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ACC releases 2013 football schedule for Miami Hurricanes and all league teams


The Atlantic Coast Conference schedule is out.

The Hurricanes will face FSU in Tallahassee on Saturday, Nov. 2.

The Canes open and close the season on a Friday! They open at Sun Life against FAU. They close at new ACC Coastal member Pittsburgh the day after Thanksgiving, Nov. 29. The Pitt game will be nationally televised by ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.

UM doesn't leave the state until Thursday night, Oct. 17, at North Carolina.

Virginia Tech comes to Sun Life for the second year in a row - this time on Nov. 9.

UM's open dates are Sept. 14 and Oct. 12.

The Sept. 14 date, a Saturday, falls on the holiest day of the year for Jews -- Yom Kippur.

Here's the sched (we still don't know times):



Sept. 7: FLORIDA

Sept. 14: OPEN


Sept. 28: @South Florida


Oct. 12: OPEN

Oct. 17 (Thu.): @North Carolina


Nov. 2: @Florida State


Nov. 16: @Duke


Nov. 29 (Fri.): @Pittsburgh

Home games in CAPS

So, what do you all think?

I think it's a terrific schedule if you're a Canes fan, other than a game that promises to be FREEZING cold on Nov. 29. But I've seen the Canes take care of business at Pitt in the freezing cold before.






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Do all U cane haters actually know anything about the roster? There is no offense in the US that is as loaded as Miami, especially after adding espns #2 and #3 wr in nation griffin and coley, adding per tom luginbill the best Tight End class inc juco#1 te in the history of recruting(he said that on nat tv this week), and adding Duke's backup Mr Football 2 times in Tennessee Corn Elder plus the #1 rb in NY Gus Edwards.

Miamis oline is considered a top 3 oline due to Seantrel and all the returning starters.

Morris is a top 5 qb, and there are no holes on that team.

When you get porter and robinson both healthy at DT, adding Alquaddin Muahmmed to the De position, along with the depth that golden built last year playing freshman, the defense(screw the haters) will easily be a top 40 defense).

You have the top 2 dbs in so fla in 12 class, Howard and Bush. Top 2 Dbs n so fla in 13 class Burns and Carter,

You have Perryman and Raphael Kirby(now healthy)2 of the best LB's in the country not even counting the LB Depth, and the team is going to win 10 or more games next year.

Getting the gators at home in week 2 considering they just lost 30 or so players is huge. With a Sr qb, heisman favorite at rb, #1 juco Te, top oline n nation, and tremendous skill receivers now inc deep threat coley, the offense is going to march up and down next year.

If the Defense stays healthy, with alquaddin m and the juco transfers added to a healthy porter, pierre, robinson, and chickillo, the U defense is pretty formidable when u add Tracy Howard and Deon Bush and the young stars that are coming in.......

Bash all U want, but this is our best team since the 2004 season when we beat UF in the Chick Fill a bowl

Derrick Griffin is the #1 wr/te/hb prospect in TX and #3 overall player in TX
Scout Grade
33rd on espn 150

I know the haters like to talk smack about Golden, but he just signed 5 of espn's top 87, 7 of the top 150, and 8 of the top 203 players with looming sanctions.

Last years 32 kids ranked in the top 10 in recruiting also. Do you think we are collecting all this talent for nothing? The team is loaded!!!!!!!

http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=8927915 Al got 2 of them

10-2....no less....if we beat the Turds then we will run the table....YES....THE U IS BACK!!!!!

I sense fear in the hearts of all these haters and they are finding it hard to handle, especially knowing that now the gayturds have to put up or shutup. The semen hole fans are feeling the same pressure aint it fun?Go Canes

CORAL GABLES — The potential state investigation of the NCAA is moving forward a week after it was proposed.

Florida Senator Joe Abruzzo (D-Wellington) told the Sun Sentinel he has a meeting planned for next week with Attorney General Pam Bondi. He hopes this could be the next step toward a full investigation of the collegiate athletics governing body.

Abruzzo last week wrote a sharply-toned letter to Bondi requesting a look at the NCAA's handling of the University of Miami investigation. Her office has been reviewing the case, but Abruzzo said he was pleased with the way she immediately reached out after receiving the letter.

"The NCAA’s admittedly corrupt investigation has now dragged on for more than two years, and the University of Miami has suffered through this abuse of power," he wrote in the letter dated last Wednesday. "While the NCAA has been paying off a criminal and his lawyer for forbidden fruit, the University of Miami has tried to work cooperatively with the NCAA and has even self-imposed serious sanctions that included a two-year bowl ban and a conference football championship game.

"I strongly feel that the NCAA’s abuse of power and payoffs must be scrutinized to the fullest extent, especially considering the NCAA’s role as a regulatory institution of more than 400,000 students across the nation. "

Dom, how are you able to type so much unconfirmed speculative biased nonsense with just one hand day after day after day ?

coley just stole Joseph Yearby the rivals top 50 4 star rb from FSU. . Decommitted tonight and picked the U

Woot on Joseph welcome to the U

Because all U haters are in fear. we have the best team we have had since the 04/5 season, loaded on offense, top recruits are signing after signing day, people decommitting from fsu today to committ to the U, and MIAMI IS ON ITS WAY BACK

thx for the read Just the Facts.......its all over soon

Been a decade since UF played in Miami, should be a great one!

Tough week-in, week-out schedule once they hit the ACC, that last game at Heinz field could be cold and miserable.

No predictions for next season, can't wait to see what happens. It'll be a fun year to watch for sure.

Yes, let's continue to load up on offense, we'll need a 30 point lead by halftime just to be able to hold on in the 4th quarter for the win. Gotta give it to coach goldie, he really does understand as long as his boy's here, we won't be playing championship defense so let's get all the offensive recruits we can. Right now, all offensive players committed for the 2014 class.

But what's still amazing to me though is out of all the d-tackles coming out of highschool, we got 1, lol. I'm just amazed that that actually happened, let's take a look:

demarcus walker
keith bryant

derrick calloway
deadrin senat
bruce hector

jaynard bostwick
caleb brantley
darious cummings
joey ivie
antonio riles

Fau/Florida Atlantic:
jeremy faulk
lance burlingame
derek butcher

Yo Cane trash

Yo the best post so far is from Eudo:

"This blog is a disgrace, full of idiots and trolls, you should all be embarrassed of yourselves.

For any actual UM fans interested, Savannah State is on there because of Golden, he wasn't happy playing multiple tough out of conference games, he said as much over this season.

Has nothing to do with the athletic department, of course they don't want to host games no one will show up for."

So once you get past the arrogance and the I'm Mr Elite and Better than Thou attitude, he is correct.
This blog is indeed full of idiots.
The one that jumps to mind before all others is dom the dUmb clUck.
Then he goes on to point out how Golden Retriever is actively scheduling pansies so he can have a chance at winning records. Pathetic.
Then he infers that the administration knows this will result in lack of attendance.
Lack of attendance, like instead of 15k clUcks showing maybe only 8k will show now. Wow!

Yo this is music to my tarp business
I already sold out for the FAU and Savannah games
Most of the stadium will be covered up

Yo shout out to Calvin who gets it that Golden Retriever is loading up on offensive players.
Guess no need to improve on #117?
So besides the 7 TE set U can also throw out the 4 RB set and the 8 WR set
What an offensive genius this Golden Retriever is

Yo Eudo the Molecular Biologist can U help out Donofrio, heard he can't figure out the Rosetta Stone program
Or maybe U have some insight on Shalala's potential lawsuit
Spread a little wisdom U learned one.

Be ashamed of Ur selves bunch of LOOSERS!!

Canetrash and Calvin are unterviewing for Gallo's job as the dumbest trolls on the blog.

They spend their Whole day writing posts that no one reads.

So sad…

I thought it was common knowledge that college football opponents were scheduled far in advance. Are you guys really going to take Calvin's "I make stuff up and refuse own up to it after people call me out and PROVE me to be a liar" word? Calvin is a Golden hater and nothing Golden does will ever change that.


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