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Kirkland tells UM thanks, but no thanks

They tried.

UM coaches met with Booker T. All-American offensive tackle Denver Kirkland Saturday and his mother, but weren't able to sway him to commit his stepfather, Shanton Crummie said.

"We appreciate everything Coach Golden and their coaches did in giving him another chance to be apart of their class and talking to him about what happened," said Crummie, who did not attend Saturday afternoon's meeting but gathered the details of it by speaking with Kirkland and his mother.

"The confusion here is that not many people were aware they had been telling us things were getting tight with scholarships. We told them Denver might have a decision by Feb. 1 or Feb. 2. We were just surprised and upset when they came to school Thursday and told him they couldn't wait any longer. We thought he would have until Signing Day as long as we told them they were in front or close. But they couldn't wait."

A source told The Miami Herald, assistants Art Kehoe, James Coley and Micheal Barrow were among those who attended the meeting. Head coach Al Golden was not there, the source said.

Crummie said Kirkland had Miami high "up there with Arkansas" because of academics, but when they pulled the scholarship he was hurt and just never felt the same again.

"In the end we have no bad blood with Coach Golden or UM," Crummie said. "We understand what happened and they explained why they did what they did. They were hoping they could change his mind, but after talking it out he just decided it was best to move on."

Crummie said Kirkland will decide between Arkansas and Florida State and make his announcement on Signing Day.

UM still has hope it will land Kirkland's teammate star linebacker Matthew Thomas. National Signing Day is Wednesday.


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Hope he goes rlsewhere

Denver, all the U fans still do want U....Manny. They got his Silent Committ, and now its down to FSU and Miami. COme on , U have been doin this for years now...... GOLDEN IS GOING TO CLEAN HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY. Matt Thomas, FSU has 4 Lbs already in their class, OLINEMAN. Wr's. . . We have no LB's, no WR's, perfect day for Al to clean house on all the local kids.
Edwards(syracuse decomiitt)


I dont get U Manny. The whole family said its 50-50,(which we know silent), and then Manny writes thanks but no thanks........ Whats goin on?? r they puttin U on the FIU beat ??? and U stickin it to the U fans?

Corch has been burned by kids like this before..Plan B is on the table..Let him go to F$U and sit. He could have committed and told the coaches to keep it on the QT, but he didn't..

If hes still choosing between Canes and Fsu . He's a silent commit. He just wants to be on tv on signing day. Which he is scheduled to be. Leaving it like this leaves suspense . He can't come out and say he committed . What would he say on tv???? . Im sure tv woulnft want him either if he already committed. Seems more if a lock now. We will see.

you bloggers are just idiots...kirkland already said hours ago he was going to arkansas or fsu....it was reorted in the sun-sentinal....

do you really think he was comming here..he hates UM now especially after his tweet was bombared by fans like you'all....he did nothing wrong....UM f...cked im plain and simple....now watch thomas follow...

youll see.....golden is an idiot

Jim, the father just said its FSU or UM. Sentinel guy is an alabama fan and doesnt care about UM..

#2. HE IS A SILENT COMMITT. WHy leave Um in his final 2? espn has him scheduled for 920am, 5 min after matt thomas PUTS UP THE U SIGN............

Dont b too mad on wednesday my friend

yeah I don't get manny's article, it seems like UM is outta the picture but then in the article it still says he's unsure with UM and FSU as his last two.

hey yo DOM, I seriously hope thats the case bro, it would suck and be a blow to the gut to have both of them commit to FSU, hope this kid don't let his pride kick in and purposely go with FSU just to spite UM.

what a coward..golden not there....how do you think all this looks.....tells the guy hes great then a few hours later send barrow in to do his dirty work....then is a no-show after parents come in....did the same thing wih bostwick and his parents at UM weekend....

1. head coach might be gone
2. OC bolts
3. worst defensive coach in ncaa
4. sanctions

and none understands why a recruit needs to weigh his options...so we f...ck his EDUCATION because we are desperate....te worst optics UM could ever have..

No Gallo WE pretty much know YOU'RE the ONLY IDIOT on these blogs. Did you see your Gator boy's scholly pulled yet?

butch - coley - art - mario - barrow

lets just get rid of these jersey guys once and forever.....do it now....now is the time, its going to happen anyway.....this is just not working out

no kirkland quote himself was arkansas or fsu....he specifically said those 2

you idiots dont understand when you pull a scholarship you pull the guys education....no parent will stand for that......thats BS

Johnny, ever since this stuff went down, all these rivals panelists put this up. Paste it if you cant click on it. I think we are ok with these kids. Those are the pros on that site.... I follow this stuff every year, and we are closing strong. \


I agree with Jim Gallo, 100%, stop bashing him for talking the truth. All you other canes fans are delusional. AL GOLDEN is not the answer at UM!!! PERIOD! Get rid of the Jerseys guys, and bring in someone who knows South Florida, Butch Davis is a no brainer!!

What's he gonna commit to - if his scholarship offer has been rescinded?

Is it back on the table? Who put it back - Goldie wasn't at the meeting...

Gotta give the high school kid credit - he has already gotten more publicity in 3 days then he'll get all of next year...

Can't wait for NSD to be over....

Brandon Odoi posted on twitter that he will choose between FSU and Ark. I think it's just a misprint guys

Shaping up to be a horrible signing day


ty frank...well theres one , lol....butch said he is avalible....for usf....I am sure hell talk to UM again...absolutely

He's playin the hat game, pulling a silent. Anyway, we already have a committment from the top 2014 OT from 1 of the Miami high schools, supposed top 3 in nation, and we redshirted Olineman last year and have great depth.

******we really didnt need a 4th oline ocmmitt. And by the way for you guys that bashed the Nigeria guys , that DT from Nigeria that says 2 stars on rivals, is rated in the JUCO 100 on espn as the 78th best player regardless of position. So those who like to bash golden because of a star rating, suck it. ..

We are loaded . Butch Davis on that Football factory article said he loved the hungry 3 star guys that were athletic and loved football.

Al will get Thomas, Collins, Grace, 1 of or both Coley and Cunningham at WR, and land some of those Dt.

I dont know about Bryant, hes braggin about bein the 1st 4 star at FAU. hes another Kirkland, lookin for his 15 min of fame and never be heard of again.....

Malice or Gallo, this was updated 20 minutes ago.


5 of 8 still say DK is goin to Miami.....


@Dom it says 6:30. Well before this news hit the press the meeting ended at 6:30.

I just cant wait for wednesday to come . Golden will close strong, land another bunch of studs, and then Gallo and his other names will say there overrated or there only 3 star guys etc etc.

Va Tech has been great (usually ) year after year and they get mainly 3-4 star guys..... just an examples

AL will get it done. Not worried, next yr there are better olinmen in S.Fla. Just like last year Golden and Co. will close strong.

yea Boe, and I stil think he is a hat puller. Those Rival guys still have 5 of 8 saying Miami..

Anyways, if U guys get the espnu recruit show, Matt thomas is 915 am on wed and 920 is kirkland. Out of like the 20 guys on that list that will annnounce, (with pending sanctions,)coach golden has us in the running for almost half that list. Its incredible.

Grace, Bryant,Coley, Cunningham,Kirkland,Bostwick,Thomas,Collins all espn 150 guys.(Coley might have some FSU surprise switches, we dont know whats up with that either).


Wake up, DK isnt coming.

Its not about OL #'s its about BTW. Shouldnt have took a scrub from NJ over an ALL AMERICAN from Miami. Goldens best recruiting wins were Bush, Burns, Duke and Olsen. 3 locals and a legacy. Any coach worth a damn could recruit that to the U. Golden is a mediocre recruiter, U fans need to take him off the pedestal. Golden isnt in the same league as Butch, either as a coach or recruiter

F*ck Everybody!

I really dont know what the fuss is all about, Kirkland is not that good that he would be a game changer like Duke. I he doesnt want to come to the U. So what, Golden is doing it the right way. No one recruit should dictate how and who we recruit. Well, there are some exceptions (Thomas). So whatever happens, happens. The U will rebuild, lets move forward with what we have. Lets end this useless argument over, at best and average recruit.

I live how your headline makes it look like Kirkland is decommiting or changing his mind about the U, and not Miami moving from him. Good job Manny, enemy number 1. We do pay for this APP and like reading about recruiting and any thing positive about current players.


I don't get it. He doesnt have an offer so why consider UM?

I dont want DK, but I wouldnt bet against it. Thats the 3rd meeting n 2 days. Why would the whole coaching staff attend.
Malice, last season was AL's 1st recruit class, and well, #9 on Rivals and #8 on espn landing the #1 Rb and #1 CB and #2 Safety in the nation in Duke, Tracy ,and deon bush. OH, MEDIOCRE RECRUITER..
ALSO. Of the 12 commits we have
Kev olsen, end of season rank, #1 overall player in new Jersey regardless of positon
2. Alquadin Muhammed , #3 overall player in New Jersey regardless of position and #3 DE in the NATION
3. Beau Sandland. #1 JUCO TE IN THE NATIOn
7. Nigerian Dtackle, rated #78 overall regardless of position for JUCO PLAYERS
8 RAY LEWIS JR. COMPLETE ATHLETE, Less heralded because he played at a small school. Dominated at the all star camps
9. Hunter Knighton, TOp 20 PLAYER IN NEW JERSEY OL
10. ALEX GALl . I believe top 30 OHIO PLAYER AND 17th best OL ON SCOUT and HIGH 3 STAR ON ESPN
11. FIGUEROA, prep school , was rated a high 4 star going into Sr year in Virginia, had a bad injury and went to prep school. CONSIDERED A STEAL


Kirkland is a Randy Shannon type player, overacheiver in High School, Scrub in college. Please let him go to FSU...We've had enough recruiting BUST!...We will get Thomas either way.

DK step dad says Ice didn't know about the Feb 1 deadline given by the staff, so ice completely overreacted.

Kirkland, am sorry, but u do look like a scrub in the face,,,just got that look about him,,,now them nigerians we got, them boys look serious,,and plus they are the same size if not bigger than kirkland, so give them nigerians a year plus with the desire to do well,,,the U will be ok in the long run...go ahead kirkland,,run all the way to arkansas,,then have ur parents struggle to attend the games...

In all honesty fellas, we dont need a 4th Olineman, and Miami probably only wanted him with Matt Thomas, so if he pulls the switch and decides to stay home, miami told him he has a spot.

The bottom line is U same bashers all said Tracy Howard and other top guys he got last year were not comin to the U, and when Thomas and all these big names sign on Wednesday, all of U will FEEL THE U COMIN AT YA.......

there is a reason Miami is 25-1 to play for the national championship next year.

Never was sold on him Denver or Thomas, If they go else where fine. They didn't have org and green blood anyway.

Yo Cane trash

Yo keep dodging the obvious question fools
Cause u got no answer

Yo delusional dom answer this, U keep posting that U aint got no DT, no WR, no RB and no LB commits
By Ur dUmb and delUsional cane logic U say that means the 6 kids u covet will or should all come to U
If that is so why haven't they commited already?
Why haven't they declared like Artie Burns did?

Yo big dUmmy the fact U aint got no DT, LB, RB or WR commits this cycle is telling
It tells the tale of woe and mediocrity @ the Gables
It tells the tale of incompetence and clUelessness of Ur coaches and administration

U need DT desperately, U aint got no DT commits
U compete for Keith Bryant with FSU & So Carolina both of which already have DTs in the fold
U compete for Bostwick with Florida and Bama, again they have several DTs already
U got none and still the kids don't commit to U now
Same for WR
U want Coley, so does FSU. But they already have WR locked up. U don't
Why doesn't Coley commit right now?
U want Collins cause U aint got no RB commit bur he is thinking about Arkansas, Florida or FSU. They all got RB commits. u don't
Why doesn't Collins declare for U now?
Even if Golden Retriever gets a few of these kids on NSD for U it's a nail biter to the end.
Just for U
Everyone else has their commits locked up
Why not U? Why they make U wait till the end?
Can U answer this little clUck? Why???????????
Could it be cause U r all a......
Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!!

Good for him! Good luck to the fella! I can't say that I blame him. Too bad that it didn't work out..

Manny you're a little biaaatch. Punk ass biaaatch.

That's why you have never EVER been respected amongst your peers.

Clown !!!


Anyone can recruit to the U. Keep believing. Wasnt that long ago that people held Shannon up in the same regard. Listing players from Miami choosing Miami is ridiculous. Sandland, AQM, and Dobard are the only real props he deserves. RLIII(LOL), Gall(Ohio kid OSU, Michigan didnt want), Figueroa(LOL), 78th ranked JUCO(LOL), JUCO OT(no major schools offered), Knighton(LOL)

Gonna be a long season without Coach Fisch running the show

Canetrash, When U have a small amount of schollies to offer, U cant offer too many too soon. ALl of our pending guys happen to be ESPN 150 guys, so they are all on the easp show and want their 15 minutes. Look at the list, all of our guys we r waiting on accept collins n bostwick (who r also on tv) are not on list.
Heres the list, and Golden is gonna clean up. If not, I am sure Miami has some 3-4 star guys ready to committ.

Kirkland, am sorry, but u do look like a scrub in the face,,,just got that look about him,,,now them nigerians we got, them boys look serious,,and plus they are the same size if not bigger than kirkland, so give them nigerians a year plus with the desire to do well,,,

Posted by: al | February 02, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Is this a joke? Please tell me you are just playing around. Lol

So when do we get the apologies from Lice Harris & Uncle Puke?

Can someone tell me the purpose of the meeting? Why did the step dad request the meeting if it was not to beg for reconsideration. I don't get it!

Manny accomplished his mission. Put out a ridiculous headline that keeps all of you(including the trolls) coming back. That's his job. That's his paycheck. That's how he feeds his family. It worked because ALL OF YOU(INCLUDING ME) ARE HERE. :o)

"The confusion here is that not many people were aware they had been telling us things were getting tight with scholarships. We told them Denver might have a decision by Feb. 1 or Feb. 2."

DK wasn't blindsided. Miami informed him and the family of the pending situation. No mess-ups here. Let the media make of it what they will.

Today's meeting was to make nice-nice with BTW. I wonder what Harris has to say now after, what seemed to be, uninformed comments.

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