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Late night with Alex Collins; plus a podcast with David Lake of meaningless recruiting predictions

Tonight's the night South Plantation blue-chip running back Alex Collins tells the world where he's headed to college.

The announcement will be made on FoxSports South around 10 p.m. Collins, deciding between Miami and Arkansas, flew up to Atlanta to be in studio for the announcement. 

> Booker T. Washington coach Tim "Ice" Harris said he thinks UM is once again in the mix for offensive lineman Denver Kirkland.

Here's all you need to know about the situation: Kirkland's parents want him to go to UM and he was favoring them before his offer was pulled and Miami has put it back on the table, leaving it in his shoes to decide what he wants to do. We'll find out Wednesday at around 9:20 a.m. what he wants to do. But the last time Kirkland or his family spoke it was either going to be Arkansas or Florida State.

> ESPN recruiting analyst analyst Corey Long said that unless the Canes address the defensive tackle position on Wednesday with real talent they will have failed to fill their biggest need on Signing Day. 

"They needed to get stronger on the defensive line and I don't think they've done that," Long said. "They could bring in a kid like Matthew Thomas and if there's nothing up front to stop the initial push he becomes irrelevant. I don't think of the defensive tackles they have right now on that roster are really good, just average if that. They needed big bodies. Giving up eight yards a run just is not good enough."

Even though the Hurricanes are ranked as having the 64th-best class by Rivals.com, 46th by Scout.com and 25th by 247Sports.com, if you break down their average stars per commitment they rank in 247Sports.com and 17th in both Scout.com and Rivals.com.

"It's a small class, but they've got some players," Long said. "[Defensive end Alquadin] Muhammad is a very good player. [Cornerback] Artie Burns has a lot of potential, athleticism, might go the Olympics. Kevin Olsen gives them a quarterback of the future. [Tight end Beau] Sandland is going to be a big time weapon and I like [defensive back] Jamal Carter. But after that, it's kind of blah. If they can close strong here and actually get some of these kids they obviously improve that. But defensive tackle was what they needed to address."

> And now meaningless recruiting predictions for you from InsideTheU's David Lake and yours truly.



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We are getting all of our targets.




We'll pick up great talent on signing day.

How many is in question.

What's not in question?

Coach AG has the program on the rise, and it won't stop regardless of the recruiting. Great coaching from AG, Coley, Cristobal, Barrow will be what matters most. Canes players going through Golden's Process will be what matters. Pushing weights, running sprints, catching balls.

I don't seen Championship for us in 2013, but i see us competing for top 10, which is incredible if you look at what we just went through.

And while we worry about this recruiting silliness....

Another Canes team is slaying giants....

manny...totally agree. collins goes to arkansas...fsu will be big winner...bostwick goes to florida, he was upset that he and parents were ignored at UM weekend..thats the real reason....

ketih bryant to fsu....agree, he said he wasnt going to UM....

kirkland made things worse....UM never pull fiancaid or merit scholarships....UM will suffer greatly wih these loses....

I hope Golden gets Bryant, Bostwick, and the JUCO DT Terrel Brooks from Tx, Plus, Matt Thomas, Kirkland, Collis, Coley, Cunnigham Gract.
will we get em all, prob not

BUT, if AL pulled a Bobby Bowden(Fsu would always b real low and close out like 10 guys on signing day, if he landed all 8-9 of them, U R TALKIN top 10 if not higher...............It starts with Collins tonight. All those kids on espn announement show , 1 by 1, put up a U sign.........

kirkland no way will come here...dont agree with that one....canejunkie getting all the targets...you must be on drugs

Denver .. you are truly wanted down here. Step up and be a Cane forever.

This never figured to be a big-time class for UM. Golden is just trying to survive all the negative recruiting as a result of the NCAA mess. He's doing better than expected considering the NCAA mess and the fact UM has not been an elite Program for many years. He's been unable to sign an elite DT since he's been at UM.

You haven't been paying attention...Ufomba Kamalu (6'6" 285lbs)is a BEAST! UK will wreak havoc on opposing O-Lines, this season.

kirkland with either got to fsu or with collins at arkansas.....fsu more probable

Kamalu is rated 78th best Juco player regardless of position on Espn, after Miami got his committ, they prob watched film.

Manny is way off.......and so is this pod guy...If this was my job, Id know inside and out each guy.....

Remember these are recruiting analysts who more times than not don't know jack about players. I am sure Coach Golden will have us bigger faster and stronger as well as bring in some top recruits. Come on ALex start it off.

Dikhead Gallo....Collins isn't going to Arkansas...tune in tonight...he will be throwing up the U.

I don't understand y these high profile local guys won't stay hore me and put they' re local school back on the map. This has got to b the worse local support of a major university I have ever witnessed. What's even more stunning is the fact they all claim to love the u. South Florida should b off limits to all other programs when it comes to the major talent in the area and the local high-school coaches should b steering these recruits there without question. These kids should not even b contemplating making another power house school even more powerful
Miami is an NFL factory no matter how bad and these kids r second guessing what. Truly disheartened to c this

Both Manny and this guy are basically saying we are not getting anyone on Goldens list...

Do you guys really think that Golden would go into signing day hoping these guys committ? Am I saying we are getting everyone, no, but the pod guy talked about FSU recruiting coley since this summer, and now our coley is recruiting him(Fsu's coley), .....DOOM AND GLOOM......... I bet Golden lands a ton of top stufs

Here are the 8 panelists, that do this every day, predictions as of this afternoon....


dom you are the one that is completely crazy.....the podcast is right....these players have been giving you clues all week but you have goldens d''k in your mouth 1/2 the time you dont bother to come up for air....

national siging day will be bad for UM....and the reason is GOLDEN....the guy is like a bad stock....cut your loss now, the first one is always less painful....one day the light will go on

also, what manny and our pod guy dont mention is depth charts and incoming people. UF and FSU are 3-4 deep at DT and fsu already has 4 Lb's and wr committs in this class. The U has No WR's right now, no Lbs(juco guy is a DE), and NO running backs and no depth(ray lewis is athlete).
I am sure Depth Charts and playing time and incoming kids do matter to these kids, especially if they want to play early.

Copy and paste what wine boy wrote above, and lets revisit that wednesday afternoon when committ after committ puts on a U hat and throws up the U.

Jim, hang yourself from a gallo.

Arkansas has 2 Rb's in their current class, the U zero and no depth behind duke...(Ray lewis is not RB in college).

If he is a smart young man, HE WILL THROW UP A U. give up a degree from a private college to go to arkansas with their depth is much deeper than U at RB?? And the 2nd Rb committed yesterday??? hmmmmm I doubt he pix arkansas

I read a good article. All kids coming out of high school with 3-5 stars have very similar characteristics. It's coaching and chemistry that separates them at college. I think the U has the coaches/environment to take a 3 star kid and develop him to a 5 over the course of his college career. Good luck to the canes and their recruits.

Gallo is trying to pass himself off as a Stockbroker…now I ask you to think about that crazy possibility for a few minutes.

If one is to believe Gallo’s claims that means that people have entrusted him with their money and in some cases life savings to invest. I don’t know about you Cats, but I would trust Nevin Shapiro with my hard earned money, my entire net worth, before I gave Gallo fifty cents of mine to invest.

As I have said…18 year old high school kids have a better understanding than Gallo of just how damaging the NCAA investigation has been concerning the Miami football program and Al Golden’s herculean efforts.

Hell, before giving Gallo one thin dime of mine to invest I would give everything I own to Bernie Madoff with the understanding he would safely deliver it into the trusting hands of Nevin Shapiro.

ESPN recruiting analyst analyst Corey Long said that unless the Canes address the defensive tackle position on Wednesday with real talent they will have failed to fill their biggest need on Signing Day.

"They needed to get stronger on the defensive line and I don't think they've done that," Long said. "They could bring in a kid like Matthew Thomas and if there's nothing up front to stop the initial push he becomes irrelevant. I don't think of the defensive tackles they have right now on that roster are really good, just average if that. They needed big bodies. Giving up eight yards a run just is not good enough."

Is there anyone out there that knows how many commits/signees we have left to recruit?

Ok, let's stop all the jibba jabba, it's time to post your picks on who alex collins is picking today. You can't give an either or answer either, you pick one school you think he's going to, put your picks where mouth is right now, we not waiting till 10p.m. so some of yall can try and look like geniuses after the fact!

I saw he throws up The U

I meant "say"

And Gallo you have Calvin's Kak in your mouth 100% of the time!

The announcement will be made on FoxSports South around 10 p.m. Collins, deciding between Miami and Arkansas, flew up to Atlanta to be in studio for the announcement.

This is the real problem with highschool recruiting, they flying highschoolers around the country now to make announcement, whoever set this up needs to be slapped. If this man turns out to not be that good in college, this same station wo't give this man a job.

ATL on deck with collins to Miami! That's what i'm talking bout!

ATL, i'm with u, i can understand why you saying Miami, what' throwing me off is, if he's going to Miami, why fly up to Atlanta to make the announcement. In fact i hope you're in the ATL, so you can run over their an ensure he picks Miami. I'm going with collins picking Miami for all the obvious reasons, plus i'm sure if he said what he said on air to duke about duke, "sorry i'm going to have to come and take his spot".

So collins to Miami(although the announcement in Atlanta smells like an Arkansas set-up), i'm still going Miiiiiiiiaaaammmi!

THE U CAlvin. especially sicne Arkansas got a RB committ on a sunday the day b4 collins announcement. Sounds like he called the coach and told him no.

#2. we have between 18-20 schollies I believe

Honestly I am sure Manny Navarro works very hard at his job, but I do not enjoy his coverage of the Miami Hurricanes. If anyone at the herald still cares. Please find a writer with enthusiasm, passion, and love for this team. It makes it much more enjoyable to read. Listening to his podcast is just an overall unenjoyable experience. You can just tell he doesn't care for this team or covering it.

Scout.com has Collins a 5 star by the way, espn and rivals rates him 4 stars.

#2. Scout.com also reported Athlete Rayheem Lockley committed to GOlden yesterday. Hes rated #21 and #35 best prospect in VIrginia regardless of position, Rivals mentjions he might b for the 2014 class, but multi sport athletic 3 star highly rated in Virginia. Nice pick up.


How come in 2008 and 2012 when the Canes were ranked in the top 10 with HUGE classes (30+ recruits) you din't go into the "average stars per commitment" routine?

The reason is obvious. Don't be a homer.

Collins to Miami

Manny, what happened to you? Last few years during recruiting week you gave us updates on every recruit, pending recruits, not much negativity?? have faith in coach golden. All these guys are finalists for a reason. I am sure he wouldnt go in blind to signing day, and dont b surprised if 2-3 guys committed to other schools make switches, especially with Coley and Cristobal recruiting as well now.

With that said, All those pending signees are lined up on wednesday's show on espnu, so if u guys get to watch it or tivo it, will know three big guys by 9am...Bostwick, matt thomas, kirkland.....

Collins - U
Mathews -FSU
Grace - U
Coley - U
Edwards- U
Bostick -UF
Bryant - FSU
Brooks - U
Kirkland - U
Cunningham - Vandy

The more I think about the more i think Whipple fits best with this offensive coaching staff, minus "Goldy. I mean, Whipple and Mario.

UM's got BIG probs on D. If "Goldy' doesn't get rid of DunnoToday, DunnoTommorow, JustDunno he's going to end up losing the DT's he'd otherwise get if DC was gone.

It all still amounts to mediocrity, a UM first.

Many of U I have noticed seem to think we have crap after the top 6. JUST AN FYI
Thats the prep school top 25 below, Sonny Odogwu(1 of the nigerians) moved all the way up to #20 regardless of position. Seems coach GOlden found him 1st, and now hes moved highly up the ranks.

#2. U Kamalu, the other nigerian, now rated #78 regardless of position on the ESPN JUCO 100, again, moved up the ranks after GOlden signed him
3. Devonte Bond(DE-LB) juco, moved to Rivals #58 regardless of position for Juco 100
4. Beau Sandland, #1 Juco TE and #3 overall on rivals juco 100
5. Standish Dobbard, TE.........I went back and looked at posts and many of u bashrs said AL is wasting Scholarships on these kids, and now BANG, all of a suddern they SKYROCKETED UP THE RANKINGS.

Seems Coach Golden found them b4 the rankings sites did, and what does that say about 3,4,5 stars??? NOTHIN<


If alex collins comitts tonight that'll be a good start off for sure, if he doesn't pick UM, i know we got edwards as the back as well, alex collins and how he translates to the college level will be interesting to me no matter where he goes. I don't see him taking duke's spot if he's comes in. WOndering how fast he really is, but he i decisive out their, duke has the better vision, but for some reason i kept thinking during the season that collins might come in and actually make it hard for duke to stay the starter.

danny dillard might be a linebacker, i said that when i first saw his highlights, but i'll wait.

It's miami against the world. South florida has to ban together.University of miami is our school.We the people,the youth, the community. That supports the U. Keep the lies, the agents,shapiros and other distractors away . Alex Collins this is your future do the right thing.Don't let fsu or Ark steer you down the wrong road. Really R.Shannon. C.mon man. Bleed orange and green Alex the future is bright. Look forward to seeing you run that football. You and the Duke best combination in college football

So we got the alex collins predicitions so far:
ATL=collins to Miami
dom=collins to Miami
charles=collins to Miami
redCane=collins to Miami

Who got next, we going on record now, we don't want the after 10o'clock geniuses, call it now!

6/The GALL kid at OGuard is rated 17th best in nation by Scout.
7 Ray Lewis Jr, athlete, can be underrated
8. Kevin Olsen espn 150, #1 qb in NJ
9.ALQ MOhammed- ESPN 150, Top 5 at his position nationally
10. Artie Burns. ESPN 150, top CB and fastest in nation
11. Jamal Carter, high 4 star,
12.Hunter knighton , ranked in top 30 overall in NJ now regardless of position
13. Rayheem Lockley on Scout says he committed, #21-35 dedpinding on site regardless of position in state of VA.
All of Goldens 13 committs are studs, just because they dont have a 5 star in front of them doesnt mean there bad players. HAND PICKED......Just like Butch used to do...........

collins - arkansas

They need Bostwick badly. They have gone out for JUCO guys for the DT position as they know the current talent they have is average.

What station is Fox sports Channel on Direct TV?

collins said relationships were he most important to him....even though we have the home town advantage...I really think the kirkland deal sealed it wth him....he got to be VERY CLOSE with bret bielema since wisconsin....and by his tweet where he said he loved the visit....got to think th atlanta trip has to be arkansas.....decommits then fly to GA to recommit? naaaaaaaaaa

Collins= U

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