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Collins picks Arkansas over Canes

He's Arkansas bound.

Collins makes his choice on FoxSports South South Plantation five-star recruit Alex Collins, rated the No. 1 running back in the country according to 247Sports.com, broke the hearts of Hurricanes fans late Monday night when made his college choice known on FoxSports South's New College Football Show in Atlanta.

"I like the fact they run the ball," Collins said when asked why he picked Arkansas. "I personally know the coaches. I've been recruited by them for two years now. So I think I can trust them. I feel like they can lead me to where I want to be on the next level, academically and athletically. I feel like if I have a problem in school they'll provide that extra help to lift me."

Collins (5-11, 204) had been a key recruit for UM. The Hurricanes need to add a running back who can come in and provide depth as a true freshman behind ACC Freshman of the Year Duke Johnson.

Instead, Collins opted for Fayetteville and the Hogs, who addressed a huge need with just three scholarship running backs on the roster.

Arkansas became a contender for Collins when the Razorbacks hired Bret Bielema from Wisconsin in early December. Assistant coach Charlie Partridge, who was the lead recruiter for Collins at Wisconsin, followed Bielema to Arkansas and assumed those same responsibilities. Collins took his official visit to Arkansas on January 25th. Bielema hired former UM coach Randy Shannon to his staff.

Collins ran for 1,275 yards and 14 touchdowns on 155 carries as a senior and helped lead his team to a district title. As a junior he led Broward County in rushing with 1,640 yards and 24 touchdowns on 221 carries.

UM was the first school to offer Collins and he committed to the Canes back in Jan. 2012. He de-committed from Miami in November, but never ruled the Canes out. He took his official visit to UM on January 18th and raved about his experience rushing the court in the Canes win over Duke. But apparently it wasn't enough.

The Hurricanes remain in the running for Tottenville Staten Island, N.Y.'s Gus Edwards, considered the No. 1 fullback in the country by Rivals.com. Edwards (6-0, 215) visited UM this past weekend and is said to be down to the Seminoles and Hurricanes.


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yup, forgot about Sandland. Lets hope he's as good as our LAST TE transfer from JUCO, one of 5 UM TE's to make NFL 1st team TE.

He did not want to be a Cane ..move on!

Time to hit the sack. I was feeling a lot better about this class a few hours ago than what I'm closing my eyes with tonight. Hope I'm wrong. Thomas is a MUST get now.

I don't think there is a disconnect at all I just think there are not a lot of Dukes or Tracy Howards out there anymore . No loyalty to your community , all these kids don't see the big picture , It's all about what school is on top right now instead of wanting to bring the school I grew up loving back to where it should be . If Saban was not getting the recruits he would not be winning either.Go Canes

Move on? Didn't want to be a Cane? Funny the kid has no problem with keeping a UM Alex Collins pic on the frontpage of his Twitter account. Like I said, no loyalty. Don't rush the court, throw up The U, and take pictures of yourself in a Canes jersey on the visit if you're going somewhere else. These recruits are full of themselves and I can't wait until REAL Canes show them what's up on the field this year and beyond.

Happy for Randy Shannon. Hope that Alex develops into a great running back at the next level.

However those Pigs are not better than the U and their potential, skills, and education do not match up.

Must being running away from something.

Would someone please take Bielema's Pig Sooie face off of this Canes page? Thank you!

Hey Dom,

How many of the Rivals "experts" out of 8 picked Collins to duh u again? Any updates on the others ? I could use another laugh.

I hope the first handoff alex the traitor takes he cracks his knee cap in 8,and never sees the field again...o and let his piece of crap coach who steered him away from um to get hit by a truck,,,,garbage

Happy for Randy Shannon? That clown is the reason Golden is having a hard time in the area. Shannon burnt so many local HS coaches that Miami was already behind the 8 ball day one of his coaching tenure. Love Coach Golden, a real coach. GO CANES!

As regards S Fla kids v "New Jersey", etc..
Anyone who has been a Cane fan (alum) as long as I would KNOW that the GREAT Hurricane teams of the 80's, 90's and early 2000's had a copious # of out of stae players, ESPECIALLY on the O-line, at QB, and D-Line.
Anyone here that says that midwest and northern kids can't stack up to ours up front didn't see us against Wisconsin, ND, BC, etc. We were pushed around.
So don't judge what state a player's from, judge where is HEART is. If it's for UM, THAT should be all that matters.
I'd have loved Alex to become part of the UM family, the greatest in College football.

He made a tough decision, and it didn't go our way. I wish him well.

Posted by: Sean | February 04, 2013 at 11:58 PM
Sean, sorry but that is infantile.
We all hurt a bit now, but there is no call for that sort of thing.

Time to hit the sack. I was feeling a lot better about this class a few hours ago than what I'm closing my eyes with tonight. Hope I'm wrong.

Posted by: UM Canes 02 | February 04, 2013 at 11:49 PM

There has never been a Cane fan that's been so right about something... Great advice Cane Fans, get some sleep, but rest assured, Ur living nightmare that is Ur 2013 Recruiting Class, will continue tomorrow right through Wednesday...

ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh ... U go sleeeepy now.

Please remove the Bielema pix and link.
That is uncalled for.

Florida Gators- # 1 Class and More 4-5 *'s Coming ...

Commits --- ESPN 150 --- ESPN 300 --- 5-* --- 4-* ---3-*

26 -----------------11 ------------15 ----------2 -----19 -----4

Then there's U ...

Miami Hurricanes- Unranked and more 4-5 *'s saying no thanks and MORE NON-Elite 2 and barely 3 * reaches coming ...

Commits --- ESPN 150 --- ESPN 300 --- 5-* --- 4-* --- 3-*

13 --------------4 -------------------4 ----------0 -----6 ------7

Stay DelUsional Cane Fan... It's what U've been # 1 at the past Decade.

No more Top Recruits for U

#1 recruiting class: your going to need that class if you play Louisville again. #21 destroyed you.

i wish the kid luck .Remember these are kids making the best decisions for them. While i was hoping he would join canes. He chose the team he th ought was best for him. I think collins is one player scared by sanctions. It was gonna happen with some of the. Guys like artie burns and them are the ones gonna help rebuild. lets hope miami gets a dt or 2 though they really need those. I hope when its all said and done fans of all teams remember one thing. These are kids trying to make tough decisions of what school is best for them and remember to be coridal to them as they are just kids.

Posted by: # 1 Recruiting Class;

You gator hillbilly's singlehandedly destroyed the great tradition of the Sugar Bowl with the worst attendance in 80 years and then Louisville dragged your highly rated recruiting classes redneck arses on the field and put the biggest beat down on you in BCS history.

Louisville just scored again!!! LMAO!!!

Here is my Predictions for Wednesday, and for all U bashers, espns list of announcing times for players, Miami is in on about half of the people that are announcing wednesday. If Golden can pull that off, forget it. . JUST TO SAY WE ARE 50-50 WITH THESE TOP KIDS CONSIDERING THE SANCTIONS SAY MIAMI IS HEADED BACK ON RIGHT TRACK.

Matthew Thomas ----The U
Alex Collins---The U
Jordan Cunningham--The U
Jermaine Grace--The U
Stacy Coley===The u
Jaynard Bostwick--The U
Keith Bryant)prima Donna-- THE U

Posted by: Dom | February 03, 2013 at 04:45 PM

U guys R crazy if u think the U is gonna do anything in the coming yrs. Arkansas has better facilities, better fans, plays in the best conference, and the journalism dept is one of the best in the NATION!! We have more fans at a bball game then u guys for home fball games. Enjoy the sanctions and not competing in the ACC. WPS

I am a Cane fan through and through, but I must say this class has me questioning the staff. When Al Golden took over he talked about getting the recruits from South FL to restore the rich tradition of the once proud Hurricanes. I will admit Last year was great, but this year we have only two recruits from S FL....... We have got to do better than that.... Especially in our own back yard. We may not get them all but we need to do better than two. With that said I hope this class surprises everyone

Haters!!! Woo Pig!!!

Both Manny and this guy are basically saying we are not getting anyone on Goldens list...
Do you guys really think that Golden would go into signing day hoping these guys committ? Am I saying we are getting everyone, no, but the pod guy talked about FSU recruiting coley since this summer, and now our coley is recruiting him(Fsu's coley), .....DOOM AND GLOOM......... I bet Golden lands a ton of top stufs

Posted by: Dom | February 04, 2013 at 07:09 PM

How much U wanna bet n looose ?

Good luck to the young man. Hope it all works out for him.

You are delusional Dom. And Alex did announce he is signing with The U..... Of A!! Fire AG now!!!

Great RB's go to Bama every yr as do others so stop making excuses dude.

You guys can continue to be delusional with these asinine statements about Collins being 5th string if you so chose, the realty is that these players don't like SF's style and the way he treats players. Be content with 1/3 star players, yes I am a diehard U fan.
I can't believe Golden is blowing it with big time players.

There are some stupid posts here

"kid wants to see another part of the US"

Really? Fayateville arkansas?

Look up there and read Bret Bielmas tweet- wooo pig soooey

That says it all. In fact it describes the entire SEC

Good luck Alex- It is obvious you didnt do your homework- Miami returnsa an O-line with 4 potential first rounders. A senior QB and yes, UM runs the ball a lot. You want to run the ball 30 times a game? Good- How did that work out for Marcus Lattimore and TrentRichardson?

Admit it, Alex- you are afraid of the comp. You knew youd have to work harder bc youhave to compete for play time against Duke and next year against Sony. You knew Sony is coming down the pipe.

Edgerrin James
Clinton POrtis
Najeh Davenport
James Jackson
Willis McGhaee
Jared Payton
Frank Gore

Dont give me that Arknasas garbage. This the U- and you just made a huge mistake, son, bc Arkansas is irrelevenat. Arkansas? What have they done inhistory? Bret Bielma? What has he done at Wisconsin? Did he win the NC? No.

I wouldnt be saying all of this had he committed say,to UF or Alabama. Or even Oregon. But Arkansas?

You obviously dont belong in the big time.

The world and options are bigger than Miami. I think this kid made his decision on relevant factors not someones influence. Respect that! Good luck Alex.

are you guys serious about who goes where , espn and rivals say it best, most guys never make it so wait for at least 2 years. collins went to where he felt he could play now as brett just runs and runs. no passing game at all. get who u need , a stud tight end in sandaland, more help at corner in carter and burns, and lets see who signs at dtackle, thats what we need, our receivers are as good as anyone in the country aour linebackers are very strong and deep with blue now ready our o line in the top two or three in the country, again fill the need.

Big news,Collins is a pig,we knew that when he decommitted.

going to run the ball in the SEC? Only Bama did it very well and they had 5 all Americans on the offensive line and four of the projected to go in the first three rounds of the NFL draft. Before this guy develops an OL line like that Collins will be absorbing a lot of punishment.

He was sole a bill of goods...but then it will be interesting to see where his high school coach eventually ends up also.

Relax people...it's just one recruit. Everyone gets so caught up in these 5-Star players...Henderson was a 5-Star and, while he's looking great for the fall, it's been a work-in-progress.

Yo Cane Trash

Can U say soUr grapes?
Yo listen to U dUmmies go off the reservation
Alex Collins chooses Arkansas and U doUches go nuts on him
Afraid of competition
Not that good anyway
Don't need him
Really clUcks? There is more competition in the SEC than the softies he would face in the ACC.
Highly rated and with tons of potential.
U desperately need a stud like him to share the load with Lil Duke.
U all know Duke is very good, bur U all know he is not an every down back and needs some help to share the load.
It's called depth, something U don't have at most positions

Yo then there r the scUMbags who openly wish the kid some harm. The shame.

Yo props to CanesForLife "It will be extremely hard to find, but not all UM fans are sour graped 5 year olds who will now degrade you and your decision since you will not be coming to Coral Gables. YOU have to do what you think is best for YOU. All the best."

Yo it is extremely hard to find a level headed cane like U.

Yo dom the dUmb clUck, feel bad for U fool. Spent the whole day yesterday laying the case why Collins would be the first of many to commit to Dah U.
Even solicited a poll of clUcks last nite to validate his delUsion.
All the dUmb clUcks agreed with fellow dom.
Of course all of them were wrong as usual.

Yo dom how about a new poll for tommorrow's news?
What did someone call U, NostraDomAss?

Yo I will end up with the good news for U clUcks.
YahooNigeria just named Al Golden the #2 recruiter in the nation just behind General Mutombo.
And the Pisscataway News Gazette named Al Golden the #1 recruiter in the State.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

Alex did what he felt was best for him and we have to respect that, right? He seemed like a pretty thoughtful kid who put alot of thought into this decision. Let's wish him well.

Arkansas, " next level academically."


The only problem with Fayetteville that's not the end of the world - it's just that you can see if from there. That's all.

Best of luck kid. So he didn't want to be 2nd fiddle to sophomore sensation Duke Johnson.. I don't blame him one bit. He's still going to a good school academically and he's going to a team where he's obviously the lead back. He did what was best for him so good luck Alex with your collegiate and hopefully pro career!

This is not a good omen. First Kirkland and now this kid. Two 5 star players from Dade County NOT going to the "U"? Am I missing something? Wasn't Golden going to close down Miami-Dade County? Still wondering what Golden was thinking when he pulled the scholly from Kirkland. I thought it was because he had several silent commits. Hope the "U" gets that D-Tackle from Texas today. Not liking this one bit going into tomorrow.

Man It's all good... Good Luck to Alex Collins no need to hate on the man... We want guys that bleed Orange and Green obviously he didn't... Miami we have a good class.

Good luck to AC.....the reality is he probably did not want to share the spotlight with a potential Heisman candiate. I really dont think we needed another scat back/speedster. I really think the compliment to Duke would be a bigger back like Edwards. Just as well....guys like Collins are a dime a dozen in South Florida...there will be more to chase next year.

duke against good defenses like nd ksu nc fsu had a total of 100 yards 0 tds he sucks against good defenses.. 1000 yards against that sorry acc schedule please...

Yo Cane Trash

Yo it goes like this
Q: What was your sorry team good at last year?

A: Offense

Q: What was the most glaring deficiency last year?

A: Defense

More specific si vouz plait?

Defensive line, especially DT

Fast forward to 2013

U lose Ur OC, the engineer of Ur offense
Golden Retriever replaces him with an OC who was a failure at FIU the last time he was allowed to call the plays.
He tells U he is such a good recruiter that he will clean out So Fla recruits and raid FSU commits
The first of such recruits already dUmped U
Poor little Duke has no one to help share the load now
U pick up 2 TE recruits and go after a WR lean to FSU

Yo what about the (No) defense??
Where r the stud DT?
They r commited to other schools already
Only 2 4 star DTs r out there, one leans to UF the other to FSU
What's a cane clUck to do?????
Paging dom the dUmb clUck
What does Ur cane clUck poll say????
Any more Nigerians out there?

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

When Collins decided to make his announcement in Atlanta, away from UM, it was obvious he wasn't going to be a Cane. Look, there will be more disappointment on NSD, but Golden can only do so much with all the negativity swirling around UM. This always figured to be a difficult recruiting year with the NCAA dragging its feet. They know their investigation is badly tainted and will have to give in to UM. Dragging this out is their way of adding a little more punishment to UM.

Why all the hate, the young man and his family made the decision he was comfortable with. End of story, let's move on to players that want to be CANES'. Wishing Collins all the best with the HOGS'.

arkansas .....! definitely running from competition and not what we need get a hungry rb that will work hard and represent well . i hate the recruiting crap these days the kids are over dramatized and full of themselves those type attitudes are reserved for the guys who play on sunday and monday not the friday saturday boys they havent earned all this tv time but we give it to them . guess its our fault . but i kinda saw this coming when he went to atl to make a decision instead of his school.

The kid clearly made a business decision which he thinks will get him to the NFL faster with a higher initial paycheck. No point in arguing with him, we should just wish him the best as a So. Fla. native and look forward to seeing who Golden brings in that wants to compete for playing time as a 'Cane.

Nervous and excited for signing day tomorrow. I have great confidence in Golden and his staff to sell the program and to evaluate talent. These guys have been dealt a terrible and unfair blow by ponzi schemer, Shalalalala and the NCAA, but have performed quite well in the recruiting game despite that. Let's hope for some impact players signing up tomorrow, a solid season with another Coastal championship this year and the NCAA to finally wrap up this "investigation" so that we can get back to building a future for the program. An ACC champsionship game season with the end of the NCAA mess hanging over our heads should = very strong classes going forward. Not there yet, but the future's getting brighter each day.

Although I wish him the best, and no offense to Arkansas, but its darn right dreadful there. One would think that former President Clinton would have done something to uplift its appeal and offerings of his home state as driving through there, you wonder if you took a wrong turn to Mississippi.

I love DA U but all you guys that say Al Golden is gonna get thomas all those other guys from south florida are retarded. And the $#!T that they pulled with denver kirkland just messed everything and lost all credibility and any chance to have a good descent recruiting class went down the toilet. Its gonna be a horrible NSD for us.

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