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Collins tells NBC-6 its still going to be Arkansas

Don't expect any more zaniness Thursday. South Plantation running back Alex Collins should sign a National Letter of Intent with Arkansas before noon a source told The Miami Herald.

As our Susan Miller Degnan detailed in her story, Collins' mom ran off without signing his NLOI Wednesday because she wanted him to stay home. But the former UM recruit told NBC-6 during its South Florida Recruiting Show tonight he's still going to Arkansas and nothing has changed.

He posted the following on Twitter around midnight.

Here is Collins' interview with Joe Rose late Wednesday night.


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Your loss but good luck to you though. One loss next year.

Good luck to the young man. Would've loved for him to come to the U, but he's gotta do what his heart says. Stay healthy, work hard, wish you a great future.

Go Canes!!!

You Guys are really nice!!! But let us not return classlessness and dishonor with the same. He held off Mom and us by saying he was a Cane fora year.... That is why he went to Atlanta and not Southridge (?) with Mom. But a healthy percentage of recruits are a classless bunch by doing the same and the whole choosing the hat thing as if it were still cool. It's a different world than when I grew up. Sorry to sound like an OWF but I still hope that he will do the right thing and keep to his word.

I personally say they can have him , because I for one do n0t want anyone on the team that doesnt bleed orange and green, good riddins, and after being a canes commit for as long as he was, he wont get a good luck from me.... just glad he is gone!

His Mom still has to sign his LOI for him to go to any school. Which if he is 18, he is a legal adult and should be able to sign a LOI on his own. His mother should of dealt with this at home and not a before he was to sign in LOI in front of the school.

As a head football coach is this kid worth it? If he goes to Miami, he is going because his mother wants him to. If he goes to Arkansas, his mother will not be happy and he may transfer after a year.

I'm with you Keith, what happened to gacanefan's comment?

Hey Collins, hope breaking your Moms heart is worth making your worthless HS coach happy. If he gets a job at arkanas I hope he remembers who you are because people like that are users and abusers and usually forget how they got there. Good luck at arkanas, you'll need it.

Mom needs to let go. Let this kid go to Arkansas and make his own way.

I feel bad for the kid because of the horrific advice he is getting from his high school coach. Obviously this kid thinks that his opportunity is better at Arkansas. I FIRMLY disagree because he can play right away at UM. Duke is small and cannot take the pounding of a back running between the tackles. The education at Arkansas is about the worst in the country. By his comments it is clear to anyone he is being heavily influenced. LET HIM GO MOM and let him learn that your wisdom is from the heart. This is a very sad story but UM doesn't him in this frame of mind. He hid the truth from his family and then went to Atlanta to announce the surprise.

Best of luck. If the kid does not want to be a part of the family then let him be. Miami will be fine with Duke, Clement, Crawford, etc... I sure hope though the coach had nothing to do with this. Grown men making moves for a teenager for their gain is unacceptable.

Im not gonna fault him nor resent him and trash him, yeah he committed to miami but oh well he didn't sign hes got to do whatever he wants. I just think his mom is way out of line for not wanting him to go to Arkansas, its totally wrong of her to try and force him to stay here, shame on her!

Wish him the best. Go CANES!

Nice article in the NY times about Canes baseball.


Go 'canes!

Gallo, it is Thursday and you still suck.

It's just crazy how much money is made off these kids before they even go to college.

Every interview these kids do for those recruiting sites, they should get a cut. SMDH

Whatever happened to "Mama knows best"?

I'm with the majority let him go. We will win 10 games next year without him. I do understand where his mon is coming from. You know what's best for these kids, they think they know it all and believe what others are telling them, but your Parents will be there....forever!!

what ever good luck god bless the young man, im jus glad he aint go to FSU, i really hate them.Hopfully Duke stays healthy and the other rb on the roster make an impact. neat year im pretty sure we can sway Sony Michel and or Joseph Yerby or Dalvin Cook in 14 then in 15 theres jordan Scarlet of University school and jaquez Patrick both hold offers already.I think Collins saw that comin and didnt want the competition in Akansas figures to be the man but what he doesnt realize the head coach frm wisconsin is gona atract rb givin his history.( cant run fom comp just gotta perform)

it would have been great to have him...next year so fla is loaded with rb prospects...let's lock in early
Go Canes!

Mama's always right, maybe you should listen one more time.

You're either with us or against us. Just know this, if you don't play here, and if we meet up at some point, we're gonna kick your a55. Good luck.

A little lesson in life...Never go against the family.

Hope you know what you're doing....

byw LOOSEr we dont need you. because your heart is not at th U. Go be with the pigs, which is where u belong.

Canes Fans (and I am one) please remember that Collins is an 18 year old KID. I have an 18 year old daughter and decision-making isn't a strength at that age. The kid is trying to do what's right for him; I say let him go to ARK as we have several young men who WANT to be at UM. I feel sorry for Collins because of all the distractions and hope that today is his signing day. Hopefully, he'll miss the U more than the U will miss him. But good luck to the Collins family.

Posted by: canes30529 | February 07, 2013 at 09:45 AM

This was clearly posted by the blog Pig,the one who posts as Canetrash.

Want proof? The Canetrash Pig will post w/in 20 mins.

You are on the clock, Pig.

alex collins love bielema....he is commited to the run..just look at how he ran wisconsin offense...all run...they got joel thomas as running back coach that got RB's at 1000 yards every year....

"We’re not going to appeal to the sexy. Bielema told Sporting News in 2011. If a kid’s looking for bells and whistles, wants a weight room that looks like a club, we’re not the place. … We work, we grind, and we take pride in doing that. The kids who want that have gravitated to us"

arkansas is loading up on big farmboys up front....alex will shine in sec which is the best venus to show his talents....why would he want to get burried in the acc....the sec is the big stage...UM was never in it

alex collins - heisman potential

If he hasn't sent the letter yet, I think Mama wins out.
You go Mama!
Blood is thicker than hogwash.

alex collins is going to be the feature back at arkansas...they have the personnel to make him a great back....UM RB coach is bolting like the rest....

you have to be a complete dilusional idiot to think that collins is gonna come to UM....

Jacoby BRisco's mom wanted him to play for Golden 2 years ago, we needed a qb, and UF just signed the #1 qb in nation Jeff Driscoll(which shows ranking suck)an he still went to UF.

He came begging back to Golden last month and we said NO(we have 5 scholly qbs now), and now he has to sit out a year at Nc state is it? A degree from Miami where we need RB depth or a degree From Arkansas who is rebuilding and he will have to face 8-9 SEC Defenses with a young team. . HMMM. Miami has 1 of the best Oline's in the country next yr.....

We got Gus Edwards who fits the mold, so Alex, ark still signed 2 other RB's plus what they have already ,so go beat em out, feeze in the winter, and do ur best.......too bad those defenses are gonna stack 8 in the box because of the team

Gallooooo say:

All coaches will leave.

Any player at any school other than Miami will be a Heisman favorite (except, of course, Driskell who SUUUUUUUUCKS).

Gallo, it is Thursday. Read my lips: "F__K YOU."

ESPN reported that in addition to giving up two bowl games, the ACC championship game, and an undisclosed number of scholarships, that Miami also gave up "up to 30 practices." I'm still not sold on D'Onofrio, but if the team gave up 30 practices last year I can see why he ran a very basic defense last year, especially considering how young the players were. I don't think anyone can fairly say that coaching staff has not done well in light of all of these restrictions. In fact, I think they have done an amazing job under the circumstances.

Miami has cooperated with the NCAA at an unprecedented level, and the NCAA has completely fumbled its investigation. Time served will be the likely sentence and the Canes will be able to get back on track quickly. The 2014 recruiting class is loaded with talent in South Florida, and once the sanctions are behind them the U will attractive to all of them. Also, don't underestimate how the improvements to Sun Life Stadium will benefit the Canes.

dom collins does not give a f...ck about your dire predicitons of sec defenses....he wants to play now, become the lead guy and be one of the great arkansas backs:

1. Damon Mitchell - QB - Booker T
2. Alex collins - 5'11" 204
3. Denver kirkland - 6'5" 333
4. johnathan mcclure - 6'4" 310
5. hunter henry - TE 6'6" 245
6. reeve koehler - 6'3" 320
7. DAN SKIPPER - 6"10" 295

I dont think alex is gooing to have a problem....

plus hes got one of the top HC and running back coach in the country....add shannon to the mix.....UM is spinning out of control

Every freaking year, i hafta listen to this recruiting BS.

UF and FSU has had top 5 classes for YEARS.

How great have they been?

What was the common denominator in their COMPLETELY DISAPPOINTING showings?

Coaching changes b$tches!

Miami has had low recruiting classes, crappy coaching, an NCAA shadow. Its amazing we aint Div2 now.

The fact we still haul in a #21 class while only using 17schollies versus yhe 25-35 of other schools???

You know how great a haul we got??

Now Golden, Cristobal, Coley are gonna do their thing and we'll judge them in December.

Sarasota cane and your long list of "pig"
Aliases, what shiddy job did you move to redneckville for? Whatever it was, you are stealing from them looser.

Dom, go back and count how many times you declared Collins to the U. You're an incredible domass, ... Dom. Look for a job today.

If he came here, it would always be, what If...

every time I see a post and its signed by Gallo I say to myself NEXT!

Why? because all he talks about is nonsense stupid uninformed dribble

gallo is a f--kin pu-55y.

Go canes

Collins made a huge mistake- he allowed shannon and bilema sell him a bag of goods

Arkansas su--ks a55. They will be destroyed by Alabama... yet again.

Collins will be the "feature back"

He was scared to bide his time- one more year. Or compete for playing time- all the great ones did it- Portis macgahee Gore in that succession.

Thats lame. Listen to your mom son. She knows better- you dont.

Wow,can't believe how all these Cane fans are reacting. Every school loses and gains recruits like this all the time and yeah it sucks but no reason to act like dou*he bags and trash him for it. Arkansas is a great school just as Miami is but a 4-8 record for Miami in the SEC would be about right maybe a 6-6 year every now and then. Let the kid make his own decision it's sad how some cane fans are acting. #realclassyinMiami

JIM GALLO is a F(_)

JIM GALLO is a P(_)$$Y and a COWARD everybody. FACT!

golden makes excuses for his incompetence.....now he blaming sanctions when every recruit said in thieir exit interviews that the COACHES were the difference.....

so since incomming recruits only care about bowl appearances and golden has satisfied that ncaa punishment of 2 bowls....then why would a recruit care about what the ncaa does going forward...the only thingk left is scholarship limit sanctions which a recruit could care less about.....

I see a man that will not last here...it is so obvious now...now hes threatening...

"There's going to be a lot of people who didn't stand with us who are going to be remembered for not standing with us," Golden said.

wtf does this rookie think hes talking too....we had guys butch/dennis/jimmy that took the heat..no problem.....now the voices for his departure will get louder as well.....

Apparently Alex Collins' mother has hired an attorney...that is an omnious development and makes one wonder who the hell is applying pressure on this woman. For the first time, if the attorney development is true, I believe there's some bad things going on regarding Alex's high school coach and Arkansas.

its irrelevent....coliins signed and also his father signed....he is a razorback no matter what his mother thinks now....

Again, 'apparently'...the reason mom hired an attorney is Alex had his estranged father sign the paper work.

That development begs the question...who is putting these ideas in Alex's mind. Arkansas and Alex's high school football coach are flying very close to the sun on this issue.

That Atlanta press conference that the Hogs arranged for Alex to announce that he would be a Hog has left egg on their faces.

Our Canes do not need to get mixed up in this drama as before it is all over we will be getting blamed for this fiasco.

Gallo....go listen to the Edison coaches interview with jackaS* Dan Selio today. You have no idea of what your talking about.

alex wants to go to arkansas...he see's their plans for him and how they have built the OL for him...hes got one of the best RB coaches in the business....all about nothing as always

u listen to it....tell me what i dont know about....collins?

Everyone talks about the dominant Cane teams that were composed of guys with speed and athleticism and that could be molded to fit the team's needs. This class has the pontetial to experiment with that, given the guys that they just signed.
The 2 Nigerians have size and athleticism and are hungry to learn. With the proper coaching and development they can turn out to be impactfull stars for this team. A guy like Dobard can test the waters as a DE. Figueroa is a guy that has size and speed and could be one of those diamonds in the rough. Lockley and Edwards have the size and speed to star at LB or Safety with the proper coaching.
Her are some guys that played at the U and their positions in H. S.
Dan Morgan - RB
Alonzo Highsmith DE
Benny Blades RB
Winslow WR
Waren Sapp TE
Roscoe Parrish QB

facts: yopu must have been an extra in "trading places"...the trade is over...the exchange is closed......

this is you...."turn those machines back onnnnnnn, get those brokers back in here...this is an outrage, a duke has been on this exchange since it started....its oursssssssssss" lol

Lol, Just the facts - dude its not the 80's anymore and miami isn't near the same team and has nowhere the prestige as it did then. Face it, kids want to go where it's best for them not some 30 year old man who has never had an athletic bone in his body hoping that somehow a recruits mom can discover some illegal recruiting violations at a school that has had some d*mn good college rbs and fbs. You still got your aluminum foil hat so the aliens can't hear what you're thinking?? If any school has recruiting violations it is one in florida with green and orange colors. #Lookinthemirror


Signing day dominating web traffic at Sun Sentinel.

By my count, we had 11 UM signing stories, five videos, two live streams, one exhausted reporter. It was fun, though.
– michael casagrande


hey barry jackson,

you don't get to choose which posts suit your liking ...


Posted by: green | 02/07/2013 at 03:00 PM


He doesn't want UM and the program doesn't want him.
It works...His mom and older brother get it but he does not...Arkansas with the 12th rated class in the SEC...Good luck...Committed players welcome...

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