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Brooks hasn't made announcement; coach says it's going to be Miami or Baylor

By all accounts, Terrell Brooks has eaten lunch by now. It's his college decision he hasn't been able to digest yet.

ESPN reported Monday night the 6-4, 300-pound defensive tackle from Navarro JC in Corsicana, Tex. would make an announcement on his college choice around lunchtime Tuesday. But lunch has come and gone and all his JUCO head coach Brian Mayper said he's heard is that Brooks is down to Miami or Baylor. Kansas State is apparently out.

"I've had about six phone calls since lunch asking what he's doing. I don't know," Mayper said. "I'm sure when he reaches a decision he'll let everyone know."

Brooks, selected as an NJCAA All-American honorable mention, racked up 46 tackles, 11 for loss last season. He's one of three defensive tackles UM is in the hunt for. The others are Palm Beach high schoolers Keith Bryant and Jaynard Bostwick.

"Terrell's a hard worker, gets after it, a big physical kid that gets after it on the d-line," Mayper said. "When he came here out of high school he wasn't guaranteed a spot and he came in and won a starting job and did a great job for us. Great kid, great competitor. Wish I had him for one more year, but we don't.

"He's got great technique, strong and physical, really quicker. He's an every down player, doesn't take any plays off. It's something he takes pride in. He's in great shape. He's not a fat kid, doesn't have flab hanging over his belt. He's a good looking d-tackle."


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Jimmys 1st yr as coach we gave up 40 points a ton of times and lost 5 games,the year after howard won the title. Why, well, played young guys, new system, and we had that Hail Flutie Game like 51-48, Fiesta Bowl vs UCLA 39-37 , we were beating maryland 31-0 at half and lost that game, and other high scoring games w/HORRIBLE DEFENSE.


Well, in 2 years, after he got those young guys experience and put his system in, WALLLAH, THE U...

dom...please, what you don't understand is that fsu has structure that still can bring in the top players....they just stole 5 star recruit jaln ramsey from usc.....jimbo fisher has branding..golden dosent....even though I wasn't a big fisch fan....he was the best thing going at UM.....he left.....I am telling you....

butch - coley - Mario -art - barrow......that's the best alternative UM has as of right now


Dom, I afraid the DK scholly BS hurt us with a lot of these kids. I hope I am wrong, we will see tomorrow!!!

Do you guys realize had Vinnie not thrown 5 pix in that 87 fiesta bowl, thats 1 ring, We then won in 87, 2 rings, in 88(ON U DOCUMENTARY) the ref made bad call vs notre dame n we lost 31-30, 3 rings and 89 1st yr erickson won the title.

2 plays, Miami would have won 4 straight titles. I mean, thats how good the canes were. Think about that. We dominated the Penn state 87 fiesta bowl but 5 picks cost us, and in 1988 no dame game, even after that bad call in the video whene ref said he fumbled, the canes still went back with no time and scored but missed the 2 pt conversion(31-30).
So literally 2 plays and 4 nat championships in a row.

Plus we won in 91 again, and in 92 12-0 lost to Ala in nat cham game.. so thats playing for the title 6 times in 7 yrs...THATS DOMINANCE. and in 94 they played for title vs Nebraska so 7 shots in 9 years at the title..................ALABAMA WONT EVEN GET THAT , EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All because they stuck with a coach that lost 5 games his 1st yr and gave up 40 or more points alot of times...............

Jim FSU just lost 6 coaches?? what structure?? jimbos been there 5-6 years already.....MIAMI HAS LOOMING SANCTIONS.....THATS WHY UF AND FSU R HIGHER RATED RIGHT NOW......period.....

fsu comes out the winner in all of this.....Matthew Thomas...his mother saw him in a fsu jersey on his visit, she says " that's the way it should be"

he goes to fsu....

DK thing ,(mentioned above) had nothin to do with anything. UF just pulled 4 star quiniton powells scholly, and Texas A amd M is making somoene grayshirt(enroll in January because they signed too many.

SHEET HAPPENS.......... Guys, Did Golden Get Grimble a top 10 DT in 2011 on signin day? yes. did he get the #1 cb in the nation on signing day last year??

HE WILL GET A FEW STUDS TOMORROW.............All, maybe not, but half our list,,,,,,,,yes

dude I am like an oracle...my calls are accurate....remember who called Collins

golden/dnofrio belong at Boston college...that is the perfect environment for them...they are those type of guys.....

Well, with fsu havin 4 Lb committs already and a deep LB depth Chart,5 star or not, if he wants early playing time, he shuld stay home........If he leaves, he leaves...We have a good class and have filled most of our holes. Just need 1-2 good DT's, really dont need a LB, and maybe 1 WR and that edwards kid from ny at RB.....

Thomas is a plus, but it would b nice

Dom... Will U please shut-up.

5 of those 8 panelists on rivals stlll pick kirkland to the U. not all 8. But all 8 pick M Thomas, and Alex Collins I believe 6/7 out of 8. That was updated this morning, and feman on miami.rivals.com stated he still thinks DK might be a late addition if things get smoothed out.
We also have a shot at Cunningham and Coley, the 2 Wr's.........If I was either one of them, WE HAVE NO WIDE RECEIVERS IN THIS CLASS, so why would U goto a school loaded on depth chart and that has 2-4 other wr committs???
I say Golden lands both Wr's on that Rivals list, collins, Thomas, and 1 of the 3 DT's(Bryant, Bostwick,Juco DT from TX), possibly 2 .......
Closing strong, blowin by Semiholes

That's a 1045 PM UPDATE
So according to the panelists, 5 of 8 still say DK goes to the U,
2. matt thomas 8/8
3. Alex Collins 6/8 panelists
and we have panelists sayin theres a chance with
4/ Stacy Coley
5. Jordan Cunningham
6. Jermaine Grace
And, we are in on the 3 DT's,(Bryant, Bostwick, Tx Juco DT). .....Golden can be a hero.
Posted by: Dom | February 01, 2013 at 11:30 PM

.....and we are about to land,
Matthew Thomas(that's why the DK meeting today)
Denver Kirkland
Alex Collins
Stacy Coley
Jordan Cunnigham
Jermaine Grace
(I say 2 of the 3 Def Tackles) between Bostwick, Bryant, and the JUCO DT from Texas.
Miami will rise to the top of the rankings when all said and done. we have up to 8-9 morer we can give since Finnie and Gionni Paul were launched, and that Vernon Kid that was afraid of competition transferred, and Angelo Jean Louis from last year couldn't qualify.
Espn , unlike Rivals and Scout which just adds up points, has us ranked in top 25 WITHOUT ALL THOSE UNCOMMITTED PLAYERS>
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 01:25 PM

Let the trolls have fun now, as Wednesday when Miami lands between 6-9 players, all studs, we really stick it to the nation...
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 01:40 PM

I smell a top 10 finish comin for AL. Matt Thomas, Kirkland, Alex Collins, Coley/Cunningham or both SINCE WE HAVE NO WR COMMITTS, Grace, and 1-2 of the Def Tackles out of Bostwick,bryant,juco,
Plus, the #1 RB in the northast decommitted from Syracuse and he is with Coach and the U now, so we might add him too............
Named as 1 of the 4 teams to watch on signing day, we are about to CLOSE. Put that Coffee Down Gallo, Coffee is for closers only.....
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 03:27 PM

golden has found a lot of gems in this class. 7 of the 12 are highly ranked on espn n the other 3 star guys are what any school needs.
The bashers dont like that fact that the chips are starting to lineup for a strong close like last yr. The WR/LB/RB/DT is what we are limited on, and we have got STUDS lined up to fill those spots. PREDICTION
1. Matthew Thomas(No LB's in the class except juco)
2. Alex Collins (No Rbs in this class,ray jr is D
3. Denver Kirkland(we know the story)
4. Jermaine Grace(Teammate of Tracy Howard)
5.At least 1 of Bostwick,Bryant,or juco DT from Texas
6. 1 or both of Cunningham and coley at Wr since we have No WR COMMITTS, why would they not want to come....
And again, heres the update
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Gallo, why not post the Rivals update?? there the ones that interview the kids.
COLEY(possibly U)
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 05:57 PM

Wedneday is going to B Al's day, imprint on the U with a meteor rise to the top of the rankings,
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 06:30 PM

I just cant wait for Wednesday to come . Golden will close strong, land another bunch of studs, and then Gallo and his other names will say there overrated or there only 3 star guys etc etc.
Va Tech has been great (usually ) year after year and they get mainly 3-4 star guys..... just an examples
Posted by: Dom | February 02, 2013 at 07:48 PM

By the 2014 season, we will have an experience team with depth loaded with athlettes going 3 deep at every position. and the 2014 class , in So Fla, is the best in years.......We are picked by Vegas to be a top 10 team. and we should have a great year. Plus the schedule switch by the ACC gives us VA TECH at home again this year, and now we each year we dont have to play AT FSU and AT VA TECH, its going to be an eaier way.....
if we beat UF at home, that should set the tone of the season...........
Posted by: Dom | February 03, 2013 at 04:36 PM

Here is my Predictions for Wednesday, and for all U bashers, espns list of announcing times for players, Miami is in on about half of the people that are announcing Wednesday. If Golden can pull that off, forget it. . JUST TO SAY WE ARE 50-50 WITH THESE TOP KIDS CONSIDERING THE SANCTIONS SAY MIAMI IS HEADED BACK ON RIGHT TRACK.
Matthew Thomas ----The U
Alex Collins---The U
Jordan Cunningham--The U
Jermaine Grace--The U
Stacy Coley===The u
Jaynard Bostwick--The U
Keith Bryant)prima Donna-- THE U
Posted by: Dom | February 03, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Al Golden was opening up slots for a reason. U dont launch a 4 star Olineman from Miami unless hes playing games and b you hear talk hes not coming to Miami(remember our OC coley was at FSU).
2. There is a reason he hasnt filled the slots open yet with Thomas, Grace, Collins, Coley ,Cunningham, 3 DTackles, yet. IF HE KNEW MOST WERENT COMING, DONT YA THINK MIAMI HAS A BACKUP???WE HAVE TOO MANY SILENTS RIGHT NOW SO SOMEONE HAD TO GO. We have 3 Oline committs, and if was jerkin us around, LAUNCH HIM.
Look , 2 1/2 more days, then U will all come on here saying Golden wont coach them up, they will be busts. etc.
Even if we dont get Matt Thomas, Grace, Coley or Cunningham at Wr or both, Collins, 3 DT's, I AM SURE WE HAVE A BACKUP, OR KEEP THOSE SLOTS FOR SUMMER TIME KIDS THAT FELL THRU THE CRACKS..........
Posted by: Dom | February 03, 2013 at 05:21 PM

Gallo, I am going to pop open a nice bottle of Gallo at 915 am on Wednesday morning when Golden lands his 1st retriever, Matt Thomas. Actually I believe 8 or so new canes are all supposed to announce on national tv. DO we have a good shot at all of them? yes, will we get all? prob not. BUT HE WAS NON COMITTED. 1 player does not make or break a class
Posted by: Dom | February 04, 2013 at 10:41 PM

shut up

Jim, Miami is not hoping they get kids tomorrow. Al has a backup plan if he doesnt get thomas or bostwick.. I can guarantee you that. I wuld bet my life that because they pulled kirklands scholly, we have silents lined up waiting for the thumbsup.....Big deal about collins.....

Go FLock yourself.......alex collins is the only 1 not to committ.......as I said, 1 player does not make or break the class............Lets wait till tomorrrow

whats better, me posting positive sheet or cheap wine and trash bashing the U?? Based on AL's track record on signing day, I think we have a good shot at landing some good kids.......I said are we getting them all? prob not.... So we shall see

Two quick things:
The negative posts on here do not help. Kids are taught in recruiting to read the local papers to get a feel for the fans. Same as listening to the local phone-in-radio stations.
Two: The NCAA found another way to screw Miami this recruiting cycle. Do you think they knew about the bad information ahead of time. I am not a conspiracy theory person, but I see the NCAA being vendicative enough to release this information RIGHT before the biggest weekend for recruits. I hope the U is going after the NCAA to say in a lawsuit "time served" and move on. FYI, The NCAA did the samething last year by re-releasing information at the pivotal January weekend last year. The former players my not have helped the NCAA make their case, but the NCAA knows how to hurt you-with effecting recruiting!!

I agree Bags, This is 3 recruiting cycles now effected by just the loomin sanctions, ALL OVER 1 CONVICTED FELON. U know why the case is still goin, because they have only testimony of a convicted liar. Miami has 3 post season bans, possibly missed a bcs game this year, AND, all those players in 2011 season were suspended. Golden kicked ray off the team for tweeting about a date. TIME SERVED. As soon as signing day is over, they'll wrap it up.

And yes, These Douchebags dont help.......I couldnt picture most of us goin on a UF of FSU blog, especially with UF sucking for most of their history and the noles bein in the tank for 10 years(wooo, beat Northern Ill) ..... I mean, UF got smacked also

BillPR, you're a real jerk's jerk...leave Dom alone with his obvious odds.

Old School Cane the fact you cut and paste all of those Dom posts over the course of days officially makes you the biggest loser in the world.

canes bball winning again , up 16 in 2nd half

H Gui, I have to agree with ya on that. Ur goin psycho on us-- It is NSD week Old School, just getting pumped up. Geesh...... I should know of all people not to follow what those panelists say, we heard Manny and that guy, Its guessing. . Some times U never know.

Theres been years where the guy picks the hat, and then 10 min later b4 he faxes letter over to school, changes schools.........

Dom you have to drill don on these recruits to get a picture of what they are thinking...you cant g by rivals etc.. Like that....Collins said he loved the visit and loved that famous restaurant in Arkansas. Now add that Bret was romancing him since Wisconsin....you get a picture where the kid is going...plus remember he said when coley left fsu he did didn't not like the instability...so when fisch left...you knew UM was an outside chance....its called thinking.....

so the key for Thomas is...his MOM

well i read an article today that Miami took Thomas and his mom to the Duke game where the Fans rushed the floor and she loved it....
i think thomas is 50-50. I have followed recruiting, and shoulda seen the signs with collins...but he wasnt a committ, just like if we lose thomas, we did get 1 of the top 5 Lbs last year Raphael Kirby who barely played this yr due to injury, But, thomas should be goldens trophy with loomin sanctions if he gets him.

I think we will get half of the pendin kids

Look at Lane Kiffin. Yeah he got nailed with only 15 schollies a year for 2-3 years, but no LOOMING SANCTIONS AND SO CAL WAS LOADED THIS YEAR. next yr, So Fla is supposed to be as loaded as 08 and then some. so if we lost 5 schollies a year and can do 20 , You will see 4-5 5 stars, and 10-12 4 stars.

This hanging over a progam is actually worse than the penalty. Because U just dont know

I am so sick of people comparing Jimmy Johnsons record and then saying donofrio is similiar. Jimmys first season miami gave up 23 points a game. He never came close to what donofrio has done. Never even close. Shut your mouth before you speak if jimmy and donofrio. They are polar opposites. Jimmy came to miami and realized...we are smaller than everyone else in the country...but we are faster than...everyone else in the country. He utilized what he had. He took safeties and made them lbs. He took linebackers and put them on the edge. He saw what south florida
Was about and he embraced it. Donofrio doesnt use his speed instead he places everyone back in a soft zone and laments that they are youthful and that they dont have the players they need. Good coaches scheme around their personell. They find what theyre players do well and they let them loose. Donofrio never changed once. He never adjusted. Never. Boston college first game of season we give up 480. Last game of season duke we give up 530. Please. Show me why he deserves such koyalty. Golden is a smart intelligent organized coach but he sucks at picking best friends and defensive coordinators. If you are still backing donofrio...dont forget to cup the balls after. Fisch worked wonders in 2 years....donofrio still cant figure out what side of the field the home team sits on.

Dom and the other thing you don't understand is that south Florida kids as all kids...want to experience a college life outside of their home towns. They don't give a s....it about Mansion or night life on south beach....we forget that college life is very stong with young kids.....why do you think that 1/2 of south Florida goes to Florida?

Yo Cane Trash

Yo dom lay off the cough syrup

Too funny all those baseless predictions and U still go at it
dom the dUmb clUck U said the same thing about Collins and he did not commit to U
He went where there were other RBs in the mix
So will Thomas, Bama or FSU does have more LB than U
They also have better D and better coaching
Better game atmosphere too

NostraDomAsse is back at it again

And who said the recruits read these blogs to make up their minds?
As if what U fools say were so important. The arrogance!

Down to the wire clUcks
Just for U
Everyone else is sitting pretty just trying to skim some Xtra gravy
U r desperately trying to land someone, anyone

YahooNigeria still has Golden Retriever #2 in the nation

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

You will see------Besides the stupid idiots that left early and cost $millions to themselves, Perryman the MLB missed alot of time, Ray armstrong all american was kicked off team, Senior LB Ramon Buchanan was out for year, Best Def Tackle Curtis Porter out for most of year, and other injuries. Not excuses, but we dont have senior and junior depth due to bad recruiting by Shannon, so when U lose players, unlike alabama and the old U, reload, we had to play freshman and young kids........when you sprinkle in 1-2 freshman like it was under jimmy, and play Jr's and SRs, its ok

I dont think U can blame this on the coach with the roster he had.

1st of all, This was a down year in So FLa, Matt Thomas is the only 5 star. (as far as I can remember). Alex collins is a 4 star on every site but fox/scout.com who raised him to 5 star recently due to ""cough"" him goin on the air. Should we have more local kids? yes, will we get more tomorrow, yes, but I do agree, kids do want to go away , So we do agree on that Jim.

But the ones like Duke, Deon Bush,Tracy Howard, Artie, Jamal Carter, and more, those r the ones that must stay.

Why do Some of U come on here for? i dont get it


why is there so much hatred on this blog? Imagine being an FSU or UF fan. ok, teabags won 2 for meyer, but saban wasnt building a juggernaut an sec wasnt as tuff then yet.. Lsu was good but not like alabama.

FSU won their titles during miamis probation years when we had scholy limits, so half the players that woulda been canes went to fSU, since then, they have sucked.......this year inc They were not dominant.....

If your a miami fan, we have a great young team. Period..........GO FLOCK YOURSELF GO CLUCK YOURSELF

305 gators. For a team, a city like gainesville that DOES NOT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO GO UNDEFEATED in the history of FL Football, why r u on here??? teabags won 2 rings, big effin deal........he and Precious Urban still COULDNT GO UNDEFEATED. And Ok State shoulda played LSU last year, not Alabama since ala lost at end of season to LSU........

When UF has 1 undefeated season, then come talk to me. at least FSU had 1 season I believe in their history. 1. We cant count miamis undefeated seaons. Go flock yourself

No excuses just the facts:
Did the look like garbage with Randy over looking the conditioning as a coach should; nothing left in the tank when the fourth quarter started in each year to the end of tenure? yes- Golden has emphasised conditioning, has it showed- little by little each of the past two years.
Mental errors rose SIGNIFICANTLY under Shannon because of the lack of prep prior to games? Yes, Golden is a teacher and coach, the ship is righting itself now that there is a coach with a clue of the TOTAL gaming concept. If the defense does not improve this year, Golden will get someone to fix the problem. This is year three, He will have almost all his own kids and this tells what he is about, I think this year will be a 9-3 year with a BCS game for winning the ACC championship game.

Canes win by 22. Oh, by the way 305 gators, UF lost to the sooeeeey arkansas hogs tonite. . Lets SEE THE U PASS UF IN THE RANKINGS THIS WEEK>

Bags ur dead on. I am hopeful for 10-2 at the least. SChedule quirk has given us va tech at home again,and now every year will have only 1 home fsu 1 away va tech meaning we dont have to play both on road.

When we beat the gators at home, that can set the tone to a 10 win season.

I don't care if we get any of these top-flight "5 star" players. Just need good players that fit our system, love the game, and understand what it means to be a cane. Greentree and the Hect are special. The reason UF and FSU are getting these commits is because of rankings. When the U plays better then recruits will come in droves.

At the high-school level some of these kids are late bloomers. It's the ability to recognize talent that matters most, because kids will grow into that. Class rankings are bunk at the end of the day. All I care about is who wants to be here. That's what we built this thing on.

I'm happy with Golden and i'm very happy with the coaching staff he's amassed over the last several weeks. He's done a terrific job with the number of scholarships he has and runs a program of men... Can't wait till tomorrow so we can all move forward.

Why would you call kids names who chose to go pro, lol. Shows your principles and priorities. Who are you to say what's best for those guys. Would brandon harris had been a 2nd round pick playing another year in a soft zone defense. The worst sanctions we have is having this bozo non-coordinating the defense. I'm afraid for guys like tracy howard who didn't come here to be sitting back in a zone defense not being able to show his skill set.

You look at the 3-4 defense saban is running, he uses more press man in the 3-4 than any other 3-4 defense you'll see. What do we teach our db's, 1 hand jams not 2 handed jams from time to time. In a 4-3 scheme, it teachs you to re-route the receiever. So if a 3-4 defense is about the front 7 getting pressure than wouldn't it make more sense to press receivers/re-route them which will give the front 7 that much more time to get to the qb. Who's coming in that's going to be able to get to the qb in 3 seconds, becaus that's about how long qb's take to get rid of the ball against us since we're 10 & 15 yards off the ball, quick outs & flats.

jim gallo right now is batting 1000%, the man said who was de-committing before it was made public, he said collins was going to Arkansas, this man knows what he speaks. It's these imbeciles with no knowledge that just come on line to name call and use fake names
that don't have anything to contribute.

How can you hoot and holla about a player coming here, than when that player goes to another school, he's this and that and this and that, hypocrites. Keep praising scrambling goldie. He wants to keep his boy oach OH-NO not only will he suffer on game day, he's suffering now on the defensive recruiting trail from the interior on down. At least p.w. is getting db's. It's going to be hard for guys to Trust goldie & oach OH-NO, they're starting to not buy it. Plus most of the recruits in Miami already know what's up with the kirklad situation.

If Miami was smart, kirkland would be the main person i'd focus on, because if he choses to come to Miami after that, other players might just follow. But it's disrespectful to do somebody's boy like that, but than come to him(matthew thomas) and still try and recruit him over his boy like it's ok. I'm sure matthew thomas told them yall need to fix that.

So now goldie is over their eatig crow. And for those who keep trying to compare what will muschamp did with the quinton powell schalorship, muschamp can do that, WHY, because he has a leg to stand on, the gaytors went 11 & 2 last year, had one of the top defenses in the nation, almost made it to the national championship game, so he can talk trash, goldie needs to keep his mouF shut and don't disrespect another Miami athlete again.

How bout them Gators bball getting punked by the Hogs, lol, just like their football team will this coming season.

Calvin MOST knew Collins would go to Ark, his mentor and who he lives with wanted him to go, and he doesn't want to be 2nd fiddle to Duke, so you're crazy too.

"Why do Some of U come on here for? i dont get it"

- Dom

It's the mystiqUe, Dom. People just love it. They just wanna be down.

You'll never catch a Miami alum/fan on another team's site looking for attention.

You'd never make it a coach either, they'd walk all over you.

don't let 17 year-old boys run U.

Seriously dude, you want to spend the next 5 years in WACO?!

THE U-------ITs Called Swagger. Get to know the name. its C A N E S CANES........Fear the tie

Calvin drinks his own pee.


Arkansas got us yesterday. They got the gatards today.



calvin.....you talk about the Kirkland issue.... golden wasn't even present the second time when the parents and him were there....dude these are not that hard to figure out...plain common sense.....humble yourself with the parent...you get them, the kid follows.....golden is not mature enough.....he is too young for UM....as for duke. I like him but his stats were weak...Giovanni Bernard was much better.....as for chickillo, he got pushed around most of the season....cant come off the double block. He is mediocre....be honest

all these recruits are extremely important for UM...it is not happening

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