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ACC releases 2013 football schedule for Miami Hurricanes and all league teams


The Atlantic Coast Conference schedule is out.

The Hurricanes will face FSU in Tallahassee on Saturday, Nov. 2.

The Canes open and close the season on a Friday! They open at Sun Life against FAU. They close at new ACC Coastal member Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 29. The Pitt game will be nationally televised by ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.

UM doesn't leave the state until Thursday night, Oct. 17, at North Carolina.

Virginia Tech comes to Sun Life for the second year in a row - this time on Nov. 9.

UM's open dates are Sept. 14 and Oct. 12.

The Sept. 14 date, a Saturday, falls on the holiest day of the year for Jews -- Yom Kippur.

Here's the sched (we still don't know times):



Sept. 7: FLORIDA

Sept. 14: OPEN


Sept. 28: @South Florida


Oct. 12: OPEN

Oct. 17 (Thu.): @North Carolina


Nov. 2: @Florida State


Nov. 16: @Duke


Nov. 29 (Fri.): @Pittsburgh

Home games in CAPS

So, what do you all think?

I think it's a terrific schedule if you're a Canes fan, other than a game that promises to be FREEZING cold on Nov. 29. But I've seen the Canes take care of business at Pitt in the freezing cold before.






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Greetings Fellow Canes

I like this schedule. I was looking at the FSU schedule for comparison and theirs is almost identical. The out of conf FSU schedule is:

09/14 - Nevada
09/21 - Bethune-Cookman
11/23 - Idaho
11/30 - at Florida

We share Florida as an opponent and I believe that FAU, Sav St and USF are about equivalent to Nev, BCU and Idaho.

Also because we didn't play in a bowl game, we missed almost a month's worth of practices to end the year. So the the fact we have easy opponents (except UF) and open dates to start the schedule is probably a good thing for our team to develop and get used to the new coaches and the new team mates before we get into the meat of the schedule.

Also FSU has to play Clemson while we have to play UNC. While both are tough, I would rather play UNC next year rather than a top 10 Clemson team. With the RB Bernard gone, I like our chances @ UNC.

I think our D Line will have had an extra year to bulk up and hopefully with Porter healthy,I think we will have at least a descent front 7 unlike last year. I am a little worried about Fisch being gone because I loved his play calling.

Too early to call, but I would be happy with a 9 win season. It would be quite an upgrade over last season.
Looking forward to spring practice.

Go Canes!

Gallo, the canes can easily lose to UF, FSU and still only have 1 conf loss and will play for the acc champ game with a 10-2 record by losing to those teams. That would mean we went und in conf play. So, considering all the negative pub, I am ok at 10-2 and acc champ game. Do we have a shot at 12-0, yes......

This is the best offense we have put out there since the 04 orange bowl maybe... Top 5 qb, top rb, top 3 oline, top te's in country, and top 3 depth at wr inc 2 of the top 47 overall players in the country at wr coley and griffin, and juco #1 TE Sandland.


SF Cane, I agree. We are loaded on offense though. We also lost many LB's last year, 4 star raphael kirby hurt in preseason, sr lb ramon buchanan was out for yr after injury, and our best LB perryman missed much time with injuries. so with dlineman hurt, then missing your top 3 lbs's, you get the ranking on D we got. Many of these guys on here neglect to look at the young guys that played and were overmatched.

Now 9-10 wins would be great, but we can easily be a No Dame this year and win the close ones. FSU has a new QB n lost a ton of defense, UF lost like 30 seniors, so those are winnable games.........

We are also adding to the Dline the espn juco 100 Dt/DE Komalu, the #1 DE in NJ who dominated Alquaddin Muhammed ,and 17 sacks in Juco Devonte bond...plus with a healthy Dline, D should be easily top 40(I know thats not U standards, but its an upgrade)

I can not believe how bad you guys are getting trolled by this gallo guy. Scroll by his nonsense. Calvin on the other hand truly believes his drivel. The guy is a shannon slurper personified. His "305" mindset earned him the nick name Hood Squatch on another Cane board. Well deserved i might add.....

THE U, the Gallos of the world are all scared the Canes are almost back. With the talent we have on this roster, by the 1st playoffs in 2014 season we should be a top 5 team. PERIOD. We are loaded with All americans at almost every position on offense(or future all americans), just added per tom luginbill on ESPN the BEST TIGHT END CLASS IN HISTORY OF RECRUITING since they started these web sites. Thats huge. The 4-5 scholarship qbs now, rb depth, wr depth, oline should be top 3, and top 5 qb...... That alone will keep us in every game.
Again, with a healthy roster returning plus the Juco guys added to D, that mirage season will b history. We have possibly the best 4 Dbs in the nation by 2014, maybe next yr, Tracy Howard and Deon Bush , add Carter and Burns, add #1 De Muhammed, Juco Pass rushers, and healthy robinson and porter plus the freshman Dt's from last year, and Perryman healthy at LB, we are LOADED..
Maybe a year away for a title, yea, but can easily be in the hunt in 2013..... 2014 team will be really loaded

I think if kids were worried about sanctions, we wouldnt have gotten after signing day the 4th best player in Texas Derrick Griffin a hybrid wr/te, Mr Football in Tennessee and Dukes new backup at RB Elder, and 23rd best player in VA(lockley). ...

Yo Cane Trash

Yo chUmps what's it gonna be?
I'm giving U 8 wins automatic
I'm being conservative
But Golden Retriever has a history of losing to a few cupcakes every year

Yo I'm am not Gallo, but I agree with him on this:
dom is an idiot

Yo U still arguing over FAU being 1A?
Like it matters dUmmies
Like they may as well be a high school team
Like most of the teams U play sUck

Yo no star defensive player wants to play for Donofrio and his #117 squad. They will continue to go to FSU, UF and the SEC

Yo Golden Retriever Ur honeymoon is almost over chUmp
U engineer a worthless schedule, even by ACC standarsd, U better win at least 8
No excUses dUmmy

Yo my tarp business is gonna go thru the roof
Sold out of the Friday night FAU tarp already
Got some left for GT
Savannah State going like hotcakes
No tarp needed for the Florida game
Got a big order in for Wake tough
Virgina tarp is also ready to go
Yo this will break the (lack of) attendance all time record
Ur rent a stadium covered with my tarp
Fitting for a bunch of losers

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Yo Canetrash you got a Tarp big enough for your mouth?Hpe so and hope you use it.Go Canes

Gallo's reply to his latest pack of lies; "nope....bostwick, kirkland and collins all said it was the coaches...."

Gallo, that's not what you said in this very thread, you said it was because of the Canes schedule during your latest moron rant attacking the program.

Furthermore, your pathalogical lying continues as not one of those kids blamed the Miami coaches or cited them as the reason they signed with other schools...just another one of your lies!

Once again, ClUeless DelUsional Cane ClUcks spouting off about yet another 10 Win Season for the last 10 years...

Another year of giving up 500 yards and 40+ points a game is the only absolute for U in 2013.

7 Wins... NO D-TACKLES... No ACC 'Ship game and a meaningless December nut or yard tool Bowl game against a fiddy/fiddy unranked scrUb team again is Ur fUture.


LOADED ....just still young.

Posted by: Dom | February 25, 2013 at 06:37 PM

And there U have it... DelUsional and the excUses have started on Feb. 26 th.

Soldy aka gallo aka canetrash aka clueless stoopid pathologic gaytor wannabe cane:

Miami will beat UF
Final record will be 10-2. i think they could lose to FSU and gatech. Butthey will play in the acc ch, and will win. 11-2. Then they will play in a BCS bowl and win and finish 12-2, ranked 5 in the country and ready to shock the world in 2014.

Haters take cover. You pathetic losers will eat your words and crawl back into your holes... Or trailers

Dom, if they ever make a remake of this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1228953/ U could be it's Star.

Big "d[]_[]mb" Fan

I dont care if the "U" loses every game as long as they beat Floriduh. FSU would be nice too but I cant stand Floriduh.

Hello little stepchildren, allow me to chime in and join the dis functional party.
Some clueless idiot compared the FSU schedule to yours and said they were identical. On the road at Clemson and Florida are two games you cannot compare. You get UF at home, not the same.
Only tough game for you sissies is when you come over the Doak. Apart from that you have nothing.
I think trash man is being nice to you demanding only 8 wins, you better get at least 10 wins.
So the expectations are set. 10 wins, the coastal div, then getting abused in the ACC ship by your Daddy up North. No OB game, no BCS game.

Like Soldy said: December nut or yard tool Bowl game against a fiddy/fiddy unranked scrUb team again is Ur fUture."
As long as your Daddy up North is around that's as close as you stepchildren get.
At least you will experience the ACC ship game, something to look forward to.

Remember the ACC is ruled by the Atlantic, the Coastal is for wannabes.

Al Golden is back in Uganda scouting some more TEs. He is building the African wall brick by brick.
He is going to sign the # 298 player in Nairobi next. I think he is either a WR or RB/Kick Return man.
Some of these TEs will make the switch to defense in the fall. Donofrio just got Rossetta Stone to learn several African dialects so he can coach up all the TE converts to DT.
With the new schedule coming out we will win at least 11 games, the ACC ship, Orange Bowl and compete for the NC this coming year.
We are loaded.
Especially at the TE position.
It's good to be a cane.

Ur idioots. All I said is he is in the JUCO 100 regardless of position. 7.5 sacks last year-Komalu. eff yourselves. golden just signed espns #33 player last week, 4th best player in texas and 2 time mr football in tennessee after signing day.

last time I check miami leads the all time record over FSU by a wide margin......or a decent margin, and they will come to tallahassee and spank FSU this year.....What has jimbo done in 3-4 years??? beat 6 loss ga tech barely in acc title game and played Northern Illinois??? oooohhhh

Au contraire to what the bloody lot of Canespace/eoth brUtes have to opine on Miami's relatively difficult schedule this season. Goldie's squad will surely lose FOUR GAMES during the 2013 regular season. dUh. Eh. What say.

Simply because it's EASY to SEE-r that Miami's D-coordinator will be the Cane ACHILLES HEEL, again! Get outta' heres' outsider, Bozo.

Are y'all Cane rUffians feeling moi... are y'all canespace ZOMBIES hearing moi! YOUR D' Onofrio will absolutely be Miami's ACHILLES HEEL in '13!! And don't y'all ever forget that!!!

Yeah, yeah any Simple bUbba major college football fandom knows the Hurricanes will improve on defense. Albeit the improvement won't be of the QUANTUAM LEAP sort of improvement. Thus, enter one Marky Mark D'Onofrio. Eh.

Nonetheless, an absolute 8-4 regular campaign ain't the end of the universe for Hurricane bUbba. dUh.

Oh, the major college pigskin nation will peruse, the type of LAME ARSE, PASSIVE/aggresive, SOFT defense Miami' has when the MIGHTY Gators roll into THIRD-WORD SoFlordia.

Bon jour et Bon soir



Haters take cover. You pathetic losers will eat your words and crawl back into your holes... Or trailers

Posted by: 5>3>2 | February 26, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Why is that the host of canespace/EOTH Cane bUbba's are all Giddy bout' their BELOVED defense-LESS coordinator. Seriously y'all Hurricane brUtes.

Because any sane-minded major college pigskin Good Ol' Boy, cane SEE-r the ALBATROOS hanging on Goldie's skinny neck. Be Albert's DECADES-long fraternity brother. Enter one Marky Mark " I don't give a freak' bout' no Cane bUbba's " D' Onofrio.

Nonetheless, a 8-4 winning season is respectable for Miami this season.

Bottom line is as long as Marky Mark is hanging around Green Lawn. Miami will NEVER return to Top 10 status. Let alone Top 15/16 college football status!! Eh. What say.

The major college pigskin bubba has to feel for the bloody CLAN of Cane good ol' boy's. Seriously fella's. or, is that sure nough' good ol' brUtes.

Because the vast majority, but not all, of Hurricane bUbba's be so GULIIBLE and what not when it comes to their beloved defensive coordinator. dUh.

Bon jour et Bon soir

Irrelvent? how about fsu and uf have combined I believe 1 undefeated season in their programs histories, gators ZERO.....miami won the 04 orange bowl, the 05 chick fill a vs the gators, they have been down that long. coker had horrible recruiting and shannon was a 1st time coach at a major program.
2. Golden landed many DT's in last years class and a few in his 1st class and theres alot of DT depth. Chick is prob moving to DT, and Komalu plays DT, 12 class had Ivery, Eddie Moore, 1 more DT I believe

What a motley crew of characters inhabit this blog! Contrary to a lot of you I think most of this banter is very funny indeed, unless you are the subject of much abuse as dom is.
I welcome all rivals for earnest conversation and trash talk. So bring it on CaneKiller and your Noles but do come back and eat crow when we beat you this year.
And all the Gators here, Soldy and Canetrash. We will settle this soon on Sept 7th. But do come back and apologize when we run you out of town come Sept 7th.
Between now and then go ahead and run your mouths, you got nothing else to do.
We will be better than last year and we get the chance to beat both our State rivals in the same season.
Bring it on Canes!

Miramar is dead on. Miami has more offensive talent than UF and FSU combined #1 and #2 the D had injuries to 6-7 starters minus the early nfl enrollees, and you get what U get....Alabama went 7-6 under Saban in his 1st year and he didnt have sanctions hanging over him. All this smack talk of the canes but golden has brought in a top 10, and now #11 on 247 sports for 2013 , the team is loaded with athletes across the board.

UF n FSU fans dont know what its like to win like the U has, to go undefetated in 2-3 years in a row multiple times as mentioned, UF has never ever gone 12-0 even with their 3 rings and teabags, all 3 seasons had 1 loss..... and FSu could never beat miami, at 1 point miami won like 7 of 8 or something like that from 80s to 90s and its been fairly even in this decade so i dont know where the FSU smack comes from. Dumbo has 2 extra yrs and no sanctions where golden has had to deal with crap

Lets see the new qb this year at fsu

You put Alquaddin Muhammed on 1 end next to chickillo(if he doesnt move to DT) and the LB's are all healthy(Raphael Kirby, Perryman), with a secondary inc tracy howard, deon bush, burns, carter, and porter and robinson starting at DT and miami has a solid team. Now has depth also...........

Besides not even Alabama will have the offensive talent miami has in 2013. FACT. Go position by position,,,,,,,

Yo Cane Trash

Yo dom the dUmb clUck says U got tons of depth at DT
Then he says Golden Retriever has an African Wall and he is bringing in more TEs
U can't make this stuff up
Amazing the level of delUsion and ignorance
dom the delUded ignoramus is back

Yo miramarmaggot U pretend to be all nice but U r just the same with Ur baseless predictions that U will beat both UF and FSU
Not so fast dUmmy
Can U say #117 Captain ClUeless Donofrio????
Can U say I got no DT but check out my 7 TE set??
Can U say I can score 40 on U but U put up 50 on me????

Yo the only thing your schedule is good for is my tarp business
And 8 wins guaranteed or Golden Retriever needs to be recognized as the dog he is
I'm being nice to U clUcks calling for just 8 wins
Most half decent programs with a schedule like that would go 10 - 2.
Except U aint half decent
U sUck
Comprende clUck?

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Did I mention Golden landed espns #2 and #3 wr's in Griffin and Coley to add to the already loaded Wr position, and per ESPN's Tom Luginbill this week, this is the best class any school in the history of recruiting has had at the TE position.........exact words.........

Hows that dillusional. When U land the #1 Juco Te, Espn 150 TE Standish Dobard, and the 4th best player in Texas #33 on espn 150 hybrid TE/WR Derrick Griffin, Tom Luginbill FACTUALLY STATED its the best group of TE's ever recruited in 1 class.

2. Duke Johnson

3. Defense is loaded with athletes now with experience.

Lets just watch and let it play out. This is the best miami team since the 2004 season when we of course beat UF in the Chick Fill A Bowl

Did I mention the deep threat now in Stacey Coley added to Dorsett, Lockhart,and a loaded offensive Wr position.
2. Top 5 Sr qb
3. heisman Fav at RB
4. Best TE's
5. Top 3 Oline
No team in the NCAA has the depth or talent on offense the canes have this year, and add alquaddin muhammed to the dline and a healthy porter, and miami is going to run the acc table

Alabama jumped from 7-6 to 12-2 from 07 to 08, the gators went from 5 losses i believe in 11 to 1-2 losses last year. FSu also had 4-5- losses in 10 or 11 and then came back strong due to more senior laden roster.

the super young 99 canes team lost 4 games in 99 and came back and went 12-1 in 00 and got snubbed by the bcs....my point is, this team has that type of talent..

2. Golden landed many DT's in last years class and a few in his 1st class and theres alot of DT depth. Chick is prob moving to DT, and Komalu plays DT, 12 class had Ivery, Eddie Moore, 1 more DT I believe

Posted by: Dom | February 26, 2013 at 02:39 PM

[]_[] should seriously consider seeking immediate psychological help Domasse A[]_[]fiero.

The 99 team gave up 43 points 1 game, 31, 27 2 times, 28 in 1 game. you had 30 plus NFL players on that team. but butch Davis played all young guys, and then in 2000, wham.........

U fans can care less about a few of U jealous haters. all that matters is we are loaded with talent....

LOADED ....just still young.

Posted by: Dom | February 25, 2013 at 06:37 PM

3. Defense is loaded with athletes now with experience.

Posted by: Dom | February 26, 2013 at 02:56 PM

All within a 24 hour period... So which is it ?

no, its called loading up on talent in the last 2 recruiting classes such as the top 2 dbs in so fla last yr howard and bush, top 2 dbs in so fla this year carter and burns
2. Lb depth w;healthy perryman and raphael kirby give us 2 of the best lbs not counting other depth.
3. Alquadding muhammed, an animal on the dline
4. more experience.

I am not even addressing the offense...

We are loaded and young
We got the talent and the experience
We are better than Bama was back when Bama was good
Golden is better than Saban was back when Saban was not Golden
The 99 team gave up 44 pints in one game and last year we gave up 150 points in 2 games
We got the #5 senior QB, the 3 3 OL the 3 1 RB the #99 Nigerian TE and the # 116 player in Rhode Island
ESPN says we got the best offense in the land
YAHOO! Sports says Shapiro still has dirt on us
Rivals says we got the best TE class in the nation
YahooNigeria says Golden is the #2 recruiter in the nation
The Herald says we should run the table
Who says we need to play defense
With Rossetta Stone Donofrio will unlock the key to the 7 TE set
We are the canes and we are ready

EAsy schedule. playing 2 div 2 schools is an ebarasment! THE TROLL MUST GO. UM 42 Gators 38

fau is D1 Mark

Theres a reason vegas has Miami a 25-1 favorite to play in NC game this season. the team is loaded and last yr was a ton of injuries and playing young kids...

Bash all U want, but when the Canes smoke UF in week 2, we take no prisoners after that

I see where DuMBO... err Dominic be LAMELY playing the comparison game. When it comes to Hurricane defenses.

Well, y'all Canespace/eoth Cane Good Ol' Boy's. dUmbo... err Dominic's point is MOOT. Because the transition from 1999 to 2000 entailed one solid-on-down TANGIBLE. Enter one Randy Shannon. And believe it or not y'all Hurricane bUbba's. Marky Mark AIN'T no Coach Shannon.

So please cease with the team defense comparisons of 2012/2013, and Miami team defenses of 1999/2000.

Because it absolutely makes y'all canespace/eoth Miami brutes look GULLIBLE and stupid. Eh. What say.

Again, Miami will NOT be a LEGITIMATE Top 14/15 squad in '13. Enter, again, one Marky Mark D'Onofrio.

Bon jour et Bon soir

Chit, the Hurricane defensive teams of say, 2001 or 2002 would absolutely finish with a 10-2 or 11-1 record.
And the Simple Simon Cane bubba reason why is because of Marky Mark D'Onofrio. That's how WEAK your beloved D-coordinator is, when it comes to making calls against B.C.S. caliber teams.

In other words, this AIN'T the M.A.C. or Conference USA Marky Mark's defense's are facing, Saturday to Saturday. dUh.

SERIOUSLY y'all Cane-spaceZOMBIE bUbba's. IF Goldie would've CHIT-CANNED his decades-long Frat Rat buddy. I could easily SEE-r Miami finishing with a 10-2 regular season record in 2013!!! 4-REAL Cane Good Ol' Boy's. But Goldie didn't chit-can Marky Marky. So moi's sagacious point is moot. Naturally again.

Bon jour et Bon soir

This blog is a disgrace, full of idiots and trolls, you should all be embarrassed of yourselves.

For any actual UM fans interested, Savannah State is on there because of Golden, he wasn't happy playing multiple tough out of conference games, he said as much over this season.

Has nothing to do with the athletic department, of course they don't want to host games no one will show up for.

South Florida - ?
North Carolina - Loss
Florida State - Loss
Duke - Loss
Pittsburgh - Loss
Two wins, 6 Losses, 4 toss ups which might go 50-50
4-8 season for the Canes with golden and his coordinators who do not know squat about offense or defense.
Okay, okay, maybe a toss up 50-50 season.
But no NC until golden and coordinators are gone and new ones who know football are brought in.

Right, and you know football.

Miami will definitely lose to UNC, Wake, FSU, Duke, and Pittsburgh.

CaneFan'72 is back! Where have you been? Can you provide us with some new insight on the use of 3-down lineman and prevent (the win) defense?

Canefan72 is calvin.

Brandon mcgee doing well in the combine. Does anyone have mike james' 40 times?

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