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Canes land commitment from hungry, versatile, athletic 2014 Hialeah QB Alin Edouard

Just when you thought the recruiting news had reached an end point down in Coral Gables, here is some more for you: Al Golden and his coaching staff have landed a commitment from another quarterback of the future -- 2014 Hialeah High standout Alin Edouard.

The 6-2 3/4-inch, 185-pound signal caller, who stood out at UM's Junior Day last weekend, picked up three new offers around lunchtime Wednesday: Boston College, Penn State and Miami. By dinner, he made up his mind. He called UM associate head coach Mario Cristobal and told him he wanted to be a Hurricane.

"When I went to Junior Day at Miami I felt like I was already home," Edouard said. "I was the only QB there. I got a chance to speak with [offensive coordinator James] Coley for awhile just one-on-one. He basically wanted to find a quarterback who could run and throw, have accuracy and be a leader on the field. He said I had all those tools.

"When I called Coach Cristobal tonight I don't think he saw [my commitment coming]. I kind of caught him off guard. But he was very happy. So was Coach Golden."

Hialeah coach Mark Berman, a coaching veteran of nearly 30 years in Miami-Dade County, said the Hurricanes have landed a rising star. After starting in a handful of games a sophomore, Edouard started all nine games for the 5-4 T-Breds this past season and put up decent numbers in a Zone Read spread offense. He completed 64 of his 132 attempts for 926 yards, 9 TDs, 9 INTs and ran for a team-leading 559 yards and seven touchdowns. Berman said Edouard has a lot of room to grow because he's only been playing football since the ninth grade.

"When it's all said and done everybody is still going to offer the kid," Berman said. "Miami got in at the right time. He had a great junior day and has really been doing well during 7-on-7. I think Coach Coley saw his arm strength and saw what he can do when he takes off running. Alin runs a 4.6.

"Everybody in college football today is running a zone-read, whether it's in a two back or one back spread. UM ran a lot of zone read last year. I think Coach Coley's philosophy is similar to Coach Fisch. What Alin gives you is that extra ability. He can take off any moment and break off a long run. He reminds me of a young Vince Young."

Edouard, the first Hialeah player to commit to UM since defensive lineman Adewale Ojomo, said he grew up a Canes fan since middle school. "I used to watch Jacory Harris in the seventh grade a lot and always admired him," Edouard said. "I've even built a little bit of a relationship with Stephen Morris from going to games.

"I'm going to say this is it for me. I know there are always other opportunities that might come. But I'm sure I'm going to Miami. They want me to play quarterback and that's what I want to do."

Edouard said he had previous offers from Ole Miss, FIU and Louisiana-Lafayette before Tuesday. Berman said Canes fans should follow Edouard closely his senior year and take a look at his junior highlights to see "the kind of hungry player he is."

"He can throw every ball out there. His arm strength is as good as you're going to find. Maybe I'm prejudice. I think he's the best quarterback anywhere around here," Berman said. "He goes all out all the time. The first game of the year we had a running back break like a 70-yard run down the field. You know who was his lead blocker? Alin. He's done it two or three other times. He just loves football."

> Berman said UM has shown interest in a couple others of his talented juniors at Hialeah including center Alique Terry (6-2, 285) and defensive tackle Tony Baxter (6-3, 300). Neither of those players though have offers from the Canes.


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"When the Canes come out strong....." It won't be because of Golden. It will be because of Jimmy Goins, the Biogenesis clinic, PEDs, and Anthony Bosch.

yes he is the boss of 7-6 record and #117 defensive yards..he holds the recored for the worst stat in UM history....

UM version of the "office"

2012 Golden aka "The Boss" casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 golden aka "The Boss" casualties

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant
luther campbell
tim ice harris
booker T
carol city
miami central

Horrible Bosses...the sequel, lol

sorry...UM basketball ...all is doing great. all i was commenting on is that free-throw part of the game has to improve to advance on the sweet 16/elite 8 and final 4 to the championship....close games you will loose to the team that has the better free-throw....

great win....loving that a second year coach is taking UM to championship and golden can even make it to the acc championship game...which is about a weakest conference as the big east....

“Miami came in second place because of the things that have [happened] these past couple weeks,” Kirkland said. “That’s the only reason they came in second. After that I was leaning toward Florida State and Arkansas. It meant a lot to have so many people supporting me. I’m going to move on with my life and go to Arkansas.”

kirkland was going to UM...golden blew him out....then pissed him and his family off even more when he was a no sow at the meeting.....

sorry the truth hurts your fantasies....

Its called "weeding out" Gallo.

Tell me what has any of the kids from 2012 done since?

And who cares anymore about 2013 recruits? They go where their allegiences takes them. We picked up equally grear ones too even having half the scholarships of most schools.

Its clear its personal beyween u and Golden. Your commentary are not fact based at all.

Your liked an angry girlfriend who got dumped in Valentines day...

Until we sign a bunch of DEFENSIVE TACKLES i won't be happy. We aint gonna compete with the Tractor and Trailer teams untilwe get some studs on the dline. None of this offensive talent will matter if the defense can't stop teams! Call me when a top dtackle commits. If we don't get Khiari Clark then I will personally come to Miami and kick D'Nofrios arse all the way home! I'm hoping my homeboys from Tampa step up and limit teams to just 400 yards a game.

its all fact based....you are just delusional

so lets "weed out" a 6'4" 310 guy for a 5'9" 170 ranked #157 nobody....he gets a ful ride at UM..but the local 305 gets his education ripped off...nice

dont worry grren pea....golden will be gone, the whole feeder school network will push him out....but then again, cant wait for next year when UM plays Savannah state mid afternoon at 95-96 degrees...that should be fun.....

Any kid who jerks us around and switches his allegience tgat quick aint the kinda Cane we want.

Kirklands a cry baby

He was trashing UM on signing day. The kid had no heart for the team. Definitely a pre-Madonna princess troublemaker that would not have done well in goldens discipline program. Good riddance. We'll see who comes out on top over the next two years.

How convenient that Kirkland supposedly said that after the fact Gallo. Where do you get this garbage from.His education was not "ripped awy" he had to get it somewhere else thats all.Some place he obviously anted to go to more than UM cause he had his chance and he blew it not AG.You are not a Cane backer as evidenced by all your rediculous dripple constantly.Go Canes

Hey Tampa Cane I remember not to long ago Spurrier was winning in the SEC with a score more than the other team philosophy , had no defense just out scored everyone else. That's not what I prefer but if thats the formula that works for us until we get the DTs we need then so be it.Go Canes

Gallo seems to forget that our D got stronger as the year went on.

Not a surprise as we had the youngest team in CFB. Multiple freshmen had to burn redshirts to help out the D.

I think the DOnofrio trashing is unfair as the guy was working with a very limited D squad. I trust in Golden to put the best pieces in place he can get to win with.

I'll puck AG's chess playing over Gallo any day.

When people are calling AG the next Saban and the great JImmie Johnson is throwing his full support behind AG, i dont question that sh$t.

Only the dumbasses on this blog do...

This kid wasn't taking any chances with scholarships. U offering, I am taking.He suprised tha coaches on how fast he committed. But early comitts are flakey. Remenber Patrick Peterson, Bryce Brown, Collins and Bryant. They were the first to commit and dicommited with all kinds of drama.


" Jimmy Johnson has been out of coaching for more than a decade, and out of college football for nearly 25 years. But he knows enough about the University of Miami to know that he likes second-year coach Al Golden. “I told Al he’s doing it the right way,” Johnson said Tuesday at his College Football Hall of Fame press conference in New York. “He’s an outstanding recruiter. He’s very disciplined. I think he’s the perfect guy to get Miami back on track.”

But Gallo thinks AG sucks. Lemme see....Gallo vs JJ, i wonder who knows better...


Bueller? Bueller?

"cant wait for next year when UM plays Savannah state mid afternoon at 95-96 degrees...that should be fun..."

Are you actually going to be there "Jim Gallo?" I think not. Dude, you are one miserable POS. What is your point of posting on this blog? You thrive on negativism.

Seems Gallo's got a foot stuck in his mouth.

Or maybe its Calvin's nutsack


Some improvement from BC to Duke....

09/01/12 @ Boston College W 41-32 (1-0)
09/08/12 @ Kansas St. L 52-13 (1-1)
09/15/12 Bethune-Cookman W 38-10 (2-1)
09/22/12 @ Georgia Tech W 42-36 (3-1)
09/29/12 North Carolina St. W 44-37 (4-1)
10/06/12 Notre Dame L 41-3 (4-2)
10/13/12 North Carolina L 18-14 (4-3)
10/20/12 Florida St. L 33-20 (4-4)
11/01/12 Virginia Tech W 30-12 (5-4)
11/10/12 @ Virginia L 41-40 (5-5)
11/17/12 South Fla. W 40-9 (6-5)
11/24/12 @ Duke W 52-45 (7-5)


ok....what else is Jimmy gonna say...golden is bad for UM?...dont be an idiot, and the reason the defense got stronger is because the light went on in golden/dnofrios head that they better start playing the more seniro players....

DT - corey king (fr) was replaced by curtis porter (jr)
DT - olson pierre (soph) was replaced by luther robinson (jr)
Gionni paul (soph) stayed
OLB - eddie johnson (fr) was replaced by thurston armbruister
denzel perryman stayed the same (soph)
CB - tracy howard (fr) got replaced by ladarius gunter (soph)
S - deon bush got relaced by aj highsmith (jr)
brandon mcgee stayed (sr)

so the defense was not young at all....tcu had a much younger defense at the end of the year and they were ranked #16 in defense....

you dont even know whats happening with this team.....

West Coast you got it..

Let's face it..

Coach G is the CEO..

If he does not think that the prospect will work with his team, he has the right to YANK that sucker when he feels.
I think he knew that NUTCASE prima donna would pull a "now I don't want it because you did me wrong", so we went down the road, and he wnet down the road. Over and out...
Still he had to get his digs in when asked about the 'U'.

We don't beg to be 'Canes...we become family and look out for each other..
This guy is in the rearview mirror and I will bet dollars to donuts he will crash and burn and will not be heard from in the future....
You make it you lay in it.....

We as 'CANES do not beg.

CEO Al is setting an example..Play on my team with my rules and we will be great..I have suspended others although they might have won us games, but I will not compromise the values of my team to any one individual or player...we are all ACCOUNTABLE.
Kirkland, Gallows- Gallo was a NO COUNT..
Get it in your head..he will be a distant memory when the 'Canes start kicking A**
Go 'Canes

Yo Cane trash

Yo WestCoastAhole

U said Kirkland was a pre- Madonna
U called me out when I call U LOOSERS
And U come up with this?
What happened to Ur so many degrees and titles
Pre - Madonna?
So U saying sometime in the 1970s cause Madonna was big in the 80s U big dUmmy

Yo Golden Kool Aid drinking fool
So Ur d got better towards the end of last season
The 2 wrst teams in the ACC only put up 82 points and who knows how many yards against that # 117 d of Urs.

U chUmp call out Gallo and Calvin but it is U who is talking out of Ur arse.
U know nothing doUche
Pre - Madonna Moron

Yo Golden Retriever got a wall round Africa
He's rounding up a whole bunch of TEs and WRs
He's bringing in the QBs and RBs too
Can U say 117 dUmmy?

Bunch of pathetic LOOSER Pre - Madonnas!!!

and then lets take it a step further......whos team was it atht end of the seaon?....not goldens

qb - morris / shannon
lt - bunche / shannon
lg- feliciano / shannon
c- mcdermott / shannon
rg - linder / shannon
rt - henderson / shannon
te - walford / shannon
fb - hagans / shannon
rb - james / shannon
wr - dorsett / shannon
p - botts / shannon
fg - weiclaw / shannon

de - chickillo / shannon
dt - porter / shannon
dt - pierre / shannon
de - green / shannon
mlb - gaines / shannon
s - highsmith / shannon
cb - mcgee / shannon

so basically the whole team was shannon....so golden should thank shannon....

The defense was young, Gallo. It was also year 2 so you have to back off.

You can start to really evaluate this staff now.

You dummies, you still don't get it.


End of story.

The team either succeeds or fails on his shoulders. But he inherited a crap-coached team and loaded down by NCAA threats.

Show me what other coach will immediately win in his first 2 years with that baggage?

At the end of the day, if you aint a fan of Golden, then you just aint a fan of the Canes. Go root for Alabama, FSU, UF whoever...

No one player comes within 10% in importance to Golden.

I'm good with Golden.

And regardless how many times you tell us he sucks, you're just pissing in the wind Gallo/Calvin/Canetrash.

pissing in the wind, and drinking it too...


"so basically the whole team was shannon....so golden should thank shannon...."

So you're a Shannon homer who is still butthurt about his miserable time as Canes coach..... I get it now.

I have much love for Shannon as a Canes player and Champion. But he sucked as headcoach and i'm glad we moved on.

The only thing those Shannon players need to thank is they have a legit coach to head the team in Golden. And thank that Shannon has moved on.

Let the past go Gallo, you're stuck in it...

Hold on, did i read this right, did somebody just say
Gallo seems to forget that our D got stronger as the year went on.
Posted by: WestCoastCane | February 14, 2013 at 04:08 PM

ROFL, this place/blog is comical. We started the year giving up 32 points & 537 total yards to boston college and ended the year giving up 45 points & 583 total yards to duke, but somebody comes on here and says this, rofl. You can't make this stuff up!

@playthefreshman: What have QB's Dewey and Crow done? Nothing. They're freshman so they rode the bench behind Morris, the junior. What did Williams do? Nothing. Morris beat him out. What's your problem? Do you think true freshmen would beat out a junior? You must be new to college football. Why don't you go back to your sewing circle and leave football to us men folk.

Still the same misspelling, "LOOSER".
I think we all know you are the only loser here.
You're not even a good troll. Ask one of the other inmates for some new ideas or you and your Mangina can go back to the gator blog.

I am not upset about shannon....the fact are the facts....golden has done nothing this year...oh and lets not forget the other shannon hire..duke johnson

btw....he was not a golden recruit.....duke was officially recruited on 9/20/2010...golden wasnt even hired then...so stop saying duke was brought in by golden...another falsehood, lol

and final...when morris leaves UM is in trouble at QB.....olsen & williams are not good.....crow and dewey, who knows what they are capable of.....coley will bring in new offense this year....a new set of playbooks are difficult even for a guy like morris...

I am not confident that UM will fair that well....especailly with the same defense and dnofrio....

next year will be VERY interesting

Gallo if all you have to do is recruit someone to get credit for them then AG should get credit for Kirkland , Thomas , Collins and all the other 5 & 4 *s he recruited , man he's better than I thought MORON. Go Canes

Again everybody... good coaching will bring the U back to prominence. This class ranking thing is a joke to me because certain kids get overlooked because of lack of exposure. Look at what FSU and UF have accomplished with there top 5 classes over the last 3 years? Look what the 2008 U class brought us. NOTHING! IT COMES DOWN TO COACHING. I was impressed with what AG did with the 2-3 star kids he recruited at Temple. If he translates that same type of coaching here at the U with the plethora of 4-5 star talent we have here in Central and South Florida, we are well on our way to rebuilding a solid program for years to come. We need back to back 10-11 win seasons to say that we are back to our winning ways... We wont be sniffing a national title run for 3 years; I'm fine with that time table! It's going to be about good COACHING!

unless he's better than kevin olsen, he's not gonna play at UM, kevin olsen is gonna redshirt

UM now has 5 QB's....wtf would go after that? stupid recruit....but then again nothing this teams deos makes any sense....

Gallo this is not the nfl when you can have nearly a hundred players you can afford to carry 5 quarterbacks if thats the way the recruiting dictates , you dont turn away someone because you already have that position , it means you have more competition and more opportunities to get the best player on the feild that you can.

good get

Coley will bring in his type of player(s) to run his system. I really would hate to see the spread system come to the U with our QB-PP tradition; but times change!

pro-spread....well see....but who is developing these QB's? Olsen is a disaster, his stats in high school are weak and he was more than awful at under armour...no way this guy can carry UM.....ryan williams has seen zero action.......and grey crow / preston dewey, are they still even on the team?. lol

what a mess.....everything


You remind me of that movie Rain Man, the autistic guy played by Dustin Hoffman....

"It's all a mess, mess, mess. It's bad, its bad, its bad. Golden bad, Golden bad, golden bad. I'm not happy, i'm not happy, i'm not happy...."


This kid is a star. I saw him play last year and he's the real deal.

Dont know what everyone likes about this QB. All his long throws are underthrown and would be picked in college ball. Just because he can run doesnt make him good. Looks just like jacory with faster legs. Jacory didnt win big games, and averaged almost 4 picks a game against good defenses. I will get excited when they recruit a QB.

How hilarious that the trolls here are now boxed into this little corner. Just read the MH article on Crisotbal interview and the comments section requiring FB to post has instantly improved the quality of discourse! LOLOLOL! Heya trolls, you can stay here in your little box, but there is more internets out there for you - try 4chan - you get to stay hidden - which I don't have a problem with inherently, I just find the situation as applied SO DELICIOUS....

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