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If you haven't seen yet: NCAA releases statement supporting president Mark Emmert

For those who didn't see this in the paper today, here it is. The NCAA has put its full support behind president Mark Emmert:

Below is a statement by Lou Anna K. Simon, executive committee chair and Michigan State University president on the NCAA regulatory pathway and Mark Emmert’s leadership:

“The NCAA Executive Committee continues to support the association’s broad-based reform agenda.  This reform agenda must include meaningful change in the regulatory process beyond the changes in enforcement that have already been enacted.

"We, as the Executive Committee, on Friday affirmed our expectation that the association move forward with the next phase of its regulatory review. A thorough examination and subsequent improvement of processes, policies, procedures and investigative tools is necessary. Developing a mechanism for monitoring adherence with policies, while also reviewing the interaction between the legal and regulatory staffs, is key to moving forward. In short, we demand the highest level of integrity and accountability not only from our peers but also from the national office. While progress has been made, additional important work remains.

"Mark Emmert was hired to lead a major transformation of the NCAA.  Much has been accomplished without fanfare, such as academic reforms, enhanced fiscal accountability and organizational transparency. The Executive Committee and President Emmert recognize there is much yet to do and that the road to transformational change is often bumpy and occasionally controversial.  Therefore, on Friday the Executive Committee unanimously affirmed its confidence in Mark’s leadership as president and its support for his ongoing efforts to implement these essential and historic reforms.”



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You have to love spin like "...often bumpy and occasionally controversial." I was unaware that complete hypocrisy, utter lack of its own institutional control, and consistently unethical enforcement choices over the years qualify as "bumpy". But what can you expect from the Executive Committee to do but follow up hypocrisy with hypocrisy. Since the ACC Commissioner has come out in support of Miami and since the Wake President sits on the Executive Committee I wonder what kind of political squabbling occurred THERE. Hmmmmmm.

2010 Defense Under shannon/lovett
19.7 scoring defense ranked 22nd in the nation
317.2 ypg given up ranked 17th in the nation
146.3 pass yards given up ranked 3rd in the nation
170.8 rush yards given up ranked ranked 84th in the nation

2011 Defense under goldie/clown 117th(with more mature players overall)
20.1 scoring defense ranked 22nd in the nation
359.9 ypg given ranked 47th in the nation
198 passing yards given up per game ranked 31st in the nation
161 rushing yards per game given up ranked 71st in the nation

It's obvious all shannon needed was to recruit better d-linemen and a couple of more linebackers and this defense would've gotten stingier and stingier under shannon/lovett.

So basically with the same players and older talent this defense regressed, and i know players were suspended but that didn't have that much of an effect because once they came back they were in the same scheme.

When i hear a clown 117th start talking about he has to rely on his training, lol, that's not a good sign although their are none with him anyway, that just makes it worst.

We can't keep hearing we're waiting for the younger guys to grow-up, cause that's horse manure, by the time the younger guys grow up, guess what, they'll have younger guys behind them, and the older ones will be graduating so when is this all suppose to actually come together, quit with the excuses.

We'll see how much support Mark gets when the Florida Bar concludes their investigation of Perez and the NCAA in the handling of the bankruptcy investigation. UM may not skate but it appears the worst of this mess will be shared by the accusers and their counsel!

Go 'canes!

A young defense with a good dco gets you rank in th 50's-70's ala Texas this past year, UF 2011, fsu 2010...
But incompetence get you 3 from the bottom.
Cal that quote of Goldie saying a few plays think they're better than they actually are shonuff should be applied to his BFF also.
If the defense was just half as good as 117 UM loses 2 games MAX!!!!!

Why not just chill and give D another yesr, which he obviously is going to get anyway. No excuses.

My only real objection is the trade off he consistently made between risk and reward. When it was obvious in many games that we couldn't stop them conventionally, why not step up the aggression. Worst case is they score quicker. Not a big deal. And you might stop them.

I don't want to complain about jedd fisch because he was the cause of us winning the games we did win this year and the year before that but i will say this, i won't miss how he didn't use formations to the best of our offenses advantages. To many times we'd run the ball on 2nd down and get good yardage, but on 3rd down, say 3rd & 4 or less, we'd go into an obvious passing formation by not having a back in the backfield.

i like what i heard from james coley when he spoke about having an offensive identity, something we haven't had for years now. If he can come in and give us an offensive identity again and we become an efficient & explosive offense, this will get us back on the road to becoming tough to beat. jedd was all over the place with his formations, we made alot of explosive plays but didn't use enuff of a power offense against teams where that would be required. But since the offense was one of the only bright spots, i left it alone.

Here's to james coley getting back to having an offensive identity and running the ball from more power I formations and using maurice haggens way more than jedd, i thought it was a crime to have maurice on the sidelines for most of the game than when we did bring him in, the running game excelled. jedd and goldie got to caught up in the big plays and forgot about driving the football so we had alot of unecessary 3 & outs.

dnofrio will never succeed.....some guys just dont have it...he lies about his temple stats.....2009/2010 there were 4 games where temple won by 2 points and the teams they won against were 1-11 to 3-9....

another year is a waste of money and only sets back the inevitable....guys dont go from #117 to #22...just dosent happen in statistics....

fla bar has no authority to enforce anything...who are they investigating...perez? she has already been cleared for not abusing the bankruptcy process and allen has not brought a complaint against her for breaching her responsibility as a fuduciary of his legal interest.....

everyone can have their day in court..all you have to do is sue...so stop complainig like a little b...tch and get moving....what is shalala waiting for?

A young defense with a good dco gets you rank in th 50's-70's ala Texas this past year, UF 2011, fsu 2010...
But incompetence get you 3 from the bottom.
Cal that quote of Goldie saying a few plays think they're better than they actually are shonuff should be applied to his BFF also.
If the defense was just half as good as 117 UM loses 2 games MAX!!!!!

Posted by: Nash | February 24, 2013 at 11:19 AM

What up dawg, you know it's gone get irritating early in the a.m. when you open up the paper and see clown 117th trying to discuss defense. He's the one that need to be moved to the offensive side of the ball. We should be top 45 in all categories come next year, no excuses, when you got guys going in their 3rd year in this system, we should see some guys exploding on defense now. Let's list all the 3rd year players in this system going in this upcoming season:

shayon green
kacy rodgers
3g/anthony chickillo
olsen pierre
luther robinson
curtis porter
jimmy gaines
eddie "if he makes it" johnson
jalen "invisible 5-star" grimble
corey king
thurston ambrister
ricardo williams
junior alexis

goldie guillotine awards:
gionni paul
thomas finnie

on goldie guillotine row:
eddie johnson
dequan ivery
rashawn scott
jontavious carter

Anyway, no excuses come this year about being young on defense, those are the 3rd year guys under this system with a plethora of 2nd year guys going in, we should be top 45 in every category and i'm being lenient!

If Shapiro said the same thing twice the NCAA considered such statement to be corroborated.

Memo to Emmert: A self-corroborating statement is a contradiction in terms. A declarant cannot corroborate his own statement. His statement is corroborated by an external statement, documentation, etc. To use a "self-corroborating" statement is either a sign of complete incompetence or outright malice.

calvin..love the "on goldie guillotine award"....please there have been so many guys that have left, diciplined and let go by this staff, you could have another team in the acc....

UM was not young on defense last year..it was manufactured by golden via what he did at temple...it didnt work here....90% of the team thats started was shannon recruits, so the freshman stuff is all theater.....let me know if you need the LONG list of players....will post endlessly to counter all the golden/dnofrio lies

jim gallo, lol, shalala and company knows better, they know they already paid 80K for the players not to get subpoena's. so if they go to court, all that goes out the window. Bad strategy from the beginning, goldie "we told our players to be open an honest" lol, shut up and let them do what they need to do like aldarius johnson did, if they all took the aj2 route, most of this would've never had taken place.

Who tells on themselves about what they did before even signing with a school, i'm not saying be dishonest, but what i'm saying is, this wasn't time for confession sessions. goldie must be Catholic because that's what he tols the players to do, go to confession, only problem is, they were making confessions to the evil ones.

I agree RichmondVACane.

That's one of the most stupid statements of the whole noa that I have read up to this point.

It like if a lier tells the same lie enuff they"ll start believing their own dmn lie!!


calvin..love the "on goldie guillotine award"....please there have been so many guys that have left, diciplined and let go by this staff, you could have another team in the acc....

UM was not young on defense last year..it was manufactured by golden via what he did at temple...it didnt work here....90% of the team thats started was shannon recruits, so the freshman stuff is all theater.....let me know if you need the LONG list of players....will post endlessly to counter all the golden/dnofrio lies

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 24, 2013 at 11:49 AM

man, every time i see you post that list it gets comical but sad. That's a whole lot of players man.

What other penalties is the NCAA will put on themselves? If they give Miami more penalties, I think there should be more penalties for them. I don't care if they support Emmert. They just need to realize they are trying to penalize Miami for lack of control which is the same thing they did. Hello!! When is enough?

2010 - randy shannon

total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - golden

total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - golden

total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

defense handed to golden....what youth is he and dnofrio talking about..its all BS as always

DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
LB Kelvin Cain
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne

Also i left off kelvin cain, tyrone cornileus and aj highsmith. So out of all of those players, sine it's been said on here many times that "shannon didn't develop players" who out of that list of players has developed under this regime into a 1st, 2nd or 3rd round draft pick on defense that will be graduating coem this year.

So come this year, we'll have a bunch and 2nd and 3rd year guys going thru a full spring so we shouldn't see no more delayed defensive calls coming in from the sidelines come this year where we saw clown 117th yeslling "look at me, look at me" right before the ball was hiked. Who sends in defensive signals that late.

For real, i could careless about this investigation or whatever sanctions they plan on handing down, that's for the future, us being this bad on defense is worst than sanctions. It's not like we got sorry players on the team, we got alot of balla's on defense but they're being asked to do things away from their own strengths and that's the main problem.

nash, i guess that's the same tatic goldie is doing and believes in, he thinks if he keeps saying and passing his boy oach OH-NO off as him being one of the best in the nation more than once, than it's corroborated.

players handed to golden.....please tell me what the problem is?

QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson

now add the 2009 leans including teddy bridgewater....we pulled the trigger on shannon too quick, we were wrong...the stats tell the story, at this point UM would have been better under shannon....I also though he needed to be replaced but was wrong in the end

Too funny to listen to you ignorant little bandwagoners talk about UM like you have any idea what running a university is all about.

Like $80,000 matters.

ACC titles won under Shannon... ZERO

Jim "often wrong but never in doubt" Gallo:

There is nothing to sue over yet as there has been no punishment handed down

the sacks go down and the total yards given up go up......that is the whole story....remove shannons offense and UM goes either 0-12 or 2-9...

what else is there to say....

national titles won under shannon = 1
under golden = ZERO

2001 randy shannon defense:

2980 yards given up / 248 yard per game average
39 sacks for 291 yards
27 int's for 539 yards

butch - hc
shannon - dc
coley - oc
kehoe - line / assit oc
barrow - lb / assit dc

love that...lets make it happen

Calvina/gallo must have overdoesed on a few of those 5 hour energy drinks this morning because they have the copy and paste from all their other posts up here today. The bottom line is this is the same thing that coaches get 90 percent of the time when they are about to get fired. The universities would be wise to take a step back and look at this objectively and ask themselves what if this was our university and our student athletes being done wrong and would we accept a governing body that shows favoritism to certain schools expetiting their cases on some and dragging on for two years plus on others. Also putting their trust in this governing body who is quick to point out your lack of institutional control for their school but at the same time have no control of their own organization. The NCAA has no which means zero credibility to their investigative prowess in that they cannot stick by their own by laws and rules in conducting any investigation. This is utterly ridiculous and laughable that they have any premise to punish anyone. They first need to get their own house in order before they can worry about anyone elses possible misdeeds. The fact is the NCAA has made itself a public laughingstock in a years time, first by overstepping its boundries in the Penn State case and now the public embarrasment of their handling of the Miami Case. The hypocrisy of this organization is unreal, in that they pay for burner phones, pay legal counsel for outside the rules methods for collecting evidence and others but it turns a blind eye and will not dig to the depts of the earth to find out the truth behind a father who pimps his son out to the highest bidding school such as CaM Newtons case, and can expedite his case through so he may play in a title game just because he is playing for one of their good ole boy's teams from the SEC.

My dead grandmother could have won with the 2001 team, so the RS accolades are really silly.

@RichmondCane -

Obviously you are correct but I still have not seen what the NOA says - only what Shalala has said. If there actually is a "twice-said" corroborating test here then the NCAA has clearly lost any modicum of credibility - not that they had much to begin with - and I believe even Cane haters will understand this as pure rubbish.

Randy Shannon was given the opportunity to be the head coach here and it was way over his head. I'm not sure why we need to continue discussing him.

Any fool could've coached a defense with that much NFL talent. Like Ed Reed requires any coaching. Seriously, who would make a better DC right now, Ed Reed or Randy Shannon?

When people feel the need to give you a vote of confidence, you're on your way out. The media is going to continue to jump all over that dude and he deserve every bit of it.

Any comparisons to the 2000-2002 teams is stupid. Those teams had ridiculous talent that even Alabama can't match. The only contribution the coaches made to those teams are recruiting. I could take plays from Madden and run them with Clinton Portis, Andre Johnson, Shockey, etc... The supporting players on those team are better than the players from 2004 to present.

gallo, and that's why it's real stpuid to hear people say "we didn't need denver kirkland" lol, oh really, so what they're saying is, it's no big deal to not have a guy like kirkland on the roster who couldve come in, more than likely had redshirted this year, than begin to get ready to take over a starting position along with a guy like ereck flowers who should probably redshirt this year coming up but who am i, i think he'd be a better left tackle than right tackle, but he's a guy that can play either left or right but he's going to have a hardtime beating out bunche or henderson although i do think bunche might do better at right tackle but oh well, kehoe got this.

Now when you look at the guys we got in the trenches, we had 1 o-line recruits make it in 2011 wells, than in 2012 we had 3, isadora, flowers and gabodis(made it in). Than of course this year with 3, in knighton, gall and sunny, wouldn't of been a bad idea to get kirkland cause right now we looking real weak in the back-up/future depth department. So we're not getting d-linemen or o-linemen for the future, lol. So since goldie has been here, we've only gotten 7 o-line committs in 3 years, alot is riding on these limited amount of guys being good, you win from the inside out.

It's not going to matter how many skill position guys you have, if you can't block for them, it's going to be a long day. What i like going up against the gaytors this year, it'll be our o-line vs their d-line kehoe vs dan quinn, i got us winning that match-up. Plus our receivers vs their db's in man coverage, should be fun, the key is, will james coley be able to coach smo17 into not throwing the costly picks that go back for touchdowns. That's the one thing jedd fisch was real good at doing, limiting turnovers by the qb's.

Unfortunately, this game is going to come down to which team plays the best defense, you can discount us from that for now for sure. Although i will say this, if we have a starting line up of curtis porter, olsen pierre, shayon green, 3g, dzp, eddie johnson, gaines, howard, gunther, bush and jenkins, that might not be a bad team.

Gallo/Calvin how many acc championship shannon have? Bowl wins? 10 win seasons? with all that talent you list? 0!

Ha.ha.ha.ha.Having now read the letter of backing from the NCAA to the NCAA.......my thought initially is."IT I S AMAZING how the NCAA CONTINUES to RE-INVENT ITSELF.Too funny.Just too,too funny.It s like it was ok and is still ok and will always be ok to demonstrate THEIR own...."lack of institutional control".Hilariously funny and MAGNIFIES their huge HYPOCRISY as the sole-enforcer,bully of collrgiate sports not having to answer to any other body in America.Whether it be LEGALLY....or otherwise...A true SHAM and ridiculously absurd so-called "governing body".Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

At this point in time for Lou Anna K. Simon, NCAA executive committee chair, to release a letter bragging about the committee’s unanimous support of Mark Emmert is surreal and telling.

Emmert is only weeks removed from admitting that corruption took place in 20% of their Miami investigation and this so-called committee unable to say with 100% certainty that other NCAA wrongdoing did not occur in the other 80% of the Miami investigation sprinted in front of the public and threw their arms around Emmert in support.

This mirrors Mark Emmert’s feat of strength when he breathlessly leaped out in front of a hastily called press conference after reading the infamous Yahoo! article to proclaim to the world that in the case of the Miami Hurricanes the death penalty is on the table. His only proof to make such an outrageous claim was what he read in an online article, but of course he was talking about Miami whose name adorns a bull’s-eye in the offices of the NCAA.

This is Emmert’s chance to nail the big one. Documentaries will be made and books written about this great capture and kill much like bin Laden and Pablo Escobar. The nation will celebrate this great man, statues erected and he will be brought to tears during his interview with Oprah as he explains how he singlehandedly rid the world of this scourge. And yes, he will admit to cutting corners and breaking rules, but he knew that his actions served the greater good of the country as Oprah looks on nodding approvingly.

The untouchable NCAA is all powerful and small irritants such as the Constitution mean little to them. Their illicit conduct and no ‘real’ due process for the accused means little, if nothing at all, when Mark Emmert and University Presidents have mentally convicted schools they believe must to be punished. The facts mean little once this machine is kicked into gear as the outcome has been preordained.

Those who are cheering on the NCAA due to their hate of Miami may one day realize they were signing their own school’s death warrant as this unfeeling, out of control serial program killer may be stalking your university at this very moment. You’ve been forewarned!

of course she is giyng to support him, dont want to look bad at this point, the NCAA doesnt have a clue.

rabble rabble rabble ... Goldie and the Jersey Boys are Outsiders! Are they even from America? They wanted the NCAA to come to UM! Denver Kirkland, though weeks away from transpiring, is still on my mind .. rabble rabble rabble
Shannon was our savior! He needed more time! More average teams with above average taletnt. Dats Racist! Check Golden’s birth Certificate ... rabble rabble rabble

Listen Calvin and Gallo. You guys are the worst fake UM fans ever. All you do it is point out old, biases, and racist comments that are spear-headed directly at the current the misfortunes of UM!

If you are true fans your perspective/critique would be positive.
Stop lobbying for Butch Davis to come back.

Why not ask for Schnelly or Erickson? Live in the real-world, Butch is not coming back to be HC. And

Before you answer, take of you Shannon-loving glasses, and try for a positive, logical, and rational for once. No more insane, over the top rhetoric, they just get old.

I know you love being the 'different' one. But they're other avenues and critiques you can use that might actually help the UM Football team. Not the same rhetoric.

**spear-headed directly at the current misfortunes of UM!

**and try for a positive, logical, and rational response for once

dismiss the shannon stats all you want....

During Shannon's six years as UM's defensive coordinator, his defenses ranked as follows in total defense nationally:

2001 – 6th
2002 – 7th
2003 – 2nd
2004 – 28th
2005 – 4th
2006 – 7th

he recruited the best players UM ever had...dnofrio is not in his league.....fireing golden helps UM football.....hiring butch davis helps UM football....

all your top recruits de-committ:

alex collins
denver kirkland
terrell brooks
matthew thomas
jaynard bostwick
keith bryant

ignoring the obvious is.....no logical, irrational and negative for the brand going forward....the glass is 1/2 empty...time for a change...golden aint gona last here at UM anyway and butch is avalible....

putting pressure on a CEO (golden) that has lost money for the firm (UM) and not help the brand to leave is not a "negative critiques"...it is what shareholders (fans) do when the value of their ownership in the company (UM)is being destroyed (#117 defensive rank)

all the data on the management (coaching staff) is negative....the performance is less than the other managers (coaches) that we fired...this type of critique goes on every day....

conviction affords those that have no skin in the game...hand your portfolio or life savings to dnofrio...tell me how long you stay silent...a little different now isnt it?

Gallo and calvin= dumba55es

No mention of greg schiano. The true Architect of the 2000-2002 defenses

even UM royalty like mario christobal leave....what about the post on duke johnsons twitter page where he said....when mario left he was uncertain where UM was headed and that he didnt know what to do?.....

Bottom line is we are loaded this year.. Top 5 qb
Check, TOp RB and heisman fav, check. Top Juco TE, 2 espn 150 TEs' plus retruning TE's check, top 3 o line, check, , top 3 wr depth easily now with coley and this #33 overall Griffin kid from texas who luginbill called a hybrid wr/te........We should have a top 5 offense and b in every game . And we signed a ton of DT's last yr, 3-4 I believe, and the Juco DE, 6-5 280 is a dt/de......... add alquaddin muhammed to the pass rush, prob the quickest DE in the country, and Jamal Carter and Artie Burns as backups or starters as freshman. LB's should b better with a full yr of Raphael Kirby and WE ARE LOADED.......

The one thing I haven't seen with Miami lately is player development. How are we able to get some top notch players that other high profile schools wanted (Chickillo, Grimble) yet not seen them live to the hype. I hope this year is a break out year for the two mentioned and others on the team, if not, you must look at the coaching staff and ask yourself why are we not developing talent at the U?

let me tell you something about greg schiano...first of all he wasnt the dc in 2001 or 2002.....the other thing is the players didnt like him...OK, thats right I said it......to this day players hate him.....he is an as...hol....golden is alot like him....too much dicipline...i dont know what it is with these ginnys from nj....they think they are god.....
why do you think UM had player committee formed to act as a bridge for relations between golden and the team?

dnofrio os a ss also...when the herald asked about the #117 standing he said that I only care about what my wife and family think..nothing else

From Barry. 247 moved us to #11 by the way. Not bad for a sanction year.
### With UM adding three recruits since Signing Day – including highly regarded running back Cornelius Elder and tight end Derrick Griffin – ESPN raised UM’s final recruiting class ranking from 21st to 15th, past Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech, among others.

“The snapshot of their class is a lot better than it was two weeks ago,” ESPN’s Jeremy Crabtree said. “Griffin reminds me of Jermaine Gresham and he ends up being the best player in their class. They now have one of the most memorable tight end classes we’ve seen in 15 years.”

Dwayne. generally the Qbs and Dlineman are the ones that you see in their 3rd year, possibly 2nd, due to weight room growth. R the DT's big in high shcool , yea, but a Jr/Sr in college is a 21-22 yr old man with 3-4 years of eating college meals and weight training daily. a 17-18 yr old dlineman does not have the size and speed yet(some do, but most need 1-2 years).

Muhammed at DE is a beast, he will prob see time as a freshman, he dominated at DE in the army all am game.


Here is nick sabans 1st year by the way--at ala in 0, and he didnt have to have looming sanctions like golden has. GIVE IT TIME PEOPLE>....The Tide defeated Colorado in the 2007 Independence Bowl 30–24 to finish their first season under Nick Saban at a 7–6 (4–4) record

D'nofrio said the casual fan would not understand the risk/reward scenario. So he belittles us into a fan base of know nothings? He decided not to ever risk and still got burned, without reward. I Get it.

But what about an investment type scenarios where the restructuring of a company is current;ly occurring, stocks and shares are down, but the return in the future will supersede all the whimsical "need results right now" fans. Patience grasshopper. And assuming you are a shareholder, despite your rhetoric, you still go to games? If so I applaud you.

P.S- Despite the data, the overall specualtion of the product over proformed. And during the "NCAA cloud" aka football recruiting resession, the product should be much improved and will over proform again, leaving shareholder satisfied untill the the NCAA "recession" is over.

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