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Blake James: UM's new athletic director, got a standing ovation this morning -- and UM spring practice dates announced

First, congratulations to new, permanent Miami athletic director Blake James, a super nice person who absolutely does not shy away from the media -- or from mingling with fans and attending UM sports events. I was told by UM Board of Trustee members that he has done a great job in his interim capacity since October, and that he handled the entire aspect of the program well since then -- from the NCAA mess to dealing with employees to fundraising.

I talked to some folks today about James and what went down this morning at the National UM Board of Trustees meeting in Coral Gables:

* Blake was brought in toward the end of the executive session as a surprise by UM president Donna Shalala, who introduced him as UM's new athletic director. The whole place, I was told, cheered and gave him a standing ovation. Blake was grinning from ear to ear.

* "Everyone was overwhelmed,'' one trustee said. "They all cheered and shook his hand.''

* "I didn't hear one person disagree with the choice of Blake,'' a trustee told me. "He had a smile on him that you couldn't wipe off in 10 years.''  

* James was chosen by Shalala and her search committee, headed by UM Board of Trustees member David Epstein. The Board overwhelmingly approved, though there wasn't a formal vote taken, I was told.

 * I was told James' hiring doesn't necessarily mean there will soon be closure on the NCAA investigation of Miami -- but that it doesn't necessarily mean there won't be closure soon either (LOL, sorry, that's what I was told). More than one person said Shalala and company are so sure that Blake will stay at UM, regardless of what happens to UM re the NCAA case, that she felt confident about naming him the permanent guy now. 

*Shalala said more a bit more than 100 people expressed interest in the AD job.

* A trustee told me there were about 40 people present today at the meeting.

Have an awesome weekend everyone! We're getting Blake on a conference call in the next hour.

Hurricanes' three spring scrimmage dates set

UM's spring football schedule was released Friday. The first of 15 practices begins March 2nd.

Three scrimmages will be open to the public.

> March 23: First scrimmage at Traz Powell Stadium in Miami (10 a.m.)

> April 5: Second scrimmage in Naples (7 p.m.).

> April 13: Annual Spring Football Game (3 p.m.) at Sun Life Stadium.

For the first time, the Canes will hold a "Student Appreciation Day" during their Tuesday, March 26th practice at Greentree Practice Field. With the exception of March 26 and the three scrimmages, all practices are closed to the public.




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Congrats Blake. I am sure the search committee searched the NCAA landscape far and wide for an AD of an historical college program but all we could land was the Providence and Maine guy.

This is pathetic. We have had morons for the last 5 years amd now we get this guy. I am amazed at the poor decision making at the top.

Jim Gallo may not be able to post coherently today.

Please excuse him, but he is suffering the after effects of anesthesia to repair his analprolapse.

Here's hoping you can have a normal bowel movement soon, Jim Gallo.

James and Donna please closely check NCAA allegations they are covering up as quick as they can, Lach, Remy, and Emmeret, they are liars and will try to twist items, the whole case needs to be reviewed, and even the state AG. Mark really needs to resign, has no trust or truth in his actions, worthless, Coachs and Colleges deserve better, get Judy and Elna grill them for the truth, NCAA smells like a rat or two, check them close.

NCAA says only enforcement ,they cant be trusted their word are false, they are liars among themselves. The case needs to be thrown out. All three Lach Remy and Mark are covering up as quick as they can, what about Judy and Elena, and the threats used by NCAA, plus extra time it has taken due to all this lies. Mark is out of control, he needs to go, get the AG involved cause they are covering up a lot of things gotten illegally.

Why cant Ray Lewis be part of the spring training, getting the guys in shape like Herscel Walker does at Georgia, also draws recurits.

Fantastic choice..

If anyone wanted to see a Real Cane...Here he is..
Dedication, and a chance to put the 'U' front and Center is what Blake James is all about..

We are lucky to have a guy like this as the AD.

Please Blake get your group together and gear up for the NCAA allegations next week.
We just want to have that whole scenario settled, and the 'U' can then do things in a normal format..It has been long enough...

You have great Coaches, in all Sports to work alongside, and I know they are very happy that you are now the AD.

Welcome to your position, and as you have always said
"Let's go 'Canes"

I needed to add that as an alumnus of the 'U' it makes me happy to know that someone is there who knows our School, and is willing to bring it back to the Top of the Mountain.

Our Legacy was built on a lot of sweat and tears.

We know that you have been there with us, and with your dedication and our Support we will be there AGAIN.

Go 'Canes

Gallo, look at all the transers, decommits and coaching defections under Muscrap. Oh, no. Fire Muscrap.

Gallo, you love the KAK.

James - first things first - congrats on your wonderful ATP career. Having a professional and Olympic athlete in charge of our program will no doubt get the competitive juices flowing. Please schedule the Gayturds year in and year out. Also, please work with Alonzo Highsmith with Tropical Park Stadium.


Congrats Blake!!

Canes beat UNC tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Goooooo Canes!!!!

We took 3-4 DT's last year by the way with I believe some redshirting and that scout.com rated Grimble in 2011 class as a 5 star DT. With porter and rogbinson coming back, earl moore bein a sophomore now ,and the Juco 100 kid Komlu, we have a good 10 or so DT's on the team.
and chcickillo is ballooning up to a DT

Blake will do a fine job I'm sure....

Herbert Walden,

Astute NCAA observations and suggestions.

The significance of what I will call the UM/Ray Lewis Sr. story is being missed by the local press.

Ray is going to have an enormously positive impact on Canes football from recruiting to conditioning to the mental approach to the game and beyond.

I suspect now that Ray is retired he will attend most practices and all of the games.

I Love this post..its so very true

Another non minority Administration hire by Donna and UM. Tony Hernandez is more qualified for the position than Blake. Yes there is a race problem at UM. A few token coaches but look up stairs. It doesn't reflect the UM athletics in ethnicity or the Miami Community. Lilly White Donna..Holecutt.. Eichorst..now Blake.... I Hope young recruits are paying attention..Brown on the feild and courts..WHITE UP STAIRS... DONNA YOU FAILED AGAIN

What difference should or does it make whether or not the guy is caucasian or not? None. The man is qualified for the job and wants to be here so I say congradulations to Blake. Why hire somebody just because of their race has to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Last time I checked Nick Saban and ALabama are as white as you can get and every top athlete is wanting to go there so what does that tell U. Wins bring in talent not race. Get off the stupid train and try sounding educated.

UMCANES it certainly sounds to me like you are the one who is racist. I doubt anyone else even paid attention to what color Blake was during the process , It had more to do with the fact that he has been here and filled in very well and is part of the U community. Obviously you are a little bit paranoid or have low self esteem. If people like you would stop throwing up race it might stop being an issue. Theres an old saying that more you stir sh*t the worse it smells so stop trying to create problems where there are none. And shame on you for trying to get impressionable teenagers to continue race problems. Go Canes no matter what color you are we support allof you.

Put the race card back in the deck, we don't care.

Congrats to Blake James!

All we need is for the headcoach at UM to not try and appease the keebler elf and curtail the football team to her liking. If a headcoach tries to compromise that fact, they won't be a championship headcoach at UM. Who cares about the administration at UM, as logn as they know to stay in their lanes when it comes to UM football that's all that matters. Right now though, goldie doesn't really have a leg to stand on when it comes to that fact, he's still trying to find his way on how to get to the top.

Funny how all the impact coaches on offense have dipped out except of course art kehoe who doesn't and don't want to be nowhere else. You hire more guys like that at UM like soldinger, he ain't going nowhere. In the meantime, i'd rather see us go and hire kevin patrick right now to coach this d-line, but what's happened is, the defensive coaches are stuck and can't go nowhere with the exception of probably barrows and than maybe p.w., everybody, would be hard pressed to say who wants them.

I don't see nothing positive coming from whatever goldie or jethro is teaching. When john palmero was here when had a real strong run defense, in fact set the UM record for rushing yards against for a season. When jethro was here, we were at the top of college football in tackles for losses, even coach hurtt's d-lines wasn't this non-existent.

oh forget...al golden is a racist, lol..why not

2012 Golden casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 golden casualties

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
terry richardson
jedd fisch
tim harris
george mcdonald

if things were so good at UM...why is all this happening on goldens watch....when you hire someone the first thing you get is how long will this guy stay and be commmitted....these are all his hires and related issues.....


Posted by: Jim Gallo


It doesn't matter what Coach Golden says or does...you are going to take his comments/actions out of context or skew them to meet your goal of demeaning the man.

You claim to be a stockbroker, which is someone who should understand business. Your posts demonstrate you don’t!

When a failing business is acquired and a new CEO/turnaround specialist is brought in typically much of the current team and business culture has to be expunged or weeded out and a new cast of characters with the new culture and plan is installed.

This is the exact process that Al Golden is currently conducting and you refer to this process as casualties suggesting this means Golden is a failure. This is unadulterated stupidity--making it clear this is the one area you are an expert.

You list Canes Coaches Jedd Fisch and Terry Richardson on your Golden induced “casualties” list who accepted promotions to coach in the NFL and claim this is further proof that Al Golden doesn’t know what he’s doing and the program is falling apart.

Considering the above, based on your deep thinking this means that Nick Saban is a terrible coach who should be immediately fired and replaced by Gene Stallings and the Alabama program is crumbling, because his offensive line coach, Jeff Stoutland, resigned from Alabama to join the NFL (like Fisch and Richardson) as an offensive line coach, which is the same position he held with the Tide.

Getting to the point …your posts demonstrate that you don’t know much about business and even less about the management of a college football team.

I fantasize about Muscrat abusing me.

Hi, my name is Jim Gallo, and I'm a buttsex addict.

My sphincter is so loose, I have to wear adult diapers.

Tracy Howard was a Golden casualty.

#1 CB Tracy Howard. Who Al Golden convinced to sign with UM over UF despite looming sanctions. Was an Al Golden casualty.

Not that anyone here believes Jim Gallo is an actual UM fan and not the obsessive UF troll who "disappeared" the second Gallo started posting.

It's who the AD is is what he'll do. Looks like he'll march to DS.

This kid Kamalu who jumped to Espns #77 juco playr will play DT and Redshirted at Juco so will be a sophomore we get him 3 years. Another nice find by AL Player: DT Ufomba Kamalu
School: El Dorado (KS) Butler CC

Recruiting: A lightly recruited Junior College prospect, Kamalu took a visit to West Virginia in December before seeing Miami in January. He committed after his visit here, and never saw anyone after that. Miami offered him on his visit in December.

Scouting Report: Kamalu helped lead his team to a national championship on the field in 2012. He was the Defensive MVP in the title game. He has ideal size, plus athleticism, and has shown the ability to play both tackle and end.

2012 season: Kamalu finished this past season with 54 tackles, eight sacks, and three caused fumbles.

Mike’s Take: Kamalu is an interesting prospect. He’s still very raw in terms of his technique and development. However, he was very good at times in 2012 including in the championship game. He was athletic enough to play a lot of defensive end but because of his size and growth potential he’ll become a tackle at Miami. While it was unfortunate that he wasn’t able to enroll early, it is a bonus that he redshirted a year so he will enter next season as a sophomore. He’s probably a year away from

Just The Facts is Just a DUMBASSS!!!

Just the Facts knows what hes talkin bout Davey boy...

facts: first of all I am not a stock broker..I am a retired commodities floor trader....second UM was not failing in fact if you analyze 2009/2010 the team had some pretty good players and golden got a decent team when he took over....this shannon stuff is all BS even in the print media...those 2 recruiting classes were good...

third, jedd fisch was in the nfl for 9 years...and decided to enter the ncaa....he and the rest via golens many press conferences highlighted at nauseum how his coaching staff was committed to bring UM back to the national spotlight...I was with the same firm for 25 yrs..I had many offers but stayed...I liked the firm, people and owners....bobby bowden was at fsu for 33 yrs

those guys bailed because they didnt believe in UM...thats why the impact recruits went elsewhere...after 2 yrs wit the frim if you didnt make money, you were gone..same thing here...look at the basketball team as proof....real winners

your the one that dosent know about business or football....you want to bet arkansas has a total turn around next year?with the right team management results happen overnight...

casualties = forced to leave the team or dicipilined from key games....

if golden at least got rid of dnofrio, id give him a break but he is stubborn....how does one place #117 out of #120 and still have a job? dnofrio did not recruit 1 player....not one recruit ever mentioned his name...wtf are we doing here?

we will see what happens next year...maybe the administration is giving him 1 more year...see what he can do...dnofrio is not committed to UM....he was ready to leave to go to temple..hes only here for the paycheck and he knows nobody would take him if he left....so UM suffers, youll see

To Jim
Now you are a retired commodities floor trader,how about adjusting some relays, or reading prints,or maybe some wiring ?

FSU lost half their coaching staff, hell alabama of all teams lost their offensive line coach to the pros, just like the UM coaches that left, yet no criticism there.

He(stoutland)only went to the pro's just in case he gets that show cause. And if it wasn't for shannon, where would stoutland be.

I won't give goldie any breaks either this year if he's publicly calling out other parts of the team except clown 117. How is it that it was cried about all last year that their was no depth on the d-line, so we moved dyron dye and perry to the tight-end spots, now all of a sudden, we got defensive end recruits and shayone green and 3g coming back so now all of a sudden we moving dyron and perry back to defensive end, lol.

So come next year, our d-line guys should be fresh the whole game since we can start rotating guys. Here's to james coley making sure the runningbacks get rotated the right way, i got tired of seeing mike james not be allowed to get in a groove. I know terry probably trying to get those guys to make every rep count but i like to give a guy a series at a time.

As far as goldie with recruiting, i'l give him a pass this year, i can careless what a recruits ranking is from out of town, i said the year before, why are we going to vegas to get a recruit, thus far, jalen grimble has been the quietest d-linemen i think i've ever seen at UM.

Calvin, you post some of the most ignorant shyt on here. And your abuse of the English language is offensive.

Randy Shannon could recruit but he could not develop players. Your suggestion that he is somehow responsible for Stout land getting an NFL job is hilarious!

You are either a good troll or a really ignorant poster who happens to hate whitey.

I'm betting on the latter.

Calvin, do us all a favor and STFU!


not true...

jedd fisch - 2 yrs
terry richarson - 2 yrs

james coley - 5 yrs
mark stops - 3 yrs

jim mcelwain - 4 yrs

see twice as long....those guys exited because they were not committed to UM...I know terry richardson from Uconn....he has been here 11 yrs....all BS

Is the blizzard rough in your part of the country?

You still gotta luv alex collins Mom, straight goonette. Although she gotta understand though alex is not no baby no more, he starting to make his own decisions now lol. That's what i like though, a parent who doesn't care about all that hoopla, you already flew up to the ATL, now you over here with all this, she snatched them papers up and dipped out. Also, with terry leaving, that's more proof to alex why going to Arkansas was a better move for him

unbelieveable....im in fairfield county, winds were 65 + last night....outside now I have at least 4 ft...pool is burried...plows cant plow so much, I have payloader at end of my cul de sac loading snow...Ill get out there and start snow blowing, at least 2 hours to clear my driveways and side walks...

unbelieveable....im in fairfield county, winds were 65 + last night....outside now I have at least 4 ft...pool is burried...plows cant plow so much, I have payloader at end of my cul de sac loading snow...Ill get out there and start snow blowing, at least 2 hours to clear my driveways and side walks...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 09, 2013 at 09:12 AM


dont worry, next month ill be at shore club with my crew...leaving all this behind...lol


Are you going to the old stomping grounds (south beach)?

One thing i'm starting to realize though, we did load up on defensive recruits from last year's class. So this year should began to be the introduction of guys like dwayne holliet, jacoby briscoe(if they don't move him to the offense like they did jake o'donnell), jelani hamilton, & jawand blue. Than when you add in the guys going into their 2nd year, tracy howard, raphael kirby(who i haven't seen flashes of nothing yet) gabe terry, dequan ivery, earl moore of course deon bush, tyriq should be better if they don't balloon that man up to much like they did 3g.

gunther & rayshawn jenkins, guys like that, so the personnel is their to do work and get work done. Than when you add in the 2011 defensive recruits, well, as it stands right now,3 guys from that 2011 defensive group are more than likely not going to be here. eddie johnson hanging on by a string. Of course gionni and finnie already gone.

I will say this too, rashawn scott might be another one, if stacy coley comes in and blows it up that man might just become and ex-factor which i don't want to see. We're stronger with rashawn, also, stacy coley is old school so it's going to be real interesting to see how goldie is able to deal with stacy because that man plays the game the right way, to have fun because it's a game. I have no faith in brennan carroll as the widereceivers coach, george mcdonald got it done, that's for sure.

I think goldie is trying to go in a younger direction with coach telly, i like getting coach telly in here myself though. We all know what coach soldinger can do for sure, but telly lockette can definitely get it done as well. Would be a great move for him especially after that stupid school superintendent crew fired the whole Northwestern crew unjustly.

I wouldn't mind this man being on staff, plus he'll be able to help-out with the players coach goldie don't seem to understand just yet. clown 117 always quick to talk abou a player an their off field situations, trying to jump on that quick so he can try and use that later on down the road as the reason why the defense is bad.

yes but my old stomping grounds at that time was coconut grove and US 1....ft lauderdale....in the 70's there were no clubs on miami beach excpet the jockey club (private) the wreak bar at the castaways and the marco polo...I hung out at the mutiny, big daddys 747 lounge and the brasserie by the airport....mostly the mutiny..that was the place back then..

morgan stanley owns the shore club..buddy is big wig there at morgan...we get rooms for $220 a night / suites for $600

we go down even at myu age still love it...dinner scarpettas, stk steak, de rodriques cuba at bentley, golf crandon and Miami beach cc (cigars / scothc in cart)....sky bar, liv, wall, louis etc...hookers in the lobby and russian babes from sunny isle...big time fun with these ginnys, lol


Are you going stop in at INS yard?

lasvegasman: Get lost, will you.

You whiny, sniffling little grammar school girl!

This is about UM, not some fly by night skank-burger LIKE YOU!

You WAYNE NEWTON obsessed fairy.

what is INS yard?


Industrial service center

James - first things first - congrats on your wonderful ATP career. Having a professional and Olympic athlete in charge of our program will no doubt get the competitive juices flowing. Please schedule the Gayturds year in and year out. Also, please work with Alonzo Highsmith with Tropical Park Stadium.


Posted by: CANETILIDIE....DH


Nice try but still a pathetic attempt. But I'm sure if you keep sucking Timmy Teabag's nuts maybe God will let you into heaven but most likely not. Now be a grown up, pick a handle, and stick to it.

Can't wait to see our Canes come spring training. The redshirts come off, newbies get broken it, and upper classmen hustle to keep their spots. Ahhh competition, it's a beautiful thing.

GO CANES 2013!!!!!

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