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If you haven't seen yet: NCAA releases statement supporting president Mark Emmert

For those who didn't see this in the paper today, here it is. The NCAA has put its full support behind president Mark Emmert:

Below is a statement by Lou Anna K. Simon, executive committee chair and Michigan State University president on the NCAA regulatory pathway and Mark Emmert’s leadership:

“The NCAA Executive Committee continues to support the association’s broad-based reform agenda.  This reform agenda must include meaningful change in the regulatory process beyond the changes in enforcement that have already been enacted.

"We, as the Executive Committee, on Friday affirmed our expectation that the association move forward with the next phase of its regulatory review. A thorough examination and subsequent improvement of processes, policies, procedures and investigative tools is necessary. Developing a mechanism for monitoring adherence with policies, while also reviewing the interaction between the legal and regulatory staffs, is key to moving forward. In short, we demand the highest level of integrity and accountability not only from our peers but also from the national office. While progress has been made, additional important work remains.

"Mark Emmert was hired to lead a major transformation of the NCAA.  Much has been accomplished without fanfare, such as academic reforms, enhanced fiscal accountability and organizational transparency. The Executive Committee and President Emmert recognize there is much yet to do and that the road to transformational change is often bumpy and occasionally controversial.  Therefore, on Friday the Executive Committee unanimously affirmed its confidence in Mark’s leadership as president and its support for his ongoing efforts to implement these essential and historic reforms.”



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TK we might have singed the best DE in the nation, #3 on espn alquaddin muhammed who dominated in pass rush in all am game. we signed juco guy 17 sacks, devonte bond, curtis porter will b healthy, and DB's will be better with more depth.

gallo, U cant compare 2 different era's. Thats like calling Jimmy a bad coach because he lost 5 games his 1st yr at Miami or calling saban bad becaause he went 7-6 at ala in 2007. It takes 3 years to build your program. add sanctions, takes a bit longer. GOLDEN JUST ADDED #11 class by 247 sports which averages all 3 recruit sites..........top 10 last year and #11 this year............with loooooooming sanctions. The team is loaded now....just need a year , 10-2 season, acc champ game and by 2014 playoffs, the 1st season of playoffs, we should be a bonafide contender

Golden has helped the brand. His management team (coaches) as been formidible, save coach D.

Am I the only one that thinks Anthony Chik needs to lose weight? He was a beast as a frosh, very high motor and quick. He gained 30 lbs. had fewer sacks and seemed a bit slower.

I say move him to DT. we need speefier tackles. HEs big enuff. with muhammed coming in, hes the man. He came down here in Sept with his new jersey hs team and was all over the field at st thomas and beat them on their home field. Then he dominated in the army all am game....dude is a beast....

hows this for a penalty that alabama got. It was swift, saban didnt have to wait 3 years nor old coach shula, and if it was miami, it would be ""Lack of Inst control""' 16 sports/????????????

In June 2009, the NCAA Committee on Infractions sanctioned Alabama for "major violations" of NCAA policies as a result of athletes who received improper benefits in 16 of 19 NCAA sports, including football.[2] As part of the penalties imposed, the football program was forced to vacate five victories from the 2007 season making the official 2007 record 2–6.[2]

Barry Jackson


### With UM adding three recruits since Signing Day – including highly regarded running back Cornelius Elder and tight end Derrick Griffin – raised UM’s final recruiting class ranking from 21st to 11th, past Texas, Oklahoma, and Virginia Tech, among others.

Gallo i stand by what i said. U are a dumba55

UM never won a nc "under" shannon.
Um won a nc under coker and played another under coker and finished again in the top 5 under coker. Period.

Schiano coached reed in 1999 and 2000. And as DC recruited buchanon, dj williams, seant taylor, antrel rolle.

Please stfu


Junkie. Ditto that on the 2000-2002 teams

NCAA supporting him to avoid a flood of lawsuits..doesn't mean UM shouldn't file suit in a real court. NCAA should be brought down..this is the country where you deserve a fair trial, not execution based on testimony of jail house snitches looking to scam a few more people.

If there is anyone besides his homeboy Golden who believes D'Nofrio can coach is a dumb a chick who believes I'll only put the head in. This guy is why minorities get so upset they don't get chances. Many caucasian coaches get and keep their positions even though results prove they cannot coach. How many BCS schools OC's and DC's are Blacks? We are only pons to recruit the necessary human resources (Black players) so that they "white coaches" and institutions can make millions. They now let us play QB but, like they felt previously, won't allow us to be DC's and OC's. Thats because they know we would succeed and then they couldn't use the excuse of us never being a coordinator as reason to deny us head coach jobs. Why we won't stand up and deny the oppressors the necessary resources to compete for championships baffles me. These white men come into place they would never venture to get poor Black kids to make them millions, but when they are done playing, would never allow them to be nothing more than "Bait" to catch more N word talent. The rules and regulations of the NCAA is nothing more than N word control mechanisms. I remember Big John Thompson and Chaney (Temple) waliking out in protest tp Prop 14 or something because they knew it to be racist policies. The one parent I respect most is Kellen Winslow who said his son would not go to a school who never hired a African American in a leadership role. Florida would tear down the Swamp before a N word ever led them into battle. Don't worry many parents have no knowledge of history or institutional racism, so we'll keep entertaining you on Saturdays and making the masters millions.

Signed.......John Brown

“The snapshot of their class is a lot better than it was two weeks ago,” ESPN’s Jeremy Crabtree said. “Griffin reminds me of Jermaine Gresham and he ends up being the best player in their class. They now have one of the most memorable tight end classes we’ve seen in 15 years.”


Al Golden does all this with the worst NCAA investigation in 40 years hanging over the programs head...he's the man!!!

wrong....the product (UM)can not grow organically....the stock is underperforming because of poor leadership and that same leadership will keep the stock (defense) under pressure. data...ie, earnings (defensive yards) are never discounted or ignored by the people providing coverage.....leaderships history for the last 7 years has been 6.4 loss per year...there is nothing in the conference call that will change the earnings (forward win/loss recored)

the company (UM) had stong physical foundation:

DE Shayon Green - 6'3" 260
DE Anthony Chickillo - 6'4" 262
LB Jimmy Gaines - 6'3" 230
CB Brandon McGee - 6'0" 194
S Kacy Rodgers - 6'2" 210
LB Tyrone Cornelius - 6'2" 210
S AJ Highsmith - 6'0" 205
S Vaughn Telemaque - 6'2" 204
DT Curtis Porter - 6'1" 305
DT Luther Robinson - 6'3" 288
LB Ramon Buchanan - 6'1" 195
S Ray-Ray Armstrong - 6'4" 220
LB Kelvin Cain - 6'3" 245
DT Jeffery Brown - 6'3" 275
DB Devont'a Davis - 6'2" 190
LB Travis Williams - 6'3" 205
DB Jamal Reid - 6'1" 185
LB Kevin Nelson - 6'1" 220
DB Keion Payne - 6'1" 175

gowth - players could be developed with stong organic structure.....golden will not fire dnofrio....stock (team) will be under pressure 2013...

risk/reward favors firing golden...downside is limited
hire butch davis...stock (team record) will move drasticlally to the upsidesince dnofrio will be gone....

...say what about ginny's from NJ Gallo?

ginnys from nj are not 305....they are control freaks....golden - dnofrio - schiano.....most players hate them, just ask around....rules with 300 page binders....thats what turns them on....

love to make excuses....players went the wrong way...tmz all year....fans dont understand risk/reward....let me tell you dnofrio I know more about risk/reward when you still had beef stew in your pants crying for your moms t..it...

these guys are failures....stats tell the story...golden is mediocre, all the smart money says so....

Thanks for nothing Susan.

Gallo you would not know loyalty if you saw it and you see it with every player on the U squad.


Your conclusions are wrong because your hypothesis is fueled by flawed information, thus no foundation. Until you employ facts versus purposely skewed and wrongheaded opinions your arguments, no matter how many times you post them in various orders, will always be wrong. Your assertions have been refuted and proven inaccurate by many.

Shannon was not head coach material....sorry Gallo....or Calvin or whoever you are today....

Report: NCAA to listen to motion

February 23, 2013

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The NCAA's Committee on Infractions agreed Friday to consider the request of three former Miami assistant coaches who say their individual cases in the Hurricanes' athletic scandal are tainted and should be dismissed, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press.

However, it's unclear when the committee will decide, the person told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because all sides agreed not to publicly disclose any information.

Former Miami basketball assistants Jake Morton and Jorge Fernandez, along with former football assistant Aubrey Hill, filed a motion with the committee on Thursday, saying, among other things, that they believe they cannot get a fair hearing because elements of the NCAA's probe of Miami were admittedly botched.

The NCAA committee held a conference call to discuss the motion and other matters, known as "procedural posture."

When the NCAA sent individuals who were named in the allegations their copies of the documentation this week, a letter was included saying that the enforcement staff believed the scheduled June 14-15 dates to hear the Miami case were "unlikely" and that July seemed more reasonable.

Apparently, the infractions committee -- which operates on its own, not with the NCAA's enforcement staff -- disagrees with that assessment. During the procedure portion of Friday's call, sides were instructed to prepare for a June hearing.

"Everyone thinks this has gone on long enough already," the person who spoke with AP said.

Up next: The NCAA will now wait until mid-to-late May for responses to come from those who were requested to provide one in the notice of allegations, which was delivered to Miami on Tuesday and says the school had a "lack of institutional control" when it came to monitoring the actions of the former booster, Nevin Shapiro.

Miami got those allegations from the NCAA after a two-year investigation that largely revolved around the claims of Shapiro -- a convicted felon who gave cash, gifts and other so-called "extra benefits" to Hurricane coaches, players and recruits over an eight-year span. Shapiro, currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for masterminding a $930 million Ponzi scheme, said he interacted with dozens of people associated with the Miami football and men's basketball programs.

Miami first alerted the NCAA to some of Shapiro's allegations in 2010. An investigation began in early 2011.

The NCAA believes Hill and Fernandez provided them with misleading information during the investigation, meaning they were cited for allegedly breaking what's known as Rule 10.1 -- a broadly worded one governing ethical conduct. Morton was also named by the NCAA in the case against the Hurricanes, for reasons that included his alleged acceptance of at least $6,000 in "supplemental income" from Shapiro.

Other former Miami coaches are named in the allegations as well, including Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith, the former boss for Morton and Fernandez. Haith, the NCAA alleges, failed "to promote an atmosphere for compliance" -- specifically when he did not alert Miami administrators that Shapiro wanted money in exchange for not going public with accusations that he paid to help the Hurricanes recruit a player.

Morton was also tied to that accusation.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Miami's board of trustees had a letter published in Friday's editions of The Miami Herald, saying that university president Donna Shalala and the school "has held itself to the highest standards in its model cooperation with the NCAA."

Shalala has issued two statements in recent days saying she believes the school's self-imposed sanctions -- including two missed bowl games, one missed Atlantic Coast Conference football title game, and a voluntary football scholarship reduction -- are penalty enough for the rules that were broken.

"While I believe that the University of Miami will emerge stronger and more committed than ever to the letter and the spirit in which the NCAA's rules of conduct were established, the trustees respectfully, but firmly, add our own voice to President Shalala's in asking that no further sanctions be imposed on the dedicated, talented, and outstanding men and women who proudly represent the Miami Hurricanes," wrote Leonard Abess, the trustee board chair.

I just can't see how a fan can honestly blame a coach UNLESS they were actually coached by them, personally.

Are you at practice? No. Are you in the film room by position studying with your position coach? No. Do you take the quizzes the players take regarding their position and assignment in certain situations? No. Do you take the quiz on what position and responsibility your teammate's have? No. Do you even know the different between Cover 1 and Cover 0? Not without Googling it. Do you know the difference between a boundary corner and a field corner? Not without Googling it and the funny thing is, most of our defense did not either until they got here but we expect them to be experts.

So here you go for those that want to compare apples to oranges...

2010 Defensive Seniors

#57 Allen Bailey DL
#37 Jered Campbell DB
#13 Ryan Hill DB
#92 Josh Holmes DL
#44 Colin McCarthy LB
#38 Cory Nelms DB
#36 Kylan Robinson LB
#8 Demarcus Van Dyke DB


2012 Defensive Seniors

#21 Brandon McGee DB
#45 Ramon Buchanan LB
#48 Chris Dunkel DL
#98 Darius Smith DL
#28 Andrew Swasey DB
#7 Vaughnh Telemaque DB


Makes a HUGE difference when you actually have senior leadership. Guess the cat will be out of the bag this year, huh? I'm going with the guys behind the scenes in this one fellas, sorry. ;-)

I think things will be better this year. Golden has a good plan. Let's get through with the NCAA and then bring in Ray Lewis to help out the defense. Picture Ray Lewis in S.Fla recruiting who would tell him no.Plus I think he can motivate the crew we have now.The offense is good.With Ray and Coley we can bring the U back. And lock down the STATE OF MIAMI again.

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