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ACC releases statement regarding Miami Hurricanes and the NCAA investigation

The ACC released the following statement from commissioner John Swofford on the NCAA's case against Miami:

 "We are supportive of Miami's continued efforts to work with the NCAA on bringing resolution to this case. Miami's cooperation throughout this process should be commended and they have self-imposed significant sanctions. They've been forthright and diligent in their efforts to fully cooperate with the NCAA and it's time for this case to be brought to closure."




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Tallycane why do you call coach donofrio "oh no" that is lame, disrespectful, semenole like, and hypocrytical.practice what you preach about insults. Donfrio needs one maybe two more years, then i agree that he must go id our d isnt back

Tallycane you sound like gallo. Stop talking politics you bleeding heart welfare rat! this is a football blog.

Gallo nobody cares what you have to say you dumb waste of your daddys gizzzzz.

Tcu may have ben just as young but UM had a new dc with these players esp at lb.. Plus tcu didnt go and play ksu, then nd, and fsu so go jump off the 595 overpass and do us all a favor.

hobbs: I can read, dont need to be a lawyer to read. UM has no loss...you cant sue for damages/loss if it was the making of your own actions...self sanction bowl + scholarships....UM has no contract with ncaa so can be a breach of contract issue....ncaa participation is all voluntary....there was no breach of bylaws or any laws for that matter or an abuse of the bankruptcy proceedings (independent review - caldwalander).....if you feel froggy then sue...will be fun watching shalala get he ass kicked...at this point anything that will force golden to leave I am all for it.......let her drag all of this into 2014 with a civil lawsuit..fine

5>3>2: Dont worry.....next year you dont have to play real teams.....savanah and florida atlantic will do fine....Um getting beat 46-36, i saw it comming with last 2 games UM played....awful shooting and free-throw have caught up to the team....

well see

You want to see corruption???? This is why this doughy whiteboy is fighting to keep his job

Look at this sh$t:

NCAA president Mark Emmert paid at nearly $1.6M per year





To be clueless?

Or how about to bust any/all schools like Penn State for $27million so he can pad his paycheck???


wow.blow out...cant say I am suprised. it all started with tte clemson and virgina game.....awful free-throw and shooting....plus teams now know how to stp larkin and sott..worst time to start loosing....but still have a way to go...got to win acc tournament....

Nobody cares what gallo says

Just realized that Jim Hallo and Cane trash are same poster.

Big "looser"

BTW, you are clearly unfamiliar with interpretation of the law. In particular, this commerce statute. You are probably the same guy who thinks he can step into a courtroom and represent himself. Stop while your ahead.

Jim Gallo*

like ive said green pea....give me the statue number to support your opinion....if you cant then you loose...thats usua;ly how it works, so tell me how florida unfair trade practice act applied to this situtation via the state statutes....

quit while you can....nobody is suing anyone...its is all theater

No knowledge and all insults. That's usually how one responds when they are absent of intellect.lol

Simply amazing...this good ole boy network continues, despite their unethical actions:


by: Tim Reynolds

President Mark Emmert still has the confidence of the association's executive committee, despite several indicators in recent days that some schools are questioning his effectiveness.

The NCAA released a statement Saturday, revealing that the executive committee has "unanimously affirmed" its ongoing support of Emmert. Both the decision to make such a statement — and to do so, without warning, over a weekend — are highly unusual for the NCAA, which has been under fire for some time over the way many high-profile cases have been handled, most recently the long investigation of Miami.

Well, the hoops team has finally lost in the ACC to a team they were favored to beat. These guys need to boost their energy and start playing hard again. They have been without aggression and the fact that WF scored 80 points says it all. The ACC is a tough conference, and it has been a great run. They need to switch their psychological attitude and step on the gas for the next several games.

Now that the loss is done, no need to play fearful of losing. A great run and I hope it continues. Attack Canes!

Gallo, like I said earlier, stop while you're ahead. You were trying to make the point that there can be no lawsuit. I assume you were basing this on your interpretation of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. Unless you can provide a substantive argument based on the law and possibly case law related please STFU. Go troll somewhere else. Take the future UN Secretary General Calvin with you.

Agree with dbc. They are no longer playing with a chip. They are acting like they won something, and hustle and energy are down. It finally caught up. Wake is 14-11. Seriously. You beat duke but you lose to wake? That was all on the players. Maybe the loss is good, and will wake them up again.

Bad thing about the loss is there is talk now that no way they are a #1 seed any more. But there are 4 reg games left and the ACC ch. Boys need to buck up. Everyone is gunning for them, but everyone is also playing same # of games, so fatigue is no excuse! SU lost (#8) as well, so they shouldnt drop out of the top 10

Heres another example of hypocrisy... Espn doesnt have UM baseball in the top 25. Baseball america has UM ranked 20 above florida. But espn as of yesterday had them ranked...

Figure that.

A letter from University of Miami Trustee, David Epstien

By David Epstein

February 23, 2013

As a proud member of the University of Miami Board of Trustees, and as the chairman of the University's Athletics Advisory Council, I was disappointed in the NCAA Notice of Allegations delivered to the University on Tuesday.

My disappointment first rests in the simple fact that as an institution, our employees and student-athletes committed violations of NCAA rules. Even one violation by one individual is simply one too many, and the university has invested resources into enhanced compliance and oversight throughout Hurricanes Athletics.

But my disappointment also extends to the NCAA and its investigative process, the myriad issues already acknowledged by the organization itself, as well as outlined in President Donna Shalala's statement earlier this week. The lengthy and unwieldy investigation has especially hurt our outstanding coaches who work so hard to build nationally competitive intercollegiate programs.

We have a proud tradition of athletic excellence at UM and, under the direction of new Director of Athletics Blake James and President Shalala's continued support, there are no limits to what our athletics program can achieve.

We will win with class, sportsmanship and in full compliance of NCAA rules. We will continue to graduate our student-athletes at a rate surpassing most American institutions. We now look forward — not back — and this chapter will soon be behind us.

What will remain is a vibrant, enthusiastic and committed collection of administrators, coaches, staff and students who proudly wear the "U." They don't wear it for what it represents, but for what it means: That excellence in athletics is not antithetical to the mission of a university, but rather enhances the college experience for many.

I stand with the U.

I stand with this effen U

hoobs: please dont be an idiot....Unfair trade practice act is all commerced based....did you read the statute?...probably not. UM and ncaa did not engage in any commerce......the relationship is all voluntary....coaches, institutions are not required to be part of the ncaa. they dont compete to offer a product to the public....so what would you sue for? what would the legal foundation for the complaint? all that happened was internally a process was executed against the recommendation of its legal department....the independent study found no state/federal laws or internal bylaws were violated....there was no abuse or violation of the bankruptcy process and perez was fully compliant...so what is the claim? How can UM claim a loss when it self imposed restrictions on its revenue via its own decision not to participate in a bowl appearance befroe notice of violation was even handed down?

there is no case here...shalala is only trying to rehabilitate herself from the bowling alley photo....UM will get crushed in court...let it go and move on

I laugh at people congratulating shalala now, lol, saying she's coming out swinging, of course she is, what else does she have to lose now, you already got hit with the "lack of control" charge, so sense that's directed at her, now she wants to come out trying to sound strong, it's comical. So now, let's go head an piss the nc2a off now when you don't have a leg to stand on right now but hope that they cave into public opinion and pressure. Now why i do think everyone knows since the nc2a made major mistakes themselves, that alone will galvanize alot of institutions to combat emmert and the boys.

But the "let's let the investigaytors in with open arms" approach was alway going to backfire and if she wasn't smart enuff to see that it's almost as shameful as her saying "We're recruiting a different type of athlete to the University of Miami" i'm surprised nobody ever publicly asked her what exactly do you mean by that.

This is also what luke was referring to when he said he Truly doesn't think it's al goldie who's making the decisions not to recruit heavily in Miami. To only have aboout 4 players from this area is a crime.

jim gallo, you see clown 117th once again not understanding defense, he said "expecting 3g to get 10 sacks in his sophmore year is unrealistic" i guess it is if you got em blowing up to d-tackle weight, they trying to turn him into a chris long type of d-linemen, wrong approach. Than he's talking about "you can't play press-man all the time because if the receivers are going to run your corners off and your db's have their backs turned and a run breaks off, than you're down 2 less guys" rofl, this man is stealing money, he has no clue how to run a defense.

Some more from clown 117th:

“It’s something I have to ignore,” he said of fan backlash. “I have to put trust in my training. I’ve called over 85 games. First year I came here, we were in the top 20 in scoring defense. The year before at Temple, we were in the top 20 in scoring defense.”

This goes to what goldie said about some of the players in his first year when he said "some of these guys think they're better than what they are"

Well the same thing with your boy, those statements about being in the top 20 as a scoring defense is about as stupid as i've seen. Give up a half a grand of yardage every game but we're a top 20 scoring defense, lol. THe defense he took over under the shannon/lovett regime was already only giving up 19 points a game with nowhere near the offensive support this clown got under jedd fisch which would've made those shannon defenses that much better, i don't like sack ridah's like this clown trying to act as if he came in and immediately we were a top 20 scoring defense.

I'll say it again, if firing goldie is the only way we can get rid of this clown 117th than i'm all in.

This is getting much too long. Simply put: If the NCAA itself admits is time to end the investigation, For Gods sake DO IT !!!! Go Canes.

For a coach to come out and say because somebody's a sophomore, "expecting him to get 10 sacks is unrealistic" so i guess since tyriq mccord will be a sophomore, he had around 3.5 sacks his first year, come next season he should be able to bump that up to about 5.5 sacks,.

For a team to have 13 sacks in 12 games, that's worst that the nc2a investigating us, and is the real reason why we didn't get any d-tackles as well. All those other coaches showed the other d-tackles, bostick, bryant, bain and the likes how we use our d-tackles and how many guys have jethro franklin put in the league and it's not even close. You don't need the "sanctions hanging over us" excuse to see why we didn't get more d-linemen.

Than when you put up our defensive stats next to say Fsu and the gaytors, lol, that will catch a recruits attention right away and real quick. Than they'd ask them a question "do you want to be on a defense or do you want to play defense, cause if you got to Miami you'll be on defense, if you come here(Fsu or the gaytors) we play defense".

117th over-all
112th against the run
13 sacks in 12 games
30.5 points a game given up
486.4 yards given up per game
79th scoring defense
98th passing defense
109th rushing defense(looks like all the zone we ran really did help with the run defense, otherwise we'd be 120th if we played more press-man)

Does this really have anything to do with youth or scheme. So out of all of those stats, for those crying saying other schools negatively recruited against us, ask yourself when looking at those stats, did they really have to do that, but yet he's/clown 117th is pointing out in his last year at temple and his first year at UM the scoring defenses he called were top 20 even though before he got here, he failed to mention the defense was only giving up 19.7 points a game and was already a top 20 defense is several categories.

Donna Shalala never said that Calvin, you completely made that quote up.

A young defense with a good dco gets you rank in th 50's-70's ala Texas this past year, UF 2011, fsu 2010...

But incompetence get you 3 from the bottom.

Cal that quote of Goldie saying a few plays think they're better than they actually are shonuff should be applied to his BFF also.

If the defense was just half as good as 117 UM loses 2 games MAX!

Calvin makes a lot of stuff up (after Shannon was fired, texas wanted him to be their DC and head coach in waiting but truth is that he took the Miami Head Coaching job over the Texas job. He also spouted off that no university wanted to hire him after he was fired with him having to sue UM but the truth is that Maryland offered him their DC job only 4 months after he was fired. Calvin also said that Shannon couldn't take a job or he would lose money from UM but the truth is that Shannon's lawsuit against UM filed in the 11th circuit court Dade County references his contract clause that says if he is terminated without cause that he is entitled to a buy out of his contract regardless if he is employed. His contract ran until 2014 yet he took the LB coach job at TCU and is now at Arkansas.. so much for Calvin's common sense argument of him not wanting to lose any money from UM).

Sounds like the ACC is backing SHALALA..and, they should.

Any HALF-WIT should know that it's going to be totally IMPOSSIBLE for the NCAA to impose anymore sanctions on a school when the NCAA TAINTED THEIR INVESTIGATION, fired people who were part of the investigation...bottom line: THE NCAA can no longer NOT BE held accountable for their actions, like they have been since their inception.

NOW, they must be held accountable for DOING WHAT THEY, THEMSELVES, have done that has been illegal and shows a "lack of THEIR INSTITUTION'S CONTROL"!

Fight them to the max, UM!
Every judge in any court in the US will throw this case out in a heartbeat when they hear that UM complied, maybe even OVER-COMPLIED, and the NCAA paid them back by trying to "get Miami" - CASE CLOSED...NEXT!!

Telley Lockette made the remark about Randy Shannon that Calvin has accused Donna Shalala of making. Maybe he confused the two or Donna said it and it was NEVER recorded or put on the internet, other than Calvin's post accusing Shalala of saying it of course.

"I remember Randy coming in personally about a year ago, we sat down and talked," Lockette said. "From then on, we thought it was going to be better. I'm not trying to throw Randy Shannon or his staff under the bus. I JUST THOUGHT THAT THEY WERE RECRUITING A DIFFERENT TYPE OF ATHLETE. They would say, 'Well this guy can't play at Miami.' Jeffrey Godfrey? He can't play at Miami? You look at the guys who are going off to Louisville and what they're going to do. You know and I know you've been watching football for a long time -- that's sickening."At the end of the day, if you look at the track record, I've been here for three years. You mean to tell me I'm sending 53 kids off to school from here, 38 are D-I and only one is going to UM? I don't know what the deal was. They have to answer that."Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2011/02/al-goldens-quest-to-solidify-state-of-miami-has-begun.html#storylink=cpy

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