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3-star Virginia athlete Ryheem Lockley added to UM's 2013 signing class Tuesday

The University of Miami has confirmed the addition of Virginia Middlesex athlete Ryheem Lockley to its 2013 signing class.

Lockley (6-4, 220) picked UM over Virginia, Virginia Tech, and West Virginia and is expected to play tight end or wide receiver at Miami.

Lockley committed to Miami on Feb. 3 following his official visit, but did not sign his letter of intent on Signing Day as the UM staff was unsure whether or not they would have room for him. His academic situation also remains an issue.

“It’s looking like they’re going to be able to get him in 2013,” Middlesex head coach Josh Franke told InsideTheU.com. “The last thing we are waiting on are his SAT results. It seems like it's a good possibility (that he'll get in to UM this year)."

Lockley ran for 1,034 yards rushing and 13 touchdowns with 598 receiving yards and eight touchdowns as a senior in his first year playing wide receiver. Prior to this season, Lockley was the starting quarterback for three seasons. On defense he totaled 50 tackles with two sacks and one interception playing safety, linebacker, cornerback, and defensive end.

He is also a standout basketball player averaging over 30 points a game and is a two-time all-state performer.
Lockley is a three-star prospect ranked 23rd in the state of Virginia according to 247Sports.


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Gatr Trash has a corch with all the class of a drunk plumber. A perfect representative for the Gatr Trash skeeeewl that gave us bloody credit cards and Corinne Brown.

That is all you need to know.

Gallo, you would not know the truth if it bit you in your rotund arse...all you do is post lies and rumors you are trying to start.

No, Golden DID NOT lie about Kirkland...you are the one who is lying on a non-stop basis.

Of course there is a negotiation process with the NCAA...are you insane?

No one said Kirkland had to commit before national signing day...that is more of your nonsense.

Are you kidding me...who doesn't know that the NCAA has not at this point placed bowl bans and scholarship reductions on Miami? It has been made crystal clear that these reductions have been self-imposed by Miami to limit or remove pain and obstacles going forward, which is the smart and prudent thing to do, which is an approach that you have no experience with. …just more of your lies and stupidity!

Golden had NOTHING to do with Kirkland & Collins signing with Arkansas and did everything possible to sign those kids...just another of your endless lies.

Kirkland and Collins were leans towards Miami due to Coach Golden and his staff doing a fantastic job, but in the end Collins wanted to go outside of the state even with his mother demanding he attend UM and Kirkland demonstrated through the process that he was not going to sign with the "U" mostly due to the unknown NCAA sanctions.

You are clueless and worse yet, a pathological liar.

This one's for my favorite poster, dom
Don't worry, I won't call you names I only want you to have some common sense,
I was dreamin' when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray But when I woke up this mornin', could've sworn it was national signing day The sky was all purple, there were kids commiting everywhere cept for my canes, they were running from the incompetence, you know I didn't even care
Say say two thousand zero zero party over we got nothing, oops, out of time So tonite I'm gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine
I was dreamin' when I wrote this, so sue me if I go too fast But we had a party in the 90s and parties weren't meant to last Mediocrity is all around us, my mind says prepare to cry So if I gotta die I'm gonna listen to my body tonite
Yeah hey, they say two thousand zero zero party over, oops, out of time So tonite I'm gonna party like it's nineteen ninety-nine Yeah, yeah, hey

Here's what's idiotic, why would Fsu or Arkansas have to negatively recruit UM, lol, the report came out prior to nsd that terry was leaving to go to the jaguars so who was going to be alex collins runnigbacks coach, jedd fisch had already left so who was going to be the oc, those 2 qustions/positions UM didn't have set so no stability, the nc2a investigation alex collins said it himself had nothing to do with him not coming to UM.

Next, why would Arkansas have to negatively recruit UM when it wasn't Arkansas that made and got kirkland upset, who cares if a kid doesn't give you a sign where he's committing, did they pull matthew thomas schalorship, ok than. Than with only a few day left till nsd, did that help or hurt UM, not only did it upset kirkland, ice & luke, now you got matthew thomas saying that's f'ed-up what they did to my boy, f-them, i'm going to Fsu.

And with oach-OH-NO running the 117th ranked defense in the nation, do you really need to negatively recruit, you can't be that stupid.

shannon doesn't negatively recruit, he goes by the same standards he did when he was here, just talks about the school he's at. So people lying on shannon with no proof but there is easy proof to see what goldie has said in regards to the kirkland situation doesn't make no sense at all. One day we pulling your schalorship cause we need it for a d-tackle, next day the schalorship is back for p.r. purposes, so 2 things, we still didn't get kirkland and where is that d-tackle the schalorship was supposedly pulled for?

Next, a couple of players are still be recruited right now on the defensive side of the ball, d-tackle, a linebacker and a safety, where are those schalorships coming from.

Are we making goldie look bad or are these "self inflicted" Truth's. Who told goldie to kick not just the former shannon recruits off the team, but his own recruits, thomas finnie, gionni paul, eddie johnson & rashawn scott hanging in the balance. Yet all i here is "these players need to get their act together" had it been shannon, guys would've been saying "these are the type of recruits shannon bring in" but when shannon was here, how many players got kicked off the team.

For those with no common sense, in the words of Kareem brown to the nc2a when they called him, E.A.D.

I think I have figured it out , Gallo ,Canetrash and Calvin are Shapiros contacts on the outside,What other reason would there be for all the constant negative remarks from these idiots ? And it's amazing how Gallo Knows things nobody else in the wold knows. What a joke those three are. Go Canes

Gallo, Gallo, Gallo... stop spouting off your speculations as facts. Golden CAN'T discuss recruits who haven't signed letters if intent. Afterwards, he chose not to go into details because nothing good could come out of it. If Kirkland's parents and coach are square with Golden and UM then there's no sense in beating a dead horse. As for the scholarship reductions, I think everybody knows that Miami is self imposing them to reduce the severity of the NCAA sanctions. It would put Golden at a bigger disadvantage to broadcast exactly how many scholarships UM had to offer and how many at each position that they had allocated for this class until after NSD. They could offer another scholarship knowing that they weren't going to get every guy that they had offered with their allocated scholarships. Your blind disdain for everything Golden does or doesn't do is getting old. Kirkland and Thomas were not going to Miami regardless if Golden told Kirkland that we need to know by Feb 1st if you're going to be a Cane or not. That's why Miami offered Skai Moore the night before NSD (strong possibility of Thomas going to FSU). There's no sense being left at the altar when you're already dealing with limited scholarships. I wish other coaches were given the same slack from their so called fans for pulling scholarships (Lane Kiffin and Mushcamp pulled scholarships and all you heard about on ESPN is the Kirkland ultimatum). BTW Collins wanted to go to Arkansas. His family mother loved Golden and thought that was the best choice for him so obviously you are way off base blaming Golden for Collins choosing Arkansas. You should be blaming Duke Johnson for Alex wanting to go to Arkansas to be the lead back!

MAYBE Gallo, Calvin, CaneTrash IS SHAPIRO!!!

Inmates do get internet access after all...

And it's easy to create multiple accounts on this blog.

What started as an annoyance is now kinda amusing. Watching these guys get destroyed by the true fans, and with facts.

GALLO especially is amusing to read.

The bitterness ooooozzzes from his writing.

Like a guy who's got a frustrated, constipated life.

I mean sh*t he's on here 12-14hrs a day, writes 5 paragraph posts, ALL DAY LONG.

Which means: he's got no job, he's sad, and angry.

I think Golden ran over his cat, or didn't shake his hand at a Canes practice or sumthin....

CaneTrash - Why do you spend so much time on this blog? Why do you hate the Canes so much?

I guarantee he won't answer these questions.

Yo Cane trash

Yo GeorgiadoUche the joke's on U and Ur fellow delUsional and dUmb clUcks like dom and UgoNowhereCanes

U Morons complain bout Calvin and Gallo but U can't refute their points. They post bout football U just call them names. U don't talk football, U complain about "negative remarks"
If Ur program is clUeless, if Ur coaches r incompetent, then Ur situation is indeed negative.
U wanna sugar coat it, U wanna stick Ur uggly head in the sand, U r indeed delUsional and in denial, and dUmb too.

Yo telling the truth bout Ur sorry program is negative?
Yo I got some tarp to sell to Dah U to cover up all the empty seats. Is that negative?
Yo no Thurs nite games i on ESPN please, don't want everyone to see all those empty seats on TV. Is that negative?
It happens to be the truth.

Yo got another TE recruit.
Yep we be loaded with TE and WR
Never mind our D sUcks. As in 117 out of 132

Yo dom it feels like 1999
Break out the DVD
Play some Prince
Boldly predict We Are Back!!!!!!

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Yo Cane trash

Yo SunnyDoUche

For the 100th time clUck, it aint hate
U dopes r so delUsional I can't help come in a hit U with the facts and the truth
It's comic relief
I mean, dom the dUmb clUck is classic
With all his baseless predictions and his numbering system for every 2 star kid from nowhere

I haven't posted since NSD, a while back, but this story bout another TE is just too good to pass up.

There's Ur answer maggot

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

You sure spend a lot of time on here for "comic relief." Doesn't "relief" connote a diversion from something else? When you spend as much time and effort on this blog for your "relief" it tends to defeat the purpose. In addition, you are the only person who finds it funny.

I have a hard time believing you don't hate the Canes unless you do the same thing on other teams blogs as well. If that is the case, I hope someone is paying you for all of your efforts.


I ain't hate?

Hahaha, you got so much hate sh*tting out of your words it's funny.

It just means you have so much ENVY for my Canes. Because 5>3>2 after all....

Cool Cat Should be named cool moron.


It's spelled "LOSER" you dumba55....!

Pathetic moron can't spell.

nope sorry......golden told herald that there were limited scholarships as the reason for the kirkland situation...then a few days later he offers one....sorry, goldn was not at the second meeting with kirkland...read his quotes.....sorry, golden was not at bostwick and parents at Um weekend...read his quote.....just go back to all the herald stories, its all there....nope sorry, kirkland and collins exact quotes were that sanctions had nothing to do with their decision to go to arkansas....they both said it was coaches....sorry....ncaa procedure does not allow any negotiations between them and UM...go to thier website and follow guidelines...sorry UM has not done anything yet since no noice of allegations have been handed down to them....

it dosent matter.....he is blackballed by rea coaches...he is done, next year will e his last year after defense runs up another 5000 yards

AS IN " The Gaytors are LOSERS to Louisville"

Ooops, TeddyB just scored another TD....

This kid Lockley is the type of talent that Jimmy and Butch would recruit. Forget about the star ratings. Get a guy with speed, athleticism and tough attitude and mold him to the team's needs. He obviously has hands playing WR and TE and being a basketball star. We have plenty of WR and TE. Bulk him up, coach him up and make him OLB. He coud be a project for this coachng staff. It would define their talents and succes for this class that has a lot of athletic talent bur few stars. He would be a nightmare for oppising Offenses having a LB that can out run, out jump and out catch your RBs and WRs. If they develop him correctly he will be better than Mathews.

The same month, Golden rescinded a scholarship offer to Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, which came as a shock. Back in March, during a high school coaches' convention in Orlando, I was in the room when Golden and his staff told the coaches at Miami Central, Carol City, Booker T., Norland, and Northwestern, that he would never pull a scholarship offer he made to a student-athlete.

Yo Cane trash

Yo WestCoastdUmmy can't U read?
I said: it aint hate. "IT", U big dUmmy
Indeed 5>3>2 but none in more than a decade is way less than 2 in the past 7 years
Did u change ur name? 5>3>2 is a doUche just like U.

Yo SunnyDoUche
Who says I'm the only one who finds it funny?
I beg to differ
But even if true, which it aint, U think I care?

Yo got any DTs
Yo U heard the latest?
Golden Retriever is on a trip to Kenya, looking for some speeedy receivers
Word is he is building a wall round Africa, not just Nigeria
What a great recruiter this Golden Retriever
Will go where no coach has gone before to fetch WRs and TEs
He's got a plan
Gotta love it

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Yo Cane trash

Yo WestCoastMoron

What r U the spelling police?
As in what kind of Moron would go around correcting everyone on the blog?
I speak a language that most cane clUcks will find easy to understand. Looser is a word cane clUck knows. Cane clUck also knows stoopid.
Comprende clUck. As in not even MDCC and barely a GED?
Typical clUck understands very well.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Well. rivals rated the Olineman nigerian the #20 prep player in the nation. Still listed under PREP TOP 25. And after golden signed Komalu )WHO IS A DT), he jumped upto #77 over all regarless of position on espn juco 100. meaning both are top 100 players period.

#2. Olsen and Muhammed are the best at their positions in the state n nationally..

#3. When the gators or seminoles EVER have an undefeated season, than come talk on here. UF NEVER and Maybe fsu had 1 (when Miami was on probation in 90s) but I believe they had 1 loss(could b wrong).

SO, in 200 years, the gators have never gone 11-0 or 12-0......even precious teabags cried when he lost that regular season game.

I dont have enough space on here to list all of Miamis undefeated seasons, as recent regular season as 2001, and 2002 both 12-0 regular seasons. ....

Has this for Dynasty. 1st of all. Alabama in 2011 season lost and didnt even play in their conf champ game but miracuolously got voted in title game for rematch. They again lost in 2012 at end of reg season, but all 3-4 teams ahead of them lost.....THATS NOT A DYNASTY THATS LUCK...
#2. This is a dynasty in regular seasons
1986 undefeated
1987 undefeated
1988 1 loss by 1 pt(on U doc, we won game ref bad call)
1989 nat title
1991 undefeated reg season
1992 undefeated reg season
2000(BCS screwed us)
2001 undefeated
2002 undefeated (ref screwed us with flag when game was oveer

When UF ever has 1 undefeated season, JUST 1, then ur 1/10th of the way or somewhere in that range..

Muschump pulled Quenton Powell that LB from Daytona the day b4 signing day. No mention like THE U. .He signed with USC. Same deal Golden did........

Hey herald, why not report on the addition of Cornileus Elder, 4 star athlete that will play both football and basketball for the canes.

I can't get all that exited about this new kid, he may turn out to be real good but he most likely red shirt so no help right now.
We need players on the D line like yesterday.
Now some of you get all mad when someone critisizes Golden. So get mad. The Kirkland situation was handled poorly at best, it made us look bad nationally and with the local recruits. It was a big freaking circus with Shalala calling the next day and all the coaches running around. There is no excuse for that type of amateurism. Golden talks the talk but to me he screwed up big time here. I still give him the benefit of the doubt overall but we need to see big time improvement going into his 3rd season.

Canetrash you seem to be begging for attention, guys leave him alone, ignore him and he will go away.

Looking forward to improvement in 2013.


I'm not the "Spelling police" but i am the "Moron Police", protecting Canes fans from morons like you.

You can never have too many TEs
Out score everyone, who needs a good defense when you have so much offense
In Golden I trust
Bring it on, can you keep pace with our awesome offense
I think not
Let's go Canes!

They all on goldie's 7 & 6 nutsack. For those trying to compare muschamp pulling a schalorship, muschamp was 11 & 2 last year and 1 win away for playing for the national championship game he can do that. Plus he has a defense that has proven to be playing strong.

So what do we do, we go and pull a schalorship from one of the top defensive recruits friend, but somehow that wasn't going to affect matthew thomas decision. That man said it himself that when UM did that, he felt bad for his boy, so how are those who keep trying to defend goldie on that situation trying to defend that is comical. You talking about going out on a limb with a saw, that's what that move was. If we had any chance of getting either of those players it all vanished after that move.

Than when you add in the fact that, if it wasn't for kehoe being here, right now, he's the only one on staff that has several players that went to the league as 1 round draft picks with players still playing, but even with that, kirkland knows he's going to a school that produces o-linemen, so when it came down to the specifics, can i get to the league with UM or wisconsin who's comitted to the run way more than UM right now, of course that move help make it an easy choice.

Than when you think about thomas trying to decide to come in and try to go with that "come help us turn this 117th ranked defense around" you know, the same thing they told the 2011 class, or should thomas decide to go to a school that's already playing defense at a high level and has a d-co on that knows what he's doing.

Most of yall don't need to look no further than the Fsu game this year where oach OH-NO was trying to get the defense to look at him pre-snap to send in signals, who does that as a d-co at the last minute, it was sad to see that.

So here's the question, if the defense is ranked 117th and yall are defending this bozo at wits end, it seems to me if the defense is ranked #70th in the country come next year, alot of yall will believe we're on our way, GTFOH, lol. If this defense is not ranked at a minimum top 45 in all categories come next year, clown 117th has to go or we won't get to many in-state defensive recruits. Who wants to come in and play on a soft/prevent zone defense, when in Miami/South Florida all we play are attacking style defenses.

CAnetrash- When did your daddy touch you inappropriately? Was it before or after you turned 12? we all k now that that is the norm in Alachaua and Leon counties. IS that why your pathetic self comes onhere spewing anti-cane dribble? Or is because for the last 30 years UF and FSU have literally been Miami's beetches? Which one is it moron?

9 championships in the 3 major sports
versus 5/versus 2

Better academics than UF. Not even worth commenting about FSU.

Better location. Unless you are a toothless g-imp like you.

So if you meant to spell the word "loser", not "looser" like your sphincter, I'd say, if my school was ranked 4th in the country and ended uplosing to NC state, and then ended up out of the race for a NC again for the last 5 years in a row, or... if my school was ranked in the top 10, and then got emasculatd by Louisville, then, it is obvious that the "Looser and Loser" is you.

As the only schools to even offer Ryheem Lockley, Old Dominion, W. Vir. and Vir. must all be heartbroken today... The rest of the Top-20 College Football Programs simply say, "who" ?

We have a very strong offense coming back, and it would have been unstopable with the 1-2 punch of Duke and Collins. This new class has a lot of guys that can contribute but no instant impact players. It wouldn't be a bad thing to red-shirt some of the athletic tallent and coach them up at positions of need and it will pay dividends in the future. Perhaps Edwards can be that running back that can compliment Duke. However, we have 3 running badck behind Duke that are pretty good. With Edwards size and speed, I think that he could be a hell of a LB or SS if brought along properly. Remember a couple of RB in HS that were converted to defensive players.
Dan Morgan
Benny Blades
how did they turn out?

Cornelius Elder 5-10/160

If running back Javarris James ever returns to an NFL field, it will be only after serving a four-game suspension.

James has been suspended four games for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports.

Yup, where there is smoke there is fire #biogenisis

Canes lock up four star back to add to this class. Great job coach, keep up the good work.

Gallo is the angry, out of work uncle

Canetrash and Calvin are his ADD/retarded nephews

Yeh Canetrash Mushump did have a deense , He had no offense , so what . If you have both you win championships which he did not do. So don't toot his horn why don't you go on their site and talk about how bad offense is . They name a lot of streets after you ( one way).Go Canes

Also, you got 1 highschool that's coming out supporting goldie in Edison. In the meantime you got more coaches complaining right now about the way their school/players were being recruited.

So no more scahlorships huh, but welcome to UM cornelius elder from tennessee, lol. This is the year of the out-of-towners. No room for the F-CAT players. So right now we got 18 commits an climbing, maybe this is who we pulled denver kirklands scahlorship for, but this is new to me, cause i've never seen a d-tackle at 5'10 160lbs myself, but whatever works must be the motto!

Size of a TE with great Basketball skills..sounds like Tony Gonzales or Jimmy Graham...just think what Graham would have accomplished at UM as a TE for 3 or 4 years. He plays defense too (God knows we need help), with his size he could be the next (if there ever will be) Sean Taylor...one can dream.


As usual and errily similar to Gallo, you don't have a clue what you are talking about and fill in your lack of knowledge with lies and speculation.

As only one lie out of the hundreds you post...you claim Art Kehoe is the only coach on staff to have a player join the NFL as a 1st round selection.

Naming only one...Al Golden coached James Farrior and placed him in the 1st round as the #8 overall pick.

Stop with the lies and spreading false rumors.

Cavin said: "Also, you got 1 highschool that's coming out supporting goldie in Edison. In the meantime you got more coaches complaining right now about the way their school/players were being recruited."


More blatant lies, uninformed speculation and spreading baseless, negative rumors.



Cornelius Elder, 4 star running back, is a flat-out winner first of all. He has won three state championships on the football field and he will take that winning attitude with him to college. He boasts 4.42 speed and under the Al Golden training program will only get stronger and faster. As a running back, he is extremely slippery. He is tough to tackle, he is tough to get a big hit on, and he is a threat to make a big play every time he touches the football. He is very quick, he is shifty, and he can catch the ball out of the backfield. He is a tough player too. This is one fantastic get for the Canes!


To the Fric & Frac morons (Gallo/Calvin):

"Former Lakers coach Mike Brown’s son, point guard Elijah, chose Butler over UM and others most probably due to the uncertainty of the NCAA investigation. Recruits keep asking Jim Larranaga and other UM coaches about whether the Canes will face NCAA sanctions." ~Barry Jackson, The Miami Herald

I guess this means Jim Larranaga is a liar and using the NCAA investigation to hide the fact he can't coach?

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