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Grace picks Canes; Booker T. duo talks about their decisions

The University of Miami ended the round of televised announcements Wednesday by landing All-American Miramar High linebacker Jermaine Grace, a four-star recruit tabbed the 17th-best outside linebacker in the country by Rivals.com.

He picked the Canes over Sugar Bowl-champion Louisville. Getting Grace gives UM two recruits from Broward County and two from Dade in this 16-player class.

Grace said he made his decision "a week ago" and is looking forward to reuniting with his Miramar teammates at UM: cornerback Tracy Howard and receiver Malclolm Lewis.

"I feel like we're going to stay together, stay tight," Grace said. "They were telling me I have chance to get on the field right away just like them.

Despite the addition, UM struck out adding a defensive tackle to its class. The Canes missed out on Keith Bryant, who announced shortly before Grace he was heading to Florida State. UM also missed out on Jaynard Bostwick and Terrell Brooks in the last 24 hours.

In the end, I still like UM's class a lot. The Hurricanes landed their QB of the future in Kevin Olsen, the nation's top fullback in Augustus Edwards and JUCO tight end in Beau Sandland, a standout receiver in Stacy Coley, a top-flight defensive end in Al-Quadin Muhammad, an All-American linebacker in Grace and two standout defensive backs in Artie Burns and Jamal Carter. That's pretty good in a small class. 

> So why did Denver Kirkland opt for Arkansas and Matthew Thomas pick Florida State instead of Miami? Here's what they talked about Monday morning.

"I have a better bond with Arkansas coaches than any other coaches that recruited me," Kirkland said. "Miami came in second place because of the things that have been happening these past couple weeks. That's the only reason they came in second. After that I was leaning toward Florida State and Arkansas."

UM pulled Kirkland's scholarship last Thursday, but met with him and his mother Saturday, putting the offer back on the table. Kirkland said while it was tough to leave his parents, heading off to college was the best decision for him.

"He wanted to make the decision for himself and do something different," offensive coordinator Tim Harris Jr. said of Kirkland. "We were surprised by his decision. I was personally. I knew Arkansas was in the thick of it and heard about the relationships he built with the offensive line coach you started thinking it may be spot for him. But I thought it was going to be Miami.

Miami never really rose to the top, meanwhile, for Thomas.

"I think second place was USC, he said. "I liked USC a lot. Things work out for a reason, happen for a reason. I think its a family atmosphere at Florida State. It's not that far away. My whole family can come watch and see me."

Did UM have a chance? "They had a chance," Thomas said. "The bottom-line: I don't think what I was looking for was at Miami so I took my talents somewhere else."

Asked if he thought the pulled scholarship deal with Kirkland would affect Booker T.'s relationship with UM in the future, Harris Jr. said: "Our relationship is just as what it was before this recruiting season started. They're going to come in here and recruit Chad Thomas, Treon Harris, Nigel Patten and Lamar Parker. There's no bad blood between us. These guys just decided this was the best decision for them. We look forward to a future relationship with them. UM is my school. I put in four hard years there. That will never change."

> Northwestern cornerback Artie Burns, ranked No. 2 overall in Miami-Dade County, signed his National Letter of Intent to UM Wednesday with a smile on his face. Burns had four interceptions this past season and has been the fastest high school hurdler in the nation each of the past two years.

“It’s my hometown team and I knew for a longtime it’s where I wanted to be at,” Burns said. “A day like this means a lot because a lot of us have been together since the 10th grade. There’s a lot of talent at UM and looking forward to accomplishing my goals.”


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you still runnin your P(_)$$Y mouth Gallo? Talk about no pride! I call you out mano a mano and ill you do is hide behind your computer like the c0ward you are and on top of that you dont cr@p about CANES football. Example, your stupid comment on the last blog that Baylor plucked a player out off our backyard. Really dumb@$$ because that juco D tackle is from the state of Texas not Florida. So we actually almost plucked a recruit out of Baylors backyard. Looks like someone needs to go back 5th grade geography class. You probably got your butt kicked everyday on playground didnt you P(_)nk! I just wish i could have been doing the kicking. lol

Cane Killer beating Ga Tech a 6 loss team in acc title and beating Northern Ill in OB is not a big game. Jumbo has been there 5 years and due to "luck", getting ga tech and north ill, they won the OR Bowl......Losin alot of talent off that team....
When The gators lead the all time series over miami, when FSU can win a nat title when miami is not on probation like the 90s, then come talk to me.

UF and FSU have 1 und season in both schools history.................I think that says it all.

I am not on here to talk about UF or FSU but both have a long way to go to Catch Miami..THERES NO UF DOCUMENTARY. OR FSU DOCUMENTARY. THERES A U DOCUMENTARY

McCord will never play dt.

over all we have a nice small clas, could have been better but the guys that wanted to ad to our fine tradition are here good luck to the young men who passed on our movement. if golden stays over time and manages to keep local talent like saban does i see no reason why we shouldnt mimic what hes doing in albama (natiomal tittles top of the crop nfl pipeline...

Big ups to Al on a very good recruiting class. Not great like last years but very good. And now that the NCAA mess will be behind us before next years recruiting class. You can bet on a top 5 class from Golden next year with all the talented soon to be seniors coming up in South Florida. And to all the haters, Its a CANE thing and you all just wouldnt understand. Its all about the U baby!

poor nick....go have a cuban sandwich at versailles, is it still there on 8th.....what r u like 5'4"..thats they way your talk....

this is for nick...butch - art - coley - mario - barrow

also today was the worst recruiting day in cane history....

Right domasse, there is also a whole episode on CNBC's American Greed about UM and Shapiro. Nothing on UF or FSU.
There is also an ongoing NCAA investigation about UM football and basketball. Nothing on UF or FSU.
There is also a brewing doping scandal in baseball involving a Coral Gables clinic and several former UM players and a current UM baseball coach. UF and FSU have none of that. You big idiot.
Of the 3 State schools 2 had 11 - 2 seasons last year and 2 of the 3 cleaned out on recruting today.
You know which 2 right?
So it seems you can go watch your documentary and your DVD while the rest of us enjoy college football and the beatings on and off the field coming your way.
Never have I seen so much denial and delusion.
Reminds me of a saying.........
All dUmb, delUsional and in denial is no way to go through life clUck

Welcome to all the new players and their families! Hope each of you has a fantastic Canes career. You have made a great choice for your future by selecting a world class university as your home.

Like many, believe that we needed top interior linemen on defense. Concerned that it will be a replay of last year with little pass rush (some possibility here), getting beat on the interior, our backers playing back and the talented secondary pressured. Productive running plays and underneath passes all day...god I hope not!

We have got some fine players on the defense, and some guys may step up in the interior. Like many here, I have little confidence in the DC, both as a recruiter and a developer of players. Two years of what we have seen out of a rigid personality type makes for a poor prognosis for the future.

By the way, hardly a ringing endorsement of his alma mater by Tim Harris Jr.

Offensively, we are loaded. Maybe fate will smile upon us and the Alex Collins situation will turn in favor of UM...Mrs. Collins, I'm with you all the way!

Arkansas has the 12th best class in the SEC. Come to Miami where you belong, Alex!

All in all, a good day for UM, and I am confident we got kids of character who will proudly wear the U...

please you were not even born when the "its a canes thing" was relevent..you have no reference about that era.....you were still a pea while your dad and mom were chaparoned during her sweet 16....go back to class 2016.....or better yet since you couldnt get acceped to miami-dade north, lol...go watch utube videos ...the U...maybe youll learn something about this brand

Yo Cane Trash

Yo dbc classy post clUck. At least U recognize the problems with the Dline and the incompetence of Ur coach

Yo agree with U on the O side and U will need the high scoring offense to keep up with the lack of D. Same as last year.

Yo CaneKiller too funny just found out about NostraDomAsse, what a delUsional maggot.
According to dom the dUmb clUck, UM is better than UF and FSU cause they got a documentary. U cannot make up this crap.
Yo good answer CaneKiller

Yo dom give it a rest fool U sound more ignorant each time U post

Yo NSD came and went
U got good players but not Ur most pressing need
U fail
Yo YahooNigeria said Golden Retriever got the #2 class in the nation. General Mutombo beat him for #1.

He also got the #38 player in NJ
The #19 player in NY and
the # 2 player in Rhode Island

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

brian kelly has been in a bowl game every year at ND....he was been in more bowls than golden has during goldens entire career as a HC....

brian kelly took a 6-6 team, hired bob diaco, had to revamp the offense from pro-style to spread...then went 8-5, 8-5 then 12-1 to play in national championship

golden is not even near being in the same league as kelly

so where is our version of the replacement of DC with diaco?....or is golden really chalie weis with good makeup, lol

Canekiller so how many National Championships has your team won over the last decade with all those top 5 classes? A big fat 0. If you are an FSU fan, which I suspect you are, then that means you have not watched your team play for the NC since what 2000. And in that year the "U" beat your top ranked Noles and got hosed by the BCS. FSU went on to embarrass themeselves in that game scoring what 2 points? Keep pounding your chest budy because the only sound coming from that is hollow.

i cant wait till goldens press conference is posted...thats gonna be funny...

Gallo go suck and egg...
The Class is done.

Why not welcome the guys to the U and wish them luck in representing the 'U'?
Instead you want to push your agenda of attacking Coach G..and his team...Don' think the players don't read some of your S***.

Get off it...Coach G is here and if you do not like him, his team, or players, go play with yourself somewhere else.

We are all 'Cane fans here and are sick of your disparaging remarks on the Coach staff and players.

You don't owe the 'U' anything, neither do we need to hear the same rants over and over, so we really don't need your demented opinions..
Go 'Canes

UF fan: We picked up the highest rated CB in the nation
FSU fan: Yeah but we got the best LB in the land
UM fan: Oh yeah but we got the best 2 players in Nigeria

UF fan: We added a bunch of players to our top ranked D
FSU fan: So did we
UM fan: We got 2 JUCO TE and the #79 player from NJ

UF fan: We will improve on our 11 - 2 season
FSU fan: So will we
UM fan: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Frank Gore played at the U


The U is done. It is not the U anymore. It is the University of New Jersey/Nigeria/Temple. Nice try though. Enjoy mediocrity. Why don't you worry about winning a bowl game, any bowl game before you start talking sh_t about other state schools. Your program is a disaster and it is irrelevant. Even your own fan base knows this as evidenced by your half empty stadium.

BTW when is the last time duh U won a bowl game????...I'll wait.......

Now lets get to work! ACC Champs 2013

So let me get this right a program on self probation for 2 years, looming sanctions are irrelevant? Lets count this up, Miami is currently ranked anywhere from 21 to 28 in class rankings out of all fbs schools. Your right critics, Miami is certainly going down fast, imagine what will happen when they get this investigation over and Miami is free.

They will probably sink all the way to the top 10 next year. I see now that no matter what Miami does its always going to be these same 3 or 4 people on this board with negative things to say.

First it was Miami won't get anything but scrubs, then they got Coley, Grace, Edwards, Dobard, Mohammed, and Olsen. All highly touted and could have went to any of the top 15 schools ranked this year.

Now the complaints are yo didn't get any defensive line help, well hell you don't get everyone you want, just like the top 15 didn't get everyone they wanted. It cracks me up that it's always something with these people. Why do you guys argue with them, they make no sense and have nothing better to do than see who reacts to their idiotic post.

We got good recruits, only really missing out on 3, Bryant, Thomas, and Collins. You get some you lose some, happens every year to every team, so why respond to these idiots. They team was young and sucked last year on defense but they will get better, with the experience, as well as the offense.

Thanks to Golden for getting a good class, especially with all the distractions. Thanks to all the recruits who bleed orange and green, and signed with the U. We will build on winning the coastal division and get to a bowl this year.

Those who aren't here to support the team or Golden need to peddle their bs elsewhere and let true fans talk about all the players and fun to have this year. Bring on the 2013 season, and once again thank you recruits for coming to the U.

honestly,,i believe both thomas and kirland will be busts,,they have busts written all over them,,espcially kirkland,,,but just the way thomas has hit hat on,,and all of this miami didnt have what i was looking for,,and kirkland,,if arkansas is where your head is well, miami never had a chance and this why the scholarship was pulled,,,you was playing a game,,,

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