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Broward's top player WR Stacy Coley picks the Hurricanes over FSU, USF

Wearing a UM hat with the word Swag draped across the front of it, Oakland Park Northeast wide receiver Stacy Coley -- the top player in Broward County -- announced he was signing a National Letter of Intent with the University of Miami Wednesday.

Stacy ColeyRated the fourth-best player at his position by ESPN, Coley said he chose the Hurricanes over schools such as Florida State and South Florida after sitting down with his family and talking it out on Sunday.

"I thought it was just beneficial for me and my family," he said. "Just stay home. I just hope I have the same success in high school and just help the U out with a national championship."

Coley, a two-time member of The Miami Herald All-Broward first team, finished with 29 catches for 513 yards and 10 touchdowns this season. He runs a 4.57 40-yard dash.

The 6-1, 173-pounder said he appreciated the fans he had in current Canes Tracy Howard and Deon Bush and was looking forward to playing with them rather than against them like he did in high school. Coaching changes at FSU did not affect his decision, he said.

His high school coach, Donnell Bennett, is a former UM fullback.

"It feels good," said Coley, who was crying during the ceremony. "I relieved a big stress off my shoulder and I can be an average kid again."



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bryant and grace coming up in 12 mins and 27 mins

great class, collins is coming to the u!!!!

collins thinking about it for sure now, momma on him

well, Bryant worries me with the games he has played. Grace was Tracy Howards teammate. Be nice to get both, but Collins is looking good also

Class disintegrates and the cane fools
All start battling real and imagined demons.


Its gonna b great watching our offense with our loaded wr's, #1 Juco TE, smash FSU's defesnse and UFs defense nex year. .. We have #1 Juco TE, #1 FL WR, #1 FL RB, SR Qb Morris, #1 FB in nation. I MEAN. WOW.....TRY N STOP THAT>..........

116th you are battling yourself..

How frightening....

Slowly fools disintegrate.


dont forget heisman fav duke johnson

I still dont get why these losers come on a canes blog when Miam has moved up the rankings all day by landing the #1 fb in the nation and #1 wr in FL..

ok 1 north end ave ny. ny thats my 305...please, dont act like an idio.at 56 ill still kick your ass, lol

oh man the laughs are worth $1000 a week..the best

When these players are in dumps like Tally, gainesville or Arkansas, they'll call their buddies from South Florida who committed to the U and ask, where you at, bro'?

The answer: " I'M IN MIAMI, B---------TCH!"


U morons have this conversation EVERY February and are ready to off yourself every December. 2013 will BE NO DIFFERENT MORONS its a full decade now. U don't make that CRAPP defense elite in a single year.

well bryant went to fsu

and grace goes to.........miamiiiiiiiiiiii


great class. man how big would it be now if collins switched to us


Look, the class have a top flight TE, WR, DBS, and a DE, and top FB,,them others guys are situational players who can provide dept. Dont sleep on those Nigerians,,they are known for being mean as hell, that DT nigerian may become a monster with some coaching! Dont sleep on this class, we still have a shot at GRACE, another 4 star player!

we just got grace

we got Grace, Espn#138, thats what 6 ESPN 150 PLAYERS, 2 ESPN JUCO 100 PLAYers, 1 RIVALS juco 1oo player Bond, and 1 juco top 25 prep player -

10 are considered the best at their positions nationally..............

Dont sleep on Golden... HE might have 1-2 more up his sleeve BESIDES ALEX COLLINS

Wheres all the "silent" committs everyone was talking about. Thats why we pulled kirklands scholie right? Look at alabama,nd, ohio state. Those are championship winning recruiting classes. Ours wont get us in the top 25. Stop speculating on what monsters these 2 n 3 stars are going to be

Our 3 biggest shots we lost all 3. Any solid dt can come in andbstart at miami and they would rather ride the pine at fsu

ours is already at 21 and climbing on espn. great class, love it

Lost Bryant but got Grace..


Coach Chizik called it...he said Coach Golden has to work against all the others holding up the NCAA against the U and they all put it out there..
He said " Al has done a great job in handling all this negative impact as well as anyone in that situation, the players are also the ones who are selling this program", and Chizik went through the similar shenanigans with the NCAA scenario.

Don't anyone say it was not used against us in this class.

So the NCAA has gotten their intent, and that is to delay and punish us all the way..now sue the S**** out of them for "restraint of trade, on a level playing field" Shalala.
Go 'Canes

Congratulations Stacy and Jermaine. Welcome to you and your families into the Canes Family! You guys will get a great education and will be difference makers for the UM! Great job, Coach Golden! Two fine young men of character...

we are lucky to get grace....overall disasterous day for UM....

oh dom...did you see I got all picks except grace....so maybe I do know just a litle bit abuot ncaa football

alabama and old miss taking it all....fire golden now

So the "U" gets 3 out of 7 recruits they wanted. Not counting Collins and the DT Brooks, which would have made it 3 out of 9. All 3 D-Tackles chose other schools. If Collins does switch then Golden gets a B-. If Collins does not switch to the "U" then Golden gets a C+. Golden did do some nice things with this class but too many local kids got away. No D-Tackles in this class also hurts Golden.

Jim Gallo you know nothing .....

Don't fool yourself.

Delusion is dangerous.

Go 'Canes

yup gallo still dumb as a retarded rock

Paden we are in espns top 20, they grade on quality, RIvals and scout just adds up points. Go look it up...thats our 6th espn 150 player, and 2 espn juco 100 playrs. 8

we don't want Collins at this point. Too much drama. Anyone remember the Derrick Crudup era and his father's meddling? Didn't we have that same issue this year with a father's meddling. Doesn't bode well. Anyone who is this caught up in the Recruiting drama is not going to pan out well for us as a part of the team and family.

Gallo is a P(_)$$Y thats to sc@red to go mano a mano in the 305. FACT!

Exactly. And your satisfied with top 20. Shows how low we have lowered the bar as fans. Just location alone any coach.in america can bring in top 25 to miami. 20 is not that great. Im all for quality over quantity but we only got our quality where we are already stacked. Safety. Cb. Te. Wheres our dts? Lbs?

You know UM would welcome you with open arms. A choice that strengthens your future and is supported by your family is the best option. You are a smart young man.

That choice is UM, so become a Cane and pair up with Duke for a trememdous backfield, along with our new FB, the Gus. It'll be real good and your family can watch it happen.
Go Canes!

Keep hiding and talking smack up in NY f@g. Coward p(_)nk!

Gallo, the only reason your picks went "so well" was that you were picking AGAINST the Canes. It's amazing that your vendeta against Golden has you rooting against the program so hard. Now D'Onofrio, well, we're on the same footing there.

I hope Collins stays a Razorback. I only want REAL Canes that want to be here. If anything, Collins couldn't catch his mom. Give her the scholarship. At least it seems like she wants to be here!

Go Canes.

lol..yes I know nothing....exactly. what sanctions? has the ncaa issued any sanctions against UM?....I dont see that, where is that reported?

please tell me what violations UM engaged in...please list....wow #21 recruiting....wow #116 defense....wow of all the ket people we needed we got only 2...wow

extend goldens contract to 2020....

PADEN, how did we lose our 3 biggest shots. We landed the #1 FB in the nation, #1 WR IN FL and #3 IN NATION, and espn 150 4 star and #11 OLB in nation IN GRACE.........Hows that bad????
Grace makes up for losing thomas
We added a deep threat in coley
we made up for collins by landing the #1 FB who they say has the speed of a RB....

And dom. What about 08? Espn #1 class. Howd that workout. 7-6? Filling needs with quality players. We didnt do well with thus class. Its average. Its no where near bringing us "back" imo. I hope im wrong

hummmmmm baylor and arkansas just took our own backyard players....maybe U of alaska will be next years threat, lol

I hate keith bryant..get aids u fat ass big mouth

what a great day to be a cane dom. cant wait for season. and canes hoops 9-0 in acc!!!!!!!

Paden, we landed Deveonte Bond, Rivals #58 Juco 100 regardless of position, at LB/DE. Muhammed the #3 DE in country, Jermaine Grace the #11 OLB n Country, we landed Kamalu espns #77 on the JUCO 100 At DTACKLE...

Thats 4 pass rush specialists

umcane20: collins will earn his stripes in the sec...objectively it makes the most sense for a talent like that...I root for success, when I dont see it, I dont play games.....golden/dnofrio do not have the type of talent need for UM football....

butch davis does...he already proved, so why go with an unknown.....havent we waited long enough....these loss picks today just cost us a 10-2 / 11-1 season next year....impact players are the key if you plan on taking on alabama and the like....snap out of it...be f...cking smart about it...stop with this love affair with golden....he dosent have it and the media also is now looking that way...

GOlden has hand picked these guys, Randy just loaded up on northwestern players. Golden waited it out, and landed some special players to fill needs. If we had 25-28 slots this is a top 5 class. like it or not.

Anyone that says this class isnt filled with great studs has major issus....TOP LB, TOP DE,TOP JUCO LB/DE,TOP JUCO DT, TOP JUCTO TE, AND AL LANDED
#1-2 DB's in FL
Grace and thomas play the same position, so Grace makes up for the thomas loss

This is a problem. We got nobody from the state of FL. Plus, we're going to need some defensive recruits fast. FSU definitely won the D recruiting battle.

Gallo is a P(_)$$Y! Just incase some of you fellow true CANES fan didnt know that already. lol

And 'Cool 'Cat is a racist RS cack succer but everyone on here pretty much already knows that. lol

How does a good fb make up for collins at rb? Are you kidding? Wow. And #78 juco. Hot damn. That makes up for a top 5 olb we lost. Another 2 star juco to make up for losing the best dt we had a shot at in bryant. Good thing we got a deep threat at wr. Maybe he can shore up our d? Cmon. Tell mr how the guys a top 100 player in the state of new jersey. WAKE UP. Look at their offers. Look who tgey turned down. Rutgers? South florida? Let me know when.guys start turning doen.ohio state and alabama. What a joke

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