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Canes climb to highest point ever (No. 3) in AP poll; What are fair expectations now?

The surge continues. 

The Miami Hurricanes -- who had never been ranked higher than eighth in the program's history -- hit a new peak Monday afternoon, climbing to No. 3 in the latest Associated Press college basketball rankings.

UM, which didn't crack the Top 25 until four weeks ago, received 17 first place votes and now sits behind No. 1 Indiana and No. 2 Duke. In the USA Today/ESPN Coaches' Poll Miami ranks fourth behind No. 1 Duke, No. Indiana and No. Gonzaga.

The Hurricanes have won 11 straight games and are 10-0 in the ACC with 25-point blowout wins over North Carolina and Duke.

Can it get any better than this? Maybe. Some experts believe Miami is good enough to win a national title.

UM (19-3) plays at Florida State Wednesday night at 7 p.m. (ESPN2) and at Clemson at 6 p.m. Sunday (ESPNU).

What are fair expectations for Miami's men's basketball program this season?
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"golden is not 305 get rid of jersey boys"

Let's see. How stupid can we show Gallo to be?

Does Gallo know what percentage of players from the 2001 team were not from Florida? 45%. Not from South Florida? 70%. Not from the 305? 80%.

You are an idiot, Gallo, as if anyone needed any proof.

Jersey boys? Would you have said that about Greg Mark, Danny Stubbs, Viinny, et al?

Stupid as a rock.

yes......florida gulf coast in the south with UM...indiana state as well if they get by the first round.....UM vs michigan state for the south title

gonzaga or louiville for the semi...duke dosent make it....

Yankees will make it past the first round where they will meet the Detroit Flyers for the Midwet TITLE.

Iowa Barnstormers will play the KAKsonville Jaguars for the eastern regional title.

"The same month, Golden rescinded a scholarship offer to Booker T. Washington offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, which came as a shock. Back in March, during a high school coaches' convention in Orlando, I was in the room when Golden and his staff told the coaches at Miami Central, Carol City, Booker T., Norland, and Northwestern, that he would never pull a scholarship offer he made to a student-athlete"

finally someone telling the truth.....uncle luke.....golden is not 305 get rid of jersey boys

305 = butch - mario - coley - barrow - art

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 12, 2013 at 11:55 AM

LOL, goldie just gotta understand where he's at, this ain't temple where you only got a few top notch recruits. goldie will have to learn the same rules almost all the coaches who won national titles at Miami understood, you can't just act like they don't exist, like luke said "it would be recruiting suicide" in reference to if goldie starts pulling schalorships at the last minute again, lol.

gallo you stupid sheet:

Shannon is also from the 305. Whats your point.

Schnellie: Not from the 305
JJ: Not from the 305
Erickson: Not from the 305
Butch: Not from the 305
Coker: Not from the 305

SO he rescinded a scholie. These are tough times. These are extenuating circumstances.

maybe the message that these stoopid a55 coaches need to get is; Stop messing with these kids and messing with the U. If a kid wants a top education in one of the best universities in the world, and play for THE NFL piepline, then commit to the U, otehrwise quit playing games.

how can they be tough times when the scholarship count was self imposed by golden himself? The real story is golden tried to muscle kirkland and now he is backpeddling...or lying as is commmonly called, lol

you keep believeing that dade/broward guys are not required....drink some more koolaid....golden is blackballed from these feeder schools....luke still has ALOT of pull....him and these coaches go way back

funny how luke was in the room at a coaches convention...but he has no pull, lol

thats funny

He's a high school coach dumbass.


Allow me to compliment you as I have NEVER witnessed one individual be wrong about everything they post...until you! In other words; it is my belief you have set a record that will never be surpassed. Congratulations!

Correcting you for what seems like the hundred millionth time...Coach Golden did not self-impose scholarship and bowl restictions simply because he thought it would be fun or without the input from Donna Shalala and Miami's legal team. This painful step was taken due to the NCAA investigation (that he caused none of) in an effort to put this matter in the rearview mirror, thus allowing Coach Golden and his satff to have a clear path in the coming years.

Ok so if he made availible kirklands scholarship...you think that one more would have made a difference in the ncaa punishment? In fact Golden reinstated his scholarship offer the next day...remember? But kirkland was so pissed off and to make matters worse, Golden was not even there to meet him or his parents the second day....remember?

How many scholarships were self imposed?

"Can I answer this question? I feel like I'm in court. I've been at this for two years. I can't answer that."

He is done at UM..it dosent matter....dnofrio will fail next year and tat will be he nail in the jersey boys coffin....

It's not a coincidence that it took the gaytors over 20 to 25 years to start being able to actually get players of significance to come their from Dade County. You don't cross people from Miami/South Florida without major consequences. goldie will be wise to listen and if that defense come out stinking like it did the last 2 years, goldie won't have a leg to stand on. It wasn't a wise move to be 7 & 6 and snatching up schalorships.

will muschamp was 11 & 2 this year, he's the one that can be selective, no matter what happened with louisville, they were 1 win away from playing in the national championship game. goldie as it's obvious to see, needs all the help he can get. Why not bring kirkland in, the more talent the better and under kehoe he'll have the right mind set.

oh great lets sign another TE....forget the defensive line....where did that scholarship magically appear...

al golden and mark dnofrio should be a team in las vegas...they are not that good so will have to do the afternoon show at the tropicana, lol

def: Rebuilding Years

1. code word for allowing mediocre coaches to stay and grab a paycheck
2. low expectation of a winning record next season
3. its not my fault
4. term used for local media to cover up low attendence and miserable play
5. synonym for for saying thankyou for a contract extension
6. a way to describe UM record #117 defensive yards

too funny

I have a better idea....let go watch a 7-6 team play savannah state without an overhang at sunlife at 1:00 in the afternoon @95 degrees....I am sure the wives will just love that one, lol

gallo, you checked out that new raising Canes video, lol, it's funny how they showed about 2 guys committing, even though i understand why, it's just funny since we only got about 4 guys from Miami. Either way, stacy coley is going to have fun. This is going to be the audition year for hurlie brown and brennan caroll on the offensive recruits we get come next year for sho.

I kind of like matthew thomas going to Fsu though, it's guys like him and keith bryant going to those schools that make the UM-Fsu game that much better. For real, i was watching that Fsu-gaytor game last night and the gaytors actually had some of them Fsu boys looking scared. karlos williams got humbled and wasn't playing with the same confidence he had playing against us. We need to get back to taking peoples hearts again.

Also, in the video you see 3g real quick, that man doesnt' look nothing like a defensive end no more to me, he'll probably be even slower come this year. We need guys to dis-engage from blocks real quick. Also, alot of guys needs to stop engaging blocks so much, but that's what they're teaching though. It was funny seeing oach OH-NO and tracy howard interacting, looked a lil akward, and p.w. messing with deon bush. Anyway, i want to see what this defense is going to look like.

Also, for those who don't think where a player is from don't matter, lol, must of never been on a team before. The home team normally always rule, that rule doesn't apply though when Miami guys leave the state case when we go to other places and play, it's always clear that "the Legend Continues". Most of us are already tried and proven so when we go and play in other states, we force them to have to raise their games up.

So any player that comes to this team from out of state will only have some real say so if they prove themselves. Like ed reed told laron byrd when he came to Miami "1st off, DON"T EMBARRASS LOUISIANNA", cause that's what we do down here, we already trying to dog our boys everyday, so someboy coming from somewhere else, gone really have to show-out in order to be an get accepted.

can you say...teddy bridgewater, lol

Gallo wrote:

Golden asked how many scholarships were self-imposed. He answered; "Can I answer this question? I feel like I'm in court. I've been at this for two years. I can't answer that."

“He is done at UM...it doesn’t matter....dnofrio will fail next year and tat will be he nail in the jersey boys coffin....”


Coach Golden did what any good business person or quality head football coach would do when asked a question, in this instance, a recruiting question, that he and the university have good reasons not to answer. HE DIDN’T ANSWER!!!

Yet again, you don’t understand that Coach Golden’s lack of response is tied into the NCAA investigation, and speculating, most probably has something to do with a negotiation in process with the NCAA. Your naïve statements only rival those of the infamous Calvin.

As for you failingly trying to prostitute the Kirkland story to try and carve-up Coach Golden …Kirkland’s visit to the “U” left ALL of the coaches with the clear impression he was not interested in signing with the program. The two schools that we know for a fact used the NCAA investigation the most to hammer Miami were Arkansas and FSU. What two schools did Kirkland and Matthew Thomas sign with? Arkansas and FSU! Yet, you ludicrously claim that the NCAA investigation had nothing to do with this year’s recruiting class and didn’t influence Miami kids to sign elsewhere.

Kirkland had numerous opportunities to signal the Miami coaches that he would be a Cane, but refused to do so, and the kid deserves credit for being honest, because he was NEVER going to be a Cane and pulling the scholarship offer had NOTHING to do with that. Yet, people like you Gallo say and write lies in a cheap, ignorant and misguided effort to try and damage Coach Golden.

Finally, you living in Manalapan, New Jersey and constantly calling Coach Golden and D’Onofrio “Jersey Boys” in a derogatory manner cause me, and I am sure others, to wonder if our two coaches slapped you around on the Jersey Shore and this is your cowardly and childish way of trying to get back at them. C’mon Gallo…did Coach Golden and D’Onofrio make you their girlfriend…you can confide in us Gallo…your secret will be safe with us.

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