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A timeline of the NCAA's inquiry into UM, Shapiro, his lawyer and the conduct of the enforcement staff

In case you didn't have the time to read all 52 pages of the external review committee's findings into the conduct of the NCAA enforcement committee on Monday, here's a timeline of facts and events as it pertains to the UM investigation.

It might provide a clearer picture for you of who, what, when, where and even why as we move forward in all this. 


> August 2010: Former booster Nevin Shapiro tells our Barry Jackson he's prepared to write a tell-all book that will bring the University of Miami football program down. 

> February 2011: Shapiro sends email to Rich Johanningmeier, Associate Director of Enforcement at the NCAA. Shapiro makes allegations that over nearly a 10-year period he colluded with student-athletes and coaches to provide improper benefits. The NCAA buys Shapiro a disposable cell phone and expends roughly $8,200 to fund communications with Shapiro. At one point they transfer $4,500 to his prison to pay for the communication expenses.

> April 2011: Johanningmeier makes contact for the first time with Shapiro's attorney, Maria Elena Perez, after Shapiro requests she be informed of his cooperation with the NCAA investigation.

> April 21, 2011: NCAA asks for copies of Shapiro's FBI 302 reports. A week later, Perez tells the NCAA she is not able to provide copies of the FBI 302 reports but offers to "extract the information regarding any reported NCAA violations or the like." In a email later, Perez tells the enforcement staff she can prepare summaries of Shapiro's 302 reports at a rate of $575 per hour and provide a retainer for the agreement.

> May 2011: After speaking to Shapiro for months, NCAA enforcement staff members Ameen Najjar, who heads the NCAA's investigation, and Johanningmeier meet with Shapiro in jail twice. Najjar visits alone a third time. In one visit, Shapiro provides the enforcement staff with four boxes of documents related to his allegations.

> Aug. 2011: The enforcement staff briefs NCAA President Mark Emmert for the first time in the investigation. Shortly thereafter, Johanningmeier and Najjar meet with UM President Donna Shalala to present her with a notice of inquiry.

> Aug. 15, 2011: UM equipment manager Sean Allen is interviewed for the first time. He later tells The Miami Herald and other publications he lied through his teeth in the initial interview.

> Aug. 16, 2011: Yahoo! publishes its expose of Shapiro's allegations. A day later, UM coach Al Golden said he was blind-sided by the story and had no idea when he was hired UM was facing an investigation.

> Aug. 25, 2011: UM declares 13 football players ineligible and eight serve suspensions.

> Sept. 28, 2011: Perez proposes the idea of leveraging the subpoena process in Mr. Shapiro's ongoing bankruptcy proceedings to compel certain witnesses to provide the testimony they were seeking. Perez tells Najjar that Shapiro wants to help because it helped the Bankruptcy Trustee and because it would help Shapiro "get revenge on the University of Miami and its student-athletes who had turned their back on him."

Despite the advice of the NCAA's legal staff not to retain Ms. Perez, the enforcement staff proceeds with Perez's idea. The notes from the NCAA investigation case strategy meeting suggest the Bankruptcy Trustee did not intend to depose Shapiro's former bodyguard Mario Sanchez, Allen (UM's equipment manager) or Michael Huyghue, Shapiro's business partner at Axcess Sports Agency. That evening Najjar reports the idea to Julie Roe Lach, the Vice President of Enforcement, and Tom Hosty, the managing director of enforcement.

Lach later tells the outside counsel hired by the NCAA she could not recall Najjar's email had not heard of Shapiro's lawyer before that date. Hosty said he did not know about the UM case until August 2011, but he had been briefed on interviews with Mr. Shapiro and knew of Ms. Perez prior to receiving the September 28, 2011.

> Oct. 4, 2011: Perez provides the NCAA with a written proposal to conduct depositions of nine individuals including Huyghue, Allen and Sanchez and her "expenses and legal fees" are estimated to be at $20,000.

> Oct. 10, 2011: UM's counsel of Judd Goldberg and Michael Glazier knew of Perez's proposal before it is presented to the NCAA supervisors for approval. In a conference call with Najjar and Johanningmeier they raise three concerns: 1. That Perez would leak information because she was not bound by the NCAA's confidentiality policy; 2. Perez was not trustworthy; 3. Perez was not listed as an attorney in Shapiro's bankruptcy and did not have the authority to issue the bankruptcy subpoenas.

In another email, Najjar tells Perez the NCAA only wants to depose Sanchez, Allen, Huyghue and only two other individuals of the nine mentioned in her proposal. Another person not named by Perez, but named by the NCAA is basketball booster David Leshner.

Najjar then sends an email to Lach and Hosty about hiring Perez to conduct depositions of the six individuals he previously listed and informs them it could cost roughly $20,000 for the work. Najjar tells the outside counsel later he sought approval simply for the expenditure and to get the guidance whether the arrangement was permissible under NCAA bylaws.

Hosty replies to Najjar's email that same day saying: "Most intriguing. I don't know what we can afford from costs, but this could be a creative solution for bigger breakthroughs on evidence."

Lach emails Isch to green-light the funding. She then emails Hosty to clear the proposal with Naima Stevenson, a member of the NCAA's legal staff.

> Oct. 13, 2011: Hosty forward's Najjar's email to Stevenson asking her if she saw any legal issues. She promptly reviewed the email and said it raised two concerns: 1. Only the legal staff could hire outside counsel and 2. She saw the arrangement as an effort to circumvent the limits on the NCAA's authority to compel cooperation from third parties. She emailed Najjar and Hosty to touch base so she could receive additional information regarding the proposal.

> Oct. 21, 2011: After consulting with her boss, Donald Remy, Stevenson sends an email to Najjar advising him not to use Perez in the proposed manner and offered several explanations for why she and the legal staff believed it was inappropriate.

She warns Najjar using a criminal attorney to conduct depositions would be inappropriate. "Any information obtained through such a manner for use in the NCAA process would be subject to significant scrutiny to the extent any decisions were based on that information if those decisions were to be subsequently challenged," she wrote. Lach, Hosty and Najjar explained the advice "created a significant impediment to our investigation" and asked for a meeting.

> Oct. 25, 2011: After exchanging emails, Najjar and Stevenson agree to meet to discuss the Perez proposal. Stevenson, Remy and Najjar attended the meeting. Lach participated via phone. Remy spoke during the meeting and reiterated Stevenson's message, saying they could not retain legal counsel to represent the interests of the NCAA, but could attend any public depositions or copy transcripts thereof. They also cited concern Perez's proposal could be an inappropriate circumvention of the NCAA's investigative limits. Lach later couldn't recall the meeting and said she was out of the office that day sick. But Stevenson said Lach did "appear to accept" the legal opinion.

A review of Lach's cell phone records show she received a call from the NCAA and was on the phone during that meeting for 11 minutes. Najjar later said he had no recollection of that meeting, but did recall the email of rejection.

Minutes after that meeting, Najjar sends Perez a text message saying he ran into a legal problem retaining her but "there's a way around it.

> Oct. 27, 2011: Najjar has Perez send him her tax information so she can receive payment. Less than a month later he texts her to assure her "everything was approved." Lach later says it was her understanding from emails through Najjar that her and Hosty were told the legal staff had approved the circumstances under which Perez had been retained.

> November 19, 2011: UM self imposes a bowl ban and then announces it will extend the contract of coach Al Golden through the 2019 season.

> Dec. 7, 2011: Perez provides Najjar a list of seven individuals she is prepared to depose.

> Dec. 13, 2011: Perez contacts Najjar to inform him Allen's deposition had been set for Dec. 19, 2011 and Huyghue's deposition was scheduled for Dec. 28, 2011. She also noted a deposition for Leshner on Dec. 27, 2011 and was in the process of trying to serve a fourth witness, Mario Sanchez.

Najjar and Perez also discuss the preparation of questions for the depositions. She tells Najjar that if he is unable to attend he should send questions. Although, she noted, "I believe Mr. Shapiro has all the questions covered."

> Dec. 18, 2011: Najjar provides Perez with a list of 34 areas they would like for her to "explore" with Allen. It was focused on identifying student-athletes who may have received prohibited entertainment and gifts from Shapiro. Najjar's list of areas to explore included questions such as "When Allen was employed/associated with Axcess Sports, which UM players did he recruit for Axcess and what monetary benefits did he provide or was aware were provided for them?"

UM's counsel of Goldberg and Glazier later say Najjar was reluctant to disclose information about the depositions and noted that Najjar never mentioned to them that Allen's deposition had taken place.

> Dec. 2011 to July 2012: Perez sends four invoices to the NCAA (Dec. 20, 2011; Jan. 3, 2012; Jan. 10, 2012; July 13, 2012) requesting reimbursement for court reporter fees, copying costs and conference room rental for a total of $8,467.

> May 2012: Johanningmeier retires from the NCAA. Najjar is fired. Stephanie Hannah takes over the investigation.

> July 20, 2012: Yahoo! reports links Golden to using Allen to help him recruit local players.

> Aug. 2, 2012: Perez sends nine invoices requesting payment of billatable time spent on the NCAA's investigation from Oct. 11, 2011 to July 31, 2012 at an hourly rate of $350. She requests a total payment of $57,115.

> Aug. 29, 2012: Hannah forwards Perez's email to Lach who says the NCAA agreed to pay far less, roughly $15,000.

> Sept. 18, 2012: The NCAA pays Perez for six invoices of her work, totaling $10,500.

> Sept. 28, 2012: Hannah reviews Pere'z invoices with Stevenson for the propriety of certain charges. Stevenson is surprised to learn that Najjar had retained Perez after she and Remy had told him not to. Stevenson meets with Lach and they agree to discontinue all work with Perez in the bankruptcy proceedings.

> Fall 2012: The Enforcement and Legal staff undertake a series of measures to review what happened and agree to pay Perez a final amount of $18,000. To ensure that the parties at risk of the investigation suffer no prejudice from the use of the NCAA's bankruptcy proceedings, the NCAA's Enforcement and Legal staffs decide to remove any information directly or indirectly derived from the work of Perez.

> Oct. 2012: The Legal Staff, in consultation with the NCAA President and Chief Operating Officer agree to remove evidence derived directly or indirectly from the Perez depositions. Remy explains the decision to exclude information was not based on a particular NCAA administrative Bylaw or policy, but instead inspired by the criminal law concept of excluding illegally obtained evidence and its "tainted fruits" to ensure that investigative targets are not prejudiced by any improper investigative techniques.

The staff determines any statements made by Allen in his voluntary interviews with the NCAA, both those that occurred before and after his sworn deposition, would be excluded as well the 13 subsequent interviews of others. They also determine portions of 12 additional interviews conducted after Allen's deposition would be excluded.

> Late November 2012: UM self imposes another bowl ban and announces it will also skip the ACC championship game in football.

> Jan. 11, 2013: The enforcement staff notifies UM and the subject parties of its conduct involving Perez and its decision to exclude any evidence directly or indirectly derived from them.

> Jan. 22, 2013: NCAA retains Cadwalader to conduct an outside investigation of its NCAA enforcement staff and its conduct with Perez.

> Jan. 23, 2013: The NCAA holds a press conference and issues a press release describing the enforcement staff's missteps in conjunction with Perez.

> Feb 18, 2013: Cadwalaer attorneys release their 52-page finding to the public. Lach is fired from the NCAA.

Based upon the review of over 75 interview transcripts and voluminous other records (including bank accounts, receipts, photographs and other records) it is the opinion of Cadwalaer the NCAA's investigative record on UM is not based on evidence that was improperly derived directly or indirectly from the depositions done by Perez. The outside hired counsel estimates 20 percent of the case against UM has been tossed out.

Emmert says the NCAA will continue with its case against Miami and there will be no settlement. He says the Committee on Infractions will have to determine the validity of the case.

UM President Donna Shalala releases a statement firing back at the NCAA, showing signs for the first time in the 22-month investigation the school may actually be digging in its heels for a fight and taking legal action. Shalala says in her statement she wants a quick resolution to the matter.


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Enough already, The NCAA is a totally corrupt group of self absorbed bullies, who should be dissolved for a elected group from all confrences and schools who make laws and oversee punishments, so there is some sort of effort put in to resolveing all cases instead of this total mockery of justice that has happend with UM, I mean 2+ years and counting??? and they will continue the case?? I have 1 old statement for the N-C-A-A Piss, Sh-t, or GET OFF THE POT! --- LOSERS....

Absolute power has done it usual job of corrupting
the NCAA. They are no longer moraly qualified to carry on their "job". They should disqualify themselves from judginbg UM and vacete their tainted information.
If UM required correction, it has self imposed it.
Let the Student Body go. Two years of punishment is
more than they deserve.

The NCAA stands for National Commie Athletic Assoc. Their motto is "Do as I say, not as I do" I see a collapse of the NCAA and it tight fisted leadership. Now it looks like they are on a vendetta to ruin the good name of the University of Miami. They want to hang their hat on the testimony of a convicted felon, wow, what a vindictive organization. And, Shalala and Emmert are friends, another wow, friends like that, who needs enemies. The U has done it's time, let's get on with life and go out and win the ACC. Go Canes!

If this was a criminal case the case would be thrown out and the NCAA would be under criminal investigation. Instead they just get a do over, give me a break.

I think anybody with a brain would agree that some of our kids crossed the line (Dinners, parties, a boat ride, etc... (All kid stuff and minor in nature and done in every backyard, in every lake, in every small town and at every University in the country). But that line is minor in nature, compared to the NCAA's approved method to chase, collaborate and collect damaging info, just to get credibility to crucify and chastise Miami, is a despicable act that far out weighs Miami's guilt...

End this madness now !

I am surprised they didn't mention anything about the PEDs. That is coming next, primos.

The NCAA is guilty of the same principals that they castigated Penn State of. "Might Is Right" regardless of circumstance.
Their absolute power has gotten so out of control, that they truly believe that the aims of the Association are above all moral and ethical principals.


Did you read the Herald's statement on their commenting policy? This blog should require people to sign in, maybe not Facebook profiles but at least having to register one email with one username to comment.

I would prefer no comments section in the Miami Hurricanes blog to the embarrassing, obsessive trolling back and forth here.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website."

ncaa has decided to not allow testimony from the perez deposition, that is all....nothing that was done was illegal or in violation of any laws or bylaws....read the report....whtever UM does legally will be foolish....the best thing to do is let it die...whats done is done

ncaa will move forward now with what they have and I believe be consistant with their notice of allegations compared to what they have done penalty wise in the past.....

the real issue is the coaching staff....spinning out of control...what is the AD's reponse to this?

Turns out that the NCAA provided Shapiro with over $4,000 in funds to be used in the commisarry in order to enable them the use of a cell phone to communicate with him....He could tell them anything by phone...

One of the keys in analyzing data is to check body language, deportment, and eye movement..Missing by the NCAA.

What a lousy job of using lazy technique in corroborating fact from fiction.

The whole thing is tainted..

Donna you are right..Enough is enough.
The U has been patient and the 'Canes fans have had enough...The Statute of Limitations have run out on our Patience with the NCAA.
Let's go.
Go 'Canes

Gallo what are you talking about ? Let it die? They have been dragging this thing along for 2 and a half years now. By listening to your idiotic logic it's cut and dry, if that were the case it would not take this long to tell us what the allegations are. A known liar and con man sitting in prison is their key witness, in any other court in America this would be thrown out of court.Go Canes

Alot of people have to realize, the argument of "they are taking the story from a convicted felon sitting in prison, so everything should be thrown out" that's not a valid argument, that's how alot courts get testimony by prison informants cause alot of Truth come out once people start sitting behind those walls.

Now will they be able to corroborate what he's saying, well, some of that had to be from allen the other stuff would have to be by players, which the players haven't been talking much except for the sell outs like kyle wrong who should've never been here in the first place, waste of schalorship we lost many games with him and may lose other things while he's gone. Either way, this case is kind of funny when you look at it though.

Let the good times roll, this distraction though won't distract me away from the fact that none of this investigation crap has anything to do with the piss poor defensive scheme being run here. 117th in the nation @ Miami is the main thing that needs to be brought up before the infractions committee, everything else is just minor!

Leave mario cristobal alone, if some came along and offered most of you the opportunity to triple how much money you're making right now, i got 99.5% of this board hauling azzssszzzz! Going from around $175,000 to $500,000 is a big jump, especially after he was making more than james coley at one point, than to see james coley come in and make $500K, happy for em but now somebody comes along and offer you $500K, tell UM i'll be back, just not this year. blame chip kelly, mario was going to be leaving either after this year or soon anyway, to much potential to be relegated to being just a tight-ends coach.

And why is these people reporting on the situation keep saying mario is taking the same job at bama as he had at UM, lol, reporting has become more pathetic by the day.

Coaching staff spiraling out of control?

WTF are you talking about Gallo, our OC got hired to be an OC in the NFL, we signed FLORIDA STATE's OC away to replace him!

First, we find that no NCAA employee knowingly violated a specific bylaw or law. While the Enforcement Staff may have disregarded the advice of the Legal Staff in proceeding with the proposal, they do not appear to have violated any written NCAA rule. We have also found no apparent violation of the Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, or Bankruptcy Court orders by
NCAA staff.5

let it die.....

Calvin I totally agree with you about Mario , I have no problem with his career move but as far as Shapiro is concerned he was not sitting "behind those walls " anytime at all when he started this BS. He decided and he said it, I am goig to take Miami down. Stricly revenge and spite. How does anyone believe a man who made his living by lying? He lied and cheated people out of hundreds of millions of dollars by lying but they think he's telling the truth now all of a sudden, what a bunch of crap. I would have believed Hitler if he told me he loved the Jews before I would Shapiro.Go Canes


Let it die????

F*ck off Jim Gallo, you're clearly not a UM fan.

ga cane: If you and everyone else including shalala believe that UM will can have its day in court.

1. Appeal to the Infractions Appeals Committee
2. Bring a civil complaint directly against the ncaa

so put up or shut up....dont have shalala come out to the media then change her attitude and say " after careful discussion with our legal department, UM has decided not to pursue or stuff like that"

let it die and move forward...fire golden in the mean time

Nobody cares what Gallo or Calvin say. Both are dumba55es and their posts are garbage.

Calvin + Gallo= Garbage.

This NCAA investigation is fraudulent.

Any piece of information could have been obtained fraudulently. So - we are supposed to take their word that the rest was obtained ethically? Wait one minute!

UM should demand legally that the NCAA OPEN up its books for public knowledge on this information. The NCAA will not do that. This opens up a whole legal can of worms because the NCAA has no oversight. Emmert has no oversight. I agree this is communism at its best. In america?

The NCAA has gotten too large too powerful. It is a grotesquely bureaucratic institution.

I agree with MMe Shalala. Love her or not, her statement was a powerful brave, pro-cane statement. It tells the NCAA- enough of your dirty machinations. Shalala just kicked Emmert in the balls. Emmert should be a man, reorganize things and dismiss this case. It is cowardly to say- its out of my hands and it will go to the committee of infarctions. Coward. spineless jelly fish/

The NCAA clearly, based on this timeline and Emmerts ststement, has had a vendetta against the U- have they pulled this crap when investigating others? This is a vendetta.

Makes me love the U more.

Makes me want to donate more money.

Eff the world.

Its the world against the U. My U

GALLO+CALVIN = 5 minutes of your life wasted reading their crap that you can't get back....

Don't waste your life, if you see "Jim Gallo" or "Calvin" at the bottom of the post, just scroll past. Don't waste your life like i have my Canes friends...

idiot boy..that is the finding of Cadwalader...page 50. C General Findings

So whatever argument about perez's involvement in the bankrupycy proceedings are irrelevent.....before the deposition she was fully compliant as an officer of the bankruptcy

page 37

"Despite their awareness of the depositions, the U. Miami attorneys made no effort to prevent the NCAA from taking these depositions, after the initial reservations they expressed in October. When asked
in an interview why they kept silent after October, the attorneys explained that they did not want to appear uncooperative or to look like they were standing in the way of the truth. "

the UM attorneys thought there was nothing wrong with what perez was doing after najjir provided documentation that perez could participate in the bankruptcy.....OK, so

let is die.....

all talk and no action....just like golden/dnofrio....the whole administration and coaching staff have no idea what they are doing.....rookies.....

ncaa did UM a favor by purging the record of the perez depositions....shut up and let it die and be thankful...

A lot of unanswered/unasked questions remain:
-What about the threatening letters which were sent out to former players AFTER the NCAA realized they had crossed the line in their investigation? Is that a legitimate tactic in Emmert's eyes? He dodged the question so apparently the answer is yes.
-What about the FBI 302 files that Perez offered to redact for the NCAA?? Were those files turned over to NCAA and were they the basis for any of the facts found in the case??? If Perez said she could not hand them over, there appears to be a serious issue with paying her to redact (manufacture??) the files and turn them over to the NCAA. This is a question that no one seems to be asking.
-How many suspensions and penalties that UM has already taken were based on the tainted case?

No one is suggesting that Miami did not have any problems here in this case. Shalala should lose her job every bit as much as Emmert should. That photo of her with Shapiro in the bowling alley just says it all. The bottom line here is that Miami has taken steps to self-impose penalties comensurate of what it has been accused of, which is far above and beyond what can actually be proven. Further the NCAA is in no position to impose judgement or penalties upon any institution when it so demonstrably is not in control of itself. Lastly and most importantly, anyone with a brain and a set of eyeballs can see that the NCAA, from day one, set out on this case with vindictive intent to damage the University of Miami, at any cost. They have used any tactic they could think of to delay, spread rumor and falsehoods, slander and manipulate the court of public opinion against the Univerisity. It has come to the point that neither their integrity, intent, nor judgement can be trusted by any serious person and any further attempt to damage, manipulate or punish the University must be viewed in this light.

I read the report on pdf file. It's extensive and the investigators looking for a way around the legal staff's advice of not retaining Ms Perez shows that they wanted to nail Miami at all costs. In that report, it states that Ms Perez went for her Bankruptcy court qualifications AFTER she proposed to subpoena the people the NCAA wanted copies of the FBI 302 reports that she couldn't give them (in the report it says that both she and posibbly the NCAA would've been held in contempt of court if they went the 302 report route). She wasn't initially qualified to subpoena people in Bankruptcy proceedings, she got her qualifications strictly to help the NCAA and line her law firms pockets with cash from the NCAA (her invoices totaled $57k). Thats probably why she obtained outside counsel after the Florida Bar Association opened an inquiry into whether her tactics were unethical. This is not close to being over for her, Miami, or the NCAA.

So the administration self imposes a bowl ban in November of 2011 (at end of season, then doesn't consider any type of self-sanction until late November of 2012 when they realize the team ain't going very far (FSU would've drubbed them in the ACCCG). And that's contrition?

Why aren't they self-imposing any bans on the b-ball team....oh yeah, because they are a legit final 4 team.

UM is as contrite about this whole thing as Nevin is about his own misdeeds.

UM will come out on top of this.

ESPN already has 2 editorials coming out forcefully against the NCAA and Emmert. Citing the obvious hypocrasy of an organization that likes to punish programs for infractions committed by lower level staff and without knowledge by head coaches and administration. But Emmert clearly sidesteps any reporter's questions about his "lack of control" over his own staff. The hypocrisy is obvious as daylight in front of the reporters and Emmert is squirming like an Indiana pig that he is. Scared for his job.

The tide of opinion is clearly swinging in UM's favor. There's talk now that NCAA may try to ban UM's basketball team from post-season play. The Cinderellas of NCAAB 2013 are about to be executed by a corrupt NCAA organization. That's not looking good for the NCAA.

And remember one VERY IMPORTANT fact. The NCAA is RUN by the Presidents of all participating NCAA college programs. That makes Shalala one of its members. And the President of Penn State, UNC, USC, Ohio State, and every other college program that has been punished by the NCAA.

Emmert's job is dependent on how the public opinion swings on their conduct. And it's already looking pretty bad when ESPN is coming out swinging against them.

I predict there will be major actions, including Emmert being fired, and UM being given their notice of allegations and a quick ruling. ANd that ruling will be: "no further punitative action. case closed."

I'll take bets....

Gallo be thankful for what exactly? Care to elaborate?Go Canes

Pennsylvania THE STATE is suing the NCAA for it's over-the-line ruling against PSU.

Can the NCAA afford UM suing them for corruption as well?

I don't think so.

How about USC, UNC, and OSU opening lawsuits against them to explore what other "unethical" behavior may have been committed during those investigations?

The NCAA is facing potentially a tidal wave of law suits against it.

Or it can drop the Miami case, tuck it's tail and slink away into its hole.

The University Presidents who oversee the NCAA will have lots to say about it i'm sure.

Donna is a great chess-player. She an Iranian-American woman who is 5'1'' and has worked under President Bush I and Clinton and was the longest serving HHS head. That's one powerfully intelligent woman and i wouldn't too easily disregard her power or her political connections. You can make fun of her and disregard her, but i sure as hell wouldn't. She'd crush Emmert like a grape whenever she wants.

A smart poker player doesn't reveal their hand early in the game boys. You hide your ace until you're ready to bust the opponent.

1. WestCoastCane and the VAST MAJORITY, bUt not all, of Miami brutes be bloody gUllible and naive. IF they believe the N.C.A.A. is going to IMMEDIATELY put an end, to their SHADY and NEFARIOUS investigation of the University of Miami, Florida pigskin program. Eh. What say.

2. From the get go, the N.C.orrupt A.A. main line, ABSOLUTE, objective was to STICK IT up the Hurricane football program's " U KNOW WHAT! " See sanctions and penalites so SEVERE, that the Cane football program would NEVER recover from. Get the freak outta heres', outsider.
Unfortunately, the VAST MAJORITY, but not all, of Cane fandom were just to gUllible to realize that.

3. And finally, once again Mr. Cote bloody well SPEAKS TRUTH TO POWER bout' that UNCREDIBLE college sports institution.
And I dig how Mr. Cote throws in the CORRUPT punch. When refering to that DESPICABLE body of Good Ol' Boys. Albeit " college educated " Good Ol' Boys. dUh.
Because IMPARTIAL and CORRUPT is absolutely what this college sports organization is, when it comes to it's dealings with the University of Miami, Florida football program.
In other words, the N.C.A.A. has ALWAYS looked at Miami as an OUTSIDER college football program. And ALWAYS will!
Too bad the vast majority of Cane rUffians NEVER had the THIRD EYE to realize that. Eh. What say.
Bon jour et Bon soir

WestCoastCane and the VAST MAJORITY of Huricane fandom just don't REALIZE the degree of ANIMOSITY the N.C.A.A. has for the Miami pigskin program.
Otherwise, how do these Cane brUtes explain TWO and ONE-HALF years of questionable investigation. dUh. Eh. What say.

No siree y'all Cane good ol' boys. Their absolutely WON'T be a swift conclusion to the ongoing probe of Miami. Bloody well guarantee it!!!

Gallo’s (Curse) act is something you witness thousands of times a day on stock (equities) message boards such as Yahoo!

These malcontents are known as paid bashers who act as though they are real fans of the company they are posting about by starting out with mostly positive comments, but as time passes they begin to institute their real intent with negative comments weaved into most every post that are designed to damage the company.

In Gallo’s (Curse) case it is clear he is following the paid basher template to a “T”. The only difference in his case is he’s not being compensated for his work and only doing this act day and night because he is mentally disturbed. Most all of these cretins are so mentally disturbed they only derive pleasure from arguing with people and being insulted and called names.

Adding credence to my conclusion is that Gallo (Curse) claims to be associated in some way in the field of equities, which I believe and this makes him familiar with the stock basher approach.

Finally, do you know of any Miami fan that is non-stop defending and arguing on behalf of the NCAA claiming what they have done is appropriate? Of course not! Gallo (Curse) has reached a frustration level where he can no longer maintain his phony…I’m a Miami Fan persona…and his hate for the Canes now oozes out in all of his ignorant posts.

D: stopping watching the splooge coming out of your "third eye" while you stroke the chicken. Maybe you posts will make more sense. but i doubt it.

Gallo is a lonely old man who's only enjoyment in life is to dedicate his ENTIRE day predicting the doom of the The U football program. And he sounds like Golden spurned his love interests and is now a disgruntled wanna-be girlfriend.

Everytime i read Gallo, i feel sorry for the man.

Sad old fool on a keyboard.


At least J.T.F. has a great degree of CREDENCE! Too bad that westcoastcane BLOVIATES too much FLATULENCE.

WestCoastCane and the vast majority of HIS Cane rUffain, henchmen, be so bloody GULLIBLE! That they still believe, that college football PUBLIC OPINION ( Media-nexus ) is going to sway that college sports body of IMPECCABLE, ethical standards. Literally LMFAO

Bon jour et Bon soir

Jim: all perez was missing was the training test...

"Ms. Perez replied the following day, explaining that she was able to depose individuals in connection with Mr. Shapiro’s bankruptcy proceedings through Bankruptcy Rule 2004 and providing several Bankruptcy Court documents relating to that authority. (Exhibit 10). Approximately one week later, Ms. Perez sent an email confirming that upon completion of a training session for Bankruptcy Court filings, she would be
permitted to file subpoenas in the federal Bankruptcy"

perez was fully compliant to do the deposition and get paid after....I have read it also on pdf a few times....all that really happened is the legal department was ignored on both its advise and hiring ability....no law or by law was broken

if you ask me it was a clever "out of the box" thinking way of getting sworn testimony from third-party witnesses who refused to be interviewed or who gave seemingly false or incomplete information in their unsworn interviews.

Anyone else starting to think miami should sue the lawyer for shapiro. Looks like she was covering up alot of stuff to make miami look bad. This woman has no buisness being an attorney.

gacane: because sworn testimony in federal court from individuals outside of shaprio with supplemental documentation is very powerful....all that got purged from the ncaa record....

be thankful...but again, if you have the balls that you and shalala think you have....I expect you to sue for damages....then those transcripts will come in...either put up or shut up

let is die and move on

The Wall Street movie character, Gordie Geeko, said GREED is the Americain way.
Well, the N.C.A.A. says it GREAT to be " low down and dirty " with it's shady, investigation of the University of Miami, Florida football program. Eh. What say.
Bon jour et Bon soir

Playing the guessing game. Moi is thinking Miami will be banned from a bowl game in 2013, and Goldie will LOSE at least TEN or ELEVEN scholarsips in 2014.
Because that's how the N.C.A.A. deals with Miami. Be it pass, now or forever.

Ok....thats a better idea, lets waste money that could go on into the athletic department for equipment or better coaches and give it to attorneys to sue the ncaa in a case that UM will loose anyways

really good idea, lol

Moi thinks youre a dooshbag.

USC didnt self impose. They got two.

Miami self imposed plus they self imposed the ACCch (lost of $ lost including TV revenue)plus they have limited scholies plus they have sat out several players for several games plus said players have paid back or returned the alleged money they took.

No way the NCAA can save face by punishing Miami further

This is going to explode in they faces

Calvin + Gallo= Shapiro

Gallo’s (Curse) act is something you witness thousands of times a day on stock (equities) message boards such as Yahoo!

These malcontents are known as paid bashers who act as though they are real fans of the company they are posting about by starting out with mostly positive comments, but as time passes they begin to institute their real intent with negative comments weaved into most every post that are designed to damage the company.

In Gallo’s (Curse) case it is clear he is following the paid basher template to a “T”. The only difference in his case is he’s not being compensated for his work and only doing this act day and night because he is mentally disturbed. Most all of these cretins are so mentally disturbed they only derive pleasure from arguing with people and being insulted and called names.

Adding credence to my conclusion is that Gallo (Curse) claims to be associated in some way in the field of equities, which I believe and this makes him familiar with the stock basher approach.

Finally, do you know of any Miami fan that is non-stop defending and arguing on behalf of the NCAA claiming what they have done is appropriate? Of course not! Gallo (Curse) has reached a frustration level where he can no longer maintain his phony…I’m a Miami Fan persona…and his hate for the Canes now oozes out in all of his ignorant posts.

If you count Gallo+Calvin+D posts, they post more than all other Canes fans combined....

What a joke. I think the Miami Herald pays them to be on here the mess with Canes fans so we can keep the blog active.

Hell they could actually be Manny and Susan considering how little effort these "journalists" actually put into writing about UM sports.

Even the Gators have more solid sports reporting from their redneck town paper than the Herald and Sunsentinel combined. Pathetic.

Miami could use a legit sports news website with writers on par with Ira Winderman-- now that guy is the kind of sports writer the Canes need.

Miami should sue for the value of two bowls, an ACC championship game and damages in recruiting / reputation. The NCAA needs to be smacked down a peg or two.

What evidence was found at the bankruptcy trial that has the administration so riled up??? In the interest of time why can't we just acknowledge whatever it is that was found at the b-ruptcy proceedings and move on. Another year of protest, pushback, rumbling, and stumbling means another year of clouds and suspicion. Let's get on with this already!

making money totay kid....long the market, we are going higher...

The best Canes sports writer we ever had was Dan La Batard. I remember reading him when i was still at UM in undergrad. Man that dude wrote classic articles on the Canes. Too bad he's moved on to ESPN and irrelevance.

The last good writer who spent lots of time at UM to get good scoops every week was Omar Kelly who's moved on to Dolphins reporting.

Then came Shandell SUCKass-son... what a clown that guy was. Totally could tell he hated covering the Canes. He didn't last.

Now its Manny. Shows absolutely no interest in the Canes. Clearly does little to no work to really dig around for good info on the Canes.

The Miami Herald is better off paying a journalism student from UM to write their Canes blog than wasting their money on Manny and Susan.

" If you count Gallo+Calvin+D posts, they post more than all other Canes fans combined.... " w.c.c. FLATULENCE mouth

The MISNOMER quote above bloody well PROVES the MINIMAL, bandwagon, fairYweather fandom of Miami football. That's all.

Because IF this were the Nebraska or say Oklahoma pigskin programs wearing Ibis' oversized shoes. The posts amount would be TEN TIMES the total, one peruses in this here Cane forUm. dUh.

In other words, Go Big Red and or Boomer Sooner fandom sure nough' be LOYAL to their repsective pigskin programs!! aU contraire to the FICKLE, bandwagon Hurricane brUtes!!

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