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CANES HOOPS ROLLS ON: Miami Holds Off Virginia 54-50

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Winning ugly has been working for the Miami Hurricanes lately. So why change things?

For the third straight time since running North Carolina out of Coral Gables, the Hurricanes had a fight on their hands -- and held on.

Miami, ranked second in the nation behind Indiana, got a big bucket from center Reggie Johnson with 5.7 seconds left to beat Virginia 54-50 at BankUnited Center in Coral Gables Tuesday night.

"Our last three games have been a good indication as how good the ACC is,'' coach Jim Larranaga said. "The teams in our league have so much physical talent ... We knew we would have to execute very well in the final seconds.''

Virginia tied the score at 50 with 14.3 seconds remaining when Evan Nolte hit a 3-pointer.

Yet with time closing down, guard Shane Larkin -- who scored four points in the final minute -- worked the ball around and found Johnson all along under the basket. Johnson scored and Miami stole the ball on the inbound.

"We just basically ran the same play as we did against N.C. State,'' said Johnson, whose last second tip-in beat the Wolfpack on Feb. 2. "Every time we play Virginia it's a battle."

Miami's Durand Scott gave the Hurricanes -- now 22-3 and 13-0 in the Atlantic Coast Conference -- their final cushion by dropping a pair of free throws with 4.1 left.

Earlier in the evening, Indiana beat No. 4 Michigan State -- which UM topped here on Nov. 28.

"Our focus is on us,'' Larkin said when asked about Indiana. "Every thing will settle itself. If we stick to what we do, we'll be happy.''

The Hurricanes have won 14 straight and hasn't lost since losing in a consolation game to Indiana State in Hawaii on Christmas night.

Early Tuesday game, the Canes looked more like the high-flying team that drubbed Duke and North Carolina by average of 26.5 points and less like the UM squad that had to fight to escape Tallahassee and almost lost at Clemson on Sunday night.

Miami was red-hot from the onset in front of another raucous, capacity crowd of 7,972 at the on-campus arena. The Hurricanes opened by scoring on consecutive shots in the first minute and hit their first five from the field.

Like the Seminoles and Tigers before them, the Cavaliers (18-8, 8-5) refused to go away.

Virginia trailed 16-9 but kept chipping away as Miami struggled to score for long stretches in the opening half.

The Cavaliers cut Miami's lead to 2 by halftime and took their first lead of the night with 13:06 remaining when Evan Nolte hit one of two from the stripe.

Miami quickly retook the lead when Rion Brown was fouled while jacking up a 3-pointer. The junior knocked down all three free throws to make it 31-29 with 12:45 left. Miami then made a big defensive stop and fed it inside to Johnson who was fouled while scoring.

The Hurricanes' big man missed the free throw but pulled down a defensive board on Virginia's next trip up the floor.

Moments later, Brown sank Miami's first 3-pointer of the night to give the Hurricanes a seven-point lead -- their biggest since early on.

Virginia, again, wasn't finished as it closed to within a point at 44-43 with 3:33 remaining.

The Canes shooting went cold but a runner from Brown with 3:05 left gave Miami a three-point lead it held heading into the game's final minute.

Virginia's Joe Harris scored to tie it at 46.

With 42.2 seconds left, Larkin's lay-up gave Miami the advantage at 48-46. With 32.8 seconds left, Harris was fouled while missing a layup and hit the front end of his free throws.

Larkin pulled down the rebound on the second and was fouled; with 28.4 seconds left, Larkin calmly hit both to give Miami a three-point lead.

The Hurricanes go for their 14th win in conference play Saturday at Wake Forest.

"It's always important to build and it's easier to build on victories than losses,'' Larranaga said of the close calls.

"You can learn a lot from losses because it shows your limitations and weaknesses. But it's much better -- the guys feel better, their self-esteem grows -- after a victory. This last week has been a really great experience.''

"These guys have been through an awful lot,'' Larranaga said. "They're hungry. They've earned this. None of these wins have been given to them.''

Miami plays two of the ACC's lower teams in the Demon Deacons (4-9 in the ACC) and then play host to last place Virginia Tech on Feb. 27. The Hurricanes then visit Duke for the much-anticipated rematch against the Blue Devils.

The Hurricanes won at Cameron Indoor Stadium for the first time last season.


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This was gut check time.. THis is how champions are made. Grind it out to the last seconds and WIN...

These boys are figuring it out.

Pray they stay healthy and the Canes may be celebrating a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP THIS SPRING!!!

Shane Larkin. Wow, that kid can play. Notice to Pat Riley, please draft Shane Larkin. He is a stud. The pass on the last play to Reggie had me screaming all kinds of crazy stuff. The Miami Hurricanes Basketball Team led by Jim Larranaga is so much fun to watch. That was a low scoring game but it was incredibly intense. I love this. Canes, please just keep doing the damn thing!


NCAA is trying to KILL the Canes basketball teams chances at a championship this year by dragging this thing out.

Look at the timing of the NOA, right before tip-off in a tough game.

Who wants to bet they'll come out with an attempt to kill the basketball team's run at the tournament next?

Anyone else want to see the Canes drop one (except the Duke game) just so they can take a deep breath and exhale? I wouldn't mind seeing them finish 18-0 in Conf. play and then dropping the semi or final in the Conf. tournament. And then of course make a huge storm surge in the Real Tournament.

Go Canes!

Nah, the national media is on to this. The tone on ESPN toward Miami has changed and unfortunately for the NCAA, that is what counts. Miami is ESPN's Cinderella darling story that just won’t quit winning. Did you watch the coverage on ESPN after the game, the three guys in the studio breaking down their play? There is no way Miami misses out on a championship this year. All they have to do is keep up the winning. Done.

How about we win all of the rest of our games by 20 points!

Whoa! Don't slip up or get got! (Why not man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Alright)
Ballers swearin they on top! (Nuh uh, uh uh)
But I'm comin' for they number one spot! (Alright man)
Scheme scheme, plot plot (say WHAT?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Woo, hey)
Keep it goin it won't stop! (What you doin man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot!

another bad performance.....team is getting weaker....shooting again was awful....this is not good going into the sweet 16.....virginia, come on...the olny good think was florida lost....

Every party has a pooper that is why we invited you: Jim Gallo.

I'd sure like to get back to our ridiculous margins of victory. This stuff is hard on my nerves.

Virginia > Gatr Trash.

mutiny: me too...they seem to be in a little rut....larranaga is concerned, you can tell looking at him last night...indiana is on a roll....UM has to get it together more to compete with these guys....look like the competition has an answer for larkin and scott....other players have to step up more

"indiana is on a roll"

Right. You mean the team that lost last week? The one that scraped by last night? You are a man-meat swallowing idiot, Gallo.

Why don't you swallow a gallon of bleach before you write your next idiotic post.

The tidal wave of public opinion is changing to favor the Miami Hurricanes regarding this entire investigation - especially within the world's most respected sports media outlets. It goes far beyond ESPN folks.

Let the haters be haters as hate itself remains their last drop of hope. The NCAA is in a huge amount of trouble here and Mr. Emmert's days as the top leader of this corrupt organization are numbered. Any reasonable individual understands this to be true, Miami fan or not.

The outcome - now that the NOA has been received - will favor Miami in the end. The lawsuit brought by the University of Miami against the NCAA will forever change the landscape of college athletics.


yea right...michigan state really sucks, your an idiot green pea...class of 2016

They don't suck, you pig, however to say that a team that scrapes by and lost last week is "on a roll" shows you are a moron. Plain and simple, green pea, class of 1916.

Blow me, Gallo. You twisted fruit.

GAllo the stupid blog moron:

Yeah dooshbag and Miami beat MSU. So stfu. You ramblin blabbering bumbling sycophant

Welcome smarmy, angry uncle Gallo who hasn't tasted happiness since he was 5 when little Jack taught him how to stroke his peener...

And in a short while we'll all welcome Calvin the Clown.... Uncle Gallo's retarded little nephew.

They have a special relationship those two....

And despite tand in spite of the haters:

Golden signs Derrick Griffin. The 2013 recruiting season had UM at 21 by ESPN, now after signing this 4 star athlete, They are for sure a top 15 class. Despite all the negativity floating around.

And despite all the negativity, it appears much of thesports world is aon Miami's side against the NCAA.

And the canes keep on winning in BB: 13-0 in the ACC. Totally unprecedented. 22-3. This team can win 30. I am not making predictions on how far they go in the tournament, but if they manage to secure a #1 seed, they can go very far (at last elite 8).

A lot of good things happening for the U.

Eff that little runt shapiro. He is squirming. His patulous floppy sphincter is trying to tighten (but it can't).

Notice of Allegations for the former BBall coaches. This basketball season is going to be wiped form the books.

Laz - negative. The only current player on the roster that was implicated, Durand Scott, was already cleared to play by the NCAA. There is no basis to wipe this season off of the books. Other seasons, maybe...

laz: man it looks like that....extremely unfortunate for what this basketball team has done so far.....they still can win the championship....UM should make ncaa take it away from them....UM has no choice but to fight this now if only to delay the sanction so the team can win....if it gets taken away at least the guys know that they beat the best teams in the ncaa....they dont need a trophy for that

Man, laz, I mean Gallo, I mean, you wouldn't be the same person, would you?

I mean, fake laz can't keep the spelling on his handle straight, and first it was Notice of Infractions before the idiot got Notice of Allegations straight.

Then, we have this pig moron Gallo, who, well, you know the rest of the story.

GAllo is a shweaty gator

Getting a W is always job one. Continued strong D has kept us in the last 2-3 games where the O has sputtered.

I would like to see us do a couple adjustments on O:

1. Dump ball in the Reggie and encourage him to pass it back out. He used to do much more of this, especially when double teamed.

2. Reduce the dribbling up top and increase the penetration. I know Ds are focusing on reducing Larkin's penetration, but he needs to find a way to make it happen.

The tidal wave of public opinion is changing to favor the Miami Hurricanes regarding this entire investigation - especially within the world's most respected sports media outlets. It goes far beyond ESPN folks.

Let the haters be haters as hate itself remains their last drop of hope. The NCAA is in a huge amount of trouble here and Mr. Emmert's days as the top leader of this corrupt organization are numbered. Any reasonable individual understands this to be true, Miami fan or not.

The outcome - now that the NOA has been received - will favor Miami in the end. The lawsuit brought by the University of Miami against the NCAA will forever change the landscape of college athletics.


Why do you idiots give Gallo so much attention? You know that is what he wants right? He doesnt even believe half the stuff he says, he just says it to get a rise out of you.

Anyways great win Go Canes!

laststraw: If UM goes to court we will get killed....what would you sue the ncaa for? NCAA did nothing illegal no matter what the sports writers say....that was confirmed by Cadwalader... ad let me tell you what will happen, all those FBI files will be turned over and the transcripts of the bankrupcty hearing...all that stuff that got redacted will come in....lets not forget that UM's attorney never challanged any of this after they were presented with perez bankruptcy certifications.....

"37 Mr. Najjar’s list of areas to explore included questions such as, “When Allen was employed/associated with Axcess Sports, which Miami players did he recruit for Axcess to represent and what monetary or other benefits did he provide or was aware were provided
to them?” and “Did you ever entertain Miami student-athletes on behalf of Nevin Shapiro? Detail these instances. Who provided the source of funds?” (Exhibit 24).

"First, we find that no NCAA employee knowingly violated a specific bylaw or law. While the Enforcement Staff may have disregarded the advice of the Legal Staff in proceeding with the proposal, they do not appear to have violated any written NCAA rule. We have also found no apparent violation of the Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure, or Bankruptcy Court orders by NCAA staff.56"

shalala needs to shut her mouth instead of tying to rehabilitate herself from the shaprio photo...

way to win it, Canes. time to crank up the intensity on both ends, and let's see some three point shooting at WF. Keep believing! Go Canes!

I believe Canes Basketball needs to experience a losing game to keep their focus.

Every team goes through surges and slumps.... Look at the Heat.

We are doing very well, but maybe TOO WELL. What we want is to be PEAKING during the tournament. NOT BEFORE.

I am not suggesting we throw a game. I'm just saying i'd rather us slump early than later in the season.

It's all about Coach L managing the momentum swings...

True in every sport...

what an idiot westcoast: So what if UM looses acc tournament....is that what you had in mind?....slump early, lol...acc begins march 14th....when do you want this lose to take place?

Fine by me if they lose to an angry Duke at their place.

Get it out of their system.

Save all their energy for the tournament...

Gallo, STFU you ignorant pig.

Gallo is a simple-minded person....

Not alot of IQ points to go around his brain.

I feel like i'm debating with a 12 year old mind. So simple, rigid, and lacking in insight into the sports world.

Why are the Gators so great at everything ?

Yeah they (Gators) are pretty good at leading the NCAA in arrests, lol!


You loose track of your fake names jerkoff?

I am now the new assistant to the AD.
I know everything about the inner workings of the Canes.
So I keep stalking HS players to meet me
Whats wrong with that?
I have even been given a house on the beach for coming in to save the Canes
OK so I made up almost all of that except for me knowing the cup sizes of every athlete in Fla.
Who wants to follow my breaking news that I have before anyone else does?
Come on over to my site so I can feel important
Hugs and kisses

Title town...

Mizzou just scored, loser

By the way can i get a link to follow U baseball?

What is their record?

I used to follow them on espn when they were ranked, now its impossible

Just wanted to say a few things here:

#1, love the idea of having to login with one name to post. This blog is a cesspool of trolls and weirdos.

#2, jim gallo is obviously that Gators troll who's been here for years. How dumb are you people?

#3, Shalala is a bigger supporter of UM athletics than Tad Foote ever was. Neither one affected how many games the football team won.

"Despite their efforts over two and a half years, the NCAA enforcement staff could not find evidence of prostitution, expensive cars for players, expensive dinners paid for by boosters, player bounty payments, rampant alcohol and drug use, or the alleged hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and gifts given to student-athletes, as reported in the media," Shalala's 501-word statement read in part. "The fabricated story played well — the facts did not."

If they don't have all of this then what the hell do they supposedly have? This is complete BS and nothing more than an NCAA witch hunt with Emmert and company looking like a couple of spurn B y otches like those cops in the O J Simpson trial. Hell we all know O.J. did it and he got off free. This is purely stupid.

Eudo, U know I have been as critical as anybody of Shalala, but I have to admit she impressed me by taking such a strong stance in opposition to the NCAA and I am very proud of her. Go get those byotches Donna.

Yes, yes, I dare say that before our eyes Dr. Shalala is discovering what it means to be a 'Cane and, in the process, is becoming one herself.

I'm reminded of one of Al Pacino's lines as Michael Corleone in "The Godfather":

"I'm talking about a cop that's mixed up in drugs. I'm talking about a dishonest cop, a crooked cop who got mixed up in the rackets and got what was coming to him. That's a terrific story."

The NCAA is supposed to be "the cops," but, like the "Officer McCluskey" in "The Godfather," the NCAA has become a crooked cop: a cop who makes illegal deals with its crooked witness's crooked lawyer; a cop who pays it crooked witness for information; a cop who threatens and bullies witnesses for information; a vindictive cop; a malicious cop; a cop who plays God; a cop who thinks he (or she) can make and enforce laws he (or she) doesn't have to follow; a cop who says, "do as I saw, not as I do" . . . a crooked cop who overlooks his (or her) own corruption and still believes he (or she) can impose judgment and punishment on others.

I say nail the NCAA in federal court. I say form an allegiance with other schools that want to be free of the NCAA's wrongdoing, over-reaching and impotent inability to follow, let alone enforce, its own arbitrary, vague, subjective and unreasonable rules. I say, most of all, to hit the NCAA in the pocketbook: get a federal judge to issue an injunction against all NCAA contracts pending an "investigation": a very long, expensive "investigation."

Personally, I think the NCAA is very aware of its impotence and is lashing out to compensate.

To paraphrase Michael Corleone: where does it say we have to allow the NCAA to survive? Where does it say we need the NCAA? Where does it say we can't permanently squash the NCAA and restructure it?

Who died and made the NCAA God?

Nail them, Dr. Shalala. Bury them, and learn:

It's all about the U.

100% with lakeworth. Totally agree.

Youall write the NCAA in protest:

PO BOX 6222
Indianapolis, IN

I like that lakeworthcane way to break it down. Also we moved up yo number10 in recruiting.

Number 10? DAng

and everyone thought Golden was struggling. Man is a recruiting machine. From unranked, to 25 to 21, gradually rising and AG cloed strong despite all these coaching defections.

Whats Ums baseball record? 3-0? They beat FAU last night?

So again, here we go, this staff is irritating, we offering some safety out of Virginia but we not offering chad wilson from University services, lol, that's pathetic. No disrespect to them Virginia boyz but al, you in Miami, how is it that we can find a safety all the way in Virginia but can't find a safety right down the street in Miami. goldie's "core values" crap is hindering our recruiting. If he don't like the guys from Miami/South Florida, than roll out, nobody wants a headcoach here that's going to be this judgemental on the players down here.

He's being real judgemental prior to the players coming in, and once they get here, he's being real judgemental which is why we keep seeing all these guys getting suspended or kicked off the team for simple things that are normally handled in house.

So now we'll see what thee excuse is come next recruiting class if these asteroids don't blow us up before than!

Coach L should tell the Cane players they have come too far to slack off and lose any game between now and the end of the tournament.

They have to continue to work to be in top shape, subs have to step up and play tough defense.

Defense wins championships. Miami has been slacking off on playing tough defense leaving other team players unguarded to have easy shots.

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