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Kirkland tells UM thanks, but no thanks

They tried.

UM coaches met with Booker T. All-American offensive tackle Denver Kirkland Saturday and his mother, but weren't able to sway him to commit his stepfather, Shanton Crummie said.

"We appreciate everything Coach Golden and their coaches did in giving him another chance to be apart of their class and talking to him about what happened," said Crummie, who did not attend Saturday afternoon's meeting but gathered the details of it by speaking with Kirkland and his mother.

"The confusion here is that not many people were aware they had been telling us things were getting tight with scholarships. We told them Denver might have a decision by Feb. 1 or Feb. 2. We were just surprised and upset when they came to school Thursday and told him they couldn't wait any longer. We thought he would have until Signing Day as long as we told them they were in front or close. But they couldn't wait."

A source told The Miami Herald, assistants Art Kehoe, James Coley and Micheal Barrow were among those who attended the meeting. Head coach Al Golden was not there, the source said.

Crummie said Kirkland had Miami high "up there with Arkansas" because of academics, but when they pulled the scholarship he was hurt and just never felt the same again.

"In the end we have no bad blood with Coach Golden or UM," Crummie said. "We understand what happened and they explained why they did what they did. They were hoping they could change his mind, but after talking it out he just decided it was best to move on."

Crummie said Kirkland will decide between Arkansas and Florida State and make his announcement on Signing Day.

UM still has hope it will land Kirkland's teammate star linebacker Matthew Thomas. National Signing Day is Wednesday.


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you know the more this TMZ plays out here...the more shannons stock goes up.....not for anything but he put up more offensive yards than jedd and that was with jacory injured.....those 2009 dade/broward leans, some would have signed with UM including teddy bridgewater.....the 2010 class was good....all those 2012 casulties would still be on the team in their respected positions....I bet things would have turned aroung for rangy in hindsight...but whats done is done

Got to say, that is a strong indictment of some of Golden's issues to date. I have similar concerns with how certain things were handled. This year tells the tale. As a Cane fan, I am forever hopeful.

But, if it doesn't work out, Butch, are you in the area?

Posted by: dbc | February 03, 2013 at 12:25 PM

It's just the facts man, goldie is doing this or as he likes to use the words he used when he gave curtis porter and seantrel henderson those back handed compliments after they announced they were comingback "self inflicted", well goldie's actions are "self inflicted".

This is not to you of course, but the dumb argument peole make about "goldie not leavng after the sanctions news came down" so what, they ask who would have stayed, i could careless, somebody will alway want to coach here. Hell, randy shannon would've stayed thru the sanctions, even butch davis would've came on down, so that's not some reason to be sweating some mediocre coach, don't fool yourselves, goldie needs UM more than UM needs him. In fact he might just roll out once he realizes he's not going to be that successful here, because it's a known fact, if you can't be successful as the headcoach at Miami, that says alot.

They talk about goldie having his hands tied behind his back, lol, yeah right. shannon was the one who's hands were tied. Anytime they give a headcoach 500k to hire a coordinator, does that sound like hands being tied to you. They gave goldie that amount of money for a coordinator when shannon was the headcoach almost making that. And the best goldie can do right now is be only 2 games better than shannon after his first 2 years when shannon had kyle & kirby as his qb, and javariss james and cooper as the runningbacks. matt pipho atright tackle.

shannon upgraded the talent here, the guys who went pro early didn't want to play for goldie and his "core values" b.s. If any of those players who left early felt like staying under goldie would've been more
beneficial to them, they would've stayed, ut ask yourself, why would brandon harri give up a chance at being a 2nd round pick and stay one more year under goldie and his boy with the 117th raked defense and play 10 yards off receivers and become irrelvant in the draft, get real.

You do know that a large portion of the female student body at FSU/UF are from South Florida? Also, what college kid can afford South Beach especially if they can't work?

Afford to do what in south beach, walk around? Nobody said the girls in those schools dont look good, I just have an issue with people saying women in south florida come in second to anywhere.

Just like Kirkland you say thanks but not thanks to couple of meals Manny! Perhaps attempting to improve your skills as a writer should be your main priority instead of hitting up La Carreta viciously. In the span of a day and a half your credential as journalist or what was left of it, has been utterly destroyed by the continued horse crap you have posted. Oh I get it, this new era of writers are not journalist any longer but "bloggers". No wonder this nation is regressing intellectually.

The main issues Golden has were left behind by previous coaches.

When is it not TMZ down here? Golden didn't bring issues to Miami, we have always and.always have issues.

great point vanessa...most of my friends when I was growing up in miami wanted to leave the city....most went to florida followed by fsu....I live in ct now....my son goes to fordham...he has a job on campus..I still have to send him $50-$100 week exta and he is a freshamn in the dorms....95% of the kids I doubt can aford sobo or brickle for that matter, I come down there once a year...I know what 2012 costs there....I was a commute in 1979...UM still lacks that college feel....no ivy growing nthe walls etc...like boston college, providence college etc....kis even in dade/broward want that

i do still have 14 yr old daughter that will be a cane whether she likes it or not, lol

If randy had the resources they gave goldie, 500K trestman or dirk would've been the oc's and not that double agent mark nipple they hired to be. What oc in college football does not talk to their qb during games, lol. What oc would let his relationship with his qb deterioate that low. If people don't think nipple was a double agent for kirby locutt and shapiro, they're being blind.

If any of those guys became the oc, our defenses under shannon and john lovett were real solid, they would've gotten that much better by having a competent oc/qb coach, something nipple wasn't. The administration hired him and forced him on shannon and made him the "assistant headcoach" so shannon wouldn't be able to have to much say so, but shannon had say so over the personnel.

shannon set coach hurtt packing when he found out abou the shapiro situation, but it never became a big deal because all of a sudden you just heard coach hurtt accepted a job with louisville out the blue, no tmz needed. Since the boosters at UM didn't like shannon, those forces did what they had to do to get rid of shannon. This is the year where you goldie lover's will see whether this guy is good for the program or not.

I'm not rooting against him, i just look at goldie as an outsider trying to fit in. Bringing a national championship to UM is the only thing that'll allow to me to have respect for him, anything else, would be unMiaminized!

like the old saying..."be careful what you wish for"....everyone assumes thinks get better...never think they can get worse....

RIP : randy shannon / Larry Coker....coker already turned around UTSA and watch randy and bret bielema move arkansas up the ladder...will alex collins provide those steps?......hummm

In the film the U...jerome brown told erickson the day he came here not to touch this defense....erickson was smart....took second place until the team came around to him....he also put in the 1 back offense that was successful that helped him alot....nothing elevates respect more than success and those players saw what that offensive scheme was capible of...respect was earned...no rule book was throw on the table like golden does....oil vs water....this is just not going to work for him at UM

No rule book was thrown on the table, thats why we ended up on probation 5 years later. And anyone who watched that d play we tell them to continue unchanged. Following Jimmy Johnson and Randy Shannon are 2 completely different things.

Randy had everyone's support in the beginning, then they figured out he couldn't coach. He got 3 seasons, right. If they didn't want him he would've been out before that. Shannon even got an extension that UM was forced to pay.

Didn't he start to alienate every other program not Booker T and NW?

In the film the U...jerome brown told erickson the day he came here not to touch this defense....erickson was smart....took second place until the team came around to him....he also put in the 1 back offense that was successful that helped him alot....nothing elevates respect more than success and those players saw what that offensive scheme was capible of...respect was earned...no rule book was throw on the table like golden does....oil vs water....this is just not going to work for him at UM

Posted by: Jim Gallo | February 03, 2013 at 01:28 PM

Excatly, the sad part is, nothing was wrong with the defense, just needed a few more all world players on it and a better offense to help them out. Imagine what would've happened if goldie and his boy oach OH-NO were here back when JEROME BROWN was here and he told them that. First off, goldie and oach OH-NO would've more than likely had gotten their asszhh whooped by alot of players on the team, the defense was already to successful to try and change it anyway, but goldie would've tried to use the wrong "i'm in charge" philosophy tatics like he's doing now and it would've been a real CANE Mutiny back than.

Just like when goldie came in and got rid of players he had no attachmen too, i still feel the same way about him, i have no attachments to goldie, i didn't like butch davis either only that he knew the Miami standard. Other than that, when he came in with all that clean the program/image talk, i could careless about him too.

If this defense is not a top 45 defense come next year, in all defensive categories. I don't want to hear that points allowed crap but we're still giving up 500 yards a game. If goldie doesn't fire his boy, none of his crew belongs here.

but randys stats are better than goldens....so when do we find out that golden cant coach?

2010 - randy shannon

total offense - 5499 yards / 44 TD's - #31 rank
total defense - 4203 yards / 37 sacks for 241 yrd loss / 16 INT's - #22 rank

2011 - golden

total offense - 4533 yards / 41 TD's - #70 ranked
total defense - 4319 yards / 23 sacks for 118 yrd loss / 6 INT's - #45 ranked

2012 - golden

total offense - 5282 yards / 45 TD's - #36 ranked
total defense - 5837 yards / 13 sacks for 86 yrd loss / 11 INT's - #116 ranked

so to apply the same metrix's equally...golden leaves after this year...RIGHT?

It's going to be interesting to see what Golden does with the defense. If that unit doesn't improve dramatically then Dino must go. That guy should be on thin ice rightnow.

oach OH-NO is the main reason alot of defensive recruits are on the fence. Right now, i'll give p.w. a lil credit, with the way deon bush is playing, rayshawn jenkins didn't do to bad, and we'll see about the corners come next year, but having guys like artie burns and jamal carter committ shows respect for coach p.w.

The real gritty guys you need on defense, they're afraid to come in, that "early playing time thing/come and help us turn this thing around" is only going to work for so long. At some point the defense is going to have to look like it knows what it's doing out their on that field. A having oach OH-NO trying to send in(look at me, look at me) defensive calls after the opposing offense is already lined up is embarassing and shows he's already 3 steps behind the oppossing offenses. It's also a desparation move, just step down or become a position coach not a fake coordinator.

You're at Miami, you can't hide now.

Everyone here acts like they know something. I have NO freakin' idea what's gonna happen. I wish I was smart like y'all.

The man wins again... i just hope this teaches our young black men to never !!!never !!!!never !!! listen to a white a man. They are like slave owners your only good to me if I REALLY NEED YOU... !!!Coach I hope you dont let a nother Booker T. Washington player ever attend UM again.

http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1466495 Thats updated 20 min ago, half still say DK is comin here. Why else call the meeting and have a 3rd meeting unless he gives a silent. The kid just doesnt want to give a look like hes weak and hes on nat tv 5 min after thomas, so he ruins his tv shot if he makes the call now......

Wow! We’ve got a dumb and dumber remake going on here…Princess Gallo and Lady Calvin.

These two women are clearly having their period and are whining about everything.

Princess Gallo and Lady Calvin, the Laverne and Shirley of this blog invented the concept of redundant believing that if you say the same thing enough times somehow that makes it true. Sorry girls…that’s not how it works!

Those two twats should be making Tampax commercials and doing bra infomercials that help shore up their sagging t-i-t-s.

3 Star Rakeem Lockley from Virginia committed today, our 1st WR committ

hes rated #21 Final Va state rank regardless of positions, and #35 espn regardless of position as top 35 player in Virginia..... NICE GET FOR GOLDEN...ANOTHER UNDER RADAR 3 STAR BUT HIGHLY RANKED IN HIS STATE

Lockley Rivals breakdown (ATHLETE--NOT WR)

#21 Best Player in Virginia Regardless of positiom

Ryheem Lockley


Saluda, VAMiddlesex
Lockley had over 1,600 total yards, 24 total touchdowns, 52 tackles and one interception during his senior season.

3 stars




CAlvin, los, cool fool cat: RACISTS

MAnny Navarro- Biased FIU pseudo writer. Perez Hilton is a better writer than Navarro

The U willbe allright and better.

Randy Shannon couldnt coach his way out of a Jiffy John= FACT

Miami NW players from 2007: BUSTS= FACT


Congrats to Warren Sapp. Another U player in the hall of fame.

Congrats to UM bb team. Unprecedented 8-0 in the ACC.

Idk who to cheer for: Reed, McKinnie and Lewis or Frank Gore- Darryl Sharpton

Embarassment of riches at this U. Just have to put it together and coach them up. Golden will do that

Also, it's not just the guys that went to UM who are in the superbowl but guys like cary williams born and raised in Miami. ozzie newsome is no fool, that man has alot of guys from the State of Florida on that roster no matter where they went to college, ozzie knows how to put a roster together.

Congratulations and thank you to Susan Miller Degnan for her fair and balanced article on the front page of today's Miami Herald Sports Section that exposes the NCAA and what has become their absurd investigation of the Canes.

If you have not read Susan's article I highly recommend you do so.

PS: The Miami Herald should also be congratulated and let's hope this is the start of the Herald treating the Hurricanes fairly and with respect.

This blog is an excuse. Begins with "They Tried". Who tried? They pulled the offer first! If they were so serious about this athlete they wouldn't have pulled the offer.

I am sure they are very happy now that this individual is not coming (which is what they wanted anyway), and the damage has been controlled.

And here we have a clueless beat writer with a peanut brain.


247 sports Ranks our new committ Lockley #23 in VA and #39 Best Athlete Nationally.
So Rivals #21, 247 sports #23,Espn #35

These are the hungry 3 star guys that play both offense and defense, athletic, that Butch Davis said he loved vs the 5 star primaDonna......

Records are what counts. Yes, if we dont have a good season we can question Golden but not before.

Here here canes junkie This reminds me of 98/99 when Butch had all those NFL players on the 01 roster but they were fresh and sphmrs , we went like 9-4 in 99, and that sent the message for the 2000 season and after. This year should be the yr to move on , win 9-10 games, play in the ACC title game, and be ready for the 2014 season when the playoffs start....

recruit rankings our all over the place any way, so its what the coaches want in their program. The nigerian kid Komalu, is ranked 78Th best Juco player regardless of position on espn yet a high 2 star on rivals. so its who grades them out, what the coaches think of that player...
As we have all said, most of Butch Davis and Jimmy Johnsons teams always had a lower ranking in recruiting because they looked for that hungry 3 star kid that can become a beast at the next level and not these prima donnas that play the hat game and think there crap doesnt stink

no....not question...fire him just like shannon...right?

he is already being questioned....just want to koolaid drinkers to put their money where their mouth is....after 2013 is his stats are worse than shannons 2010 stats...golden goes right?

Next year (U has 2 Committs already from #1 OL from Miami Central and #1 Wr From west palm), So Fla is supposed to be like 08 again, where 30 players could possibly be 5 star kids with the ""Miami Guy"" mentality.........Thats why we can be real selective this class.

I truly believe this will be our 1999 like I mentioned where we in 9-10, and then 2014 the 1st season of the new BDS Playoffs, after Kev Olsen Redshirts(Dorsey was a freshman starter on a loaded team), will be loaded at every position............AND Las Vegas already has Miami as a 25-1 shot at playing in 2013 bcs title game, which they feel GOLDEN OBVIOUSLY HAS THE TEAM HEADED IN RIGHT DIRECTION

This blog is an excuse. Begins with "They Tried". Who tried? They pulled the offer first! If they were so serious about this athlete they wouldn't have pulled the offer.

I am sure they are very happy now that this individual is not coming (which is what they wanted anyway), and the damage has been controlled.

And here we have a clueless beat writer with a peanut brain.


dom: put the pipe down and go to class....what are you talking about.....1998 team had a nice transition of players from edgerrin james to clinton portis at RB....and the recieving corp stayed intact with santana moss, andre king and reggie wayne with the addition of bubba franks in 99....also it was kenny kelly that carried the day in 99 not dorsey...we do not have those types on players on this team yet so there cant be any comparison....ken dorsy hit his stride in 2000....not 1999

my point is(wait let me take 1 more hit), is that those 98-99 lost 4-5 games but were playin a to of young players and then in 2000, exploded onto the scene with a yong qb. By 2014(Kevin Olsen is redshirting this year), the Duke's Tracy Howards deon Bush's will be Juniors, Matthew Thomas will be a sophomore, all those redshirts from last year will be sophomees, and TWO MORE (this week, 2014 class) of recruits will be in.

By the 2014 season, we will have an experience team with depth loaded with athlettes going 3 deep at every position. and the 2014 class , in So Fla, is the best in years.......We are picked by Vegas to be a top 10 team. and we should have a great year. Plus the schedule switch by the ACC gives us VA TECH at home again this year, and now we each year we dont have to play AT FSU and AT VA TECH, its going to be an eaier way.....
if we beat UF at home, that should set the tone of the season...........

Didn't Butch Davis get fired from North Carolina? Didn't Butch Davis have kids on his team getting in trouble with the NCAA? Firing Golden to bring back Butch probably isn't the smartest thing to do when the NCAA already has a hard on for The U.

Jim Gallo and Calvin are going to bash Golden no matter what he does. Calvin, a guy being from Miami doesn't make him a better coach than a guy who grew up outside of Broward, Dade, or even out of state. I'm beginning to wonder what your true hatred of Golden stems from.. is he too clean cut for you? You say that he can't relate to Miami kids, is that because he expects them to do the right thing and to put the team first? Kids from Miami grow up knowing right from wrong like every where else in the country. The number 1 responsibility that Golden has to these kids is to prepare them for life. Not every kid who plays college football makes it to the NFL. Golden has been trying to instill a strong work ethic, make these kids hold themselves accountable, and prepare them to deal with adversity productively instead of destructively. All this with a degree from The University of Miami. Don't lose perspective of what's really important to these kids as a whole in the grand scheme of things. As fans we want to win the National Championship every year but what good is that if these kids end up with out the skills needed to thrive in the corporate world at the end of their playing days.

ron u hit it dead on. Since all those rivals panelists who do this 4 a living placed a U next To THOMAS's Name, he probably gave a silent and is announcing live at 915 wed AM. So, since we have 3 O LINE committs, some redshirting, and already have a committment from the top OLineman in 2014 class from Miami central, IT WAS NOT A POSITION OF NEED. And since the stepdad gave a date to let miami know, they gave him the chance to committ.

With that said, 4 of the 8 rivals panelists updated 2 hours ago still say DK goes to the U. Hes gotten 3 visits now, his 15 minutes of fame. And now he can go on TV ,with drama, and say I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND AND AM PICKIN MIAMI. He couldnt have came out now after this drama..............

Most people said on this blog NO WAY TRACY HOWARD CHANGES HIS MIND, but AL GOLDEN PULLED IT OFF> We are going to nail many big guys on wednesday..

and let me tell you....olsen is NOT the answer to UM.....NO WAY...he is a disaster waiting to happen....he will not be able to fill the shoes of morris.....all you have to do is watch the 2013 under amour game....

kevin olsen = scott covington, brock berlin, kyle wright, robert marve, spencer whipple......stephen morris hs the ability to be at least the best QB at UM so far since dorsey

Here is my Predictions for Wednesday, and for all U bashers, espns list of announcing times for players, Miami is in on about half of the people that are announcing wednesday. If Golden can pull that off, forget it. . JUST TO SAY WE ARE 50-50 WITH THESE TOP KIDS CONSIDERING THE SANCTIONS SAY MIAMI IS HEADED BACK ON RIGHT TRACK.
Matthew Thomas ----The U
Alex Collins---The U
Jordan Cunningham--The U
Jermaine Grace--The U
Stacy Coley===The u
Jaynard Bostwick--The U
Keith Bryant)prima Donna-- THE U

So let m ask you the simple quick question, how is coach goldie preparing kids for life when all he does is get rid of them as soon as they make a mistake, hell, that's no different than what alot of players are use to, fake guys coming in and out of their life when things are going good, as soon as something goes wrong, it's by by.

Alot of people change from people sticking by them when the easy thing to do is part ways. goldie is not going thru anything any other UM coach has gone thru, in fact, he hactually has it a whole lot easier than the coaches before him and it's still "tmz".

Is not about can goldie relate, he's not relating, have you seen the commitment list, on 2 from Miami, another rail roaded so he doesn't want to come now for sure, but they think it' ok to still recruit his boy matthew thomas and test their loyalty. The harris coaches feel disrespected is that what you call relating.

Do you really think a guy like oach OH-NO can relate to players from Miami, he's a joke to them, especially the defensive guys from last year, that's why they rolled out early on em.

I don't hate goldie, i do hate alot of the moves i've seen him make in his first 2 years here. I also don't understand where all this love for goldie is coming fro with the 117th ranked defense and a record of 13 & 11 in 2 years, why are people slobbering over this guy, it's a joke.

Nobody cares what vegas thinks, we know vegas is not factoring in this 117th inept oach OH-NO. All we're doing is running an aggressive version of he prevent defense. How many leads has this bozo given up in th last 2 years that cost us the victories in the 4th quarter now, don't worry let's all count em.


Started out the gate given buttox to the turtles and lost the lead in that game.

Came back in week 3, gave up the lead to k st. and we lost.

Came back in week 5, we all know what happened against Virginia tech and that lost.

If it wasn't for sean spence in week 6 getting that sack, unc were on their way to marching to the endzone.

Than of course the boston college game, we got the lead, so all of last year this guy basically almost never held a lead unless the offense blew people out.

So at least 5 games in 2011 alone we lost just by him blowing leads in the 4th quarter for the most part.

Than when you come to 2012 it got worst

We won 4 games because our offense out shot the other teams offense.

Once again though n the Virginia game, we scored 40points and still lost, how, another 4th quarter blown lead.

I'm not going to get into the rest of the facts, i don't want to get sick to my stomach, but this guy is thewrong guy to lead the defense and the bad part about it, it's goldie's defense too, he trying to hide and act like it's not.

What goldie needs to concentrate on doing going into his 3rd year, is having the same or better record than shannon had going into year 3. Unlike shanon, goldie gets to face a gaytor tea in his third year that's not primed up for a national championship run like the one shannon faced and almost beat.

Going into year 3, goldie's 1st 4 games i'm sure will not be like the gauntlet shannon faced whn we played Fsu 1st, than Georgia tech, Virgnia tech & than Oklahoma and came out of that 3 & 1.

goldie will have no excuse to lose to this gaytor team except on coaching. We don't want to hear the youth excuse, or guys "free lancing" and this and that, we should see guys starting on emerge going into year three on that defensive side of the ball.

He already done let Fsu beat us 2 years in a row now, boh winnable games going into the 4th quarter. Now he's going to face the gaytors and will muschamp, both became headcoaches at the same time, he won't be able to make that dumb statement i heard him say after the Fsu game "ok, it's alright, they're a little bit ahead of us right now" WHAT, i was ready for him to go than after i heard that!

Barely beat usF in his first year and if they are on our schedule with taggart taking over, he's going to have problems.

Here is my Predictions for Wednesday, and for all U bashers, espns list of announcing times for players, Miami is in on about half of the people that are announcing wednesday. If Golden can pull that off, forget it. . JUST TO SAY WE ARE 50-50 WITH THESE TOP KIDS CONSIDERING THE SANCTIONS SAY MIAMI IS HEADED BACK ON RIGHT TRACK.
Matthew Thomas ----The U
Alex Collins---The U
Jordan Cunningham--The U
Jermaine Grace--The U
Stacy Coley===The u
Jaynard Bostwick--The U
Keith Bryant)prima Donna-- THE U

Posted by: Dom | February 03, 2013 at 04:45 PM

Why are you so impressed by saying "just because we're on half of these players list considering sanctions"

Man, these kids are from Miami and parts of Florida where we normally get recruits, nothing special there. If anything, we should've been cherry picking out of state recruits instead we're having to load up on them since goldie can't relate, if itwasn't for coach barrow being able to talk to alot of these highschool coaches, it would've been real bad for goldie right about now and going forward.

I can tell you right now, goldie is about to be asked to come to a meeting with alot of highschool coaches in Miami, so they can see and get a feel for where he's coming from.

Anyone notice miami is in dee liners top two going into nsd! Might be the recruit Golden made room for by pulling kirkland s scholly.

Dee Liner going to Alabama

Jim: I back the kids, not ncaa or trouble at NC....but to answer your question? lets see hummmm

ray lewis - super bowl today
kc jones
kenard lang
edgerrin james
kenny holmes
santana moss
al blades
andre king
reggie wayne
dan morgan
bubba franks
ed reed - super bowl today
sean taylor
clinton portis
ken dorsey
vernon cary
jeromy shockey
jonathan vilma
frank gore - super bowl today
willis mcgahee

butch - mario - coley - kehoe - barrow

Im gonna go with butch....and send these jersy guys back to the garden state

By the way TURD fans, UF pulled its scholly offer to ESPN 5 star and high ranked rivals Quinton Powell from Daytona. No big mention of that.... Hes much higher ranked than DK.


70% of these kids will never be interviewed again, especially Olineman, and dont make it. So the prima donnas like DK and Keith BRyant should go on to their own schools and let them fail out as 4 stars somewhere else.

I would not sign DK and KBryant..(Bryant was bragging about his visit to FAU and he WOULD BE THE 1ST 4 STAR TO GO THERE). LIke he was god..... Your gonna b 1 of 100 in 3 days SO ENJOY YOUR 15 MINUTES

Don't be so sure about liner. He has been known to change his mind. Doesn't hurt that he has us in the top 2. Plus, he could start day 1 with the dt play we got last year, something that won't happen in bamer!

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