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Collins picks Arkansas over Canes

He's Arkansas bound.

Collins makes his choice on FoxSports South South Plantation five-star recruit Alex Collins, rated the No. 1 running back in the country according to 247Sports.com, broke the hearts of Hurricanes fans late Monday night when made his college choice known on FoxSports South's New College Football Show in Atlanta.

"I like the fact they run the ball," Collins said when asked why he picked Arkansas. "I personally know the coaches. I've been recruited by them for two years now. So I think I can trust them. I feel like they can lead me to where I want to be on the next level, academically and athletically. I feel like if I have a problem in school they'll provide that extra help to lift me."

Collins (5-11, 204) had been a key recruit for UM. The Hurricanes need to add a running back who can come in and provide depth as a true freshman behind ACC Freshman of the Year Duke Johnson.

Instead, Collins opted for Fayetteville and the Hogs, who addressed a huge need with just three scholarship running backs on the roster.

Arkansas became a contender for Collins when the Razorbacks hired Bret Bielema from Wisconsin in early December. Assistant coach Charlie Partridge, who was the lead recruiter for Collins at Wisconsin, followed Bielema to Arkansas and assumed those same responsibilities. Collins took his official visit to Arkansas on January 25th. Bielema hired former UM coach Randy Shannon to his staff.

Collins ran for 1,275 yards and 14 touchdowns on 155 carries as a senior and helped lead his team to a district title. As a junior he led Broward County in rushing with 1,640 yards and 24 touchdowns on 221 carries.

UM was the first school to offer Collins and he committed to the Canes back in Jan. 2012. He de-committed from Miami in November, but never ruled the Canes out. He took his official visit to UM on January 18th and raved about his experience rushing the court in the Canes win over Duke. But apparently it wasn't enough.

The Hurricanes remain in the running for Tottenville Staten Island, N.Y.'s Gus Edwards, considered the No. 1 fullback in the country by Rivals.com. Edwards (6-0, 215) visited UM this past weekend and is said to be down to the Seminoles and Hurricanes.


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What a shame would have been great at UM, now he will just be another irrelevant N-word at Arkansas with a low chance at making it to the pros.

love the canes...hate the jersey boys is all....I support the kids 120%...but facts/stats tell the truth

kirkland - arkansas
collins - arkansas
coley - fsu
thomas - fsu
bryant - fsu
bostwick - florida
grace - louisville

NSD is gonna be a bad day for UM....its unfortunate and sad

Broke our Hearts??? That's dramatic, the kid is a freshman, He may be great but chances are better that he's just another guy. A guy who DIDN'T FEEL LIKE BACKING UP DUKE JOHNSON. He's running from competition to play where there is a shortage of RB's. Collins would rather be BMOC over in ARkansas rather than another highly touted RB at the U. I'll take Gus Edwards any day, he wants to be a CANE.

How's that RB depths looking Domasse ?

Now get back out to the henhouse and start counting the rest of those infertile recruit eggs again U delUsional ClUck.

Could of put up some big numbers at the u collins with our o line good luck getting pounded by the defenses of the sec with the pigs o line.

Real letdown. I'm tired of watching Miami stand by and let the NCAA continue to screw us. Collins had mentions himself in several interviews that sanctions were an issue with his commitment to Miami. Time to take it to the NCAA and end this extended recruiting deficit that Miami is constantly under. Tonight has made me mad, but I appreciate guys like Duke and Tracy even more, if that's even possible. Good luck Alexander Collins. By the way Budda, who is the last Wisconson player under Beliema or Arkansas player that made it in the league? Yeah, didn't think so. Enjoy running for your life against LSU, Alabama, Aggies and crew for the next few years. Dumb career move.

I'm not heartbroken

Hey let's be classy here. It ain't a relationship, it was a competition that we lost on this time.

Relax, put out positive vibes and you get it back.

I hope these next few days really angers the current players and staff heading into next season. If we win, and can finally put the NCAA garbage behind us, we can be what we were again and really stick it to the doubters. I love Golden, but tonight has shaken my confidence for this class. I hope Coach Golden can get Thomas and a few others and salvage this class.

Dmac? Felix? Peyton Hillis? They all played at Arkansas and did okay for themselves.

Hmmmmmm.well......we DID sign Cristobal and Coach Coley.Aaaaah....but they re eleigibility has expired.Oh....Warren Sapp may come to the U..........man....he s out of eligibility too.Does he have any little brothers or kin??????Just hate to see our same DC with no new DT s of substance coming in.Cane Defensive line needs some big beef and strength and power.Can Golden get it in 2014 because he hasn t got it it seems coming in this upcoming season.....GAIN.(or get rid of/demote his buddy).

Now he has to run up against Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn defenses,,,just dont get it,,Arkansas even with his commitment is dead last in the sec..

I would have enjoyed having Collins but I think Edwards fits what we are looking for better. I think we need a thunder to go with our lightning. Ihope this is not a sign of things to come. Go Canes


February 04, 2013 at 10:41 PM

Like what ? Taping up posters all over Campus with...

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" WANTED """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Running Backs, D-Tackles and Linebackers Recruits...

Need Help Immediately dUe to woefUl lack of DEPTHS...

Apply Within to Corch Al B. Gone Soon Golden.


Tell us all again how it's going to go on Wednesday since Ur off to such a wonderfUl start today NostraDomasse.

DomCaneTilUrDEAD, Ur problem is that U THINK waaay too much... U never KNOW.

U think ?

Good luck to Alex, from what I have read he seems to be a good kid and I hope he finds great success.

Being personally familiar with Arkansas and the surrounding areas Alex is in for a culture shock (some good--some bad), but it appears he has a good support team in the Arkansas coaching staff.

Keep the faith and be patient Canes fans...once this NCAA mess is behind us championships will follow.

Not the least bit heartbroken. U don't worry about what U don't have. U focus on what U got.

Was never really impressed by this kid and the ATL angle was a dead giveaway. If you're staying home you announce at home to celebrate with friends and family. Glad he did this today instead of Wednesday. Let's focus on what we have and keep it moving.

People talk about Al being an outsider, but so was Jimmy when he came and that worked out okay.

Bad career move for Alex. Promised everything. guarantee nothing. Denver don't make same mistake. It's a 4 year decision

not the end of the world, the young man wants to see some other part of the us, life goes on....go canes

I hate, I mean hate when a Dade county, and Broward county kid leave Miami to help out another school. The same school that would hate them and call the thugs and criminals if they go to there hometown school.

Dude, How many times U gonna bash???? / Duke is a sophomore and he just got voted 12-1 heisman favorite, and we have 12 blue chip recruits all highly ranked on different sites. even the 2 nigerian guys are ranked, and we have added 2 of the best so fla def backs, a top 3 defensive end in the US, and top 4 qb in the US.

Would of been great to have Collins but the way I see it if we cant stop the run, who cares. If Golden doesnt recruit guys upfront like Sapp, Wilfork, Tez,etc etc, It wont matter if we have EJ, McGahee, Portis and Gore on the team.

Sad to see a local star sell out, but now this opens up room for another guy.

GO Canes!

Just like Tracy Howard said why not win at home. Rep the 305

If DMC, F. Jones, and Hillis is your standard at Arkansas, you have no standards.

I don't get what these kids are being fed. A top notch education. THE pipeline to the pros. Great environment to enjoy the college experience. And they trade it for what? PIG SOO EE? Yeah, good luck with that.

Bryant seems like another collins, FAU sent him home for skrewin around on his visit this weekend. Id rather pass on him too. He has bust written all over him. plus he decommitted like collins. Hope Coach Golden feels the same way.. Go for the JUCO guy in Texas

Jim Gallo, you really are a miserable person.

All this does is give us a better shot at Sony next year.Don't think he would have given much consideration to 3rd string as freshman.Honestly we don't need much help at RB.Im thinking we'll get Edwards which may be more condusive to what we're going to do.Go Canes

I am in Dr....I got caught up a bit in the hype...He would have been 5th string going into summer, and arkansas prob told him he would start..... he forgot about facing bama,UF,UGA Guys, we all have agreed, IF U DONT WANT COMPETITION DONT COME TO THE U...........

kid wants to be feature back with duke around he made right choice

Now he has to run up against Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn defenses,,,just dont get it,,Arkansas even with his commitment is dead last in the sec..

Posted by: al | February 04, 2013 at 11:04 PM

Listen to Urself and that Cane mentality. Funny how U conveniently left out the # 1 rank Defense in the SEC... The Mighty FLORIDA GATORS.

What do U know about 'efense anyways in the Pinball ACC ? But Ur right about one thing. ALL SEC Defenses bring it each and every week. Collins wants to be the best and play against the best. That's exactly why he spUrned U and the Athletically Challenged Conference. Plain and simple.

I can only imagine how Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and the other greats that came before feel about what is happening at The U. Irvin use to talk about the weight of carrying the excellence that came before him. Now, we have these local kids that just don't get how great they could be if they just play together. I LOVE Tracy and Duke. They're what REAL Canes are supposed to be about. Like someone posted above, these same kids are typical Miami trash if they don't commit elsewhere. At least The U is doing it right now, on the field and in the classroom. We are THE pipeline to the pros. I guess these local "elites" aren't bright enough to understand that however. GO CANES.

This will be our 3rd recruiting cycle with the cloud of the NCAA investigation being purposely held over our heads, which is a brutal punishment and makes the type of recruiting we are accustomed to very difficult, if not impossible.

Once we have clarity on the Shapiro matter the schools we are competing against will no longer be able to strike fear in the hearts of our recruits as what 'MAY' happen.

Brighter days are on the horizon!

It's dissapointing because this kid is a real talent that would be a great compliment to Duke with his power running style. But the heart he really broke is his mama's. She could have seen him play at every home game through out his college yrs. But I think the NCAA alows SEC schools to pay for the parent's air fair Sept- Nov.

Good luck to you and your family. As a 'Canes fan, I am disappointed, but this is a decision that you had to make for YOURSELF and YOUR future. I hope that you do well (as long as it is not against the 'Canes somewhere down the line). Get your degree and stay healthy.

It will be extremely hard to find, but not all UM fans are sour graped 5 year olds who will now degrade you and your decision since you will not be coming to Coral Gables. YOU have to do what you think is best for YOU. All the best.

What kills me is these Arkansas fans talking like they hit the lotto budda gone be thier for 4 years guess what y'all still not going to win a SEC championship or a NC.he just messed his life up the CANES got 20 starters coming back our record is going to be better then Arkansas. I just hate to see these coachs lie to these kids about sanction.no one player is not going to make us or break us%CANES for life

By the way, you will read lots of "he is scared of competition", "he wasn't good anyways", "he's such a loser". Those statements= SOUR GRAPES, pay them no mind. If you were coming to UM, you would of course be the 2nd coming, so don't pay attention. Again, there are a few (just a few) 'Canes fans who know that this was a gut wrenching decision for you, but that it is your life, not the fans, and you have to do what you feel is best.

Folks, plain and simple, Collins choosing Arkansas over UM...Bret Bielema.
Does no one remember the beat down the Badgers put on us 3 years ago.
Wisconsin had a Heisman runner up at RB this year, Monta Ball.
Collins did what;'s best for Collins. The Canes threw it 65% of the time, or there-abouts. If Dukes only getting 14 carries a game, Collins had to figure he'd be lucky to get 109-12, if the Canes ran it 30 times a game.
Collins will get a minimum of 20 carries, maybe more. Ball got over 30 several games. Bielema cares not about wearing out his backs. Evidence is clear, as Hillis is already shot, a fumbling machine traded twice already.

Whoops, I meant Collins might get 10-12 carries a game.

What I want to know is who the hell is heartbroken? The kid made a decision and now has to stick by it. Good luck to Alex. Yes, He is a good player, but its not the end of the world loss that these moronic reporters are dramatizing. It's next year that we will have a big haul with recruiting because we will be coming off a huge season. What I want to know is why has Manny, Susan, and the idiots at the Miami Herald putting that pig faced idiot Beliema up here saying that stupid saying? Are U a Miami reporter or another team Arse kisser. And nobody wants to see ya'lls by ot ch arses kissing the Canes arse next year at this time when we are racking up.

I'm over the passive approach with the NCAA too. This has gotten beyond rediculous. A friend of mine who has ties to the UT staff said when the NCAA annonced the "mistake" in the evidence collection that this was their way of having it linger over Miami for another class. He said "I guarentee you Emmertt and the NCAA won't have ANYTHING in that timeframe that was given a few weeks back, primarily as a way to stick it to The U again". I wasn't sure then, but now I get it. It's time that we get that resolved and I mean RIGHT NOW! I'm pulling for you Coach Golden. Let get this thing right.

Heck, JJ won a ring playing at Arkansas almost 50 years ago and he even claims the U as his team. No real tradition, poor academics, but hey, he loves that coach. Who, by the way, just walked out on all the kids he loved and recruited to Wiskey. Hope he does okay there, but he just made the biggest mistake of his young life.

Let's not have any excuses..

We have always taken less than 4 aqnd 5 stars and made things happen. E.g. Ed Reed, Ed James. etc.

If you are determined to be a 'Cane no sanctions will prevent you from joining our Family.

I am confident we will have added players who WANT to be 'Canes.
Good luck in Ark. Alex, and when you come visit, or read about our 'Canes, I hope you wish us the success that will be emanating nationwide with the wins that will be occuring from S Florida and the Gables. The 'U' will be marching back.
We have a plan and you are not a part of it.
Good luck to you.
Go 'Canes

Maybe he is not the smartest cat and was afraid of the academics? Guess he will love his time in redneck ville. Miami will play for ACC titles and he will be playing or bowl appearances at the Alamo Bowl.

I believe more important now is to strengthen our D-Line, secondary, and more talent and depth at TE and receiver. The ACC has a become a passing league, and Collins went where running is the thing, the SEC.

golden and dnofrio have to go....plain and simple....nothing will get better while they are here....we must start fresh...embrace 305 mentality...nobody gets throw off the team...mario/coley/barrow are all 305 guys.....

please call butch..NOW, dont even interview him....blindly hire him...have him start next Monday...

Agree with Cane4Life.

Uh, Gallo that "culture" you're talking about bringing back is what has led to the NCAA garbage we're facing now. My ONLY complaint with Golden thus far is that joke of a DC he calls a friend. It would've been easy for Golden to leave when everything started to hit the fan, but he stayed and has been a steading force. I appreciate Golden and look forward to a strong, top 5 program again AFTER WE STOP THE PASSIVE ATTITUDES WITH THE NCAA!

Honestly if we don't get another recruit I feel we are fine . We will already be better than last year with more experience as well as a couple of the players we are getting will add another dimension to our team. I think the tight end Sandland will improve our TE position and I think we added some pass rushers . I wish we would have gotten a DT or two but Pierre is going to be better and Portis will be healthy .Go Canes

I know Collins is only one guy, but getting him coulda started a landslide come Wed. I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this class. We have just 2 S. FLA kids committed and I hope we get a few of the 8 remaining that will declare on Wed. My question, and why I'm worried is why don't we have a few of these kids already committed and wrapped up? We're Miami and these local kids are the key to our success. Always have been. Is there a disconnect with Golden and the staff being viewed as outsiders? Heck, we have as many New Jersey kids committed as Dade n Broward kids. That simply ridiculous and unaccptable. It's a trend that will not bode well if it continues on signing day and into next years recruiting cycle. We must finish with 2-3 of these can't miss kids or it will hurt our overall depth talent the next few years.

Bring it home GOLDEN n Co. ! Defensive Tackles PLEASE !


One other thing, I love how kids like Collins have pics and video of themselves throwing up The U and then feels like they're better off somewhere else. I'm usually all about showing class and grace, but this year's recruits are the biggest bunch of look at me guys I've seen. Aside from Edwards and Thomas, I don't know if I'd even want a KB, Coley, DK, or Bostick. I say bring on the kids that were willing to commit now and WANT TO BE CANES! Grace, if you're buying what UL and especially Hurtt is selling, good luck.

Lets not 4get Golden Just turned away UF qb Jacoy Briscoe because he didnt like competition at UF and wanted to come back to Miami, his 2nd choice.


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