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Kirkland tells UM thanks, but no thanks

They tried.

UM coaches met with Booker T. All-American offensive tackle Denver Kirkland Saturday and his mother, but weren't able to sway him to commit his stepfather, Shanton Crummie said.

"We appreciate everything Coach Golden and their coaches did in giving him another chance to be apart of their class and talking to him about what happened," said Crummie, who did not attend Saturday afternoon's meeting but gathered the details of it by speaking with Kirkland and his mother.

"The confusion here is that not many people were aware they had been telling us things were getting tight with scholarships. We told them Denver might have a decision by Feb. 1 or Feb. 2. We were just surprised and upset when they came to school Thursday and told him they couldn't wait any longer. We thought he would have until Signing Day as long as we told them they were in front or close. But they couldn't wait."

A source told The Miami Herald, assistants Art Kehoe, James Coley and Micheal Barrow were among those who attended the meeting. Head coach Al Golden was not there, the source said.

Crummie said Kirkland had Miami high "up there with Arkansas" because of academics, but when they pulled the scholarship he was hurt and just never felt the same again.

"In the end we have no bad blood with Coach Golden or UM," Crummie said. "We understand what happened and they explained why they did what they did. They were hoping they could change his mind, but after talking it out he just decided it was best to move on."

Crummie said Kirkland will decide between Arkansas and Florida State and make his announcement on Signing Day.

UM still has hope it will land Kirkland's teammate star linebacker Matthew Thomas. National Signing Day is Wednesday.


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Gallo if you paid attention I said might have been different maybe not But it did not happen so there is no raso to speculate on that. I did'nt say it would be ok either I said it ma have been different . It's not ok for anyone to steal But you deal with people depending on circumstances our whole judicial system works that way , everybody is not treated exactly the same .Different punishments for the same crime all the time.

I am such a douchebag.

YEah Manny how bout yanking the 'Thanks but no thanks' story. DK has put us BACK on his board. IT may not happen but IF DK chooses the U, Manny and the Herald r going to look VERY STUPID.

gallo, i can tell the difference between your post and those imposter post man, don't worry, lol.

I can see alex collins going to arkansas, wouldn't surprise me one bit. He is up near where it is a lil slower so he can handle a place like arkansas, wouldn't be that big of a deal to him unil he starts getting hungry though.

I wouldn't be surprised to see alotof guys end up elsewhere and goldie tries to pass off his boy oach OH-NO as being top notch, that's one thing, the main thing is, he needs to get the defensive recruits to go for that, not us, because we see what's going on out their. If another d-co puts on a Miami tape and breaks down our defense, they'll give all of our defensive recruits the main questions to ask and our staff, just to see if we're competent. This is going to be the last class we have the possibilty of closing strong with defensively without having the actual production on the field to go along with the recruiting talk.

Can someone interpret what this illiterate Calvin just wrote. $100.00 to the first person who can.

I am a lowly dirt Pig.

For Calvin and his, me and my shadow, counterpart Gallo to not understand the incredible headwinds Al Golden has faced during his tenure at Miami speaks volumes as to their lack of knowledge or negative agenda.

Most schools that find themselves under an NCCA investigation are there because of the advantages they have wrongly employed and benefited from when bettering their football teams. These schools are typically on an upswing or at the upper echelon of college football.

Conversely, Al Golden was brought into rehabilitate a toxic Miami program that was in a death spiral whose culture was lazy, undedicated and living off of past successes. Those facts alone would have required at the very least several years to turn the program around as it meant tearing apart everything, taking it down to bare metal and rebuilding. But, when you pile on an NCAA investigation that was initiated due to allegations that has had ESPN and most every sports outlet calling for the death penalty then even the strongest programs would be ruined for 5 to 10 years, if not longer (see SMU) no matter who was coaching them.

Using a description from “Animal House” Miami has been on a NCAA “double secret probation” for 3 recruiting cycles that is tantamount to the death penalty. Unfortunately, the NCAA’s act has not been a secret and every competitive school has used this seemingly never ending story to successfully eviscerate Miami’s recruiting efforts. There’s not a kid, other than possibly Duke Johnson, that has signed on at Miami that hasn’t been concerned about how this might play out, which is a wildly, over the top advantage for schools interested in the kids we are recruiting.

If over the next several years Al Golden can miraculously turn the program around and lead the Hurricanes into the top 15 based on everything has and will continue to face then he should be voted in as the hands-down coach of the year, or even better, coach of the decade.

One additional comment...it is crystal clear that the 18 year old kids being recruited are a hell of a lot more intelligent than Calvin and Gallo as they clearly understand the challenges Miami and Al Golden face.

I totally agree Just the Facts. U GUYS WANT TO KNOW WHY ALL THE LOCAL KIDS R NOT JUMPIN ON, Jumnbo, muscrat, satan, and urban and others are all saying that we are gonna get whacked by the ncaa, and why not come play for a winning program now. Al golden put together a top 10 program LAST YEAR WITH WORSE CONDITIONS, and NOW, if these 6-7 studs get signed, AL again will pull off a top 10 and a huge COUP for the canes...........


what headwinds are you talking about....there has been none....remember UM hasent even been arrested yet?...golden has no headwinds as of this blog at all...everything that has gone bad has been at his hand directly....all that is transparent is a guy mistakenly took a beat up 13# apple used laptop that he thought was his...no big deal.....all the other issues/diciplinary...are all mysterys....

he hired fisch....at the interview jedd said he was here for the long haul....quote after quote him and golden....then he f...cked UM and the recruits.....Im glad since we got coley....the less jersey guys here the better....so now golden/dnofrio is alone....maybe a coach mutiny...I'd love that...

golden decisions tell me he is not ready...cant handle competition lying to recruits about UM....whats so new about that?.....HAS to have decision from kirkland to force the kids hand...desperation move....all the dicipline issues...the self sanctions....a DC that thinks he dosent have to worry about what the fans thing going #117....

butch - mario - barrow - art - coley...the sooner the better...send the jersey boys home where they belong

Yo Cane Trash

Yo dbc there aint no mystery here as to a fusion of identities, Gallo and Calvin r not the same dude they r as unique as I am.
I'm just more talented and well versed.
Must say Calvin's posts r a bit too long winded.
Gallo seems to garner the most hatred around here with a bunch of impersonators'
Jaime Rooster was my favorite, very creative for a change.

Yo YHOO is better than FB, it has more assets and intellectual property and could very well be a takeover target by Google or Apple.
Marissa Meyer needs to unlock the value tied up in that company.

Yo Alachua County doUche I take literary license in the spelling of certain words and make no apologies for it. So U r both a looser and very stoopid to try and be the spelling police.
I speak in terms most cane clUcks find it easy to understand given their limited intelligence and education. Like IAMMDC, conprende clUck?

Yo Just the made up facts dUmmy, U keep drinking that Golden Kool Aid fool, ur so called savior hasn't done squat to be placed on that pedestal yet. Unless 2 mediocre seasons r good for U.
Guess a clUck has to settle for whatever he can get. Which in ur case is not much.

Yo speaking of low intelligence, no common sense and just plain dense my man dom the dUmb clUck keep on trucking boy with Ur same posts. Amazing!

Yo soon we will find out if Golden Retriever was able to fetch a decent recruiting class.
All Ur rivals already know what they got. And it's all better than U.

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

I know.....larranaga had the same challenges, now #8

path for UM to national championship: as of today

1. UM plays Buter to move to elite 8 then michigan to the final 4
2. beats florida
3. plays either kansas or indiana for the national championship....

too bad golden cant do the same after 2 years....

Yo, canetrash. you are a sick Pig.

did you catch the photo of that idiot Muscrap foaming at the mouth.

What better identity for the trailertrash skeewwwl in Trailverille than a raving plumber for a head corch.

Fits perfectly.

Once again...Gallo exposes his towering ignorance and the fact 18 year old high school kids are smarter and better informed than him when he unbelievably asks: "What headwinds?"

I know Gallo is a professional agitator and most probably the clown known as “Curse”, but his comments and those of his alter ego, Calvin, are so completely off base and ridiculous one can only conclude he is mentally ill.


My sincere apologies for excluding you. Canetrash (who I enjoy, as I do you and the others at times) is denying that he is other than himself. This is a landmark case of Multiple Personality Disorder, whereby one self doesn't know about the identities of the other selves. Come forward y'all and be written about in prominent psychological journals. The first confirmed case of MPD on the blogosphere may be happening right here!

Yo Cane Trash

Yo the only scUMbag here with multiple personalities is the fake Gallo poster which is the same clUck as Alachua County Library and many more stoopid cutesy names having something to do against the Gators.

He is the one that instigates and calls for me if I don't post regularly. Go back to other threads and there is always the same looser calling for me or impersonating Gallo or both as he just did right after my previous post.

It is what it is
A cane clUck gotta do what he does

NSD is almost here ladies
Did Golden Retriever fetch a class for U?
Tune in to find out

Bunch of pathetic LOOSERS!!

yahoo....4Q2014 EPS $1.75 x 14 multiple = $24.50 bull case...not worth it, you want make any money

1. Core products are osing share to newer
businesses due to lack of organic innovation
2. Uncertainty regarding company structure may
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3. Fragmentation of online media user base,
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4. Competition from social networking sites; lack of a
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5. Accelerated search share losses due to brand
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facebook headwinds....4Q2014 EPS $1.26 x 30 multiple = $38

1. Currently under-monetizing relative to some
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2. Mobile usage just beginning to translate into
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3. Investor perception of potential user fatigue.
4. Difficulty monetizing in developing countries.
5. Privacy-related or “do not track” regulation may
reduce Facebook’s ability to target ads.
6. Management de-prioritizing near-term financial
success could make forecasting difficult.

risk reward favors facebook....a better takeover target as well of the 2

If y'all hate the program so much go and take up another team. You don't deserve to even rep the U. It's not like your doing it in the first place.

I see a lot of positive comments on twitter accounts that I follow. We need more defense help if scholorships are as little as reported.....what is everyone's number for final count? Mine is 17 total

Hey.....its slurpee wars with Gallo, Calvin ans CTrash.....slurp, slurp, slurp....

Gallo, you unequaled imbecile, Miami’s basketball program was not in a death spiral when Jim Larranaga took over and there has been no talk of basketball scholarship reductions, being banned from the ACC Championship Tourney or the NCAA Championship Tourney. You don’t hear announcers reviewing the NCAA investigation at the start and during each and every televised Canes basketball game. And you have not read or heard of even one recruit that believed the NCAA was going to damage the basketball program.

Again, 18 year old local high school kids are more intelligent and informed than you are.

thats news to me....didnt know UM was in a "death spiral"......UM hasnt been served a notice of sanctions....what r u talking about?

"so give them nigerians" I didn't finish the rest of it. The Nigerians will play with a passion because they represent their homeland Just like the Duke representing Miami. People that come here have a high intensity to do good if not greater. Anyone in living in Miami can see that from the immigration and speaking for myself and my grandparents who came here from Ireland to have a chance to do better. Shannon's class was good not great and I believe his class never played up to their potential. I was at the Wisconsin game and ugh, the Wisconsin boys relished the cold while out guys were looking for a blanket. Anyone who goes out of state to play for another them is going to try an look better than the homies.

Gallo, I am going to pop open a nice bottle of Gallo at 915 am on Wednesday morning when Golden lands his 1st retriever, Matt Thomas. Actually I believe 8 or so new canes are all supposed to announce on national tv. DO we have a good shot at all of them? yes, will we get all? prob not. BUT< We are gonna nail a bunch of key guys...

MIami Canes, espn now ranks the DT nigerian from Juco as the 78th best Juco player regardless of position, they moved him into the top 100 JUCO on espn I guess after watching FIlM. Obviously the coaches at U saw something and now hes rating up there higher.

The other OT nigerian guy also has had his stock go up

Not counting today, we have 4 ESPN 150 PLAYERs, 2 ESPN JUCO 100 PLAYERS, and Jamal Carter in the 300 I believe, so mor than half of our players on ESPN are rated as top prospects across the board.

Scout ranks the OGuard Alex Gall the 17th best guard in the country. The new committ Lockkey is rated #21 best player in Virginia on rivals and #35 on espn regardless of position in his state.

The Hunter Knighton Kid is rated amongst the top prep lineman and raked #30 in the entire state of New Jersey.

Devonte Bond the Lb/DE is also rated in multiple JUCO 100's, so thats another top recruit.

Ray Lewis------athlete, played in 2a ball so he wasnt highly rated but still is athletic 3 star and blood lines


Best darn recruiter in Nigeria this Golden Boy. I agree with Miamicanes about all these foreigners playing with passion. We should also get some Ethiopians and Kenyans, after all they have tons of endurance since they always win every marathon. Since we need help at DT we could get some big fat Samoans or Sumo type Japanese dudes. I'm sure they will all play hard for our Golden Boy.
Then we all should get together with dom on NSD and drink up the jugs of Gallo to drown our sorrows or celebrate as it may be.
Way to go canes!!!!!!!!!!!

thats news to me....didnt know UM was in a "death spiral"......UM hasnt been served a notice of sanctions....what r u talking about?

Posted by: Jim Gallo


First of all it is no secret based on your posts that there's an ocean of things you don't know. Once again, 18 year old high school kids have a better grasp as to how the NCAA investigation has damaged the Miami football program than you do (not the basketball program!).

It would serve you well to "try" and educate yourself (highly doubtful)before blathering on via this blog about issues you have no worldly clue.

I like dom and his reaching out post, but don't get to caught up in those recruit rankings until after games are played, for instance right now, out of all those guys goldie raked in in 2011, who's playing like a 4 or 5 star. Than go and rank the 2012 class, out of that class, who's playing like a 4 or 5 star. These newjacks coming in right now, time will tell, not espn or these other sites, but i like the angle you posting from though man.

I'm just rooting for us to start playing defense again, when we go on defense i either turn the channel or just don't watch t.v. at all. Last year was one of the first times since butch first took over that i couldn't watch the games, made me sick to my stomach when we went on defense. We got the players though, but that cowards scheme is sickening to watch, than he doesn't even try and change it up is what gets more sickeneing.

Seriously, Dom is the dumbest poster I have ever seen. He has been in for YEARS carrying on about how great everything is. He has posted," guys we're loaded"
No less than a thousand times, including THIS WINTER. Dom, your just a damn fool

What time zone is Arkansas on, i wonering if that's the reason alex collins gets to stay up past hi bed time tonight!

well 116, we are loaded. Remember, besides the 7 or 8 that left early for the draft last year, U had Ramon Buchan out, Denzel Perryman injured most of yr, Ray Ray kicked off team, and Vernon who was our pass rusher left early in that group. Take 4 NFL type players off the table, and play young kids with no pressure, and you get 116.

We do have alot of talent on the team, and yes, U r correct it takes 2-3 years for the talent to pan out. But, Golden has delivered on signing day, in his 1st yr he had 1 month and he landed that 4-5 star DT Grimble. last year he landed Tracy Howard and #8 espn class, and hes on pace to finish strong.

Have we blown alot of close games, yes, but thats youth. Go look at Butch Davis's 1st 4 seasons, and his record was like Shannons. It takes 3-4 years to build a team when ur depth was sheeety from Shannon.

With that said, I will come on here and Bash the sheet out of AL if we dont win at least 9 but 10 next yr, 9-3 reg season AT LEAST , especialy with a Sr Qb and duke. No matter who signs on wednesday.

2014 i think, when Duke , deon bush, tracy howard are Juniors, 2 more classes, I think we have a shot at being 1 of the 4 playoff teams........this is our 1999, when the canes went 9-3 b4 the 00,01,02,03 teams that dominated........that 1999 season we played a fresh qb Dorsey, young Ed Reeds and young players

For someone to take time out from WORK, and checking occasionally on this blog I am flabergasted that 2 nut cases are still writing reams of illogical, inacurate, and convoluted dribble, hour after hour, day after day.

I have taken Calvina's advice and scrolled past, and I have done the same with Gallows the "A******. So I know not of what they speak..I will say though that the pages go real fast when scrolling .


When these two start their posts I tune out...
Great for me, because Calvin perches here in his almighty eyes knowing nothing after being run off from his other roost...and I mean he was chased off...still selling how good his shannon insight is, and Gallows of course is paid to push butch at every corner..
Two blind men, looking at the night and making up their own illusions, as to what is happening out there..but not leading my A** because logic and thought is with me and missing for them...

Could we all say AGENDA to bait and criticize Coach G at every turn...
What else is New?..

No we have turned to pi***** off fellow 'Canes because of their Ethnicity...then on game day we want them to give their blood on the field so we win games..
Picture that fellow 'Cane Fans..Don't we realize that these 'Canes read blogs, twitter, facbook, and are ready to fight for us..where is logic and levelheaded thought out there for players feelings..
How retarded and inbecilic can we get.
Let' pull it together and no let a few A*******make us look like third world idiots.
Once 'Canes are 'Canes they are part of something special. Make it that way.
Go 'Canes


Your posts are intelligent, informative, well thought out and reasonable.

Thank you!

Thanks Just the Facts. I know these guys are just hating on the big week ahead..........

Does all go right on NSDay? no, but, If Golden didnt feel strong on all those kids on that pending list, I am quite sure he would have gone to back up plan with 1 day and a half left? I doubt hes got 5 kids sitting by the phone hoping thomas and bryant,collins,bostwick etc dont sign so these guys can then become canes. Maybe theres 1 that way. But Al knows something we dont.....

Does it suck to have to wait till signing day? yes, but, We dont know if Al's got some that are gonna switch from UF/FSU to the U. That happens every year. So if we dont get a particular guy, dont b surprised if they arent a few rabbitts in his hat.

yes...but I am right almost all the time....I gave you my predictions earlier in the day and the pad cast is almost idential to my calls....except they think kirkland goes UM....I say he dosent....he goes to fsu or to arkansas with collins

Gallo u sounds like Kirkland, can't make ur stupid mind on who to root for. If Golden would've gave up to Kirkland circus at the end he could've been screwed. Besides the U is trying to get of of " showboats", who just want attention. We dismiss a few this past season and don't want to get more. If he wanted to be a Cane sooooo bad he should've tell the coaches and ask for them to wait until he had his "spotlight" at ESPN . But he didn't so, go someplace else and be happy. This kids have play the hat game too long is time someone put them in their place. The problem is their coaches at HS level they tell this kids they are the greatest thing since bread and butter and they can wait for " the best offer". In other schools they had their commitment by dec-jan and no one mess with them, like Texas and Alabama, why The U can not be that way. I support what Coach Golden did in this matter and maybe the U becomes the first choice for this kids from the beginning.



For Pete's sake! Let him go. We will be alright.

ucanes: the problem is golden....he is not as strong as you think he is in the minds of top recruits + #117 defense + sanctions + kirkland fiasco.....

then you have the OC abruptly leave...then bostwick tweets that golden ignored him/parents at UM weekend...parents are looking out for the best for their kids, they want to know that their kid will be handled right by the coach (thats how collins is hooked by arkansas - bret is trusted alot).....they are going to take their time and make a decision that is best for them.....the only thing we got going for us is that U..the most powerful brand in football....but alot dont see it that way like they used to....this is why the jersy boys HAVE TO GO....they will destroy whas left of it

At least the best football players in the country are still coming out of south Florida. that will ensure we will always have a chance to be the best, and keep all the rest of the nation drooling over our unmatched talent. Once these kids start staying home we won't have to look at kids on rosters elsewhere and say they should be playing for the U. Dade county is the most talent rich place in America when it comes to high school football talent.

when was the last time we got a 5 star from south fla...They are picking our pocket, while we are down..A.Brown was our last 5 star and that worked out great.

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