and he should be welcomed back with open arms? You are a dumb twit, go away.

What's up with the NCAA crap? I'm surpised Seantrell is staying, it's going to be a big OL year in the draft. The dude has the size to play in the NFL it's just a matter of how much work he is willing to put in.

forget about briskett, he had his chance...and see thats what he get, I hate to take this approach, Miami really wanted him, Florida, was just being greedy, and trying to keep him away from Miami.

mike" complete BS that jimmyj and howard had players that acted as a leadership council....there NEVE was anything like that in fact if you watch 30/30 youll see jimmy had a Thursday night meeting every week just to discuss life after college and football....no x's and o's......he was the father figure...there was no buffer.....there was no golden CORPORATE structure or "players" union that he seems to have developed.....and if you misbehave like at work, you get fired.....golden would be good as the manager of TARGET......"don't talk to me, talk to your supervisor, I'm the store manager"

remember this is a guy that brought to his UM interview a 300 page plus binder on how he was the right man for the job.....and the administration fell for it all...."wow, this is very impressive", lol

And how th ehell does your dumbass know what Jimmy and Howard had U idiot. They didn't have the internet and a camera at every corner recording everything back then either U stupidass. What happened did U get fired from a Target store or something. Fathers disipline their children just like coaches who are father figures do as well. And the 300 page binder moron was not on how he is the right man for the job, it is a system of values, skills and ways to live by that lead to success as a team and a person in life. Are u living in a psychward or something? Or are u just a failure in every facit of life and can't stand the sight of your own reflection in the mirror? It's got to be one or the other thats for sure.

who brings a 300 page plus binder for a job interview? someone that wants the job so bad he feels he has to cover every possible base pinching himself after he got the job....

there was no "players union" back then...the canes were too busy practicing under the 2:00 sun with no water with 2 a days...no early morning or late evening times......all during the most brutal part of the Miami day.....then they went into that pay for play money and had a decent meal at LUMS in the grove back then.....

carlos huerta...." I was a punching bag back then and many players considered quitting every day because the practices we so tough"

green pea championship you were too young to know how it was.....and NOI UM player got turned into the fuzz, lol....tad foote would have been the last person to know anything...even dennis Ericson and sam jankovich knew all about the goings on with UM players....like how Erickson was rumored to withhold players drug test results on the 90's and the whole world knew about luther.....but Never was UM player turned like golden does without hesitation....he belongs at target

A great decision by these kids . I am very pleased they did the smart thing .

Some of these buffoons think they're Hurricane fans, they all want to beat their chest and holla about the 5 rings but had they known 2 percent of what went on at UM in the 80's and 90's, these same cry babies would've been gaytor fans by now. It's a good thing goldie or his boy oach OH-NO weren't the coaches back than, they would've gotten their aspirins whooped with the way they trying to manage stuff now.

jim, i'm glad you addressed that guy, i didn't respond to him because once i see a guy knows nothing about UM i just ignore them, lol. A players committee, lol, like you said, if target or walmart is hiring we got a good one for you, that 300 page binder goldie showed up with, reminded me of when mark nipple showed up with that big playbook and in about 2 months the players had it down pat, come game day seems like nipple was the one who only knew about 15% of his own playbook.

If he don't start winning games, he can go head and throw that shcmitt in the trash. If it's not a championship formula, what good is it. Right now, nothing about goldie says he's in the line of guys like howard or jimmy. Him crying about a schedule is still bothering me. Us getting Virginia tech 2 years in a row at home, how in the hell does that happen, that's trash, why we not going to blacksburgh. This guy goldie is celebrating that we have alot of home games next year, THAT'S NOT UM FOOTBALL, we always loved to take our show on the road.

Players locking arms trying to sway back and forth all off rhythm before the kick-off, schmicct still looks and is ghey. The only thing i like soft are women and good cakes, i'm starting to smell a fraud again. Year 3, i don't want to hear thee excuses, this is not the nfl, this is college football, go and get the players you need.

We don't need goldie sending out these backhand compliments, support your team/players, they already don't respect your boy oach OH-NO, soon it'll be you. You are not a championship coach nowhere until you actually get one, STFU goldie and manage this team and stop trying to use the behavior of young men learning how to make good choices as an excuse for your 13 & 11 record. If you're going to be here, be a CANE or take yo and your boyz aspirin back to the disgrace 10.

dude...jimmy would have walked dnofrio off the field....

"go have your #117 ranking at the 3rd from last place field", lol

just do what I do.....watch 30/30 at least once a week....see all takes on utube, then watch in a vcr if you still have one, lol....all the UM games....I have just about everyone taped since 1987...

the thing that will impress you the most is it was the greatest show on earth.....I miss it so much...NEVER will college football be as entertaining as it was back then.....there are not enough johnny manziel's to fill the void....

dude...jimmy would have walked dnofrio off the field....

"go have your #117 ranking at the 3rd from last place field", lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 14, 2013 at 05:32 PM

rofl, i got jimmy doing this though:


dude...jimmy would have walked dnofrio off the field....

"go have your #117 ranking at the 3rd from last place field", lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 14, 2013 at 05:32 PM

rofl, i got jimmy doing this though:


Posted by: Jim Gallo

That's probably all true about the glory days, but it ended in the program getting sanctioned. We need to build the program up the way Butch did.

This press conference was green and funny, as if people were actually sitting on edge and scared if any of these guys were actually leaving. I know why it was done, but it's still not the Miami way though, but it is what it is, politics. goldie trying to act like guys are beating down the doors to stay at UM under his regime, lol.

If you winning ball games, of course guys are going to stay. In Miami, people only respect champions, until than, keep quiet!

Well I guess Jim has ANOTHER new flame now!

Wait for it...wait for it......It's CALVIN!!!

He prefers the sack slightly below the chin!

No allegations today from the NCAA.......DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!


canes look real good...maybe the baseball team and football team will follow......Louisville has come out of nowhere in both basketball and football.....that school is on the move.....

this is what is so frustrating.....big time city like Miami cant get it together....

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