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Cristobal hired to become Alabama's new offensive line coach

Mario Cristobal's fourth stint at the University of Miami sure didn't last very long.

Hired by coach Al Golden to serve as associate head coach and tight ends coach a month ago after being fired as the head coach at FIU, Cristobal on Monday accepted a job offer to become the new offensive line coach at Alabama according to multiple reports.

UM has yet to confirm it.

Cristobal, 42, replaces former Hurricanes offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland, who was recently hired by new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly.

Cristobal, who played and won two national titles at UM and served as an assistant coach from 2004-06, interviewed for the job on Friday in Tuscaloosa and was weighing the decision on whether or not to take it over the weekend, a source said.

UM hired Cristobal on Jan. 10 and then his former offensive coordinator at FIU two weeks later in James Coley. The two are solid recruiters in South Florida.


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Wow, disapointing....but somehow predictable.
Talk about no commitment....What is happening?

F him. You are either with us or against us. Alabama is not in the same class as THE U.


What in football?

CAG should move Carrol back to tightends coach, make Brown wrs coach, and hire one of the high school coaches that interviewed for rbs coach. I had mad respect for Cristobal, and thought he would eventually be up for head coach if/when Golden left. Now Cristobal can go down in flames with Alabama just as all those other schools when "The U" is back.


Did you read the Herald's statement on their commenting policy? This blog should require people to sign in, maybe not Facebook profiles but at least having to register one email with one username to comment.

I would prefer no comments section in the Miami Hurricanes blog to the embarrassing, obsessive trolling back and forth here.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.

For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website."

Congratulations to coach Cristobal, he won't be at Alabama or an assistant coach for long!

SHOTS FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Donna, it's your hobbit birthday!

Alabama must really like Miami assistant coaches.

He should be banned from ever stepping foot on campus again. Miami made him what he is today and he left for Alabama? I hope opposing D's maul Alabama next year.

This guys interviews with who ever asked him.. he did it a fiu now at miami .. just go

Cristobal took twice as much money to leave to Bama.

Its his decision, and he chose financial security and a higher profile school than loyalty to his school.

Good luck to him, but he must take his consequences with it. At the U - hes dead to us now.

Darn, I was hoping he could take Golden with him. Well, I can still hope Golden get's fired if he doesn't win 10 games this year.

Good Luck, Mario. He saw the writing on the Wall, saw a little bit of sanctions coming. But most of all, he saw 'Goldy's steadfast refusal to do anything on the defensive side of the ball. When UM goes and talks to Soldinger, who can coach and recruit, then Mario might be back. He's going to ride out the UM thing and have some obvious fun in Tuscaloosa. All things considered, I still think FIU made a mistake getting rid of Mario.

you are all idiots. One if he doubled his salary, at the highest profile job in the country. Well cone for him and his. Plus he is a O Line guy not a TE coach.

lastly if when Golden leaves he is the right guy for the job at the U the U will hire him. The fact that he gets to work for Saban is a plus plus.

I know what's coming...


They should hire Lamar Thomas as recievers coach

FFFFF him... i hope u die soon in a car wreck...

of course UM will take him back in a minute and so would I...his whole job description was conveluted at UM....the problem with mario is that he was weak at HC position..my opinion, however no weaker than golden....art is already the line coach so where does mario fit? Does Mario derserve to share in the HC assistant if it was availble vs Kehoe..would that be fair....where would he fit at UM even if butch davis was hired.....I dont see mario at UM at all...maybe as the HC down the road....UM football is premier, just because you went here dosent mean you are a shoein to lead the franchise...nope

Ive lost ALL respect for him as a TRUE CANE............

I don't detect any kind of friction now or in future between Mario and Kehoe should the HC job come open. Kehoe is the kind of of guy who would be successful as a HC at UM even if he wasn't really trying. He's got that ability to tune out stuff and people he doesn't want to hear.

I'm going to say "Goldy's days are numbered. He's got DS on his side. I really don't think athletic alumni are in "Goldy's corner. I can only imagine what they're saying privately about the DC.

It's gonna take a former UM plyer to right the ship. It's gonna take a football guru outsider to put UM back to prominence: Gallup, U agree?

Gallo, U agree?

I understand the Hurley brown hiring, al is trying to build continuity with the staff, hiring high profile guys like Mario will not stick around due to higher paying jobs elsewhere, no knock on Hurley but he's a lifetime college coach who loves the u. Need more staffers like him

Shut up already Gallo! This is simply another school taking into consideration getting an experienced coach and an insider to recruiting South Florida! For Cristobal's part I'm sure more money and an opportunity to coach at the best program since the Canes Dynasties was a simple choice. Plus the chance of being offered a quality head coaching job a few years down the road was an easy decision. Of course Gallo your twisted logic wouldn't include your normal BS as to why Alabama has an open position. Well its just football fool!

Mario u can NEVER come back..traitor,scuuuuuuuuuum

I dont understand why the U is having problems with keeping coaches or getting great players? All they have to do is come to this blog because surely all the "experts" are on here......LOL

It's all about the "u?"

There was more to Cristobal's firing at FIU than we have learned so far. Evidently he was always looking for a better gig....ALWAYS. What I can't wait for is for his clown to go looking for Cuban food in Tuscaloosa....and be sent to Taco Bell!

yes I do..I dont think there is friction either...just where would he fit is all? Mario sees himself as HC material....ok, line coach at alabama, that will do for now....its not embarrassing as TE coach at UM....look being a HC at FIU is not the easiest job....wtf wants to go to FIU anyways?

i hate it as much as the next guy, but anyone who knows anything about college football knows that the winning goes in cycles and someone else will get there turn soon. is it a big deal to lose hime, no way we will forget him as soon as his ass hits the runway.way to fire back finally president shalala, even you know enough is enough, congrats to coach golden for putting up the 14th best claSS IN The country with all this mess, how about bama players getting arrested left and right put that on the trailer espn.

He is a stupid w...hore

That was a maria elena perez move.

Ok he took more money. But he will be nick sabans beeeoyctch.

Bama is going to get slapped next yr not bc of mario, buta fact.

Bama wont win another ship in decades. Mark my words. Saban will bolt like urban meyer within 3 yrs.

That was a pu55y move, mario. Not a cane move. Go to tuscaloosa. Lots of cuban americans there....not! Your family will love it there.

Now lets talk facts.... What has he done? Loser at FIU. Loser. Ddnt progress. So im not really upset about his leaving, just thst he did in this way... Why was he even hired?

Mario is making more as OL at Alabama (500K) than as head coach at FIU (450k), Miami doesn't report income because its a private school, but as TE coach/Associate HC, my guess is 250K at Miami, clearly he took a major pay cut just to land a job, and now he is making more than he did at FIU. This is strictly a business move. Can't blame him.

If you ever see this guy in Miami - call him a traitor and an ass, because he deserves it for a lifetime.
this is the very DEFINITION of a sellout.

Wow Mario, I knew you as a player, and your brother too, I'll bet he is really proud of you, NOT. Please do us all a favor and never come back to Miami, not even when you finally decide to retire because no one here wants to see your traitorious face again. Go win yourself another NC ring with satan saben instead of helping your Alma Mater and your home town university rebuild a winning program and win more NC's. As faras I am concerned you are not welcome at the U, you are a traitor. I cannot believe you took a job at the U only to use it to go somewhere else. I'll bet your brother Lou is really proud of you along with your Mom and Dad.

He will now, NEVER be the HC at Miami.

He belongs with Nick, who is a complete low life, just ask his wife, former DB coaches, LSU fans etc. !

He is what he is, a good coach but a true low life !

Keep your eye on the prize boys...

Can't fault a man for finding his best career options.

But it was a classless act to take a job with The U when he knew he would take the next bigger paycheck. Wait a year and he could have landed an HC job somewhere else for even more money.

I think Pete Garcia knew what he was doing when he fired Cristobal. Mario will now be know for being a mercenary hire who has NO LOYALTY to anyone but to $$. Not a good way to establish a reputation in my opinion. This 2-step career change will haunt him.

But let's refocus on our Canes. Golden is the real deal. He's got good coaches and now has an open option to bring in another winner to help the program progress forward.

A strong returning class, a solid recruiting class (14th in the Nation while only having HALF the scholarships of other schools is a freaking slam-dunk haul y'all!)

Adversity makes us stronger.

Us against the motherf*cking world. That's the way it's always been. And that's how we rose to power....

Remember dat!!!

Go Canes!!!!

You probably have something there west coast cane. Pete,even being the ass that he is saw something we haven't and cut away an infection, ie: Mario. We will probably be better off with out him, but he is still an ass for using the U. If I were him I would have already sold my house in Miami, moved my folks and left the area before this story came out. Hope he enjoys the new label he has,TRAITOR. And I hope he never comes back, no one will ever trust him again, including, probaby his wife, family and friends and former U teammates.

Good luck Mario

can you really blame mario he's cuban thats what cubans do they run away

Hope the prick fails,money could not be that much different. Join the new thugs on campus.

Canes throw you a life vest and you throw them an anchor. Not about what is "best" for your career. You made a committment and didn't keep it. Lack of integrity will fit right in at Bama.

I believe the USF bulls old coach Jim leland or buccaneers x coach Raheem Morris would be a great fit for the U

Correction Jim Leavett USF Bull ex coach and Raheem Morris ex Tampa Bay Bucs would be a great hire for Golden. Also save a spot for Ray Lewis. Preferably linebacker coach. Any objection there.

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