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Batter up! Opening night for Hurricanes baseball is Friday at The Light (aka Alex Rodriguez Park)

   It seems as though the last official Hurricanes' baseball game at Alex Rodriguez Park's Mark Light Field was yesterday. And I know those Canes that were there for the 12-2 whuppin' by Missouri State to end the season, preceeded by a 10-2 whuppin' by Stony Brook, couldn't get back on the field fast enough to start their newest campaign.

    The 2013 season begins at 7 p.m. Friday against Rutgers. The first two games of the three-game series will be available on ESPN3. In total, 15 games so far have been slated for live broadcasts.

    Unfortunately for the Canes, two of their top starters are not ready to pitch yet. Eric Whaley, a 6-3, 190-pound, right-handed senior from Pompano Beach, would likely have gotten the nod for Friday. But Whaley said he has a "tight'' throwing shoulder.

    "Hopefully I'll be ready in two weeks,'' Whaley said Wednesday. "I just started throwing about three days ago and it's feeling  better every day. Just rehabbing right now and taking the process slowly.''

    Left-handed junior Bryan Radziewski, otherwise known as B-Rad, is coming off shoulder surgery and not recuperating quite as quickly as fellow pitcher Andrew Suarez, who also had shoulder surgery. So, B-Rad is unable to go.

   That leaves left-handed sophomore Chris Diaz, out of Gulliver Prep, as the Canes' starter Friday against lefty Rob Smorol (8-4, 3.46 ERA in 2012). Diaz was mostly a middle reliever last year, with a 2-1 record and 4.18 ERA.

   "I just feel blessed,'' Diaz said. "All the hard work is paying off now."

    The UM rotation for Rutgers continues Saturday night with 6-4, 227-pound right-handed junior Javi Salas (6-3, 3.21). Sunday's 1 p.m. finale will have UM sophomore Suarez, a lefty, starting.

    "Absolutely excited,'' Salas said. "We have a good team this year.''

    Also of note: Freshman David Thompson, who also is a quarterback on the football squad, will likely start his first game as the first baseman, coach Jim Morris told me Thursday. Morris said Chris Barr won the defensive battle at first base, but a groin injury to usual right fielder Chantz Mack will likely keep Mack out defensively, so that shifted the lineup a bit.

    As of Thursday, Morris said Mack might be inserted as the DH, with Barr sitting out this game if Thompson plays first. Tyler Palmer would replace Mack in right field, Morris said, if Mack doesn't play defense.

    Morris told me things could still change regarding position shifts.

    Morris said Alex San Juan will start at catcher.

   The Canes are not in the Top-25 in any of the baseball polls, despite having the ninth best recruiting class, according to Collegiate Baseball; and the 10th best, according to ESPN.

    "It's a clean slate for all of us, but we definitely have to put our name on the map again,'' Salas said.

    Morris said this is one of the hardest working teams he has ever coached, and he said he's looking forward to getting back among the top. Morris will be coaching third base this season, with assistant Gino DiMare coaching first. DiMare was a smart, aggressive base runner when he played at UM, and he will likely bring that same aggressive philosophy coaching first.

     * Also on the Horizon for UM fans: Ron Fraser's Celebration of Life commemoration, honoring the UM legend who died Jan. 20. That commemoration is from 4 to 6 p.m. Feb. 23 at the Knight Sports Complex on the UM campus. The Fraser family will be in attendance at the event, which is free and open to the public. after the celebration, fans can proceed to A-Rod Park for the 7 p.m. game against Milwaukee.



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Best I can see for the Canes this year is 34-22. They did have a great recruiting class until their top recruits signed pro contracts.

What is baseball?

Can they beat the Marlins?

“Miami came in second place because of the things that have [happened] these past couple weeks,” Kirkland said. “That’s the only reason they came in second. After that I was leaning toward Florida State and Arkansas. It meant a lot to have so many people supporting me. I’m going to move on with my life and go to Arkansas.”

kirkland was going to UM...golden blew him out....then pissed him and his family off even more when he was a no sow at the meeting.....

sorry the truth hurts your fantasies....

Posted by: JIm Gallo


Provide the link for the quote you posted above.

Even if the kid did make that statement I know the UM coaches had this kid figured out...and he was not coming to the "U" due to the fear Arkansas put in his head regardng the NCAA investigation.

Finally, your posts are hysterical and suggest this kid was a sure fire starter as a freshmen and was going to be a world beater...you are full of sheet and have no idea what you are talking about.

Gallo- prove that he made that statement. It's like me posting the following post:

" According to sources, the Florida AD stated that he wished he didnt have to play Miami, because he is so fearful of losing to Miami, especially in view of his hard SEC schedule. Furthermmore, he is fearful that local kinfolk from Alachua county may take it out on the athletes, when they drive up I-75, such as tossing pigs feet and squirrels at the bus as they arrive back. That same source said the gators are working on leaving the SEC and joining the WAC and have scheduled a home and away series against Montana to fulfill their OOC OOstate schedule"

You are F-O-S. Not like the furniture store.

Jimmy Shallow,
If he gets any bigger he'll be a sow for sure!

Talking football crap on a baseball story, good job children.
What about the HGH testing? It is obvious these kids did not take any PEDs, their performance was terrible.
We need to move on.


"Jimmy Johnson has been out of coaching for more than a decade, and out of college football for nearly 25 years. But he knows enough about the University of Miami to know that he likes second-year coach Al Golden. “I told Al he’s doing it the right way,” Johnson said Tuesday at his College Football Hall of Fame press conference in New York. “He’s an outstanding recruiter. He’s very disciplined. I think he’s the perfect guy to get Miami back on track.”


So there you have it...the great Jimmy Johnson gives Coach Golden the ultimate endorsement, while the numbskull twins, Gallo and Calvin, regurgitate the same garbage day and night alleging Coach Golden is a horrible Coach.

Let's take a vote as to who thinks Jimmy Johnson or the two septic tank pumpers, Gallo and Calvin are the more knowledgeable and reliable source as to the quality of Coach Al Golden is.

Ditto, zook

JJ did the same for Shannon to get the HC job at 1st.

And hand picked wan-stash so to be his successor with the phins..

Hell Goldie got Parcell's endorsement right before Parcells convinced Brissett to follow Wiess to uf...

Look Uncle Al may be a good CEO but his game day coaching is suspect and his flat out refusal to make changes on the worst 'efense you've ever seen at um make me suspect of him even more.


You festering pus filled boil...Your claim that Parcells intervened and convinced Brisett to join Weiss at Florida blows-up the stupid meter.

The saddest part of your moronic post is the thought that there is someone posting on this blog that may be even dumber than Gallo...wow!

First of all it takes a no-football knowledge couch potato to fail to understand that a team has to be built over time. Golden had absolutely no personnel of signifcance on defense. Gallo and calvin dont get it through their blind bias. Ramon buchanan injured. Ray ray gone, vaugh telemaque, who the heck knows. Porter injured. Brandon mcgee finally a good season. But the defense was decimated. Donofrio had no one. No depth, no veterans. Chikillo... Wtf? I thought he was a step below jadeveon clowney. But he was lost this season.

One mre day, and nothing from the NCAA.

@fake Ron Zook...


Anyone defending donofrio has no brain. Um every single year people get hurt...every single year. If your waiting for donofrio to have an injury free season and a roster chock full if seniors...its never ever going to happen because it never happens. Real coaches adjust. They assess their personell and they make changes to their scheme and defensive approach. Donofrio never adjusted once. Not once. Lets be real. Golden isnt a bad coach. Hes just too good a best friend to be an effective coach. We will never win with donofrio. Cant be done. First game-450 yards. Last game-530 yards. Every coach knows about donofrio. Even bethune cookman torched us. Stop apologizing for him. He is garbage. Stephen morris and the offense are the real deal. They better be ready to carry this team.

It doesn't matter what anyone has to say about golden. He has had to face the sanctions which is a bad situation to recruit against. However that doesn't have anything to do with how he coaches and how his coaches coach. Lets lay off the excuses and stop trying to say because JJ or anybody else for that matter endorses him he should get a pass. He is a very questionable game day coach. We have a very favorable schedule this year so hopefully we can have a good season by the standards of the U.

Porter probably got hurt back pedaling trying to cover a quick out.lol

If you all want to quote parcels he also said "you are what you record says you are".

Tallycane lol.
Donofrios first year our best dback was mcconner regis...led the team with 2 picks. Shyt kinda says it all.

Hold on, did i read this right, did somebody just say
Gallo seems to forget that our D got stronger as the year went on.
Posted by: WestCoastCane | February 14, 2013 at 04:08 PM

ROFL, this place/blog is comical. We started the year giving up 32 points & 537 total yards to boston college and ended the year giving up 45 points & 583 total yards to duke, but somebody comes on here and says this, rofl. You can't make this stuff up!

The only question left now for coach goldie is, will mario and james coley be able to save em, because his boy clown 117 can't and hasn't been. Instead of huggin oach OH-NO after victories over mediocre teams, he should've been huggin jedd fisch, art kehoe& young mcdonald.

This is the year that goldie will either keep the coaching staff together mentally or will their be a great divide amongst them again.

I remember reading a while back this guy i think was a temple graduate or something, but anyway, he had nothing against goldie and gave him his props for helping to make temple football relevant again. But this guy, so when Miami hired goldiehe listed a bunch of things to be aware of with coach goldie, he said goldie was a terrible game day coach-check
He said something about goldie holding his teams to high standards that are not good for the team and he often suspended/benched players that could've help them win-check.

He said goldie was opportunistic, i can't remember how he broke that part down but he was saying something about how goldie started seeking other jobs before time. Any, it was the discipline part that this guy was obviously right on the money with. When it comes to us, how many players are off the team now that would definitely have helped us this year coming againt the gaytors. If eddie johnson is off the team, we'll be hearing more excuses from this coaching staff.

All they're doing with guys like ej44 & rashwan scott is trying to see if a guy like stacy or jawand blue can do their thing

what a bunch of idiots...but entertaining. The artile was in the miami herald, feb 7, 2013....

"denver kirkland wants to 'grow up' in arkansas

too funny

of course jimmy is going to endorse anyone that is new to UM HC position....he is loyal cane....what do you think the guy is going to say when confronted with a reporter......the guy sucks, UM should have never hired him?

theres the real world and then theres the fantasy world

1. coley brings in new playbook...its a risk
2. after morris gray cowe and preston dewey have zero playing time as well as ryan williams...morris gets hurts, then what happens?
3. dnofrio is a statistical impossibility to be successful as pointed out by MRMIA

BS that golden was left with no defense....

DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan

lets not forget the players on defense that left because of golden:

S Ray-Ray Armstrong
LB Kelvin Cain
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne

also....I am still confused where mario christoball fits into all of this? A long term position coach? I dont think so.

golden says mario is good for dicipline and dnofrio is good in the weight room?

Gallo the d-k head proved my point- The point is these players didnt play to their expectations, or plain stink, so even if you had Bill Belichick as DC, there is no way thatthese out of position, no tackling dummies were going to be any better.

One play says it all- UM just scored on Duke. Then Duke gets the ball on their 1 yard line. What happens? An out of position DB decides to free lance and bite on the play-action pass, which leaves the WR so wide open, my granma could have caught it. 99yd TD pass. HOW IS THAT DONOFRIOS FAULT?

Moreover- despite the valid criticism of Donfios lack of adequate defensive scheming? a point that is debatable, how was it his fault that a lb and d-back allowed Virginia's tight end to get behind them wheneveryone from Charlottesville to Mogadishu knew that THAT is where the QB was going?

And how do you explain Chikillos anemic pass rush? Dont tell me Donofrio is tyinghis hands because Chick played lots of downs and if you focused onhim, he has absolutely no pass rush. Ok sometimes he was double teamed but How is that NOT Jadavedeon Clowneys excuse?

you are clueless....3/4 defense the line is always double teamed......

golden is 40-45 and 28-30 conference...no bowl wins and only 1 appearance

2010 temple: #89 offense / #16 defense (with the idiots)

2011 temple: #68 offense / #12 defense (without

why would be hire and still employ this team for a brand like UM...

you are delusional and will say anything that is not fact based....

Fact: Gallo is a stupid biased pessimistic depressed moron, who needs to take his ABILIFY.

Fact: Nothing that Gallo spews is fact.

Fact: Gallo hasnt had the ba-lls to document his allegation that Kirkland stated that he was coming to Miami but what happened changed his mind. Why? Because thats tatement doesnt exist.

Fact: Gallo needs to get together with calvin and cool cat and someone should Baker act them for -NON-FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE

You agree that donofrio has suspect scheming but you are saying our players are so bad that the scheme doesnt matter? Those are two conflicting ideas. Thats like saying someones parenting techniques are flawed but it doesnt matter bc the kids are so bad. If the kids suck its not their fault, it directly corellates to their training. You mentioned 3 plays. But what about all the other plays? Everyone points to the rayshawn jenkins play vs duke. That play was 98 yards. What about the other 500 yards that day? If the kids dont get a free pass then why is donofrio always right?

18-21 year olds giving their body and mind...or a stubborn 40 year old who happens to be the hc best friend?
Yeah between those two lets pile on the kids who chose this school over all the others and work their butts off everyday. Lets not maybe consider that the guy who refuses to change his scheme or even admit that he is part of the problem should be held accountable.

Imagine you work at a job. You were just hired as team a manager. The employees under you are young, undisciplined but talented. You work your butt off to make sure that you get the most out of your guys. They perform well. But when it comes time forassessment, you are asked to do better work because team b has been outright terrible. Their manager has not given his team members tasks that fit their skill sets but instead blames their immaturity instead of switching his training method. It just so happens that team manager b is the boss best friend. Now you are being asked to compensate for his shortcomings. How do you think team a and team b will mesh?

Donofrio is a cancer. Until he is incised, we will slowly die.

Wow, Calvin/gallo had another personality split---- Daniel Raj. Try to write in a different style or something to pretend to drum support fro your idiocy.


Donofrio had to put a vanilla "scheme"- couldnot afford to throw in complex blitz packages and whatever, because he knew very well these players were too young, too inexperienced, too clueless. maybe I misspoke and called the players crappy, they are not- mainly clueless.

Another example I forgot- Thomas Finnie. He has enough speed to be a shut down. But he just couldnt figure it out. I often saw him missingtackles and being grossly out of position. And he was in his second year.

I do not in anyway think Donofrio has done a good job. But you need to allow him at least one more year to let his players learn the system, grow and become D-1 ballers. Because newsflash- last year they were not. Despite a few flashes of brilliance here and there as wheat we saw against FSU in the first and second quarters.

All of you that call for Donofrios head are pretty dumb. Yes you are. No, you are. What is 10000X worse than letting Donofrio saty at least 1-2 more years is LACK of coaching continuity. That is a killer for young players. That has been an issue at the DC position for Miami since 2005.

You dont incise a cancer. You excise a cancer. And by the way that type of melodrama belongs on gator blogs, please. Come on. Serious?

Um youre an idiot. I have no affiliation with gallo or calvin. I dont agree with 75% of what gallo says. Indie499's cooter just tightened up bc someone made a valid point that wasnt oh my god donofrio is the greatest coach ever. Learn to think for yourself. It seperates the little girls who stroke meat and the men.

Come see me anytime sweetheart. Saint petersburg fl 33716.
Internet tough guys who see someone make a valid point that makes them think and then get their feelings hurt.
Never gets old.

Let the man speak (blog). He made a point, didnt attack wasnt a pos gator like Calvin or Gallo.

I for one have never said Donofrio is a good D coach. My whole point is and always has been- give the man 1-2 more years. The first year didnt count. Then evryone bolted. The second year still didnt count. The third year 92013) WILL count. And the seat will be getting hotter. No question,

You all forget that year when Jimmy came in after the 83 ship, and UM had no defense either. NONE. They allowed that little gimp from BC, Flutie, to pass for like 500 yds, and he threw like 5 TDs. UM's D couldnt stop my granny. They allowed Maryland to COME BACK from 31 down!!!!!!!!!!!!! EvenDonofrio onhis worse day would not allow thatto happen. The next year- no ship either. The next year no ship either. JJ was given another year- 1987. His fourth, and he won it. Yes, with a great D.

www.miami.247sports.com is reporting that Mario Cristobal is interviewing with Alabama for their Offensive Line coaching job. There's nothing here on the Miami Herald about this. If he leaves for the Alabama job, expect Gallo, Calvin, and Cat to blame Al Golden for this as well!

Twenty three (23) days ago NCAA President, Mark Emmert promised to produce a report within fourteen (14) days detailing the investigation by outside attorney’s into the NCAA’s misconduct concerning the Miami Case.

As of today, there is still no report and Miami continues to suffer.

The bottom-line is the man is incompetent, has an agenda to do as much damage as possible to the Miami program and you cannot trust a word he utters.

If he leaves, f him. U are with US and the #canefam or U aren't.

Sucks if he goes though. We would get crushed in recruiting. See you all at PED headquarters tonight!

Canes Baseball tonight!


Bruce Feldman reported they are trying to tie the PEDs with the NOA.

Sid Rosenberg,

Not surprised in the least...if Emmert has his way the NCAA will tie the Canes to the Hoffa disappearance and Kennedy assassination.

Either way, Emmert did not keep his word and is hell bent on destroying the Miami program no matter what it takes so he can be the hero of most in the media and college football world.

Emmert has had an agenda from day one and it will be proven that this ridiculous and brutally destructive 800+ day NCAA investigation was not fair, but biased by design from the outset…as they say, the fish stinks from the head on down and Emmert is the head.

Thats what I have been wanting to know. They were suppose to have it sent in by today and once again they have missed the deadline those NCAA idiots set themselves. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The NCAA has no credibility at all and rank right up there with Calvin and Gallo. If the NCAA, Gallo, and Calvin couldn't be stupid, none of them would exist.

Dont believe Sid The moyle rosenberg

But F Cristobal-= what is it with these losers? Once you sign there should be a HUGE $ penalty clause that if you leave within 6 months you owe the school beaucoup.

The NCAA is a fraudulent organization

why is the christoball leaving such a shock...the hire was stupid to begin with....desperation on both golden and mario...funny how I am right most of the time...nobody goes from HC to a graduate position job.....golden should have known that...he is the worst CEO as you bloggers like to call him....upper management is crumbling......

AD blake has to step in and stop the bleeding....now UM is looking foolish....never has this happened at UM...

2012 Golden Casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christoball

when is it enought? whats the plan...wait till the ship is at the bottom before you are convinced it is sinking?

If the rumors are true that Mario interviewed with Alabama I would be shocked if they did not hire him.

He's a great coach and would be a fantastic inroad for Bama to recruiting in the South Florida area.

Although, I can't help but wonder if there is leverage being created as this exercise may force Donna Shalala to review the current pay structure concerning the football coaching staff with an eye towards retention of said staff.

facts your are the most idiotic delusional fan I have ever met.......so I guess "comming back home: was just a tag line....also your ncaa BS is all for nothing as I predicted.....nothing illegal....just some idot crying that he told the truth under oath....too bad he got tricked....of course there was no objections at the time from both the plaintiff or defendant...now he wants a do over...the best, lol

"Mario is back in green and orange with his alma mater, the Miami Hurricanes"

how embarrassing....UM looks stupid and foolish now

collins, kirkland, thomas etc....must be saying, "thank god we didnt go there"


here is the documentation that was given to you this morning...another idiot, lol

The article was in the miami herald, feb 7, 2013....
"denver kirkland wants to 'grow up' in arkansas

too funny

Yeah and that intellectual giant Keith Bryant chose FSU because he wanted to stay close to home and his baby girl!

Gallo thinks the NCAA pres drug himself and his organization through the mud is... nothing. Uh, sure it is, he's just a masochist. Oh, and it has taken him a month (and counting) to deliver a 2 week report on the nothingness.

Gallo and Calvin are both the two dumbest morons on here along with the third stooge Cool Cat. These three morons bash Golden for everything because the know he is building a powerhouse. Also I saw where Bama threw the three or four guys out of school for their crimes. Golden did the same thing with finnie and others so now what?

2012 Golden Casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christoball

when is it enought? whats the plan...wait till the ship is at the bottom before you are convinced it is sinking?



Your moron inspired “casualty” list is the Mount Everest of stupidity. You repetitively and foolishly post the names of players who were mostly asked to leave the Miami program for disciplinary issues or did not play due to injury, coaches who were lavishly rewarded with huge promotions when accepting jobs in the NFL and now local high schools/coaches and kids that went to other schools in a failing and idiotic effort to belittle Coach Golden.

That said; there is no question in my mind that you have serious issues and are intellectually bankrupt.

Some suggest you are the poster who goes by the screen name "Curse", who apparently posts lies 24/7 on various Canes websites. I hope that is true, because the thought that there are two people doing the same thing as monumentally stupid as you are doing is a very depressing thought indeed.

It looks like it doesn't matter. Duke Johnson just tweeted "I'm done...." and also something about how he thought he could trust the coaches. Anthony Chickillo tweeted "Nothing will be the same". This can only mean that Golden is gone. May you get what you wish for.

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