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Kirkland tells UM thanks, but no thanks

They tried.

UM coaches met with Booker T. All-American offensive tackle Denver Kirkland Saturday and his mother, but weren't able to sway him to commit his stepfather, Shanton Crummie said.

"We appreciate everything Coach Golden and their coaches did in giving him another chance to be apart of their class and talking to him about what happened," said Crummie, who did not attend Saturday afternoon's meeting but gathered the details of it by speaking with Kirkland and his mother.

"The confusion here is that not many people were aware they had been telling us things were getting tight with scholarships. We told them Denver might have a decision by Feb. 1 or Feb. 2. We were just surprised and upset when they came to school Thursday and told him they couldn't wait any longer. We thought he would have until Signing Day as long as we told them they were in front or close. But they couldn't wait."

A source told The Miami Herald, assistants Art Kehoe, James Coley and Micheal Barrow were among those who attended the meeting. Head coach Al Golden was not there, the source said.

Crummie said Kirkland had Miami high "up there with Arkansas" because of academics, but when they pulled the scholarship he was hurt and just never felt the same again.

"In the end we have no bad blood with Coach Golden or UM," Crummie said. "We understand what happened and they explained why they did what they did. They were hoping they could change his mind, but after talking it out he just decided it was best to move on."

Crummie said Kirkland will decide between Arkansas and Florida State and make his announcement on Signing Day.

UM still has hope it will land Kirkland's teammate star linebacker Matthew Thomas. National Signing Day is Wednesday.


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Comment please???

Smells like a rat
If he never wanted to come to the U and lost his love for it as he stated then, why did his parents reach out to the U for a second chance?

Can you guys not read? Kirkland had it between Arkansas and Miami. He said he had miami rated nearly as high as arkansas. Then Dumbazz golden pulled a stunt like he did and then didn't even go back for the 2nd meeting?? Congrats to Kirkland for telling you guys to stick it up your blowhole canes fans! Your coach is an idiot! Welcome to HogNation Kirkland! Oh and welcome Alex Collins aboard too! WPS!

I'm a hog fan. Thought I'd read this. Man recruiting is funny. Y'all all think Collins is headed to us, we all think he's for sure going to the u. We however have no RB commits. But we would also love Kirkland.

Canetrash your an all conference idiot with Gallo being an all american idiot , just cause you open your mouth and nonsense comes out does not mean it's true. Just shut the F*ck up.Go Canes

This week's sign that the apocalypse is upon us. Arkansas fans trolling a Canes blog.

C-Dogg yeah, another sign of the apocalypse is a year when the Canes actually AREN'T facing pending sanctions!

I'm not trolling anything. I actually said we believe he's going to y'all. I hope y'all are right and were wrong. Good luck to the canes. I'm not a fan who try's to give the UofA a bad name.

Canes fans aren't concerned about the NCAA that has officially shot themselves in the foot last week. We sat out 2 years, so were good. Obviously the recruits aren't worried about it. The proof of that is your trolling presence here. Don't you have a 'woo pig sooie' blog to hang out at and reminisce about your 1964 national title?

Why cry for a scholarship if you had no plans on coming to The U? And then when the coaches come back to try to win you you say thanks but no thanks. I guess I need only pay attention to the news after signing day, because this is a bunch of drama and it is getting worse than reality tv

Is that Callo, or Gallo, it's my cousin Vinny, ahhaha, what a big mouthed clueless dope. lol

Jesus Christ, can some of you fools read? The staff requested the meeting, not the family..

@C-Dogg. Yeah youre right, the Canes fans should be more worried about your dumbazz coach cutting ties with BTW.

I'm a hog fan and I love the news for us...However, y'all did screw DK if the story of him getting his schollie pulled is true. I'm a student on a full ride schollie and had been "committed" to my college for a year ever since I discovered I had a free ride to my top choice. Now I did have other schools offering so if Arkansas had pulled my schollie and then changed their mind and then again and again I would have said up yours and gone to TU or OU. A relationship of trust between coaches and kids are even bigger so for him to have that taste in his mouth of his coach pulling his scholarship is a really bad thing. Golden screwed up plain and simple; yet, I still think Golden is a great coach and you have a winner in him. I mean look at what he is doing with the cloud of sanctions above him. Anyways, this is just an opinion from an objective reader so take it for what its worth!

I wasn't referring to you Hog fan. I find Hog fooD entertaining.

I dont want DK, but I wouldnt bet against it. Thats the 3rd meeting n 2 days. Why would the whole coaching staff attend.
Malice, last season was AL's 1st recruit class, and well, #9 on Rivals and #8 on espn landing the #1 Rb and #1 CB and #2 Safety in the nation in Duke, Tracy ,and deon bush. OH, MEDIOCRE RECRUITER..
ALSO. Of the 12 commits we have
Kev olsen, end of season rank, #1 overall player in new Jersey regardless of positon
2. Alquadin Muhammed , #3 overall player in New Jersey regardless of position and #3 DE in the NATION
3. Beau Sandland. #1 JUCO TE IN THE NATIOn
7. Nigerian Dtackle, rated #78 overall regardless of position for JUCO PLAYERS
8 RAY LEWIS JR. COMPLETE ATHLETE, Less heralded because he played at a small school. Dominated at the all star camps
9. Hunter Knighton, TOp 20 PLAYER IN NEW JERSEY OL
10. ALEX GALl . I believe top 30 OHIO PLAYER AND 17th best OL ON SCOUT and HIGH 3 STAR ON ESPN
11. FIGUEROA, prep school , was rated a high 4 star going into Sr year in Virginia, had a bad injury and went to prep school. CONSIDERED A STEAL


Posted by: Dom

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/02/kirkland-tells-um-thanks-but-no-thanks.html#storylink=cpy#storylink=cpy

who the hell would want to live in ark or tallah...what a joke

I'm thinking DK does. So does Collins.

You're just an idiotic homer. Arkansas is one of the wealthiest schools in America. We have walmart and tyson foods juggernauts sitting in our corner pumping millions of dollars into our system. We are rated #8 most profitable schools per Forbes. Y'all may make players the most profitable athletes out of most schools (if you know what I mean!) so for you to say who wants to live in Arkansas is just a statement of stupidity.

@Hogfood. Pulling schollies this late happens more often that you obviously realize. None of us here will never know the full story. Miami doesn't really need DK. Were good at that position.

JEffrey, because its prob a silent committ and then on wednesday he has a change of heart and picks the U






@C-Doggturd. Yes, i know it happens. Our new coach just pulled about 8 already. Bad feelings happen soon thereafter with the dissed recruit. Shiz happens. Hogs are happy to take DK. Great OL talent.

Hes going to be. A loser scout team scrub like forston is.

All this hype but for what?

Remember all the hype behind number 2 ranked recruit seantrel henderson.

Wow seantrel really has dominated hasnt he?

Meanwhile, the U is 8-0 in the ACC. 17-3. Will likely be top 12 in bb.

Kirkland in arkansas?

Yeah buddy, have fun with that.

An o town boy in the middle of kkk counrry? Seriously?

LOL!!! I don't know why I bother to read this blog. Thanks but no thanks??? After calling all the way up to Donna after the offer was pulled? They knew time was running out and he was upset it was pulled despite being told they had to know? I am tired of these diva's. Give me more Duke Johnson like kids who know what they want,commit and never waiver and help recruit others into their class. Holding out to the end and refusing to even tell the coaches is a pure selfish move.

a 4 year scholarship at Miami is worth 250k , a 4 yr scholarhip at Arkansas, UF, FSU is worth with books and all roughly 50k probably. I know FSU was like 8-10k per year, UM is 40k...

Manny Navarro is a hack scrub a... Fat so wannabe from FIU. Loser.

Manwhile, the U has another player in the NFL hall of fame. Recruits pay attention.... Warren saap never won a ship. He played in one. But his carer at the U prepared him for the NFL, and where is he now? In Canton... For life.

How many gators or seminoles in the hall of fame?

I can think of 3 more canes that will be there:

Reggie wayne
Ray lewis
Ed reed

And counting...

No, driskle or teblow will not be in canton

@Hogfoo. See? i'm a nice guy and used your normal screen name. :o)
Thank you for admitting that your new coach is doing the same thing that you criticized Coach Al for. I have heard rumors about DK that will never be confirmed. Nothing criminal of course. If he comes to Miami(as a silent commit) on Wed, then i'm ok with that. I would prefer if DK went to your beloved hogs. That extra scholarship is valuable and should be used at a position that my Canes need more help at.

I urge everyone to PLEASE buy Canes football season tickets for the sake of DOM's life! The man is working so hard to convince you all the Canes are the greatest thing since sliced bread. The least you can do is buy season tickets to save the man's job. Please! I beg you!

Dont forget the 07 superbowl when Hester (the U) ran the kickoff back for chicago and Reggie Wayne caught a td from Manning. 2 Canes scored the 1st 2 TD's.

100 straight weeks(was it 121?) of a miami player scoring a TD in the NFL, 38 nfl players on 1 college roster, 17 1st rounders from 1 team, gators have never gone undefeated ever, even with teabags

@Dom Wrong. First and foremost. Even if it was the $40k you state per semester. Last time i checked, 4x40= $160k Not $250k! Of course factually speaking, the avg. tuition for 4yrs at UM is $36k. You must be an economist under the Obama admin. huh?

“IF”, and that’s a big “IF”, the reporting on this story is accurate then both Denver Kirkland and the Canes won as it’s not good for anyone when a player attends a school when he is not passionate about doing so.

Had Miami’s incredible football history and traditions appealed to this kid he would have jumped at the chance to sign with the Canes. Instead, it appears he’s chosen to go the diva path and we simply cannot afford to sign these types of players.

I suspect he’s a good kid and is caught up in all the attention, but his maturity and decision making is questionable as he had the opportunity to be coached by the best offensive line coach in the country and be a part of an organization that will win championships, appropriately known as “NFL U”.

Good luck Denver…wherever your travels take you!

Hog, it counts room board food etc. ....Rivals posted it. Its worth 5 x's a state school.
Miami is the harvard of the south

Cost of tuition does not equate quality of education. The only thing that does is the quality of job you get with your diploma. UM is a horrible value because you get the same job and pay as UF and FSU students get after graduation, but UM students ended up paying 4x the cost.

We give these kids too much press. No one should turn up for their NSD annoucements, for heavens sakes, make a frigging decision already, it's only college, when you have scholarship offers from UMiami, FSU and Arkansas, there are no bad choices. When we give them all this attention, of course they suck it all up. Prove yourself a decent player in college and you get rewarded by being drafted by an NFL team. High school students should not be calling the shots no matter how good they are. The only shot they get to call is where they want to go to college. It is simple, make a decision and move on.

When the Cans win, EOT, the stadium sells out. Its always been that way......Its a cane thing.... we always used to beat teams 50-0 and games b over at half time, that U fans only showed up for the big games. Unlike the trailer park cities in northern fl, Miami has alot of things to do. But, The canes as they win fill the seats.......

@Dom It would have cost me $125,000 tuition and room (doesn't include books or food) to attend the UofA. Get your head out of your butt. Schools like Miami aren't the most prestigious schools in America. Also, ever think that DK wants to play in front of 80,000 fans instead of a huge 2,500 size crowd at UM. We sell out our nonconfernce games even with a 4-8 crap shoot season. Get a life and open your homer eyes.

@C-Dogg Pulling offers happen all the time. Hell, ive seen it happen on signing day! I never thought that a coach should pull an offer so close to signing day. Yes, our new coach pulled offers of recruits that he didn't recruit. He also did it weeeeks ago to allow them time to go elsewhere. Heck, one story was that DK was going to UM he just wanted to do the 'hat thing' on signing day but Golden was trying to get him to commit the day he visited. Didn't want to wait.

Stuff happens. But, BTW has produced quite a few recruits. You dont want to kill a good pipeline to a school like that. Thats what i'm saying. Anyways. Got shizz to do. Good luck with your recruiting.

A Degree from Miami is worth more than a degree from FL St or UF. THATS A FACT OF LIFE.

#2. When Miami wins, they sell out every game. But in U OF A FAYETVILLE, IN GAINESVILLE, IN TALLAHASSEE WHERE I HAVE BEEN MANY TIMES, there is nothing to do, its cold in the winter, its always gray outside in the winter, and their r bars and football. Thats it....

In Miami, U have South beach n models at every red light

Rivals posted 4 years at Miami is worth 250k with room board and tuition. Well Arkansas is a state school, and I know what the in state schools cost at UF and FSU.........1/4 of the price at Miami. I am just stating facts........

@5<3<2 Maybe Kirkland is weighing his options after taking all of his visits? I committed to Arkansas because they were exactly what I wanted. However, I did visit OU, TU, and OSU and found that they had some sweet things to offer also. In the end I just couldn't bring myself to changing my mind. Well, the kid hasn't made his up. I think he should personally apologize to you since he doesn't know where his next 4 years of his life should be...that also impact the rest of his life. I mean I don't even turn in project without double checking and triple checking things and I'm 21. He's 17/18. Good lord...just a bunch of incompetent people on here

Dude, we are only on here talking about Miami recruits. Arkansas will never be good. Maybe every other year if there coach isnt cheating with his secratary and getting in motorcycle accidents and hiring randy shannon , they would win more

They will never win in the SEC. Just a fact....

U guys are trolling on here. We are 4 days from Signing day where our Coach has a shot according to multiple sites to land some big time guys and some of us r happy........I dont personally go bash UF/FSU/ARK blogs over 1 18 year old kid when 70% of all recruiting classes fail anyway.

They get homesick, there overrated in high school, they dont work hard in college. Lots of sheeet happens. . I can care less where 1 O LINEMAN goes, or even if Miami doesnt get Matthew Thomas.....Golden is building a winner, plain and simple.

Kirkland never wanted to be a Cane but was under enormous pressure from his family and coach to be a Cane. He kept giving family and friends false impressions he was going to chose Miami so they could get them off his back. His scholarship wasn't really "pulled." The Canes didn't want to have egg on their face on NSD after losing a hometown kid that would have said no to them on national tv. He's most likely going to be a Nole with his close friend Matthew Thomas. MT's mom really wants him at FSU as she has a very close bond with Jimbo Fisher and spent the entire weekend at Jimbo's house last week. MT and Denver are very close and have been planning to attend school together for a long time.

@Dom when was the last time Gainsville and Tallahasee were "cold" and grey outside? BTW it's "grey" not "gray". Valuable UM education;) and red light models....in Miami...now what's that sound like to you. Also, only bars and football in Fayetteville?? We have the 5th biggest on campus basketball arena, 2nd biggest baseball stadium, biggest track centers (host NCAA and SEC championships this year like every other year) so I highly doubt you've made that trek to Fayetteville. Cute try though.

"A Degree from Miami is worth more than a degree from FL St or UF. THATS A FACT OF LIFE."

No it is not. Look at all the stats and you will see post graduate salary is the same for all 3 schools. The only reason UM is more expensive is because it is a private school.

@Dom unlike your institution our school knows how to take care of scandals from within a program immediately. We fired him and his recruiting planner. Sorry to bust your bubble on recruiting weekend. This page was posted on a website I read for Arkansas news. I always read comments to check credibility of a writer but can quickly tell when there is nothing but a bunch of homers...and that's fine I'm one too. And btw ask Bama how much their OLmen mean to them? OL is the most important group on the field so you can never have enough depth...Have a great rest of your week and good luck to UM as they continue to rebuild as do we. Go Hogs WPS

BTW, FSU is building a beautiful south beach type of strip on campus next to the football stadium. It will be a mix of dorms, restaurants, and luxury shops. It's called College Town and will be ready to be inaugurated in August. The football player dorms will be located there and recruits, even ones from Miami, have been drooling over this. And for the record FSU has prettier ranked girls than UM and that's not even close. Here's a link. http://www.fsucollegetown.net/

@HogFoo. Fair enough. Best wishes to Arkansas on Wednesday & for the 2013 season.

I will sit back and watch the rest of these grown men on here fight over the decisions of 17-18 year olds. LoL

I trust Golden and Barrow did the right thing. And Manny wouldn't have posted it, if it wasn't true. These are dumb kids we are talking about..drama Queens

Kirkland and family I hope you are reading this and take this seriously. I am a decision maker and hire people making starting 6 figures, a very healthy income. When I look at resumes and see Arkansas and Miami etc - Arkansas resume is getting trashed. The education you receive at UM does not compare to the education you would receive at Ark. There is a reason why UM is the Harvard of the South and is ranked #38 of all Universities. You would get a better ROI with a degree from UM. After NCAA or nfl you need your degree to fall back on. Forget about the events that happened about the coaches pushing you into a decision. Get over it! Would you rather drive a ford for 4 years or drive the Lexus for 4 years? Yes maybe the Lexus salesman was a jerk to me in the showroom and the ford guy was nicer but when both cars are free to me I am taking the Lexus over the Ford. Don't make a bad mistake because your pride is hurt Kirk.

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