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Brooks hasn't made announcement; coach says it's going to be Miami or Baylor

By all accounts, Terrell Brooks has eaten lunch by now. It's his college decision he hasn't been able to digest yet.

ESPN reported Monday night the 6-4, 300-pound defensive tackle from Navarro JC in Corsicana, Tex. would make an announcement on his college choice around lunchtime Tuesday. But lunch has come and gone and all his JUCO head coach Brian Mayper said he's heard is that Brooks is down to Miami or Baylor. Kansas State is apparently out.

"I've had about six phone calls since lunch asking what he's doing. I don't know," Mayper said. "I'm sure when he reaches a decision he'll let everyone know."

Brooks, selected as an NJCAA All-American honorable mention, racked up 46 tackles, 11 for loss last season. He's one of three defensive tackles UM is in the hunt for. The others are Palm Beach high schoolers Keith Bryant and Jaynard Bostwick.

"Terrell's a hard worker, gets after it, a big physical kid that gets after it on the d-line," Mayper said. "When he came here out of high school he wasn't guaranteed a spot and he came in and won a starting job and did a great job for us. Great kid, great competitor. Wish I had him for one more year, but we don't.

"He's got great technique, strong and physical, really quicker. He's an every down player, doesn't take any plays off. It's something he takes pride in. He's in great shape. He's not a fat kid, doesn't have flab hanging over his belt. He's a good looking d-tackle."


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0-2 so far for the Canes I dont like the way this is heading.

Brooks chooses Baylor

Posted by: 305Gators | February 05, 2013 at 07:39 PM

What the hell are you doing here after that complete dismantling by Razorbacks? Sooie Floriduh!!

Go 'canes!!

Just reported ...he's going to Baylor!

Miami gets Bryant, Thomas, Kirkland, Edwards, and maybe Grace. what I hoping anyway.


305gaytor... So what you all lost to a binch of pigs

And i hear teddy bridge just threw another td, and driskell the banjo boy just threw another pick

Let him go. Gotta want to be a cane. It's not like he went to FSU. So far both these kids were recruited by all Florida teams and Miami was in it at the end.

Posted by: 305Gators | February 05, 2013 at 10:29 PM

You write like a tard 305! Seriously! You are without a doubt the most crazed and delusional fan on any sports blog that I have ever read! It's not even close!

Sooie 'canes!!


I'll tell you why, he just got married and has a young child.

9/10 times a kid with that kind of pressure doesn't make it.

Kid, wife, school, football.....

That's not the best thing to bring to South Beach....

He would have had a hard time keeping up.

Out in the middle-nowhere Texas is definitely a more quiet family town for the kid. I wish him the best of luck...

We lost out to Baylor? What!

the ncaa cloud is hurting miami,,a damn shame what the ncaa has done and still doing with this prolong investigation,,miami is losing recruits to ole miss, man come on...and to baylor,,,

Good grief, Canes fans need to go to the link posted by "Huh." (http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/blog/dennis-dodd/21651874/ncaa-vice-president-approved-payment-to-attorney-of-miami-booster

This is the most egregious misuse of power, and a blatant case of bias. Mark Emmert must have known about the payments to Shapiro's lawyer.
Dennis Dodd feels Miami would have a case to have all allegations dropped, especially considering the damage already done to the program.
He is HIGHLY complimentary of our kids who committed the past 2 years, their guts.
He is also complimentary to Al, and the job he and the staff have done to hold things together.

This kind of thing only makes the trolls and haters here seem even LESS significant. After the beat down the Gator football team absorbed against an ACC school to be, and the basketball team losing (or should I say "loosing" like the moron troll Canetrash) to Arkansas tonight I wonder why they bother wasting their time HERE.

Now, when the anti-UM media finally runs with this story, all he!! will break loose.

go to bed Cane fan

Ur nightmare continues manyana

U get nada

that's not true.....TCU has more freshman on defense than UM and the were ranked #16

Golden casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

maybe that's why?

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 05, 2013 at 07:25 PM
As much as I hate to admit, Gallo has somewhat of a point here.
I say SOMEWHAT, as I'd ask him to compare the competition we played, as opposed to TCU. UM played 6 teams ranked at one time in the top 20, 3 ranked in the top 3.
The offenses we played against were also superior.
Still, there were a bunch of players who let us down.
Character is becoming the hardest to suss out, as their high school coaches lie about disciplinary issues, as it would reflect on THEM.

Posted by: WestCoastCane | February 05, 2013 at 11:08 PM

That is a fine post, and absolutely true.
Brooks will have the comfort zone of friends and family, the familiarity of Texas. I lived there, and it's a different world, as is Miami.
Circumstances weren't right.

UM has the best QB in the conference, excellent receivers, perhaps the best RB in the country.
If (that's a big if) the new blood and old can play defense we can do some things this year.

I used to comment on this board similar to comment I offered on Canespace before the host decided no negative comments would be allowed. Thats okay if you want a board that is only about hurray for the home team stuff. Doesn't matter, I moved on. Bottom line is, do you want to join a defense that set a Miami record for futility with the SAME coordinator in place as last year, or do you want to try to make a name for yourself at another school without that baggage?

Al may love D'Nofrio, maybe they are best friends, but do you want to take the chance that your name will be associated with that kind of futility. Al wants these kids to take that chance by not changing coordinators. So far, 0-2 on kids agreeing with him. Kids want to win, and they see the weakness. They don't share Al's belief in his buddy. His buddy just produced the worst defensive performance in Miami HISTORY. That sticks, and tomorrow will be Al's day of reckoning. I am a HUGE Miami fan but I think he made a crucial error when he didn't make the needed change and he thinks he can sell these kids that the status quo was good enough.

For the Gator trolls...how was your basketball game with Arkansas? We enjoyed ours with Boston College.

yo Denver n Matt... see you in Tally


Toughest Schedule as of 2-6-2013
(Teams with at least 9 Inter-Division games) Sorted
on Cumulative Opposition

#48 TCU - 70 win, 62 losses = .53030303
#49 UM - 63 win, 56 losses = .52941176

defensive ranking - UM #116 / TCU #16

so the data eliminates the noise and funnels the issue directly to the DC (Dnofrio).....

Um need a game change....it is not crazy, UM has to replace golden/dnofrio....the dynamics have to change...butch davis should get a chance again here...there is synergy with the coaching staff...mario/coley/art/barow..thee guy will bond with butch like cement....

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