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Canes climb to highest point ever (No. 3) in AP poll; What are fair expectations now?

The surge continues. 

The Miami Hurricanes -- who had never been ranked higher than eighth in the program's history -- hit a new peak Monday afternoon, climbing to No. 3 in the latest Associated Press college basketball rankings.

UM, which didn't crack the Top 25 until four weeks ago, received 17 first place votes and now sits behind No. 1 Indiana and No. 2 Duke. In the USA Today/ESPN Coaches' Poll Miami ranks fourth behind No. 1 Duke, No. Indiana and No. Gonzaga.

The Hurricanes have won 11 straight games and are 10-0 in the ACC with 25-point blowout wins over North Carolina and Duke.

Can it get any better than this? Maybe. Some experts believe Miami is good enough to win a national title.

UM (19-3) plays at Florida State Wednesday night at 7 p.m. (ESPN2) and at Clemson at 6 p.m. Sunday (ESPNU).

What are fair expectations for Miami's men's basketball program this season?
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Go Canes!

Amen! (but what's up with the weird polling system)


Wow.Congratulations Canes.Awesome job this year.

Would be good to see if alonzo mourning's son ends up staying home and playing for UM, now that it's easy to see a competent coaching staff is in place now.

Won't be long before recruits start trying to beat down the door to play here. Imagine zo at games, he'll probably get kicked out of the stadium.


last time any cane team was ranked this high in any ofthe 3 major sports was 2004 or 5 when the canes actually reached #3 in the BCS before losing at home to ga tech (Thanks for nothing, Kyle Wright).

Seriously. There's no way we can be ranked directly under a team we slaughtered. If we're #3, then we're #2. BS.


Did you read the Herald's statement on their commenting policy? This blog should require people to sign in, maybe not Facebook profiles but at least having to register one email with one username to comment.

I would prefer no comments section in the Miami Hurricanes blog to the embarrassing, obsessive trolling back and forth here.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website."

Canes have the best chance to win a NC of all the march madness teams because Coacher is great, plays tough defense. My only gripe with him is that when Miami is building a big lead, he does not play the subs early enough, rest the starters a little, keep fresh legs on the court. The tournament is going to be tough on the starters and if one goes down or catches the flu, the subs have to be there, no excuses.

Jacks, is that your real name?

UM should be ranked #1...duke, kansas state, indiana, florida, syracuse, michigan etc...all have gotten beat....

Um deserves to be ranked #1...

1. UM
2. indiana
3. florida
4. michigan
5. gonzaga

thats how I see it....

nobody give a s...it about the football team....UM basketball are the darlings of south florida as well as ncaa...watch them go and win national championship....there is no team in ncaa better...yes equal but not better....

forget the subs....you have to build your main core and condition them for the elite 8 then final 4....let the subs stay on the bench for the most part....larkin/scott jell....dont want to be in close games with subs comming in then open up opportunity for opposition to get runs...teams like michigan/indiana will not let you catch up and back in if you get down over 10 points....not in the finals

How on earth Duke is ahead of Miami I will never know after what we did to them. "They were men, we were boys." - Coach K.

gallo, this is perfect, if this basketball team goes out an wins the national championship in year 2, that would put the pressure right where it needs to be, on the goldie and the football team. I'm real sure blake james understands what wins championships and if goldie is not going to fire his boy, we'll find out soon enuff if blake james got the ballz to fire clown 117 or if he's going to stand pat and let this guy keep us playing defense at a division 3 level.

And we are only ranked #4 in the Coaches Poll, go figure. The Coaches must be in cohoots (spelling) with the NCAA to keep Miami down.

how can indiana stay number 1 when they lost for the past few weeks any #1 team that lost dropped indians lost to ill of all teams in indiana i think the rankings should of been just because duke was higher by 4 spots #1Duke,#2Miami,#3Indiana,#4Gonzaga,#5Michigan thats what the rankings shoulda been the system loves the hoosiers

It shows you clUcks are new to the dance and the madness, who cares if you are #1 or # 3 right now. Both of you will go into the dance at this point and that's the only thing that matters. Win or go home clUcks. March Madness you will soon find out if you can dance.
Watch and learn clUcks. After decades you finally have a winning team in town, who woulda thought it would be BB.
Stop the whine and enjoy the ride clUck.

Agreed- how can a Duke team that Miami essentially e-masculated be ranked over us? because the hatred for the U is palpable. Dikie V and others can't stand that Miami is running ragged through the ACC. Plus they have beaten #8 Michigan State and one of their only losses is to #9 Arizona.

THIS is a great motivating point. I have been afraid of the kids getting complacent or big headed- bottom line is they are still not getting the respect they deserve.

After beating most of these powerhouses by 26, 25, 27 points, Miami should be ranked #1. Duke beat BC by 1 at BC. Miami beat them by 4. At BC. There you go. head to head comparison.

Gotta realize, the reason alot of schools don't want Miami winning anything is because we're a private little old institution sitting off in Coral Gables, the last thing they need is for us to start being dominant in basketball and football too. This is why nobody is trying to hire oach OH-NO or jethro away from us. Anybody that looks half way decent, they gone snatch em up. This is why you gotta have guys like art kehoe here, barrow and a guy like hurlie brown, die hards who will only go somewhere to gain more experience and than bring it right back to Miami.

For instance, barrow might leave one day just to go and be a d-co somewhere else and than when that spot opens back up, he'll be back or if he has headcoaching aspirations. At the same time, him being able to coach at home back at Miami, who wants to leave the crib and get paid too.

If we get back to hiring assistants that plan on being here, we can interchange the coordinators all day long, but we need those cornerstone coaches that want to be at UM long term, not just to upgrade their resume. Somebody like kehoe can careless about going to the pro's, he'd rather keep sending them players.

Somebody like andrew swasey, he's straight, hurlie brown might be here for the long haul and if he's successful, no problems their in gettng raided. That's why UM has been down for this long, shannon was the first headcoach to have to go out and build a staff that had no clue about UM football. goldie's staff by default is slowing shaping up like an almost old school Cane staff, it will get interesting goin forward who has the better staff, right now, almost any d-co in football at all levels is better than what we got.

Wake up people, 117th at UM, get serious.

go canessssssssssssss rolling the acc

I wonder if the NCAA is going to ban the basketball team from the ACC tournament and the NCAA tournament because of the Shapiro mess.

Fake Gallo loves duh kak in his mouf

Gallo is an IDIOT.

He exemplifies everything BAD about South Florida...jerk fans, rude ass clown, supposedly a "know it all" who really knows nothing, a jerk, a bandwagon fan who's probably never even been to a UM home basketball game.

He says "no one cares about UM football" - Gallo, you silly little school girl you!

Dikie V and others can't stand that Miami is running ragged through the ACC.

Posted by: 9>5 | February 11, 2013 at 03:12 PM


-- dick vitale


Congrats Canes, basketball is shining and the baseball and football teams will to! Miami has the right coaches at the right time in the right places. Like us or leave us, enough negative, no it all garbage from trolls and even worse Canes fans who think they have all the answers.

Know it all garbage from......

Who the hell votes on these polls? If anyone should be ahead of UM is maybe Gonzaga, and Arizona wich we lost to. Besides the beat down that we gave Duke, they have 2 loses in the conference. Idiana just lost this weekend. Though the ranking doesn't matter at this point in the season, what matters is taking care of business in the ACC tourney and take the momentum to the Big Dance.
This team looks solid, no one wants to meet them in tournjey play.

CaneKiller, you might be a Gator but you know that where you're ranked now means nothing. What's important is where you're seeded for the Big Dance, the Canes will be assured a 1-4 seed. Then all we have to do is win.

Part of the reasons the Canes aren't ranked higher are the 2 losses they had against Florida Gulfcoast and Indiana State. Those were 2 really bad losses. The Arizona loss was ok, and shouldn't hurt them.

And they have the #2 RPI as of today.

Duke is #1 in RPI the 2 losses to weaker opponents really hurt.

The stupidity and shear ignorance of Calvin and Gallo once again reaches the outterlimits. U two morons haven't the intellect to know or realize for that matter that it takes much more time to build the program of football back to where it was with the whole NCAA investigation dragging on and the fact that basketball players are much easier to come by than football players. Not to mention it takes more time to mold them and develop them into a cohesive unit. Golden is under no more pressure than before to produce and will continue to do so in the future. It's going to be so sweet to watch U two piece's of whale crap disappear once the football season gets underway. Enjoy it while U can douche bags.

Fair expectations include the growth of the bromance between the All-knowing Calvin and Cameltoe Joe Gallo.

Also, it is certainly not fair but I expect these two geniuses will continue their unsolicited dimwit babble on this blog. I keep hoping the Taco Bell manager will catch Calvin on his office computer.

Calvin, do us all a favor, grab Jim Gallo by the hand and play in the HOV lane of I-95.

The expectations simply are for us as Cane's fans to enjoy this ride and expect a championship quality team to play as hard as they can in these unchartered waters by a Canes basketball team and no matter what these players and coaches are making us very proud of them. Go Canes!

mike you got it, where you are seeded will matter but once you get in the Dance all you need to do is win. These idiots who are upset at being ranked lower than Duke at this stage are, well, just plain idiots.
Enjoy the ride clUck, the sky's the limit, win or go home.

Canekiller youre a major vajjina



I got bad news, been watching this Fsu/gaytor game, just realized the gaytors have that oc from boise st. pease. If the bet was, pease vs OH-NO, i'm going all in with pease. When we play the gaytors we better do 2 things come this year, get an early 10 point lead and win the turnover battle, because if we don't and they get a 10 point lead, it's not going to be pretty. They have one of the better/athletic o-lines in the country, one thing muschamp understands, the game is won and lost in the trenches.

They also run alot of short crossing routes and routes to the flats, it's going to be a real interesting game. But if i'm being asked pease vs oach OH-NO, might be a long day if the offense don't show up. With the type of defense we play and the type of defense our offense faces in practice itis not going to prepare them for this gaytor game.

Come back to Earth Cane Clucks. Teams like UNC that get ZERO votes to be ranked in the Top-25 (or top 40)in any poll are neither "good" nor "very good". And doesn't equate to a quality Home Win. Keep the horse in front of Ur once empty and now overcrowded wagon. Try not to blow things outta proportion like all typical bandwagon Cane fans popping off about being ranked highly in EARLY February in the SORRY ACC that has only TWO Ranked teams.

And to all U crying about being ranked behind Duke. Shut up. It's accumulative. Don't lose to St. Leo, Florida Gulf Coast, Indiana St. and get Ur doors blown off by Arizona compared to Duke losing close to a ranked NCST. and an off game on the road to U. I would say act like U've been there, but U never have, so enjoy Ur anomaly George Mason Season while U can... Because Ur building nothing. Ur entire front court and 5 outta 6 top players are gone in next year with NOTHING prestently behind them and a #100 plus ranked recruiting class with no 3-4-5's coming in and ALL the Top players have already committed and Signed with real Top Programs. But U can always go after some more 22-24 year old JUCO Dunces and sneak'em into school.

Ur "Dream Season" ends soon, never to be seen again U George Mason once in a lifetime clones.

who of U will be the first to chime in and argue that St. Leo was an exhibition game and doesn't count ?

Ohyes we have doosh bag.10-0 in the ACC. Destroyed FSU, Duke, UNC (twice) in the same season? 19-3 overall? PLease. Go back to your trailer. Your possum is gettin burnt on the fryin pan!

Where are the trailer donkeys with their "SEC" chant?

"Four Alabama freshman – Eddie Williams, Dennis Pettway, Tyler Hayes and Brent Calloway – were reportedly arrested Monday and charged with second degree armed robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card."

Since each SEC skeeeewl takes credit for any one school's win, then logically they should all accept blame for garbage like this.

We're loolin' at you, Trailerville Gatr Trash.


What are you guys doing? Any news on the Kenny Kadji injury in practice yesterday? I'm dying for an update over here!

Update on Malcolm Lewis: Progressing nicely may be ready for fall.

Posted by: []_[] Ain't Done Nothin Yet.. | February 12, 2013 at 03:02 AM

Ain't dat duh truf

Hola Soldy!

No longer Curse of Art Kehoe? You trailer donkey finally figured out that he was back so there really couldn't be a curse?

And your Curse Pig buddy Soldy/Real Soldy? Purveyor of useless predictions and knowledge?

Couple of disgruntled pigs. Same as it ever was.

"The same month, Golden rescinded a scholarship offer to Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, which came as a shock. Back in March, during a high school coaches' convention in Orlando, I was in the room when Golden and his staff told the coaches at Miami Central, Carol City, Booker T., Norland, and Northwestern, that he would never pull a scholarship offer he made to a student-athlete"

finally someone telling the truth.....uncle luke.....golden is not 305 get rid of jersey boys

305 = butch - mario - coley - barrow - art

"On National Signing Day this past Feb. 5, he only landed five players from Florida. Golden lashed out at the NCAA for hurting his recruiting of blue chip players, but there are more than enough talent-rich high school student-athletes in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach that can help the Canes compete for a national title.

Golden also passed up an opportunity to hire Miami Central head coach Telly Lockette, who has built a program that has gone to the state championship three straight years. Adding Lockette as UM's running backs coach would have given the Canes the inside track on all the top recruits in south Florida moving forward"

al golden is not going to last....all you koolaid drinkers will see....

You know what is funny? In all the years reading this blog, every single time Manny would update it with Miami Hurricane Basketball information, there would be maybe a quarter of the comments that there were for football related posts.

With the exception of one or two of those posts, every single one of you morons would say "Who cares about basketball? Nobody gives a crap about this." Now, Miami Basketball is good and all of a sudden all of you pathetic, worthless, front-runners come out of the woodwork.

99% of you idiots couldn't name a player on the basketball team before this season, now you're all excited for a possible #1 seed. Get the F outta here.

Part of the reasons the Canes aren't ranked higher are the 2 losses they had against Florida Gulfcoast and Indiana State. Those were 2 really bad losses. The Arizona loss was ok, and shouldn't hurt them.

Posted by: mike | February 11, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Indiana St. is not a "really bad loss". Indiana St. is a tournament team, genius. Florida Gulf Coast probably will make the tournament as well.

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