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Kirkland drama continues; family to meet with UM coaches at 3 p.m.

Been a crazy 72 hours to say the least. But this is what recruiting is all about.

According to Shanton Crummie, the stepfather of Booker T. Washington All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, UM coaches have agreed to meet with the 6-5, 330-pound senior and his family at 3 p.m. to discuss the situation and see if a resolution can be reached.

Canesport.com first reported the meeting.

"We're just going to go down there as a family, me, his mom and Denver and talk things through," Crummie said.

Crummie told Brandon Odoi of CanesInsider earlier this morning UM coaches reached out to him Friday to discuss the situation and after taking time Kirkland told them he was moving on and choosing between Arkansas and Florida State.

UM coaches then reached back out to Crummie this morning -- he said assistant Micheal Barrow called him around 11 a.m. -- to see if Kirkland was willing to come in for a meeting. The family agreed.

FYI, Crummie, a local youth football coach in Overtown, is a huge UM fan and told Kirkland UM is the best situation for him. Kirkland had UM as his leader according to Booker T. coaches until the Hurricanes pulled the scholarship from him Thursday after the team's state championship parade citing limited number of scholarships. 

Recruiting is a crazy game. Stay tuned.


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I can't wait for a Calvin post! He is a master of how to run a college football program. Everyone, please take notes.

If Miami had been his first choice all along, Denver could have stopped the games and told Miami that he as a silent commitment. Then he could plays his hat game, all parties invovled get what is best.

You are exactly right, bags_ in_ok. I'm really not sure how good a prospect Kirkland really is. The junior from Miami Central who has already committed to UM is the real offensive lineman prize in Dade County.

There is nothing wrong with what Denver did. He did not miss any deadlines. what he id was a business decision, something business minded people do everyday. This was a poor attempt at "control." And sending Barrow out to do the dirty work remains insulting. Something like this, "Goldy should be in Denver's face and his family's face.

This is an example of how ridiculous things have gotten at UM. I hope Mario is taking notes, so when he finally gets the UM HC job, he's ready to set things straight.

This whole stupid scenario would not happen with RS, JJ, Butch, nobody. But because we're dealing with rookie coaches in the big time who are learning on the fly, this is what U get.

Meanwhile, UM delves more and more into mediocrity. It's going to take a Mario, Kehoe, maybe Barrow, or some unknown UM player from the past to bring U out of these doldrums.

U have Coker to thank for this.

The U has about 15 scholarships this year to give out. They already have 12 commitments. Four of which are signed and on campus.that leaves 3 or 4 scholarships available. They have to be really careful with those 3 or 4 scholarships. They can't afford to wait for someone in the hope that they follow through because the U is in their top 3 unless their name is Matt Thomas. So if Kirkland wants to play the recruiting game, go ahead, bit he'll do it without a U scholarship. The U can't wait and be stuck with a zero stars recruit because of Kirkland on NSD.

This just proves the Rivals panelists update below, that Thomas silent committed, so with 3 Olineman in the class already the told Denver that he needs to say yes or no, otherwise we need the spot for someone else. They would not have risked losing Thomas. Obviously he wants to play with Matt and thats why the meeting. Heres the updated list , all 8 say Miami

We have about 19 schollies to give....

And, UM is not getting the players from the "muck" like it used to. Where are the Pahokee, Belle Glade and small town FL players that got this program to dominance under JJ, Howard and Butch? As I write this, those guys in Belle Glade are chasing wabbits and actually catching them!!!! JJ got those players with ease. Trestman would be after those players if he was here.

That's what bothers me. In spite of obvious pending sanctions of some kind, we're not winning the recruiting battles at home, particularly on defense. FSU will be the top team in FL next year. If they get it together on O, just give the title up front.

U got problems and the resolutions are right in front of your face.

This will be a good life lesson for this kid and other State of Miami players. Behind all the love is a business and peoples livelihoods. You know where you are going to sign so tell the coaches and keep it silent. Then do the tired hat trick if you ain't got enough attention- yet! Give me a team full of Artie Burns' and recruiting will be better. NCAA should make it illegal to sign with any theatrics and televised press. Give them 7 days prior to make their decision so the foolishness can stop. Trust me the coaches and NCAA love fest ends the moment you sign.

Cool Cat, FSU loses their starting qb, half their Defense , they lost 6 coaches all coordinators, amd Miami returns a senior qb and a loaded team. Vegas has UM at 25-1 to play for the national champ next year.
#2. 6 of our 12 committs are espn top rated players
Kevin Olsen, ranked overall #1 in NJ
Al Mohammed ranked overall #3 in NJ
Beau Sandland, ranked #1 juco player
Standish Dobbard. ESPN 150 player
artie burns, espn 150 player
Jamal carter espn 150 player.
That Juco Nigerian DT is ranked #78 overall regardless of position of Juco's.
5 other kids are 3 star under radar.

to me, 7 of your 12 are HIGHLY REGARDED STUDS.....and we are about to land,
Matthew Thomas(thats why the DK meeting today)
Denver Kirkland
Alex Collins
Stacy Coley
Jordan Cunnigham
Jermaine Grace
(I say 2 of the 3 Def Tackles) between Bostwick, Bryant, and the JUCO DT from Texas.

Miami will rise to the top of the rankings when all said and done. we have up to 8-9 morer we can give since Finnie and Gionni Paul were launched, and that Vernon Kid that was afraid of competition transferred, and Angelo Jean Louis from last year couldnt qualify.

Espn , unlike Rivals and Scout which just adds up points, has us ranked in top 25 WITHOUT ALL THOSE UNCOMMITTED PLAYERS>


Gator and FSU idiots, Miami has ZERO LB COMMITS(Bond the juco lb to play DE), and FSU 4 already. So If I am matt thomas and Jermaine Grace(tracy howards teammate), its a no brainer.

Miami has no WR COMMITTS, Fsu 2-3 already, so Stacy Coley, why not?? he was recruited by our new OC and now can stay home. And Jordan Cunningham ..

Miami has no RB committs(Ray Lewis is playing D), so Alex Collins and this Edwards kid, the #1 rb in the no east ITS A NO BRAINER



Why is my posts getting deleted?????

Manny must be upset i told people to go to the Sunsentinel blog after his trashing canes article yesterday.....

Censorship.., what are we in Cuba?

My point was kids like DK need to stop playing games with The U and Golden.

We are an ELITE PROGRAM that PRODUCES ELITE NFL PLAYERS> look the Playoffs and Superbowl and count the Canes rocking it.

You think because you're hot-sh#t in highschool means anything to the boys on the U campus?

You start as the punk and you EARN your respect. You'll be the slowest, weakest and most clueless when you show up.

So stop the stupid stalling tactics and hat games.

You want to go Pro? Then when the NFL Pipeline PRogram (AKA The U) offers you a scholarship, you JUMP and SIGN NOW)

THis is the way it'll be from now on, so get used to it. You Juniors in Highschool, pay attention to what happened to Kirkland, and don't make the same mistake next year.

Way 2 go westcoast . I am tellin U guys that Thomas gave his Slient and that lead to the U calling his teammate out. We will ""let u play your TV game"" but just tell us the truth.....

This stuff makes these kids feel like the Sheet, like they are truly wanted, and when they show up in August, they will get beat up by Juniors and Seniors and 15 min of fame is over. From now on, U give a commitment date, U honor it. Golden is still nice enuff to giv him a shot since finnie and paul leaving opened up 2 more.

Let the trolls have fun now, as wednesday when Miami lands between 6-9 players, all studs, we really stick it to the nation...

Dom: I like your research, but this is still doesn't add up to be a rockem' sockem' class of recruits. Trust me, FSU is not going to have a prob on D. O is another story. Jimbo claims to be all that on O, but he ain't.

What worries me is UM's defense. We know DunnoToday, DunnoTommorrow, JustDunno isn't going to do that well. That means you're going to have to just hope U have natural and versatile athletes that can adlib and keep it respectable.

UM must get back to basics and go after those guys in the small FL towns. That is what made the program.

am telling everybody, the kids is going to the U,,so is Thomas, Collins, Coley, and Augustus Edwards,,,,nothing but a well orchestrated stunt ladies and gentelmen...

well cool cat, if it goes the way its looking,not counting depth, we could have this on D
Def backfield
Tracy Howard ,artie burns, deon bush,jamal carter (NICE_
LB_(with tons of depth -perryman,raphael kirby whos a stud, and matt thomas
That back 7-8 easily could be the best n the nation. and ALL YOUNG..........plus LB depth, DB Depth

some of the kids parents can afford to fly all over the country to watch thier sons play, and when you have university like miami,,usc,,,texas,,,fsu in your back yard,,,why not go there...and trust,,,sound like this family want him to go there,,,and trust, can you imagine the jokes this step father will get from all types of people if his son dont go the U,,,to much to bare sometime...

oh yeah, dont sleep on those big nigerians,,,big and strong,,and ready play some ball,,,

@ Westcoastcane ....Awesome bro!

Is it Cool Cat or "FOOL CAT"??!!! - dude you don't have a clue! - You point out JJ as a great leader and I totally agree. But read some of the things Jimmy is saying about Al Golden. - Jimmy Johnson is solidly in Golden's corner saying he has done a tremendous job bringing the U back, re-building a solid team and navigating the NCAA situation. While Jimbo's staff in shables, Coach Golden has smartly put together one of the best coaching staffs in colegle football today...Where have yoU been over the past 18 months??

DK and Fam does not sit down with UM to just smooth things over...

They sit down to say...Hey the kid messed up...he did not know enough to tell Coach he was Silent...

Ice did not do his Job to protect his Guy if he did not say you have my word...Now I expect Ice did not know for sure...and DK did not really understand what Coach was saying to him in no uncertain terms...(Kid you have to give me something even if it is Silent...or we are going to not have room for you).

IDK about the conversation between Coach and DK, but if it had been like that...and the kid said top 3...you cut the kid loose if you are in a numbers bind...

My expectation is Coach did not give DK the if then or else talk...if he did...then DK really messed up.

Either way...based on a meeting in an hour...DK tells UM he is Committed or if UM allows him to play the Hat Game...UM will keep silent...

Other possibility is the meeting is to protect MT...but doubt that...

either way NSD witll be interesting...

I trust the Process as this is the most positive 3 yrs of UM Football...minus the crush in the chest you get when the U is on D...but that will get stright!


Bleeding Orange and Green!

Go Canes!

Go Canes!

Kelly12: Wait: Let me make sure i understand what you said: DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustDunno is giving up 577 yards a game on D and does not have the respect of his players. Opposing teams know that a long bomb here a long run there breaks the UM D. But you claim that it's one of the best coaching staffs ever???

And then U throw the word "smart" in there: And I don't have a clue? JJ knows that not a lot of people want to be a UM right now and he know that this stupid storm must be beared by somebody.


Oh, and i also like the part about "bringing the "U" back: That's very funni: Give me "Goldy's record at UM and then let's analyze.


Please teach a lesson this was the most unethical action a school can do...if you don't need an offensive line player don't offer a scholarship...think of a kid that has 3merit scholarships but can't decide yet....college is all about deadlines,so the kid and parents are still deciding but leaning toward um then the money is toaly taken from u....withat the same time not having really anything in its place.....my wive would throw a gernade at the admissions office....this would not happen ,so why is it now golden is a low life and needs to be replaced

can someone please find out from the coaching staff why we may not have room for DK who could be backup gaurd from day one when we have guys like corey white and david perry taking up valuable spots and havent played a down of football.

Know this.

DK and family COMING DOWN TO THE U is to beg for the scholarship back!

Notice Barrow aint coming to them.

DK tried to bluff The U and they called his hand. And he's folding.

If we have the room, we'll take him.


He's put out notice we are an elite program for kids who want to be Pro and Star players in the NFL. you hs kids dont mess with us. We are on the rise and will not be treated as second rate any longer. The NCAA cloud is over and the studs are flocking to is now. We don't habe time for prima donnas or prima donna HS coaches.

Join us or be beaten by us.

Go Canes.

Also he destroyed ray ray Armstrong the guy can't even play in any NCAA team...kirklands parents need to appeal to the board of directors if no help take it as public as they can ...

The first question they should ask is how many merit scholarships $40k did um pull from kids last year before the deadline?


RayRay screwed himself. Contined to flaunt the rules with NCAA violating behavior.

Coach G dropkicked that dummy out. He can't get any D1 or D2 school to pik him up because he IS tainted by his behavior. He screwed himself after getting multiple chances. He's a high risk to damage any prgram he joins.

We don't want him. UF can have him.

Glad to hear this meeting is happening. Kudos to all the parties, including Denver's family. If there is space on our limited schollie roster, and Denver fills a need, let's bring him in.

If he commits with no head games, let him have his day with the hat thing on ESPN. Good publiciy for the U!

I hope they get it favorably resolved today, and that Denver does come into the program. If not, then Golden has several aces up his sleeve regarding quality recruits...

Cool Cat,

The last time i saw Duke Johnson run...dont think any cotton tails from the muck would have gotten away. As long as we are getting the players it does not matter where they come from. Dont think The Muck produced anyone close to Duke last year and I'm just fine with him.

Lets get Collins, 6, Grace and hopefully Bostwick with the rest and we are fine....regardless of where they are from.

No disrespect to The Muck but just sayin

If the coaches reached out to the family, how is the family begging? It clearly shows the staff reached out to him..

I smell a top 10 finish comin for AL. Matt Thomas, Kirkland, Alex Collins, Coley/Cunningham or both SINCE WE HAVE NO WR COMMITTS, Grace, and 1-2 of the Def Tackles out of Bostwick,bryant,juco,

Plus, the #1 RB in the northast decommitted from Syracuse and he is with Coach and the U now, so we might add him too............

Named as 1 of the 4 teams to watch on signing day, we are about to CLOSE. Put that Coffee Down Gallo, Coffee is for closers only.....


when you LOSE your scholarship and end up accepting an invite to COME DOWN to Golden's office, it's because you want to say "Sorry Coach, i really want to be a Cane".

If he wanted FSU or Arkansas, why would he bother?>??

Latest Rivals predictions, more moved to Kirkland, all 8 say Thomas to the U. as of 320 east time


I think he has already been established that he want to be a Cane. I just do not see how he is begging when the staff contacted them! Maybe the staff realized they messed up. Who knows! I just think its dumb to make it seem like they made a mistake when they did not ask for the meeting to take place..





On that Rivals recruiting link above:

Notice Miami has THE MOST play on that list compared even against Alabama.

Why would any 4stars would want to go to OREGON now that Chip Kelly is gone??? That's stupid.'

The U may pick up some of them Oregon commits.


No he DID NOT establish he wanted to be a Cane. THat's what started the drama to begin with.

Coach G is giving him a second chance and he's taking it. Now his intention is clear....

Congratulations to Al Golden and his staff for sending the clear message to recruits that it is an honor to be a Cane and when they start playing a shell game their prized offer to attend and play football at the best all-around school in the country will be rescinded.

One cannot claim to have a football IQ and not realize that Al Golden is a premier head football coach. He has a well thought out plan and is methodically installing that plan. He is also changing the culture in the football program back to what it was during our heydays—absent the legal issues.

Our Canes will be back in championship form thanks to Al Golden and his team once the Shapiro/NCAA situation is no longer a roadblock.

funny you call it a drama... sitting down face-to-face like reasonable people seems like a great way to air your differences and seek resolution. i applaud the um coaches for meeting and the recruits family for doing the same.

please tell me what ray armstrong acually did that had golden level a charge that disallowed ray from playing ncaa football....what was it he did that made golden go public and box ray from going forward both athletically and academically?

give me the exact reason....golden is a control freak....recruits will stay away or second guess since UM has lost some integrity...I am embarrassed as an alumni


Don’t believe everything you read. Manny has a way of writing things that almost invariably paints the Canes in a bad light suggesting that they are either weak, wrong, unethical or all of the above.

My ‘GUESS’ is someone from the Kirkland entourage made a plea call to someone associated with or on the Miami staff to request a second chance.

If the kid is sincere I have every confidence Coach Golden will give him that second chance. But, should Coach sense even a scintilla of game playing this story is over!

Is it possible that Manny is using the name “Jim Gallo” as a pseudonym to post more of his kind and unbiased thoughts regarding the Canes?

Jimmy - dennis - butch - larry - randy would never have these types of player/coaches turmoil....NEVER

1. tons of players asked to leave or diciplined before key games
2. class 2012 totally f...cked out of a championship and a chance to end their college years playing their last game in front of the home crowd
3. parents calling radio stations
4. OC leaves in the middle of the night right before the most important weeked at um....never tells any incomming offensive recruit about his departure
5. golden ignores bostwick and his parents at UM weekend
6. has to form a panel of playes to be a go bewteen for his pycho rules and dicipline
7. cant get a scholarship without attending his camp

all this guy really cares about is himself....he is a good actor....

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