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Unfortunate news for the Miami Hurricanes: OC Jedd Fisch leaves UM for same position at Jacksonville Jaguars

We all knew this would happen eventually.

I, for one, was hoping it wouldn't happen this season, but, naturally, not convinced that it wouldn't.

Hurricanes offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, all-around good person, smart person, great communicator and teacher -- not to mention well-loved by his present and former players -- has left the University of Miami to become an offensive coordinator with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Great hire by the Jaguars. Big loss for the Hurricanes.

The breaking news, first reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter, came on the same day Miami quarterback of the future Kevin Olsen is visiting the Coral Gables campus with his parents. Kevin really likes Jedd Fisch, as well as Coach Al Golden, and repeatedly has said the coaches are a big reason he's strongly committed to the Canes.

Fisch did wonders with Stephen Morris, and former quarterback Jacory Harris for that matter. But we all had a strong feeling he wanted to return one day to the NFL. 

So now, in between hosting recruits today and dealing with the NCAA issues, Golden has to find an offensive coordinator that will make everyone feel willing to keep their commitment.

Hurricanes fans must feel like punching bags by now.



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This s a tough one to swallow. Now Morris needs to learn a new offense

let me tell you something...you have to be a low life POS the announce your departure on a Friday....with major recruits coming on Saturday......at this point...Shalala should fire everyone.....lets build the coaching staff up.....get Kirby smart in here as HC as an example...the iron is red hot now...UM should throw its hat in....we need a pete Garcia move here..

lets get rid of them all right now.....1 sweep and move on

golden will be next anyway...watch

You're an idiot Jim

really?....I say he will leave with sanction announcement as his cover....high probability now...any top OC will want to be HC..so goldens stock could drop a lot....he will bail


If everyone knew that this day would eventually come to the "U", AG should have also expected it and therefore had sufficient vision to know who will take his place. It is unfortunate, yes, but more so if our all knowing, all world, all everything HC did not figure this one out before hand and have someone in the wings. Ken Dorsey should have long been on tap to be with our offense, even as a QB coach, and should have been learning too while under Fisch. What next?

my jim gallo alias hates black eople while mycalvin ID hates whitey. both my IDs dont know anything about the game of football

Yo Cane Trash

Unfortunate indeed clUcks

Yo Ur only good coach bolted, along with the WR coach that left earlier. Now Ur only good phase of the team is in disarray.

Yo how U gonna outscore the opponents now with a new system?
U clowns now that was Ur winning formula right?
I mean everyone knows you had to win a shootout to sneak a victory.
Now Ur offense will regress. Pare that with Ur lack of defense and U be in troUble dUmmies.
It just keeps getting better though.
Soon the sanctions will hit.
Who the heck wants to come to a program about to be hit with sanctions and with an incompetent DC and a clUeless HC?

YO Golden Retriever won't be able to fetch any gooe coach for OC, they are all taken already.
No OC, no WR coach.
Maybe U can promote Mario, at least he is already there.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Good for Fisch, he's done a great job here and I wush him well. Let's see wuth Golden comes up with.

I've got faith in Golden. We'll be alright. There's the tie, and a plan. Canes fans. DO NOT COMMENT TO GALLO. He just wants attention. With Golden we're good.


My Canes fans: don't listen to the Peanut GALLOry. Lol


were good?

1. #117 ranked defense
2. decommitts all over the place
3. no OC
4. sanctions pending
5. key recruit visits sabotaged

put the bog down and go to class...

This is how it works in big time college athletics. Good coaches move on to better jobs. We were lucky not to lose Fisch to the Seahawks and the Bears the last couple of years.
I think AG knew this was coming and that is why he brought in Mario Cristobal. The best Canes teams could always pound the football and I think Mario C will bring that attitude back as OC.

Congrats to Jedd Fisch, can't blame anyone for leaving for the NFL!

Peanut GALLOry: Dr. Dufus

It is hard for me not to aggravated about this. He announces on the biggest recruiting weekend of the year two weeks before NS! Morris is a senior and it is pointless for him to have to learn yet another system. If Golden does not get this next OC hire right and the D-Fence under his boy doesn't improve a 120% then we are looking at like 3 win season next year!

Come on, how the the timing of this announcement his fault???

They only hired their coach two days ago!

Fisch interviewed yesterday!

He didn't announce it was released on ESPN. Plus you can't lie to recruits once you know someone is leaving. Smartest thing Golden did is get them in to hear his plan.

Coach Fisch was one of the good guys... He was personable, affable, and knew his stuff..

You might not agree with some of the calls in the Red Zone, but he put some points up on the board directing Morris, and mentored him in developing into a true QB.

That being said I know that the timing looks at first glance as horrible.
But let us look at the way Coach G operates:
Very transparent..Rather than lie to the recruits visiting this weekend he would rather be straight up front about this move..If you want to be a 'Cane come on down..if you change your choice because of this then you weren't really locked in. The OC is leaving and we will get someone who works with our system to continue to grow our program. This is part of the process "NEXT MAN UP".
How would it look for recruits to visit and then 3 weeks later after NSD announce the OC change..that would be hypocritical..and they would say why did you not let us know etc.Better to be up front..
I am fine with the timing of this..

Plays are in our system, the art is when to call them.

We will find a good OC, and I am sure that the prospects will fit in with us..this is not a surprise to Coach G and he has some plans..we have to be patient...It is part of the PROCESS..

This can also be used as a positive, in presenting a picture of being up front, rather than waiting and springing a surprise later..plus the Jaguars need to get going with their problems, so we wish Coach F good luck, and now he can read about the 'Canes as we go into 2013 and see the fruition of his template laid out for us.
The 'Canes are bigger than any 1 Coach or Co-ordinator.

We will do fine and have a fantastic 2013.
The 'U' will be the 'U'

Either way you want to justify the timing of him leaving it is yet another unfortunate set back for a already very troubled program! Most of incoming class was offensive players so we can only watch and see what the fallout from this will be on NSD!

You wonder why Cristabol was brought in under some auspicious tile....maybe they knew in advance he was leaving.

Can't believe fans are crying over Jedd. Let the guy go. Besides Duke Johnson being a natural star, our Off was no different than when Mark Whipple was at the U. I say fire everyone after this season and Bring back Butch. In Butch we Trust!

By the way Gallo is a peanut!!!

of course he knew in advance....but brining in cristobal doesn't do anything....he cant call offensive plays, so as always...bad decisions all around as usual...

everyone is out for themselves...fine, so should UM...NONE of these guys are loyal to ANYONE....Shalala needs to do some behind the scenes maneuvers...but she is also crippled since we have to AD....WFT is going on at UM? The whole crew is bailing....as always the coaches just use us....the only true loyal Um coach was coker...he would have stayed here forever

totally agree with anti-gallo, too funny....bring back butch and make an offer to Kirby smart....3 million

Why not put DNO as OC also!!! It would make Shalala sooo Happy !!! a nice low cost budget move.. and she will have so cash left for a new parking lot

Hey Eddie had the same idea as I was reading this. Cristobal was an offensive lineman back in the days of JJ. Coached OL and TEs as a graduate assistant and then coached TEs like Shockey and Winslow III. Moved on to Rutgers under Shiano and coached OL. Back when Golden brought Cristobal on, everybody thought it was as a replacement for Golden. Now we see the real reason.

Go Canes!!

John McNulty would be a good fit here. I know he is hired as the Quarterback Coach in Tampa, but he has teaching smarts, communication skills and up-in-coming coordiantor.

kiss alex Collins and matthew Thomas goodbye....we aint getting them

Punching bags, yes...Bad timing - again.

The wrong coordinator has left. It looks
like loyalty to Golden and the UM lasted 2 years.

Hey, but how about Arkansas losing McDonald after a few days? Be thankful, right? Not really.

This hurts team morale, recruiting and the program's future. If UM could bring in a similar type coach who connects with the players, might ease the pain.

In truth, I didn't like some of Fisch's play calling, but if he motivated players and they were motivated to play for him, that is what must be replaced. Plus, bring in a football player who has been in a UM type offense... How about a Ken Dorsey?

On and on...

O and D coordinators leave for NFL opportunities all the time. The Canes have their entire roster coming back. It's up to Golden to win games, not O Coordinators.

See ya'll in Pittsburgh this fall---->THE U!

Jim Gallo, you should be banned from post because of your stupidity. I wish you had a modicum of truth in your post but your so inept that there is none. OK here are the facts, it was unfortunate that Fisch was hired when he was but that's life. Gus Bradley was hired to coach Jacksonville on Wednesday, he wasn't going to wait to hire his IC until after recruiting visits. And Fisch wasn't going to lie to recruits about his tenure at The U. He has too much integrity for that. What do you people think he should have done. Not accepted the position, that's stupid, not told the recruits that he was leaving, even more stupid. Golden probably does have someone in mind for the OC, but he's not going to share who that is to all you idiots. And finally JIM, could you tell me how Donna Shalala has anything to do with Fisch leaving, she has ZERO to do with it. Any one of you idiotic posts, what a dolt, very typical of you.

And, yeah, good points on Coach Cristobal. Wonder if this was in the works, that is Fisch telling Golden he was looking to go to the NFL (8 new coaches - lots of jobs) and Mario will become the OC. Let's see, with Kehoe coaching the OL and Cristobal as the OC, say goodbye to gimmick plays in the red zone...Works for me...

This guy Gallo is a total putz

Greg D, smartest post here. What dolts. The sky is falling.

This is the problem with hiring coaches from the nfl, they're just building they're stock to get back the league. Why cant someone steal or kidnap d'onofrio

Butch Davis as OC.....???

Great Scott....that just might work!! Think of the recruiting with the coaching staff in place AND Butch Davis! Not to mention it would give him a shot to get back at North Carolina while building his resume back up.

Good riddance. This guy was a fraternity brother of one of my sons at UF. The day we hired him my son told me he was a grade A jerk. The Jaguars can have him. Just reflect back on how many times over the past 2 years this guy could not come up with a critical short yardage play to keep a drive alive.

who said Shalala had anything to do with him leaving? its up to her to get control of all this...ITS HER JOB...whats the next plan? to get some mediocre OC? Mario does not know how to call offensive plays? so who do you think would be a top OC now that would make a lateral move to a program with looming sanctions? give me some names if your so smart and im so wrong....

love butch davis....but he aint gonna work under golden...so we will have 3 head coaches in a way like golden said in last weeks press conference

1. him
2. mario
3. butch

meanwhile the DC is completely useless bu he stays. lol....dude stop with the kool aid

Yo cane trash

Let it go maggots

Fisch made the right move and at the right time

Fisch gone. McDonald gone. All U had going was Ur offense
Now that's in shambles
U still got Ur DC though

Say goodbye to Ur potential recruits

U know everyone else already has their recruiting class in the fold. Xcept U of course.
U clUcks r scrambling to pick up someone, anyone. Everybody else just trying to get some xtra gravy.
Everyone else is set but greedy to get more just for fun.
U are desperate with only 3 clUkcs in the fold and tons of need.
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Lol who wrote this?? Losing a assistant coach to the NFL at Alanama would be viewed as an accomplishment .. We have to get out of this over reacting and feeling sorry for ourselves !! It's The U Baby !!

Gallo top idiot again on consecutive posts:

1. We need to fire Golden and start over
2. 5 minutes later --- Golden is going to be the next one to leave

Genius, if he's leaving why would we fire him and have to pay off his contract?

Haha, Jim Gallo, your ignorance never fails to amaze me.

"Of course they knew in advance."

When Gus Bradley wasn't even hired by the Jaguars until Thursday and Fisch didn't even interview with Gus Bradley until Friday.

F*cking moron, you wonder why no one believes you're an actual person.

I was never impressed with Fisch as OC anyway. Have to give credit for bettering the offense and QB's thought, but his play calling was less than timely and was too shall I say Spurrieresque. Too many trick plays, limited patterns, non use of full back and TE's. Of the two I wanted D'Nofrio gone 1A and 1B, but I really wanted a OC like Stanford's. This loss wont hurt us. Our true needs are those two DT's Bostwick and Bryant and LB Thomas. Every team loses coordinators, Alabama and Auburn after Championships. Florida and FSU lost coordinators also. So whats the big deal?

Man, take it from Emil --- a fraternity brother of his son said blah blah blah about Fisch...... really? Get a life.

idiot...fire golden...hes gonna leave anyway....

better to fire him and pay him....than have him leave on his decision...shows UM is serious. pete Garcia had no problem firing Mario and he is a local hero...whats has golden done anyway? since he has gotten here...nothing but trouble and confusion....he is captain of the ship..he is responsible for the crew....I could care less if this move was an opportunity for fisch...f....ck him, I don't wish him good luck at all.....I hope he fails at Jacksonville.....he is a scum bag just like saban was when he left the dolfins....

Canetrash one of my new favs here---- shows off that gaturd education by dissing people by calling them loosers. Figures though. UF is a large failed remedial education school.

Why don't you G-F-Y-S @ Canetrash! Figure it out! And get your screen name right by dropping the "Cane" and calling yourself what you really are: Just plain old "trash"! Go Canes!! The "[]_[]"!!!!

PLEASE follow another team Jim Gallo.

UM fans hate you and you dislike everything about UM.

You didn't go to UM, you have no connection to UM, just go follow another team, follow FIU if you live in Miami, Pete Garcia will make all your wildest dreams come true.

well said. I too think that the Canes will be fine and find an OC. There has been so much turn over in the pro ranks in the past few weeks maybe a good OC will fall into our lap !

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