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Batter up! Opening night for Hurricanes baseball is Friday at The Light (aka Alex Rodriguez Park)

   It seems as though the last official Hurricanes' baseball game at Alex Rodriguez Park's Mark Light Field was yesterday. And I know those Canes that were there for the 12-2 whuppin' by Missouri State to end the season, preceeded by a 10-2 whuppin' by Stony Brook, couldn't get back on the field fast enough to start their newest campaign.

    The 2013 season begins at 7 p.m. Friday against Rutgers. The first two games of the three-game series will be available on ESPN3. In total, 15 games so far have been slated for live broadcasts.

    Unfortunately for the Canes, two of their top starters are not ready to pitch yet. Eric Whaley, a 6-3, 190-pound, right-handed senior from Pompano Beach, would likely have gotten the nod for Friday. But Whaley said he has a "tight'' throwing shoulder.

    "Hopefully I'll be ready in two weeks,'' Whaley said Wednesday. "I just started throwing about three days ago and it's feeling  better every day. Just rehabbing right now and taking the process slowly.''

    Left-handed junior Bryan Radziewski, otherwise known as B-Rad, is coming off shoulder surgery and not recuperating quite as quickly as fellow pitcher Andrew Suarez, who also had shoulder surgery. So, B-Rad is unable to go.

   That leaves left-handed sophomore Chris Diaz, out of Gulliver Prep, as the Canes' starter Friday against lefty Rob Smorol (8-4, 3.46 ERA in 2012). Diaz was mostly a middle reliever last year, with a 2-1 record and 4.18 ERA.

   "I just feel blessed,'' Diaz said. "All the hard work is paying off now."

    The UM rotation for Rutgers continues Saturday night with 6-4, 227-pound right-handed junior Javi Salas (6-3, 3.21). Sunday's 1 p.m. finale will have UM sophomore Suarez, a lefty, starting.

    "Absolutely excited,'' Salas said. "We have a good team this year.''

    Also of note: Freshman David Thompson, who also is a quarterback on the football squad, will likely start his first game as the first baseman, coach Jim Morris told me Thursday. Morris said Chris Barr won the defensive battle at first base, but a groin injury to usual right fielder Chantz Mack will likely keep Mack out defensively, so that shifted the lineup a bit.

    As of Thursday, Morris said Mack might be inserted as the DH, with Barr sitting out this game if Thompson plays first. Tyler Palmer would replace Mack in right field, Morris said, if Mack doesn't play defense.

    Morris told me things could still change regarding position shifts.

    Morris said Alex San Juan will start at catcher.

   The Canes are not in the Top-25 in any of the baseball polls, despite having the ninth best recruiting class, according to Collegiate Baseball; and the 10th best, according to ESPN.

    "It's a clean slate for all of us, but we definitely have to put our name on the map again,'' Salas said.

    Morris said this is one of the hardest working teams he has ever coached, and he said he's looking forward to getting back among the top. Morris will be coaching third base this season, with assistant Gino DiMare coaching first. DiMare was a smart, aggressive base runner when he played at UM, and he will likely bring that same aggressive philosophy coaching first.

     * Also on the Horizon for UM fans: Ron Fraser's Celebration of Life commemoration, honoring the UM legend who died Jan. 20. That commemoration is from 4 to 6 p.m. Feb. 23 at the Knight Sports Complex on the UM campus. The Fraser family will be in attendance at the event, which is free and open to the public. after the celebration, fans can proceed to A-Rod Park for the 7 p.m. game against Milwaukee.



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Calvin and Gallo, STFU! You two douchebags need to get a job and stop trolling on here. I suggest something in fast food. It matches your learning curve.

Good luck with the fries.

Good point, Hobbs.

And yes, Gallo, I do want fries with that.

doyo: no s...hit, really? I told you...golden is done...he is just too young and enixperianced for a team like UM....blake has to show he is responsible to the AD position......he must get control of all of this....

butch davis is avalible.....somebody has to reach out to him before this cascades out of total control...

butch - hc
coley - oc
barrow - lb / aasit dc
new hire - dc (butches guy)
art - ol / assist oc

then backfill all the other position needs....

Tracy Howard.

Top Florida DB who Golden recruited away from UF.

Is a "Golden Casualty".

Here is how stupid Gallo is:

Jeremy Davis- I know for a fact since I live in the area where he grew up and know some kids who are family with Davis- Davis could not make the academic requirements at the U. Even though he weent to a prep school. So the only caualty is that he could not live up to his dream of making the U.

Ray RAy- Ray Ray had plenty of chances to make it at Miami. Through Randy Shannon and Golden. He was supposed to be a dominant force at Safety. Scary possible heir to Sean Taylor. But guess what truth is, withhis facebook shenanigans,. and the whole shapiro thing and all the junk with his agent girlfriend- he is poison. And a BUST.

Thomas Finnie- How stupid can you be that you can potentially reach the NFL as a corner (bc the klid has the speed) and you throw everything away by stealing a lap top from a fellow student, only to be evcen stupider to try to sell it on campus? Dumb is as dumb was- can never understand a defensive playbook if you are that dumb

Darius the plug Smith: BUST. FAt and slow. He was supposed to plug the middle. Instead teams ran all over the U and he never created a rush or disrupted anything. The only thinghe disrupted was the line at Popeyes.

Those 4 players Gallo has as supposed 2012-2013 Golden "casualties". That is how much of a lying trolling moron he is.

To me- Golden knew what he was doing- ADDITION BY SUBTRACTION

How hilarious that the trolls here are now boxed into this little corner. Just read the MH article on Crisotbal interview and the comments section requiring FB to post has instantly improved the quality of discourse! LOLOLOL! Heya trolls, you can stay here in your little box, but there is more internets out there for you - try 4chan - you get to stay hidden - which I don't have a problem with inherently, I just find the situation as applied SO DELICIOUS....


Don't waste your time arguing with Gallo.

The guy is truly autistic. Repeats the same mindless comments over and over. He's all gloom and doom. His life must really suck.

Sitting at home posting ALL DAY long. No job, now woman, no friends..

So he comes on here to get ridiculed every day.

That's a sad mothereffer....

He's like the crazy homeless guy on the street corner "THE WORLD'S GONNA END!! REPENT!!"

golden casualties are also diciplinary issue that suspended players from key games....

also forgot to add to goldn casualties....vernon davis, darion hall, storm johnson, jerrery brown, kevin nelson, andrew tallman, billy sanders, cj holton, adarius johnson....

thats basically a whole new team.....a mass exdous of both coaches and players.....

this aint gonna work no mater how much you are a "believer"....a major change has to happen

golden cant keep ANYONE...butch davis is the most logical answer and he is AVALIBLE

Wishing the Canes baseball team a great season!

And the Hoops team is fantastic! Beat Clemson tomorrow! Coach Larranaga is a guy who has the respect of his players and the fans. He is an example of a superior coach turning a program around quickly.

Sad news on Cristobal who was so "grateful" to be able to stay in South Florida. I believe he is likely to leave after only a few weeks. Disappointing show of loyalty. If the current regime does not work out, he would have had a good shot at the job.

Looking at Jim's list of players we have lost, I have concerns about how Golden handles kids that are having a tough time, like #44. Admonitions to "grow up" are not helpful for a kid who may not have "grown up" with real grown ups.

Too many kids today have train-wrecked "families," no dads, poor role models, lousy peer influences, etc. About 73% of African-American kids are born without fathers. A national disgrace. Sure recipe for social and life failure, including self-defeating choices when success is within the kid's grasp (Finnie).

A coach can be that father substitute, and I would like to see Golden embracing players that need guidance, and doing everything to keep them in the program. Many already feel unwanted in their lives.

A combo of love, respect and discipline works best. Golden is no JoePa whose stature tends to foster compliance with players.

AG's approach has to change. Tired of all the suspension garbage and won't be traveling stuff during the year. He needs to find a better way, even with University constraints, to reach kids and connect with them as they learn to be young men in the world.

And, yes, being tough is one element of that strategy. But so is building relationships, forgiveness, teaching and loyalty.

When you are 7-5, you don't have the luxury of losing key players. And when the issue of trust becomes public, you ain't doing something right. Self-evaluation is definitely in order.

So, that list continues to be troubling...Change is needed, and we must see significant progress this year. I hope Golden is able to produce this and become an icon at UM like so many before him.

BS...the only recruits that didnt make it to UM under golden were...Kevin Grooms, Angelo Jean-Louis and Antonio Kinard....jeremy davis is a casulty...good try

ray-ray had dinner with his girlfriend, so what ncaa rule did he break?...still as usual, no explaination other than the standard "left under mutual terms"

thomas finnie? really.....if it was duke or morris, would they be gone also?...dont think so...

listen to gallo....im like a swammy / oracle....

golden is gone...get used to it

here is updated list as of 2/16/13

2012 Golden casualies:

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
jerrery brown
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 Golden Casualties

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central
Terry Richardson
Jedd Fisch
Geroge Mcdonald
Mario Christobal

tolbert bain...."jimmy used to recruit in libery city...he knew what those living rooms looked like"

kelvin harris...." when jimmy left my house...my mom said to me, you are gonna go there, I really like him...you will learn alot about life from him"

your right...I am an old man living in the past...but I know what works for UM....this aint gonna work...the jersey boys have to be shipped back to perth amboy...exit 11


Your moron inspired “casualty” list is the Mount Everest of stupidity. You repetitively and foolishly post the names of players who were mostly asked to leave the Miami program for disciplinary issues or did not play due to injury, coaches who were lavishly rewarded with huge promotions when accepting jobs in the NFL and now local high schools/coaches and kids that went to other schools in a failing and idiotic effort to belittle Coach Golden.

That said; there is no question in my mind that you have serious issues and are intellectually bankrupt.

Some suggest you are the poster who goes by the screen name "Curse", who apparently posts lies 24/7 on various Canes websites. I hope that is true, because the thought that there are two people doing the same thing as monumentally stupid as you are doing is a very depressing thought indeed.




Golden is bad, Golden is bad, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, i have no life, i have no life....

tolbert bain...."jimmy used to recruit in libery city...he knew what those living rooms looked like"

kelvin harris...." when jimmy left my house...my mom said to me, you are gonna go there, I really like him...you will learn alot about life from him"

Posted by: Jim Gallo.
The Great Jimmy Johnson said: "There is so much visibility now," Johnson said. "You don’t get away with anything. Nothing happens that the entire world doesn’t know about. I like Al Golden. He’s doing it the right way. He’s an outstanding recruiter. He’s very disciplined. I like his approach. He's the perfect guy to get Miami back on track.


But Unemployed Uncle Gallo knows more about College Football than Jimmy Johnson....

But JJ will always throw his weight behind ANYONE The U hires anyways. JJ will put his reputation on the line for anyone.

Unemployed Uncle Gallo.... a lot like Uncle Luke....

Amazing to me there is absolutely no further info about Cristobal's interview with Bama on any other paper and there's no updates on this major development....

The sports reporting down here really, truly SUCKS


Is there a chance that Gallo's posts make Luke's comments seem intelligent?

Gallo you are the Ma-ha-ra-ja of stupidity. The ayatollah of sumba55ness. The Emperor of mental inferiority and the king kong of KNOW NOTHING about football.

dbc- all due respect I disagree. Golden is not a social worker. In todays college footballlandscape coaches have more on their plate thanin 1985- Now they need to deal with social media exposure, much more regulatory and complex compliance issues, a much more aggresive NCAA, and his current overwhelmingly heavy cloud of the NCAA investigation looming on his head along with the delay tactics that have tied his hands severely with recruiting. He has no time to be daddy to all of these 18-22 year olds, other than the ususal coaching-older teacher tyep of advice. What--- you wanted him to maybe take Finnie into his house and raise him bc his parents didnt? You mean like Michael Oher? Please. Furthermore- Finnie was a repepat offender, and because his crime was ON CAMPUS, he had to deal with the University as well. Ray Ray was a poison on this squad. Vaughn Telemaque had work ethic issues. And overall the Randy Shannon team lacked discipline, self drive and motivation- proof is they were all out of shape and S-O-F-T! when AG came on board. Do you know how hard teams like Nebraska, Alabama,Oklahoma, train in the off season? You wouldnt even imagine.

And for p-o-s Gallo to deny the fact that Jeremy Davis was ineligible and incapable academically is proof of how ignorant that piece of space junk is.

Gallo- You are nothing but what was running down the walls on that Carnival cruise ship. And every time you blabber on here you prove my point.


I understand your points and they are fair.

A coach is a "daddy" to the players. For some kids, this is more powerful than for others. That is part of the role of the coach. Today, in addition to all their other duties, they do have to be a social worker/therapist, and a limit setter as well.

And if a kid could live with the coaches family, it would help the ones who had a lousy start in their lives because they were born to bozos.

My issue is that too many kids have left. There is something off in they way they are being handled if they screw up. While I appreciate a zero tolerance approach, some kids will require more TLC to get on track.

Finnie may have gone over the university line. The court gave hims a second chance. UM did not. If there was any flexibility, I would have favored it.

RayRay needed help to stay on track. Was there a way to work with him and not just terminate his status at UM? If so, why wasn't it done? If not, so it goes and maybe he had all the second chances the program could allow.

Telemaque was not separated from the team.

Worth noting, RayRay, Telemaque and other DBs were often out of position trying to make plays. UM has a history of playmakers on defense. Where was the coaching and compliance with the scheme with these guys? Did you see much of this on other FBS teams?

Can you name any Penn State defensive back that was a playmaker, or has fame, other than the kid who was injured a few years ago and led the team onto the field?

We have lost too many kids. That means the approach has to change.

Tracy Howard, a playmaker, had an issue with the coaches last year. I fear we will lose him as well because of the rigidity of D'Onofrio and Golden.

Too many in week suspensions, kids left behind on road trips, platitudes about "he has to grow up."

As one who worked with people for many years, I remain very concerned about Golden's overall approach. Though I appreciate his dedication to disciple and toughness, he needs to find better ways to connect with players and bring kids along that need that kind of substitute parenting and guidance learning the ways of the world and following rules.

dbc, that is the problem with these kids now. They have an opportunity to recieve a college education paid in full and set themselves up for an opportunity to play for championships and a NFL future in which they can make millions. That to me sounds pretty good. Many of them feel entitled to everything and because they are talented and have been slapped on the wrist if that in the past it is time they growed up and become men. They are not kids anymore. I cannot for the life of me see why some people look at these young men as kids. And anybody can say what they want to but when you steal peoples property in any way you must pay the penalty. I don't blame Coach Golden at all and in fact I applaud him for being the one coach in America who has the expectations for his players to be young men who take responsibility for their actions and holds them to it. There isn't one thing about our program that has not gotten better under Coach Golden's watch. THe recruiting is way better, the coaching on the field is much better, the team unity is light years ahead in comparison to the prior two bozo's who were holding the title of head coach, that talent level is better. So I guess my point is why would anybody with a sound, objective mind be b8t9hing about anything.

Coach Golden has no choice but to have a zero tolerance pattern based on the current situation we find ourselves in with the NCAA.

Florida is a prime example of a school that gives second, third, fourth and fifth chances. Their roster is littered with criminals and wannabe felons. This has brought them short-term success, but with 100% certainty it will at some point catch-up with them and will cause all hell to break loose with the national press and NCCA, thus putting their program in a lengthy death spiral.

Coach Golden is building a winning foundation for our program that will last decades and produce many more championships. It is not an easy process to create a new culture with a program left in total disarray and requires time, and yes, patience. We are on the right path despite what the two imbecile twins (Gallo and Calvin) post on this blog day and night.

Keep the faith Canes fans...As Jimmy Johnson has put forward...Al Golden is the man to turn Miami around.

The coaching on the field has not gotten any better and the talent level has not gotten any better because he has not been here that long. Morris was much better as qb under goldens watch but the had more to do with keyhoe and the offensive line playing better and Fisch. No we have an oc who has never called a game before from fswho. He made the game plans Fischer and that wasn't impressive. He would have been better off giving that to cristoball an maybe he wouldn't be about to leave. We are not even gonna talk about defense. Chickillo has regressed an the defense is three spots away from being the worst in college football. We have a lot of instability on this squad right now and it just doesn't look good. Golden did good job recruiting under the circumstances but if he keeps getting rid of players for minor infractions then we aren't going anywhere. We will never get the elite defensive players with oh no at the helm. Parcels said you are what you record says you are and that should explain everything about golden. We have a favorable schedule this year and I expect us to do well but if not they need to be held under the same criterion as all the other coaches. These coaches have not adapted well to be an elite program. We need Soldy and Ray Lewis and any body else we can get that we're true Canes.

At the end of the day, no matter how much stupidity yall coke up with th=o try and prove goldie knows what he's doing, the man is 13 & 11 in 2 years and that's after being handed alot of talent to win with. People like to say "shannon left the cupboard empty" or goldie is rebuilding the program" question, how many opponents that we played against have more drafted players and undrafted players make it to the nfl?

So matter what goldie says or how good he comes off to yall the man is 13 & 11 in 2 years residing over the worst defense in UM history and almost the worst one in college football but he somehow comes and try and actually defend his boy and that atrocious defensive scheme. So until he becomes a real winning headcoach at UM, nothing he says to me matters. I don't want to here about the players you had to suspend or kick off the team(self inflicted headcoaching moves), your job as a headcoach is to manage thru that and build a winning football team, if he can't do it, than this job is to big for him.

He's not the first coach to coach at UM in case some of yall didn't know. If you're stupid enuff to keep blaming and focusing on the players as if Miami is the only school that has players stealing. We had 1 who admitted it in thomas finnie, 4 players from bama got caught, let's see the difference in how saban deals with it over how finnie was dealt with.

If saban keeps most of those players or any of them on the team, that'll show even more how pathetic goldie is when it comes to handling these type of things, why, because if anybody has room to be kicking players off a team it's saban, he's coaching a national championship team. In the meantime, goldie needs all the help he can get.

If goldie leaves today, alot of people will cry for a 13 & 11 coach.

That nc2a notice came out and goldie is trying to abandon ship lol, either way, and what's funny is, if he does, i'm no butch davis fan but he's waiting in the wings once again to bail this program back out. What people got to realize is, this is the real pressure year for golde and almost any headcoach who doesn't excel in his 2nd year, the 3rd year is the year where there are suppose to be definite signs that your program is headed in the right direct, a mediocre showing this year, at Miami, will only weaken anybody's resume.

What i want to know is, all these people that keep trying to make excuses to support goldie, here are a couple of facts to think about:

goldie was the headcoach at temple for 5 years. How is it, that goldie with 5 years headcoaching experience under his belt is only 2 games better than randy shannon was in his first 2 years with no headcoaching experience but people keep saying how much better goldie is over shannon. And this is not to knock goldie, it's just an obvious fact.

For one, shannon would hold the d-co accountable for beign 117th in the country, their is no excuse for that. Funny thing is, in that new raising Canes video where they're showing the recruiting aspect of it, after it was over and done with, jethro seemed like he was faking on the phone knowing full well him and oach OH-NO failed to land not even 1 True highschool d-tackle this year lol. When has that ever happened at UM, especially with sapp getting into the hall of fame as well.

It's obvious these recruits and other college recruiters are telling them, "yeah, Miami definitely does have a strong tradition of putting out great players, the problem is, none of those Great players came from under this coaching staff, so that's not that Miami"

One thing is he had to clean up the mess left by Shannon. The majority of the players Shannon had were quitters and like him just flat out lazy. Plus Shannon never had to deal with the mess of the NCAA that Golden has had to deal with. Just look at the recruiting classes and the team overall since Golden has been here and Shannon's pale in comparison. Also Golden has a ACC Coastal Division Championship, which SHannon never had and he did it with a team full of freshmen and sophomores. Now as far as not being sold on Coley, I am not until he proves me different. And if Mario wants to go to bama then so be it. Some of U morons act like it would be the end all be all if he did. Who cares. If he thinks it would better him then oh well. Oh and Calvin, none of the great Miami players ever come from a Randy Shannon head coached team either. Boy it;s going to be fun watching U, Gallo and the other douche bags look stupid this fall. Another Coastal Division Championship will be coming to Coral Gables and the first ACC Title.

Oh and Calvin, Alabama has suspended those players indefinately and they are not even allowed on campus. Either way Golden's decisions cast a shining light on him as a respected man who sticks by his principles. Not a tolerator of repeat offenders, who are through with the players once he gets what he wants out of them like your boys who coach the SEC teams.

We backed into the coastal division but if you want to hang your hat on that then so be it. We should only lose one game next year. Will we is another question.

bottom line...UM is a program thats has alway had a little stink on them...miami dade couty was always a land of the untamed frontier....you have to roll with the personality of the city..it is dynamic, edgy,bohemiam....is it not boston college or providence college.....

I take all these guys.....straighten them out but dont kick them off the team and protect their mistakes in house....make them be accountable on the pactice field.....remember being a dicipliary is easy as a manager....the hard part is to not be that and to have the patience to mode people to see that the teams mission is the same as theirs....

vernon davis
darion hall
storm johnson
jerrery brown
kevin nelson
andrew tallman
billy sanders
cj holton
adarius johnson
keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

lets start over and get a new lease on UM football life...

Well, if you could win the coastal division backing in at 7 & 6, if that's the case, shannon should've won it twice than. As it stands right now, goldie hasn't had a better season than shannon's 9 & 4 record, until than, goldie is below mediocre right now as a headcoach. Keep suspending players and thinking in the end your type of discipline decisions are going to eventually win out.

Won't be long before goldie is suspended or dismissed, what goes around comes around. You can't keep being in-just to these young men and think things are going to work out for you. If mario cristobal rolls out, does this mean mario doesn't think goldie is UM material.

Calvin, Tally, and Gallo, U can call it anyway U want to, the bottom line is Al Golden has coached the Canes to a Coastal Division Title and Shannon nor anyone else has. And it doesn't matter whether U are in Dade County or Kansas, disapline is disapline, and Miami's football team is going to be better for it. And that little 9 and 4 record will be easily eclipsed this fall, by Golden who will by then add another Coastal Division Title. The players are being put on notice just like they were when Butch Davis was here and cleaned up the program. We all saw what he built and Golden is doing the same thing. And yeah I will hang my hat on a coastal division title over a 9 and 4 one hit wonder season record any day.

Defense wins championships and that obviously what we don't have so that is what I'm concerned about. We will never win a championship with an Ensor dc like that and we don't know what we have I'm an oc. We should win 11 games this year but we will see. The U is supposed to be judge by championships not Tom foolery.

U see the keyboard coward is out again.lol

Listen, I love Jimmy Johnson. He took what Schnellie started and amped it up and turned the program into a beast. BI like CAG also and BELIEVE that he willget the program heded back to prominence, but to say that CAG is going to succeed 100% because JJ says so is a little tricky.

Truly, what did you all expect JJ to say? That CAG is suspect and until he gets rid of D'Nofrio, he may be let go? Listen, JJ is UM through and through and will NEVER bash the program. I love that about him. He is loyal. But in reality because he says he likes CAG doesn't mean anything to me because it doesn't matter if UM hired Hannibal Lechter or Martha Steart to coach the team, JJ would give them a ringing endorsement.

To all those who think CAG has run everything better than the last 2 coaches, again, this is not to bash him, but the truth is the truth. The team has had more off the field incidents with him at the helm AND our defense has surely not improved under his regime, we have also not won anymore games than the previous regime, so no, everything is not better with CAG than his predecessors.

On a whole CAG is a better more rounded coach, the program is in better shape and we are moving in the right direction. I am sure the CAG is working on the teams weak points and we will see how things play out for the football team. In the mean time lets get behind the basketball, baseball teams and CAG and the rest of the football coaching staff till Spring practice starts. Go Canes!!

CAlvin, cool cat- If UM goes 10-2,a s I expect them to be a man and come on here and apologize for being a doosh bag- see you next December

golden does not have an ACC coastal championship...GT does this year.....

this is what golden was handed (first player mess)

QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson

golden was handed a complete team with good players....he totally f...cked it up...all his excuses are BS

randy shannon handed him a complete gift and put a bow on top.....

here is the stat mess golden was handed:

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

not to mention his inability to sign key impact players @ NSD.....any other "CEO" would have been let go....

he is 40-45 with not 1 bowl win and the worst defense in UM history....what is there even to think about....

this is golden recruits.....notice that 80% were bench warmers....

randy shannons class was far better andwithout them golden would have been 0-12

OT Ereck Flowers
WR Rashawn Scott
DE Olsen Pierre
T Corey King
LB Eddie Johnson
LB Denzel Perryman
DB Ladarius Gunter
S Deon Bush
P Dalton Botts
QB Ryan Williams
WR Robert Lockhart
WR Herb Waters
OG Daniel Isidora
OT Hunter Wells
DT Dequan Ivery
DT Earl Moore
DT Darius Smith
DE Ricardo Williams
DE Jelani Hamilton
DE Tyriq McCord
LB Thurston Armbrister
LB Raphael Kirby
CB Antonio Crawford
CB Tracy Howard
S Rayshawn Jenkins
K Matt Goudis
QB Gray Crow
QB Preston Dewey
RB Dallas Crawford
RB Danny Dillard
WR Jontavious Carter
WR D'Mauri Jones
OL Taylor Gadbois
DT Jacoby Briscoe
DE Jalen Grimble
DE Dwayne Hoilett

this ia all complete BS.....those players could have been developed into a top 10 team in 2012....there was real talent there....it was all the coaches....end of story.....

Great post tallyCane, only a clown would brag and try and take credit for backing into a coastal division championship. Just goes to show the weak mindness of goldie. If he was real with it, he either wouldn't have mentioned it or told the team "look, i know they're saying we won the coastal division by backing in tp it, but that's not the way we win it in Miami, the next time we need to leave no doubt"

Instead, he took the sissy route, instead of taking the opportunity to elevate the mental aspect of this team, like the Georgia tech game when he was running around celebrating like we had won the national championship game he wants this team to celebrate something that doesn't belong to them and for any "so called" fan to agree with that, they're just as weak mentally and desparate for something good just as coach goldie.

goldie should be ashamed of himself for saying anything about that coastal division stuff, in fact, he should kick himself off the team, if he wants to be seen as consistent/be the same guy everyday crap, than if thomas finnie got kicked off the team for stealing, goldie should kick himself off the team for being an accessory to a crime by trying to steal the coastal division trophy, so was is really finnie's fault or is this what's being taught at UM now, "steal the coastal".

We got a coach that comes in with the slogan "Deserve Victory" but yet he knows full well we backed into that coastal title, did we deserve that, apparently he thinks so, hypocrite!

Sad to say, Gallo does have a point about the roster that Shannon has being HANDS DOWN, better than CAG's roster. Now granted CAG's roster is either Freshmen or Sophomores, so time will tell with his players. As regards CAG winning with only his players, everyone knows that that is downright laughable and very comedic.

Also, please do not disparage players like Stephen Moris, Duke Johnson (yes Randy recruited him b4 CAG took the job), Brandon Linder, Phillip Dorsett, Baunche, Perryman, Chick and many others who make GREAT contributions to this team and are the main reason we are winning any games, by calling them quitters and lazy. Because some people choose to bang on CAG, does not mean that you should in turn drag the good young men and players THAT SHANNON RECRUITED through the mud, it is not a mature or intelligent look. Also, some of the players look on these sites to see what the feel of the fans are and if they think that fans dislike them because they were recruited by Randy, it is not good for morale. Again, without those players, this team would be in really deep do-do.

championships is all that matters,

as always, i respect your opinion. you are an astute and fair observer.

An 18 year old IS a kid in many cases. And too many of the players today are programmed to self-destruct. Their parenting has been faulty and positive male role models have not been available in the family for many.

They don't get it that they have a wonderful life opportunity. I am glad Golden is tough as well.

My point is simply that there are better ways to work with kids who are drawn toward self-sabotage, and I hope we find it in appropriate cases. Some kids are over the line with the law. Perhaps Finnie was one such player.

And I get why UM has been particularly strict, given NCAA problems. By the way, I believe the NCAA will hammer us to justify their ineptitude.

So, working with today's kids entails clear limits as well as flexibility and connection by the coachsa.

In the interim, and speaking of great coaches, beat Clemson today!

whats even more disturbing is the 2 best golden recruits that were starting to come into their own.....finnie and paul....he kicks off?

why shouldnt I bang on golden....someone has to do it....why couldnt golden develope all those players? there is talent there....maybe him and dnofrio are just not capable....we as fan dont work for the coaching staff..they work for us fans....

if you look and analyze the defensive guy shannon left golden...there is real talent there, you cant tell me that those guys are worthy of a #117 defensive ranking? No f...king way.

someone should put a S.O.S out for QB's grey crow and preston dewey.....I think they are lost at sea, lol

jim gallo, great post, but you know, under shannon people blamed him for not having back-up qb's in his first 2 years because apparently that's how you're suppose to somehow win the national championship, goldie is 7 & 6, but i guess he gets a pass because he has 2 back-ups in dewey and crow. Those guys are about as suspect as it gets. I think dewey is the better of the 2, but none of them right now are going to show anything special and with jedd leaving, james coley is on deck.

who knows....dewey and crow could be playing for east carolina state and nobody would know, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo: “If you look and analyze the defensive guys Shannon left golden...there is real talent there, you can’t tell me that those guys are worthy of a #117 defensive ranking? No f...king way.” “What’s even more disturbing is the 2 best golden recruits that were starting to come into their own.....Finnie and Paul....he kicks off?”


Gallo has once again removed any doubt that it is his image next to the word ‘clueless’ in the dictionary.

Shannon left Golden “real talent” on the defensive side of the ball? Excuse me while I roar with laughter!!!

Gallo must be talking about all of that defensive talent that Notre Dame ground into fine saw dust at the Sun Bowl.

There is not one qualified college football expert when asked about the talent Golden was left with who didn't immediately point to the defense being almost bereft of talent.

These same experts from all over the country and Vegas odds makers predicated that with Miami’s talent they would most likely win three games all of last season, and if they won four games that would be encouraging and a five game win season would mean the Canes were playing out of their minds and Al Golden and his coaching staff should be celebrated.

As to Gallo’s other idiotic claims; cornerback Thomas Finnie was charged with grand theft after having been previously disciplined on numerous occasions by the Miami coaching staff for other violations/issues, which does not require a seeing-eye dog to conclude this kid was only competing to see if he could be a more accomplished criminal than those playing for the Gators. As for Finnie coming into his own…it is reported “he will be taking his talents” to the football juggernaut Bethune-Cookman! Right Gallo, he was coming into his own. The problem was he spent more time on his criminal endeavors than football. Good-bye and good luck Mr. Finnie…next!

Gionni Paul is a different story from the athletic standpoint as he had real upside, but in today’s NCAA climate Gionni's almost constant team violations and bad behavior was a huge liability to the Canes and a welcome asset to Mark Emmert’s goal of killing the Miami football program. His suspension was for the long-term greater good. Hopefully Gionni will have an epiphany and get his act together as in many instances it requires a teeth rattling shock for people to enact real, positive change.

Anyone that does not understand that Golden MUST have a zero tolerance policy at this stage simply does not understand what is and has been transpiring with the NCAA. Golden is doing everything in his power to stop Miami from ending up like SMU and spending the next 30 years being nothing more than a punch-line in college football. And even with Golden's herculean efforts that is exactly what may happen!

The only one lost at sea is you gallo. You are also lost in your own sea of bs

Please tell me what is wrong with these players.....

DE Shayon Green - starter
DE Anthony Chickillo - starter
LB Jimmy Gaines - starter
CB Brandon McGee - starter
S Kacy Rodgers - starter
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith - starter
S Vaughn Telemaque - starter
DT Curtis Porter - starter
DT Luther Robinson - starter
LB Ramon Buchanan - allegedly spit on the palm of a cop
S Ray-Ray Armstrong - goldens sacrificial lamb for ncaa
LB Kelvin Cain - golden clears his locker before FSU
DT Jeffery Brown - qualified termination
DB Devont'a Davis - transfer / didnt like golden
LB Travis Williams - transfer / didnt like golden
DB Jamal Reid - transfer / didnt like golden
LB Kevin Nelson - transfer / didnt like golden
DB Keion Payne

and lets not forget the season opener where golden suspened 6 players....storm johnson, kelvin cain, seantrel henderson, keion payne, dryon dye and devont'a davis.....what coach starts the season off like that?

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