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Canes should find out about DT Brooks Tuesday around lunchtime

The next recruiting sweepstakes involving the Canes will take place around 1 p.m. Tuesday when Navarro (Corsicana, Tex.) junior college defensive tackle Terrell Brooks (6-4, 300) chooses between Kansas State, Baylor and Miami.

“I have a pretty good idea, but I want to get a few things cleared up before that happens,” Brooks told ESPN. “I’ve pretty much come down to the nitty-gritty, and me and my family have been talking about everything. [Tuesday] morning, I’m making my decision where I’ll be signing.”

Brooks was named all NJCAA honorable mention after racking up 46 tackles and 11 tackles for loss. He helped Navarro win the school's third consecutive Southwest Junior College Football Conference championship and finish the 2012 season ranked No. 4 in the final NJCAA poll.

A source said last Thursday Brooks was the player UM had received a silent commitment from, prompting the Hurricanes to temporarily yank a scholarship offer away from Miami Booker T. Washington All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland. UM has since put offer back on the table after meeting with Kirkland and his family over the weekend.

Brooks signed with North Texas coming out of high school in 2011.

The Hurricanes remain in pursuit of two highly-touted defensive tackles out of Palm Beach: Keith Bryant and Jaynard Bostwick. Florida State and Florida are said to be leading for their services, respectively.


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I hope we clean up the State of Miami. Plus, I heard that the NCAA and Miami came to an agreement that time is served. Any news Manny?

Hey Manny,

Just to be clear, did Miami temporarily yank a scholarship offer away from Denver Kirkland? I wasn't sure ... I read it a few times, but then I read an article about the UM women's basketball team and there wasn't any mention of it, so I got confused ... whenever you get a chance, can you just post an article, blog, and podcast to clarify. Thanks!

Collins will have the worst O-Line in the SEC in front of him. Shannon will bring his vanilla Defense to ARK. Sounds like Collins will have a great career in Walmart

F*ck Collins!

Collins- Made ahuge mistake going to that pig dump. I can see if he had signes with Bama or even LSU, but Arkansas?

Boy, I'd like to know what they are promisingthis kid.

When was the late great NFL runningback out of Arkansas? LOL.Even Miami's scrubs getto the pros:

Damien Berry- Has a super bowl ring
Greg Coop- if it wasnt for his knee injury...
JAvarris JAmes
Jare Payton

And then there is Edge, Portis, Mgahee, Davenport, Gore...

That kid is going to get lost in the pig muck

Respect the kids decision! Its his life. I must admit it was Belima I wanted the Canes to target as Head Coach here. The offensive line play and running game have been great under him. Don't have to be an expert to know they will establish the run game now at Arkansas. Stop hating these young people when they elect to go else where. This is gonna happen until we win more and get the NCAA off our backs.

kirkland - arkansas
collins - arkansas
coley - fsu
thomas - fsu
bryant - fsu
bostwick - florida
grace - louisville
brooks - UM / rumor is probaby true otherwise kansas state

NSD is gonna be a bad day for UM....we realy need these type of potential impact players...

a new system, dnofrio and tremendous bad press....UM is in real bind here....

@ Tampa Cane: couldn't have said it better myself.

"The former University of Miami and Cleveland Browns coach said he tried to build a reputation of "someone that people can believe in, somebody that people can trust." He pointed to his success rebuilding a Hurricanes program racked by NCAA sanctions into a power that won the 2001 national championship the year after he joined the Browns"

this community of kids trust butch davis and loved him.....he is begging for another chance at ncaa football....we as committted canes owe him the opportunity and the way to reintroduce him is right thru miami....he will bring back a championship....he is a proven winner without question...

send these jersey boy back...be bold...turn the press around....stake a claim UM is REALLY back.

seriously someone call larry coker for the AD position....nobody was as loyal to UM as him...

butch - coley - mario - barrow - art

I love the sound of that....man that would be something and believe me butch will hire a proven DC.

Good luck to you Alex, ignore the morons here, while I'm sad you didn't pick UM I wish you the best in Arkansas.

Remember be a good man as well as a good player.

Good luck Alex!

Coach go get the players who BLEED ORANGE AND GREEN!!!!!!!!

Canes will be back in the ACC title hunt in 2013! Gallo will be PISSED, lol

Great job B Ball team top 10, unreal!!!!!

Best of luck AC!

Alex lets just hope u break every bone in ur body.I hope u and ur hs coach get sick from eating a bad pig,,,,,,,traitor

Georgia Cane: What does RS' defense has to do with A Collins signing with AK? What an idiotic comment; unless coming from a child. RS has nothing to do with what we (the "U") are doing in recruiting or failing to accomplish; let RS go on with his life / career. He is a true Cane (former player, coach, and graduate), which obviouisly you are not.


You realize the kids we recruit were 6 years old when he coached at um, right? I'm not sure they have much live for Butch. Trust? You remember he left here like a theif in the night. I don't blame him for leaving, but enough with Butch.

Good for Collins, he picked where he wanted to go. Don't slam the kid because he didnt come here.

These are 17yr old kids trying to decide whats best for them ! have some class & respect their choice of what they thinks best for them !

why nows the time to talk butch...he is availible right now....he gave UM 6 yrs 33-9 conference and 4 bowl wins with 51-20....I couldnt think of anyone better to take over...synergy with coley/mario/barrow/art.....it is all there

when a coach from wisconsin out in arkansas can take a UM local like collins.....things are not good...it is time to empty the golden koolaid down the drain

this aint working....and it wont either going forward

I am a huge UM fan and I am a little dispointed he did not pick The U. However, it was his choice to make and he chose Ark. Why can't you people show some respect to a young athlete who is able to decide what he wants to do. I am ashamed at some of the disgusting comments about a guy who did not pick the school and team WE love.

If your negative comments are a testiment to who you are as persons...... you are sad individuals.

Alex,thanks for at least considering The U, and the real U fans wish you a healthy and propesrous career.



ray lewis - super bowl 2013
kc jones
kenard lang
edgerrin james
kenny holmes
santana moss
al blades
andre king
reggie wayne
dan morgan
bubba franks
ed reed - super bowl 2013
sean taylor
clinton portis
ken dorsey
vernon cary
jeromy shockey
jonathan vilma
frank gore - super bowl 2013
willis mcgahee

"Mr/Mrs Collins....how do you both feel about that? BTW...his scholarship is iron clad"

problem solved

Alex Collins made the best decision for him, No love lost. Enjoy your time in college because is flies. Miami will land some solid players..Rome wasn't build overnight.

well the problem is not with his decision- its the showmanship and the circus- but we all have the God given right to express our opinions. Kid flat out screwed up.

Academically? Ark vs UM. No comparison.
Historically, tradition? No comparison.
NFL pipeline? No comparison.
Current players in the NFL? No comparison.
On the upswing or downswing? Look at the 2012 records

Kid flat out punked out. He was afraid of working hard to be better and earn 1-2 yrs as the starting star rb at the U.

I just gotta laugh, the orange tie is Al Golden from the U of Miami, man I just am havin' a laughing spell over the tie and all the colors the U of Miami, laugh, laugh
The new Florida Business Sign, take a look at it.

Yes, getting beat up in the SEC as a running back is "punking out"....he probably should have gone to the ACC and wear a dress while he was here.

jim gallo is so silly...get off the blog already...manny is that you?

No since to comment until tomorrow when we clean up...gallo suck it bro..

The only way to have better recruiting years is to start to win 10 and more games and it will begin in 2013. We can't no longer rely on the past....and the reputation...Just win and it will be great.
Posted by: canesrule 21 'ships (aka Montreal-Cane) | February 04, 2013 at 11:32 PM

Can't no longer rely on the past???? That's ALL []_[] do fool. NCAA hammer just around the corner, lol at "just win". Ahhhh... The good ole days of being relevant.

Alex Collins made the right choice. He wants attention and can show his skills in front of 60k every weekend in the SEC on CBS/ESPN. Don't bash the kid.

Good luck Alex!

I luv de KAK.

Alex collins woulda been 5th on depth chart since he was not an early enrollee.1 Duke. 2 Clements. 3. Crawford. 4. Dillard. AND They are all playing spring ball. Collins 5th on depth chart in August.

U had a new coach from Wisconsin who told him """U can prob start right away""

Cane Basheres, we have a soph RB thats the 12-1 Hesiman Favorite, AND WE DIDNT LOSE A COMMITT....he was uncommitted....and didnt want to have to work. Thats a fact, or he woulda picked the U....Clements was an ESPN 150 player and 4 star on Many sites, so dont let thse ranks fool ya. He can be a bust or breakout. its 50-50

Whether golden gets all 6-7 pending studs, or we get 1-2, considering its a small class, I am sure he has a backup plan. I am sure hes not going into this blind.

In related news, Louisville, with 6 total four and five stars the past 8 years, just scored another touchdown on the Gator trash train that is loaded with alleged 4 and 5 stars.

Just sayin'.

dillard will be a big surprise.


Good luck to Alex and let's remember that this article is about Terrell Brooks. A DT which is a position of need. Let's talk a little about him and stop worrying about Alex Collins. Let Calvin and Jim "chicken little" Gallo worry about Alex and the players that don't want to be Canes.

How does BTW high school allow someone with this criminal record to work as head of football operations and be around kids?!?!?!

11-18-1997: Trespass After Warning (1MM), FSU Police Department
10-09-2001: Discharging Firearm in Public (1MM)/ Improper Exhibition of Firearm (1MM) , Leon County Sheriff's Office
11-02-2002: Resisting Officer Without Violence (1MM) , Tallahassee POlice Department
04-20-2004: Violation of Probation on Worthless Check (1MM) , Leon County Sheriff's Office
04-22-2006: Domestic Battery (1MM) , Pembroke Pines PD
11-09-2007: Felony Battery (3F) , Pembroke PInes PD
02-15-2008: Violation of Probation on Disorderly Conduct (2MM) , Leon County Sheriff's Office
06-13-2010: Felony Battery (3F) , Trespass After Warning (1MM) , Hallendale PD

I like to choke a manly man's chicken a little more than a little.


WEll it would be nice to get bostwick and Brooks. This Bryant kid got kicked off his FAU weekend visit or effin around, and he seems to be 1 of those ""hat guys"" that golden doesnt want.... Maybe its an act and he is a good kid.........But Brooks, come to Coral Gables and play some ball,

Alex good luck and the 'Canes will move on.

Gallo nothwithstanding has "NO pig in this fight since he is already in the mud" but continues to wallow in the mud trying to prove his case againt the 'U' because of your decision...so read about the 'Canes back home, and watch Duke, as he goes after new territory and Cane history.

Work should be a challenge, and working with Duke could have made a legacy that you would be proud to be part of...however it was not meant to happen.

Good luck to you, and our Class will work out just fine..As Coach G says "have a plan and execute" so we will move on and attain our quest for the BCS crown.
Go 'Canes

duke johnson in four games versus good defenses nd ksu nc fsu.. guess what he had a. total of 100 yards 0 tds in those four games why cuz he sucks versus good defenses.

he was 18 yrs old. Oh, and how does it feel that UF has never had an undefeated season, EVER, even in their title years with teabags....NEVER. in the histroy of Florida Football. GO look it up.

You cant count on1 hand how many undefeated seasons miami has had

Driskel vs. UL LAF? 98 yards.

Gilly vs. UL LAF? 45 yards.

Why? cuz they suck. But not as bad as that swiss cheese O-Line.

Withouth ol' Jordan "drop it" Reed, the gatr Trash will get pounded. Again.

Look! Teddy B. from the 3rd ranked Big Ease offense just tossed another TD against the SleazEC's supposed best defense.



duke johnson in four games versus good defenses nd ksu nc fsu.. guess what he had a. total of 100 yards 0 tds in those four games why cuz he sucks versus good defenses.

Posted by: 305Gators | February 05, 2013 at 11:16 AM

That's what Big East power Louisville is saying about all of Floriduh's #1 recruiting classes!

Go 'canes!!

UF's backup QB left them high and dry, and although no mention, muscrat pulled the scholly on top LB Quinton Powell just 2 days ago as he lost him, 1 of their top targets......Gators have no deth at qb now behind driscoll who has underperformed.........

Why if you R A GATOR FAN DO U COME ON HERE??? whats the point. 1 person does not make Miamis class, If thomas chooses to go to FSU where they have 4 LB Committs already and alot of depth, so be it. If he chooses alabama where they are loaded at LB and committs, so be it. Or he can stay home, and be part of the U family. BUt, we dont get him, then so be it.
The 12 committs golen has are all hand picked for our needs, and all ranked high between the 3 sites

305Gator, Gallo, etc.

UM does not require one recruit this offseason to embarrass UF in 2013. That's a fact!

What was the score again deep into the 4th quarter when UF's greatest team of all time played UM's worst team of all time at the Swamp?? Oh that's right 10-6!! World beaters you are! I can still see Freshman Sean Spence throwing Tebow around in the backfield like a frickin' rag doll!


Go 'canes!!

Basically it proves the rankings mean squat. as cane fans, our best years was when our teams ranked low, and our worst years were when we had high recruit classes. Look at Texas, yeah they had that 2005 run and 1 other title game but they have top 5 classes almost every year and there horrible lately.

Its finding the right player FOR YOU. Some coaches just go off these sites. Scout Ranks collins #1 rb in nation, other sites dont have him in the top 5, ITS NOT EXACT..........But Golden knows what we need

Gallo's suggestion to fire Al Golden and Hire Butch Davis does not border on insanity...it is flatout insane.

Butch Davis is a great coach and a Cane, but he is fresh off an epic fiasco in North Carolina that should have brought down their entire athletic department. He is currently radioactive and that brain dead AD at FIU tried to hire him, but the FIU board stepped in and put a stop to that. And no other school will touch Butch at this time due to the North Carolina story even though there is no proof he actively participated in wrong-doing the NCAA has him on their radar...big time!

With the above in mind...imagine the outcry if Miami hired Butch based on the current NCAA investigation. The press would go crazy and the NCAA would be given the green light and encouraged to hammer Miami, possibly with the death penalty.

I love Butch, but the thought of hiring him as our coach at this time (not even talking about the insanity of firing Al Golden)is past stupid and would be a form of self-destruction unlike any I have ever witnessed.

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