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Grace picks Canes; Booker T. duo talks about their decisions

The University of Miami ended the round of televised announcements Wednesday by landing All-American Miramar High linebacker Jermaine Grace, a four-star recruit tabbed the 17th-best outside linebacker in the country by Rivals.com.

He picked the Canes over Sugar Bowl-champion Louisville. Getting Grace gives UM two recruits from Broward County and two from Dade in this 16-player class.

Grace said he made his decision "a week ago" and is looking forward to reuniting with his Miramar teammates at UM: cornerback Tracy Howard and receiver Malclolm Lewis.

"I feel like we're going to stay together, stay tight," Grace said. "They were telling me I have chance to get on the field right away just like them.

Despite the addition, UM struck out adding a defensive tackle to its class. The Canes missed out on Keith Bryant, who announced shortly before Grace he was heading to Florida State. UM also missed out on Jaynard Bostwick and Terrell Brooks in the last 24 hours.

In the end, I still like UM's class a lot. The Hurricanes landed their QB of the future in Kevin Olsen, the nation's top fullback in Augustus Edwards and JUCO tight end in Beau Sandland, a standout receiver in Stacy Coley, a top-flight defensive end in Al-Quadin Muhammad, an All-American linebacker in Grace and two standout defensive backs in Artie Burns and Jamal Carter. That's pretty good in a small class. 

> So why did Denver Kirkland opt for Arkansas and Matthew Thomas pick Florida State instead of Miami? Here's what they talked about Monday morning.

"I have a better bond with Arkansas coaches than any other coaches that recruited me," Kirkland said. "Miami came in second place because of the things that have been happening these past couple weeks. That's the only reason they came in second. After that I was leaning toward Florida State and Arkansas."

UM pulled Kirkland's scholarship last Thursday, but met with him and his mother Saturday, putting the offer back on the table. Kirkland said while it was tough to leave his parents, heading off to college was the best decision for him.

"He wanted to make the decision for himself and do something different," offensive coordinator Tim Harris Jr. said of Kirkland. "We were surprised by his decision. I was personally. I knew Arkansas was in the thick of it and heard about the relationships he built with the offensive line coach you started thinking it may be spot for him. But I thought it was going to be Miami.

Miami never really rose to the top, meanwhile, for Thomas.

"I think second place was USC, he said. "I liked USC a lot. Things work out for a reason, happen for a reason. I think its a family atmosphere at Florida State. It's not that far away. My whole family can come watch and see me."

Did UM have a chance? "They had a chance," Thomas said. "The bottom-line: I don't think what I was looking for was at Miami so I took my talents somewhere else."

Asked if he thought the pulled scholarship deal with Kirkland would affect Booker T.'s relationship with UM in the future, Harris Jr. said: "Our relationship is just as what it was before this recruiting season started. They're going to come in here and recruit Chad Thomas, Treon Harris, Nigel Patten and Lamar Parker. There's no bad blood between us. These guys just decided this was the best decision for them. We look forward to a future relationship with them. UM is my school. I put in four hard years there. That will never change."

> Northwestern cornerback Artie Burns, ranked No. 2 overall in Miami-Dade County, signed his National Letter of Intent to UM Wednesday with a smile on his face. Burns had four interceptions this past season and has been the fastest high school hurdler in the nation each of the past two years.

“It’s my hometown team and I knew for a longtime it’s where I wanted to be at,” Burns said. “A day like this means a lot because a lot of us have been together since the 10th grade. There’s a lot of talent at UM and looking forward to accomplishing my goals.”


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Congrats to all the new canes!!! Welcome to the U!

Gallo is a P(_)$$Y thats to sc@red to go mano a mano in the 305. FACT!

Posted by: Nick | February 06, 2013 at 02:23 PM

BWAAAAHAHAAHA... Internet tough guy "Nick."

Hey Nick, read my lips: "F__K YOU."

lets go canes.!!!

now, im just playing around with feeble-minded morons


Well, we landed the #1 wr in FL and #3 nation Coley
#1 and #2 Dbs in FL Burns and Carter
#1 and # Players in Newjersey, Olsen an Muhammed
#1 Fb in Nation-Edwards
#1 Juco TE in Nation Sandland
Dobard, ESPN 150 TE
#58 in Rivals JUCO 100 Devonte Bond DE/LB
#77(YES A DT) in ESPN JUCO 100 KOMALU the DT
#20 Rivals Top PREP 25 OGDOWU the OLINEMAN
#30 Player in NewJersey Hunter Knighton
#17 OG by Scout.com Alex Gall
3-4 star PRep Alex Figueroa DE/LB
#21-35 plyer in Virginia regardless of positon-Lockley


Kirkland no big loss, should not have re-offered the sponsorship. nice to have Collins but not needed. Bryant too high maintenance. Thomas, now that was a real loss, a punch in the gut.

FOr those of U missing matt thomas. Heres the replacement at OLB
Grace, the Sun Sentinel Class 8A-7A-6A Defensive Player of the Year, finished the 2012 season with 115 tackles, four sacks, and two interceptions.

So we replaced Thomas with the Sun Sentinel Player of the year on Defense..... Move on, Thomas didnt want to be a Cane, so we dont need him. Let him stop Duke,Coley,Sandland, and our LOADED OFFENSE

Shut up Dom you've been predicting greatness for YEARS and the canes have STUNK the ENTIRE TIME.


I am predicting a 9-10 win season next yr.....I am only saying for a small class we nailed it. THIS IS A CANES BLOG IF U CANT READ JACK ARSE...Miami is loaaded, and U fear Miami. Its Sad. it shows Swagger still lingers.
Enjoy your time making fun of Miami, because UF and FSU is gettin spanked this year. Fsu has lost everyone, UF and Driscoll?? what a joke...

listen up miami fans,this is why we stand together at the U people keep hanging on these 5 star player`s and trust me some of these 3 and 4 stars going to make it to the nfl before these premadona`s UM alway`s kept it tight, everybody going to learn about mr.Al golden we already got a core for the next 4 years all they have to do is win. and 2014 young players will take care of it self.

I love the KAK.

Pretty good class but could have been great. Hopefully Collins' mom is still running with his LOI from Arkansas until he says he'll go to the U haha. That would make the class really solid....minus the DT position which still boggles my mind.

Really disappointed that we failed to get any DTs; we need a d-line to help transform our lbs and secondary into an elite group. Without a run stopping d-line and some players to get after the QB, there is not a db in the country that can cover a WR for 10 seconds. With a great run stoppoing d-line with pass rushers; an average secondary / lbs become elite. It will never happen in the reverse. Our D-line needs a lot of work and I am unsure, based on what I have seen the past two years, that our coaches have what it takes to develop the defense to become elite. To the players who came aboard today, thanks for sticking with the "U", we need you and hopefully your choice to come on board will be worth it in two years.

Yo Cane Trash

Yo U had a good NSD clUcks?
U got Coley and Grace and the FB kid
Struck out on every DT in the planet, except for Nigeria
Struck out on the best Dade recruit
Got 3 out of the 8 targets on NSD

Yo dom the dUmb clUck Ur poll sUcks, like Ur team
Gallo was dead on most predictions
way better than U dUmmy
He only wiffed on Coley
U wiffed on all of them

Yo looks like U gonna be a high scoring offense again
Unless U play a real D
Unless ur new OC reverts to his FIU days
U gonna need high scoring again
#117 D not looking much better
DBs and 1 LB wont help with no line

And so it goes for the University of Mediocre
All Ur rivals did way better than U

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

I Love Alex Collins Mom...Now there is some SWAG...Maybe Miami can offer her at DT!!!!

We added Alquadding muhammed who couldnt be stopped by any offensive lineman in the army all american game. We added the #77 DT on the ESPN JUCO 100 who rose up the charts after miami signed him, and we added the OLB/Pass Rushing Def player of the year by the Sun Sentinel Jermaine Grace.

We also added Rivals Juco 100#58 regardless of position DE/LB who is pass rush specialist.

we also landed the top DT Tyriq Mccord last year who will B much better this year.........

YOU GUYS R IDIOTS>........... for a small class we nailed it.

Dom I like him!

Go Canes! Nice class!!!!

Hey jack arse U clueless Homer, Shannon flocked up the U and golden had a half a roster when he got here. WHY R U ON HERE? U WONT ASK ME THAT... U ALL KNOW THE U IS ON THE WAY BACK. NO SANCTIONS NEXT YR, and South Florida is loaded with the most talent in 5 years, 4-5 stars across the board.........

HATERS R JUST JEALOUS..... U can have Matt Thomas. UF has still never been undefeated, and FSU lost their entire team...lets see Dumbos recruiting and how his new coaches can coach..

Have Fun Freezing Kirkland. Have Fun playin for an idiot in tallahsssee thomas.....wouldnt even let his OC call the plays, and he HAD A HORRIBLE OFFENSE

Jim Gallo A.K.A Nevin Shapiro is a real piece of work...Where did this Troll come from?

For some reason, cant necessarily ping it, but Kirkland just look like a bust,,,Thomas has that big city to small bust look about him too,,,Collins gonna find it very difficult to display his skills against Alabama, LSU, Texas A&M, Auburn, Florida and Georgia , South Carolina,,what a stupid move both of these kids families will be hard press to attend his games on a regular basis..but this is America

Dom: My comments also noted the need for a run stopping d-line; if we give up 10 yards per carry, it doesn't matter how good a pass rush we get. Why throw the ball if a team can run (i.e., ND, KS, VA, BC, and every other team that we played last year). Think about that for a moment and then respond with something more appropriate.

I bet U 1-2 of these guys are nevin shapiro

NCAA going to settle.


we need all defensive players.....huge loss today....no way you can put a positive spin on it....5500 offensive yards next year will get UM nowhere since the defense will give it back....read what they are saying.....the recruits have no trust or faith in golden or dnofrio....notice not one word of sanctions...nowhere....

"I have a better bond with Arkansas coaches than any other coaches that recruited me,"

quite a statement about a school that is as far away in both geography and culture.....than UM

pathetic....fire golden/dnofrio...hire butch davis immediately


Well, ALl 4 espn U panelists said it, and I am sure alot of U heard. ITS a SR/JR GAME. Fresh and Sophomores can not win in college fb. Sprinkle 1-3 in to a sr/jr laden team, and U can win. THOSE WERE THERE EXACT WORDS>
WE HAD A YOUNG D LINE, and got ate up.....18-19 year olds jsut out of high school at the point of contact cant compete with 4th 5th year sr's and jr's with 4 years in a weight room. Gene Chizik said it 1st and they all agreed

"we got the top 2 DBS in FL" per Domasse deluded mind.

Funny how U say Ur DB's are ranked #1 and #2 U dreamer

Miami CB Artie Burns is ranked 15th. Rivals and 10th ESPN

Florida signed 5-Star CB Vernon Hargreaves III ranked Consensus Top # 1 Rivals and ESPN Cornerback from Florida.

Clemson signed CB Mackensie Alexander from Florida Rivals # 7 corner ESPN # 2 Corner

Miami Safety Jamal Carter Rivals # 21 Safety and overall #40 ATH. ESPN

Florida signed Safety 4-Star Keanu Neal ESPN #6 Rivals #7

Florida signed Safety 4-Star Marcell Harris ESPN #7 Rivals #8

Florida signed Safety 4-Star Nick Washington ESPN #11 Rivals

That's 4 GATOR DB's, ALL from Florida that are ranked way above Ur "top 2 DBS in FL".

If U want to be taken seriously get Ur facts straight U lying fool.

Fake Jim Gallo loves duh kak in his mouf

Hunter Knighton ranked #30 over all in NJ is playing DT in college.
#2. Komalu, who skyrocketed to ESPN JUCO 100 Ranked #77 is playing DT in College.

Talk was that Chickillo filling out like his dad will move over to DT, and adding the best pass rushing DE in the country(at least the kid I saw dominate the army all american game alquadding muhammed) adds great speed to the outside.

Last year 5 star DT Tyriq MCCORD should fill in this year, and 2011 5 star Jalen Grimble should be alot better with another yr in the weight room
I say adding 2 DT's, possibly more, being ranked 20 on espn , with looming sanctions was a great job

Only time will tell.

I am talking about So Fla, Burns and carter are 1-2, and they are ranked differntly on espn by the way carter is an athlete.
We got the top 2 DB's in SO FLA


Artie Burns is 10th CB on ESPN

here we go right on time....bloggers junk the kids, lol....of course golden had nothing to do with it...lol

I feel sorry for barrow/coley and mario...they are gonna exhaust themselves....

sorry manny...olsen with end up selling insurance with covington, marve, whipple and berlin

Is anybody surprise that Collin still has yet to fax his signed LOI to arkansas,,this kid is here is fishy

Butch Davis, like AL GOLDEN, and he was quoted this week, said he avoided the 5 star guys and would take an athletic 3 star any day ...........

WHY R U ON HERE.........

Heres the bottom line
Miami got 6 ESPN 150 High School Recruits
Jamal Carter a High 4 Star Recruit
Miami got 3 JUCO 100 players(Bond/Sandland,Komalu
Miami got the #20 prep ON OGDAWU
For a small class, Al Golden did awesome to land 3/4 of your class basically ranked in the top 150 regardless of their positions...... Others were
Ray Lewis who could b a stud athlete
Lockley who rates between 21-35 in VA regardless of position
Hunter Knighton who is #29 overall in State of NJ

IF YOUR A CANE FANE, UD B REAL HAPPY AS WE LANDED A TON OF STUDS,. but we all know ranks and stars mean squat anyway

We should hire Jim "the DICK" Gallo as coach. Maybe then he would be happy.

But probably not.

al: its the mother/son thing....she is very broken up over it.....but usually these type of things work out....she will get alot of comfort from shannon/bielema...this all much to do about nothing in the end.....

Well Gallo, NFL Coach Steve Mariucci coached Olsen in practice at the UA AlL AM GAME and said the kid is gonna be a game changer in college and cant wait to see him play.

So 6-3/235 Tyriq Mccord is now a DT Domasse ?

olsen.....I finally get a 10 yard pass completion but only after half time...I then run out of the pocket on almost every play but first have to fumble the snap then trip on my own feet......

olsen - heisman material....everyone is good in practice.....I'm a game changer in practice with my grandmother....game day is just little bit different, lol

Matthew Thomas ----The U
Alex Collins---The U
Jordan Cunningham--The U
Jermaine Grace--The U
Stacy Coley===The u
Jaynard Bostwick--The U
Keith Bryant)prima Donna-- THE U

Posted by: Dom

You tell them dom, we are the canes, we take the 2 stars before the 5 stars and we make them great.
I believe Golden and Co did not take any 5 stars on purpose. They didn't take any DT on purpose.
Golden has a secret plan. So does Donofrio and Coley.
You haters will soon see.
Besides you don't need a top defense when you score 40 points at will, you just need a basic defense.
Look out next year we are back and coming to get you.
Let's go Canes!

It appears that Collins mom can run faster than Alex can. Maybe we should offer to her.

MCCORD IS GONNA PLAY DT, it was said last yr, Hes bulkin up...
2. Edwards replaced Collins on that list
we got Coley
We got Grace

In another post I said I didnt think we were gonna get all..............YOUR POINT IS.........

DUDE. IF U WERE NEAR ME I WOULD BIOTCH SLAP U AND MAKE U CRY LIKE A LITTLE SISSSY, Go see if UF can ever go undefeated, or see if Dumbo can win a big game.

Hey dom you admit that beating UM twice in a row should not count as a big game?
Winning the Orange Bowl is not a big game?
Winning the ACC championship is not a big game?
Can you say delusional
Can you say ignorant
Can you say domass?

dude u Uf and FSU homers ruin this blog. GO gloat on your sites. Lou HOltz came out and said today half those 5 star guy fail beause they dont like to be backups, never been yelled at, cant stand depth charts. etc. FSU HAD 4 LB COMMITTS B4 THOMAS , he does know hew wont b handed a startin position right?

Miami had a top 5 class if we had 10 more schollys to give. thats a fact......GO TO YOUR OWN BLOG BIOTCH LITTLE SISSY

Dom, We're you jumping around like this after the
Last 40 or so ( lost count) LOSSES?? UM will still have a dreadful defense in 2013 and u are in denial. Perhaps you should look into gainful employment. Where did you graduate from Dom?

Jim "the Dick" Gallo is a douchebag.

Jim, maybe you can play RB, QB, be the lead recruiter, President and AD. You seem to be a top-notch critic of each.

Doesn't Warren Sapp have 1 more year of eligibility left?...I heard he can play DT a little Bit!

Today should be a happy day for Cane Fans and You Morons make it not fun to b on the blog....I am not going to get into why our D was so bad/ Why did UF lose 5-6 games in 2011 and then played better this yr?

Why did kelly lose 10 games his 1st 2 yrs at Notre Dame and then turned it around.... You guys are complete morons.......My prediction was 9-10 wins this yr, 2013, and by 2014, be a contending team. I am not on here preaching nat title yet. But, when we get there. U can kiss my arse

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