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Kirkland drama continues; family to meet with UM coaches at 3 p.m.

Been a crazy 72 hours to say the least. But this is what recruiting is all about.

According to Shanton Crummie, the stepfather of Booker T. Washington All-American offensive lineman Denver Kirkland, UM coaches have agreed to meet with the 6-5, 330-pound senior and his family at 3 p.m. to discuss the situation and see if a resolution can be reached.

Canesport.com first reported the meeting.

"We're just going to go down there as a family, me, his mom and Denver and talk things through," Crummie said.

Crummie told Brandon Odoi of CanesInsider earlier this morning UM coaches reached out to him Friday to discuss the situation and after taking time Kirkland told them he was moving on and choosing between Arkansas and Florida State.

UM coaches then reached back out to Crummie this morning -- he said assistant Micheal Barrow called him around 11 a.m. -- to see if Kirkland was willing to come in for a meeting. The family agreed.

FYI, Crummie, a local youth football coach in Overtown, is a huge UM fan and told Kirkland UM is the best situation for him. Kirkland had UM as his leader according to Booker T. coaches until the Hurricanes pulled the scholarship from him Thursday after the team's state championship parade citing limited number of scholarships. 

Recruiting is a crazy game. Stay tuned.


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go canesssssssss another huge win over nc st. will be number one now in rpi rankings

if golden gets this kid after all the drama it will be huge and say a lot about how good miami is at getting guys

Wedneday is going to B Al's day, imprint on the U with a meteor rise to the top of the rankings,

Any of U read Bryants comments, who supposedly is visiting FAU this weekend? Braggin that he might b the 1st 4 star recruit at FAU. the 3-9 FAU team barely a bottom feeder. This is the kind of jokers AL doesnt need. He sees 4 star next to his name, so he thinks hes the man. Im glad Rivals didnt even list him as 1 of the top uncommitted recruits on that panel, and I hope he goes to FSU. Hes got BUST Written all over him. thats why the JUCO DT and Bostwick have been in play.

I dont want this guy on our team, bragging about 4 stars........

Here is the signing day committment times. Imagine Gallo and the bashers when we have a chance at almost half that list.




Once we win a national title with Golden- you can change your screen name and jump on here and talk about how great he is.

Its a great time to be a Miami Hurricane:

Canes Basketball has never been better;
Canes coaching has never been better;
Canes recruiting has never been better;

Its even possible to imagine that Canes BB can win...

sory...wishful thinking:

kirkland said he is now either fsu or aransas....tats a quote fo sun-sentinal

bryant is gone....he already said no to UM

coley is leaning now FSU

boswick has said no the UM few days ago bcause of UM weekend....that what is being reported

thomas no leans fsu

and collins is the suprise announcement....he wouldnt wait till NSD to announe UM after he de-committed... arkansas

man what a win aganst nc state.....UM basketball is exciting.....the best show....just like old times....the canes of old.....all out winner

golden s....ks

Gallo do you know how STPID you ONCE again look. Muschamp just YANKED a scholly from a recri, who ALSO said UF was in his top 4. I'll let you read about it. You're such a deep shiiiiit.

Kirkland not coming to the U. Its on Manny's Twitter.

I hope future commits learn from this saga. Why cant they all be like Duke and Artie?

Go Canes!

Quintin Powell scholly was pulled at UF, they wanted him to commit now and he wouldnt. IMAGINE THAT you idiot.

Gallo a UM alum only in his dreams.

Gallo is a gator troll. Sorry you got destroyed by louisville.

Al Golden told recruits that if you're looking, then so are we. It's as simple as that. If they commit then the loyalty is there but if you want to look around and play the pull the hat game on NSD then you risk simebody else getting your scholarship. It's a two way street so don't feel bad for a kid who DIDN'T COMMIT and who said that you are in my top 3. Miami simply went with somebody else who wanted to be a Cane. I wish Mike Barrow told Kirkland that he was in our top 3 also but we are going with someone else. That would be better than the generic "we are going in a different direction..." line.




Shows all the signs of a very disturbed self abusing psychology. This guy likes to come on here every day to create hatred against himself. He must have been abused as a child and somehow still dysfunctionaly seeks out the negative attention because he needs to ceel hated.



I have a great idea for you! Go to the gator blogs tell them you are a hurricane alumni and trash the canes over there. They will treat you like a princess.

You would be a star!

And get lots of attention!

Because it seems that's really all you really looking for.

Read around a bit...there's similar drama elsewhere.

I'm old school, so I'm ok with the DK situation.
You high school kids may be cool with the 3-hat monty, but it really ticks me off.... and I don't want to get started with the Pryor's and Bryce Brown's of the world

I hope some of you guys "in the know" are right about the guys coming our way.


Are there any track scholly's available?

so if Krik is headed to the noles do that sway MT to them too

lol, this whole denver kirkland thing, sounds like the james coley affect to me. coley, calm down, you and goldie look suspect with that cross enemy lines move, we're only giving you a pass because you're from Miami. Let's not come here with this inside informatin, goldie will soon have to put a board of recruiters together to deal with the Miami area.

This should've been a non-issue to the public, but if goldie thinks he's going to be able to do this to guys from Liberty City or Overtown, he'll be on the verge of getting his ashhzz whooped. ice harris credibilty has been legit before goldie got here, and it'll be credible if goldie leaves.

I will say this though, that move is the type of move that'll make the Miami/Fsu rivalry that much more intense. gallo said it early, goldie can't startgift wrapping players from the "Eye of the Hurricane" to the enemies of the State.

If anybody should've been in that meeting it should've been art kehoe. If that's what kirkland and his family looks at, that'll be the key to this.

It's funny hearing reggie johnson of the bball team say "the practices are harder than the games so it makes the games easy".

Anyway, back tp the football, what i don't like is, we already don't have that many players from Miami committed, why are we shutting the door close on any of them.

COOL CAT: You're not too bright, are you?

Typical FSU LOUD MOUTH...always the bridesmaids, NEVER THE BRIDE.

Give it up...Free Shoes University are more known for CHOKING than anything, and it will continue.

You know nothing.

Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thanks for posting when you've got the opportunity, Guess I'll just book mark this page.

Who cares....it is Miami. Outside of cocaine in the 80s, have they mattered much. Nice to hear about another greaseball youth coach pushing this kid in the direction that more than likely wont be the best fit. I really feel sorry for him, mom needs to let him be an adult, slimeball peewee coach needs to quit worrying about his favorite team, and Denver needs to make decision on this, it is his life changing moment

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