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UM men's hoops team jumps up 11 spots to 14th in AP poll -- highest ranking since 2002; Scott named ACC Player of Week

Jim Larranaga and the red-hot Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team has moved up 11 spots this week in the Associated Press poll to number 14 -- one of the biggest jumps in recent memory following blowout wins over No. 1-ranked Duke and rival Florida State. UM is also ranked 15th in the Coaches Poll.

It's the highest the program has been ranked since Feb. 2002. According to AP writer Tim Reynolds only four teams have gone up more spots in the rankings in one week since 1989.

The Canes (15-3, 6-0 ACC) hadn't cracked the AP poll until last week and were only receiving votes in the coaches poll before their big victories this past week. It's the first time the Hurricanes have been ranked in the Coaches poll since Dec 8, 2008 when they spent a single week at number 25. 

What's the highest UM's men's basketball team has ever been ranked? Eighth in the AP poll (March 1, 1960). They finished 10th.

Since the program was brought back, the highest the team was ranked was ninth -- back on March 1st, 1999. The Hurricanes didn't finish the season ranked in the AP poll.

The Canes travel to Virginia Tech on Wednesday and play at 19th-ranked N.C. State on Saturday. The Wolfpack (16-4) and Blue Devils (17-2) are the only other teams from the ACC ranked in the AP poll.


Guard Durand Scott was named the ACC's Player of the Week for the second time this season Monday.

Scott averaged 18.0 points, 4.0 rebounds and 4.0 assists in UM's two home wins last week.

In Wednesday’s 90-63 win against the Blue Devils, Scott had 25 points, six rebounds, four assists and two steals in 36 minutes. He was 9-of-14 (.643) from the field, 3-of-4 from three-point range and 4-of-5 on free throws. In Sunday’s win against the Seminoles, Scott had 11 points, four assists and two turnovers as UM rolled to a 71-47 victory.


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Great job Canes!

they won't be in the top 50 by next month.

GOOD JOB COACH L AND CANES-------------MANNY< how about updates. How come Mack Alexander from imokallee(edgerrins school) who is rated 2 spots ahead of Matt thomas , both top 6 players on espns top 10, isnt much talk of coming here ?

Jim Gallo- you mustve been molested by your granpa as a child. Yourview of the world is negative. You dont belong here. You belong where that is acceptable, namely Alachua county, where incest is best.

Go canes. The bigegr question is will that be a motivator for the football program. No reason why the basketball prgram can rise up and the football program can't. After Shannon (and Shapiro) decimated this program, I am sick and tired of rebuilding.

No more excuses for the football program. No more" we young"

No more excuses.


Nothing short of top ten next year.

Nothing short of competing for a ship 2014

Congratulations to Coach L and the awesome bb team.

Great Job Coach L!!

I hope we don't self impose the tourney.

Who is Jim Gallo?

What a burden it must be to rant so incessantly negative

this team is a fluke ...no way they deseve to be top 20.....this is just OK......they willfall hard

Great job by coach Larranaga, staff and players on their rise towards the top of college basketball. Great coaches like Larranaga and Golden get programs rolling.

it does show as players mature, teams win and learn how to win and ""Stronger and smarter"". Football played mostly fresh and sophomers, and in Football, at 18-19 yrs old, its hard to compete with 22-23 yr old men who have 4 years of college lifting..... Golden is building a champ team, just give it time like Coach Laranaga has...........

Where is Canetrash been? Hey slurpee boy.....come out and plaaaayyyaaaaaayyyyy....

thomas - collins - kirkland - bostwick -coley....i am afraid we lost bryant is looks like....

mario/coley/barrow....get these guys I say we win 10 games 2013...they are that important

basketball team big spread on fsu win....like I said....they have a real shot at national championship...should get to elite 8 march 30/31 if they kep playing with this type of intensity....golden you watching.....turnijg around a basketball team is just as hard as a football team.....after 1 season look at these guys...terrific...

golden better hope in a way these canes dont make it to the ncaa championship....you think you have heat now, wait

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 28, 2013 at 07:30 AM

this is what i posted this morning....good try idiots that pretent to be me..I think it is funny

championships...now you think the UM basketball team is good....before you said they were OK.....Um goes to elite 8 march 30/31 then to national championship

go back to your all golden...sit and watch how a real cane team does....im sure you and him have more excuses, lol

good one anthony...if it was golden he would probably give the trophy back....

who goes to jail without being even charged with a crime...I still cant believe we didnt play FSU and then play in the OB....that is total incompetence

Yo Cane Trash

Yo slurpee boy careful what U ask for dUmmy

I gave U some space and u chUmps call me back

U maggots so excited bout that BB team, first time U had a winning team in seems like forever. But dont be premature ejaculators its still too early to celebrate like some delUsional fools already predicting elite 8 or NC
Yo U r good at baseless predictions
U will be lucky to get into the dance and luckier to advance if u do

Yo Golden Retriever stole a coach from the Noles
U better hope he can call some plays, no one knows if he can
U better hope he has a high scoring O in his book
U need to outscore everyone to be able to compete
Yo Golden Retriever has some recruiting help now with Mario and Coley.
Maybe now he can fetch more than 3 clUcks to stay home
How bout fetching some out of Dade talent

Yo Golden Retriever looks worse now that the BB coach is winning. What's his excUse?

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Nice job moron, you had to go out and ask for this idiot Canetrash to come back. It's bad enough we have to deal with Gallo.
You are worse than the trolls.

Yeap gallober I say they are good becasue they have actually done something and beaten some people that really count. it must really bother U that I know more about both football and basketball than a pimple faced little puss like you will ever know.

canetrash is Gallo's daddy and cousin and girlfriend

Louisville just scored again!

At Christmas time when you hear a bell ring it means a Gator has just been arrested.

Whoops! Louisville just scored...again!

Yo Cane trash

Yo is Golden Retriever gonna take some pointers from Larranaga? Like how to have a winning team? Or how not to use youth as a lame excUse for losing???
Or is he gonna stay a looser for life?????

Yo U chUmps have the BB squad already in the elite 8
Can U say another baseless prediction?

How long before the novelty wears off and they resume play in an empty arena? Two more losses??

Yo I got a nice gig selling tarp to the U of M to cover up the empty Orange seats at that No Life Stadium
Maybe they can play on ESPN Thursday nites with only 8k seats occupied.
As a back up I will sell them a bunch of dUmmies to place on the empty seats.
They look life like just like Ur average cane clUck.
A dUmmy is a dUmmy U won't be able to tell the difference.
U can send film of No Life filled with my fake dUmmies o the recruits so they would believe people actually show up to the games.
Beats panhandling like the LOSERTIUDIE clUck does around Tropical Park.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Bleacher report 1/28/2012

It’s too early to tell whether Al Golden will last in Miami. However, these past two seasons have been lackluster, and the ‘Canes may decide to switch coaches yet again. Finding the perfect coach is never easy. Alabama was able to lure Nick Saban away from the pros. Texas A&M found Kevin Sumlin, a coach who took Houston to the verge of a BCS bowl game. If Miami eventually decides to part ways with Golden, it should try to find a coach with a record of consistency and sustainable, long-term success.

I'm not the only one now....finally the light is going on with some reporters....However in article the bad boy image says hurts UM...I say keep it which forces UM to stay in dade/broward...who cares about the rest of the country for recruits?

My god Gallober can read an article. He conviently left out another article about Golden being the young version of Nick Saban as far as his tenacity recruiting and his ability to build a program from nothing. U are a true sap.

thats funny...nick saban 63-13 with 6 bowl apperances.....

al golden ...40-45 with only 1 bowl appearance

UM was not in need to be rebuilt from nothing...between all the top leaning recruits in 2009 that didnt come here because of shannons firing (teddy bridgewater-lamarucs joyner and the likes)....all the 2010 rescruits that gave UM 5282 offensive tards and 45 TD's.....then add in all the guys that were suspended or ask to leave the team...

you have a 2 deep roster right there of very good athletes....golden is quick to rid good players but has no trouble keeping his roomate no matter how bad the brand gets tarnished....#117 out of #120....and the f...ker is still here....the article was being generous..

Al Golden a younger version of Saban!
The delUsion!
The stUpidity!
Amazing what comes out of the mouth of Miami Morons!

I would like to see the Cane players and coaches stay very intent, disciplined, forget the hype, get in great shape, play the subs, and stay totally focused from here to the end of the bball season and take the NC.

They have the shooters and runners and they have the DEFENSE that can do it. They just have to stick with their assigned man on defense and not allow easy shots and do not get in foul trouble and keep fresh legs on the court. Go Canes!

Dude if you start playing the subs how can your team stay focused? Get in great shape? In the middle of the season? If they are not in great shape by now they will never be.
Let's enjoy the ride, don't know why you all keep bringing up the NC in January. We need to get in the dance in March and then it will take care of itself.

Hi to every one, like your blog bro

you have a 2 deep roster right there of very good athletes....golden is quick to rid good players but has no trouble keeping his roomate no matter how bad the brand gets tarnished....#117 out of #120....and the f...ker is still here....the article was being generous..

Posted by: Jim Gallo | January 29, 2013 at 07:40 AM

Here in lies the problem, goldie trying to keep battling with the good goons on the team. I like how gionni paul just said pluck it, i'm out, than we'll here goldie whining on the radio about "the rules we're asking them to follow are not that hard" again, like the back-handed comments he gave about curtis porter and seantrel with that "self inflicted" non-sense. Was not necessary, alot of college football players get in trouble, goldie is the only one i keep seeing trying to justify his actions of how he goes about punishing players.

Guys speak up(tracy howard) ok, sit yo class down and watch the next few games. They tried to move luther robinson to the o-line, that man said pluck no, than against boston college luther got up field and forced a fumble, oach OH-NO jethro and goldie got mad because that's not the technique they want to see(accusing him of giving up "gap integrity"), so they benched that man the next few games, thanof course after that, we hear goldie in press conferences saying things like, "we gotta get a better pass rush and depth on the d-line" in the meantime luther getting benched for b.s., of course his pops is suppose to call in since goldie and crew was ignoring that man.

tracy howard is loyal to his boys so he wasn't rolling out, now ej44, rashawn scott, gabe terry and the likes are being targeted by the mediocre goldie regime crew. Like i said before, goldie, like all others before him, is an outsider until he becomes part of a national championship team. You don't just get UM credibility by having cach speak, and bringing in some big binder, talking bout "Deserve Victory". In fact, how in the pluck you gone have the slogan "Deserve Victory" and you got your boy holding a tight-grip on the #117th spot. With that, "Deserve Victory" my aszzsszz!

gallo, i think your alumni from Miami High(doug edwards brothers, hank went on to play saftey for the vikings and crew, that was back when in Miami, several teams had some tall front lines, that frontline was something like 6'9, 6'11/7ft & 6'9)james coley is going to get our offense to looking like a Miami offense is suppose to look, i liked alot of what i saw from jedd, but alot of times, he got to finess and out-thought himself. What i didn't like hearing is jedd saying he wasn't going to use to full-backs position to much which was a waste.

When you use the fullback in any offense, it forces you to be a more physical team period, especially your linebackers, almost every time maurice haggens was in their, mike james scored, mike james will do work in the pro's. Also, it would be good if we rotate the runningbacks a little different than we did this year. Let 1 guy get in a groove, if terry(i kind of hope so if that's the trade off) goes to jacksonville, you already know who kehoe & mario will let goldie know to bring back, soooooolllll----dinger. Than we'll be almost back to where we need to be. Any runningback that wants to be a top notch back in college and the pro's, being coached under soldinger, you'll get it done.

I said last week sometime, coley knows better of what a Miami offense is suppose to look like since he grew up right by the O.B. I'm looking for him to use the tight-ends better along with the fullback and than on 3rd downs, especially 3rd and shorts, i hated seeing us abandon the threat of the run. jedd was the best oc we've had in years that's for sure, so i wasn't going to knock em. The main question remains though, who's the better qb coach, jedd or coley, we all know jedd can definitely coach qb's.

This is why those imbeciles who want to keep trying to blame jacory for alot of those picks have no clue of what they're talking about. And it wasn't just j70, smo17 and nipple jr. all had high picks. In comes jedd, all of a sudden jacory starts looking like he's bac at the West!

final 4


how about that....is very realistic

butler is the spoiler....2013

UM vs Kansas for the championship....

Those teams listed are all in the hunt. Problem is that we're in January and there's lots of hoops to be played before March Madness. This discussion should be had once the dance starts, not now.

Yo Cane trash
Yo miramarmaggot why so cautious clUck?
A cane clUck's gotta dream don't ya know fool.
Wet dreams and baseless predictions is the cane way.
Enjoy BB in January and football in the Spring before the real thing, before all the loosing resumes.

Yo Golden Retriever compared to Nick Satan
Only in the tiny mind of a cane doUche.
A winner and a clUeless looser

Yo why all the reminiscing bout all the players that coUlda shoUlda woUlda made a difference for your pathetic program

They aint here, they aint producing and U be stuck with Golden Retriever and his boy No D Ofrio.
Pretty sad.

BB squad looks good so far dont jinx them fools.
Yo got some tarp for that rent a stadium of yours
Got some dUmmies too. Better looking than the real dUmmies who show up to watch that stinking team. More intelligent too.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

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