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Hurlie Brown named new UM running backs coach

Congratulations to new UM running backs coach Hurlie Brown, a nice promotion from UM's senior football operations coordinator.

Brown played for the Hurricanes at safety from 1988-91, winning one title under Jimmy Johnson and another title under Dennis Erickson.

It appears all or at least most of his coaching career has been on the defensive side of the ball, notably with DBs - with some special teams coaching as well.

Finalists who interviewed included Donnell Bennett, who coaches at Oakland Park Northeast High (home of incoming Cane Stacy Coley); and Telly Lockette, wHo has done a fabulous job at Miami Central.

Brown, a native of Merritt Island, Fla., has since 2011 been responsible for community outreach and recruiting official visits, as well as other administrative duties, according to UM.

Brown served as the secondary coach and kickoff team coordinator during his stint at Louisiana- Lafayette from 2007-11.

He was the FIU DBs coach from 2001-06.

He also coached at FLL Dillard High and Merritt Island High.


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Congrats and best of luck to Hurlie in his new position. It's a curious hire given the strength of Duke and our new recruit and the dominant history of RBs the U has produced since he has not coached RBs before. But I will trust that Golden sees something within that makes him the right choice. I hope he can push our run game higher as it has become quite the hammer this past season and opening up all kinds of possibilities for Morris (and Olsen in the future).

Congratulations to Mr. James on being named the AD. He deserved it and wants to be here. He is also young, supports the programs and is a great fund raiser, something a private school like UM needs. He is the right man for the job.

Congratulations to Hurlie Brown (former UM safety back in our glory days)being named UM's new running backs coach. I thought it may have been Coach Lockett from Central or former 'Cane Coach Bennett from Northeast to get the job, but I believe CAG knew what he was doing and got the right gentleman for the job. It is always great to add former 'Canes to the staff.

I beleive that Lockett or Bennett may have really benefitted us as being good recruiters (coming from high school programs) and knowing how to schnmooze some of the recruits, but again adding Brown will now have another guy who truly bleeds orange and green to the staff and has a passion for the school. Again, congratulations Coach Brown to being promoted to the RB position. Now go Coach 'em up. Keep Duke, Dillard, Clements, Crawford and the rest of the guys on pace and being productive.

Lastly, congratulations to UM's basketball team and Coach L. You guys are doing a superb job and really repping the U the way it should be repped. We are no longer the whooping boy for the "tobacco road" schools in the ACC. If we keep playing like this, we should wi the ACC this year (even though I believe Duke is getting better as the season moves on). Will we be this good from here on out? Realistically, probably not, but I believe we can definelty be year in, year out, a notch below Duke and UNC (maybe where Maryland used to be or in that range) and challenge for the ACC title every 2-3 years. Remember too, that next year Pittsburh and Syracuse will also be in the ACC, so it will be even more harder to win the ACC in coming years. So I hope UM strikes while the iron is hot and wins the conference and gets to, at a minimum the Elite 8 this year. Keep up the good work Coach L.

Curious as why Al hired Hurlie Brown, who only has DB coaching experience and played Safety. I really liked coach Richardson and wished he didn't leave.Just hope Hurlie really develops these running backs. Recruits his butt off. I think once this god forsaken NCAA investigation is over its going to be all downhill and Miami can create a lot of momentum. Just hope those two high school coaches that interviewed don't feel wronged or anything. Can't wait to see Miami next season. Other then VA tech and fsu on the road the schedule really favors Miami. Just can't wait to see how different the offense is, and if that defense has improved. Hope Eddie Jonshon gets his act together and realizes how lucky he is to get a free education, and a opportunity a lot of average people like us don't get to experience. Also still waiting for some kind of interview or anything with Coach Coley. Susan or Manny any chance of that happening...? Well thanks for keep us informed and being objective and transparent in your writing.

Great post Cane4life!!!


Sorry to be the downer here, but this just doesn't make sense. What am I missing here? A DB as a running back coach? WTH?

You saved me a few minutes of typing time, Cane4...Good post...Good Basketball comments.

I will add, for those future recruits, to take notice how well the basketball team is being embraced. Die hards live and die with the Canes every single day. When a Miami team is real good, EVERYONE is all in. It gets crazy...It gets real fun.


I'm thinking after spending the cash to get Cristobal and Coley, they don't have enough to get a real RB coach. Hurlie was already on staff and now they just added in some new responsibilities with probably a slight pay increase. I was hoping for Soldy!

Seems like AG, is not helping with the relations with the local HCs

@ Michael..... I TOTALLY AGREE with U..!! Why is Golden hiring a DB to coach running backs? Donnell Bennett even interviewed...(why wasnt he selected?) At least he played the position!! I hope Golden knows what hes doing because at times i swear he doesnt (like his choice for defensive coordinator)...

Great HIRE ...Shalala should be very happy... cheap, and budget friendly!! Why not promote DNO and have him coach WR and cut another position!!
Very bright, a DB coaching RBs for the first time in his life AT THE U... woww



get on the ball man! this post has been up for hours and you haven't come on to bash Coach Golden yet.

What's wrong man? Got the flu or sumthin?

WOW!! I'd hate to see the comments from you guys if you were not UM fans! Congrats to Coach Brown!! If you guys do some homework before posting, you would see that Coach Brown has great experience with recruiting and has awesome relationships with tons of High School Coaches not only in South Florida, but Florida period!! Coach Golden is doing a great Job and will continue to do so! For all of you bandwagon fans, go cheer for The Gators!

I think something happened to JIM GALLO....

Maybe got run over by a car or something. It doesn't feel like the same Canes blog without his senseless comments.

Hurley Brow, i remember him from my days going to school at UM. Love the guy, funny how you can always remember the players names even when it's been about 20 years since i last heard it.

BTW: i think most assistant coaches can teach most positions. especially when you got a back like Duke. Hurley can teach him the DB mentality to help him get more yards when he gets into defensive backfield.

I think the only specialized coaches would be Quarterbacks, Receivers, and D/O lines.

You guys realize that it doesn't matter what he used to coach. Coaches coach. Position coaches especially are interchangeable. I trust the tie!

Some of you guys baffle me...for years, and I mean years, we have complained about the development of our talented recruits. We need some coaches, not ex UM players that have "relationships with HS coaches." Give me a coach that can turn a Sam Shields into a starting NFL DB anyday of the week, you can keep your "coaches" with connections.

Nice to see someone with a positive attitude to what's going on there at the Hecht Center.

Hurlie Brown's appointment makes sense as he has been a stalwart thru this Mark Emmert/ Sh!tiro debacle and knows what's going on, from on the inside.
I applaud CAG for promoting a Cane lifer

You know, there was a joke that was running rampant in Alabama for quite some time. That joke was, what do maggots and alabama fans have in common? They both can try to survive off a dead Bear for a long time....There is only so many years we can live off of 2001. These Juniors and Seniors were in pull ups in 2001. At some point, you have to become the U of today and move on.

Welcome coach. As a young guy still who can relate to recruits, it should benefit us.

Montana cane. we now play VA tech at home this yr an fsu on road. No more playin 2 tuff road acc games anymore. when they added pitt and cuse, it changed schedules around. Should benefit us on our way once we beat UF soundly at home early in season


Maybe you hit your head last night and woke up a true Canes fan?

who cares or knows....the UM football team/coaches is in complete disarray....its all about the UM basketball team.....overnight results as it should be....none of this rebuilding stuff....that old school stuff of 3/4 yrs to rebuild then compete for national championship is all BS....

UM road to national championship....duke is not goos btw... in the south I dont see anyones beating UM...

Final 4

1. UM
2. florida
3. michigan
4. arizona

national championship game..UM vs florida


Did you read the Herald's statement on their commenting policy? This blog should require people to sign in, maybe not Facebook profiles but at least having to register one email with one username to comment.

I would prefer no comments section in the Miami Hurricanes blog to the embarrassing, obsessive trolling back and forth here.

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.

These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

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For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website."

Coach Brown, congratulations, keep up the great work. Looking forward to see how your position fares next year, should be one of the strongest group. Best, F.Sanchez

It's about time that Apple headed Golden recognized talent.

What people need to realize is that Calvin loves a good dirty sanchez.

Congradulations to Hurlie Brown on his promotion to RB coach. I know he didn't play RB, but as someone else said if you can coach U can coach. It's going to be cool seeing the old number 8 coach the new number 8. Keep working Duke, U embody a true Cane.

lol, hurlie brown as the new runningbacks coach, ok, the thing i like about hurlie being the runningbacks coach is, he's coming from a defensive mentality/perspective like soldinger as well. So i'm thinking this should translate into our guys getting back to that attacking style of blocking again. We've actually had a good run on runningback coaches, we went from soldinger to the guy soldinger signed, tommie robinson, terr, it was another guy who soldingr signed off on, i can't think of his name right now though. In comes hurlie brown, this is going to get interesting.

We got 2 guys on staff coaching in new positions at the same time, hurlie brown, runningbacks coach and brennan carrol, wideouts coach and than throw in james coley who's suppose to be coordinating all of this, here's what i do know, if this defense looks like it did last year, or even close, time to sharpen up the guillotine!

I must say ive never seen fans blindly trust their coach no matter what. Im not sure Ive ever seen such loyalty from fans for a coach at the U. While i doubt the same people would support other coaches that have been here prior to Golden, I suppose we all support our team differently. We all want another ship. I just think some of you want it so bad youre willing to overlook anything Golden does, (donofrio, national recruiting, signing a rb coach who has zero experience. )
It is what it is.
If there is a God donofrio will give up coaching to teach other coaches how to run predictable schemes and then blame your players when every other coach figures it out.

Just sounding off...I'm pissed.

Al... what the hell are you doing?

Brown to RB coach... does not compute... A terrible choice for that position

Fire Williams who's history has been lackluster at best for too many years and promote Brown to DB Coach (His Passion and best suited for).... makes too much sense to me and wonder why you don't see it..

Hire Lockette to RB Coach, which is his passion and knows the position inside out, The guy has proven he is off the chart bright and a winner time and time again, not to mention his recruiting connections that we so desperately need in 14 and 15 and 16, that would make every kid in Florida take notice, not mention who he taught just last year, who will be seniors this year and ready to claim into their spot after Dukes departure

Sorry Al... Keeping your DC after seeing the kind of year we've had, paints a huge question mark on your forehead. his strategy, style and decisions failed when it counted when trying to take the next step. Your loyalty might be your downfall here... I hope not... This year we are loaded with experienced players... and better see a 90 spot jump in 2013 or it's a failure to have kept him...IMO... and if we do not take ACC ship in 13 it will be because defense failed and the DC holding the keys should be blamed, tared a feathered.

Don't know who's deciding to keep or dismiss EJ but He's needed on the team and do what ever you need to do, but get his head straight... Hell, give him to Lewis for a few days, That should do it, but get'er done, is the point... He too important to toss away. IMO

Mario... was a good hire and will help in many ways... maybe in the booth to help the entire staff... IDK but glad we got him

Love Coley as OC and have great expectations to fill the shoes.

Sorry Al... been holding it in for days now

I don't think we should have to login with a facebook acct - I don't want to have a facebook acct...no time for that.

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BArry Jackson reported that FSU and Arkansas did a lot of negative recruiting on Miami to get recruits, talk about NCAA sanctions etc. That's low. That's Urban Meyer low- Randy Shannon I remember hearing him one day say that Urban Liar was using a ton of negative recruiting against Miami whan he was head coach. Now how do you respond to this Randy Shannon? You couldn't coach, you couldn;t recruit and now you are back stabbing your alma mater? I guarantee that's how they got Alex Collins. And the kid bought the BS hook line and sinker.

Same with FSU. They have lowered themselves to gator levels. Nice job Wimbo!

I understand the need for quality control but Keep in mind many have left facebook and tweet... find another way

Everyone getting their panties in a bunch about Hurlie Brown only coaching DB's in the past.....Don Soldinger began his first tenure at UM in 1984 as linebackers and tight ends coach.

of course they are gonna do whatever it takes.....lie . cheat and steal....thats what recruiters are supposed to do. play fsu for th sahre of the florida title...win the championship then play in sunlife....thats how you recruit....but golden though he startegic with self sanctions....what did it get nothing but a pissed off feeder school coach and no impact players.....and if it was nick saban...no administration would have overidden the coaches desire to play....or bobby bowde.....so dont start with that "he had no sayso stuff"...the office statement said he played a key role in the decision....

2013 basketball = 2001 football, enjoy it while it last

Good post cat5Cane, al is trying to do everything to hire around his boy clown 117's ineptness. You can put tissue over boo-boo but it still stinks. goldie will learn the hard way. Than all of a sudden now when we had no depth according to goldie on the d-line, what do they do, they go and move dyron dye and perry to the tight-end spots, lol. We get a couple of tight-ends in this class we move dyron and perry back to defensive end but than we moving jake odonnell to tight-end now, lol.

Next we'll be hearing how jacoby briscoe has been moved to the o-line, cause i remember somebody on staff saying moving jake and briscoe to the offensive side of the ball was temporary or something like that.

Like i said, goldie is an outsider until he becomes part of a national championship team at UM. No disrespect to hurlie, but in a year where you barely got runningbacks and will definitely need come for next year, we playing round with the credibility of the coach that'll be coaching the runningbacks, lol. alex collins knew terry was rolling out i'm sure, telly lockette was the clear cut choice at the same time i can tell he doesn't fit the mold of what the administration is looking for and goldie shying away from alot of the strong minds.

I will say this though, if clown 117 has been given the keys to keep his job and still be at 117th, than giving hurlie brown a chance as the runningbacks coach is not the crime.

randy shannon didn't negative recruit against UM. Who needs to negatively recruit against us when we have the 117th ranked defense, a d-line that seems to have no coach, we play a prevent defense all game long, kicking players off the team(self inflicted coaching moves). I see it said often, but getting down on the field hugging one of your injured players while it did feel good to alot of people that was some softness coming from the headcoach and that doesn't represent taking care of your players.

That man was injured so it was respectful to go out their and do what goldie did but that's football and leave that to the training staff, that was some good ole penn st. huggin going on out their by goldie. Of course stuff like that makes the Mother's and Women feel good, but to the real dudes that was a soft looking move. I'm not knocking these young jits on the team who spoke on it and it made them elevate goldie in their mind. Enuff of that, we don't need no more soft moments coming from this team we need this team to be the one to go out their and start knocking teams heads off.

I've noticeda trend, the coach that's normally doing the most jumping up and down is normally the weak link on the coaching staff. I'm always seeing jethro hopping up and down after plays like coach hurtt use to be out their doing. Anyway it's going to be real interesting.

jerry, Hey stupid Golden hired him, not Shalala. If Golden had any interference from administration he'd be gone. He's not the type to take any guff from the administration. In any event, the U isn't an NFL team with a large pockets, the U has to be fiscally responsible. Do you know the difference.

UM people believe Florida State and Arkansas were two schools that negative recruited against the Hurricanes, with FSU warning players that UM is going to be on NCAA probation, despite having no firm evidence. FSU was irritated about losing Coley to Miami, but UM believes FSU bad-mouthed UM last year, too.

This is why you don't need a coach that goes out on the field and hugs injured players, to much soft crap keeps coming out of this camp. Who's complaining now about being negativiely recruited, SO WHAT, win games and play dominant football. Also, i must say, i saw some say if we win games the fans will start to come out, that has always been True and is the Miami way, we not coming out their in the hot Sun to see garbage. But i will say this, it's going to be real hard to get fans to come out to the games even if we're winning if we're playing this same type soft defense.

It's to frustrating to watch our guys playing this cowards scheme. When you're dealing with an aggressive cith that's use to seeign an aggressive defense, nobody's going to want to come and watch the games playing this style of defense. goldie might come to understand the way we watch & know football in Miami is a whole lot different than any where esle you go, it's a reason why we played for all those championships. So he's not dealing with the average football fans.

This defense will continue to get booed, not the players but that scheme will continue to disgust people that come to the games. Miami was and always has been built off of championship defenses, not this soft huggin style defensive scheme that's been going on these last 2 years. 117th & climbing!

Seriously, to much cry baby stuff has been coming out of the UM camp since goldie got here, i'll list them:

"117th defense in the nation"
"Players huggin/locking arms before games is ghey, with all that uncoordinated rockign back & forth before games"
"It's been tmz since i got here"
"The schedules to tuff"
"Right now, they're a little bit ahead of us right now, GTFOH"
"We'll luv our players"
"Players make mistakes or speak up, sit down or get kicked off the team"
"Did i mention, 117th defense in the nation"
"Not enuff I formations with maurice haggens on the team"
"Having the keebler elfette/president making phone calls to a recruit after you pulled the schalorship is ghey"
"Going on radio to try and justify why kirklands schalorship was pulled saying you don't don't have the flexibility this year(hard number)because of limited schalorships but still actively recruiting 2 more players after signing day is ghey"
"Not getting no interior d-linemen is ghey"
"Complaining about negative recruiting is ghey, even if you won the national championship people will say, why go to that school where you'll have to sit for a a couple of years or why go to a school that has already won a national championship, it happens, quit yo crying"
"Continuing to try and pass of your boy 117th as being one of the best coordinators in college football is ghey"
"Getting into shoot outs with 2 & 10 teams and duke is ghey"

I'll stop right here for now.

They already know telly lockette would've come in here and call them on their b.s. for why we not really going after more Miami and South Florida guys. You're either with Us or against Us goldie. You can't be for the administration and your football team, it's one or the other, but since goldie is barely holding on, he's trying to do that balancing act right now istead of just coming in going hard and than let the chips fall where they may.

I've seen this defensive scheme and nothing gives me reason to believe we'l be at minimum a top 30 defense, will we be a top 50 defense and that's sad to have to even look for us to get to that point when we're use to being one of the top defenses in the nation year in and year out.

Come next year, goldie will start trying to spout off numbers, about how maybe our scoring defense is down and this and that, in the meantime in live games we'll continue to get lit up playing 30 yards off the line of scrimmage. I'm still trying to figure out why do our db's need to get a running start before the ball is hiked even though they already playing 10 yards off the line.

Also, a word to james coley, we don't need any ghey designed runs for smo17 unless we're inside the 10 yard line. Calling running plays for qb's when you got the offensive weapons we have is ghey.

We do not want to see that garbage offense run by Fsu/Lsu run here. I here you saying what you hope they say about your offense but i'm here to tell you, the only thing that's going to be said is what people are actually seeing. I wasn't to fond of jedd fisch offense because it was to soft alot of times, but since he was the best oc we've had in a while here, i left him alone, we just need to be an efficient offense that's aggressive.

Here's what's funny, larranga comes in, and people keep thinking this UM basketball team can't be this good but the one thing larranaga understands and any teams that plays us is going to understand, we play defense every game, that's not going nowhere so we'll always be in games.

In fact, our basketball team is playing 1000 times better defense than our football team, so here's an idea, let larranaga be our new d-co. The basketball team don't concede nothing on defense in the meantime, somebody is teaching a football defensive scheme that continues to consistently and constantly give up the flats and out routes!

you forget.....

"we lost because the guy went the wrong way"

"I had nothing to do with the sanctions since I could be legally liable"

"The only thing I'll say and I don't believe in airing (kirkland) that out publicly so I'm not going to that. Again, there is a difference between pulling a scholarship and having none left"

"How many scholarships were self imposed.Can I answer this question? I feel like I'm in court. I've been at this for two years. I can't answer that."

"You have an associate head coach and assistant head coach on your staff in Mario Cristobal and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio. What's the difference. I don't know. I honestly don't know. But they have different roles in helping me with the administrative side. Mark deals with the weight room, Mario helps with the social, behavioral, discipline side. He's a good guy to have on the discipline side."

just watch UM baskeball head to the national championship....its just alot easier with no pain


Calvin is the biggest p--o--s onthis blog.

How canyou fault a coach who hugs a player who is writhing on the field in agony, after his ankle just snapped in half and is facing the wrong way?

What kind of low life are you?

Golden is the best thing that has happened to my U since Butch davis

Shannon was the worse thingthat happened to the U.

So- you know for a fact that Shannon didnt negatively recruit eh? Let's say he didnt but he could have stopped whoever was doing it. He's a rat.

Congrats to Hurley, but I think Bennett or Lockett would have been better, especially with Bennett having played the position under Soldenger, who by the way, would have been an excellent choice.

Calvin GLAD you're NOT a coach dude, because NO ONE would play for you. Your player SNAPS his freaking ankle in HALF and he's in mortal agony, and this happens right in front of you, and you don't go to the kid??? You're a complete A-TWINE..

well when a DE brad shirey DT broke his femur bone (one of the most strongest bones in the body) snap....as told by kc jones in 1992....brad rolling aound the field in pain....coaches "ok , move it up 10 yards..lets continue the drill"

btw....practice at 2:00 no water allowed....but times have changed....everyone gets ribbon,lol

here give coach golden hug...what a show, pathetic..he should hug his DC...he is the one that is in real pain

Hey Dom, u said "COLLINS TO THE U" no less than 75 times last week. How'd that work out?

don solinger is not comming back to UM...so stop talking like he is..the guy is retired

I think it is very possible going forward that the baskeball team (men/women to follow become the premier teams to watch like the heat/dolphins or Uconn situation.....

basketball becomes the schools baby and the football team is just another team that is supported but not the team that energizes the school or city....the challange for Blake is to keep the UM football team from entering the land of obscurity...

drastic measures have to be taken...there is only one avalible...fire the jersey boys...get a name brand hire here that can make an immediate impact...butch is still out there

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