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Before I leave for the night, some news from sources: RB coach Terry Richardson leaving UM

Still need to get this confirmed tomorrow from UM, but two sources told me Hurricanes running backs coach Terry Richardson is leaving UM to take the same position with the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

Richardson would join former UM offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, the Jags' new OC.

Richardson has been at UM for two seasons, coaching Lamar Miller, now with the Dolphins, in 2011 and freshman All-American Duke Johnson this past season.

The Broward County native returned to South Florida, according to his UM bio, after spending 12 seasons at UConn as the RB coach.

That's all for now. More tomorrow I hope.








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If you ask nicely Don Solinger is open to maybe coming back!!!

Great idea on Don!

No thanks... U blew it years ago.

blew what coker is gone he's the 1 that fired the two canes die hard coaches come'on golden bring him back bring him back bring him back

Well Bring back Don- Maybe we should hire people who are invested in the area or community already . How about Collin's coach??? It's a joke as it would look soooo bad....

First the AD bolts
Then it's the WR coach
Then it's the OC
Now the RB coach
More turnover for the only good unit in your sorry team
How can you outscore everyone with all these changes?
Got any new DTs?

Good for him, the best. Somebody needs to inform Golden that by taking back offer from Kirkland cost him this year, plus opened tunnel to Arkansa, plus to randy shannon, you never pull that offer back, if you dont want him dont offer, that is called bush league, might work up north not here Golden. Booker T coach mended fence like Kirkland just to save face, but The U will only get a few bones from that school wake up Golden. I thought you knew how to recurit, but 4 from south florida isnt a good job period, stop making NCAA excuses, look at North Carolina what they did.

There are many running back coaches available. There is no need to panic..Geez, everything is always a negative. Solinger would be a good hire if he is willing, otherwise, they will come knocking.

I agree good for coach richardson,now any buyers want to recruit dnofrio.

Funny comment of the week comment award to walden:

The Kirkland drama "opened a tunnel" to Arkansas?

Bet it closes quickly when people figure out it dumps you in, oh that's right, Arkansas. LOL

delusional idiots..this whle brand is commig apart at the seams.....we need butch davis NOW

walden is right:

Alex collins will play immediately, become the lead guy and be one of the great arkansas backs:

1. Damon Mitchell - QB - Booker T
2. Alex collins - 5'11" 204
3. Denver kirkland - 6'5" 333
4. johnathan mcclure - 6'4" 310
5. hunter henry - TE 6'6" 245
6. reeve koehler - 6'3" 320
7. DAN SKIPPER - 6"10" 295

arkansas has foothold in sfla...and dade county / why did we get rid of shannon again?

plus hes got one of the top HC and running back coach in the country....add shannon to the mix.....UM is spinning out of control

golden and dnofrio have to be replaced immediately...the team needs a change in direction or it will be destroyed for an even longer time.

All you vehement anti-Miami guys are hick racists.

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