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ACC releases statement regarding Miami Hurricanes and the NCAA investigation

The ACC released the following statement from commissioner John Swofford on the NCAA's case against Miami:

 "We are supportive of Miami's continued efforts to work with the NCAA on bringing resolution to this case. Miami's cooperation throughout this process should be commended and they have self-imposed significant sanctions. They've been forthright and diligent in their efforts to fully cooperate with the NCAA and it's time for this case to be brought to closure."




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As for Shannon's lawsuit... he WAS being paid by UM before he sued them. He sued them because they weren't paying him what he was entitled to according to his contract. UM had no right to prorate his buy out or withhold the bonus money from UM going to the Sun Bowl. That has nothing to do any other school.

By the way Calvin, Texas offered Shannon their defensive coordinator job BEFORE he was even the head coach at Miami. He was Miami's defensive coordinator at the time but had interviewed for our head coaching job. He was waiting to find out about the UM head coaching job (which he obviously got) before he accepted the Longhorns DC job.


wrong...all commerce and consuer protection clauses....read "deceptive and unfair trade practice"statue 501.201 thru 501.213....none apply at all.Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 22, 2013 //////////////////

It covers all trade, commerce, investments, and SOLICITATIONS. Thats right in the title. Was the NCAA not soliciting information (that act covers both tangible and non tangible things that have value) from Shapiro and provided him with $8200 and a disposable cell phone to get that information? I can see where that legislator is going with his letter. Doesn't make him right or wrong so lets not pretend that our interpretations of the law are better than Abruzzo's. We don't know the law better than the lawyers. Instead of a pissing match, lets let this thing play out.

Gallo graduates from being a douchebag to being a douchebag lawyer wannabe.

You are the blog idiot, Gallo.

Golden ain't going anyhwere....

The fans love him.

The U loves him.

The ex-Canes love him....

Gallo, keep beating your lamehorse to death and hoping the U fails at everything.

We will still succeed.


Go Canes!

Hey Calvin why dont you just say if hes not a homeboy you wont like or give credit. RS cant coach, cant recruit and had no restrictions when he "recruited" and still was lazy and lame. Set up shop @ Arkansas w/ your boy. It fits your intellect.

Posted by: Gary | February 22, 2013 at 12:19 PM

Don't be an idiot man. This whole situation has more to do with whether coach goldie is a better fit for Miami than shannon and right now, goldie is laggin way behind what shannon accomplished while here when you factor in the resources alotted goldie over shannon.

But if you want to be delusional about shannon not being able to recruit, have it ma, i won't get into that type of stupidity with you. Did shannon require local kids to come to camp before they could receive a schalorship or did shannon actually go out and watch player play, identified the good players and brought them in. If shannon couldn't recruit, who are the main starters on offense & on last year's defense, it was shannon signed players that had the biggest impact on the defense last year.

You already know offensively, so you know like alot us do, your analysis is real flawed!

@calvin... you are the idiot and you cant think clearly because shannons ball sack is stuck in your throak.

Shannon in no way shape or form would be a better fit for miami right now or for that matter EVER again!!,!,

Shannon couldnt coach his way out of a jiffy john
Shannon could not manage his assistants. If you (like cool cat) blame whipple for how bad jh was, ok, but the buck should always stop with the hc... Good point by that post bout gtech coach pj and his dc al groh.
Shannon could not recruit outside of miami nw... Then, he could not coach up his miami nw recruits, 96% of whom were BUSTS.
Shannon alienated most high school coaches in the miami dade area
Shannon could not communicate with anyone
Shannons players were slow weak and out of shape

One good thing about randy shannon... He probably saved the UM program for not giving shapiro the time of day. Maybe he should have done more. Maybe he couldnt but had he been involved for sure UM would have gotten the death penalty. By that he saved his alma mater and i thank him

jim: you have to read each statute in the florida law....you are trying to cage the titles with your version of what happened as a violation of law.....the complete sections of the law is 501.201 to 501.213

it dosent matter what your version is.....there is no language in the statute that supports what you are saying...if there is, please tell me the gen stat number so I can look it up....

yes solicitations in the act of commerce....this has nothing to do with that law

wrong...all commerce and consuer protection clauses....

read "deceptive and unfair trade practice"

statue 501.201 thru 501.213....none apply at all.

Posted by: Jim Gallo


~You’re the same guy who on this blog gleefully claimed that the stock market was going higher, and then over the next 2 days it sold off by 150 points. And this is an area you claim to be a professional and made a living.

And now you have become a lawyer and are weighing in on what the statue means. We shall see about that. Of course the real meaning of this action flies over you naïve and empty head as the game is to add more pressure on those who control Emmert/NCAA, or more accurately stated, have the ability to collectively remove him. This initiative is designed to motivate said powers to say, 'enough-is-a-enough', and move to immediately close the case against Miami citing the self-imposed sanctions as time served.

facts: sp 500 goes to 1700 , 2014....a little sell off on news means nothing....you already picked up 1/2 of the selloff....please green pea....this is way above your head....

facts: you spend your life, literally your entire life, trolling UM fans on the internet.

just one fact I guess, nothing more to say about you.

You thank him but are untruthful about certain things. They say Shannon's players were out of shape. Goldens teams are supposedly in shape but are ranked 3 spots from the worst in the NCAA. If Randy's defense is on the field the whole game because j12 was throwing picks to the same spot on the field and the same play then any defense would be out of shape. However they were never ranked that low. This defense this year gives me no indication that goldens teams are in shape. They may be a little stronger but are definitely slower and that makes them out of shape. Everyone talks about randy not being a good coach but I haven't seen where golden has outcoached anybody. I have seen all the coaches that are familiar with him outcoach him. Please give me a game where he out game planned another coach. Golden can communicate better and looks the part but as far as timeout management and X's and O's I haven't seen much seperation. There is a lot of excuse making about being to young and players not being smart enough to catch on to the scheme and that's a lot of bs. Golden has done a great job in light of looming sanctions and that's it. Hopefully he will do better next year. As parcels says you are what you record says you are .

Actually when the stock market sells of that means the US dollar has gone higher. The s and p is higher than when the idiot bush was president. The worst president in us history. Fought two wars on borrowed money and one of those countries had nothing to do with 911. The reason we are having problems with Iran right now is because we destroyed Iraq and destabilized the region.

As for Shannon's lawsuit... he WAS being paid by UM before he sued them. He sued them because they weren't paying him what he was entitled to according to his contract. UM had no right to prorate his buy out or withhold the bonus money from UM going to the Sun Bowl. That has nothing to do any other school.

By the way Calvin, Texas offered Shannon their defensive coordinator job BEFORE he was even the head coach at Miami. He was Miami's defensive coordinator at the time but had interviewed for our head coaching job. He was waiting to find out about the UM head coaching job (which he obviously got) before he accepted the Longhorns DC job.


Posted by: jim | February 22, 2013 at 01:21 PM

This is exactly why they came back after him once he was free again, in fact they wanted him as the headcoach in waiting as well.

If i was in charge of a country and i heard bush call me "part of the axis of evil" i'm strapping up too, that's what Iran is doing, at the same time Iran is leaving by the wish creed right now, they wish that somebody who keeps threatening military action go ahead and do it, that'll give them the green light to punish those instigators. They already saw what you did to Saddam Hussein & they see what happened to MOAMMAR KHADAFI, Arafat is gone, who's next, they trying their hardest to work on assad, but "the axis of resistance" is giving em problems.

Looks like the build up to a big war is coming up, because russia and china are on the opposite side of the U.S., going to be real interesting in the months to come.

facts: sp 500 goes to 1700 , 2014....a little sell off on news means nothing....you already picked up 1/2 of the selloff....please green pea....this is way above your head....

Posted by: Jim Gallo


You're the King of bad information, predictions and grade school excuses...you make predictions and when they go South you are quick to cook up some politician response as to what you REALLY meant.

The smart money, such as Buffet, would never be so stupid to make day-to-day predictions as to the markets direction...only amateur nickel and dime day traders make such foolish and meaningless predictions. You and I both know you were fired from your job for the same idiotic thinking you express on this blog.

Shannon had some great recruiting classes and did nothing with them. No players were developed during the shannon years. If anything, kids got worse...Aldarius I'm looking in your direction. Shannon was a disaster.

Mark May needs to get got. I hate that dude.

keep up the good work coach golden, next year you wont have to hold your team out of acc championship

Calvin, Calvin, Calvin... why are you having a hard time understanding that Randy Shannon was free to work where ever he wanted after he was fired by UM. You do know that his extention ran to 2014 so by your logic, he still wouldn't be "free". Also, you should stay far away from politics because you have no clue what you're talking about. You should try traveling outside of the country and see the world a bit before you start spouting off about "instigators" and educate yourself about the atrocities that Assad's forces are doing to his own people as well as the resources and weapons that his government has been funneling to the terrorists in Lebanon and in Gaza. The big war will come but it will because Israel will get fed up with having thousands of rockets being fired at it while the sympathizers condemn them for their heavy handed retaliation.

Tallycane get off the politics dude. Esp when you are an ignorant liberal fool who is on welfare. Bush started one war you moron. And in fact iraq had a lot to do with middle east instability... But i guess since you are on that topic, let me assume that one million chemically gassed kurds dont matter to you, plus a kuwait invasion, reports of wmds, and al qaeda affiliates in iraq. The US was at war with anyone and everyone that had anything to do with 911 directly or indirectly. how the war and postwar was handled is a different topic altogether. But as far as the borrowed money topic is concerned, youre a bigger fool for saying that. How about the current tax and spend commie we have in office now? I guess you dont care since my tax dollars are financing your disability checks you lazy no good "taker"! You might as well be an effen seminole.

Ask yourself, what business is it of any other country to try and dictate the affairs of a sovereign nation. You certainly don't believe assad is doing that to his own people, he's not fighting his own people he's fighting foreign intervention. I can careless about politics, i know bs when i see it. Nobody was holsding meetings, running or rushing over to Rawanda or Dafur when that was going on, but all of a sudden now it's being said that all these countries all of a sudden now care about Human rights, come on,

You know and i know alot of those countries over their will never recognize that place as long as they keep bullying Palestine like that. If they stop stealing land maybe the peace will come but of course they want to keep building and than get mad because a sovereign nation wants to control their own ports. Of course rockets will get fired by those who can defend themselves from the arrogance of others.

It's a sad day and time when the U.S. keeps working like a puppet, breaking this economy to try and help a place that cares nothing about this one, it's comical. Why don't they deal with their own starving families their. Would you respect someone who broke into where you live right now and not only do they break in, but they tell you, you can't use the kitchen and the front yard no more, go around those areas, and next week, we'll be taking over the whole upstairs, you'd look at them like they were stupid & crazy, that's the situation you have over their.

The people of every nation have to rise up and change the conditions of their own countries without outside influences or intervention. They MOAMMAR KHADAFI was killing his own people too, that was a joke. Something fishy is going on over their.

By the way, i'm not going to do the research for you, you can go and find out about the contract situation and than get back to me. Has nothing to do with logic, just go and learn how most contracts are written up and you'll have your answer.

Calvin youre truly clueless dude. I did the research on his contract and even provided you the links. The pdf file of his lawsuit filed with the 11th circuit court in Dade County referenced the clause in his contract that stated that he was entitled to the buy out of his contract regardless if he was employed elsewhere if he was terminated with out cause. There was a formula for buyout and UM didn't abide by it, thus his lawsuit. You talk all this nonsense about Texas wanted him to their defensive coordinator and head coach in the waiting but your time line is off. They offered him their DC job BEFORE he became Miami's head coach. You say that no university wanted to hire him after Miami fired him with his contract, etc, but the truth is that Maryland offered him their DC job 3 months after Miami fired him. Shannon came out and said that he needed to take a year off and learn more about the nonfootball aspects of running a program. Don't worry, I'll give you that link too. Its hilarious that you continue to spout nonsense about Shannon's contract instead of just saying that you were wrong.

Come on man, it's common sense that no school wanted to hire shannon in the midst of him having to sue Miami as well. Do you really think shannon could have just walked right into another University after being fired an owed money by another University, that's just not common sense, and that's before the lawsuit. Do your research. Posted by: Calvin//////////////

Calvin, take your own advice and do some research before you try to pass off your opinions as facts. Below is the link about Shannon saying that he needed to take the year off. Maryland offered him their DC job in Feb 2011. By the way, the land rhat makes up modern day Israel was the Jewish homeland before there ever was a Palestine. So your home invasion reference is nonsense too.


keep up the good work coach golden next year you will not have to hold your team out of the acc championship game

No we have Gallo hilariously evangelizing about Wall Street and the markets now believing he’s Warren Buffett and Calvin doing his best Thomas Jefferson on acid impersonation when offering his writings on geopolitical matters as he imagines himself sitting in a Paris flat looking out at the Les Tuileries Gardens.

Those two Cats have taken dumb to such dizzying heights that Cane fans are forced to wear oxygen tanks when reading their suicide inducing posts. Even the most optimistic people beg for the sweet relief of death after reading the moron twin’s blatherings.

U got the bully (NCAA) backed on the ropes with a gash over his eye. Don't let him off!

Now that UM got the balls to challenge the NCAA, other institutions that lacked that fortitude will back us in bringing down this bias, hypocritical association. The U needs the backing of all U Cane fans and use all its political, legal resources to finish them off. The more pressure that we put on the NCAA the more support we will receive from other universities and conferences . We are on the brink of a monumental moment in history, but everybody is worried about what Randy Shannon did or didn't do four yrs ago.

Support the U !!

In case you morons were not paying attention since Butch and Coker left, shalallaalala and golden and his OC and DC all stink.

The Canes will not ever have another NC or even a great winning season until the Cane defense is in the top five in the country, IE, four down linemen every play rushing straight up the field, LBs within 3 yards of the LOS, man to man pass coverage, throw in a blitz from somewhere, every play. Defense wins championships if the defense is in the top 5 in the country.

Also, Morris and the Cane offensive players are super great, as great as any past Cane players. But golden and his OC are like a couple of redneck farmers hooking up race horses to a plow by throwing flat passes and hail mary passes which are just a waste of downs. Passes need to be down field with a cut across the field and on a timing route and more passes to the tight ends. And Canes need a big back in the backfield to block and get three yards when needed even if a big tight end has to be put in the backfield with Morris.

I think Gallo is just a momma's boy which if whom probably still lives at home off of his parents money. His mammy makes him breakfast in the morning, makes his bed, picks ups his room and tells him to go watch tv and play on the computer, mommy will take care of everything.

Of course shannon got offered jobs after he got fired, already discussed that, nice try trying to mince words to make your post look correct, but those schools did not want to pay for the money that shannon would've lost had he signed after being fired in his first year. Keep researching though, things may come clear to you, just stay away from those links you posted, you're not comprehending any of them to clearly, from the contrat to commerce. Posting links you don't understand don't make you look wiser.

But you're on the right track though, just a lil more effort and you'll get their, it's all in the contract.

Canefan72, say it again, these guys keep praising coach goldie and that 117th defense and the
"youth excuse". What year should shayon green be in where he'll be able to cover backs down field or in the flats. How bout curtis porter, he'll be a senior being asked to cover backs in the flats so he should be excellent come next year since he'll be a senior.

Or how about our corners, they're on the path to being all world for any pass over 20 yards, since that's about how far back they are off the receivers by the time they hike the ball. But all the routes 15 yards and under continue to be wide open. So the if we're going to be playing this soft zone crap and trying to rely on the front 7 only, just goes to show that goldie and his boy are behind the times, they're naive to the point of stupidity when it comes to defense, almost everybody is going towards speed defenses based off of our blue-print and these 2 are going towards this slow methodical style of defense.

Almost every team is going towards speed guys on offense and quick spread type offenses, we're going towards slow molasses style defenses where teams have been consistently running the ball wide against us the last 2 years. Where we're use to no team being able to run wide against us, all last year and the eyar before that it consistentl happened.

Now we are into Shady stock manipulators and Calvina the world politician, who thinks the Atlantic is a backyard pool..

Please start Spring Football...

I will wait until that begins...this is some Boring S****.

Go 'Canes

Cane72. Ditto. But the defense was extremely young, clueless and lacked reps and depth with few exceptions. Calvin man, all negative rhetoric aside, why cant you admit that? If donofrios defense shows no progress next yr, id agree hed have to leave but you and cool cat have been calling for his head since day one. Dont you know that that would be 10x worse?

Lets get through this NCAA crap and well see. Well be lucky to keep AG, although he got an ext through 2019

defense wasnt any younger than tcu....tcu was younger and ranked #16 vs Um at #117...golden make the defense young on his own....didnt want to use shannons guys right off until later when his "temple rookie" system wasnt working....

no different than f...cking class who worked hard, delt with coaching and system changes....then was left with NOTHING for the sake of players that not only havent stepped foot on UM soil but never dressed as a player....its all about golden

parents and players are pisssed no matter what his "media" excuse that the players came back and were fine....they were not fine

fsu was off loss..barely beat GT...UM could have beaten them and played in OB...the class of 2012 deserved that....no wonder nobody wants to come to UM

butch davis - coley - hire shannon back - art and barrow.....feeder schools will come bac to UM in full force.....ny boys take long vacation to the jersey shore....

what seniors are going to the combine? Mcgee telamack mike james any others?

The reason that we are going to war has nothing to do with felonious stories of WMD or whether saddam gassed up a couple thousand Shiites. bush could have cared less about that it was all geopolitical and trying to avenge his father for the attempt on the first bush's life. When the younger bush was asked about Iraq this idiot didn't know the difference between a a sunny and a Shiite. I guess that's why a reporter threw a shoe at him which is the equivalent of spitting on someone. bush got us into two wars of borrowed money making even more immoral people like Halliburton even more richer than they were while giving china the uper hand on the us by owning all our debt and getting flooded with socks, rotten toothpaste and asbestosed drywall. Bad arrangement. Kadafi was sitting what we call light Bonny sweet crude the best type of oil that doesn't need much refinement so he had to go. Settlements are what you are referring to Calvin and this Jewish state got there in 1948 due to the suffering of the Jews at the hands of hitler. They havnt even been there 70 years and still encroaching on the Palestinian's land. We may lessen our troop number down but Afghanistan has abundant amount of precious metals lithium and iridium used in batteries. It he Chinese are trying to debo all the precious metals around the world right now. I can teach about some things if you are willing to take a stand against ignorance 532.

no comment

It's funny how some fans on here result to insulting people instead of coming with some intelligent things to say. Add something to this blog as opposed to talking out of your a@@ about something to which you know nothing about. Don't be ignorant all of your life 532.

Calvin why can't you comprehend that Shannon wouldn't have lost any money from UM if he took a job elsewhere. Look at his lawsuit that he filed in the 11th circuit court in Dade County. It references the clause in his contract that says that if he is fired without cause he is entitled to the buy out of his remaining years regardless if hes employed. Since his contract ran until 2014, are you saying that he was ok losing money to work as a LB coach at TCU but not as the DC at Maryland? It's ok to admit that you were wrong about Shannon. You didnt even get your facts straight about when Texas offered the job. I can guarantee you that if I was wrong about the shannon contract and the timeline of Shannon's offers, Jim Gallo would have pointed it out and posted the links disputing it.

I'm not an anti-Shannon guy, he cleaned up the program (only 1 arrest during his tenure), graduation rates went up and he was the only guy who seemed to know that Shapiro was bad news. He just didn't win enough.

migh_fault shannon

Who is your all-time favorite Miami Hurricanes quarterback?
George Mira 129
Jim Kelly 333
Bernie Kosar 516
Vinny Testaverde 262
Ken Dorsey 1546
Steve Walsh 213
Someone else 134
Total Votes: 3133

How is Hiesman Gino Toretta left off the list ?

Probably because his last real game when we lost to bama he had three ints. He wasn't all that accurate of a passer he had a deep ball to Lamar and Copland. Strong running game and good defense. Vinny had 4 ints our list to penn state but he went on to have a pro career so as for Gino that probably is the last thing that some fans remember. In his defense that game if Lamar doesn't get run down by Teague that game would have been different. To much showboating before he made it into the zone. Now way Teague was supposed to run him down snatch the ball and go back the other way fifty yards.

devil blesseddd Alabama

ken dorsey is mine.....he and soldinger will be inducted to UM hall of fame april 11....my buddy just sent me email with an invite....soldinger was our defensive coach at coral park sr before I transfered to miami high.....

We need Soldy on this coaching staff

We need Ray Ray to be our dc as well with no experience. Would at least bring a real defensive scheme to these youn Canes.

Oh my! We are now getting legal advice from Jim "Cameltoe" Gallo and Geopolitical opinions from the all-knowing Calvin. Two of the biggest idiots to ever use a keyboard. This blog has truly hit a low point.

First off, Gallo, leave the law to the lawyers. There is a reason that legislators are referred to as lawmakers because most are lawyers. Let them handle the commerce issue not you.

Secondly, Calvin you imbecile. If you do not learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. (See WWII) I would suggest that you read a few books or ask some questions in your GED classes before you spout off on political issues.

My guess is you two jackwagons sit around collecting government assistance, please pick up a book.


Hobbs (and pretty much everyone else who is tired of you both.)

Like I said no real substance just insults. Your of the main reasons this blogg has gone down.I see why some of U fans support oh no and his ineptness. Most of u are just as dumb as he is.lol

any live score updates on hoop []_[]

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