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A day later, cooler heads have prevailed at Booker T.; Matthew Thomas still in play for Canes

Sometimes you just need to talk things out. 

In the case of Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, coach Tim "Ice" Harris and the University of Miami it appears better communication between the parties involved could have prevented some hurt feelings and an ugly situation. But a day later, after a night to sleep on things, I can tell you UM hasn't poisoned itself in Overtown or burned any bridges permanently. There are grown ups involved here. Lessons have been learned.

For starters I spent about 30 minutes this afternoon chatting up Ice Harris and his son, offensive coordinator Tim Harris Jr., to get the real story of what might have gone wrong here. Ice told me afterward he didn't want to be quoted other than to say "I don't want to beat a dead horse." But without knowing UM's side of the story here -- coaches aren't allowed to discuss recruits publicly -- here is what I gathered from the situation:

Kirkland, a 6-5, 333-pound All-American offensive lineman, obviously wasn't the big fish UM was hoping to catch at Booker T. All-American linebacker Matthew Thomas, a consensus five-star recruit, has always been the guy Miami has gone after at Booker T. first and foremost. When Al Golden visited Booker T. on Thursday afternoon with a couple of his assistants he spent an hour and a half with Thomas and 10 minutes with Kirkland. 

Don't mistake for a second Booker T. coaches aren't aware Thomas is the guy everybody in the country wants or that Kirkland isn't "a shade below" Thomas in terms of being in the same league. Kirkland, Harris Jr. told me, didn't get a Miami offer until this past summer, after he had attended UM's camp.

But this is where the communication break down begins. In the eyes of Booker T.'s coaches, who spend every day with their players, there was no difference between Kirkland and Thomas. Once they got an offer from a school, they assumed schools were willing to go the distance with them -- all the way up until Signing Day -- to wait for a commitment. 

Ice Harris, having spent three years on Randy Shannon's staff at UM, is well aware of the recruiting game. He understands schools can pull scholarship offers and go in another direction if things change. Recruiting is a fluid game that changes from second to second. Ice Harris knows offers aren't guaranteed. He just never imagined in his wildest dreams -- not after Al Golden visited Booker T. Washington and spent time with both players Thursday -- that Miami was considering pulling Kirkland's scholarship. Why? Because there was no talk of a deadline according to them. 

"They might have told him it was getting a little tight for them or he needed to give them an assurance, but he wasn't ready to do that," Harris Jr. said. "But we told them -- told assistant Micheal Barrow -- we felt strongly he was going to go there. He just had to go through the process and make sure he was going to go there."

Why did Kirkland need more time? Because according to Booker T.'s staff, other college coaches were still coming in to talk to Kirkland. After Golden and his staff walked out the door Thursday, Harris said Jimbo Fisher and FSU was waiting to talk to Kirkland. Like it or not, it's a process. And now we know why. Because at any moment a school can decide to change directions -- the same way athletes can. Recruiting is fluid. 

Harris and Booker T.'s players just never expected to be jolted like that, especially not when they were telling Barrow it looked better for UM that they would land Kirkland than it did as far as netting Thomas. And maybe in the end, that wasn't good enough for Miami.

Maybe, Canes coaches thought Kirkland wasn't going to Miami (maybe new offensive coordinator James Coley had some better insight into the situation). Or, it really was a numbers crunch and UM knows it has other top tier recruits as silent commitments. Maybe the Canes just don't have room for an All-American offensive lineman because they've got six or seven other blue-chip talents in the bag. 

Still, it's just odd the way all this went down. For six months Miami wanted Denver Kirkland. Then six days before National Signing Day they decided they didn't want him anymore. I guess if you have six or seven better players you know for sure you are getting it makes sense to make room, toss out the trash.

But if you don't know that for sure then why do this? Why surprise a two-time state championship winning coach by yanking a scholarship away from one of his best players after you've told him for six months you want him and he's told you that you are likely to get him?

And that's where the confusion lies on Booker T.'s side. Ice Harris trusted his word to Barrow was good enough, that it was infiltrating the offices at UM and that the offer Kirkland had wasn't going to vanish. He still trusts Barrow, insisting he's " a great guy and the way he recruited his players is the right way." Ice Harris said his conversation with Barrow Friday morning "went well" and both sides are "trying to smooth things over."

It's the guys making the decisions down in Coral Gables, inside the offices, Ice Harris isn't sure about. After all, if Golden was already at Booker T. Thursday morning why not tell Kirkland yourself the bad news? Why send Barrow back to do it after a championship parade?

"I don't think the relationship as a whole between Miami and Booker T. is ruined," said Tim Harris Jr., a UM grad and former track star. "You have to look at every situation differently. I think everybody here can all agree this situation was handled bad and us being a pipeline here in the backyard of UM it shouldn't have come to this. But all of us here are professionals and I don't think anyone here wants to give the idea we would steer kids away from the University of Miami. If anything, we're just going to have to ask more questions. When they come in and say you have an offer we're going to ask 'Is there a deadline?' That goes for all schools. At the end of the day, UM is my school, it always will be. But I'm a coach here at Booker T. and we're here to protect the kids and keep them away from having something like this happen to them. So we will be smarter. We've learned a lesson."

And now, maybe, Miami will learn a lesson, too.

Star linebacker Matthew Thomas is still very much in play for the Canes. Harris assured me of that. UM coaches were with him last night in his home -- after they broke his teammate's heart. Thomas was shocked to hear what happened with Kirkland, Harris said. But he hasn't ruled the Canes out -- at least not as of noon Friday.

Then again, UM has never been the program at the top of Thomas' list. The way Harris Jr. explained it to me, Thomas didn't really care about Miami, didn't want to go there for most of the season. When Barrow or UM coaches would call him, Harris Jr. said, he wouldn't answer. It wasn't until Harris and his assistants urged him to open his ears and at least hear what UM had to offer that Thomas really began to listen. Florida State, they say, had always been Thomas' quiet leader. Now, USC is involved "and making a strong late push." Alabama has been in the mix, too.

Does UM really have a chance to get Thomas?

"Yeah they've got a chance," Harris Jr. said. "But it's not like Denver. We honestly don't know where he wants to go. It was FSU for a long time and now it's anybody's guess. I think we all feel like we're going to be surprised on Wednesday."

For Miami's sake, let's hope that surprise isn't like the one Kirkland got Thursday afternoon. That one stung.


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"...bad news conscerning how Bostwick was treated..." Do tell!

What else can we expect from the Shannon coaching tree other than a bunch of drama. If the kid wanted to be at the U, he would have told Barrow and Golden that on the down low and still been able to do the whole which hat do I choose thing on TV. Kirkland and Harris both blew it, not Golden. Unfortunately the way these things work we probably don't get Thomas though.

Kinetic Cane,
It's good to see you are an English major, my advice to you is stick to what you do best and that is grading papers, not recruits. I know we have outstanding offers to recruits. How many have Miami rated high. There is no other DE, that we are going to get, so they don't matter, We only have 3 DT's left to pull from and 2 maybe 3 lb's have us in their final 2 or 3. We better have a rabbits foot because we're going to need it. Nothing short of Thomas, Bostwick, & Collins, is going to cut it.

Yo Cane Trash

Yo Golden Retriever got more commits from Nigeria than from Dade. What a chUmp!

Yo U have to wait til NSD to find out if U got a class or not, so far U got 4 clUcks when everyone else has 20.
Only U have to wait. Why is that?
Cause U sUck

Yo at least u got some players in the NFL right

Kirkland didn't commit
Neither did Thomas
Neither did Tracy Howard
They all wait til the end
Why does this happen to U and only U?
So unfair
It sUcks to be U for sure
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Wow, look at all the comments on a kid not going to a certain college. It is just a game people, not life or death. People are mad if someone doesn't go to their school, or don't win a national championship. Pathetic. Who cares next week that Alabama won a glass trophy. Life goes on, kids come and go. I believe it is these fans self esteem that takes a hit when they don't get that kid or championship....relax, enjoy life, have a beer and take it easy. It's just a game.

These kids have become complete divas. They all want the lime light but dont have enough moxie to make a commitment. The U is by far the better education and if Harris really has his kids best interest, thats what he needs to be telling them. After all, it was good enough for his sons! Someone hands you a $250k scholarship and you cant decide if you really want it?? - Colly knew the bottom line here and so did Harris! Not sure if Harris is being up front with Luther (or even admitting to himself...the kid was IN JIMBO'S CAMP ALL THE WAY)-- I hope the Canes have sent a message for the future.

I have always been a Manny fan but this article is very one sided and is not objective. Was this an opinion piece or was this a report? You know better and maintain a good standard.

ohiocane99 Kirkland didn't have a scholarship, he had an offer which he did not accept. Golden moved on because we are so close to NSD and we have a limited number of scholies. We don't want to get stuck with a player we don't really want.

You are as cluless as Kirkland is. Thomas was the target not him. He had a chance to parley that relationship but he didn't. He overplayed his hand and got called. This is far from bad news. Have fun with your hats Mr. Kirland and learn to live with you indecision.

What do you know for sure about how Bostwick was treated?

Golden does bad business all around. How do you pull a scholarship from a kid from Booker T. You can't think of the now, you have to think in the long run. The relationship with the coach is more important than anything. Even if Kirkland is an OK player or they used him as a scapegoat to threaten other players to commit, you don't do that. PERIOD! Its a bad business. Bad in South Florida. Especially since its at Booker T, where that school can produce an All american any given year. You should always have Booker T players on board, whether they become stars or good back up players. Players from Booker T are well coached, well developed, and college ready, and Golden just ruined that connection. Ice Harris has power in Dade County, and his feelings effect all coaches in South Florida. Golden just screwed up his reputation. Hes not going to win with his NJ recruits or Nigerian players. When a coach figures it out, they will get all the South Florida kids and we will be great again. But Golden doesn't get it, and now its too late, he pissed off the wrong people. He needs to Go!!1 PERIOD!!!

You can't have too many good OL, it's called depth. Something we don't have. It also looks bad, just like all of us are speculating here about the reason why this happened, so are the rest of the potential recruits out there. Just doesn't help. Our rivals are sure to use this against us too, why give them the chance.
It sucks we don't have more kids commited already, why do we have to wait til the last minute.

Manny’s article is wildly biased and filled with screwball assumptions that he has no proof to corroborate. Furthermore, suggesting Miami threw Denver out like trash is outrageous and appears to be the words of someone who has a vendetta or deep dislike for the Miami program.

It is this type of demeaning commentary that the Miami Herald has become infamous for concerning the Canes. The positive developments regarding the program barely get a mention and even then they insist on weaving words of negativity into their articles, whereas the stories of a negative slant are aggressively reported on from every angle possible and beaten into the ground.

Once the FACTS are known on this issue then we can all draw our own conclusions and comment…reporters from the Miami Herald should be the one’s offering this advice and not the ones being lectured.

Get lost golden you need to get a grip. This kid was playing us and thankfully Golden and company decided not to play. He committed, decommitted, then promised a final decision on 1 Feb. well 1 Feb came and he reneged on his commitment again. How can you trust someone that plays you all the time. You can't, so the U said goodbye.
Good lesson for other prima donnas that think more of their 6 seconds of fame than making a decision and standing by your word. This clown obviously was too I oriented. Good riddance. Way to go Golden, keep building a team of committed players that are team oriented.

This happens with everyteam every year for every reason you can think off...the bottom line is ice got offended because 1 of his players got his ship removed and thought he had more leverage with miami, then he really did ...when Miami starts winning again none of this will matter..considering the UM coaching staff are paid professionals and have proven thus far as being ex cellent recruiters given the circumstances it's more likely they got wind of Thomas not coming and Kirkland more than likely choosing a different school so pulling his ship to give to someone else was the best thing for Miami

recruiting is 50/50 these kids are getting free educations free travel trips free jerseys free dorm rooms free gifts when you go to bowl games free networking for lifetime and a free college lifestyle all because they were good at a sport very good at a sport and if they can earn it u will be holding a college degree that can get you a job hire paying then the average.. .all that because they can play football and don't give me no crap about contact or health is Ed Reed said it best when you sign up you know what you get into.


You don't get it. Do you? Recruiting is just like a service. You have to provide great service all the way through. If you go to a restaurant and order a burger with fries and was told its free today, but than later on the waitress says its not free anymore, you have to pay 50 dollars, how would you feel? Put yourself in Kirklands shoes, he had a scholarship offer, was probably going to end up at UM, but then is forced to make a decision he wasn't ready to make. So now he pays the price and has no scholarship, because he didn't want to commit today. Its BAD BUISNESS! As a recruiter, you have to wait to the end, and provide great service until the pen is put to paper. In recruiting, you win some, and you lose some, its just be an auction, you aren't going to get all the deals, but you have to put in offers, you can't pull offers, once you bid.

How was Bostwick mistreated on his visit??

the coaching staff did not talk to bostwick or his parents on UM weekend especially golden....he tweeted about immediately after.....

bryant - gone
thomas - GONE
kirkland - gone
collins - 50/50 at best but I say arkansas suprise monday

but jedd fisch and jetison in the dark of night leaving recruits stranded..thats OK..right

time for golden/dnofrio to resign...

"Throw out the trash"....wow...biased yes. My gut is that this will be the last year we have this problem. Once the NCAA is out of way...our commitment list will fill up without ALL this nonsense and commits not knowing what to do.

if you cant play the game then quit....golden is not able to compete at this....all he has done all year is hand our competition tremendous amunition.....

but it is OK for this coaches to do this....I am on the side as a fan of the players....not the coaches or administraion......these guys are destroying UM football....nobody s gonna want to come here....you will see

fsu will come from under this as the winner....

short term gain for long term damage.....this is the new norm for recruting and no notice from UM administration to players or fans will make a difference....all you do is put yourself at the back of the line while


and all the rest get top florida recruits handed to them....tghe compitition says "great, thats one less school to worry about" and with dnofrio UM's fate is sealed......remember we are 7-6...pathetic

bloggers act like we are a 10-2 or 11-1 team....

Great post ltcdolphin!

Every big name school looking for a coach last year considered Al Golden, but he told them all he was staying at Miami to build a championship football program. Even Notre Dame, a school that can have most any coach they desire, wanted Al when it appeared Kelly was going to the NFL.

Those bashing and wishing Al will exit Miami for another program better hope and pray their stupidity does not become a reality as they will then witness Al Golden producing National Championships for another school and demolishing our Canes in the process.

I do not care for our defensive coordinator, but that opinion is quickly forgotten knowing that Al Golden knows more about this situation that I or any other poster on this blog will know in our next 10 lifetimes.

Based on the incredibile headwinds that Al Golden has faced during his first 2 years as our head coach it is beyond amazing just how spectacular he has performed. What I can say with 100% certainty is the Miami Hurricanes have the best young head coach in all of college football and the word young will be dropped from that description over the next several years.

If you are a true Canes fan you should spend all of your sports energy in supporting Al Golden and the Canes as that synergy will translate into a collective postive force that will positively impact our football team.

You guys trust Golden blindly. Im not so sheepish when it comes to him. I loved him at first. Then came the trash the kids and never place any of the onus on Donofrio and I dont trust his judgement. There is plenty to this story that isnt being said, but that doesnt mean its only from Goldens side. Hes no perfect. He has flawed loyalty and im starting to think he may be an excellent head coach but not the right coach for Miami.

Right on Gallo. Oh wait Louisville has had a terrible year recruiting.

Kid had plenty of time. He wasnt coming to Miami. This is publicity stunt for the kid. No one would have ever known if he picked another college with a Miami Hat on the table.

The Harris' are trying to make themselves players in the recruiting game. We convinced Thomas to consider Miami. They have no influence. The father failed at Miami and no one else wanted him. Maybe Randy will get another job,

As of this morning ,the expert panel on the main rivals page all switched Matthew Thomas to the U as what school are the last remaining stars gonna pick. I mentioned earlier, but to me, it seems that Thomas gave the Thumbs up(golden had an inhome also) and when we got thomas, DK needed to say yes or no. We already have 3 Olineman in this class and really dont need another.
So. With Thomas in, its easier to say ""DK, matt is in, we need your word"".

As of yesterday, that matt thomas column had FSU/USC/UM split, and all 8 panelists now pick the U as Thomas's school.

And once Matt gave a silent, they were ""shocked"" DK said top 3.

Dear Al Golden,

Thank you for shoring up our somewhat thin OL class this year. Kirkland may have been able to sell Denson on UM, but now it's likely that it goes the other way.

Florida State University

Any news on the db i think his last name is Alexander?

To the bashers, if you read the artilce on U and also rivals ""tracking uncommitted players, golden met for 1 hour and a half at school with M Thomas, then at night last night was in his house. After the Thomas meeting we pull the DK Scholly, then golden still gets an in home with M Thomas. Then on Rivals, everyone switches M Thomas school to the U.


Golden woulda let him b a silent and play the hat game......

And bashers, espn has us #24 and we 4 of 12 committs are espn 150 players...............

With that Yahoo article and now free on rivals of the U being a FOOTBALL FACTORY and most players in super bowl, U can bet that Golden mighta had some players on a conf call helping recruit Thomas.....GUARANTEED

I getting a feeling we are not getting anyone.....thomas goes to FSU....byrant is gone, that is a definite.....

as for collins...why owuld committ, then de-committ...then go on national tv to commit again to UM.....seems to weird....has to be a suprise there...maybe arkansas since he really liked it there and he likes bret bielema ALOT...BUTTTTT never know....USC maybe, that would be huge suprise

Kirkland had a chance to be a silent commit who could make the announcement himself on NSD. Instead, he tells Barrow UM is in his top three. What kind of an assurance is that? As a head coach, you can only be held hostage so many times by a kid before you must put your foot down. Kirkland has now learned the recruiting game works both ways. Now he can go to a school he really doesn't want to attend - lesson learned big guy.


Gallo, take it easy man. Butch Davis on that Yahoo and Rivals article said he loved the 3 star guys that were athletic and loved football. ""hated the 5 star guys""".. rest is history, and golden follows that same plot.
A>, MATTHEW THOMAS COMMITTED TO THE U(thats why DK got the ultimatum, take it or leave it).
C. Bryant/bostwick/Juco DT from Texas, 1 or 2 will come
d. 1 of the Wr's come.

We already have 3 OL in this class, no need for 1 more so DK, yay or nay

Yo, thats BS we have to put up with his BS!!??
Yall make up these BS posters and get ur feelings hurt PUNK BEEEEOOICCHHHEEESSS!?

They punks at the Herald would not post my last comment. They make up these fake bloggers!!!

Yall eat pecker meat lollipops!!!!

Here is the Link updated by the main rivals panel not the Miami panel. Notice as of this AM all switched Matthew Thomas to the U. That was 3 teams as of 2 days ago. Thats why DK got ultimatum. MT committed.


Booker LB Matthew Thomas eliminates Miami. Down to Bama, FSU and USC.

DAMN !!!

Jimmy gallos is a gator troll on this blog trying to forget that his team was throttled by Louisville.

Golden wants kids who want to be canes...everyone shut the flip up and get over it. The kid had 6 months to commit. Screw him..passing on a $250k scholarship is a dumb move. If you don't make it in football, a degree at Miami is 100 times better on your resume than state schools like Florida or Florida State. Go Canes, Go Al Golden

How can the Canes win when our coach does not have a cool nickname? Al "the tie" golden maybe? I think ICE has started a trend. Nothing is cooler than someone over 25 with a cool nickname.

Thomas will be wearing Barrows # this Summer or his #6

Here's what i do like, it's been comical day watching thesesame hypocrites that are praising goldie wouldve been the same ones bashing shannon had this happened, lol. Bottom line is, no matter what happens with recruiting ths year, the most important classes are still the 2011 & 2012 classes deveopment going in to year 3 and year 2 of ths regime.

If goldie starts botching the recruits in Miami and South Florida, it's obvious what happened in this situation, that's why you got kirkland saying "he trust no one but God now" which is an indication that both sides dropped the ball. i like what happened if it stops all this picking caps crap. Than how many times we gone here that corny line of "i'm taking my talents to South beach" it was corny whe lebron said it and it's even cornier when these kids are using it.

The more people keep trying to feed this media beast, the more silliness we'll continue to see. The only way goldie will stay the headcoach here is if he starts producing a winning team, a team that's competing for national championships on a regular. We can get all the d-linemen in the world, if we're going to continue to play db's 10 yards off the line of scrimmage, you can hang up getting sacks.

Whoever signs, sign, i only feel good when i look at the recruits we got and see we got alot of guys that i know played ball in Miami and shined. I could careless what outside recruiting is ranking kids in Miami, means nothing. It's just going to be real interesting to see how these Nigerian projects turn out, this is not basketball. That's where the problem took place, also, goldie is steadily trying to get recruits from the Virginia area. College football in Miami, you gotta make sure you get the right guys so their won't be to many social issues internally with the team.

Bring in to many guys from out of town here and it'll take the team a lil while to start to gel. I can tell youwhat goldie and hos boy oach OH-NO's biggest problem in recruiting and coaching is, they're to enamoured with bringing in size and building size and power. This is not the school where that's going to be a championship formula. They saw those 2 Nigerians and started salivating just from their physicals alone.

Right now, it's clear that goldie doesn't understand and put emphasis on getting athlete's in and using them to their strangts on defense. This is why a guy like ricardo williams is still on the sidelines, in a 4-3 scheme, he would've played last year as a speed rusher, in this defensive scheme, they don't want speed rushers they want guys who are big enuff to hold up the point of attack than rush, something ricardo williams is to small to do right now but i bet he can get up field, but this staff wants to weight him down first than get em on the field.

Our offense is back to having faster players, but our defense is trying to be built into a bunch of square peg blocks and is steadily getting slower on that side of the ball just from a philosophy standpoint alone.

NUFF SAID..........thats why Golden put Kirkland on the spot. Maybe Thomas told them he wasnt coming. But we got MT.

LEts not forget, our 3 best D players, 1 on the DLINE PORTER, RAY RAY ARMSTRONG, and Perryman at LB all were out or hurt, not counting all the other injuries. And VERNON LEFT TO THE DOLPHINs. so when a young Defense losees 4 starters for basically all season, IT HURTS.
WE ARE LOADED WITH YOUNG SPEED AND DEPTH NOW...WE actually Redshirted alot of kids

Calvin.....please STFU!

You are the same narcissistic doucher that used to post on Omar's old cane blog. I know this because your idiotic ramblings made no sense back then either. You used to excoriate Coker back then. When RS got the job you became a master apologist and took then attitude that poor RS is getting picked on. RS could recruit but was piss-poor with player development (see NW recruits). Now you are on here bashing Golden almost daily. If you are such a master of the inner workings of college football you should become a sports analyst and make the big money otherwise I suggest you get off the storeroom computer at Walmart and get back to cleaning the hair out of the restroom drains.

Calvin, Where was all your criticism of RS? With regards to "Bring in to many guys from out of town here and it'll take the team a lil while to start to gel." WTF does that mean?

Ed Reed was from Louisiana and Ray Lewis was from Lakeland, not the Miami area. I guess you could say they've done well.

Here is some more genius analysis from Calvin, "Right now, it's clear that goldie doesn't understand and put emphasis on getting athlete's in and using them to their strangts on defense."

Where has this genius been all along. Will someone please make contact with Donna Shalala and have her hire Calvin ASAP! The U cannot afford to miss out on his insightfulness.

If you can spare a moment from plunging the toilets at Taco Bell, could you please write a book on coaching football and the process of recruitment. I think we could all benefit from what would indeed be a literary masterpiece.

To GratefulFSUFan:

You FSU Cats are use to getting our sloppy seconds...we dump Denver and you coming running.

We've taken your women and offensive coordinator...based on the way we've abused you makes us Canes ask...is it your goal to be the Florida Gators? LMAO!

I don't believe its by chance that we get Coley as our OC from FSU, and all of a sudden our recruiting focus on Kirkland changes. Coley must have shared some inside info from FSU regarding Kirkland and when he would not commit to Barrow last night, that was the last straw.


Interesting all the comments...

How many recruiters are commenting here? I guess ZERO!

With AG's track record getting quiality kids under difficult situations (Like he has had a fair shake in his two previous Classes...), most of the naysayers here are pretty much writting off one of the things he does best...(like they got a clue!).

The U is limited here...I would expect AG knows exactly what he is doing...and has done with the last 2 Classes...

His results speak for themselves...and will continue.

You all should take a moment and compose...if AG ends up with a bad Class then you can complain...until then


Bleeding Orange & Green!

Dom, aka CANEFANTILIDIE, shouldn't U be out on Bird Rd. with Ur tin cup collecting change for the new Tropical Stadium ?

After Matt Thomas and all the others leave U at the alter signing elsewhere, please tell us, in great detail, how duh U's 'efense will be "BEASTS" "DOMINATING" and "CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER" in 2013 like U predicted they'd be in 2012.


Shannon isn't here anymore, but since you feel the need to bring him up, here we go. Shannon pulled Bryce Brown's offer and everyone had the same reaction. People didnt like Shannon because he was a horrible head coach.

I do agree our defense plays slow. It's not the Miami defense we are used to. It's going to be interesting to see how Golden handles that D this year.

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