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Brooks hasn't made announcement; coach says it's going to be Miami or Baylor

By all accounts, Terrell Brooks has eaten lunch by now. It's his college decision he hasn't been able to digest yet.

ESPN reported Monday night the 6-4, 300-pound defensive tackle from Navarro JC in Corsicana, Tex. would make an announcement on his college choice around lunchtime Tuesday. But lunch has come and gone and all his JUCO head coach Brian Mayper said he's heard is that Brooks is down to Miami or Baylor. Kansas State is apparently out.

"I've had about six phone calls since lunch asking what he's doing. I don't know," Mayper said. "I'm sure when he reaches a decision he'll let everyone know."

Brooks, selected as an NJCAA All-American honorable mention, racked up 46 tackles, 11 for loss last season. He's one of three defensive tackles UM is in the hunt for. The others are Palm Beach high schoolers Keith Bryant and Jaynard Bostwick.

"Terrell's a hard worker, gets after it, a big physical kid that gets after it on the d-line," Mayper said. "When he came here out of high school he wasn't guaranteed a spot and he came in and won a starting job and did a great job for us. Great kid, great competitor. Wish I had him for one more year, but we don't.

"He's got great technique, strong and physical, really quicker. He's an every down player, doesn't take any plays off. It's something he takes pride in. He's in great shape. He's not a fat kid, doesn't have flab hanging over his belt. He's a good looking d-tackle."


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well. If he wants 2 b part of the U tradition, he comes to Miami. Baylor FYI is 45 min drive from Corsicana, and he orig committed to North Texas out of high school. So, i say 50-50.

Please please come to the U!!!

Dom.. You're a freakin genius. He's down to Miami or Baylor and you project "50-50"..SHUT UP!!!

That was a joke.......Although hes not a priority player, he is still needed.......

I'll be shocked if he comes here L is a complete f

Whomeve we get, we must have silent committs for Golden to pull the DK schollie and then put it back...

This is going to develop into a trend: The start defensive players know what they're getting into with DunnoToday, DunnoTommorow, JustDunno. This DC cannot help players: How can he help players if he can't help himself...

T-Bro, we need help on the D Line an you're the guy. Come on down!

Yo Cane Trash

Paging NostradomAsse
Bring out Ur poll clUck, what does the DCP say for tomorrow?
Who's the famous silent commit?

If Golden Retriever pulled a scholie for a silent commit why did he just give it back? Doesn't add up genius.

Canes don't need defense, they should get more TE and WR
According to dom the dUmb clUck that is.

Has anyone checked YahooNigeria lately?
Did Golden move up to #1 recruiter in the nation?

If U wanna be part of the U tradition listen to NostraDomAsse. Come get Ur PEDs.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Terrell here is the real stuff..

You watched the Super Bowl..

Where did Ray play?
Where did Ed Reed play?
Where did Frank Gore play?
U got it..

Tradition and excellence of a program trumps anything a good school like Baylor can offer.

The clincher: With your JC experience, step in and start contributing immediately...
Win, win all the way...

Canes would love to have you
Go 'Canes


A TROLL AIN'T GOING TO GET ON HERE WITH SO MUCH PASSION for my Canes unless he's feeling that we are coming back strong. Not to mention that he's feeling his team's recruiting is starting to TANK!

I don't hear them talking up their recruiting, which tells me they are seriously worried about the POWER coming our way.

dom you are a idiot..wtf "silent committs", lol

Brooks is probably going back to baylor since he should have committed to UM today since he was already a baylor decomitt....

Silent commits is the way it all should be. Kids should not be permitted to "announce" their commits. Same with offers. There should be a short period when they can decide after trips, etc, and then the kids "commit" is signed sealed and final. This garbage with announcements, hats, radio shows in atlanta etc etc is bs.

Look at all of the busts over the years that did the whole flippidy doo crp with the hats. BUSTS. I know the kids like to have fun with their so called announcements and all the attention they get but this in realitry is serious business for bothparties involved- especially since a scholie offered to one is a scholie not given to another. And dont get me started with the whole over signing practice that Saban is famous for...

@ whatever name you call yourself

I've had a rare week to be home to do work and watch the blog for recruiting info. It's incredible to me how often you guys post. ALL DAY LONG, 12 HRS A DAY.

It tells me something:

1) You don't have a job

2) You anger and hatred of the CANES burns like a parasite inside you as it eats you alive

3) When the Canes climb to the top, your feeble hearts will break

4) THE ANGRIER AND NASTIER YOU GET, the better i feel my team is doing. Because your ANGER tells me you can't stand to see us climbing back to the top.

Based on the numbers of posts by Gallo and Canetrash, WE ARE DOING GREAT CANES FANS!!!


There's too much pressure on these kids. Brooks was here...

'Cool 'Cat=Scumbag racist RS cack sucking hater!
Canetrash=Exactly that "trash" and coward punk!
Heres an idea, how bout both of you go back to your Semenhole and Gayturd blogs. Do you two really have nothing better to do then troll a blog of team that your not a fan of? Sad! Both of you are nothing but a couple of internet corwards and neither of you would talk the kinda crap you talk on here in the streets of the 305. Bunch of punks!

And I almost forgot Gallo. Whos the biggest COWARD on here of all! lol

I love the "haters" comments. It just means the U is relevent. They wouldn't bother if we weren't. Keep it comming!

West Coast sometimes I feel the same way. Living in eastern NC I catch all kinds of you know what about the canes. Now that basketball has improved my friends have all shut up. I think when football starts up I will get them to be more silent also. It's great to wear the green and orange.

They are EXTREME slUrpers....they love to sUck it....thats why they are here every day. They say the same thing EVERY DAY. I actUally look forward to reading thier garbage as it lets me know how delUsional they really are. I love it when Canetrash capitalizes the U in his words. The U should ALWAYS be capitalized. He thinks it hurts us but is does not. Nice doggie.....slurp, slurp, slurp.

That's what I posted yesterday. How is it possibly for someone to sit on these message boards and send comments in all day? No job+Moms basement= UF/FSU grad.

Go rub one off to your Tea-Bag poster and think about your one win against miami in the past 30 years. Think about how Florida has not left the state for a non-conference game since 91 when they lost to Syracuse. The mighty SEC?

The U......anybody, anywhere!

Canetrash. Whats ur deal with me?? U know Im correct. Why if you are not a hurricane fan R U EVEN ON HERE? I MEAN< it doesnt upset us. You know golden is goin to close strong.........
Maybe we lose matt Thomas, so what? again, 1 person doesnt make the class. we have a ton of depth at LB , all young, and hed be a great addition, but if not, I am sure AL has a backup plan..

#2 Just because FSU and UF with all those 5 star recruits cant be contenders, and lose to a miami guy in the Sugar Bowl to a horrible Louisville team doesnt say much.........

According to espn, Thoams final 4 is Ala,UM,UGA

3-4 Star KIDS THAT WANT TO PLAY HERE TOMORROW---5-6 guys, thats it. Thomas or no THomas, it can BE A HUGE DAY FOR US.


Silents have been goin on for a long time cheap wine................

Also go look at Ohio States schedule each yr. THEY PLAY 4 road games and 8 homes games. Because the big 10 only plays(and they actually have 12 teams now, so enuff with the big 10< 8 conf games, they have 4 road and 4 homes. Oh state when they played Miami 2 years ago it was rare......

Cane Trash. ENUFF BASHIN THE NIGERIAN GUYS. Kamulu is now ranked #77 on the JUCO 100 regardless of position on espn.

And Sonny Odogwu is now in the PREP TOP 25, #20 regardless of position. Seems Coach Golden found 2 gems, and then the recruit rankings shot up on them.


Jim Gallo, you are a miserable fool. Please go away.

Actually, Hunter Knighton is listed now as a DT on espns class list and ranked the 29th best player in his state regardless of position, and DT Kamulu above is 77th best Juco player at DT.

3 JUCO 100 Players(Sandland/Bond on Rivals/Komalu-espn
1. Prep top 20 player
8 of 14 are ranked in the top espn 150/juco100/prep25
Thats a bad class???????? GO HOME LOSERS

So Golden has addressed 2 DT's already in this class

Heres our 24th Ranked ESPN class rank(unlike rivals/scout, they grade on quality






GIVE LOVE TO THE U BASKETBALL TEAM. That's more important than recruiting right now.

AG will get what he wants and what he needs. Not to mention we have the YOUNGEST TEAM COMING BACK. A team showing lots of improvement in 2012. AND ITS ONLY GETTING BETTER.

Yo cane Trash

Yo clUcks did someone say hate? U maggots really piled it up high. No matter i cna take it, bring it on.

Yo U all get so mad when U hear Ur sad truth, Ur dismak state of affairs.

OK here it goes
UgoNowhereCanes said "You watched the Super Bowl..

Where did Ray play?
Where did Ed Reed play?
Where did Frank Gore play?
U got it.."

Not so fast my delUded clUck who dwells in the distant past.
Ray, Ed and Gore r all pretty long in the tooth, fact is 2 of those 3 r about to retire. They all cane from the same glory days decade of long long ago.
Now U put out guys like Kyle Wright and Jacory Harris.
"Tradition and excellence of a program trumps anything a good school like Baylor can offer."
Problem is Ur program is not close to excellence, it's in shambles. And the tradition Ur known for now is one of cheating and dirt.
A stud player will make it in the NFL even if he went to Delaware. See Flacco.

There aint no anger or nastiness here, in fact there's pity and derision instead.
It is amazing how delUsional a clUck can be.
So Ur "climbing back to the top"
Like " We are back"
Where and when have we heard this before?
Like every year for the past 12 years. Too bad for U but U still sUck. Keep climbing fool.

Yo Nick the maggot
U got the hating down little doUche
The name calling too.
I can deal with that U scUMbag.

Yo dom
What can I say to U
It's all fun and games don't get upset
U happen to be one of the most delUsionals clUcks of the bunch.
Ur baseless predictions r just too good to make fun off, hence NostraDomAsse
I admit I did not come up with that name I stole it from another poster cause it's too funny
U say: "You know golden is goin to close strong.........
Maybe we lose matt Thomas, so what? again, 1 person doesnt make the class"
Not 1 person dom, not even the 5 clucks U already got, not even if U luck out and land 3 more tomorrow for a total of 8.
U need 20 at least dom, not 8 if Ur lucky. All Ur rivals already got at least 20.
I see U really like them Nigerians, Golden Retriever found a gold mine there. He's the only one recruiting in Nigeria. I hear they regard him as a great recruiter there. Good for him

Yo don't be so sensitive little girls...

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Some peace on the blog for awhile, Amazing west coast cane....... Idiots, My wish list would be at least 1 more of the 3 DT's , 1 of the 2 WR's, at least Grace or Thomas, preferrably both, the RB from NY, and steal someone from UF or FSU

CaneTrash and Gallo, tomorrow lets just see how AL does.....

its all good....It all Happens, only at The U


There is only one way to go and that is up...when been beat down for almost ten years now...so much pain..now its time for redemption....cane4life!!!!

Anyone hear of any recruits D'Onofrio bringing in?? I figure he can't coach so he must be a super recruiter, but I haven't seen his name mentioned anywhere..



Your name is appropriate. You ARE our trash.

Don't get so sensitive that you need to respond to everyone who thinks you're a maggot hanging on the U's jock. Seems you know us better than anyone. We must have turned you down somewhere.

Get over it, and go fetch me the paper. Good boy.

Actually, fetch me some toilet paper, I'm going to go build little statues of you.

My heart is broken; canestrash left me out of his moronic opine.

As good as Cristobal, Coley, Barrow and Golden recruit they will never make up for the fact that Donofrio is the DC. He cannot develop players and every coach at uf and fsu knows it. This will be a re-ocurring theme as long as hes here. People who say give him time dont realize that hes had 2 years. Hes had just as long as fisch had and fisch had to work with jacory...Golden smarten up and let him go. Please.

305Gator = fake Gallo = Canestrashgotdumped = doUchebag

mia: of course, it is simple logic.....its a statistical impossibility for UM to advance, Dnofrio has no experience.....golden wont let him go....

so you fire both and move on....butch davis

Donofrio doesn't recruit he is zoned in on defensive greatness.
That is why we have Mario, Coley and the Great Golden.
We will clean out tomorrow and finish top 3 in the nation and best in the State.

Rate classes on their production, not promise. Look at the Canes class last year, Duke Johnson, Deon Bush, Tracy Howard, Eddie Johnson, Malcolm Lewis, Tyriq McCord, Herb Waters, Hamilton, on and on. Look at our class in 2011 on the field.
How did the Gators and Seminoles top rated classes do on the field last year? Did they even play? ha ha.

5 stars? How about 5 rings Biatch!!
We never ducked anybody Gators, live THAT down someday.

U know what Gator meat tastes like? CHICKEN!!

More NCAA self investigation. Remember when the outside law firm investigating the NCAA would give a report within 2 weeks? Well, the end of this week is 2 weeks. Why do I have a feeling this internal investigation will take a month or 2, not weeks. Anyway, check out the latest below:


When U lose a Ray Ray Armstrong, Sr Ramon Buchanan, and best MLB Denzel Perryman along with Best DT Curtis Porter, thats almost half the Defense, 3 possibly all 4 r nfl type players. Than replace them with 18 yr old kids, and thats what u get.....

U r gonna see a totally different canes team this year

Marios are you that stupid or you just pretend.
The Gators and Seminoles did much better than we did last year. You can't compare the freshmen classes we had to play our freshmen and they struggled on defense. FSU and UF could afford to sit theirs . Depth is what good programs have, playing most freshmen is what struggling programs must do.

that's not true.....TCU has more freshman on defense than UM and the were ranked #16

Golden casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

maybe that's why?

Um. Denzell played the majority of the year. It doesnt matter who you have if you drop them back 20 yards and then talk about youth. Even if the terrible terrible defense was due to inexperience...then how come after 12 games in the regulas season you never changed. Donofrio will equalize any talent we have. Our S fla athletes arent used to dropping back and playing off. It showed. This isnt penn state south. This isnt the northeast. We have 2 miami commits. 3 jersey commits. And the rest are CA VA Ohio and nigeria. WTF is golden doing with his life? Let your best friend go...amd we are immediately in bcs bowl game contention. Its that simple.

Forgetting the goofballs on this site, whats all your takes(Not gallo/canetrash/fake gallos) on MatT Thomas?? I looked at FSU, and they have committs from three top OLB's and 1 MLB arleady, and have alot of LB depth at the school already.

I know hes good, but considering we have 1 Juco DE/LB in Devonte Bond, and no other LB committs, mom lives here, I would hope we dont lose him . Ala and USC are the other 2 and both are loaded at LB.....

If we dont get at least half of our targets, than negative recruiting /sanctions are killin us still and the NCAA NEEDS TO END THIS....

Fellas?? What r your thoughts on Thomas? I just pulled up FSUs list and 4 lbs, he would be #5 just in this class alone

PLus FSU lost 6 coaches, almost their entire coaching staff


HAHAHA, Gator Meat Taste Like CHICKEN...

I love it.

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