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Kirkland tells UM thanks, but no thanks

They tried.

UM coaches met with Booker T. All-American offensive tackle Denver Kirkland Saturday and his mother, but weren't able to sway him to commit his stepfather, Shanton Crummie said.

"We appreciate everything Coach Golden and their coaches did in giving him another chance to be apart of their class and talking to him about what happened," said Crummie, who did not attend Saturday afternoon's meeting but gathered the details of it by speaking with Kirkland and his mother.

"The confusion here is that not many people were aware they had been telling us things were getting tight with scholarships. We told them Denver might have a decision by Feb. 1 or Feb. 2. We were just surprised and upset when they came to school Thursday and told him they couldn't wait any longer. We thought he would have until Signing Day as long as we told them they were in front or close. But they couldn't wait."

A source told The Miami Herald, assistants Art Kehoe, James Coley and Micheal Barrow were among those who attended the meeting. Head coach Al Golden was not there, the source said.

Crummie said Kirkland had Miami high "up there with Arkansas" because of academics, but when they pulled the scholarship he was hurt and just never felt the same again.

"In the end we have no bad blood with Coach Golden or UM," Crummie said. "We understand what happened and they explained why they did what they did. They were hoping they could change his mind, but after talking it out he just decided it was best to move on."

Crummie said Kirkland will decide between Arkansas and Florida State and make his announcement on Signing Day.

UM still has hope it will land Kirkland's teammate star linebacker Matthew Thomas. National Signing Day is Wednesday.


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"Thomas visited FSU a week ago and labeled the trip “perfection.” Perhaps more significantly was his mom’s approval. At one point, after Thomas watched the Senior Bowl with coach Jimbo Fisher, defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt and linebacker’s coach Charles Kelly, he slipped on an FSU jersey. “I like the way that looks,” his mom said, according to Warchant.com. “Just the way it should be.”

we will lose thomas and kirkland......this scholarship thing put it all over the edge....we handed FSU to them...golden is complete idiot....replace him

also bostwick goes to FSU.....

butch davis
Jim coley
mario chistobal
mike barrow
art kehow

thats all we need....then go rip down that alabama billboad...

typo art kehoe

EOT- FSU may be building a "fake" south beach oncampus- BUt "theres nothing like the real thing, baby"

By the way,take notice recruits:

Hall of fam? Its at the U. Warren SDapp just got named to Canton. Thats where ist at.

No, Tebow wont be in the HOF
Neither will PK sams, Snoop MInnis, or Chris Weinke

But you bet Sapp is in, and so will the following:

Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Frank Gore, Reggie Wayne, And maybe Devin Hester. Edgerrin James may also be in there. Its no loner NFL-U/ Its Hall of fame U.

well that sucks, but move on. tired of these players acting like they are in control

From Espn, Rivals, to Yahoo sports all keep writing these short-misconception artiles about Miami and thier slow decline to irrelevancy, so I have to ask, why keep writing about them? Cant find nothing else to write about, can find enough words to create an interesting article about another school or a current event, no, it always come down to Miami get people reading,,to get people watching,,to get peopled interested, cause we are the U! Each one of these articles referenced the U intentionally limiting this year's scholarship class to 15-18 players, yet they keep bashing our current recruting class, why is this,when 5 of our 13 players is at 4 Star Rating, and a few at a high 3 Star Rating, and a few 2 Star rating. Nothing separate players at the age more than mental development of the game,,for example you have a 5 Star Player who 6/4 260, and then a 3 Star Player who is 6/4 245, what separate these players besides the pounds, just coachiing and development, most of these 3 Star players will have the same impace of a 5 Star Player come thier 2-3 year of playing College Football, they just dont come with all they hype. Yes, most 5 Star Players live up to the hype and some do not, some find themselves on NFL rosters and some do not. So to all of these writers who cant find nothing else to write about except for the decline of U, I tell you this,,STOP WRITING ABOUT US IF WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IRRELEVANT!

this is what boggers dont understand....recruits are in control a this point until they sign...you fight it until then, all you do it go to the back of the line.....be a tough guy with the "my way or the highway" stuff and the top tie recruits will just tell you to go f....ck off....jr college guys will always say yes....thats why they are in jr college....
fsu and arkansas by reports did a good job of massaging these kids.....what does UM do...we pull scholarships and ignore parents at UM weekend....what do you think bostwicks mom said to him after?

Small class this year. As always, up in the air speculation about who is doing what. It is clear that Denver did not want to make a commit to UM. So it goes. He is a young kid, and I wish him well.

His stepdad showed definite class, as did UM in meeting with the family. Not sure if he was offered a scholarship again by UM, although that is the implication of the story ("Thanks, but no thanks").

It is great that Miami is in the discussion for some of the top kids. Hope we land a few more good ones in addition to current commits.

Agree that OL is a strong unit for us, and that this scholarship is better used for a defensive front 7 player.

dude...kirkland was embarrassed all over south florida with the newspapers and the tweets....trust me he HATES al golden....

objectively he did the right thing....as a parent with a kid in college myself, no way after you pull my kids scholarship would I EVER allow my kid to go to UM....the school dosent deserve this....the brand has tremendous value...act like mercedes benz ot a hyundai

Shut up, Gatah Tail!
I was rather enjoying the hilarious exchange between Ron Zook and CanesNoles.
And to add to it.
It's simply preposterous that anyone can conclude that college women in Tallahassee can measure up to the international women of South Beach...absurd!

...ps, these two guys are funny, so forgive me for instigating in an attempt to re-initiate their entertaining exchange!
I mean hell, it's better than listening to a bunch of clueless responses from those so far out of The Know about the inner-working of UM football that they can't be reach with the Arecibo radio telescope.

dude please..the only reason UM met with him was damage control....the thing was spinning out of control....a total optic move is all....golden wasnt even there so there it is....UM had no intention on giving kirkland a scholarship....

Alot of you hypocrites need to relax for real. Why would aybody start calling kirkland names, that man is trying to make a hard decision. Of course he's from the crib, but for UM to offer that man a schalorship and than wait all this time to pull the schalorship, it jut wasn't a smart moveno matter how you look at it. Especially when you were 7 & 6 last year and you're competing for a recruit with an Fsu team that only lost 2 games last year.

Yeah we know they lost alot of coaches on their staff, and i don't like back-stabbing gumbo fisher either but one things for sure, he's proven he can put a competitive team on the fied and knows how to put a coaching staff together an had su in the national title hunt this year. Right coach goldie is getting little to big for his britches, running round pulling schalorships like he's a poven headcoach and has shown to have UM being a good team. That he has't done, maybe we'e getting their under him but when you got a defense that was ranked 117th in the nation, schools don't even have to use the nc2a investigation against us, just show defensive guys our defensive scheme and how we play it.

Sure goldie will tell defensive recruits they'll have a chance to play early and help us turn things around, but when another school will ask the question, "who rigth now on Miami's defense looks like a #1 draft pick, if a recruit can't answer that question than that opens them up to hve to listen to that other school. If this defense, and i'm going to be lenient isn't a top 45 defese come next year and goldie is still trying to hype up his boy as being some top coordinator, i'll just hope he keeps em and wait until goldie and him gets fired.

You don't round pulling schalorships from Miami kids that you told could wait and than you insult the young man by basically telling him he's not better than matthew thomas so he has to answer now, lol. You just don't do stupid stuff like that no matter how you feel. So goldie has to try and have the keebler elf/president try and clean up this mistake like that was going to help.

If that man was torn between Miami & Fsu than this just made it that much easier, sure we have o-linemen and guy coming in, but right now, we're at a point where our current o-line where 2 are graduating, we don't have that many quality o-linemen on the roster and we're turning down a guy right before signing day publicly. The only way i can see that man coming here is only by his current teammates and the players at UM like eduardo or davon johnson and if a guy like matthew thomas committs.

Plus if a guy like ice harris or harris jr. gets to kirkland and let em know, if that's your deam school, don't let that foul up deter you from your dream. The only real way will be if this man prays about it and wakes up and feels differently he'll be at UM, other than, another mental meltdown by goldie.

There appears to be a lot of miscommunication between all parties involved. It would seem to make sense to follow the Nick Saban (a pretty decent coach and recruiter in his own right) rule- You Shop- We Shop. Under the Saban rule if a recruit wants to keep his options open and "enjoy the recruiting experience", which they are entitled to, the school can also keep their options open to find the player that is the best match for their needs. Absent a commitment there should be no expectation on either side-period

its unbelievable...I have never seen a coach throw so many kids overboard than al golden.....to make matters worse he throw south florda kids....our own home grown....then pisses off high school coaches at the same time....stuff being splashed all over newspapers and tweets....then the fans join in a crucify the guy....we are creating an enviroment thatwill fored kids to leave the area...they want to naturally if you grew up here and want an experiance outside of sfla....its mindboggling..

butch - coley - mario - art - barrow.....lets print the flyers now....

jersey guys start heading up I95 and take a right at the jersey turnpike....go visit rutgers, grab some lunch there....

cane74...the only problem is nick is 13-1 with a national championship....UM is 7-6 with sanctions...really not the same thing, ya think?


I am sure Denver was angry and embarassed. And he did not have to meet with UM if he was that turned off. He did meet with them, and it couldn't have been just so UM could save face. Why would Denver care about that if he was so upset?

This was handled badly, especially with one of our own kids. I don't like it at all. It is reminiscent of the Randy area and the poor relationships with too many high school coaches in Miami. Bad PR Move by Golden et al.

But, I appreciate the summary of Nick Saban's approach stated by my man on this blog.

No different for UM. You are in or you are out, and the needs of the program come first, especially at crunch time.

and by the way, canes74, thanks for the reference to the Saban philosophy...

I really do think Manny may have lost focus here. What we know, as opposed to speculation is:

1. Miami pulled Kirkland's offer (genius Gallo expands on that be brilliantly pointing out, that in so doing, Miami pulled his education. Duh, that's how it works.
2. There was a follow up meeting. the stepfather reports DK was given another chance to commit. He wasn't there and UM isn't saying so we really don't know what transpired.

Everything else is a guess. If recruiting ratings were all they are cracked up to be, texas would have won 10 NCs in the last 20 years, instead of the 1 they won with a dominant qb, just like UFelony did and auburn did.

Ok guys stop the craziness. Besides for the kids that have guaranteed their commitments none of you Ms. Rudolph imitaters know what these kids are going to do. Golden and all other coaches have been doing their best to get the better talent. Some will get more and some a few less, but we know that while getting better talent does increase probabilities it doesn't guarantee a damn thing. Its the coaches who are better evaluators that will be the winners. We won't know who on Wednesday but 2 years from Wednesday. UM will undoubtedly start to get the lions share as the team improves and NCAA leaves town. Until then just chill till Wednesday!

2012 casualties:

keion payne
devonta davis
jeremy davis
ray ray armstrong
thomas finnie
gionni paul
travis williams
jamal reid
kelvin cain
Vaughn telemaque
tracy howard
eddie johnson
curtis porter
luther robinson
darius smith

2013 casualties: so far

Denver kirkland
Jaynard bostwick
keith bryant

The scholarship pull from Kirkland is bad, we all know that. This kids wants the media circus and could have had it with a silent hand shake. He is not the only high star to loss his scholarship this year because of the games. Will Muschump pulled Powell's yesterday, a 4-star linebacker.

The funny thing about all of these so call blogers and fb gods they don't no jack about Miami football, Miami just don't need any OL their stack so the numbers don't add up and secondly who in the hell he would be out come on people do the math, coach Golden well have a great, class count on.....IT!

at this rate we should be able to add another team to the acc.....we dont need a billboard, its being handed to us...

Bad move by UM. They really overplayed their hand trying to bully a kid with other offers on the table. That was just plain stupid. Hopefully we learn from this mistake and move on. He and Thomas are both at the same school so UM has to use more tact.

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

team with better defensive ranking - temple #90

2010 Temple:

offense #79 ranking
defense - #16 ranking

2011 temple
without golden/dnofrio

offense - #63 ranking
defense - #12 ranking

please explin to me why these guys are here again?

Having the meeting with UM was the civil/classy thing to do for the family. Also, if any of you have kids nd one of them got treated the way UM treated kirkland, especially after the championship parade, this man goes from feeling high to feeling low in one day and comes home, of course any real parent is going to try and find out what's really happening. Who's going to sit their and listen to this person or that persons view, let's get all parties in the room together at the same time so we can stop with the he say she say crap.

At the end of the day, kirkland felt like he was wronged and no matter how people feel about it, no Miami kid with a schalorship offer this long should be walking round Miami feeling like kirkland is this late in the process. So of course kirklands parents had to get some straigtnen!

goldie keeps crying and wonderin where the "tmz" keeps cmig from, it's him, i said along time ago, he better recognize where he's at and who he is. People in Miami don't view you like you're some championship type coach, we don't know you, you haven't earned our respect or Trust. In fact, you're starting to become un-trustworthy round here with this last stunt you pulled.

Let's look at the negative moves made by goldie:
Sends alot of defensive guys packing from the shannon regime than starts crying about depth issues.

Tries to movesevera players from the d-line to the o-line than starts crying about d-line depth issues.

Says we don't have basically quality d-linemen or need more production from th d-line in the mean time luther robinson is being benched(another one that was asked to move to be moved to the o-line). His Father had to call in and complain.

Kicks ray ray armstrong off the team because of ray ray's girlfriend situation.

Starts kacy rodgers over vaughn telemaque and messes up this mas ability to get drafted, than cries about being young on defense.

Kicks thoma finnie off the team.

Gionni paul said enuff with the fooletry and took he ultamaitum and rolled out.

eddie johnson now in the goldie dog house, may or maynot be here come next year.

tracy howard got benched for voicing his opinion to a bozo with the 117th ranked unit in college football yet goldie keeps trying to pass his boy off as some top notch college coordinator.

promotes an unproven percy pringle a.k.a. brennan carrol who did jack squat with the tight-ends to receivers coach, "a word to the not so wise", nobody cares about him and his name, why was he brought here to began with in the first place, adds nothing of relevancy. Any tight-ends coach that allows his tight-ends to be 270lbs does not know what they are doing.

goldie cries about a soft 2012 schedule beng to hard and how he's going to change that, lol, i have to laugh to help the embarrassing feelings i have every time i hear goldie complaining about the schedule. Let him tell it, boston college, Virginia, duke, North Carolina St. were top notch teams.

After games, blaming the players being out of position. A player makes a great play, he's quick to point out, and give preaise to his boy by saying "so & so did exactly what he was coached to do". Defense gives up a big play, he blames the players.

And now this kirkland situation, i'm sure i left out other stuff.

By why all this drama since goldie became headcoach, the hypocrites praise goldie and his mediocrity. goldie's way of thinking is the exact opposite of a real UM man. Trying to get the team to focus on winning an acc championship instead of having the normal national championship or bust mentality.

If goldie packed up and left today, real Miamians won't care one bit. In fact we'd be glad the door was opened back up to give a real Miami headcoach the opportunity. Until goldie cleans up his act and the phoniness is starting to seep out, this outsider has no credibility!

stats are a greeat koolaid equalizer...arent they, lol

stats are a greeat koolaid equalizer...arent they, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 03, 2013 at 11:33 AM


People saying we don't need kirkland, lol, ok, but i guess we needed the igerian nightmare(let's hope it's the nightmare like christian okoye and not nightmare like matt pipho) a hole lot more.

This o-line is strong now, but we don't have that much o-line depth and guys need to be groomed an get their strength up at the o-line spots more so than alot o other positions.

goldie and his "core values" non-sense is hurting thi team i can tell you that. This is Miami, if he thinks he's going to come down here and change the mindset of the players in one year, he's delusional.

Pretty much all of our championship teams said, "the practices were harder than the games"

Well i got a question, how in the world are our practices ever going to be harder than the games when we're playing a sissy defensive scheme ranked #117th in the country.

well put....you did leave 1 other thing out.....wtf is a brand like UM playing teams next year like:

florida atlantic - 3-9 / 2-6 conference
savannha state - 1-10 / 0-8 conference

oh I forgot....ND and KSU are too tough....did you hear that super bowl canes:

ray lewis
ed reed
bryant mckinnie
travares gooden
frank gore
dmien berry
tommy streeter

We don't need the otherside of this story, no matter what the otherside of the story was, this situation could have been avoided all along! No matter what, UM lost twice to three times already with this situation, #1, we more than likely don't get quality o-lineman who did nothing wrong but try and weigh out his options.
#2 Alot of bad press and a negative outlook on goldie in Miami for the way this was handled.
#3 This will make even that much easier for us to lose matthew thomas to Fsu.

Many people on here spouting off at the mouth but don't realize, people in Miami care about these kids, not goldie. Guys like luke and harris have coached these kids since they were babies and to hear any of them got rail-roaded by UM, that can't happen down here, no matter what, it just goes to show that coach goldie is not good under pressure just like in games.

I could careless who we get come signing day, this doesn't make that type of disrespect go away!

dude think of how bad ass we would be if we kept all the casualites plus had:

keith bryant
alex collins
matthew thomas
denver kirkland
jaynard bostwick
stacy coley

gallo, i hope you playing, playing FAU, i don't like it, but i'll let that slide, but Savannah St., goldie needs to be slapped. No wonder they're going to try and start covering up the stadium to try and make it look like it's full. We're a private college and we're bringing Savannah St. to town, cause i know we not going to them, but if we are, man, all i can say is, it's just continues to make sense why we got a cowards scheme on defense.

goldie's cowardtry and his boy oach OH-NO's cowardtry continues to remain at the fore-front.

I also want to see how the high treason hire in james coley pans out. The only reason i'm not blasting that moe is he's from Miami. But that's been one of the most shady moves i've seen in a long time. Shows signs of desparation by goldie going into year 3, the cards are starting to run out now, at some point, the hands will have to be shown.

exactlyyyyyyyyyy, if nick saban left, fans would forget about him in a week...wait, that already happened....lol

dude think of how bad ass we would be if we kept all the casualites plus had:

keith bryant
alex collins
matthew thomas
denver kirkland
jaynard bostwick
stacy coley

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 03, 2013 at 11:52 AM

That's why alot of people who post on here are not real Miami/UM fans, they want to beat their chest and talk about the 5 national campionships but have no clue on how it got that way. They think we'll see UM football from Nigerians who know nothing about Miami and have to be taught what it is to be a Miami Hurricane. goldie leading that chant after victories over mediocre teams is sickening to me. That chant has always been reserved for winning games in a domiant fashion over "so called" powerhouse football teams.

Not after being in a shootout with duke!

if we fired al golden on monday...by friday his name would not appear either in the herald or the sun-sentinal....him and dnofrio would be like they never existed....who cares if his wife loves it here.....let them by a condo as a second home here...hell have the money, lol

exactlyyyyyyyyyy, if nick saban left, fans would forget about him in a week...wait, that already happened....lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 03, 2013 at 12:01 PM

The only thing i wanted to do to saban wa slap em fo jacking up the defense before he rolled out. Anybody that cried when he left don't have a clue about football, he was a garbage pro coach. Is not that great of a college headcoach either, he's just at the right school and does know how to put a competitive team together, but he's not a better headcoach than steve spurrier and seeveral others, but he is better than alot of coaches out their.

I wouldn't want him coaching here with that boring style team he has.

bad ass plus we still have a returing offense....with morris.....f''''ck....sickning

if we fired al golden on monday...by friday his name would not appear either in the herald or the sun-sentinal....him and dnofrio would be like they never existed....who cares if his wife loves it here.....let them by a condo as a second home here...hell have the money, lol

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 03, 2013 at 12:06 PM

rofl, we can give him one of the first gentrification condo's over in Liberty City!

dude...score 52 points and with 2 minute to go, you are still not sure if you are gonna win or not.....I feel like taking a hammer to my laptop...

pay golden off....f...ck it....bring in butch..give him 2 years......


solinger?....I know he is passed his desire to coach but maybe get him here as "consultant", lol....like a keeping a gambler at the tables....soon he wont be able to resist, lol

Got to say, that is a strong indictment of some of Golden's issues to date. I have similar concerns with how certain things were handled. This year tells the tale. As a Cane fan, I am forever hopeful.

But, if it doesn't work out, Butch, are you in the area?

Calvin and Gallo you two morons act like Golden is the one who put The U where they are now , we have not had a good team since early 2000. This ncaa stuff , not Golden. Poor player development,not Golden , players leaving early for NFL. Not Golden , Losing the Orange bowl stadium which hurts recruiting ,not Golden. No fans in the stands , not Golden . And don't tell me it's because they are not winning because I have not seen a team in the country regardless of record that has worse attendence. The things that are positive from Golden are always overlooked rom you two , Like how many coaches would still be here after the ncaa bomb was dropped? None . Even if this years class does not end up well under the overall circumstances he did well. At this moment in time we are not a leader in football but I have seen improvement in lots of areas since he got here. I want the U to win mre than anyone in this world but lets wait until AGs hands are untied and see what he can do and if we dont steadily get better I am all for moving in another direction.But you cant tie a mans hands behind his back and expect him to win a fight.Go Canes

EOT...College Town...LOL

I live in Tallahasse and I grew up in Miami...

There is no way you can compare FSU's College Town to Miami...Coral Gables...South Beach.

Are you kidding me...

Sure the City of Tallahassee has been working on the Gaines St Revitalization for years...but the Fact is FSU is surrounded by some very undesireable areas...

Practically all the ares around FSU and expecially between FAMU and FSU are the highest areas for crime and drugs in Tallahassee...

Not to mention there is not enough room to make some place that will have significant impact...the area is small.

The U has it all...Miami...South Beach...the Keys...it is South Florida one of the worlds best areas...

This is Tallahassee...basically South Georgia...it is the Country as compared to the Big City and Metropolis of South Florida...

LOL if you think that is anything to write about...

It is better than Overtown and Liberty City...but so is The U and area aroud it...



BTW Jimbo is getting beat up for losing 6 Coaches and a bunch of kids...

I do not think Jimbo is the long term answer for FSU...a lot of the folks on the inside do not like him...

They do not like the way he coaches...speaks to his player and the language he uses on the practice field...

It sounds like the Ego Maniac is on the Hot Seat up here...

Bleeding Orange and Green!

dude...score 52 points and with 2 minute to go, you are still not sure if you are gonna win or not.....I feel like taking a hammer to my laptop...

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 03, 2013 at 12:12 PM

rofl, and than the sad part is to come on here and see people praising goldie saying the team now is finally showing fight under goldie. But win shannon said "Ddke was a tuff place to play" they bash him for it but shannon never got into a shoot out with them like that.

So now, i can't wait to see what the team is going to look like this year since last year goldie mad it clear when he said "i made the decision early on that we were going to have to out-score people" So i take it, he said that to mean come this year, we won't have to be in those type of shoot-outs with mdiocre teams because he'll make the decision to be more defensive this year, lol, this guy is a bandwagon rider if i ever saw one, special team doing good he's in the middle of them, offense doing good, he wants to talk about the decisions he made their. Wide receivers started makig plays, their came goldie again. Well i'm waiting, and how about he co-sign on with the 117th ranked defensive unit in the nation. He don't want to attach his name to it, but we know that's the defense you learned from your boy fired al groh and than you passed hat same defense on to your boy oach OH-NO, co-sign with that unit.

what i dont understand is why these fans are so emotionally attached to these coaches....this is a performance based business....that goes for my fellow alumni jim coley as well....no top ncaa franchise is gonna duplicate a "notre dame/charlie weis" situation with their programs....the competition is too great

success has to come much faster now to be in the hunt for a national championship...my question is, that the REAL goal here?....are you telling me dnofrio is the defensive answer to make that happen?


You must not have you ear to the ground up here...

The FSU Fan base does not care about MT...they got 4 LBs in this Class they feel are just as good...

The don't care if he comes or not...

MT you can dominate at UM...you will get lost in the numbers in Tallahassee...

DK same thing...FSU has a ton of big kids on the Oline

Stay in Miami and be a long time starter...why wait your turn after 2 or 3 years at FSU?

Look at the number guys...

The U is the place to be...stay home!

Bleeding Orange & Green!

gumbo fisher like saban are rednecks, i wouldn't send nobody i know to those guys. No way was mickey andrews going to stay their and work for that back-stabbin clown. Fsu is a good place for em, he brought redneck eddie gran with em who only went their to try his best to upgrade his resume but he doesn't even like Florida guys, especially players from Miami.

These Mothers co-signing with gumbo fisher just don't know any better, the problem is, al goldie i down here jacking up making it easy for gumbo! coley rolled out on that "no i want to call the plays myself" headcoach. If i hadn't known any better, the way all those coaches rolled out of Fsu, you'd think Fsu was the team that was about to get hit with sanctions.

Golden is the best head ciach for this program right now. Don't come selling Butch to us because he left here and went on to get unc sanctioned.

If this was Kirkland's dream school then he should've committed.

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