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Collins tells NBC-6 its still going to be Arkansas

Don't expect any more zaniness Thursday. South Plantation running back Alex Collins should sign a National Letter of Intent with Arkansas before noon a source told The Miami Herald.

As our Susan Miller Degnan detailed in her story, Collins' mom ran off without signing his NLOI Wednesday because she wanted him to stay home. But the former UM recruit told NBC-6 during its South Florida Recruiting Show tonight he's still going to Arkansas and nothing has changed.

He posted the following on Twitter around midnight.

Here is Collins' interview with Joe Rose late Wednesday night.


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Alex Collins' daddy is probably getting an earful right now.

What was Arkansas' record last year? I know they are a TOUGH SEC team, but didn't they lose to Louisana-Monroe and Rutgers? Sorry, someone please refresh my recollection...

Gallo, no I was not an extra in "Trading Places", which might be the worst correlation in history--that is only out paced by your stunted intellect.

If you could read and then comprehend you would know that my post stated a fact concerning the mother hiring an attorney that is incontrovertible evidence this story is NOT over. Of course, that could change at any moment should the mother elect not to go forward with litigation.

I went on to point out that if Arkansas and/or Alex’s high school football coach played a underhanded role in advising and encouraging the kid to go around his mother this will not sit well with the NCAA and others. This is not to say the NCAA has the power to do anything, but as Miami has learned—once you have garnered the attention of the NCAA nothing good will come out of that.

Again, if you could read and comprehend you would know that I have on numerous occasions stated that Alex should attend Arkansas if that’s where his heart is at. I’ve also compared this story to the Jacoby Brisett disaster that I believe parallels this situation and in my opinion, and calling on my life experiences, points to a similar outcome being a distinct possibility as mothers do know best.

No one, especially those with less than a pure agenda, should come between a caring and well intentioned mother and her child. This is 100% a family matter…period! And unless Gallo is a blood relative of Alex Collins and intimately involved in this matter he has no way of knowing where this is headed or will eventually end.

Really, Miami Fans let it go. Reading some of the comments makes me realize people just talk BS. Arkansas is a Great School and NW Arkansas is known for Great people and companies.
It's the sixth fastest growing area in the nation and is the home of Wal-Mart and Tyson Foods — global leaders in retail and meat and poultry processing, respectively. J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc., North America's second largest publicly owned transportation and Logistics Company, is also based in the area. Over 1,300 Wal-Mart vendors have added corporate branches or offices in the area as well, including: Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Motorola, Nestlé, Dell, General Mills, Kellogg Company and PepsiCo
Alums of UA
Ricardo Martinelli – Current President of the Republic of Panama
Bill Clinton – 42nd President of United States
Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State
Butch Davis – Former head football coach at the University of Miami
John Daly – PGA golfer
Jimmy Johnson – former football coach of University of Miami and two-time Super Bowl winner with the Dallas Cowboys. The first of two coaches to win an NCAA championship and a Super Bowl. Current Fox NFL studio analyst
Barry Switzer – former head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners (3 NCAA Championships) and Dallas Cowboys (Super Bowl); the second of two coaches to win an NCAA Championship and a Super Bowl
Charles Portis – author of True Grit
Jerry Jones – owner of the Dallas Cowboys
Robert D. Maurer – inventor of fiber optic technology
William T. Dillard – founder of Dillard's Department Stores
If you take away the people, who attended and never graduated Miami what has The U provided but a program that had Nevin Shapiro as a booster, a lot of NFL players who never graduated and you say you want smart kids...

The smartest kid is Alex, a degree from UA will open doors to some of the best companies in world.
Not to mention he may want as far away from his mom as he can get. Think About it.

Thanks for Playing and Have a nice day...

let him go,dont want him if he didnt want to be here anyway

One more thing Yes Arkansas had the 12th rank class in SEC. IN THE SEC!!!! Not the ACC!! 14 of the teams in SEC ranked higher than Miami. ACC had 3 Teams ahead of Arkansas and 4 Teams in top 30. How many SEC teams are ranked in TOP 30 - 13 of the 14 SEC SCHOOLS... Really Stop Hating and get a life...

Footballfan ,

It is my passionate hope that you are Gallo employing a new alias as it is very depressing to think that there are 2 irretrievably stupid and unconditionally clueless people posting on the very same blog.

If your rambling diatribe was an effort to attack Miami and bolster Arkansas, then your agriculture school needs to add a course in logical thinking as you spectacularly failed to achieve your mission, which I am sure is a reoccurring theme in your life.

PS: Dude??? Allow me to let you in on a secret…when you start off with the word “Dude” your blathering is then viewed to be especially worthless, if it is even possible to think any less of what you have to say!


The reason those companies are located in Arkansas is the availability of cheap manual labor, not highly educated and capable executives...not exactly a compliment!

Your second or third rated SEC team, Florida, wasn't beaten in the Sugar Bowl by Louisville, but was destroyed and run out of New Orleans on a rail after spoiling the reputation of the Sugar Bowl.

Alabama is the best college football team in the country, but the rest of the SEC is not in their class, most especially the Florida Gators. You Gators hang on Bama's coattails believing the Tide's success somehow reflects positively on your football program...it does not! It only highlights how pathetic Florida truly is... Rah! Rah! Rah!... We Gators had another top recruiting class, now duck, because here comes Louisville! You Cats can only schedule so many wins and that was proven when an average at best Louisville team depantsed you clowns before the country.

If you "Hate idiot fans" allow me to suggest you do a personal inventory as you may hate yourself.

Everybody make choices. Some good. Some not so good. Let Alex go out and see the world. You don't know if the grass is greener until you take a look. Good luck Alex. Mom you tried that all you can do. You know the old saying. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Time to let go. If I lived in Plantation I would give a big hug.Your baby is a grown man now. Wish him well. As for the gators I believe you play the canes this year. 5 star 4stars It's just a number l believe the 2013 canes are undefeated right now and have a defense that has not been scored on passing or rushing. I guess S.E.C. Deer antler spray win championship. I always said Are the gators really that ugly, it can't be natural now it's out there SEC deer antler spray. Miami will beat the gators and play in the national championship game this year. Defense will be great this year.


Edison High School Head Football Coach Trevor Harris/ WQAM’s Dan Sileo Interview Summary:

-28 year highly respected, well connected and knowledgeable coaching veteran in South Florida.

-Doesn't believe in set percentage of players from certain areas as far as roster makeup. You need to find the right young man for your program no matter where he is located.

-People have come in and copied what they've done in Dade for the past 20 years. Talent is more widespread now than it used to be. These athletes are everywhere now, not just South Florida and any coach that does not realize this will fail.

-Al Golden IS NOW and HAS BEEN RECRUITING the inner city hard! (Sileo is shut up). He has to make up for what other UM coaches were not doing for 5 year's, which caused a lot of damage and killed local momentum...not an easy job to fix!

-Possible sanctions are by far the #1 thing hurting recruiting now and every team in the country is beating our recruits over their heads with all the terrible things the NCAA may do to the program…an impossible mountain to climb, but somehow Golden is making it happen.

-Parents care and love what Al Golden is doing down here right now with his camps and access to the program. Massive improvement in connecting with local players, parents and coaches versus the last 2 coaches. Everyone believes in Golden and knows that once the investigation is behind him he will own the national recruiting scene and the local kids will line-up to sign with the Canes.

-The 3 kids that did not choose Miami would have absolutely signed with the Canes if not for the uncertainty surrounding sanctions.

-In not so many words he confirmed that players weren't developed under Shannon (which is obvious to everyone)

-Was asked if Shannon was a bad coach (said he wasn't going to comment on that) but says we are going in the right direction now and believes ACC and National Championships are in our near future.

-Staff is and has been handcuffed for 3 recruiting cycles due to NCAA investigation.

- Completely trusts Al Golden and says he's a fantastic man and coach.

-Golden reminds him of Schnellenberger.

-Advises Sileo to talk to "US" (qualified local high school coaches) not that other person you were talking to yesterday (Luke) then you'll find out the real story (Luke is spreading false rumors about Golden and the Canes).

-Come talk to the momma's about Al Golden, they love him.

-Asked Sileo "Do you know what went on at Booker T? Let me know when you have firsthand knowledge because everything else is rumors, speculation and people spreading false stories to try and damage Miami and Golden"

If you haven’t listened to the Al Golden/Joe Rose interview from today I recommend you do so as it will clear up the recruiting BS and lies, amongst other lies being posted on this blog mostly by the same 2 or 3 people intent on damaging Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes. (Link to interview: http://wqam.com/dj/joe-rose)

So, now that Collins "father" signed the letter for arkanas, when is his HS coach going to follow, and don't forget get to send the check to the "father".

Well said Ron Zook. I believe you gotta righr. If only we had a majic wand to wave accross the nation to help recruits, families, and highschool coaches understand the body of work that is required to make Miami relevant again. You don't build champion overnight.

Well said Ron Zook. I believe you gotta righr. If only we had a majic wand to wave accross the nation to help recruits, families, and highschool coaches understand the body of work that is required to make Miami relevant again. You don't build champion overnight.

all BS with sileo & rose

Just the Facts:
"The reason those companies are located in Arkansas is the availability of cheap manual labor, not highly educated and capable executives...not exactly a compliment!"

That is the most idiotic statement I’ve seen. Wow! You don't have "JUST THE FACTS". WWW.FORBES.COM or WIKI and then you might see the Facts. Also, those companies (Wal-Mart JB Hunt Tyson) were founded and started in ARKANSAS - FACT. They didn't move here -FACT.

The SEC is the best FB conference in America -FACT. Alabama is the best team in nation -FACT. The rest of what you said just tells me you're the type of IDIOT FAN I HATE.


Education Rank: Arkansas #5 81.7 score – Florida #6 81.1 score

Miami, FL Ranked #9 in 25 Worst places to live
Fayetteville, AR Ranked #19 in 25 Best places to live
10 most valuable teams in college football:
1. Texas: $133 million
2. Michigan: $120 million
3. Notre Dame: $103 million
4. LSU: $102 million
5. Georgia: $99 million
6. Alabama: $95 million
7. Florida: $93 million
8. Auburn: $85 million
9. Tennessee: $84 million
10. Arkansas: $83 million
7 of the 10 Teams and 8 of top 20 with South Carolina at #18 are from SEC. 0 (ZERO) teams from ACC are in top 20.
Arkansas has BETTER facilities than all the ACC schools.
You can Prove FACTS not opinions. Until you can prove what you said is FACT I suggest you keep that idiotic opinion to yourself.

Thanks for playing...

SEC has the best players money can buy. And have the resources to keeo it hush hush. Here a term you might not heard of. What you do in the dark will come to light. Is the SEC ready to give back the trophys. The deers are coming to take back their antler spray. Last time I check money and great facilities don't make you a great football team. Hard work, dedication and heart will make you a better football player. As a team you probably win champion ship

Not a big Arkansas fan but when you have good talent, then there is no way I'm going to miss that action. Looking forward to seeing what Colins can do.

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