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Kirkland drama continues; family to meet with UM coaches at 3 p.m.

Been a crazy 72 hours to say the least. But this is what recruiting is all about.

According to Shanton Crummie, the stepfather of Booker T. Washington All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, UM coaches have agreed to meet with the 6-5, 330-pound senior and his family at 3 p.m. to discuss the situation and see if a resolution can be reached.

Canesport.com first reported the meeting.

"We're just going to go down there as a family, me, his mom and Denver and talk things through," Crummie said.

Crummie told Brandon Odoi of CanesInsider earlier this morning UM coaches reached out to him Friday to discuss the situation and after taking time Kirkland told them he was moving on and choosing between Arkansas and Florida State.

UM coaches then reached back out to Crummie this morning -- he said assistant Micheal Barrow called him around 11 a.m. -- to see if Kirkland was willing to come in for a meeting. The family agreed.

FYI, Crummie, a local youth football coach in Overtown, is a huge UM fan and told Kirkland UM is the best situation for him. Kirkland had UM as his leader according to Booker T. coaches until the Hurricanes pulled the scholarship from him Thursday after the team's state championship parade citing limited number of scholarships. 

Recruiting is a crazy game. Stay tuned.


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Coach Gbis his own man. Let him have his own plan

All the past UM coaches were mostly great, except shannon amd maybe coker, but lets not expect he do exactly what they did

Gallo, you continue to make the dumbest statements here.

Cool Cat you're right on with the Much. Would love to get some kids from there. West Coast Cane, right on with the DK thing. The coaches met him face to face and asked him point blank. He bluffed and lost. His fault.

Gallo, Class of 2012 was ranked in the top 10, #9 on rivals and #8 on espn---- and landed the #1 RB and #1 Cb IN THE NATION, along with huge 3-4 star kids. Buth is quoted saying he loved the 3 star athletic guys that loved football IN THAT FOOTBALL FACTORY ARTICLE>

Westcoast cane, U ARE RIGHT, we have the most players being considered for the U than other schools even this late. THATS A TESTAMENT TO GOLDEN, WITH SANCTIONS LOOMING,

Lastly, With No Wr commits and No real LB commits from high schoolers I say go for both Coley and Cunningham, and Thomas and Grace.

Alex Collins would be the only RB(Lewis,ray jr, is an athlete...........

WE ARE GOING TO CLOSE STRONG>.........Curently #24 on espn with only 12 committs, where they grade on talent and not total points like rivals...............

Jim gallo what a liar. None of those things happened. You are a clown. Old saying is a turtle can breath through his butt, you prove it.

this is gonna turn into a charlie weis situation...golden has not proved he can develope these sought florida kids and handle a brand like UM....he is really over his head and the media is starting to report it also...see bleacher report 1/28/2013....extending a mediocre coach that is unproven was a mistake...just like ND did....then they got kelly....

we need a kelly, NOW

We have 2 DT's and 2 DE's in this year’s class. Dts: The Nigerian who is raw but beastly will be in the mix and Hunter Knighton, who is a top 20 player from New Jersey will shock people. Lets load up!

As a diehard Cane fan, I respect 'Cool 'Cats opinion. Coach D is unproven, and he should get the benefit of the doubt, due to the had high remarks he had at Temple and because he played the LB position at Penn State. But this is a results driven workplace, and the numbers do not lie. Coach D needs to play a more in-your-face defense, too many times Db's are 7-10 yards back from the receiver. Dt's aren’t stunting, and Lb's are blitzing too predictably.

We should stack up on recruits; I doubt that limiting our schollies will not affect the NCAA decision. But with he 17 or so available free-rides, and the redshirted defensive playes like LB Blue we will be exponentially better this upcoming season.

Anyone who claims to know poop about U football should GO TO THE GAMES! Let’s FILL THE SEATS for every game. Come Feb 7th, we will be back on the college football state thrown.

^ Ha Ha Ha! Too funny! So, lets disregard what is printed & come up with our own theories..

why blame manny...he is a beat reported in these high schools all the time....he knows how f....cked up this kirkland move was....it should be reported.....ND, alabama, fsu, florida, lousiville etc are allin these schools being as accomidating as possible and RESPECTFUL....then you have your own homw town school try to f...ck you...what does not enough scholarships mean?....they thre this guy into the volcano....what happend to the "education at UM is our first prioriy"?

Ive been hearing that crap for years....

Gallo is a troll, Ignore him he goes away. Don't respond to them they go away. Respond to troll's and they just show up again.

Bubba the Nigerian DT is ranked #78 regardless of position for the JUCO 100 on espn. golden has found alot of gems in this class. 7 of the 12 are highly ranked on espn n the other 3 star guys are what any school needs.
The bashers dont like that fact that the chips are starting to lineup for a strong close like last yr. The WR/LB/RB/DT is what we are limited on, and we have got STUDS lined up to fill those spots. PREDICTION
1. Matthew Thomas(No LB's in the class except juco)
2. Alex Collins (No Rbs in this class,ray jr is D
3. Denver Kirkland(we know the story)
4. Jermaine Grace(Teammate of Tracy Howard)
5.At least 1 of Bostwick,Bryant,or juco DT from Texas
6. 1 or both of Cunningham and coley at Wr since we have No WR COMMITTS, why would they not want to come....
And again, heres the update

The more you people talk, the dumber you sound- GALO, Cool Cat- For you all to act blind and not be able to see what Golden is doing is amazing. Kirkland did nothing wrong- and the Canes did nothing wrong. Golden is an amazing coach and we will win a national title soon. I want you both on here saying "I was wrong in a few years"


GALO you are clueless!!

soon be over tho

Every day that goes by I'm thinking....Al Golden is the man!
Go Canes!!

NSD is going to be a Canes Party Baby!!
Golden...Coley....Cristobal....The State of Miami is Back...
get on board now...we have Florida next year...Nebraska the year after that..then ND

Response to Gallo's lies and insanity:

Jimmy - dennis - butch - larry - randy would never have these types of player/coaches turmoil....NEVER

1. tons of players asked to leave or diciplined before key games

Answer: Jimmy - dennis - butch - larry – randy did not have the NCAA scrutinizing every move their programs were making with the threat of the death penalty.

2. class 2012 totally f...cked out of a championship and a chance to end their college years playing their last game in front of the home crowd

Answer: Miami had no prayer of winning the championship game and would have only prolonged the sanctions that would have further damaged Miami had they played the game. The NCCA’s Mark Emmert would have loved it if the Canes did not self-impose sanctions as he also knew it would prolong and deepen the damage to the program.

3. parents calling radio stations

Answer: Parents have been involved on every level since the beginning of time and no coach in the country has the power to stop parents from calling radio programs, giving interviews to newspapers and television people (see Jacory’s father), etc.

4. OC leaves in the middle of the night right before the most important weekend at um....never tells any incoming offensive recruit about his departure.

Answer: Miami’s offensive coordinator received a major promotion to the NFL, which Al Golden supported as that is why a man of Mario Cristobal’s talent accepted a position on Al’s staff knowing he wants the best for his people. Also, and once again, no football coach in the country can stop a staff member from accepting a promotion (see Jimbo Fisher and FSU). Not disclosing the information to recruits is another of your lies.

5. golden ignores bostwick and his parents at UM weekend.

Answer: This is complete nonsense and more biased reporting based on rumors.

6. has to form a panel of players to be a go between for his pycho rules and discipline

Answer: Many successful NFL teams and college teams have panels as you call them to interface and represent players so that everyone feels they are being heard and getting a fair shake…this is especially good business (see the New England Patriots)

7. cant get a scholarship without attending his camp

Answer: That’s just a flat-out ignorant lie and is to be expected when considering the source!

Ha Ha Ha! Too funny! So, lets disregard what is printed & come up with our own theories..

Posted by: 202cane


My friend there's an old saying that you should disregard 90% of what you read and hear and seriously question the other 10%. By your way of doing business then every single accusation by Shapiro is fact, because it was in an article...it was written so it must all be true. Now that's funny!

Dom, we will finish stong, but I dont see 1-3 coming. Matthew Thomas alone would be the icing on the cake. I see Grace, and either Cunningham/Coley maybe Bryant or maybe the Juco from Texas. But Bostwick seems shaky.

However, those names you mentioned are on OUR radar, but perhaps they're are others surprises that no one could have forshadowed.

The link doesnt work (for me), so keep the updates rollin'.

Why are we limiting schollies? The scenario I keep seeing is no bowl bans and scholarship reductions only. Why dont we stack up now, and reduce schollies when we get penalized?

Dead on Just the Facts. Yahoo actually made amens with THE U by posting that Football Dynasty article about THE U this weekend which is now on Rivals. They broke the shapiro story and now realize this guy is a convicted felon telling lies, so with THE U Having stars all over the field in the superbowl

They arent true cane fans and r pissed AL is changing the culture. CLOSING STRONG

Not that I am saying its must be true, but I am not going to come up something just because.. Also, why should I believe what your typed? It seems like(maybe I am wrong) that you want it to look like Kirkland's family asked for the meeting instead of just simply believing that maybe, just maybe Al realized that he messed up!

Cool cat- go back to the archives and tell me how many yds JJ gave up in 1984, when they played BC and Maryland. Go ahead. That was a JJ team.

And by teh way- small towns? How about Travius Benjamin or Dalls Crawford (Fort Myers) or Javarris James (Immokalee)?

Cool cat is a fool cat. A clueless cat. A shannon apologist cat.

Butthis is a good post. Good investigating. be interesting to see what comes of that meeting

Bubba try copy and pasting it into the browser, it was updated this afternoon . All 8 yahoo(not miami rivals) but Yahoo experts switched Matt thomas to the U, I believe they have us listed with good shots at Thomas all 8, Alex collins 6/8, Denver kirk 6/8, Grace I believe 4/8 Cunningham 3/4 out of 8 and Coley , They dont mention the DT's in that article.

Golden pulled Tracy Howard last year on signing day, and I expect him to close strong....

We have personally sat out 2 bowl games plus the Acc title game,suspended players last yr, and kicked players off the team. So now with ncaa skrewing up, they dont expect much. The reason we have low schollies is we only had a small sr class graduate from bad recruting from shannon plus all those kids leaving early last year, so they left like 15 slots. Plus, finnie and paul were kicked off the team, angelo jean louis and josh witt didnt qualify or something, so we have about 18-19 spots. Just enuff to land all these studs...........n its lookin pretty good

any word on DK or MT what are the U chances or are they going up north?

Jim Gallo is on the sex offenders list in Gainesville Florida for sticking his pecker up a muschumps ass.

Jimmy Gallos is a Gaytor fan trolling this board as a pretend Hurricane fan. He is just upset because his team got throttled by Louisville and Urban Meyer left them for Ohio State.


I clearly stated in my post that my comment was a GUESS! What part of GUESS do you not understand?

Furthermore, based on the track records of Al Golden and the reporter I am going to come down on the side of Golden each and every time unless their is a verifiable change in our coach's well known pristine conduct an honesty.

Gambesl, MT and DK are going with Miami. ITs true, WHILE JIMMY JOHNSON was building the U up after schnellenger, playin young kids and putting his system in, we were having 40 pt games , see the Hail Flutie game(that was like 48-45, maryland game, UCLA in Fiesta bowl we gave up almost 40 points.

Butch Davis and those canes when he was buoldin the team, gave up 50 something to syracuse. IT TAKES TIME FELLAS. by 2014 season, when Tracy Howard and Duke and deon bush are Juniors, matt thomas is a soph, the playoffs 1st season, MIAMI WILL BE 1 of the 4 PLAYOFF TEAMS>................

anyone heard about edwards the RB does he look like he is comming to the U in case Collins doesn't

He Decommitted From Syracuse the day of his visit to the U, hes a bruiser, I say golden goes for both.....hes got the room..to squeeze 20 kids.....

Manny...we need true reporting here! Suggested questions for Tim "Ice" Harris:

1) Why is "Ice" your middle name?
2) Do you hang out with "Ice" Cube, "Ice" T, or Vanilla "Ice"?
3) How old is too old to have a nickname?
4) How much do college football coaches make and does the "Ice" give you a larger salary?
6) When you name your son after you, do you pass on the "Ice"?
7) Do you like "Ice" in your Kool Aid?
8) What happens if you report Tim Harris' name with the "Ice" in the middle?
9) Do you introduce yourself to grown men as "Ice"?
10) If so, what do you do when they laugh at that?

BONUS QUESTION: When you watch Top Gun do you secretly root for the "Ice"man?

i read Jimbo was on a private jet to visit Coley today we really need WR sick of watching drop passes. If jimbo went to see him this late something must be up maybe Coley is sway WR coley to head down here

on another note how is Ole Miss now becoming all these 5 stars hot spot something smell fishy NCAA should check on that.

With the canes having 0 WR'committs and Fsu with 2-3 already, U would think we can sway Coley to sign especially since the other coley was recruting him.

2. Robinson from FSU committ visited this weekend, jordan cunningham ,and coley. We need at least 1 of them and 1 of the DT to go with the 2 booker guys and alex collins

Bleacher report 1/28/2012

It’s too early to tell whether Al Golden will last in Miami. However, these past two seasons have been lackluster, and the ‘Canes may decide to switch coaches yet again. Finding the perfect coach is never easy. Alabama was able to lure Nick Saban away from the pros. Texas A&M found Kevin Sumlin, a coach who took Houston to the verge of a BCS bowl game. If Miami eventually decides to part ways with Golden, it should try to find a coach with a record of consistency and sustainable, long-term success.

1. #117 defense - a new cane record
2. al golden - 40-45 record with and average loss per year of 7
3. had to apologize today for his actions to kirkland

NEVE has immy - dennis - butch - larry - randy have to fo this....those are the facts green pea

kirkland - fsu / arkansas
thomas - fsu
bryant - fsu / south carolina
collins - arkansas / usc
coley - fsu

Gambles i noticed that myself, but quoting Butch Davis in that yahoo article, he liked to pass on the 5 stars and go for the hungry under radar guys(ed reeds etc).

But, FSU was in town this weekend because they visited thomas after golden did....He knows Coley(our OC) is switching the recruits so hes tryin to save his class. too late or Jumbo

Jim Gallo is a gaytor troll.

Bleacher report 1/28/2012

It’s too early to tell whether Will Muschamp will last in Gainesville. However, these past two seasons have proven he's a nutball, and the Gators may decide to switch coaches yet again. Finding the perfect coach is never easy. Miami has the great Al Golden. Alabama was able to lure Nick Saban away from the pros. Texas A&M found Kevin Sumlin, a coach who took Houston to the verge of a BCS bowl game. If Florida eventually decides to part ways with Muschamp, it should try to find a coach with a record of consistency and sustainable, long-term success.

you think Manny is going to give an update on the Dk situation. On another note UF took Powell the LB scholly away does he have any interest to come here 4 star LB. All I see is we need to somehow stop the run i think with Morris and Duke we are on track but the DL and LB are not up to Par from what we are used to around here

Gallo, why not post the Rivals update?? there the ones that interview the kids.
COLEY(possibly U)

Just the facts:
That has been my theory for the longest because the Gallo posts are usually the first posts to appear. Whats a little contro. to bring in readers?
Go canes, CG is doing a great job

Look, By wednesday, ur gonna say thomas is overrated, collins is overrated, and blah blah blah.....

i know last year we had a big class but how many spot do you think we have left to add

HOW ABOUT THOSE CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



That's exactly what he's going say, but he know he's starting to get a little concerned.Sept will here before we know it....cant wait to see the gaytors.

HEy Gallo, CAnes just beat NCST ...nutha win

So....while the haters are here talking crap....Miami wins ANOTHER BB game and Warren Sapp gets elected to Hall of Fame...hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha....

Slurp, slurp, slurp....

One down: Canes 79 - NC State 78.

Now straighten out Kirkland.

Thank Mr. Crummie for the help.

Canes - Golden - Larranaga Forever!

So....while the haters are here talking crap....Miami wins ANOTHER BB game and Warren Sapp gets elected to Hall of Fame...hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha....

Slurp, slurp, slurp....

Gambles, golden can prob squeeze 18-20 in, enuff for the pending guys
M thomas
D Kirkland
A Collins
2-3 of Def Tackles pending
Edwards the RB that decommitted from syracuse. . Thats 8-10. With the defections that left the team it opened up more spots



If Duke or UNC was 8-0 in ACC Play and like 16-3 or whatever we are, they'd b #2-3 in the rankings.....

If the canes with reg season acc championship, they have a chance at a 1-2 seed in the tourney

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