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UM Canes football news: new quarterback you likely don't know -- and OT Henderson, DT Porter and G Linder staying for senior seasons.

First of all, great news for the Hurricanes that OT Seantrel Henderson, DT Curtis Porter and G Brandon Linder -- all of whom will be extremely vital for this team next season -- are returning for their senior years. More of that later, after the press conference later this morning.

In other UM news, a new quarterback is expected to be on the Miami Hurricanes football roster soon enough.

And actually, he's a baseball player -- or was a baseball player.

Garrison Lassiter, 23, of High Point, N.C., has enrolled at the University of Miami and is expected to be added to the football team, if he hasn't been already.

Lassiter, listed in various places as 6-1 or 6-2 and 185 pounds, was drafted as an 18-year-old by the New York Yankees in the 27th round of the 2008 MLB Draft. He played five seasons as an infielder (mostly as a shortstop and third baseman) in the minor leagues for the Yankees organization, ending 2012 in the Florida State League.

Lassiter, whose younger brother Landon is a freshman baseball player at UNC, played his final two years of sports at West Forsyth High in Clemmons, N.C., a suburb of Winston-Salem. In those final two years he only played baseball.

He played football his first two years, according to his former baseball coach, at Ledford High in North Carolina. He said he was a quarterback there, although I still haven't found out a whole lot about that part of his career. 

"His baseball career, evidently, didn't work out to his liking so he decided he wanted to go back to school and get his degree, which is commendable,''  West Forsyth High (N.C.) baseball coach, Randy Pope, told The Miami Herald this morning.

Pope said he sent Lassiter's transcripts to Miami.

"He said, 'I'm not really done with competing,' got back into training for football and I guess hooked up with Miami,'' Pope said.

 "I coached Garrison for two years. Great kid, great guy. Works hard and is real focused. Very mature for his age when he was here.''

 Lassiter originally committed to the UNC Tar Heels, which some reports say caused him to drop in the baseball draft. He reportedly signed with the Yankees for $675,000, which at that time was commensurate with one of the top three rounds.

 Garrison's Yankees contract reportedly stated that his college education after his pro baseball career would be paid for by the Yankees. So it sounds like he will be listed as a walk-on. But I'm not sure about that part.

He is not eligible to play college baseball. Bet he's already made friends with David Thompson, a UM quarterback who also will play for the Hurricanes baseball team.



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It always has and it always will be on who's coaching. To much talent down here to for it to be anything else. finnie not being on the team is dissappointing, that man was a solid db. If this staff is worth anything, they'll produce a redshirt freshman all american type. If matthew thomas comes in, along with bostwick, bryant, jamal carter & artie burns, to go with the redshirts from last year and the starters from last year, we should see True signs of a dominant defense.

i don't want to see a notre shame type defense that was overrated. I told most before the game, i don't see what all the hype was about tha man teo guy, than we played em and you barely heard his name. We played Fsu, score was only 16 to 13, in the 4th quarter, coaching lost that game, along with smo17 being inaccurate and just missing alot of passes, taking uncessary sacks.

Those who thought smo17 should've started last year, he did, against the turtles and lost. He's not better than j70, doesn't know how to run a consistent offense yet and missed on to many throws, until he gets better at that, he'll be a decent qb, right now he's a big play/bust qb. You think goldie and crew really wanted to start j70 last year, they could careless, they wanted to move forward, but that's the one move where they weren't dumb enuff to start the weaker player.

Here's where goldie not being Cane minded yet hurt us in the Fsu game. We're up 7, got the ball at the 2 yard line, and we kick a fieldgoal to go up 10 to zero instead of going for the touchdown, he coward out, but than we come out at halftime, down by only 3, and we're kicking an on-side kick, lol, what sense did that make. I was alos glad we didn't get the on-side kick, cause with the way things have been going, we would've gotten the on-side kick and went 3 & out which would've been worst.

This 3rd year in is going to show everybody what we need to know. goldie reaching, talking about "this is the 3rd recruiting class he's had to talk about sanctions with" come on man, cut it out and just be you, you got blind-sided right before the season, so that 2011 class yo mustered up didn't know nothing about this.

The NCAA hates Miami..It is what it is..
These guys returning can give us the coastal...Hopefully we will be permitted to go to a bowl game without any self imposed sanctions..
Watching our players, in the NFL playoffs, has me jonesing for the good ole days. LMAO at Sam Shields...

Good post ADB.

Does cane nation really think the NCAA is out to get them because they are 'Da U'? This whole thing is dragging on way too long because UM first denied that anything happened and when the denials were misplaced they simply discredited the messenger (Shapiro). You should have had OSU's lawyers who got in front of the whole debacle and paid for an investigation with their own dime and handed it over to the NCAA. UM's 'cooperation' is a little too little, a little too late.

Stop with the Billy Corbin-eque victimization B.S. UM had it's chance to do the right thing when this started and they chose not to.

"jimmy would have walked donofrio off the field"

hmmmmm. Flashback 1984 and 1985 seasons AFTER Schnellie wins the ship in comes JJ and his staff

Recall the JJ defense who allowed Maryland tocome back and beast is after we were up by 27 points?

Recall the game where the vaunted JJ defense allowed Boston College and a certyainmidget QB to pass for like 400 yds and score something like 48 points to beat UM?

Who did UM beat in a bowl in 1984? 1985?

By the way, Jimmy Johnson would have had more common sense and would give Donofrio time to build his defense. 2 years is not enoughYet the likes of Gallo and Calvin have been calling for his head since season 1.

Gators in disguise

Screw Brissett, Golden and his mother begged him to come to Miami 2 yrs. ago and that loser decided to follow his friends to UF. Should have been a Cane, now hie won't even have the option.

please stop green pea.....jimmy would go off on a obscure guy during a special teams meeting on a sunday.....NO WAY would he let the DC go #117 out of a possible 120 ranking....

how convenient you leave out key details in the stats....Boston college was ranked #10 that year and was 8-2 ....the loss as painful as it was only by 2 points..UM came storming back 2/3rd quarter put up 31 points...btw, Flutie won the Heisman that year, kosar passed for 447....please dnofrio's defense that year would have allowed 700 yards.....good try pea

typo that game allowed 700 yards on defense

also that year the defense only had 3 players that I would consider really good (Jerome brown, kevin Fagan and Darrell fullington) the rest were just ok....

stupid excuses to support your point but your argument is that Um's defense is horrible now (which it has been nobody argues that) but even then, people gave the Dc a pass- yeah so Kosar passed for 447 as Morris has had to now to outscore opponents, but facts are UM's D was quite bad- in comparison to 2, 3, 4 years later. To allow Maryland to come back form 27 points is pathetic. Even Donofrios D would never allow it. My point, is idiot so-called fans (and you dont count as one- you are just an idiot) should give Donofrio at least one more year.

By the way- true fans,

Why does the Herald keep posting That little pi55ants picture in these articles? These pictures are old.

What is the factual definition of a booster? If I gave the Hurrican club $100 am I a booster officially? So- How is it that in all of these articles, the little dwarf ponzi schemer is labelled as a "Miami booster"?

More like $10,000.

why give him a pass....today nobody gets a pass. Mario christobal didn't get a pass from Pete Garcia....and he is a local hero in some corners....its a cruel business that can humble anyone....but that's the way it is.....results or your out. the competition is too fierce and programs can sit back and wait or they will get buried by the like of a Louisville etc....

DC change plus not falling for the self sanction BS....beat fsu and play in the OB to impress these kids and win....that is the formula to recruit sanctions or not...that's how you stop decommits, it was a low risk strategy and golden couldn't see that.....he is not really that smart

You guys praising Jimmy probably would've asked for his head after the first season. 532 is right.

The pass is not indefinite GALLO, iT'S ONE MORE YEAR MAYBE AT MOST TWO. Certainly if the D doesnt improve with his and Golden's system and recruits in 1-2 yrs (3-4 years total) then he has to go. i'll be the first to agree with that. Same with Golden. But to scream to fire this guy, call him names and to get personal against this guy after only 2 seasons (the first one doesnt even count), is garbage mentality. This wouldnt even occur in Alabama. Realistically, the Miami defenders in 2011 were better because they were older and there were a couple of senior leaders like Spence. In 2011 the two senior leaders on D were Ray Ray, Ramon Buchanan and Vaughn Telemaque. That says it all. There was no leadership in the middle where it counts. Often the MLB is the "QB of he defense" who was there game in and game out? Who led by example? Nobody. THAT is what Donofrio had to deal with. Too many freshmen playing who were absolutely clueless about how to play D-1 defense. And top it off the geniuses that make UM schedules had UM play a Kansas State team that was their best in decades, followed by ND. It wasn't going to happen. Against FSU they started real well, with energy and swag but they dfidnt have the necessary depthh to maintain that pressure on FSU for 4 qs

typ0- I meant the leaders in 2012 were Ray Ray and telemaque etc

i enjoy watching film of the old squads also gallo. they played with a fierceness and hunger that we call "hurricane football". but playing a game and then going out and stealing the car stereos from "probably" fans and others in your community isnt remotely something to be proud of!!! wishing and condoning our current guys basically do the same tells me you dont really care about the program or the people in, but only care about being able to have selfish bragging rights. you also a lance armstrong, barry bonds, ect. fan?

Screw Brissett, Golden and his mother begged him to come to Miami 2 yrs. ago and that loser decided to follow his friends to UF. Should have been a Cane, now hie won't even have the option.

That is the funniest post ever. Do you think he would even consider going to a program that won't exist in a few months?

buckey, your post proves why you are a classless "ohio" fan. you still would probably cut off a thumb to hold tressels sac for a day. and then you guys replace him with the master of running a dirty program. yes, ohio will probably win 1-2 nc in the next 4-5 yrs and then meyer will leave with threat of sanctions following soon after. yes, you'll end up with barely a slap on the wrist because there is nothing dirtier than an ohio buckeye!!!

well when you come from liberty city or overtown and the family is really poor with no money at ALL....I understand you have to do what you have to do in the REAL world...so if a kid has to boost a stereo or put a steak under his jacket in publix to eat or have a little money....I don't know anything....and I am not going to call the cops, or suspend him or kick him off the team and as far as Shalala is concerned....everything is beautiful now go back to your office.

when you are #117, you give the recruiting opposition tremendous power in the living rooms when talking to a defensive prospect

1. the DC is new and needs a few years to get experience under his belt
2. if you go there your ability to go to the next step NFL will be compromised since less talented guys will leep frog ahead of you with a better team.
3. they have sanctions which will kill your college career
4. if you accept a scholarship there, you will have to attend all of goldens camps before the season begins
5. the acc will become much more competitive in the next 2/3 years...Um will struggle and you with them

on and on....if your replace with name brand DC....you argue UM is serious and you will grow tremendously with the new DC....(key is has to be top shelf guy)

Anyone know who enrolled early (if any)?

why do you think we had all those decommits?...even golden admitted last week in press conference he is having recruiting trouble dade/broward.....Mario aint gonna change anything.....will still have same hurdles....if your ugly and the dance hall gets filled with prom queens, your gonna have a hard time getting someone to ask you to dance....dade/broward have been INVADED by the competition

Um was starting to get a little hot the last 2 games....fsu was struggling a little...I bet we could have beaten them....huge mistake by golden

gallo, they leaving out the biggest part about jimmy, he fired the defensive coordinator after his first year on the job, lol, they don't know jimmy. i know what they're going to blame it on, but try again, goldie is no jimmy, jimmy had no patience for medicority, the sad thing is, our defense is worst than mediocre, but goldie is chillin and riding it out with his boy oach OH-NO.

Nobody on here is condoning guys stealing, what we're saying is, those are the type survivalist that are not being recruiting to UM no more. It's easy to say "we don't want guys who still at UM" and this and that, that's why it's always good to keep things in house, so people who have no clue of the mindset of others don't have a chance to pass judgement on others. This is why goldie is in violation by trying to seep out info with his famous "self inflicted" & "room to develop off the field" quotes.

It's not necessary, him making those statements is like a guy saying "i don't gossip, but so & so, did so & so" Alot of yall want to blame the players, but who's in charge. When a couple of players got in trouble under shannon, alot of people were quick to try and blame him. When shannon was the headcoach, jeffery brown didn't get that rape charge until goldie took over, he would've never tried that with shannon at the helm.

Point being, it takes a certain type of person to be able to deal with strong minded individuals, a trait something goldie and his boy don't posses. Using being dismissed from a team as a way of control is the easy way out, and doesn't support all that "we'll love our players" talk goldie mentioned when becoming the headcoach here.

I'm still with jim gallo when said the same thing i was feeling and thinking when he said "this team is jacked up in the head mentally", jimmy johnson giving these guys a hellified speech and they're sitting their like robots, they had jimmy johnson walking off feeling like he can't reach the young guys no more, lol.

If the the headcoach is soft, several parts of his team is going to be soft. goldie has revealed to much softness, crying about the schedule, complaining about players, not call his boy out for being ranked 117th, i'm surprised the whole defense is not smoking, not just eddie johnson. After 3 games of looking at those defensive stats, i'd have to make sure the room was foggy so the next time somebody pulls the stats, it'll be to smoky to see em.

how about when Michael Irving was giving speech...same thing....they just sit there....brain dead, was very weird....I felt embarrassed myself watching jimmy leave the room...like wtf just happened....

see the competition is so much greater now....the south florida secret is out....much more parity in the ncaa now compared to 1987....you just cant afford to have a DC that is in last place

decent post imo gallo. i understand what you are saying but it does not make it right and doesnt teach the kid anything constructive. it does send the message of you are only a horse i will ride until you leave and i dont give a f@ck what happens to you after you cant win me football games. i agree w/ 1,2,3,and 5. #2 has been one of our biggest problems because the level of competition in practice has been comprimised over the years with a lack of quality depth. when some of the best in the country are lined up against you all week it will make you a better player yourself. Good points calvin. you mentioned players demeanor during jj speech. when i watched that, i remember thinking "are they in the same room or in an economics lecture! do you think they were simply too young when he did his thang and dont really care who he is and what he has done? it would have taken everything in me to not rip my chair out of the floor,lol! at least had the "eyes", rocking in my chair, or something...anything!

i remember a (little) touch of life but was truly surprised they didnt have to cut the scrimmage short after 5-6 plays following irvin's speech before someone got seriously hurt! seemed like a disconnect during ray and reed's speeches too.

they were like that because most were not born yet....they never felt the emotion of being at or participating in the old cane life on the field..i am sure some had their phones on and were tweeting....todays kids are all about the machines....could care less about a professor lecture (Jimmy)....

who cares what grandpa says, lol

Jim "how things used to be" Gallo is a sad tale. He probably thinks Humphrey Bogart was the best actor ever and Happy Days the best show ever. Sell you 8-tracks dude.
Calvin sounds like the guy who let's his kids run around and do what they want then is surprised that they all graduated to prison.
When a guy has 3 funerals in one month he should think about hanging out with a different crowd. And when you take 3 months to return to the field because of an appendectomy that caused you to gain 30 pounds in the middle of the season then maybe you should throw away the PS3 and stop going to Burger King midnite runs and get your crap together.
Goldie telling them to grow up is the biggest favor he can do for these talented guys before they throw away this unique chance and their talents. They seem to be on the right track and at least learned the lessons Forston and company ware given last year.

gallo, for the most part i normally disagree with what you say but it's funny because i wrote a similar post but did not finish it. i hope our current players are starting to understand the ridiculous amount of work it takes to be just a relevant team.

great news...miami has always been known as a team that loses underclassmen to the NFL, ready/or not, this will give the team 3 talented seniors who want to play on Sundays. This will only make the team better!

well lets see golden/Mario do their magic...alex collins coming back this weekend.....they have got to get this kid....it will curb a lot of negativity around the decommits.....

the sanctions can kill it all.....all these visits will be for nothing

My good buddy Jim Gallo, are you working i see your posting at all times of the day.....good for you!!!!!!

work and post....breaks up the boredom.....what else is there to do? to cold to play golf plus green peas are very entertaining.....market is slow today....

I was surprise to hear on podcast that matthew Thomas is visiting usc this weekend....I've been there it is a very nice campus.....VERY easy to a guy to commit there....tons of girl's that are all good looking and a very intimate stadium...a lot like old OB feeling

Thomas will be a cane i can bet my house on it...... lots of playing time will promised to him!!!!

Jim have you forgotten all the beautiful girls when you went to the U!!

Well if the canes have received the letter of allegations,they are awfully quite about it

USC is a mess.....Recruits decomiiting left and right.... no worries here!

well it is far for the parents and kid.....getting your kid set up way out there is a pain....so UM will a lot easier in that respect.....in all honesty the girls are UM are OK....at least when I went there and remember it was a commuter school as well....I go to Miami at least once a year....on sobe and at the clubs and restaurant's a lot of hot girls, so now sure on campus since I just drive thru when I am there or go to the shops at merrick....back then all the prettiest girls were are florida....most locals want to get out of town and go away to college.

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